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ONE SHOT (AR)- *The Secret Love*

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Posted: 30 October 2009 at 1:02am | IP Logged
Hey all, I am a new person here. I've written this one shot on Armaan and Riddhima. This one shot is quite long, i know, but forgive me for the length. This is my first try at writing. I would love it if u guys tell me what u feel about it, please.

Hi guys, as u can see, u are talking to the editor of the famous magazine "The Rockstar", on her personal handicam "cammy". Well, me, "Riddhima Gupta", is a known name all over the newspapers. Having famous parents as well as a successful career surely helps u to be the centre of attraction of the media. The world considers me to be  a pampered princess of her dad, "Shashank Gupta", the famous industrialist, and her mom, "Padma Gupta", the owner of "The Rockstar". Actually, even u might take me to be a spoilt brat, but i've worked hard for my success. Mum was allowed to buy the magazine, only after i had bagged the position of the editor, coz i wanted my own identity. Basically, i handle the whole work, mum loves to spend her time either working on the laptop, or watching me. Earlier mum used to help dad in the business, but now she's usually with me, and works with dad just through her laptop. Its always a tough fight b|w dad and me, as to who gets mum for more time, and i am always the victorious one, to add to dad's grumbles. But, i never saw dad actually being angry at mum for neglecting him, coz she never did, I've no idea how does she manage everything, she's a wonderful wife, businesswoman, mom and an awesome person. I'm proud to be the daughter of such a wonderful couple, the most romantic people uptil yet, i've ever met. Being the busy people as they are, my parents never neglected me, reult being, i am the epitome of fusion of indian as well as western culture. For the people outside, i am a person of bold nature, independent and a strict boss. But the ones who know me personally can tell u how quiet and shy i am. These are just two faces of my personality.

I am really sorry, i just get carried away when it comes to my family. Now, where was i going, off course, i am driving my new merc from mumbai to panchgani, to the farmhouse of the "Modi's". I have been spending my every holi there, since long back. "Kartik Modi", the big businessman, is dad's childhood friend, and "Smriti Modi", his wife, is mum's best friend. I love the whole family too much, "Abhimanyu Modi" followed his dad on the path of business, where as "Nikita Malhotra Modi", has a boutique of her own. "Dr Anjali Modi Joshi", wife of "Dr Atul Joshi", is a senior doctor with her husband at sanjeevani, whose dean is Atul's dad. I totally love Kittu (kartik) uncle, sim aanty, abhi bhai, nikki bhabhs, anji di and atul jij. They all take me to be youngest kid of their family.

My friends cum employees, "Rahul Grewal", the leading photographer, and his girlfriend, "Muskaan Chadhha", a witty and spontaneous writer, shall reach there tomorrow morning. They both are my best friends, and the only secret keepers of the person i love so deeply. We three share each others life strongly, hence making us bestest buddies.

Its late night, but i've reached the place, so a temporary gud nite cammy, ha, only a person like me cud spend her journey listening to songs or talking to her cammy, while driving. Hey, the electricity has just gone off, it'll take a few minutes to switch on the generators. I'll have to be careful, carefully Radhi, oh yeah! By the way, Radhi is a name only i use for myself, and so does my cammy. Top secret, i luv the name radhika, referred to goddess Radha, coz the person i love is the God Krishna of my life. I can just love him, but never get him, the big reason, he HATES me. The love of my life hates me, so, i've never had the guts to tell him about it.

Oh Radhi, oh no, u've hit the pot u so surely knew was there. Now fall to the floor, get hit hard, and wait helplessly for some help. But guess what? Falling doesnt hurt, luks like nothing ever happened. I then open my eyes which i had closed on the way to my fall, just to look into those bluish-grey eyes, in the presence of the dim silver moonlight. The green ones had found the blue ones, which for sure didnt seem cold at all, unlike the other days. His stare held me captivated, my heart skipped a beat, then beating at the highest rate. I felt like reaching my hand forward, just to feel the warmth of his skin. Suddenly a shiver ran down my spine, a low voice escaping my lips, "Armaan".

