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Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 07 March 2010 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kashndsel4eva

hope armaan comes back
con soon

thnx for the comment
u'll hve to wait n see if armaan comes bac
gona update 2morow

Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 07 March 2010 at 2:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kweetrockstar

Armaan, hats off guy,

i just cant bear his pain anymore,

i hope Ridz raliss her lov for him, but not the hard way,

Riddhima, wake up girl, Rahul is not the one for u,

loved it

thanks for the pm

awww sry to make u guys sad...
but yeh hats off 2 armaan
hehe yep wake up ridz!! lol will update 2morow!
Rachu_1987 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 March 2010 at 4:40pm | IP Logged
ok i started reading this cuz i was bored....but i cudnt hw uve potrayed the characters....n love armi-rahul-ridz armis leaving...its a shame, hes making a sacrifice like him so much!!! will b waiting 4 next part....plz PM me when its done
Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 08 March 2010 at 1:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rachu_1987

ok i started reading this cuz i was bored....but i cudnt hw uve potrayed the characters....n love armi-rahul-ridz armis leaving...its a shame, hes making a sacrifice like him so much!!! will b waiting 4 next part....plz PM me when its done

hey lol...glad to hear tht ur interested in this FF
will b updatin v. soon
Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 08 March 2010 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
hey guys im back with 2 new parts...enjoy!

* Rahul embarrasses Abhi at the party
* Ridz out on the terrace feeling really weird
* Rahul and Ridz spend some time together
* Armaan witness this and feels jealous
* He breaks the news that he's got to go back home to his mum
* Ridz is shattered and breaks down
* She tells him to leave without speaking to him

Part 13

Emirates Stadium; home of Arsenal Football Team. All the players paced around the changing room getting changed, talking out loud discussing their strategies, excitement building up in each player.

Rahul sat on one of the benches a little away from the crowd tying his shoe laces and smiling silently to himself. A minute later he looked down proudly at his arm band which represented him as the captain of this match. He couldn't wait to get out there and show everyone what he really was and to make the manager know that he had made the right decision of making him captain of today's match. The former captain, Abhimanu Modhi, was banned from playing in this game as he had received a red card in the previous match. So the arm band went to the next best player in the team, Rahul…otherwise known as Raol to his fans.

Coach: Right everyone listens up…you all know what needs to be done…so less chit chat…let's make this work…

They all cheer. The manager looks over at Raol to say something.

Raol: We can do this...ok... – nervous - Let's just try our best…no pressure – they all laugh – Good Luck…let's go…

They all follow Rahul and the Coach out of the changing rooms towards the pitch. Rahul led the way after the goalkeeper and they went out onto the pitch with their little "miny me" they like to call the little kids who comes out onto the pitch with them.

Both teams sang their anthems while staring out at the audience who surrounded them. A few moments later they greeted each other and took their places on the field waiting for the first whistle to blow.

Then the match started up a few seconds later. Ridz watched proudly as her best friend run around the pitch kicking a ball with full concentration and shouting from one player to another. She had one of the best seats in the stands, as always Rahul gave her VIP tickets and she never missed any of his matches, even if she had a surgery the very next day she would make sure she came to watch his match. But she knew this was one of the most important matches for him, this was the first time he had been given the chance to be the Captain.

It was thirty-nine minutes into the game when Rahul got control of the ball once again; he kicked it to a team mate who dribbled it down the pitch before kicking it back to him. He went for a header which sent the ball flying into the air right into the top left hand corner of the goal. The crowd erupted in a loud cheer as Rahul paraded the pitch with his team trailing after him jumping on his back. Before the game could carry on the whistle blew for half time leaving the score at 1-0 to Arsenal.

The changing room was filled with cheers from the players, they all congratulated Rahul for his last minute goal as the coach entered.

Coach: Great play everyone…great goal Raol! – clapping him on his back – but don't be too easy in the next half…we need to do even better…we need to win this…take some rest for a few minutes and let's get back in the game…this one is ours!

They all cheered once again as he left…

Back in the stands Ridz had decided to get a drink. She had been so excited to see Rahul's goal she jumped out of her seat and screamed his name at the top of her voice. She waited in the queue for ages then made her way back into her seat just in time to see the players making their way back onto the pitch. She felt the crowd erupt as

Rahul came out on the pitch and paraded again.

Ridz: - smiling to herself - Show off!!

The game started once again and everything seemed to be moving so fast the ball was kicked from one side to another. Then within 10 minutes of the game the other team scored making the score 1-1.

