Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

MiniFF||Teri Yaad Saath Hai|| 9/4 Pg 26 Chap 6 (Page 6)

Kavya.... IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 November 2009 at 5:31am | IP Logged
Here's an outlook of what is in store for the coming chapters....

It was the first day of his college. From childhood he had been in the same circle of friends which made it easier for him to mingle around but not here. He had no acquaintances here. He made his way to the auditorium where the new students were asked to assemble. He took his seat. Speeches were being given by the principal and heads' of the department. He was feeling bored just then he sees someone taking the seat beside him. He didn't know why but he felt a tug in his heart on seeing her. His lips automatically curved to smile on seeing, her hands which were on the arms of the chair trembling. He didn't know how but his hand went on to the top of her hand stopping it from shaking. He noticed that she was staring at him now. He removes his hand.


PREM: Hello I'm Prem.. Prem Juneja


She looks at him for a while and then gives her hand.


Girl: Heer Maan


PREM: I'm sorry, tumhara haath itna kaamp raha tha toh mein ne'


HEER: Its' ok. Jab bhi mujhe tension hoti hai aisa hi hota hai.


PREM: Tension par kis baat ki?


HEER: Principal ke speech ke baad I need to sing the prayer song.


PREM: Par mein ne toh suna hai principal ke speech ke baad hume college dikha rahe hain.


HEER: Sach.. Are you sure?


PREM: Haan. Mein ne toh yahi suna tha.


The principal speech ends and there was announcement calling out heer to sing. Prem and heer get up at the same time. Heer glares at him while prem smiles


PREM: All the best heer.


He leaves from there while heer goes on to the stage and sing.

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PrincessPatel77 Goldie

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Posted: 05 November 2009 at 3:03pm | IP Logged
Kavya Dii
it was awesome
please continue asap otherwise i seriously will haunt u!!!!
btw loved it!!!
pm me

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Suhana Ahmed

sweetanu2314 Goldie

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Posted: 05 November 2009 at 3:43pm | IP Logged cute he can't see his heer tensed......shoooooooooooo continue soon..........

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Suhana Ahmed

Olicity_23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 November 2009 at 4:28pm | IP Logged

cant wait 2 c wat happens next

update soon


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Suhana Ahmed

Captain_Pari Goldie

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Posted: 05 November 2009 at 6:36pm | IP Logged
hey.......that sounds greattttttt....update soonnnnn

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Suhana Ahmed

meeshti. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 November 2009 at 2:59am | IP Logged
awesome teaser
 update soon

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Suhana Ahmed IF-Rockerz
Suhana Ahmed
Suhana Ahmed

Joined: 05 December 2008
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Posted: 06 November 2009 at 5:05am | IP Logged
hey guys,
here is the next bit of our FF...
we hope you will enjoy...


Once he made a decision he's not going to rethink about it. He started to go through a file placed on his desk. For the first time somehow he couldn't concentrate on his work. So he decided to go home and check with the preparations.


He walked in and was surprised to see the dcor of his house. It was fully decorated with flowers and lights. Just then gayatri walks in'


PREM: Mom yeh sab kya hai?

GAYATRI: Prem tu aagaya?

She gives him a tight hug and wipes of her tears of joy.

GAYATRI: tu jaanta nahin hain Prem aaj kitni bari khushi di hai tu ne mujhe' 

PREM: Mom aap itna jyaada emotional mat bano, aur yeh sab kya hai?

GAYATRI: arey mera beta apni shaadi ki announcement karne wala hai' mujhe meri bahu se milne wala hai' tayyari tou shandar hone chahiye naa'

PREM:  mom' sirf announcement hone wali hai shaadi ki' shaadi nahin ho rahi' itni preparations?

GAYATRI: ab tu itni mushkil se mana hai shaadi ke liye' tou mujhe meri khushi ke liye yeh sab karne de'

Just than Lalit also came back from office and joined in their conversation.

LALIT: haan beta tumhari maa sahi keh rahi hai' karne do use yeh sab' akhir bete ne itni bari khush khabari di hai'

PREM: dad' you too, aap bhi mom ki side lene lage?

LALIT: beta rehna tou mujhe iss ghar mein hi hai' tou yahan ki high command ki baat tou manani hi parey gi'

GAYATRI: aap bhi naa' aise dikhate hain jaise meri har baat mante hain'

LALIT: tou kya nahin manta?

GAYATRI: chalie choriye yeh' abhi bohat kam para hai' meri help kar dein'

LALIT: haan zaroor' main bhi janta hoon yeh jashan log humesha yaad rakhein'

They were discussing all this when a voice interrupted them.

"kon se jashan ki tayyari ho rahi hai' mere bina hi?"

Prem, Lalit and Gayatri turned towards the door and were very happy to see the person standing there. Prem ran towards him and hugged him hard then the guy came towards Lalit and Gayatri and took their blessings.

PREM: bohat ache time pe aaya hai tu' Per yun achanak? Bataya kyon nahin?

