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MAYUR PARADISE #141 MayUr..Kaun MayUr

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~Enchanting ArTi~

^ Credit Raee_rockz

^Credit I.Love.Mohit

Mayank + Nupur = MayUr
Arjun + Rati= ArTi

Rules that should be followed*~

1) This is a MayUr thread. Long discussions apart from Mayank/Nupur will not be tolerated.

2) No Bashing. Please respect others views & dont spoil the enviroment of the Paradise. Each person has a different Point of View. If you are not a MayUrian then please dont abuse or make fun of them.

3) COMPARISION is strictly prohibited. Please do not compare Mayank/Nupur with other characters of this show as this may hurt the sentiments of the fans of those characters.
~*Mayank played by Arjun Bijlani*~

Arjun: Arjun Bijlani has acted in Serials like Left Right Left & Mohe Rang de.

Mayank: Mayank is a straight and focused academic. He is witty, well read, smart and intelligent and understands that hard work is what is going to help achieve goals for him. He will finally get along with Nupur, a girl completely opposite his character.

~*Nupur played by Rati Pandey*~

Rati: Rati has played the lead role in Har Ghar Kuch Kehta Hai.

Nupur: In small town (Morena), Nupur was like a spark of electricity for the lazy town. Outspoken and extroverted Nupur has the uncanny ability to chat and yap with anyone and any language. According to small town standards atleast, Nupur is a style icon of sorts. She always manages to conjure up ways of standing out of the crowd. she wears little ghungroos on her footwear, carefully matches hairband with an interesting salwar suit. Whatever you may say this girl is a Diva in Morena or atleast she believes that she is! She has all types of friends from school to college to canteen and net friends. Motto in life: Chin up! In the City, she faces just the opposite of what she experienced in Morena. She finds it really hard to make even acquaintances forget making friends. Her find for a smart, handsome, popular dream man ends on Mayank who is a simple and somber personality.

~*The MayUr Magic*~

Fire and Ice
The Bubbly and charming Nupur meanwhile faces a reality check where from a famous girl in her small town to being a nobody in a big city starts to make her sad. She starts to view life differently and falls in a love-hate relationship with Mayank who is a mix of fire and ice. Nupur eventually starts loving the guy whom she hates every day of her college. He eventually becomes a balance which completes Nupur.

Here you are free to discuss anything about the
characters/actors and also to avoid making useless topics.

Thank You!Big smile

*Credits to the Development Team*

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~*The Rocking MayUrians!*~

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~*MayUr Moments*~Day Dreaming

Blushing****Dassera Night****Blushing



Blushing****Morena Visit****Blushing




Smile*****Cute Pics*****Smile


Blushing****FIRST KISS****Blushing

Most awaited MayUr moment - MayUr Confession Pictures

Baarish pictures

Tere Pyaar Mein...ho Jaun FANAA!

Jaage Jaage Armaan Hai....

Tum White mein Bahut acchi lagti ho....Embarrassed

Kya Tum bhi mujhse pyaar karti ho??....HAAN!Wink

Roses..just for you!!Embarrassed

Hota hai...Star

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*Crazy MayUrian World DB- Updated* 
These are some excerpts for fun...vocabulary,theories
Disclaimer: I dont own everything I say here..
Mayurians please contribute!!


Arnatics: Short form for Arjun Fanatics EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

ARCA= Arjun's Ruthless Charm Attack BlushingBlushing

bubblypie= used to describe the bubbly nature of our fave NupurApproveApprove

MDA: Mayank Drooling Academy/Mayank Dreamer's Association SillySilly

(aka the paradise!!LOLLOL)  newcomers this is an MDALOLLOLdrool all u want!!LOLLOL

TSUNAMIFIC= Tsunami+Terrific= KILLER COMBO of Mayank and Nupur

OMG=Obsessed MayUr Gang..often start convoz about MayUr/ArTI wid OMG(Oh My God!) LOLLOLLOL

 IMCU=Intensive MayUrian Care Unit.........most of the MayUr gang are permanent residents of IMCU especially after 19 Feb epiTongueEmbarrassedLOL.....