Ridz started booing along with the other Arsenal fans.

The game carried on the ball was passed from one player to another and then finally Rahul had a lead with the ball. He dribbled it down the pitch dodging the other players until a member from the other team barged in to him making him fall over and owing him a penalty.

Ridz heart beat rose as she stood up and watched Rahul; the stadium was silent as Rahul stood at his designated spot ready to shoot.
Rahul could feel his heart beating loudly, he took a step forward and ran towards the ball, and raising his foot he touched the ball with full speed kicking it straight at the goal. The goal keeper flew left trying to save the ball but missed as it went above his head and hit the net making the score 2-1. The game lasted another five minutes then the whistle blew making Arsenal the winners.

Ridz left her seat as soon as the match had finished, but the crowd was too much it had taken her forever to reach the gates. When she did she was just in time to see Rahul and his team walking out of the stadium. The crowd was going wild as Rahul and his team made their way to the coach being surrounded by security guards. Ridz tried to push her way through the crowds to meet Rahul but the crowd was too much she decided she'll meet him later as she watched him disappear into the coach.

She sighed, turning around and walking in the other direction she put her hands in her pocket when she felt something in there. She put her hand around it and pulled it out; a small smile appeared on her lips as she stood looking at the invitation card for the after party. Rahul had given it to her along with the VIP ticket for the game. She decided to go home and get dressed for the party; looking forward to meeting Rahul…finally.

Ridz entered the crowded venue of Arsenal's after party. She moved into the hall full of celebrities which left Ridz totally star struck. After wandering around for a while she spotted Rahul standing a few feet away looking dashing as ever. He was surrounded by his team mates and some friends who were celebrating.

She stood there watching him celebrate his victory and didn't realise when she drifted into dream land about the love of her life. She was brought back to reality a few moments later when she saw a finger click in front of her eyes. She blinked a few times and smiled as she saw Rahul standing in front of her.

Rahul: Hey Ridz!!! – hugging her

Ridz: Hey… - smiling widely

Rahul: Did you see the match today? - excited

Ridz: Obviously Rahul…I never miss your matches you know that…

Rahul: I know… - interrupted

Rahul turned around at the sound of his name. His team mates were calling him over as they were about to start a game.

Rahul: Coming… - turning back to Ridz - I have to go but I'll catch you later ok…

Ridz: Yeah ok…have fun – as Rahul turned his back and walked back to his mates – bye - silently

Ridz wandered around a bit more, she noticed that the excitement had worn off and before she knew it she was bored and felt really lonely. She decided to leave the party and go home, it wasn't that late but she'd rather be at home.

Half an hour late Ridz walked into the apartment. She walked into the living room and flopped herself down on the sofa. Her eyes dropped onto the stack of books on the coffee table. She sighed as she remembered that she had a major case tomorrow and she was supposed to be revising for it but she couldn't miss Rahul's game for anything.

She got up and went into her room to get dressed into something comfortable then grabbing a coffee she settled back down on the living room sofa and started studying her case.

After a few minutes of reading the first paragraph her mind began to wander. She thought back to the times she spent with her best friends, in the same room while she studied for her first case.


Armaan: Chill Ridz…

Rahul: Yeah…why are you getting so worked up?

Ridz: Oh I dunno… - sarcastically with a funny accent – like I haven't mentioned before…I am doing my very first major surgery tomorrow…! – her pressure raising slightly

Armaan: Look Ridz…it's going to be ok…just relax…you are the best doctor we know… - smiling at her

Ridz: You mean the only doctor you know…

Rahul laughed and Armaan smacked him across the head

Rahul: - pulling his ear - Sorry!!

Ridz: Right let me think about what I have to do tomorrow… - going back to her books

Armaan: Come on Ridz…you already know it all…

Rahul: Yeah you've been through it so many times even I don't think I'll be able to forget it…

Armaan was about to hit Rahul but suddenly stopped.

Armaan: He's got a point… - laughing

Rahul: Yeah…I think we know almost all of it we can do the operation…what say Armaan?

Armaan nod his head and Ridz burst out laughing making both guys stare at her weirdly.

Rahul: I think she's finally lost it… - to Armaan

Ridz: Oh Rahul… - flinging her arms around him – You're so funny…

Armaan stared at the pair of them.

Rahul: Wow…I actually made you laugh…now that's a miracle… - hitting his head with hers

Ridz: - slapped his arm and pulled his cheeks - Sooo cute!