GAYATRI: isski tou aadat hai logon ko surprise dene ki'

LALIT: haan' aise hi kamon mein mahir hai bas' koi seedha kaam tou hota nahin isse'

PREM: Dad' aap tou aate hi piche parh gaye uske' aap tou jante hain uski aisi hi aadat hai'

GAYATRI: haan' itne dino ke baad ghar aaya hai' aur aap bhi naa'

"hello' main hoon yahan pe' koi mujh se bhi tou baat kare'", the guy said.

PREM: aaja mere bhai' main baat karta hoon tujhse' (he said putting his arm across the shoulder of the new guy)

You must have guessed that the guy was none other than our very own PREET. He came from London where he was completing his MBA.

PREET: main janta hoon PB' aap hi hain jo mujhe sab se zyada pyaar karte hain'

LALIT: haan haan' Prem ne hi bigar ke rakha hai tujhe' kitna nalayak bana diya hai'

PREET; acha choriye' mom, aap batayein yeh kis jashan ki tayyari ho rahi?

GAYATRI: bohat bari khush khabri hai'

PREET: hmm' let me guess' let me guess'

GAYATRI: acha karo guess'

PREET: humare CHAND ki banjar zameen, phir se hari bhari ho rahi hai kya?

He said naughtily examining Lalit's bald head.

LALIT: tu nahin sudhre ga' aaj nahin bachne wala mere hathon se..

Preet was all ready so he started running and Lalit followed him all over the hall. At last Lalit got exhausted and sat down on the sofa. Preet stood behing Gayatri and gave a triumphant smile.

PREET: ab aap ki umar nahin hai aise bhaag dor karne ki' iss umar mein aaram kiya jata hai dad' bachchon ki tarah khela koda nahin jata'

LALIT: gayatri' iss se kaho zyada baatein naa banaye' agar mujhe gussa aa gaya naa'

Prem and Gayatri were thoroughly enjoying this cute fight. It wasn't a new thing in Juneja Mansion. Preet always passed some stupid remarks about Lalit's bald head and then they both went on and on.

PREM: acha bas karo aap dono'

GAYATRI: haan' itni tayyari baqi hai aur aap log ek dosre ko dekhte hi jhagarne lage'

LALIT: haan haan' chalo kaam se lagein' (he said standing up from the sofa)

PREET: arey koi mujhe bataye ga ke party kis khushi mein ho rahi hai?

LALIT: ek tou yeh ke Prem ne aaj ek bohat bari deal crack ki hai'

PREET: woh tou mere PB aksar hi karte rehte hain' lekin aaj kuch special preparations lag rahi hain'

LALIT: issi liye kehta hoon' pori baat sun ker bola kar' dosri aur bari waja iss party ki yeh hai ke'

GAYATRI: ke tere PB ne shaadi ke liye haan keh di hai'

Gayatri and Lalit left leaving behind a shocked Preet.

PREET: yeh sach hai PB?

PREM: haan yar' ab mom jhoot tou nahin kahein gi naa'

PREET: par yun achanak? Aise kaise faisla kar liya aap ne?

PREM: bas yar main ne socha ke ab shaadi kar hi leni chahiye'

PREET: are you serious? Kya aap sach mein shaadi ke liye tayyar hain?

PREM: kya kehna chah raha hai tu?

PREET: aap samajh rahe hain PB' main kya kehna chah raha hoon? Don't act as if you are not getting me'

PREM: dekh Preet tou abhi abhi aaya hai' ja kar araam kar' shaam mein baat karte hain'

PREET: main theek hoon bhai' abhi tou app mujhe sirf itna batayein ke aap yeh shaadi apni khushi se kar rahe hain ya kissi pressure mein aa ke?

PREM: main ne yeh faisla apni khushi se liya hai' ab tu ja aur rest kar sham ko party hai'

PREET: who is the girl bro? (preet asked, although he was still suspicious that Prem isn't marrying according to his own will there is definitely some other reason behind.)

PREM: sanjana!

PREET: sanju? Aap ke past ke barey mein sab kuch janane ke baad bhi she is ready to marry you?

PREM: she is my friend' a very good friend' aur mujhe use zyada koi samajh nain sakta' iss liye sirf woh hi meri life partner ho sakti hai'

PREET: friend' ya really' you know PB' aap ki iss baat se mujhe yakeen ho gaya hai ke aap yeh shaadi khushi se tou kar nahin rahe' coz aap yeh samajh nahin paa rahe shaadi ki bunyaad dosti nahin pyaar hota hai'

PREM: please Preet cut that out'

PREET: ok PB' ab kuch nain kahoon ga iss bare mein' but sochiye ga zaroor' aap tou apni khushiyon ko 6 saal piche chor aaye hain per Sanju ka kya? Kya uske saath unfair nahin hoga ki woh ek aise insaan se shaadi kare jo use ek patni ka haq kabhi nahin de paye ga' kyon ki woh apne hisse ka pyaar already kar chukka hai'

Preet angrily left from there and Prem stood there thinking about his words. He was thinking.. is he really being unreasonable and selfish, for his own sake he is taking a step which will ruin Sanjana's life.

