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||-Besharam CC #3-|| *Invites* Next CC link pg 129

Namz94 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 August 2009
Posts: 10019

Posted: 31 October 2009 at 10:44am | IP Logged

Welcome To The World Of Besharam's!
The Besharam CC is the home to Besharam's who are basically a group of
Shameless Fan's who have dedicated themselves into Besharami, Monaya, Mohit
and his chest hairs!
We Besharam's talk, eat, sleep only about Mohit and Besharami.
Besharami is our Nature and True Identity and the Besharam Members all treat
eachother with besharam Reshpect and Lowe.
The Besharam definitions of Reshpect and Lowe are different than their "normal"
meanings, as we Besharam people don't follow "normal" rules and meanings of
words. After all we are Besharam's!
Reshpect = Abuse eachother with Besharam galiyan, and rofl at each others
comments and "like" them.
Lowe = Give each other 17383754754906709 hugs and kisses whenever we feel
like, and give pyar bari galiyan to show lowe.
The NBSP and AMP Appreciation!
Lately we Besharam's have found a new love apart from Monaya, Mohit
and his chest hairs! And that loved one is none other than "nbsp" *claps*
and his best friend "amp" *claps again*
Nbsp started to stalk us in the mansion while we were doing besharamgiri.
He would appear in our comments which we post, like a besharam.
And amp also followed him in all this besharami.
First we were all annoyed *thinks* okay I lied, first we were all amused at
how much amp and nbsp loved us, but then we decided that if they loves
us we should love them too! So here starts the *amp* and *nbsp* craze
and appreciation!
RIP *nbsp* and *amp*
Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry
Finally nbsp and amp are no longer with us,
let us all have a few minuted to ourselves,
to remember the times *nbsp* and *amp* were with us
and how much they loved us
and we loved them.
"Dear amp and nbsp,
today you are no longer with us
we miss you dearly
and hope that wherever you may be,
you are happy and fulfilling your besharami,
you will be missed dearly......"
Okay so that's enough about the CC and its appreciations and crazes!
Now lets take a look at the Besharam's who were the ones to make this
CC Happen, The besharam's started with 3 people, but are now a group
of 11 who are complete Besharam fans!
||-_____Official Members_____-||
Natasha (Samrat_Gunjan) 03 September
Naima (_Naima1994_) 09 December
Sarah (-Sarahh-) 22 January
Sana (xxSaJanxx) 24 October
Viniva (viniva sharma) 23 January
Maria (MarialikesMohit) 09 June
Pari (--Pari--) 12 March
Jagavi (--LoveSD--) 04 October
Sayli (saylithegreat) 14 July
Sayani (sayani_sajan) 18 August
Lipsa (Lipsa_mjht) 02 December
{{{{{{_Dear STALKERS_}}}}}}
We know that you guys are watching us and lurking above our CC, just waiting to
press that report button. Well let me tell you now, feel free to lurk, we are all
besharam people here who don't give a damn who watches us and why, just do us
a major favour and keep away from that report button. Cheers!
I'm sure you've heard of the line "you don't like it, don't watch it"?
Well Same applies here, you don't like what were writing, you don't read it! Simple
as that!
DISCLAIMER: Just incase some Naive fans misunderstand into thinking we are
bashing Mohit, let me clear myself out. We ALL here are Mohit Fanatics, and we
love him, so don't take our humorous comments as bashing and report us please,
The Besharam CC is dedicated to obviously none other than us Besharam's and
ofcourse the Chest Hair Shaving champion.
***Mohit Sehgal aka Samrat Shergill***
Mohit Sehgal was born on the 3rd December 1985. He is an Indian television
actor, who is gaining popularity due to his role of Samrat in the series Miley Jab
Hum Tum on STAR One. Mohit was born in Chandigarh and brought up in Delhi
into a Punjabi family.
About Samrat: Samrat is the Hero of the college. He's a Cool Dude and very Fun
loving. He is famous because he is good looking and as well as that, he is the top
sportsman in the college. He likes to play pranks but he doesn't mean to hurt
anybody with his mischief. Little overconfident Basket ball star who has won many
trophies for his college.
Now you may be thinking, why do we keep mentioning Mohit's chest hair
everywhere (It comes up later on too) So let me tell you exactly why.
Its all starts with ONE article that came out on Mohit Sehgal
************Now, Mohit Sehgal emerges as the tantrum kid*************
Created 23 Oct 2009 - 16:09
What's up with our TV stars this season that they've been going around throwing tantrums?
The likes of Sara Khan, Megha Gupta, Mohit Malhotra, Tanvi Bhatia have recently
made news for the same reason. Now it's the turn of Mohit Sehgal aka Samrat of
Star One's Miley Jab Hum Tum who faces this allegation.
A little birdie from the sets informs, "Since the last month or so Mohit has been
behaving very arrogantly. He's been unpunctual and there are days when we have
to make do with him. Even when he comes on the sets all he does is waste
time shaving his chest. Often he's confined to his vanity van. When
production officials request him to hurry up he abuses them. At times this had
lead to a war of words between Sehgal and the production guys. Everyone on the
sets is upset with Mohit and they want action against him."
When contacted, Sehgal rubbishes these allegations. "This is not true. If the
production guys are making these charges then its better you speak to them."
When asked whether he wastes time on shaving his chest, Sehgal
replied, "It's not wasting any time. If the scene requires me to have a
clean chest then I ought to shave it."
We tried contacting the show's creative head Richa Yamini and even sent her a
text message but she didn't reply. We also spoke to few other actors but they
refused to comment.
So it was this article that Started the chest hair craze! Shows what ONE article can
do to people' We don't know how much of this article is true, but it has given us
Besharam's something new to talk about!
And it is this article that brought out the Besharam in us all.
So CHEERS to Besharam's!