ICNRU= Intensive Care from Nupur Required Unit- Chunky Mishra's house after rain dance, Nupz is HIGHLY REQUIRED to wipe Mayank's wet hair  Embarrassed Embarrassed  and be with Mayank n help him out whenever he has FOCUS issues with her around ! Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

 MMS: Mayank Mania/Madness Syndrome 
(eg. Buying strawberry ice cream, papaya, hating paneer etc after watching some episodes thanks to Mayu Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed..ROFL)

MMS= Mayank Mourning Service (for people who miss the original Mayank)
E-MMS = Extreme MMS i.e. higher level of MMS
Embarrassed Embarrassed

EAD-Emosonal Attyachaar Disease-It is a very dangerous disease caused due to overdose of mayu's killer smile
Cure-cannot be cured....!!!
Symptoms-1.Patient can see Mayu everywhere all the time
                     2.Patient feels like singing  "Mayu ka emosonal attyachaar" all the time
                     3.Patient hates taking SHORT-CUTS
                     4.Patient scribbles mayank,mayu all over their books and on their desks
                     5.Patient hates when somebody tries to touch their hair
                     6.Excess intake of papaya
                     7.Doesnt let anybody waste water,bread...
                     8.Cant stand the sight of Mayapari...

SMS: Save My SOul from MayankTongue

MBM: Mayur Bhajan Mandali...

MCCP:Mayank Chindi chor Prani

Vishwamitra Theory application: nupur seducing serious deedha  saadha ladka mayankDancing

Mayank heater effect: "ladka itna hot ho sakta hain ki uske wajah se icecream bhi melt hojayegii"(reference: 3rd March episode. We MayUrians/Arnatics are of the strong opinion that Mayank can be the next biggest revolution after Microwave)

Darwin's theory: SUrvival of the fittest.. Mayank has the right to lie to survive in a gaon that they are married...

The Skunk Theory:  The creatures that are  really quite mild mannered, and if you don't startle them or make them angry, they're happy to leave you alone. LOLLOLLOL(This theory strictly implies to creatures like mayank)Clown

The Catalyst theory : 

First of all the definition of a catalyst :
Asubstance by its mere [presence affects the rate of chemical reaction without itself undergoing any chemical change is called a catalyst 

So here Nupur/Rati acts as a catalyst ...when she is present ...there is chemical reaction (A chain oneROFL) going on in Mayank/Arjun's mind, body and soul > however there seems to be no change in Nupur/Rati at this point of time.!
(Theory subject to changes in the futureLOL LOL LOL)

-----------it includes all those mahila traits which Rati wants Arjun to the great Mahilas of mayur paradise
The mahilaz are none other than paradise ki ablaa naariiizzzzzzzzzz

The Pickup-Drop-Escape Theory
Pick Up= pick up Nupz when shes is drunk
Drop= Drop her if people start reading your mind (classroom scene after the koshish karne waalon ki haar nahi hoti when Mayu drops Nupz as CJ gives him a 'what's cooking Mayu' look)
Escape= Try to run away when she is attacking you with stones and chasing you to burn you alive (jungle scenes)Shocked

DCMD Theory (Dimaag ke Circuit Main Defect Theory): ALWAYS thinking the opposite and jumping to conclusions very quickly  LOLLOL{the upar neeche effect}

The mantra that relieves intense attraction problems::

Relaxx Phocusss and Concentrate..FOCUS on anything but the girl (this mantra usually fails during practical applications) LOL LOL

Some spicy side effects of attraction: eating green chillies and not realizing it for a long time
.  Then blame it all on the girl for wearing your clothes.

Hot ya Not theory: Agar ladka ladki ki nazar mein doob gaya, a shock(or scream) treatment is necessary to make him realise that the teekhi mirchi may be hotter than the girl itself!

Luv ya lil Ice Cream: The act where a guy finds that imaginary trace of ice cream by the girl's lip tastier than the Cup full of ice cream in his hands. EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Disturbia- That state of a guy's mind where his outlook towards his own clothes changes as they  adorn a beautiful girl with long hair which is wet. 

Gaze n Haze effect: A girl's Wet hair compels the guy to Gaze at her(he tried hard not to but there is nothing much he can do about it) and a brush of  wet hair across his face leaves his senses clouded, confusing him. Embarrassed  Embarrassed

THE "DISEASE" that has struck MAYANK recently:

NGHS: Nupur Gazing and Hallucinating Syndrome
 Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

DIS= Desert Island Syndrome Embarrassed Embarrassed

HITTING YOUR HEAD ON TREES (HYHT).: An exercise attempt where an affected victim tries to drive the confusion and turmoil  out of his head , which is caused due to the girl dominating his mind. Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed

THE KUMBHKARNA SIDE EFFECT THEORY:sleeping at odd times; caring a hoot about time zones! 
SINGULAR CAUSE for this effect- Mayank (who DISTURBS our minds and does not let us fall asleep)! EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

A Famous and often used Word from MayUrian part of the world:
'WHATEVER'  (Meaning Censored)

And the greatest theory of all 
The Undue Advantage Theory - its very difficult to put  this theory concisely or in one line (we filled up a whole pradise based on this theory) This theory basically deals with the interpretative scope "Undue Advantage" 
can offer
This theory offers multiple scope for inferences be or not to be..

