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London Dreams Fanfic (Page 15)

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Originally posted by mitzification

eagerly awaiting AN !!!!!!!
nice ff

Thnx and gona update soon

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hey guys....ive come today with a little bad news...i am goin to b postin the last 2 parts of this FF was meant to be a short FF initially but ive had to cut it down a bit more...i wanted to make it till 20 parts but its now 16 parts...the onli reason for this is that im goin on holiday this week...n i decided to finish it b4 goin coz i dont want to leave it hangin for 5 here u go...the last 2 parts of London Dreams! Enjoy :)

* Armaan and Ridz go to Rahul's house to visit him but is unable to
* Ridz is upset and they go home
* They go to see his match
* Armaan thinks back to the day when Ridz tells him how Rahul leaves
* Rahul wins the match
* They go to the after party but Rahul ignores them
* They are both upset but get on with life
* While watching TV they see the news of Rahul and his latest girlfriend
* Ridz breaks down and Armaan consoles her

Part 15

They walked out of the station arm in arm both laughing at a joke that he had just cracked. It was Ridz's day off from work and together with Armaan she had made plans to spend the day out in the city. They had lunch at Pizza Hut in Leicester Square, took a walk through Oxford Street, Ridz did a little shopping, they chilled on the South Bank and enjoyed each and every moment spent in each other's company.

Ridz had been in shock for a while after watching Rahul and Anjali's pictures flash on all the news channels. It had taken her some time, three months exactly, to put it behind her and think of her life. She was very lucky to have a close friend by her side during this time. Armaan had not left her side for a second after seeing those scenes flash on the TV screen. He made sure he comforted her whenever she needed it, cared for her health and just made sure she was ok.

They had both become quite close to each other during this time and they both loved it. Ridz was still confused about her feelings for Rahul but was quite happy being with Armaan who cared so much for her.

Final match of the season - Arsenal VS Liverpool

The changing room was once again very noisy. All the players were moving around as they got dressed and ready for the match. Rahul leaned against his locker, closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on the match but there was something which kept clouding his mind all day, not understanding what it was he shook his head and opened his eyes which fell onto Abhi who stood across the room; anger once again filled his mind.

Rahul: Control…you can't lose yourself… - to himself – not today…

Sometime later the players made their way out of the changing room; Rahul followed them out making his way to the front as he was once again captain of the match. As they stood in the tunnel waiting to go out on the field, for the very first time he had butterflies in his stomach, he shook his mind to get rid of the negative thoughts and was brought back into the world when he felt something warm take hold of his hand.

He looked down to see a little boy aged ten or eleven smiling up at him and looking very excited to be there.

Rahul: Hey…what's your name? – with a small smile

Boy: Armaan – smiling like he had just had a dream come true while standing next to the most famous footballer

Rahul's smile disappeared quickly and he looked down sadly at the little boy who reminded him of his best friend. But before his mind could wander any more it was time to go out, he quickly pulled himself together and walked out onto the pitch with the little boy next time him hoping that his friends were out there like they always were.

It was seven o'clock in the evening and as their day out in the city was coming to an end Ridz had begged to ride in the London Eye to which Armaan couldn't say no. They had now reached the top of the ride and they looked out over the city. Luckily they were the only ones in the capsule and they loved each moment of each other's company. Ridz leaned against the rail and looked out at evening sun slowly sinking into the ground. She closed her eyes for a few seconds to take in the stunning moment. Her eyes were still closed when she felt his strong arms go around her tiny waist and held on firmly. She flinched a little but allowed him to hold her. He breathed in the strawberry scent of her hair and also closed his eyes leaning further into her back. They stayed like this for the next twenty to twenty five minutes just taking in this close moment and the beautiful sunset.

Armaan slowly let go of her as she turned around, the ride had unfortunately come to an end and they unwillingly started to walk to the exit of the capsule. Armaan held her hand helping her out. They carried on walking hand in hand, slowly stealing glances at each other with excited smiles. It was now getting dark as they made their way home.

