Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai


Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

Written & Video Update 31st October, 09

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Hi friends,
RagVir's room:
The episode begin with DB talking to Ragini that she doesn't like the way Ragini's relationship towards Sadhna........
Ragini says there is nothing, it's good that Aalekh is fine......
DB says that nobody took care or noticed that even Ranvir is too injuried and he was in same car, everybody was shouting Aalekh Aalekh, Is Ranvir not Vasu's son?.........
Sharma's house:
Kaushi talks to Nani about Ragini's call, she said, she didn't said anything, but I think she is upset about something, Nani says she might hides something from u to not let u get worried, Vineet entered.....
Everybody told him, why u left Bahu like this, Vineet is silent, Mamajii asks him about how he paid for the company, Vineet said, Rakesh helped me with to pay it (someone who is in the office).......
Vineet told Mamajii that Aalekh was there, he had a small accident, Mamajii is shocked, Vineet told them about the whole accident, but didn't told about that Ranvir is injuried too, he told them all things, even the slap which Sadhna gave Ranvir.......
Kaushi got angry and said how dare she?, Mamajii said I don't think that her intention like this, Kaushi said, what about Ragini?, then she said, now I understand about the phone which Ragini gave me, then she said to Mamajii u care much about Sadhna than Ragini.......
Vineet said, no, I was there, Ragini was not upset......
Kaushi said that until I don't talk with Ragini, I will not be relaxed, nobody understands her, coz nobody wants to understand her........
Rajvansh's house, dinning table:
Ragini is preparing tea, Sadhna came and looks at her sadly, Ragini turned and see Sadhna, and then ignore Sadhna......
Sadhna said to Ragini, jiji, I am sorry, forgive me........
Ragini is upset, DB comes before Ragini says anything to Sadhna, DB says to Ragini, ur mom is on the phone, Ragini was about to leave, Sadhna holds Ragini's shoulder, Ragini looks upset and says my mom is on the phone, I have to talk with her, DB is looking at them, she leaves and Ragini follows her Angry
Sadhna looking very sad OuchCry
Kaushi and Ragini on phone:
Kaushi said, when u called me, I asked u, is there anything wrong, but u didn't tell me anything, didn't I told u many time, if there anything, then tell me?, don't hide it.........
Ragini is sad and silent........
Kaushi continue and that Sadhna, what does she thinks of her self?, she slapped Ranvir, how did she dare?, didn't u said anything?, there is a limit for this bad behaivours.
Ragini replies, mom, plz relax, Kaushi says, she insults my son in low, I am, Mama jii take the phone from Kaushi.
Then he talked with Ragini, he said, don't take this incident into ur heart, Ragini, try to understand Sadhna's pain, try to understand this situation, which is results all this happend. Ragini replied, don't worry papa, everything is fine.
Papa asked, is Aalekh is fine now?, Ragini replied, yes.
SaLekh's room:
Aalekh is sitting and trying to fix his bandage, Sadhna enters the room, seems upset regarding her conversation with Ragini, she sees Aalekh, she tries to help him, but he stops her.
She tries again, but he stands, he was about to leave, she stops him, but he said excuse me with angry tone, but with angry and sad expression.
Sadhna moves aside, he goes outside, she is looking at him with very sad expression.
Inderjeet and Vasu's room:
Vasu in the room, Aalekh's enters the room, Aalekh asks him mom, if she is busy or not, she replied, no, she is not busy, why?.
Aalekh asks her to help him on fixing his bandage, he said ofcourse, she made him sit on the bed and she said, oh how u fixed it in this way?, she smiles, then she is fixing it.
Aalekh says to him mom, what Sadhna did today, I want to apologize to u regarding it, Vasu looks at him.
Continue the scene, Aalekh said that Sadhna did a mistake and I am very angry at her too, but I am not happy to be angry at her. it feels so bad when she do something wrong.
Vasu holds Aalekh's face and says, it's ok Aalekh.
She continues saying, this kind of things happen sometimes, at that time, Sadhna was very scared, for you. Aalekh is looking at his mom. Then she continue, yes she did a mistake, coz her role as a wife is much important for her than any other relationship, being her the big daughter in low, she forgot that she is here engaged with other relationships too. she has responsblities with the others as well in the family, as much mistake she did.
Sadhna is standing at the door crying, then she enters, Vasu still fixing the bandage, Sadhna gave a medicin to Vasu telling her that it's the doctor gave it to Aalekh. Vasu takes it from Sadhna then both of the women look at Aalekh. then both Aalekh and Vasu looks at Sadhna, Sadhna looks down then leaves the room.
Rajvansh's house - dinning table:
Vasu, Ranvir and DB sitting, while Sadhna and Ragini helping on serving the food. Vasu asks Sadhna where is Aalekh?, Sadhna replies, I asked him, but he said that he is not hungry.
Vasu says how is it possible?, she says I will see it, she was about to leave, Ranvir stops her saying, mom I will call him, he was about to leave, Ragini stops him, leave it, mom calls him, otherwise something else happen then situation turn to a trouble.