KESH-NIKHAR THEORY: this thoery implies that one shud pamper our with nariyal tel WITHOUT A make them look silky and HAWT(this theory is in the connection to mayank's lehraate sundar ghane baal)LOLLOL 

MBK---MAYANK BHAI includes all those ppl whom mayooooo's mom can adopt...coz guys dont stop drooling over the salon guy/girl and our very own luckyji
Note: This theory is applicable only to the Male Gender.

The Khatiya/Bed -ANTI MAYANK Theory: this theory implies that the compression interaction between MAYU'S BODY and the khatiya/bed results in destruction of either of the objects..LOLLOLLOL
This theory has a catch in it - it is difficult to say which seems likely to be affected the most, the Khatiya/bed or MAYU's Body ROFLROFLROFL 

ShutUp n bounce theory=this states one shut our veryown"doodhwala's "chapar chapar n bounce with our own chappar chappar(remmeber in the jungle scene wen mayank was scoldin nupz fr gettin down frm the bus)

Talli Theory:this indicates get "talli"with a bottle of alchohol assuming it as a "gaon k kuen(well) ka pani" n start a gajrarey dance so tht our HOT Crush Doodhwala will pick us upLOLLOLLOL

In order to be a true Mayurian you must receive a phd in falling, this is the 'London bridge is falling down theory',  you must continuously "trip" for no apparent reason so you can be in the arms of your lover boy for a long period of time

DON'T DARE A LOT, TOUCH GIRLS MAZAGINE NOT THEORY: this thoery is in context to the most embarrasin' moment that can a guy can face if hez bein 2 geeky to read the girl's magazine while sittin' in  the ladies favourite hideout...LOLLOLLOL

girl intoxication= Girl pickup..
to be picked up by your guy act drunk. However results of observation also depends on the quality of tht hottie
 (and your own weight!  your weight should be < the weight of your guy ) 

Mayurwa, Nupurva BIG BANG THEORY:(not for ages under 18)
This theory explains the facts of how the miss of 6 chaalis  ki last local bus can contribute in the possible existance of mayank and nupur's future beautiful kids..-MAYURWA N' NUPURWA...LOLLOLLOLLOL

Cane Threatening Theory: use a cane to shut up ever-complaining akdoo people like Mayank

UPSIDE DOWN THEORY: This theory explains the position in which late night activities shud b put into action...for the HIGH IMPACT....ROFL

BB  (Bhaiyyaji-Bhabhiji): Rustic jargon indicating a married couple!

Additional Talent cum Shock Therapy (ATST) theory and also tips on 'how to stop people from snoring'.
ATST : A term for Ventriloquism generally used in the MayUr world!
A tip on 'How to stop people form snoring' :
1. "Sing"  (the quotes explain it all) 

You can hide your faults by recalling the other person's faults done hundred years ago.. Embarrassed

Oxymoron: when ayank lies it is for public welfare(like the lagan one) when Nupur lies she is blah blah blah..

Black vest syndrome: Inability to remove the beach-cum-black vest scene from the mind..Heart

Chemistry: Nupur+Mayank

Catalyst: Mayank's black costumes

Zoology: Nupur's fav Bhains

Marketing skills: Bargaining for mayapari and missing the bus!!LOLLOL

HAIR-TOUCH-O-PHOBIA-Meri Baalon ko mat chooROFL

PKTL -Pyaar Ki Tube light

ARPEG - Arjun Rati Pyaar ki electricfying  gang

NBS - Nupur bhoot syndrom

DAC - Dimag aloo chat ho gaya...kyun nupur hi solution hai?

SSN - sati savrati nupur

KKN -Kanya Kuwari Nupur ( kya line marti hai mayank pe ..hamesha)

FOR GLOSSY HAIR: Use mayank's nariyal tel.Silly.. but dont let anybody touch your hair as jaado fisal jaayegaa


CREDITS: neha jee for editing my hindi!!:D

Science in a mayur perspective

History: tumhe dekhte hi humaari aankhen ke saamne tum apni prince charming ban jaate ho! magar tum mujh ko history mein weak bol do ge.. history mein koi prince charming hi nahi thaa ... main tuj par fida hogayee.. chnace mila toh hum mil kar apni nayee history bana denge(giirls..ignore this if u dont understand...i tried my level best hindi in this)

Geography:saat samundar paar kar ke tumhaare kareeb aa jaane ke liye mera mann tadapta hai! magar straight route kahaan milegaa.. aur phir bhi hum logon ke beech mein samundar toh hain sirf saath saath nahin hain..

Biology: ermmm censored! bolti bandh!
edited: thanks to inspiration from ash : kyunki meri dil ke har dhak dhak mein tum(mayank) ho!