The match was well on its way, but it was very rough, no player showed mercy for the other. It was a win or die match, after all it was the final and they all fought to win but surprisingly the small feud between Abhi and Rahul had picked up during the match and it was quite obvious to the audience and the other players that they were fighting. The opposition found this as a great advantage and made sure they did everything to wind up Abhi and Rahul.

Rahul dribbled the ball down the pitch; he was being covered by the opposition and tried his best to scan the pitch for an open player which seemed to be Abhi. Rahul fumed, turning away from Abhi he carried on towards the goal. He came to halt at a certain point, raised his foot and kicked the ball towards the goal, it landed right into the hands of the goal keeper making the crowd boo. Rahul looked around the pitch at the other players who glared at him angrily, some shouted at him and the opposition sneered evilly. Rahul shouted at everyone to get back in position.

The game carried on in the same way for the next ten minutes with neither Abhi nor Rahul passing to each other resulting in big misses and anger in the other players. Finally the half time whistle blew, the score was 0-0 and the teams were ready to kill each other…

Rahul banged open the changing room door and stamped his way towards his locker slamming it open making the whole locker case shake. All the players were angry, but taking one look at the coach's face they settled down quietly as he made his way into the changing room looking tired and worn out. He made eye contact with Rahul, then looked over at Abhi and sighed. Everyone looked at him waiting for him to say something.

Coach: I…I don't know what to say really…I'm not gonna stand here and preach to you about keeping your personal problems separate from your professional lives but all I'm going to say is…three minutes of our professional lives all comes down to our match today…

For the first time Rahul stared at his coach noticing that he really looked a lot older than he had noticed before.

Coach: I made all the wrong decision a middle aged man can make…I lost all of my money…I even chased off everyone who's ever loved me… - looking around at everyone

A picture of his parent's flashed into his mind. He felt a sudden pang of guilt as he thought about how he had left his mum and his dad; he had walked away from them without looking back. In these four or five years he had not once called them to find out how they were…

Coach: And lately…I can't even stand the face I see in the mirror…you know…the older you get in life things get taken from you…but you only learn about it when you start to lose them…and sometimes it's just too late…

Images of Armaan and Riddhima flashed into his mind this time. He remembered the time when Armaan had left them, but he knew that Armaan had come back, he had seen him at one of his matches but he didn't even go over to his old friend to see how he was, what he was up to, how was life. He didn't even ask how Armaan's mum was. Once again he felt guilty for leaving them; he didn't go back to them; not once…

Coach: I'm gonna tell you this… - looking around at each and every player in the room – In any fight…it's the guy who's willing to die…is the one that's gonna win…I can't make you do it…you look at the guy whose standing next to you…

Rahul looked over at Abhi who stared back…

Coach: …look into his eyes…you'll see the guy who will go that extra inch with you…you will see that he's the one that will sacrifice himself for his team…because he knows…he knows that whatever happens…you're going to the same for him…that's a Team gentlemen…either we heal as a team…or we die as individuals…that's Football… that's all it is… - quietly looking around the room – now it's your turn…you decide…what are you going to do…

The players cheered all around the room, Rahul looked away from Abhi. He felt worst than he had before the speech, his mind flooded with thoughts of his family and friends, his life flashed before him. He knew what he had to do; he braved his self for the last half and decided to go out there and prove himself…it was now or never…

Armaan and Ridz had reached home hand in hand after their eventful day. Ridz opened the door and walked in to be pulled back on to Armaan as he shut the door and leaned against it. Ridz smiled shyly and looked down. He moved closer to her making her cheeks burn red trying to hide her smile. She couldn't take it any longer, pushing him away she ran into her room blushing furiously. Her room door slammed shut and Armaan punched the air with a huge grin, then calming down he walked towards the living room still smiling. He switched on the TV and decided to give her some time.

