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London Dreams Fanfic (Page 4)

disco_diva Goldie

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Posted: 19 December 2009 at 2:45pm | IP Logged
Awesome yaar add me to your pm list

Zaynoo2320 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 January 2010 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
Hey! I just came across your FF, and I really like it! I feel bad for Armaan, I don't know if Armaan and Riddhima are going to fall in love (and I hope they do) but the Riddhima and Rahul pairing is interesting too. I hope you continue soon, will be waiting eagerly to read more! If you have a PM list, you can add me :)

Continue real soon!

Zaynah :)

Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 14 January 2010 at 9:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kweetrockstar

it was a n awesome part
i so loved it
all the four were just awesome
thanks for the pm
thnx soooooo much for the comment....glad u liked it
Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
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Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 14 January 2010 at 9:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by miiroxxsweet

Heyy nice part loved the chilli idea thank for the pm XD
Thnx...hehe glad u like the chilli bit  Big smile
Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 14 January 2010 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by imane568

hahhahhahah! Atul and HOT lasagna!
Rahul and Armaan have some good tricks to make ATUL go as far as away from Ridzi as they he possibly can but Atul seems determined...! Update soon...curious about what Ridzi wants to do again!
hey thnx a lot for the comment...
glad 2 hear tht u enjoyed the part
n sry to hve kept u waitin...
will b uploadin v.soon
Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 14 January 2010 at 9:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by disco_diva

Awesome yaar add me to your pm list
Thnx...will do...gona upload v. soon
Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 14 January 2010 at 9:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Zaynoo2320

Hey! I just came across your FF, and I really like it! I feel bad for Armaan, I don't know if Armaan and Riddhima are going to fall in love (and I hope they do) but the Riddhima and Rahul pairing is interesting too. I hope you continue soon, will be waiting eagerly to read more! If you have a PM list, you can add me :)

Continue real soon!

Zaynah :)

Hey zaynah
glad 2 hear tht ur enjoyin the ff...
sorry for the delay but i'll b updatin very soon
thnx alot for the comment xx
Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 14 January 2010 at 10:07am | IP Logged
hey everyone! im soooooooo sorrry for the very late update! lots been goin on but im back now!!! n ur all in for a make up for the lateness heres a very long part for u all 2 enjoy... Smile Smile  

A story of three best friends and how they struggle to achieve their London Dreams... 

* Atul comes over to Ridz's place to work on presentation
* Armaan and Atul are jealous and think of ways to sort him out
* Ridz and Atul work on the presntation
* The guys make "dinner" LOL
* Rahul serves food for Atul with added spice
* Atul pulls off an act to show it didnt bother him
* Boys are shocked that their plan backfired
* They walk Atul out of the building
* Atul is pleased to know that they both care for Ridz
* Ridz finds the dish with added chilli Shocked
Part 6

They walked through the turnstiles all excited not able to stop their chatter. Ridz was the loudest one of all. They hadn't been here in ages and the place had changed in these many years. She looked around at all the new rides from the distance, excitement and nerves building up in her.

Armaan: Ridz…it's only the entrance… - whispering in her ear

Rahul laughed as she made a face at Armaan and walked ahead across the bridge leaving the two guys to follow her towards the rides of Thorpe Park.

Armaan: Where do we start?

Ridz: Hmm…left! - brightly

Rahul: Cool…that's where I wanted to go – smiling cheekily

Ridz: Why? - curious

Rahul pointed in front of him towards the highest roller coaster in the park. She strained her neck to look up at it. It was huge…it was SAW!

Ridz: No Way…! I am not going on that…

Rahul: Oh c'mon don't be such a baby… - teasing

Ridz: Are you crazy? Never!

Armaan: Guys please…just chill…we've just entered…Rahul let's start off with something else…

Rahul: But… - he silence himself at Armaan's glare - fine let's go…

They carried on walking through the crowds of people. Until Ridz shouted out…

Ridz: Hey what about that one? – pointing out to a ride

Armaan and Rahul looked over to where she was pointing.

Rahul: Quantum… - he did his research (hehe) Wink

Ridz: Yeah…that looks safe - nodding her head then walking towards the queue

Rahul: You do know it moves… - cheekily, Armaan and Rahul both laugh

Ridz: I know…and I want to go on it now

Armaan: C'mon then…let's go – following her

They joined the queue and looked at the excited Ridz in front of them. Rahul looked around to see a group of eleven year olds behind them. They were just as excited as Ridz.