It all started when i was 13. I had come for holi, as always to Kittu uncle's place. But this time, there was a new guy, about 14, present in the gardens, on the benches. I had a distant view, and enquired about him. He was the son of "Rihaan Mallik" and "Armi Mallik", extremely close to kittu uncle. His parents and his younger sister "Arhi Mallik"(12), had passed away in a plane crash, leaving Armaan to live with the Modis. Malliks too had an extremely flourishing chains of hotels, to be handled by Armaan when he wished to. I was shocked to know that he had already started to learn the tacts of business (no wonder he has the leading chains of hotels at present). My first meeting with him took place the same night, i was enjoying the beauty of the stars on the terrace, sitting in the room made of glass. The room was made specially for me. The walls, the decors, and every possible thing was made of glass. I switched off the lights, and was about to move down, that i hit the small settee, unable to see in the dark, and was immediately engulfed into a pair of strong arms. I was suprised to stare in those blui-grey eyes, and this close contact of his skin with my bare arms sent 10000 watt shock messages to my body. I cud feel the goosebumps forming all over my body, but hoped he cudn't, thankfully he didnt or maybe chose not to.

"Who are you and what are u doing here?", he asked in a tone that didnt display any of his emotions.

"Radh..., umm, Riddhima, Riddhima Gupta. And I always spend my time in this room, it has been designed as such for me, but i wont mind if u wanna be here too, we cud be friends, u c", i said as i fumbled with the answer due to my present thoughts status full of his deep charm.

"Oh, so u r the *pappa's priceless spoiled princess*, enjoying her parents' wealth, who thinks everybody has to live just to bid her orders. I've heard the servants talk about u, they think u r pampered too much. But i am not one of them, so dont expect me to do the puppy walk behind u. As for this room, Kartik dad has told me i cud use it. So no point if u mind or no, get it."

"How dare u, how dare u speak to me like that?", i suddenly emerged out of his hold, shouting at the top of my voice.

"Look, i dont care....", he started, but i cut him,

"Dont u try going there, Mr. Armaan Rihaan Mallik, who on earth gave u the right to accuse me of all those things. What do u know about me, huh, what do u know? I know i am pampered by my family as well as kittu uncle and all, but i never asked for it, and i seriously dont regret it. I dont think there was any day people who know me called me a spoilt child, coz i am proud of my parents' upbringing. The people who dont know me, are jealous of my luck, ur so called informers. But why am i telling u all this, u just dont deserve my friendship. (I paused for a sec, abt to comment on the death of his family, but thought the better of it). As for the room, i'm locking it and taking the keys with me. I'd love to c u get them without my approval, try as hard as u can. Hmph!"

For a flash of second i saw agony in his eyes, but it had gone as soon as it had come, leaving me confused if it had been there or not.

This was my first meeting with Armaan, which had been enough to tell me how much he hated me. I kept my mind working to realise the reality of his words.The real reason, I worked out later, to satisfy myself, was that after losing his family, Armaan saw me as an intruder in his relations. He had wanted to be the most loved one here, but i was the apple of everyone's eye, which unfortunately he cudn't deny.

It was actuall Armaan's attitude towards me, that gave me a pushoff towards working hard for a career. It was as if, i wanted to prove myself capable to him. Bright as i already was, it didnt take me long to choose myself a career. Initially i shouted about my successs to everyone even through the phone, to make sure he heard me loud and clear. But later, i skipped doing that. I avoided Armaan at every step, the urge to prove him wrong melted down as i realised i had lost my heart to him, the first night of our meeting. His behavior with everyone except me, his nature and his love for the family, all made me love him more. I had created a relation between us of the cat and the dog fighting in front of everyone, so that there was no place of doubt in anyone's heart. He equally participated in fighting with me, resulting in my victory in the end. I thought he let me win deliberately, but then thought otherwise. As much as i denied it, i realised i loved him more and more. I finally gave up fighting with myself, admitting my love, and hence avoiding him, lest he realised my feelings. My biggest fear was his rejection.

As soon as the name escaped my lips, i heard him sigh. His breath felt hot on my face, warming me enough even on that chill night. Suddenly the lights came back, bringing out everyone to welcome their successful princess. I was clutched by everyone turn by turn, and when i turned back, he had left.

U know what cammy, every year these siblings of mine, they paint my face with colours, when i am asleep, before the others. Every year i try to stay awake to stop them, but aghast, i fail. Hope i can do it this time.

"Hey guys, happy holi to u all", i mutter in a sleepy voice, as i move down the stairs. But, everyone of them burst out laughing.

"Oh no, not again!" My guess was too true, i had come down with a painted face. I asked them to click a pic, and strode off to add that to the previous ones.

The holi party was in full swings. People, young and old, along with kids, were running in every possible direction. Just then i saw Rahul coming in, i reached him as he enveloped me in a hug.

"Hey dude what took u so long, hope u found the place easily, are u tired, need something to eat or drink, oh by the way, Hapy Holi, and where is my third muskeeter?", i showered a bunch of questions on him.