Physics: Magnetic sense... log aankhon ko magnetic boltein hain..mere liye toh magnetic hain teri smile.. kaise karthe ho yaar... mein tumhaare area of effect mein aa chuki hoon.. ..bahar jaa ne ka mann nahin kartha aur karne ka koi bhi chance bhi nahin hain!!jab tum meri kareeb aate hon dil mein saare ke saare atoms excited state par chalte hain..kya logic bina science bhi kabhi hota hain!!

Botany: main tumhaara intezaar karoongi..... phoolon ke saath mujhe tum lene aana

zoology: double censored!

economics: dil chahata hain ki tum meri ban se zyaada keemti duniyaa mein kyaa ho sakthi hain! meri pyaar aur mere yaar sab kucch tum ho!

Hindi: sirf tere liye sirf tere liye ey mayank mein itni soch kar mushkil se hindi mein likh rahi hoon!(my mother tongue is nt hindi )

PS: mera prince charming mayank hain..aur yeh us ke liye hain.. but this can be applicable fr any dream guy!! Tongue

Members contributions::P
Biology: Mera heart beat skip ho jaata hai tujhe dekhne ke baad,khaate khaate agar sochu tujhe toh khaana atak jaataa hain Oesophagus ke paas!

Our dear Kavz:
Love-o-logy: A new subject which is dedicated to weak in LOWE students  like Mayank
Geneology: Inferred from Chunnu Ke pappa Clap LOL

Drunken Privileges= Getting drunk and doing crazy things with a conscious mind but blaming it on your alter ego the next morning 

'Reinvent yourself to Seduce' Theory: This is HIGHLY APPLICABLE TO Nupz! 
Moral of the theory (yes, anything is possible here- even theories can have moral summaries): You cannot seduce Mayank with the same blue choodidhar and Ponytail time and again. You have to change your make up , hairstyle and dress (after getting drunk) to seduce him again.  Basically, Nupz should keep reinventing herself and don a brand new avatar to be able to seduce Mayank all the time.

ODA Principle= Obsession-Desire-Attraction - this bhagwad geeta theory usually applies to chindi chor praanis like Mayank  

DOODHWALA HYPOTHESES: combination of doodhwala theories with direct relations leading to happiness:
Our Dream Profession for Mayank : Doodhwaala (The word is HOT CRUSH DOODHWALA,Mayank brings Milk every morning in that HEAVENLY VEST(another prominent term here) and all the girls wait with bated breath from night to welcome the hottie Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
) .This also inculcates healthy habits like early to bed and early to rise to meet our doodhwala making us healthy wealthy and wise.

GR8 Black Vest Obsession(GBVO)- Refers to that state of mind where all Mayank/Arjun fanatics cannot get over his Heavenly Black Vest and are obsessed with it to the extent of chanting its name all the time and bringing it up somehow in the most irrelevant of discussions.

Some of the symptoms of this obsession include :
1. Declaring that shirts do not suit Mayank
2. Seriously planning to start a campaign against his shirts called "Mayank ke Shirts Jalaao Andolan"
3.Emphasizing on the importance of HBV to PD over and over.
4.Contemplating on writing a petition and e-mailing SBS on how some 'Vests Can Change Our life'!

5. Demanding that Arjun fanatics be made his official dress designers so that we get easy access to his shirts to burn them.
6.Dreaming about HBV all the time and conspiring theories that will make Mayank wear the black vest  (Read Doodhwala Profession for Mayu).

The mayurwa menu:

entree: atta soup

main course: parathe made of atta soup(we strongly believe in recycling)

side dish: teekhi mirchi even if sabzi is there

desert:  chai with biscuit(dadi ne bataaya ta asa kaane khe liye)

PS: as for spices in the seasoning, the cook and the cook's assistant are spicy enough(as they through all the spices around the room)
The black vest anthem:

The Colour is black and the name is "vest"
When Mayank wears it , Byy godd , he looks the bloody bestt  

I watch his flawless skin shine and his sexy neck glow
It Always makes me say " yeh dil maage moreee "
We get to see his toned arms & his sexy neck , to name a few
Thank you Black Vest.. It would have been impossible witout you
If i had my way , the vest is the only thing id make you wear
THank god Mayank ,  you dont have any chest hair
UFF !!! I keep praising the Vest , i m such a fool
But it leaves me breathless and makes me droooool
But you look good with every other clothes too
May be its not the Black vest , yess babyyyy its youu !!

DCD= Doodhwala Costume Desginer= Nupur i.e. when Mayank becomes HCD(if you cannot recollect what HCD means, it means Hot Crush Doodhwaala), Nupz is going to design his doodhwaala costume .Black vest should not be ignored.