Rahul: How embarrassing – to Armaan

Armaan: Ssshhh… - whispered to Rahul - I want to go in Saw after this…let her have her own choice for now…

Rahul: Oh…that's why you agreed

Armaan: Well done genius! – Rahul smacked him on the back

They got into the ride, Ridz sat in between the two guys trying to be calm. It finally started to move and as it got a bit fast Ridz started to scream. By the end of the ride Ridz had opened her eyes to see Rahul and Armaan's finger in their ears; she was the only one screaming. She rolled her eyes at them as they got out, and then started to laugh. They look at her as if she's lost it.

Ridz: That was fun…let's go again! - excitedly

The guys walked away from the ride as if they hadn't heard her. When she caught up she yelled at them like a little child.

Ridz: I wanna go again!!!

Rahul: Wow Ridz you enjoyed that?? - sarcastically

Ridz: Yes I did…and I wanna go again

Armaan: Please…not again – quickly changing his answer by the look on her face – we'll be back…let's go on something else for now…ok?

Ridz nodded obediently and walked alongside the boys quietly.

Armaan: Colossus next? - eagerly

Ridz: What?

Rahul pointed upwards and once again she arched her neck back to have a look at the ride. The colour from her face was drained as they got into the queue.

Ridz: I ca-can't go in this…let me go – turning around

Rahul: C'mon Ridz…we went in that last ride for you and it is my birthday…you don't want to spoil my fun…do you? – making a puppy dog face

Armaan looked over at Ridz who was defeated.

Flash Back – a few months ago

Rahul: Ha! I won… - picking up the coin – my choice!

Ridz: So what's it going to be Rahul… - defeated

Rahul: Thorpe Park! We're going Thorpe Park for my birthday! And no one is going to back out…understand?? – looking at Ridz

Two Days Ago

Ridz: But Rahul…I have an important exam the very next day!

Rahul: Ridz…that's not fair…we said no backing out! – sulking

Ridz: Fine… - giving up after an hour of pleading

End of Flash Back

Now they we're sitting in the ride. Ridz safely buckled herself up making sure it was secure several times. Armaan looked at her and smiled, he checked it was fit in one more time then gave her hand a small squeeze. The cart was moving and they were going up and up. Armaan looked over at her once more, she was silently praying, Rahul saw and burst out laughing.

Rahul: You're not going to die ok…

Ridz: I'm scared… - trembling

Rahul: Aww…don't worry…here hold my hand

She grabbed hold of Rahul's hand and Armaan's hand and closed her eyes.

They boys ran down the slope cheering as if that was the best ride they had ever been on. They slapped each other Hi5 when they had got to the bottom, about to walk on when Armaan stopped and looked back. Ridz held onto the rail and walked down slowly, staggering and holding onto her head. They ran back up and helped her down towards a bench. Rahul went to fetch some water while Armaan sat beside her giving her a hug.

Armaan: You ok…? – whispering as he held her tight

Ridz shook her head as yes then opened her eyes and sat up straight. Rahul came back with a bottle of water; he sat in front of her on his knees, giving her the water.

Rahul: How's our princess doing? – smiling at her

Ridz glared at him and he backed off.

Ridz: It wasn't nice… - was all she could say

Armaan: Ok…let's go on something calmer ok? – she nodded - What about that ride over there? – pointing to the closest ride

Rahul: Water ride…Rumba Rapids…what do you say Ridz?

Ridz looked at the ride to see if it comes off of the ground. When she saw it was on the water she nodded. They helped her up and made their way towards the ride.

Rahul: This has got to be the longest queue… - groaning

Ridz: Oh well… - back to her usual self

They waited for about half an hour in the line until it was finally their turn. They got into one boat and sat back enjoying the view.

Ridz: This is so nice…

Both the guys stared at her and smiled. They enjoyed the ride; coming to the end Rahul put his hand just outside to splash Ridz with the water. She screamed as the cold water hit her and she splashed him back. When they got out Ridz complained that she was hungry. They grabbed something from Burger King and ate quickly both the guys wanting to get back to the rides.

After lunch they walked around the park. Ridz laid her eyes on a big teddy and wanted it. She played the games and after her fifth lost she gave up, walking away sulking. Rahul shot his first hoop and won the teddy for her then Armaan tried and won a massive alligator cuddle toy.

They walked away from the stall and towards the bench where Ridz sulked. They handed her the teddy bear and alligator and watched as her face brightened and she hugged them both. They guys decided to go on Nemeses Inferno next.

Ridz: No…I'm not coming…

Armaan: Ok then…we'll go somewhere else…

Ridz: No you guys go…I'll stay here and me and teddy will wave at you guys from here… - like a baby she waved the teddy's arm

Rahul: You sure? – looking from Armaan to Ridz

Ridz shook her head and they walked away to join the queue. Half an hour later they got into the ride, it was so quick but they loved it. As they came out she hugged them both.