"Wait princess, give me a break. (He paused for a second). Now, Happy Holi (again giving a hug), i am totally fine, found the place easily, everyone seems to know u guys, i am not hungry or thirsty at present, ur third so called muskeeter muski is in bed right now, with high temperature and bad cold." He continued at my shocked expressions,

"Madame wanted to celebrate holi with water even before the day itself, giving her such a cold. Before u ask, doc says she'll be fine by tomorrow, nothing serious. This was the reason of my delay. And a good newz for u, "Rockstar" has been chosen as the best magazine at the International Awards in Paris, u need to be there to collect the award and so many other awards on our behalf, they've sent u ticket. By the way, more than half of those awards are in our bag."

This time i engulfed him in a hug, tight as one that choked his throat. Our ongoing didnt escape the others and i introduced them to Rahul, telling them about the awards hing. As expeced, they all celebrated heartily, but i felt, something amiss.
Armaan was nowhere to be seen.

I finally bade farewell to Rahul after the party ended,

"Buddy, book two tickets for urself as well as muski. The three muskeeteers do everything together, 'One for All, All for One'. Add the bill to my account."

"But Ridzi..."

"No ifs and buts, it is an anniversary gift to u guys"


"Yeah Rahul, i think its time u tell her about it. I think she's waiting for it, and what wud be a better place than Paris to tell each other that u love each other"

"Ridzi, thanx for everything. I guess i cant delay it anymore, Paris is just the place"

"Hey stop this thanx and all, none of these in friendship, buddy. And remember this gift, so that i am allowed to forget any of ur oncoming anniversaries", we burst out laughing,

"Ridzi, try telling him, maybe theres some hope. Plz Ridzi, give urself a chance, or u may loose him forever. Plz, for me, for Muskaan and for ur self. Promise me u will"

I had to do it, i knew that, i cudnt just let him go, i loved Armaan, so i promised, and we parted with a final hug. I then moved inside, oblivious to a pair of eyes witnessing my give and take with Rahul.

That night, mum and dad told me that we were to leave for Mumbai early morning, so i'd better be ready. I knew it was my last chance, so i packed my things, checked that everyone was downstairs, and hurried off to Armaan's room. Nobody in the house went to his room, not even uncle and aanty. I knocked at his door, no answer. I again knocked, this time a bit harder. No answer again. I fished out the cell from my pocket, abt to call him, when i opened the pictures. There were so many of them of Armaan, all of them at the moment he was busy enough to ignore my presence. Then i hit the 'call' button. He finally picked up after some time,

"Yes, Armaan here!", his voice sounded different.

"Armaan, i need a favour, i need to talk to u, i'm outside ur room"

''I'll just come", few seconds passed and he was there, standing in his army 3|4 ths and black and white t-shirt. Wearing a red tank top with black capree, i was too nervous too look at his face that i stared everywhere but his face.

"Cud we go and talk in the balcony?", he followed me as quietly.

"Ummmm.... Armaan, i, i wanted to tell u something, about u, no about us, no, i mean about me." Hell, i was fidgeting with my cell.

"Please Riddhima, dont..."

I raised my eyes to look at him and was shocked to see him. The pain which had made me look up at him was so visible, his eyes were red, as if he had been crying. He seemed to be in so much pain. I cudnt see him like that. I was suddenly missing his million dollar smile and his
flashy dimples.

"Please dont say something that i wont be able to hear, please Riddhima"

The way he said my name, it felt as if he was begging to me. I cudnt give him and myself more pain, the pain of rejection i feared, the pain of loosing him.
But, i dont know what came over me, i suddenly exclaimed,

"Armaan, if u care for me, then please meet me at the terrace, after everyone is asleep. Please Amu, if u care, then please come. And i promise i'll never trouble u again"

I rushed from there saying this, hence did not see him fall on his knees, broken and hurt, crying his heart out.
I thumped on my bed crying badly,

"Why God, i had finally taken a step towards him, but u've taken him miles away from me. I dont think he will ever come there to me, he doesnt care,does he? More than that God, he was hurt. I've got no idea why was that, but if it was related to me, i promise Armaan, u'll never be hurt because of me. I'll leave ur life the next instant"

An hour later, when i was sure, that everyone was sleeping, i got out of my room and climbed the stairs with some hope that he might come. I hadnt realised i wud require a jacket,it was chilling cold. I was broken to find an empty terrace, i opened my favourite room, with thoughts of collecting the pieces of my broken heart there. As i was about to enter, I heard footsteps. My heart told me, it was Armaan. He was at a distance, i chose to speak to his body rather than face him. I started,