Sadhna is looking at Ragini with surprised reaction, Vasu too looks at Ragini with a surprised reaction.
Ranvir turns to Ragini and says Ragini, why would anything happen again?, DB says, what else, maybe the big daughter on low, become angry at u again?, beside this.
Vasu cuts DB, leave it, don't make the thing very big. Sadhna and Ragini serves the food.
Sadhna stops Ragini, she told her, do what u want, but don't be like this angry. Ragini looks with upset expression at Sadhna, then says I am not angry at u Sadhna, but I don't want anything like this to happen again and that is why I stopped Ranvir.
The girls contiune serving food, Sadhna is serving to DB, she spell some of the food on the table, she apologized, DB says instead of apologizing all the time, stop doing mistakes.
Ranvir and Ragini looking at Sadhna sadly.
Sadhna looks down.
Sharma's house - Vineet and Maalti's room:
Vineet is giving to Maalti her night medicin, Maalti is about to talk, Vineet says to her to not worry, then he tells to sleep.
Maalti asks if it's really Rakesh who paid the bell.
He said no, then he gave an other reason, he is thinking, then he said no, she said, then how u paid it?.
He said that Vasu paid it, she said what?, he said what else to do?, u run away, she paid it, I refused, but I didn't have any other option. I didn't tell my father, he will be upset.
Maalti said, it's very good u didn't tell him, he will be worried without any reason.
Maalti is thinking happy that the matter is over.
RagVir's room:
Ranvir is sitting reading a file, someone bank on the door, Aalekh on the door.
Aalekh asks Ranvir to let him drive, Ranvir refused.
Aalekh said, I drive good, u saw me, the accident happend coz of the phone.
He request him many times, while Ranvir is refusing, Aalekh told him everybody is sleeping, we go and nobody will notice it.
He request him again, he says to Ranvir, please Ranvir, only once, if u don't go, then I will take it in this way that u don't trust me.
Ranvir looks at Aalekh, Aalekh says let's go, Ranvir still looking at Aalekh.
Ranvir smiles and says to Aalekh, ok brother, be ready, Aalekh smiles then leaves.
Aalekh is about to leave, Ragini is standing and smiling to Aalekh (I felt like it's a fake smile) Ouch.
Ragini looks angry at Ranvir, Ranvir looks at Ragini.
Ragini asks Ranvir about where he is going?, Ranvir says he is going near, actually Aalekh brother, Ragini cuts him saying, Ranvir, I heard everything. u will not go anywhere.
Ranvir says, we will not got far away, here just near. Ragini says, Ranvir, didn't I told u?, u will not go anywhere.
They both look at eachother for a while.
Then Ranvir smiles and hold Ragini's hands, he says, Ragini, u don't have to worry, Aalekh brother drives very nicely the car, I sat beside him, he has a lots of confidence in him. Ragini looks the other way with angry expression.
Ranvir says, Ragini think of it, Aalekh wants to learn something, then we have to support him, not refusing, otherwise how he will be fine?. Ragini looks at him with angry expression, what Sadhna did, even after this?, Ranvir looks at Ragini.
Ragini leaves Ranvir's hands and turn the other side with angry expression.
Ranvir turns Ragini towards him and smiles, then says Ragini, think in a correct way, think from the heart, then say, if u were in Sadhna bhabhi's place and I was in Aalekh brother's place, what u would do?.
Ragini looks at Ranvir while thinking, she said Ranvir. Ranvir cuts her, then says, one minut Ragini, don't think so fast, u r angry, think then answer, coz this answer is very important for u.
Ragini looks at him, then looks down while crying, then while looking at him in tears, she says, I can't even imagin this Ranvir, very difficult, I can't even think like this Ranvir.
Ranvir smiles and wips her tears, then holds her shoulders and says, then think, when all this happend to Sadhna bhabhi, then how it would be her condition?, she looks at him, he continues saying, she loves Aalekh brother a lots, u know this right?, she had a big shock.
Ragini looks down, Ranvir if u were in her place, then u were in this condition, then u would do the same, right?.
Ragini looks at him while crying. Ranvir holds her face and continue saying that is why what ever happend, forget it. they both look at eachother.
Aalekh says to Ranvir, let's go, both Ranvir and Ragini turns the other side where Aalekh is standing, Ranvir says to Aalekh, come in brother, Ranvir looks at Ragini, she is smiling (now Ragini's smile is not fake), Ranvir says to Ragini, u come too with us, u will have a lots of fun.
Aalekh smiles, he looks at Ragini, then at Ranvir.
All three smiling.
Aalekh says to them, it's a very nice idea, then u (to Ragini) too look that how I drive the car.
Ragini smiles and looks to Ranvir, who is too smiling.
Ranvir says to Aalekh, why we don't take Sadhna bhabhi with us too?, Aalekh changed expression and Ragini too, (feel sad expression).
Ranvir is looking at Aalekh, the episode ends on Aalekh's face.
Ragini is holding Sadhna's hand, both sisters r crying Cry, Ragini says to Sadhna, the is mistake is mine too, I could be Ranvir's wife, but not ur jiji.
I am sorry, if there is any mistake and for missing anything Embarrassed