The screen came to live; Arsenal VS Liverpool. Armaan sat back on the sofa, feeling a little guilty for not going to the match, he knew it was the last thing that Ridz needed right now. As usual they received the tickets but he hid them before Ridz could lay eyes on them. He watched as Rahul took control of the ball, turning it around he headed for the other direction concentrating on his goal he didn't see the opposition heading straight for him. He barged into him purposely making him trip over his feet, falling onto the ground making another player stamp on his leg. A few players walked over to Rahul while Abhi made his way through the crowd and punched the opposition in the face. In less than a second a fight had broken out between the two teams.

Ridz walked into the room and stood transfixed as she witness the scene on the TV, Rahul was being pushed and kicked by other players as he tried to break it up. The pitch was now full of people and the crowd was going wild. The camera zoomed into the scene showing Rahul on the floor being trampled on by others, he winced in pain as a player fell onto his leg and a loud crack could be heard…

Ridz made an urgent phone call. They both rushed to the hospital and reached at the same time as the ambulance had pulled up. Rahul was placed onto a stretcher and was wheeled into the operation theater. Ridz took charge, quickly getting dressed she rushed into the O.T leaving Armaan behind.

Armaan stood motionless in the corridor as he watched the doors swing shut after his friends…

The speech by the coach has inspired me. It is from the film Any Given Sunday

Part 16

Two months had passed as Rahul rested in hospital. The incident had left him with a broken leg, nothing serious but his attending doctor made sure he stayed in the hospital until he was fully recovered, looking fit and fine as if nothing had happened. He had the regular visitors, his team mates and his best friend, bringing him some proper food and some treats as he never stopped complaining about the sick hospital food.

Ridz: Good Morning Mr. Garewal… - with a bright smile

Rahul: Hey…look who it is… - sitting up straight on the bed as she checked his chart – you took your time…

Ridz: Rahul…I've just come in…and you're the first patient I'm visiting…

Rahul: Well…thank you… - smiling

Ridz: So how are you feeling now? – examining his leg

Rahul: Ridz…I've been telling you that I'm fine since the past three weeks…but you still won't let me leave…I'd be much more happier and relaxed at home…I mean…I can't even watch TV here…I haven't had any practice…and I'm so bored! – a little annoyed

Ridz: I know…but here I'm not just your friend I'm your doctor…and I need to make sure that you're well before I let you leave…

Rahul: - laughed – You're really something aren't you…

Ridz: What? – looking down at him

Rahul: Every doctor in this hospital said I was fit to leave a month ago…but you're…

Ridz: Rahul…I'm your doctor and I know what's best for you… - angrily

Rahul: Ok…chill! – laughing

Ridz: Anyways…forget about it…I came to tell you…that you're going to be discharged tod…

Before she could end her sentence he sat up with a bright smile.

Rahul: - punching the air – YESSS!

He jumped off the bed, pulling her into a big bear hug he gave her a peck on the cheek making her blush furiously.

Rahul: Thank you…thank you…thank you! – spinning her around from her shoulders

Ridz: - smiling – Rahul… - looking around as everyone watched them

Rahul stopped and thanked her once again. Ridz took Rahul out of the ward, he got dressed into his normal clothes while she packed his stuff away into the bag. He came out of the changing room a few minutes later looking very happy and walked towards her.

Ridz: Rahul…can I say something…? – looking at him nervously

Rahul: Of course Ridz…do you need to ask? – smiling

Ridz stopped what she was doing and turned to look into his eyes.

Ridz: I…think…I think you should meet your parents – slowly

Rahul: What? – confused

Ridz: Rahul…it's been a very long time…so much has happened and they… - stopped - …I think you should go visit them…

Rahul was silent for a while then spoke up.

Rahul: Yeah…maybe you're right…

Ridz smiled at him.

Rahul: I'm going to go home…drop this stuff up, relax and then go…I'll see you later – giving her a quick hug

Ridz watched as he left and smiled to herself before getting back to work.

Rahul drove towards his parents' house feeling a little excited yet nervous. It had been a very long time since he had last seen them and the way he had walked out was completely wrong. He felt guilty now as he parked in the driveway. He got out of the car and looked up at the house, it seemed different somehow but he shrugged it off thinking he hadn't seen it in ages.

