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Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 30 October 2009 at 2:22pm | IP Logged

A story of three best friends and how they struggle to achieve their dreams...
Here is the link of our Fanfic trailer
The charaters will unfold during the story, therefore there will be no character sketch!

She walked through the busy streets of London holding on to her books in her right hand and clutching the bag on her shoulder. She shivered slightly as she waited at the crossing for the green man to come on. It blinked and she quickly ran across the road towards one of the modern buildings in Canary Wharf, her home.


She let out a final breathe of cold air before walking into the warm building. Her feet carrying her automatically towards the lift just like her everyday routine. Even though today was a little different, she always had someone or the other with her but today she was on her own, it had been her first day at medical school. It went well and she was pleased even though they were on her mind all day. The lift arrived and she entered with a smile on her face. She pressed the number 12 button on the board and waited patiently for the doors to close thinking about those two kids upstairs.


Ridz: - thinking – Hmm…I wonder what they're up to…


Her smile widened as she walked out of the lift, making her way to her apartment she searched through her bag for the keys. She finally found them opening the door quickly as the books in her hand was about to fall she dumped them on the nearest shelf. Suddenly a loud cheer erupted from down the hall, she rolled her eyes as she took off her coat and hung it on the rack.


As she walked towards the living room her eyes drifted into the kitchen where she sees a total mess of food, crisp packets, empty drink bottles lying around the counters and pots and pans on the cooker and in the sink where she guessed they had tried to make food.


She could feel her blood pressure rising as she stomped through the kitchen and into the living room to witness two grown men playing Mario Kart on the Nintendo Wii which they had bought for her as a birthday present a few days ago.


She stood there, tying her hair up with a clip then placing her hands on her hips fuming, waiting for someone to notice her.


Armaan was the first to notice her reflection in the TV and instantly dropped the remote giving Rahul a chance to cheer as he was the winner once again.


Armaan glanced back into the TV almost rubbing his eyes to make sure he wasn't seeing things and saw Riddhima nearing boiling point. He nudged Rahul in the ribs trying to get his attention.


Rahul: What yaar? – turning from the TV to Armaan


From the look on Armaan's face Rahul understood what was so frightening and he took a big gulp. They both turned slowly to see Riddhima staring at them with the scariest look ever.


Rahul: Wow if looks good kill… - he whispered to Armaan


Riddhima heard him and grabbed the nearest thing which happened to be a broom and chased after both of them who jumped up and started running away from her. This was their normal scene when the flat was left in a mess but anyone who had walked in would think they were watching the reality version of Tom and Jerry. Riddhima caught Armaan by the collar of his shirt, pulled him back and started to hit his arm. Rahul caught her around the middle, she instantly let go of Armaan and yelped as Rahul spun her around, he accidently hit his leg onto the coffee table and fell back banging his head against a wooden frame.


Rahul: Ouch – letting go of her and holding onto the back of his head


Riddhima: Rahul… - getting up quickly - Are you ok? Where does it hurt? – examining his head


Rahul: Here… - pointing at the back of head and winced in pain


Riddhima ran to get an ice pack from the fridge then came back to Rahul; she sat on the floor and took his head into her lap placing the ice pack against it. She was too busy being worried about Rahul that she didn't see him wink at Armaan who stood there leaning against the wall watching them and rolling his eyes at Rahul with a smile playing on his lips. He slowly sat down on the couch and watched as Riddhima took care of Rahul. How he wish he was in Rahul's position right now, he really envied Rahul, he sometimes wished Ridz would care for him like that but for her it was always Rahul that came first.   


After some time Riddhima got up from the ground realizing that Rahul was taking advantage, she smacked him hard on his arm and moved away. She made the two of them clean the living room and the kitchen while she sat back on the sofa and ordered them around.


Armaan tended to the kitchen while Rahul got the Hoover out and cleaned up the living room. As Rahul walked pass Armaan he sighed…


Rahul: Lucky she doesn't go into our room… - smirking


Armaan laughed and agreed. When they finished they both sat down on either side of Ridz on the sofa who got up instantly and did a quick inspection making sure the place was exactly like how she had left it in the morning.


Ridz: Wow finally this place actually looks decent… - settling down in between the two


Rahul: Yeah well done yaar… - giving Armaan a HI5 above Ridz's head


Armaan: So how was your first day? – turning to Ridz


Rahul: I bet you missed us…because you actually managed to get to class on time today…


They all laughed.