"Armaan, i m sorry for all what has happened between us in the past. I know i  cannot ammend it, and i promise to never trouble u again. I have deccided that i'll shift to Paris, never to come back in ur life, but there's one thing i want u to know, i am in love, Armaan, i am in love with someone who made me look at my life and find its meaning, he made me what i am today, i love him since i entered the age related to attraction, but it just grew stronger with time, i love him since last 10 years, capturing his every precious smile, hiding from him just to get a glimpse of his michief or his smile, i decorated this glass room with his accessories, his belongings and anything related to him. Yes Mr. Armaan Ridhaan Mallik, I, Riddhima Shashank Gupta, is hopelessly in love with you. I really love u"

With this i shut my eyes, waiting for him to depart from there, leaving me with my brokrn heart, when,


I opened my eyes to see him standing there with his arms wide open and a big smile playing on his lips.
I ran and drowned myself in his arms, i didnt need any jacket right now, the world had stopped for me, i wanted to take every part of this moment into my heart, i wanted our hearts to feel connected, so that i cud take all his pains and give him only happiness, so that he cud reciprocate my feelings too, i wanted...

"I love u too Radhi,
I luv u too Riddhima"

With that, we shifted to the room, where he tried to give me his white jacket.

"No Amu, just dont let me out of ur hold, i feel so safe here"

"My princess, i so love u"

"Amu, idont believe it, u also love me, i mean u always showed that u hated me, and where did u get that Radhi, and why were u so sad today, had i hurt u, or was it someone else, tell me Armaan, plz tell..."

He pressed her lips with his fingers, making her silent. She was brought to a sudden silence.

"Relax sweetheart, my angel,lets start right from the beginning. I had lost my family, and with that, i had lost my ability to trust God. I knew he wud take away everyone i loved, so despite loving Kartik dad and Smriti mom, and the whole family, i tried not to connect too much with them. Then, i heard about your arrival, as to how much the people here love u, even the servants. I was jealous of ur fate, so i decided to be a pain for u by making u feel guilty of ur behaviour. That night, i was coming up, to spend some time, and realised someone falling. I jumped to ur rescue, and fell in love with the green eyed angel. Just then i realised i cudnt let u get hurt by allowing u to come closer to me. I made up all the reasons i cud think of at that moment. I knew i was doing just the right thing. Then i luvd it when i heard of any of ur success. As for Radhi, i used to climb up ur bedroom at the night of holi, i wanted to colour u first of all.

"And u managed without any doubts from bhai and di?'

"Well, i told them that the other one had done it, hence keeping them off the trail. Thats when i downloaded all the data from ur cammy to my laptop. It felt nice to see as if u were talking to me. Thats where i got Radhi. As for today, i saw u with that punk from ur office, the closeness u guys shared ripped me apart. I know i'd lost u seeing u guys so close."

"He's my best buddy Amu, him and Muski, both. Moreover they are a couple too."

"I realised i was wrong a few minutes ago, but telling me he's already committed surely makes my day sweety. (I giggled) So, now what are the plans, who shall tell the family?"

"I dont think we need to go there actually, coz i heard uncle n aanty talking to mum n dad at the party as to how much they love me, how they'll miss me if i'm gone. They finally concluded that they cud keep me here for the rest of the life, using u as a bait."

"Are u saying what i think u r saying?"

"Yes, (i added softly) they want us to get married"

I was again engulfed in his arms, but this time for a tighter hug. Although i was in his arms from the time we were here, but this seemed just so different. With that, we spent the night or morning u cud say, talking our hearts out to each other. We both had found our love, truly ours. With that i got up him, entering his room, only to find it full of my posters. He had decorated it according to my choices. I realised how alike we were as i planned to ask mum n dad to let me stay here with the Modi's for a few days, i already had an answer ready to their questions. But before that i had Rahul n Muski to call, to tell them about us going to Paris on  a double date, as i lost myself again in Armaan.


Plz press the ,ike button if u consider it even average.

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hey it was just tooooooooooooooo good.......................write more me if u do

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nice shot.........

do write more.........and lenght has never been as issue........


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hizz just toooooooooooooooo gud
love princess

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hey hunny... you knwo you dun even need to attempt to write good.. coz you already write brilliantly.. :D:D.. do write more please.... love..rav..x

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wow lovely one shot
enjoyed it
u shud really write one shots
ur writing is also fantastic


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