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Zee, you are a fantastic updater! Clap Hug

Thanks for the update! :)

@Ragini's fake smile: I felt the same way too! It didnt seem right at all, Ragini's smile is so natural when she sees Alekh but this time, it was off completely. Ouch

Ugh, Kaushi. Angry


Thanks again! Smile

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very nice episode...
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thnx for the wonderful update!!
felt really bad for sadhna today.
hope they fix everything tmroe!!
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Luved it, n luuuuuuuuuuuuve ur update so detailed, the only thing i didn't like is that it took Ranvir telling ragini to imagine herself in sadhna's place for her to understand the situation, wot will happen when ranvir is not there n sadhna or anyone for that matter does a mistake will she b able to think for HERSELF rationally without anyone's influance, n wot can i say about Khaushi she finally got something to torment sadhna again n whenever she like till the end of days ahhhhhh, n wot can i say abt DB well all i can say "RAGINI STAY AWAY FROM HER" con in my opinion DB realised today that Ragini can change agains Sadhna cos of her behaviour today toward sadhana so DB is gonna try to poison her against sadhna evry chance she gets, I mean if  Vasu can understand the situation for wot is was  n make Alekh undersand then ragini should've been easir for her, loved 2morrows orview though can't wait
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i just hope creatives change the track of making ragini against sadhna.. i luv sadhna-ragini's sister bond.. n thnk god ranvir hasnt taken netng to the heart thou being slapped.. he's so maturedBig smile..
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i hate kaushi as well as avni. first when sadhna was a childhood, mamaji brought her to his house after her dad went away to america. kaushi was shocked to see sadhna and ragini which came together. she thought that ragini and sadhna must be separated because sadhna is more fair than ragini. kaushi started to be rude with sadhna. suddenly sadhna's dad died in an air crash. kaushi is kind and looked after sadhna and ragini. after sadhna's bidaai, naniji poisoned kaushi's mind against sadhna because ragini didn't get married. kaushi was rude and got jealous of sadhna again.

avni and naveen hate ragini and sadhna. they plan to play a poisonous trick with rajvansh family. vasu always scolded sadhna because she took care of alekh improperly.

ranvir brought dadi buaji. avni plays a poisonous trick with buaji against sadhna. buaji poisons ragini's minds against sadhna. finally ragini may fight with sadhna after sadhna slapped ranvir. alekh scolded her even more and didn't talk with her.

how could poor sadhna do? she lost her parents. she is now an orphan. everyone scolded her a lot. i hate them.

first kaushi is more angry with sadhna. it is followed by vasu, dadi buaji and ragini and alekh.

may sadhna leave the families and leave alone and go somewhere.

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thanks for the update

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