Ridz: It was very good…learnt loads


Rahul: What? On the first day? - surprised


Ridz: Yup…didn't have you guys to distract me… - smiling - I liked it actually…and I made a new friend…


Armaan: Ooohh…she made a "new friend"… - teasing


Ridz: Shut up Armaan - slapping him


Rahul: SO who is this "new friend" you're going to leave us for? -pretending to be heartbroken


Ridz: Very funny…I'm not going anywhere and his name is Atul…


Armaan: Ooohh a guy…!


Rahul: Wow! Now I'm actually hurt – holding onto his chest – OUCH


Ridz laughed at his silliness and the others joined in.


Ridz: Whatever… - she got up and went into the kitchen to make dinner


The guys asked her more question about medical school and how it was going. When dinner was ready they settled back down to eat dinner at the table which was right next to the kitchen. Slowly the conversation changed from Ridz to the guys.


Ridz: So…have you guys found any interesting jobs yet? – after taking a sip of juice from her glass


Armaan: Nah not yet…


Rahul: Yeah…we tried, but no one wants us - lied


Ridz: Yeah I'm sure someone would hire two guys who sit around munching and play video games all day...


Armaan: Its Nintendo Wii…get it right – making a face at her


Ridz: Which you guys got for ME on MY birthday…


Rahul: Yeh but you don't have time so we play for you…


Ridz: - sarcastically - Oh how nice of you…


Armaan: We will try…seriously – placing a spoonful of rice into his mouth


Ridz: Why don't you try something with design or art or something you're really good at…? I thought that's what you dreamed of…


Armaan: That was just for fun…nothing serious


Ridz: So make into a career init…you're really great at it…


Armaan: I don't know…


Rahul: What about me?


Ridz: Hmm what are you good at? – quizzically


Rahul: Ummm – scratching his head


Armaan: Ummm - mocking


Ridz: Ummm – joined in


Armaan and Ridz looked at each other and burst out laughing.


Rahul: Haha Funny! – sarcastically – I'm good at football!! And that's my dream…


Armaan: And it'll stay as a dream…


Ridz: Or not…


Hope you like it tell us what you think!

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vruls Senior Member

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Posted: 30 October 2009 at 2:38pm | IP Logged
hey loved the intro it great
n all of them r bff
so its even better
pls continue soon
n dont forget me in ur pm list
LoVe Sanam
bradford3 Senior Member

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Posted: 30 October 2009 at 4:24pm | IP Logged
plz continue soon
Blushhhh Senior Member

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Posted: 02 November 2009 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
hey beautiful intro,
really do cnt with it.
wud luv to read.
the bonding u have shown btwn arr is really wonderful and also diddicult to find.
really liked it.
do pm me wen u update.
Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 07 November 2009 at 9:13am | IP Logged

Part 2


A few months later'


Ridz sat in her room working on one of her assignments which was due the very next day. She had finally finished reading up on the last chapter and closed the book sighing to herself. She got up and walked out of the room to the kitchen where she put on the kettle. While waiting for it to heat up she found a packet of her favorite rich tea biscuits. She had learned that they were a great source of energy and she would make sure she had them every time she sat down to study.


Ridz made herself a cup of tea and walked back to her room with the biscuits. She placed them on the table and walked over to the window, sipped her coffee as she looked out, it was raining heavily, it was beautiful and she loved it. She glanced around until her eyes landed on two miniature figures running around in the grass area at the back of the building playing football. She shook her head and smiled as she watched Rahul score a goal and ran around like a maniac while Armaan kicked the ground hard. Rahul'


She smiled even when saying his name in her mind. She always thought he was very cute, a bit immature and sometimes a clown but over these 8 years of knowing him she realized her feelings for him but she didn't dare mentioning it to him or anyone else'she wouldn't do anything to risk their friendship. Riddhima had known Rahul and Armaan since secondary school; they were best friends, always together, never seen apart. They were her only family and when school was finished they had decided that they would move in together, even though each of their dreams were different and they all wanted different things in life they knew they had to stick together, no matter what. She looked back down again to see Rahul score a goal once again and Armaan had given up and dropped down to the muddy floor.


Ridz: When will they learn? ' she smiled


Ridz sighed and went back to her work. She took another bite of her biscuit, cleared the table and began typing up her assignment.