SPEND THE MONEY RARE , CHOOSE HONEY WITH CARE THEORY: this theory states that one shud b smart enuf to save our money for milk by marryin' a DOODHWALLA...LOLLOL

Phrases that can be associated with Doodhwala Concept= Bhains Ki taang! 

CHOTE DIMAAG= A word usually used by Mayank to describe Nupur

And our all time favorite catch phrase- BY GOD! 

Some Random Terms used in connection with Mayank:

AXE EFFECT: The famous men's deo that KILLS female kind

CHOCOLATE LAVA : A term usually used to describe Mayank, he is as irresistible as chocolate and melts girls with his charm like lava


TT (TRP Target) - Target a thread on the forum and boost its TRPs by seriously discussing crap  ROFL

our THEME song: 
Tauba tera jalwa 
Tauba tera pyaar
Tera emosanal attyaachaar

(from neha)

Our Mayur Anthem :
"dil diya hai...jaan bhii denge..
aye mayur tere liye
har karam apna karenge
aye mayur tere liye"..LOL


Tumne Humen pehchana nahii
jana hum koi SANE aatma nahii
screw dheela hai hamare deemag ka..
kab se hai yeh hamen bhii pataaaa nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
eh hey"LOLLOL
(courtesy to jana mein koi anjana nahi song..4m raju chacha

Mayurenza: like influenza is a lethal high fever, which is caused by excessive exposure to mayur/arti over a long period of time.
Yeh anokha sa hain dard,
Loveria se bhi sard,
Nahi hai yeh koi influenza,
Hai yeh mayurenza.
Mayur ko dekho jab karte hue fights,
Din mein bhi guzaro tum sleepless sleepless nights.
Kabhi idhar bhagge kabhi udhar,
kaisi hai yeh tension.
Chironji  ko dekh ke
ho jaati hain confusion.
Raat ko na chain
Na din ko aaram
hai yeh lack of concentration
Mayank meri jaan
Teri kya hai shaan
Tujhe dekh mere dil hua bhura haal
Tujhe dekh ke hui tedi meri chaal
Nupur teri haasi
Isko dekhe ke main phaasi
Mere dil mein machchi hulchul
Jab tu dekhe usse pal pal
Mayur ka hain yeh jadu
Na dil pe mere ab kabu
Na raha koi dard ka sensation
Hai yeh kaisi brain ki  limitation
Yeh anokha sa hain dard,
Loveria se bhi sard,
Nahi hai yeh koi influenza,
Hai yeh mayurenza.
-Wriiten by DIanna along wid Rashmi and Neha.....Big smile 

MayUrwa Sapna = A future spin off series about MayUr being planned by the CREATIVE TEAM of CKN (Carol-Kavya-Neha) club on MayUr's life after college

CC2CP(Chindi Chor to Chunnu Ke Papa): A term recently coined; it defines the LIFE CHANGING JOURNEY OF MAYANK - from being accused of Chindi Chorism (ohh another new word- Chindi Chorism, meaning the the strong belief that Mayank is  Chindi Chor LOLLOL )  to being promoted as Chunnu Ke Papa ROFL



Credits: Apart from the members of WCC [ i.e. Wild Chicks Club comprising of Neha(mesweet neha), Caroline/Caro (caramelcj) and Kavya(Kavya_KraZQueen i.e. Kavya)] , the following MayUrians have contributed to this valuable DB:

Please contribute  so that fellow mayurians benefit from the discussion whithout going blank..ROFLROFLROFL

PM me with your theories/ principles/terms or tags so that I can update this post easily (whenever anybody adds something) without having to scout through all the pages of the thread and find them.

Guys, we are yet to focus on the Tarzan and Kanta Laga scenes , it would be great if somebody can come up with some interesting terms/theories for these scenes.

This post will be updated from time to time from your PMs



Hello all today we are presenting our MayUr paradise with its very first Development Team: The Paradise Development Team[PDT] . Yes we have come up with the PDT so as to help the IF development Team in a better way because its really hard for them to monitor the ongoings in the thread. We will therefore help them with thatEmbarrassed


>What The PDT actually does

Basically the job of the PDT is to monitor the ongoings in the paradise we want our paradise to b a more improved and better place. The PDT will organise new events, contests etc. to make the paradise a more interactive n active placeSmile


>The main aims of PDT
~To maintain a healthy conversion  in the paradise.
~To help new and old mayurians with there queries.
~To improve the overall experience of all MayUrians participating in the paradiseBig smile
SO now I am proud to present our very own team. This team has been chosen on a basis of secret voting amongst the members of the paradise. On the basis of their activeness and also there contributions to the past paradises.Embarrassed
Okay so here is the team Members list:














This idea is exclusively of the MayUr ParadiseSmile
Any queries regarding it feel free to ask.
We will try our level best .
Hope you have a great time in the Paradise.