It was the evening time and Gayatri was busy instructing the servants to speed up as the guests would start coming in an hour or so.

Prem was busy getting ready for the party and Preet was sitting in his room still upset about his brother's decision. Gayatri came in his room and asked him to get ready, he couldn't share his feelings with his mother as she was uaware of the things he knew about Prem so he quietly got up to get dressed for the party.

The guest have started coming and Lalit Gayatri were receiving them. Prem wasn't in the scene, he had told his parents that he would be coming after all the people have gathered and then he would introduce his wife to be. After some time Preet also joined in as host and started chatting with few of his age fellows.

All the guests had came and now Lalit was on stage to make some announcement. Prem also came from upstairs and stood by his side.

Lalit started speaking,

"Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have your attention please' as you all must be knowing ke aaj ki yeh party iss khushi mein hai ke recently mere bte PREM JUNEJA ne ek bohat bari deal sign ki hai foreign company ke sath' yeh India ki kissi bhi company ka sab se bare foreign venture hoga' I am really proud of my son ke usne  yeh contract hasil kiya'"

Everybody clapped and Prem smiled to thank them, Lalit continued'

"lekin iss se bari bhi ek khush khabari hai' mera beta Prem, the most eligible bachelor of the town' shaadi karne jaa raha hai' aur aaj woh sab ko Mrs. Prem Juneja to-be se introduce karane wala hai' son, the stage is all yours' sab log betaab hain Junajas ki bahu se milne ke liye'"

Lalit handed the mike to Prem and got off the stage. The lights were turned off and a spot light was falling on Prem, he started speaking,

"aaj main us larki se milwane wala hoon jo meri jivan saathi banana wali hai and she is'"

He walked towards the left corner of stage and stretched out his hand to someone and brought the girl into spot light.

"Meet my best friend and now my wife-to-be Sanjana Mehra'", he said.

Lalit and Gayatri were amazed to see her. They had always liked her a lot and were very happy about Prem's decision but Preet was looking upset. Prem and Sanjana came down from the stage and took Lalit's and Gayatri's blessing. Then they moved towards Sanjana's parents, they also seemed to be pretty happy about them getting married.

Everybody congratulated them. Prem and Sanjana weren't looking like a couple at all, their interaction was like buddies. They were continuously chatting on random topics and playing around with each other.

Preet never talked to Prem during the party. He couldn't bear his brother ruining his life with his own hands, so he left the party after some time.

The DJ started playing soft romantic tunes and couples gathered on the dance floor.

Prem and Sanjana danced together for a while and then prem noticed that preet was missing. He takes excuse from Sanjana and leaves from there in search of preet.

He searches for preet everywhere in the house but is not able to find him. It then struck him that preet may be in their favorite hideout. He walks in to the backyard of the house and there was a big rocky cave which had a opening. Prem enters in and sees preet sitting there with his head in his hands.

PREM: Preet tu yahaan baita hai aur mein tujhe poore ghar mein doond raha tha.. kya hua tu yahaan kyun hai?

PREET: Aap ko nahin pata mein yahaan kyun hoon?

He comes and sits beside preet.

PREET: Aap ko pata hai PB mein humesha apni doston se kehta rehta tha ki mere prem bhai aise hai, waise hai, apni zindagi mein kabhi koi galat faisla nahin liya ......... par aaj mujhe yeh kehte huye bada dukh ho raha par aap ke iss faisle mein... main aap ka saath nahin doonga..

He gets up and was about to leave.

PREM: Preet rukh.. meri baat sun..Tu jaana chahtha hai na mein yeh shaadi kyun kar raha hoon? toh sun.. mein shaadi mom aur dad ke liye kar raha hoon.. unki khushiyon ke liye.. meri zindagi mein khushiyaan toh kab ki chali gayi par mein nahin chahtha ki unke saath aisa ho.. mein unhe duniya ki har khushi dena chahtha hoon... unki sabse badi khushi yehi hai ki mein shaadi karoon... toh mujhe karna hi hoga.. ..... ..

PREET: Bhaiya aap ko jo karna hai aap kijiye par yeh baat humesha yaad rakna aap kabhi sanjana ko nahin apna paayenge aur nahin apni pyaar ko kabhi bhool payenge.. bale hi woh aap ke saath na ho par unki yaadein aapke saath humesha rahenge.....

Preet leaves from there leaving behind a broken prem. Prem holds back his tears and gets back to the party. The guest start to leave. He was on his way back to home after dropping Sanjana but he doesn't feel like... so he goes to the beach.

thats it...

dont forget to comment...


Kavya and Suhana.

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Kavya.... IF-Rockerz

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hii sis
i'm here

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