An hour later she closed her books, took off her glasses and turned off her laptop. She stood up and stretched her arms but almost jumped out of her skin as she heard the front door slam shut.


She walked out of her room and into the hall to see two guys fully covered in muck and drench from the rain. She didn't need to say anything; they completely understood and took their smelly, dirty trainers off right by the door and onto the shoe rack so it didn't mess up the clean cream rug.


Ridz: Wow'you two look great ' sarcastically


Rahul: Really? Aww thanks - smiling


Rahul quickly ran to her and picked her up covering her in mud so fast she didn't have time to react. He put her down the minute she started hitting him. Armaan walked away'


Rahul: And'now we look alike' - placing his hand through his hair and wiping his face with a cute grin 


Ridz: Arrghh'I hate you' - fuming


She went back into her room slamming the door behind her. She went into the bathroom to wash off.


Rahul: Love you too' - yelled after her with a big grin


Armaan quickly ran past Rahul and locked himself in the other bathroom. Rahul was left dumbstruck, how could he have missed this one.


Rahul: Hey man that's not fair' - banging on the bathroom


Armaan: First come first serve haha ' from inside


Half an hour later Armaan walked out of the bathroom looking nice and fresh.


Rahul: Took your time' - sulking


Armaan: Hmm ' grinning from ear to ear


It wasn't every day he won this battle. Rahul hurried pass into the bathroom. At the same time Ridz walked out of her room and into the living room. As she entered Armaan looked up and smiled, her hair was wet and she wore a pink vest top, her fave grey tracks and matching hoodie and Armaan could not take his eyes off of her, she looked so beautiful.


Ridz walked up to Armaan and stood before him clicking her fingers in front of his face.


Armaan: Huh? What?? ' blinking twice his vision came back into focus and he slightly blushed


Ridz: What wrong with you? ' laughing ' C'mon'it's your turn to make dinner


Armaan: Oh yeah'


He went off into the kitchen; Ridz watched him go then smiled as a slightly evil plan came into her mind.


Ridz: Time for a little pay back'


She silently tiptoed to the bathroom door. She grinned like a mischievous 5 year old that was ready to play a big prank on someone. She locked the bathroom from outside and went back into the living room with a satisfied smile on her face. She sat down on the sofa and started flipping through the magazine. A few minute later a steaming mug of coffee was placed in front of her face. She looked up to see Armaan holding out the mug to her with a big smile.


Ridz: Thanks' - holding her hand out for the mug


He was just about to place it in her hand when they heard a loud scream coming from the bathroom.


Rahul: HEY GUYS! THIS ISN'T FUNNY'GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! ' banging on the door


Armaan looked alarmed but then he saw Ridz laughing and he started laughing too.


Armaan: Well'I should've guessed


Ridz: Pay back! ' grinning wickedly


Armaan: I'll get him out'


Ridz: No'no - holding his arm - Let him stay in there for a while'


Rahul carried on shouting and banging on the door. A few minutes later Ridz got up and went to the door. She leaned against it and laughed.


Rahul: IT'S NOT FUNNY RIDZ!! - angrily


Ridz: OK I'll let you out'on one condition'


Rahul: WHAT?? - irritated


Ridz: Just say I'm the best?


Rahul: I know I am' - grinned


Ridz: Really'then I guess you can stay in there'


Rahul: No'no! You are'happy? Now let me out'


Ridz: Say'Ridz you're the best'


Rahul: Ok'ok'Ridz You're The Best'


Ridz: Better' - grinning widely


She unlocked the door and ran quickly towards the living room before Rahul could get out. He heard the lock click and roughly opened the door running after her. He entered the living room to find her hiding behind Armaan.


She peeked out from behind Armaan's broad shoulders and saw Rahul grabbing the nearest cushion and threw it at her but Armaan caught it just in time. Ridz picked up another cushion, now all three of them had cushions in their hands ready to have the biggest pillow fight ever.

In less than a few second the place was covered in fluff, all three of them lay around on the sofas in fits of laughter. They stayed like that for a while, each of them panting trying to recover. Ridz was the first; she got up ruffling her hair to get the fluff out then fixed her clothes.


Ridz: Come on guys'lets tidy up ' picking up the cushions and setting them back on the sofas


Rahul helped Ridz to tidy up while Armaan went into the kitchen to ready dinner. When they were done they all sat around the table eating the delicious dinner made by Armaan. They ate silently until

Ridz bought up her usual subject making Rahul and Armaan both roll their eyes at each other.