Ridz jerked out of her memory and her eyes filled up tears and she let them flow down her cheeks. She had cried herself to sleep and woke up the next morning surrounded by her books. She sighed, getting up she collected herself got ready to go to the hospital.

That evening she got out of the taxi and dragged herself into the building and towards the lift. Her mind was fixed on her new case which she found a bit challenging.

She finally reached her floor and made her way towards her apartment. As she walked out of the lift she had felt a little odd, something was weird but she ignored the feeling and carried on. She opened the front door, feeling strange, the lights were all on, the place was warm and she could smell food being cooked. She walked in, dropped her bag on the floor, put her coat on the rack and carried on into the kitchen to find a tall man with a chef's hat on…

Ridz: Armaan - whispered

Armaan turned around with a wide dimpled smile on his face.

Armaan: I'm home!! – grinning at her

Ridz ran towards him and gave him a big hug.

Part 14

6 months later…

Ridz and Armaan stood outside a white mansion staring at its huge black gates and the green grass behind it. They faced it in awe thinking that only the richest footballer could own it.

Ridz: Do you think he's in? – anxiously

Armaan: Let's check…

Armaan walked up to the gates and rung the bell waiting to hear an answer on the receiver. He turned back and smiled at Ridz to assure her that everything's going to be ok. She smiled meekly and watched him as he turned back and rung the bell once more. There was no answer. After the fifth ring he turned back to look at Ridz who looked extremely upset.

It had been six months since they had last met. There last meeting was at Rahul's first match as captain. Ridz would call him occasionally but was only received by his voice mail. But she made sure she never missed any of his matches.

Armaan: - smiling – Umm…he must be busy…you know these footballers – walking back to her

Ridz: - trying to smile – Yeah…he must be busy

Armaan: We'll come back later

Ridz: Yeah sure…

They turned around and began to walk down the street, each taking turns to look back at the house with a little hope.

Armaan: - thinking - Where are you man?

Match – Arsenal Vs Chelsea (2 weeks later)

Ridz sat in her usual spot in the stands. She looked back a few times in search of Armaan. Suddenly there was a loud cheer from the crowd making Ridz turn around to look at the pitch, she watched as the players came back on to the pitch after their half time break. She spotted Rahul as he took his place on the pitch and waved at the crowd making her smile at him.

Armaan: - struggling - A little help here?

Ridz looked up as Armaan came struggling down the steps towards her carrying cans of drinks and some snacks. She laughed as he almost dropped the packet of crisp onto a big guy who was sitting a row ahead. Ridz quickly took the cans from him and helped him to sit down.

Armaan: Thanks…

Ridz: You're welcome… - smiling

Armaan looked down on to the pitch scanning his eyes to find his best friend. He'd been to many of his matches and watched him play but the excitement and proud feeling never seemed to fade away. After all these years of dreaming to be a footballer Armaan still couldn't believe that it had happened…his best friend was the most popular footballer.

He watched as Rahul passed the ball from player to player and scored a goal, his smile widened and he thought back to the night he came back…


Ridz: Yummy! That was so nice Armaan…I really missed your cooking…

Armaan: Thank you… - bowing down dramatically - As always…I was the best cook

Ridz: Hey no fair…I was good

Armaan: Yeah and Rahul was… - thinking of the right word but failed

Ridz: …Pizza Hut – finishing his sentence

They both burst out laughing. When they finally calmed down they looked at each other silently.

Armaan: Why did he leave? – slowly

Ridz: It was quite sudden actually…

Armaan lowered his eyes, he felt guilty, after everything that happened he had decided to leave thinking that he would be able to move away from their life so that they could be happy together. But he never thought that Rahul would leave her.

Ridz: One day I came home from the hospital – slowly started the conversation – You know the usual, stressed about some case, tired just wanted a warm meal…but when I…

Armaan: Take your time… – softly

Ridz: When I came home…there were boxes all over the place…all of his friends were here…

Armaan: Oh… - waiting for her to carry on

Ridz: He looked really happy with them…messing around while they packed his stuff…he didn't even notice me until his friends started moving all of the boxes out of the apartment...

Armaan couldn't believe his ears. Rahul wasn't like that, what had happened to him.

Ridz: But it's not his fault… - looking up - I mean you know…he needed his own place…how could the most popular footballer live in a small apartment like this…but it's not like we would of lived in here our whole lives…I mean one day or the other we had to leave right… - looking into his eyes

Armaan felt really sorry for Ridz being left here all on her own. How must she have stayed for so long on her own?