He walked towards the door hesitantly, putting his hand up to ring the bell but noticed the door was slightly open. He found it strange; yet again he shrugged it off and walked in to find the lounge crowded with some familiar faces and lots of unfamiliar ones. Now very confused he carried on into the house as all eyes were on him. He moved into the living room, his eyes instantly fell onto his mother who sat in one corner; she was being hugged by one of his relatives as her cheeks were stained with tears.

Rahul suddenly felt scared as goose bumps crept up his arms. He looked around the room for some sign of his father; he walked out of the room and made sure he searched every room until he came back to the living room. He stood in the door way looking confused, he had a slight inkling of what the problem might be but he ignored it. His mother looked up after some time, she got up and ran towards him, almost tripping on her way but he caught her just in time and from the look on her face the reality sunk in instantly. His dad had died.

Rahul: No mum… - whispering – it's….it's not true…he's right here…right…

His mother shook her head and burst into tears.

The mourners left late that evening. Rahul sat holding his mother in his arm all day until she had fallen asleep. He made her comfortable then walking out of the house slowly he got into his car and drove off. Not once did he cry, after everything that had happened he couldn't cry…

Ridz and Armaan were in the living room watching TV when the doorbell rang. They exchanged curious looks.

Armaan: I'll get it… - getting up

He walked out of the room and made his way towards the door wondering who it was. Armaan opened the door, seeing his best friend standing there looking dazed he looked on curiously. Rahul didn't say anything as he walked in like a zombie, he was lifeless. Ridz walked out into the hallway after sometime of silence.

Ridz: Armaan…who is it? – peering around the wall

Rahul carried on walking into the living room, making his way to the huge window looking out onto the city. He was now standing on the terrace with his two best friends standing by the glass door looking very confused by his behavior. They looked at each other shrugging their shoulders before walking towards him.

Ridz: Rahul…? - concerned she placed a hand on his shoulder

Slowly Rahul turned around and looked at Armaan and Ridz. Without any further words Rahul broke down, his body dropped onto Ridz and Armaan who supported him knowing that something terrible had happened. They all hugged each other as Rahul's tears rolled down from his eyes and stained his cheeks…

A few weeks later, the trio had decided to go clubbing to cheer up Rahul. He was almost over the shock and was coming to terms with the reality, he made sure he visited his mum everyday and even spent more time with her than with his team mates like he use to before. But he was now getting closer to Ridz, more than ever.

The club had really lightened his mood; he smiled sweetly as he stood in the middle of the dance floor holding Ridz very close. They swayed to the music as he remembered their relationship before, they were so close and they loved each other.

Rahul: She's so beautiful… - he thought - how could I forget…

Armaan stood by the bar looking over at Rahul and Ridz dancing; jealousy filled him instantly as he saw Rahul take hold of her waist. After all that had happened, he thought that Ridz would have moved on, he didn't think that she would hate him, that was not possible but after all the pain that he had put her through Armaan thought her feelings towards Rahul would've changed but unfortunately it wasn't like that.

Armaan: I guess…first love is always more stronger…it's always true love…they belong to each other…I'm nothing to her… - he placed his glass down and headed towards the exit

Through the corner of her eye Ridz saw Armaan walking out of the club. She suddenly felt very strange standing so close to Rahul, dropping her arms from his shoulder she broke the dance.

Ridz: I… - awkwardly – Umm…I'll be right back…

Rahul: - smiling – Sure…

Ridz turned around and walked off of the dance floor towards the exit where Armaan had just left from. Little did she know that Rahul was right behind her. She walked out of the crowded place and down the street, she knew exactly where she was going, she knew he would be there as she followed her heart towards her destination. After walking for sometime down the lonely streets she came to a stop, she had reached Canary Wharf square, she scanned the area noticing a dark figure standing by the river bank leaning against the railings watching the water pass by peacefully. She walked down the stairs and made her way towards him. Hearing the loud clip clop of her heels he turned around and came face to face with Ridz.