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mayur story analysis

by divya(myownarea)

Phase 1

Mayank and Nupur had a love at first sight sort of beginning.
Theirs was the kind of connection which was not defined merely by the process of falling in love

Like I've mentioned before, Nupur needs help and Mayank helps her. This very act, when Mayank did, was not acknowledged by Nupur but she had already formed a certain respect for her rescuer. For him, it was her eyes, the minute she fell into his arms, he felt something he had never felt before (having never associated himself with females his age) . Then he saw her eyes, vulnerable yet determined. He felt a connection he cudnt explain. She left him without a thank you ...that sealed their bond.

This was phase one.

Now phase 2 was more complex..

Phase 2

Now they are in denial, as much as there is an undeniable attraction, the obvious dissimilarities cause them to think otherwise. They decide they hate each other. He is the cool dude, the academic champ and his sense of humour is only for a few to understnd. Sarcasm is the tool he uses to put people at bay. HE doesnt care about the world. She is the fighter, the talkative, open minded girl from a small town. She is filmy and loud, lovable and sweet. Its an obvious clash of personalities..

She cannot stand his sarcasm he cannot stand her non-stop chatter. they are put together to do a project, they rebel. Its a opposites repel scenario. The underlying attraction continues, she falls into his arms, he cannot help falling deep into her eyes and she cant seem to take off her eyes from his. This, however they overlook for everything else.

Slowly there Phase 3 where things get only even more complex! if thats possible!

Phase 3

Here there is an obvious need to overlook the dissimilarities and come to an understanding. The need is situational, they have a project to do. She wants him to be her dance partner,. So, its a need-based understanding that they develop, simply out of necessity. While, they do form this association, they realise, they have qualities that complement and complete each other. The underlying attraction strengthens as the comfort level has increased. The talent parade audition is a step where they realise their physical comfort with each other. She is flustered by his touch but her body reacts positively to him. This is a unique quality and most often, such situations lead to discomfort but here, there is not just comfort but a feeling of completeness. Nupur's mind has already associated Mayank's as that of a perfect partner's. As they work together further, there is an obvious closeness that leads to them being flustered but they never feel discomfort.
Slowly their contrasting natures also help in bringing each other closer. HE would never have danced if not for her..he would never have gone to a beach with a girl if not for her. She was the reason he was beginning to enjoy life. She was learning to take her work in the right spirit from him, though she lied, she is motivated to work harder just for him.

Phase 4 ..goes to the next level of relationship

Phase 4

Betrayal! Mayank feels betrayed by the Nupur. He is deeply hurt because, for the first time in his life. he had trusted a girl (or anyone other than his mother & himself) and this girl had lied to him. The very thought tore him apart, he does not realise it but his heart had already started feeling for the girl in question. There are strains of love that he doesnt realise but there is the broken trust he is unable to accept. His coming for the dance is an act, where his heart overtakes the emotions (such as hate, betrayal)he thinks he feels. Pyaar ki ek kahani is a dance of passion where 2 wounded souls r dancing in unison (in the serial, this dint come out that well thou! ) .
They fight because, she knows she made a mistake and is remorseful, he fails to see her remorse. The ego overtakes all the beatings of the heart and they part ways. They are hurt far more deeply than they know. Even when they dance they look into each other's eyes, there is no anger because deep inside - the souls know that they are meant to be. The Ego of the individuals though come to fore-front when they clash after the dance!

Phase 5..acc meet

Phase 5..

He had slowly and surely forgiven her (atleast in his heart) as it was impossible for him to stay angry with her. Her defiance of him, impressed him further. Somebody challenging his very forte, his studies, was something that marked her as a equal in his heart and mind. when she proved that she was upto the challenge she had undertaken, instead of being more angry , his anger seemed to melt away..He had already started missing her (remember the scene where he is studying and thinks of her involuntarily). He was deeply impressed when she said a few lines of a poem in class , there is nothing new but her determination pulled him towards her even more. Then quite conveniently they were again partners for a trip away from college and they would spend all their time together, outwardly they rebelled, but their hearts rejoiced. The very fact that he had reserved a place for her, showed his changing emotions towards her, when she fell into his arms, though they were supposed to be angry with each other, that was not the emotions they emanated. When he wanted her back sitting with him, he was asking a girl he was supposed to be "hating" to sit with him. His actions were a dead-giveaway, the final straw being the act of missing the bus because she had not climbed into the bus.