Next they had all decided to go to Tidal Wave. This was one of the longest queues and they spent most of their time cracking jokes and talking about the whole day. They got into the cart, Ridz left her soft toys behind, she sat in the cart but now she had gone quiet. Just as they got to the top she began to cry loudly.

Armaan: What's wrong? – concerned, he turned to face her

Rahul: Ridz what's wrong?

Suddenly the ride plunged down the hill, it was unexpected and they all screamed out. They were drenched! They stumbled out of the ride and made their way out collecting the soft toys. As they walked out Ridz started to laugh.

Rahul: What so funny?

Ridz: Your hair… - pointing towards it

His hair was completely soaked and was stuck to his head in a funny way. He quickly fixed it making a face at her.

Armaan: Why were you crying Ridz?

Ridz: To distract you two… - cheekily - it was so much fun...and it worked!

Rahul: What worked? – confused

Ridz smiled at them cheekily then pointed over to the photo booth where their photos from the ride were being displayed. They moved closer to the booth and stared at their photo. Ridz was screaming while Armaan and Rahul were facing her, both faces screwed up from shock, concern and being wet. Ridz couldn't help but laugh at them continuously then ran over to the booth to buy the photo, Armaan looked around embarrassed and Rahul took the alligator and smacked her on the back when she joined them again.

Ridz: Ahhh - hiding behind Armaan who shielded her from Rahul – ok…ok sorry…what's next? – calming down

Armaan and Rahul looked at each other and smiled. She looked from one to the other knowing they were up to something. Rahul pointed to the tallest roller coaster which he had shown her this morning.

Ridz: You're joking right?

Armaan: Ridz…you don't have to come if you don't want to…

Ridz stared at the big ride in front of her. Her eyes scanned the ride with the sharp razor at the bottom of the drop and gulped then looked at them.

Ridz: Ok I'll come… - slowly

Rahul: What? No Way…if you can't handle Colossus then it's impossible for you to go on this one…

Ridz: Hmm…fine, I'll wait here…

Armaan: We'll be right back…

Rahul hugged her and they went off. Ridz sat down on the nearest bench and scanned the ride. It was too scary, her mind had started to play games with her, she closed her eyes and visualized a scene of the ride breaking and her best friends…she opened her eyes quickly, not finishing that thought she got up and ran to catch up with the guys. She saw them getting into the ride and rushed through to sit with them, Armaan looked up after doing the buckle and saw her sitting next to Rahul.

Armaan: Ridz what are you doing here?

Rahul: Ridz? – looking at her

Riddhima had tears in her eyes as she grabbed hold of each of their hands, closing her eyes the ride started up.

Armaan: Ridz what's wrong?

Ridz: - wiping a tear away and smiled – Nothing…this should be fun

All three of them looked in front and braced themselves for the ride.

It came to an end in less than a minute, they got out, and Ridz collected her teddies and hugged them tight. Rahul and Armaan were really concerned about her, she didn't even scream throughout the ride and she was still really quiet. Rahul spotted a sweet shop and grinned at Armaan. They went into the sweet shop and brought lots of sweets, this cheered Ridz up and by the time they came back out she was all smiles again. Rahul and Armaan decided to ask her what had happened a little later as they let her enjoy her sweets, she really was a little kid when it came to sweets and teddies.

By the time they left the park it was 5'oclock, very tired as they all were they made it to the train station and settled down quickly. Ridz sat next to the window, Rahul sat next to her while Armaan sat opposite with the soft toys. Within five minutes she was fast asleep on Rahul's shoulder.

It was quite a long journey back to central; their carriage was silent and almost empty when Ridz jumped out of her sleep looking alarmed. Rahul and Armaan glanced at her anxiously.

Armaan: Ridz? Are you ok???

Rahul: Ridz!!! – shaking her

Ridz: - looked at her two friends then screamed - I HAVE AN EXAM TOMMOROW!!!!

Armaan and Rahul relaxed and laid back in their seats looking at each other.

Both: She's back!! - a sigh of relief Wink

Well thts it guys hope u enjoyed this long special epi...heres the link for the fanfic once u can see scenes of the rides in Thorpe Park...

A trailer of our Fanfic:


Armaan: Hey…how did it go?

Ridz: I don't know…I guess it was ok… - mumbling

Armaan rolled his eyes and smiled at her. Ridz had her exam today and she was practically going crazy over it and now she's worried about the results.

Armaan: Im sure you did great… - sitting down next to her

Hope u guys enjoyed this part...
do comment n feel free to critisize!!

Fizz and Anima

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