Ridz: When he left…he did seem very upset…like he didn't want to leave – lying to herself

Armaan: We did have some great times in here…

Ridz: The best…

They looked at each other and smiled…

*End of Flashback*

Ridz: YAAAYYY!!!! WE WON ARMAAN… - jumping up and screaming with the rest of the crowd

Armaan shook his head and got rid of the flashback, and then smiling to himself he looked down onto the pitch and saw all of the Arsenal players running around the pitch hugging each other and cheering. Armaan started cheering along with the rest of the crowd.

Armaan: - to himself - No matter what he is…or who he becomes he's still my best friend…

Armaan and Ridz push their way out of the stadium and towards the tube station. They knew they wouldn't be able to see Rahul here so they decided to go home to change for the after party.

An hour later Armaan and Ridz entered the crowded party. As usual they stood around waiting for a glimpse of the famous "Raol". This was the only place where they could meet up, even if it was just for a few minutes but it was worth it. They got themselves a drink as they waited for Rahul.

An hour later Armaan spotted him as he walked in to the venue, he nudged Ridz in the side and they both watched as he entered and everyone congratulated him for his two goals. Their smiles widened as they watched him walking towards them. However, he walked right past them with a huge grin on his face; they both turned to see where he was heading but got a shock as he walked towards a lady who looked like a famous model and hugged her.

Armaan felt angered but decided to hide his feelings. He turned towards Ridz who was looking towards the door and seemed really hurt.

Armaan: Umm…Ridz shall we…

Ridz: Yeah…let's go…

They left without looking back at their friend.

Over the next few days life was back to normal for Ridz and Armaan. Ridz was as usually back to her cases and Armaan had decided to visit his work place. He caught up with Nikki who persuaded him to carry on painting. It was quite good as he use to finish all his painting before Ridz got home and he made sure that he was able to spend some time with her. He loved spending time with her; they would go out for midnight strolls in the city, dine at their favorite restaurants, chill at the cinema and spent almost all their free time together. They both missed Rahul occasionally but was slowly moving on with reality and enjoying their new life together.

They had just been to the cinema to watch the latest comedy film and had come home laughing as they recalled scenes from the film. They had brought take away on their way home; Ridz went into the kitchen to grab some glasses while Armaan took the boxes into the living room. He switched on the television just as Ridz came in with her hands full.

Armaan walked over and took the stuff from her but they both froze as they heard the news reader's voice. They turned around to look closely at the screen…

News Reader: Famous footballer Raol was seen at the after party of the Arsenal Vs Chelsea game with Britain's biggest model Anjali Sharma…the couple has been rumored to be dating a while back but the couple has finally confirmed the news that they are dating to the media…

Ridz stared in shock at the television screen as the pictures flash on the screen. Rahul had his arm the lady who she had seen at the after party, both looking very snug. The pictures kept flashing one after the next as Ridz walked closer to the sofa, her eyes still glued to them.

Armaan watched as Ridz sat down on the couch slowly. He placed the glasses onto the table and switched of the TV. He always knew that Ridz was in love with Rahul but he thought this separation had changed her feelings, but he was wrong, now she was heartbroken.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she carried on staring at the blank television screen. Armaan sat down and put his arms around her shoulder. The tears fell from her eyes and soaked into his shirt. She slowly buried her head into his chest letting him hug her closely letting her cry her heart out.   

Well guys thts it for today...please do comment n criticise as u want!

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Zaynoo2320 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2010 at 2:18pm | IP Logged
Loved both updates! I'm so pissed off at Rahul! I hope Ridz gets over him soon! Armaan's entry was adorable! I'm so glad he's back and supporting Ridz, I hope Ridz realizes her love for him soon! Good job, and I hope you update real soon!
kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2010 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
so as expected, Rahul's gone for the good, i am glad to get rid of him, hated him anyways,
feel sorry for poor Ridz, but am glad Armaan is back, the cutest cool dude, love Armaan,
i just hope Rahul doesnt makes an entry again, like an angel who sacrificed his love for his best frnd-Armaan
the parts were awesome
thanks for the pm
Miracle_sweet Goldie

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Posted: 08 March 2010 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
i mean ok armaan also left them, but he left them so ridz and rahul could stay happy!!!!!!!!!!!
Rahuls is just soooooo selfish!!!!
Armaan and ridhimaa never miss any of his matches and in return what did rahul do avoid them!!!!!!
I fell really sorry and sad for ridz and even more sad for armaan, because armaan has always gotten his heart broken and yet again when he found out that ridz still loves armaan!!!!
Plz cont sooooooooon yaar
luv ya

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