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Namz94 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 August 2009
Posts: 10019

Posted: 31 October 2009 at 10:44am | IP Logged

How did theBesharam's Discover their True Nature & Identity?

Sunday 25 October
It all started in one loved place called..
The Sajan Love Mansion.. Number 141..
Natz, Pari, Naima and Vini were chatting in the mansion regarding Juices (don't
even know where that came from) Vini had said Kanjuice, but Naima took it out to
be a juice, and commented that she only liked orange juice, so Natz decided she
would give Naima orange juice, which she did.
Pari got jealous and wanted juice of her own from Natz! So Naima suggested
Karela juice, which unfortunately for Natz Nobody drank, not even Pari, who in
the end got herself a watermelon juice from her sister Jagz who had come to the
It was time for Vini to leave, but on Sarah's request (She had come to the
mansion) Vini stayed back. Sarah then commented to her saying"Vinu, tho ur
staying na? good girl!... waise main bhi bohot besharam hoon, bye keh kar bhi nahi
jathi" And the two started to "hi-5" over their besharami.
Pari came and saw Sarah's comments about besharam's and commented "ok so
me not akeli besharam haan.......yaha aur bhi hai" So then Natz "hi-5"ed Pari too
and they all formed a Besharam quadro.
Sayu comes into the mansion quite confused about what the discussion was on.
Followed by Sayli. Naima then makes her entry with "GUYS! I'm back!
besharamo, kaha ho?". Sarah then asks Naima "wanna join our group? the
besharam sisters?" to which Naima replies "sounds like my kind of group", so
Naima is now an official member.
Sayu Finally realizes what's going on, and wants an entry into the "besharam
group" and she proves her besharami by telling us her achievements in the
subject. Competition starts to see who is the most besharam.
Maru makes her dhamakedar entry with "Ahem ahem, yaha kya horaha hai" Sayli
joins the group after telling us her besharam incidents. Naima comes back from
disappearing and states "Mein besharamo ki tarah do bar bye bolke vapas agayi"
Sayu and Naima argue over the besharam award, when Maru comments saying
"Oyye i am lost here with so many besharam's like me!" So then Maru is also
officially part of the group, this is when Jagz also realizes that she is also a
besharam and is taken into the group.
Pari has to go, so she posts a Winnie the pooh picture to say bye, Naima and Sarah
being besharam's, fight over which Winnie the pooh character they are, rather
than saying bye to besharam Pari who in the end leaves.
Dedication To Mohit And His Chest Hair..
Later that day Sayu and Naima are still present in the mansion. Sayu insists she
wants to see Mohit's bare chest, after all he had spent so much time shaving it that
we should see the final product.
Sayu then adds that Mohit was very dedicated to shave his chest for us, and we
being Fans of SG and Mohit, should appreciate him and his chest.
Therefore to show appreciation Naima writes a short speech for Mohit.
"Hum, yane Namzie aur Sayu,
Aaj is Sajan love mansion ko,
Mohit ke chest hair aur mehnat ko dedicate karthe hai,
usne ghanto hamare liye shave kiya,
isliye hum bhi uske liye apna appreciation dekhayenge.
Jai ho Mohit aur uske chest hairs ki!"
The MSN convo..
Naima, Sarah and Sana were all talking on MSN that evening.
Naima and Sana were the first to start talking, Sarah had already told Sana about
the besharam group and Sana was now a part of it as she was also a big besharam
at heart, its time like these when you feel proud of who you are.
Sarah and Naima then started to talk about the Besharam group and Sana was
added into the convo. Naima suggested to Sarah that they should start a CC called
the "Besharam's", turns out that even Sarah had suggested it to Sana. After a lot
of deep thinking about 10 minutes, they made a decision of opening a CC.
So finally the Trio decided that a CC should be opened, and the besharam's should
have a place of their own. So after a lot of planning and jotting things down, finally
the CC was made!
So that's the story of the Besharam's
and the Chest hair!