Phase 6

the feelings come out and the love overcomes all other emotions --

As they spend more time together, they fight, they argue but they cant spend a minute away from each other. He starts liking her small small actions (which he wouldve hated otherwise). He is initially ignorant of his change in feelings. The first hug is a small trigger, a joke he played on her comes back to haunt him as her vulnerable side is exposed. He is confused to see her in such a state. Her vulnerabilities attract her to him even further. The complete hug distorts his single minded focus and causes his heart to feel for this girl.
She on the other hand had always hidden her weaknesses to the world, but she gets caught in the moment and exposes her real side to him. The minute he says its a joke, she tries to cover up but its too late.
The hug solves the mysteries that their hearts carry, now only the individuals with their mixed feelings, emotions and egoes needed to resolve their issues.

As he comes across a vile and corrupt person who is a total contrast to his personality (lucky mishra) and understands his not so noble intensions, he feels protective of her and responsible for her. His instincts are more basic than he realises, protect the partner. The various escapades intensify the comfort level their hearts share.

The breaking point, when a drunk Nupur tells him that he is the sweetest person she knows, he cannot but respond..the drink helped in putting the egoes at bay, so in a simple heart to heart conversation they realise their love for each other. Only Nupur will forget while Mayank's emotions will change forever!

Phase 7

Mayank is in love with Nupur, he understands it, even though he doesnt admit it to himself. He can feel himself getting lost in her eyes, her beauty, her actions, her conversations, her innocence, her enthusiasm, her smartness, her self-respect. Her very being attracts him to her, he dreams of her. All these involuntary actions of his, disappoints the ego of the individual, the heart however has decided to part ways with his mind, so he lands himself in various flights of imaginations. He surrenders to his feelings when trapped in chunky mishra's bunglaw. (Khuda jaane is the high point here).

However, once he is out of the Bunglaw, he starts to question his judgement. However, small actions like the thorn from the cactus that pricks her and his completely worried response to it, makes him realise he is giving himself away.

Nupur meanwhile has developed immense respect for him and trusts him implicitly (Remember the time she wakes up post the barn night, she suspects herself but has full faith in him). Her sparks are based on the care he gives her. As much as she doesnt realise it earlier, she now knows that she feels most protected, comforted and comfortable with him. While she can be herself, he can continue to play a huge part in her life.
the obvious love that Chunky mishra can see is lost to Mayank and Nupur though. They continue to be in denial, rather, their minds are yet to accept what their hearts have known all along.

by muskan(muskan19)

part 1

First time when mayank helped her with the restroom door, she came right in his arms and cried burrying her face in his chest. It became more than just helping someone right there. There was this girl who was scared and was shaken up, finding comfort in his arms. He didn't know her, hadn't even seen her face yet, had never let any girl come that close to him, yet he stood there waiting for her to calm down. He didn't exactly know what to do but knew he just had to be there for her. He was feeling awkward at the situation he was in but at the same time was feeling bad for her. She slowly got back but still had her face covered with her hands. And when she slowly moved her hands off her face he saw her face for the first time. She was different from the girls he had seen around him in college. He still talks about her eyes and her eyes were what attracted him towards her. Her eyes were filled with tears, he noticed that and felt the fear and pain in it, he wanted to comfort her but she ran away. He tried to stop her only because he had just started caring for a girl he hardly knew.

part 2

Being the guy he was he quickly brushed off that strange feeling and went on. Maybe he was still wondering about her but he doesn't let that take over. Soon, to his surprise he finds her in his arms once again. Those eyes that got him the first time were looking straight into his eyes this time. He cudn't just let go of her immediately. For a second everything just stopped there for him. For nupur that was the first time she looked properly at the guy who was a total stranger yet had already saved her twice. Something takes over both of them and they stood looking into each others eyes before a class full of students niether of them realising it. There was something about him that she was finding hard to ignore and there was something about her that was attracting him towards her. These were 2 people who in their normal senses would not let any guy or a girl come that close to them but they let their guard down for each other. Even if it was for a minute not knowing why.
This phase was short lived though, and as both of them snap out of it they also get back to their real selves nupur being confident but upset about the whole situation and mayank being his sarcastic self. As usually happens, destiny had something else planned out for them. They end up becoming project partners. There first impression about each other was nothing but "what's wrong with her/him" so working on a project together made neither of them happy.