They stood there in silence staring at each other for several minutes, realizing what he was doing Armaan looked away and closed his eyes.

Armaan: Go back to Rahul Ridz… - straight forward

It pained him to say those four words but he knew that's what she wanted and he would do anything for her happiness. He slowly started to walk away, moving towards the other end. Ridz was now standing in the middle, Armaan walking away to the left and Rahul standing on the far right witnessing this small scene. Ridz stared after Armaan; her eyes welled up with tears, she turned away and saw Rahul standing at the other end. She closed her eyes in pain of not knowing what to do anymore.

Ridz was now stuck in between the two. Armaan had stopped at the foot of the stairs and turned back to look at her as Rahul walked down from the other side towards Ridz. She was losing slowly, images flashed in her mind as she thought back to how much she loved Rahul…to all those times Armaan was there for her…all their fun times together…the time Armaan had left her… the beginning of her relationship with Armaan…her closeness with Armaan…

Ridz: Armaan… - her mind was speaking for her as her lips were sealed and tears fell from her eyes – It's always been Armaan…he's never let you down…yes he left but he came back…he came back just for you Ridz…he came back when you needed him the most…wake up girl…you didn't care when Rahul left…but you were shattered when Armaan left you…he always cared about you… - she closed her eyes as her mind gave her the message from her heart – you can live without Rahul…but not Armaan…he's the one…

Armaan and Rahul were now watching her, Armaan stood at a distance while Rahul was next to her. She turned on her heel and walked towards Armaan who seemed shock and confused. She stopped right in front of him, tears falling rapidly from her eyes, he couldn't stand it anymore, he wiped her tears away and shook his head at her while the tears formed in his eyes. Without any other words she flung herself into his arms, he placed his arm around her and held on tight.

Ridz: You…you think… - sobbing – you'll tell me to go away…and…and I'll go…just…just like that? Huh? – thumping his chest

Armaan: - smiling into her hair with tears – I'm sorr…

Ridz: Don't you dare… - still holding onto him – don't you dare say sorry… - moving back a little

Rahul stood at a distance watching the couple with a small but sad smile on his face. Somewhere deep down in him, very deep down, he knew that Armaan loved her, they were best friends and nothing could be hidden from each other. But Rahul always wanted to win; he would win in sports, win in games, win in bets and even win in girls. But now he understood, winning isn't everything, it never was…he had won many things in life but after losing the most important person in his life he had realised that you couldn't always win. You win some…you lose some…and he was ready to lose the love of his life for his two best friends. Stardom had really changed his life, but after losing his dad he knew that's not what he wanted, he would carry on with football but he promised himself never to forget his friends or forget his family…the two most important things in his life.

He consoled his heart by thinking that he would find another girl but would never find two best friends like Armaan and Ridz, they were always there for him, no matter what happened and he didn't want to lose them again. He smiled as he started walking towards to the sweet couple who were still in a tight embrace, tears still in their eyes and each making promises to each other. He knew they were always meant to be and he secretly admitted to himself that they looked cuter than himself and Ridz. As he approached them the moved slightly apart, they all had watery smiles. Rahul hugged both of them and they stood for a few moments in a group hug, words weren't necessary at this point.

Ridz: - breaking away from them slowly – I hate you too… - sobbing – I hate you… - looking from Armaan to Rahul and back – I've always…always been there for both of you…always…whenever you needed me…but you two… - angrily – you both left me…and…you…

Rahul and Armaan exchanged looks then looked down at the ground like two little kids being told off by the principle. They looked up at her slowly with cheeky smiles appearing on their lips, Armaan's dimple dented his cheek slightly. She glared at them angrily and they both held their ears and mouthed sorry to her very sweetly making her anger vanish and smiling sadly she came towards them.

Armaan: We're really sorry Ridz… - holding his ears again

Rahul: We promise never to leave you again…

Armaan: I promise to always be by your side…and never leave… - taking one step closer to her

Rahul: I promise never to give you any pain or trouble again… - moving forward

Armaan: I promise… - while stepping up to her

Ridz: Ok…ok that's enough – holding her hand up for them to stop

They both smiled and waited for her to carry on.