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Namz94 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 August 2009
Posts: 10019

Posted: 31 October 2009 at 10:45am | IP Logged


1. You MUST be a Besharam.
2. You must LOVE Mohit and Monaya.
3. You must ADORE Mohit's chest hair's.
4. No Bashing
5. No Abusive Language
6. No Attacks on any members of this CC.
7. Every Besharam must use either the word "besharam", or the emoticon "ROFL" in their posts.
8. Each CC can only be opened by Naima, Sarah or Sana, to prevent multiple CC's and confusion.
If none of us are present, another OFFICIAL member can open the CC.
10. If any of these Rules are broken, You will be banned from the CC.
*****'New Comers'*****
{{{{{_Do you wanna join our CC? But cant because its Invites Only?_}}}}}
||Dear new comers||
If you would like to join our CC, please do not post messages like
"Can I join this CC please?" Your Post will be ignored.
If you would like to join, please fill out the slam book questions below and PM, I
repeat PM it to either Naima (_Naima1994_) Sana (xxSaJanxx) or Sarah (-Sarahh-)
They will then check your answers and get back to you. Please do not keep PMing
them for admission, Replies for admission are likely to be sent within a week, so
please be patient and until then do not post in the CC.
- - - - - Questions - - - - -
{{ _Basics_ }}
Favourite Colour:
Favourite Food:
Do you love Monaya:
Do you love Mohit:
{{ _Advanced_ }}
Are you a Besharam:
How would you describe Mohit:
What do you think of Mohit's chest hairs:
Describe yourself in three words:
Mohit's clean shaven chest or haired:
{{ _On a scale of 1-10_ }}
How Besharam are you:
How pagal are you:
How much do you love Mohit (including his chest hairs):
How often would you come to this CC:
{{_Endings_ }}
Why do you want to join this CC:
How did you find out about our CC:
How much importance will you give this CC:
Once you have filled out your answer PM them to the people mentioned above. It is
not certain that you get an admission in this CC just because you fill out a slam book,
so please do not be disheartened if you are not entered in. Thanks.Smile
Previous CC's:

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Namz94 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 August 2009
Posts: 10019

Posted: 31 October 2009 at 10:46am | IP Logged
||-_____Besharam Members_____-||
Natasha (Samrat_Gunjan) 03 September
Naima (_Naima1994_) 9th December
Sarah (-Sarahh-) 22 January
Sana (xxSaJanxx) 24 October
Viniva (viniva sharma) 23 January
Maria (MarialikesMohit) 09 June
Pari (--Pari--) 12 March
Jagavi (--LoveSD--) 04 October
Sayli (saylithegreat) 14 July
Sayani (sayani_sajan) 18 August
Saher (Saher_90) 14 October
Lipsa (Lipsa_mjht) 02 December
Kavya (Kavya.b) 22 November
Ragini (Kasuforever) 06 November
Shak (shaktheback)
TJ/Rehan (tomnjerry2) 26 January
Hema (hema_sajan) 16 September
Aishwariya (aish_punk) 07 November
Hina (-LilyGurl-) 02 October
Drishti (drishti_sajan) 12 September
Ash (Cute_Ash) 04 July
Jia (mohitkideewani) 20 August
Shaz (angelic shaz) 27 December
Aditi (aditi_sajan) 07 August
Shaz (shockalot) 02 November
Payas (sajan_monaya) 19 February
Khushali (Khushali16) 30 August
Sonali (-Sonali-)
Disha (angel_disha7)
Aabha (aabha_monaya)
This is an Invites Only CC, therefore you cannot Post here without an Invite from one
of the OFFICIAL members, thanks.
If you would like your name put onto the member list please PM the person who has
made the CC, cheers!
Guys plz dont post "can i join" messages.
read the new member section above and follow the steps, thanks.
Member ID's!!!
 Natz NaimaSana
Jagz PariSayli
Shak  Tj  Hema
Ash  Shaz  Jia
(credits 4 ID's goes 2 Lips!! gr8 job!!)
Some more ID's!! Made by the besharam Pari!!
Note frm Pari-
If u like to add your name on any of   these two  ids.......
send it to parita (--Pari--)................she will add your name!!
these are not the only ones...............many more are comming next week!!

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Namz94 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 August 2009
Posts: 10019

Posted: 31 October 2009 at 10:46am | IP Logged

Haloween Post edited Smile

Siggies For Use

By Besharam ONLY!

(Credit to : Lipsa, Pari and Shak)

Edited by _Naima1994_ - 03 November 2009 at 11:09am
Namz94 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 August 2009
Posts: 10019

Posted: 31 October 2009 at 11:00am | IP Logged
Congo on the new CC!
angelic shaz IF-Sizzlerz
angelic shaz
angelic shaz

Joined: 25 August 2005
Posts: 18472

Posted: 31 October 2009 at 11:05am | IP Logged
congratzz on the new thread
Namz94 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 August 2009
Posts: 10019

Posted: 31 October 2009 at 11:08am | IP Logged
sab kaha mar gaye?LOL

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