Ridz: Come on guys'you can't always depend on your parent's money'


Rahul: Drop it Ridz'I'm not in the mood'


Ridz: Rahul it's not only about the money'think about your future'


Armaan: Ridz'there's still plenty of time for our future'we just want to have some fun'we're still young'


Ridz: Armaan'you can have fun'working doesn't mean your life stops'you can work as well as have fun'just like me'


Armaan: Yeah'I guess'


Ridz: Rahul? ' looking over at him who stayed away from the topic


Rahul: I don't want a job alright' - angrily he got up and went into his room


Ridz stared after him in shock; he had never acted like this before.

She looked over at Armaan for some explanation.


Armaan: - looked closely at her - His dad stopped giving him money'he wants him to get a job as well'


Armaan watch her as she turned back to her food and sighed.

Sorry for late upload

Hope you like it

tell us what you think

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vruls Senior Member

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Posted: 07 November 2009 at 10:09am | IP Logged
hey nice part
but i already comented about it on ac
Love Sanam
Blushhhh Senior Member

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Posted: 07 November 2009 at 11:25am | IP Logged
cool part.thanz for the pm.update asap.
Cool Chick 91 Groupbie
Cool Chick 91
Cool Chick 91

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Posted: 14 November 2009 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

Part 3 - 1 year later


One year had passed brightly. Riddhima had finally settled into medical school and was an excellent student. She concentrated on her studies as well as had lots of fun with the guys, who on the other hand had breezed through the year having fun and messing around. Their plan of taking a gap year was staying at home, eating, drinking and watching TV. They would usually go for a jog down the Southbank or take trip to the gym while Ridz was out but during the weekends they would drag her out with them to the cinema, matches and she would take them shopping against their wishes. But they had now finally got themselves a job, Rahul was forced to get one as his dad had stopped giving him money and Armaan was also compelled to get a job as his parents had threatened him to find one quickly or he would have to go back to live in India with them. So now they were both working in HMV in Oxford Street.


Tonight they were out in the city. Armaan had called Ridz up after work and told her to meet them at Costa, coffee shop in Leicester Square. It was 6:30pm when the three of them walked out of the warm cosy shop into the dark cold winter night. They walked through the square and towards Piccadilly Circus. Riddhima pulled her coat tightly around her body letting out a little shiver. The boys noticed and both smiled at her cuteness. They loved it when she did that, her cheeks began to go pink and her teeth started to chatter. They were just about to walk towards the train station when Riddhima stopped. They both turned to look at her.


Armaan: What's wrong?


Ridz: Let's go this way… - pointing to the opposite direction


Rahul: Why? – quizzically


Ridz: Just…I wana go see the lions…


Rahul: Huh?


Ridz: I wana see lions… - pouting like a 2 year old


Armaan: Ridz…it's getting late…and you were the one who said you was tired and wanted to go home…


Ridz: But…now I wana go see the lions…and I'm going… - she turned on her heels and walked down Regents Street leaving the guys to stare after her


Armaan shook his head and grinned following her.   


Rahul: Sometimes she acts like Hitler and sometimes…


Armaan: A baby… - finishing off his sentence – seriously…I wonder what was in her coffee… - both laugh


She turned around to see the two of them following her. She smiled and started to skip down the road towards her "lions". Armaan and Rahul ran down the pavement until they caught up with her. They reached Trafalgar Square and Ridz ran to her fave lion. She tried to climb up but as she was wearing unsuitable shoes it was difficult to grip the stone with her feet. Armaan and Rahul jumped up quickly and paraded at the top while she stood at the bottom looking up with a grumpy face. After some really bad words from Ridz both the guys held their hand out for her to grab hold and jump up. When she reached the top she sat in between the two linking her arms with theirs and they stared out at the beautiful lighted streets and chatted away.


Armaan: I'm telling you Ridz…we have to watch our every step…he's so strict! It feels like we're walking on egg shells when he's around…


Ridz: Haha…I bet it's not that bad…you guys are just exaggerating…


Rahul: I'm serious…you would faint if you saw him…he doesn't even blink!


Ridz: Oh don't worry…I'm sure you guys will do well in this job…it suits you…


Rahul: Me? No way! I'm just working for the money… - jumping down


Ridz rolled her eyes; Armaan jumped down and held his arms out to bring her down. As she reached the ground she fixed her clothes and hair and they both followed Rahul to the fountain. Rahul leaned against the marble surface with his leg propped up against it while Ridz jumped up to sit on the edge of the fountain and Armaan faced it looking at her.