part 3

They both had very strong personalities. Niether of them let anyone get to them that easily. Being 2 completely opposite people with completely different ideologies they started clashing. But, that connection made during their first meet didn't let either of them ignore the other. They'd fight but still find themselves around each other all the time. Something was changing but none of them had time from their constant arguments to notice it.
Was the project only reason for them being around each other or there was something more to it? He could have managed to do the project by himself even if it was a group project, he finds her least interested in studies yet he keeps her involved all the time. She on the other hand feels challenged by his attitude and sarcasm towards her yet his opinion mattered to her. Out of all she asked him how she was looking when she tried on that dress. And when he made fun of her she immediately felt that maybe she overdid it. Why didn't she question him? why did she take his opinion and why did she so quickly accept it? Gunjan said it before mayank did that she went a bit too far but she didn't care. Why did she listen to a guy she didn't even know that well enough?

part 4

When she does well in the project against all his hopes he starts to question his judgement. He knew she was not into studies yet she came up with such a good project report. Not even once he thought that she might have taken someone's help. He already started trusting her enough to question his judgement rather than her loyalty towards the project. He felt bad for misunderstanding her but at the same time was relieved and proud of her. That's where for the second time he feels drawn to her but this time out of respect. He was already moving up the love ladder and he was not realizing it yet. He infact didn't even think twice before apologizing to her for not understanding her seriousness towards the project. A guy always in control of his emotions is seen vulnerable for the first time during that library scene. He felt a need to go to her and apologise....why? Even after he apologised he felt an urge to sit there and spend some time with her but his ego overpowered him and he walked out. On nupur's front, she felt a need to prove herself to him. Was it just because she wanted to prove his suspicions about her wrong or was it because she wanted him to think good of her. she wanted to impress him at some level and she did it by doing what he liked not at something that she was good at. What he thought of her mattered to her even if it was masked by her ego.


Mayank does not trust people that easily. Hence he had very few friends. But nupur was different. She had already gained his trust by excelling at something he was very serious about specially when he least expected it. He was always clear about his thoughts, his opinions, and in general his life. But for the first time he questioned his judgement. For the first time he accepted that he was wrong about her. It was his defeat but he gracefully accepted it and opened himself up to her friendship. He was happy about the fact that he had found somebody whom he could trust and who shared his interest i.e studies or he thought so at the time. Soon he realised that she also had other interests. Nupur on the other hand was excited about proving him wrong. That gave her more confidence while being around him. 2 time saviour was slowly turning into a guy she could approach when in need. And so she did, when she found herself struggling to fulfil her dream of performing on stage just because of not having a dance partner. Somewhere knowing that he will help her she approaches him.
Giving in to her request was another major turn in mayank's life. He was reluctant out of his nature but helplessly surrendered to her persistance. No girl had ever even tried doing what she had already started. She was influencing him. He gives in to her request but satisfies his ego by making it a part of the deal. That deal as much as it sounded like a simple give and take was subconciously an attempt on his part to keep her around for longer time than just the 1st project. Her enthusiasm towards little things in life, her cheerfulness, and her confidence was hard for him to ignore. He for the first time was seeing a different way of living life than what he was used to so gets sucked in before he could even realise it. Apart from just being drawn towards her nautankis he was also finding himself in situations of physical proximity with her due to the circumstances of their meetings. He had never got so close to a girl before but instead of getting all flustered and quickly moving away he gets lost into her. She is on the other hand going through similar emotional turmoil and hence at several such instances find herself caught in the moment. Neither of them pulling off immediately.

Part 6

Lot of people try to define love in their own way but love has no universal definition. It means different to different people. For some love starts with attraction, for some love starts with emotional bonding and for some with friendship but for mayank and nupur it started with "no reason"
They were just 2 opposite people brought by destiny in front of each other and then left to fight, disagree and argue. They were so different that for them it was tough to find a common ground where they could relate yet, they were willingly or unwillingly trying hard to find that common ground by walking into each other's territory. She was making project and working hard on it for him and he was for the first time participating in a dance competition for her. They both had satisfied their ego by finding good reasons behind doing so but deep down they both were enjoying each others company.
Next turning point in their relationship was when mayank takes her to beach to relieve her from her personal stress. He saw her standing all by herself sad and not doing what she could't live without i.e talking. It didn't take much for him to understand that something was wrong which, bothered him as by now he was getting used to a bubbly and always smiling nupur. He noticed that she was feeling lonely and homesick. He knew exactly what he needed to do at the time. He knew he had to be with her as a friend and change her surroundings so she could relax. By this time nupur had developed enough trust in him, rest assured that he will take care of her and agrees to go with him. Sitting at beach for the first time they both talked about things other than project or dance. For the first time they were connecting at an emotional level. For the first time he had seen her emotional and vulnerable side which made him realise that there was more to her than her tough, fighter exterior. She was vulnerable and he was there for her. He was slowly becoming her gaurdian angel.

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Congrats everyone...
Chalo narabazi shhuru

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Congo on new thread

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