Ridz: Don't make any more promises that you know you can't fulfill…

All three of them burst out laughing. Ridz calmed down and linked her arms onto both of her best friends as they made their way back home. They had walked a bit cracking jokes and laughing out loud like old times; things felt normal already. They were disrupted by the ring tone on Rahul's phone.

Rahul stopped and looked at the phone quizzically. He unlinked his arm from Ridz and answered the phone. Armaan held onto Ridz's hand giving it a little squeeze making her feel all warm inside. They both exchanged sweet smiles then looked back at Rahul who had moved away from them slightly, he had turned to look at them before replaying into the phone. A few moments later he hung up and walked back to his friends.

Armaan: Everything ok? – concerned

Rahul: Umm…yeah!

Ridz: What was that about? Who was it?

Rahul: - scratching the back of his head and looking at her – The manager of the England team…

Armaan: Woah!! You serious? Was it him…in person or his secretary? – excited

Rahul: It was him…in person – laughing at Armaan's reaction

Armaan: What did he want??

Rahul: - looking from Armaan to Ridz and back – He wants me to play for England… - slowly – but I rejected the offer…

Armaan: What???? Are you CRAZY??? – shocked

Rahul was confused; he thought he had made the right decision by refusing to accept the offer. What if the stardom got to his head again, what if he messed up…what if?

Ridz: Rahul – walking towards him with Armaan, she placed her hand on top of Rahul's and Armaan's on top of hers – this is your Dream…this is all you've ever wanted…and it's right here…right in front of you…all you need to do is accept…like I have… - looking at Armaan

Rahul: - smiling at his two best friends – England here I come…

Armaan and Ridz smiled at him.

All three: To our London Dreams… - throwing their hands up in the air…

They linked their arms into each other and carried on walking into the night….

Well guys n gals...this is it...sorry for the sudden end but i had no choice...thnx to all the readers for ur support n also thnx to the silent readers...plz do comment and feel free to criticise...hopefully i will b bac with another story soon...thnx again...luv u all!

Fizz xxx

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Miracle_sweet Goldie

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Posted: 11 March 2010 at 10:47am | IP Logged

LOVED THE WHOLE FF TO BIT'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did you end it???????? I love reading this ff!!!!!!!
But loved how ar got together and rids realised she loves him!!!!!
Awwwww i really feel sad for rahul, he had to learn the hard way by losing his dad!!!!!!!!!!!
Plz if you can, can you plz write an epilogue!!!!!!
felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 March 2010 at 11:45am | IP Logged
loved the ending
thank god rahul came to his senses and went back to his friends
arshluver_15 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2010 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
that were gr8 parts
loved it very much....
loved the way you have ended the story...
i hope u r writing epilouge for this FF
thnaks for the pm
HeAvEnS Goldie

Joined: 01 October 2007
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Posted: 11 March 2010 at 2:41pm | IP Logged

le le ...bas chal bhi ghatam kar diya....

koi nahi ...dusra toh hai
voh pardkar hi time nikaloo gi...until you come back ...
From your 5 WEEK longgg Break...
man ..finally
..Armaan My boy ..i am so proud of you...really loved armaan's itt.... so willing to let his friends happy....
man i was shocked that what taking care if her she still needed time to thinnk whom to go......
well loved the confeesion...awww so cute... and finally rahul got some sense in his senseless brain...
loved it..well their dreams came true.....
dhruvikaluvsKSG IF-Dazzler

Joined: 21 December 2009
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Posted: 11 March 2010 at 2:47pm | IP Logged
heyy dear
loved ur ff a lot
n last parts were awesome
 n the way they support eachother too
loved it
n thx for pm
luv dhruvika
Robin_M IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2010 at 10:29pm | IP Logged
perfect ending! i really enjoyed reading this ff! so happy ridz chose armaan and all 3 friends are together for ever and reached their london dream :D

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