Rahul: So…how's Atul…? – grinning wickedly


Armaan: Is he still alive? – wearing the same smile as Rahul


Ridz: Very funny - sarcastically


Ridz dipped her hand into the water and sprinkled it at Armaan. It was freezing and he looked at her in shock, he splashed her back and face broke into horror as the freezing water splashed against her face. They carried on as Rahul looked at them as if he didn't know them…


Rahul: Honestly…you two are so childish…   


Armaan and Ridz stopped and looked at each other, with a quick nod of the head by Armaan they both dunked their hands in the water and splashed Rahul.


Rahul: Ok that's it – he began to splash both of them


They carried on like that for a while until Ridz finally looked at the time, she looked at them sternly as they were still having a water fight and they followed her to the nearest train station. Ridz was very tired by now as she had a very long day at uni and she took the escalator while the boys made their usual sprint down the stairs. As usual Rahul won and Armaan sulked. Ridz finally made it to the bottom and linked her arm into Armaan's as they got into the train. Armaan and Ridz quickly took the last two seats available and thanks to the usual rush hour Rahul was left behind being stuck in between a fat lady and a wailing baby in his mother's arms. Armaan and Ridz silently giggled at his plight and he shot daggers in return.


They got off at their stop and made their way out of the train station through the brightly lit street up to their apartment. They finally reached their apartment, Ridz opened the door and they all made their way into the living room. Rahul instantly threw himself onto the sofa, dropping his stuff on the ground and closing his eyes. Armaan made himself comfortable on the armchair while Ridz just stood there clearing her throat. Rahul opened his eyes and looked up to see an upside down Ridz staring back at him. 


Rahul: What's up?


Ridz pointed to the kitchen with a smirk on her face.


Rahul: Oh no…please…no…


Armaan look at both of them and smiled, he closed his eyes and leaned further back in the armchair. Rahul closed his eyes again and groaned.


Ridz: It's your turn to make dinner…go on…


Rahul: Oh man… - he got up and dragged his legs towards the kitchen


Armaan: Hmm what do you think we're going to eat today? – opening his eyes as Ridz settled down in Rahul's place


Ridz: I don't know…let's just hope its eatable… - they both sniggered


Rahul walked into the kitchen and looked around opening cupboards and closing them in search of something to eat.


Rahul: Oh man…there's absolutely nothing in here to eat…c'mon Rahul…think of something quickly… - pacing the kitchen


His eyes glanced over at the phone lying on the dining table; he sneaked over and grabbed it before anyone could see him. He quickly dialed up Pizza Hut and ordered two large pizzas with his favorite toppings. He put down the phone and went back into the living room, budged up next to Ridz and switched on the TV.


Ridz: And I'm guessing the food is making itself…


Rahul: It's on its way…


Armaan: Huh?


Rahul: The pizza will be delivered in 30 minutes


Ridz: Rahul!! That's not fair…


Rahul: Ok I'll cook if you want me to blow up the kitchen…


Armaan: I think pizza is good…


Ridz: Fine but only for today…


Rahul: Yes ma'am – saluting her then turned back to the TV


He switched through a few channels and finally stopped on the music channels and instantly started drooling.


Rahul: Omg! Kat…she's so hot!


Armaan sat up, joining Rahul with a staring contest of Katrina Kaif.


Armaan: She really is…


Ridz: Here we go… - rolling her eyes she got up and went to her room


The guys didn't notice her leave the room as they carried on watching the song Zara Zara touch me. She had a quick shower to freshen up and came back out, the guys were now watching a match and shouting at the players on the TV about how crap they were playing. Finally the doorbell rang; Ridz went to the door and collected the pizza also paying for it.


She took it into the living room; Armaan got the drinks and glasses from the kitchen and placed it on the coffee table next to the pizza.


Rahul: Thanks for that Ridz… - taking a bite of pizza – I swear I'll pay you back…


Armaan: I miss my parents' money…


Rahul: Me too…


Ridz: I don't believe you guys…you have your own jobs now…and you still want money from your parents…


Armaan: Life was so much easier…


Ridz: You're finally learning… - smirking at the two who made faces at her…

Hope you liked it

Plz tell us what you think


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