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Few rules and regulations

  • Do not bash any actor or actress. We all have our flaws, so do they.
  • In the heat of debate, remember respect.
  • Absolutely no bashing other members in CC, for that matter anyone in the forum.
  • Even in the face of opposing views, observe civility and courtesy.

"In the end we are all separate: our stories, no matter how similar, come to a fork and diverge. We are drawn to each other because of our similarities, but it is our differences we must learn to respect."

Sit back and enjoy with friends. Share silly ideas to life's deepest philosophies. We can discuss anything here. We will be crazy, sad, and at times deliriously happy. We talk a lot and we love to hear your stories too. We all have something to share and something of offer.




So get your coffee and pull up a chair.



Mayank and nupur

Who bought us all together

by divya(myownarea)

  Phase 1

Mayank and Nupur had a love at first sight sort of beginning.
Theirs was the kind of connection which was not defined merely by the process of falling in love

Like I've mentioned before, Nupur needs help and Mayank helps her. This very act, when Mayank did, was not acknowledged by Nupur but she had already formed a certain respect for her rescuer. For him, it was her eyes, the minute she fell into his arms, he felt something he had never felt before (having never associated himself with females his age) . Then he saw her eyes, vulnerable yet determined. He felt a connection he cudnt explain. She left him without a thank you ...that sealed their bond. 

This was phase one.

Now phase 2 was more complex..

Phase 2

Now they are in denial, as much as there is an undeniable attraction, the obvious dissimilarities cause them to think otherwise. They decide they hate each other. He is the cool dude, the academic champ and his sense of humour is only for a few to understnd. Sarcasm is the tool he uses to put people at bay. HE doesnt care about the world. She is the fighter, the talkative, open minded girl from a small town. She is filmy and loud, lovable and sweet. Its an obvious clash of personalities..

She cannot stand his sarcasm he cannot stand her non-stop chatter. they are put together to do a project, they rebel. Its a opposites repel scenario. The underlying attraction continues, she falls into his arms, he cannot help falling deep into her eyes and she cant seem to take off her eyes from his. This, however they overlook for everything else.

Slowly there Phase 3 where things get only even more complex! if thats possible!

 Phase 3

Here there is an obvious need to overlook the dissimilarities and come to an understanding. The need is situational, they have a project to do. She wants him to be her dance partner,. So, its a need-based understanding that they develop, simply out of necessity. While, they do form this association, they realise, they have qualities that complement and complete each other. The underlying attraction strengthens as the comfort level has increased. The talent parade audition is a step where they realise their physical comfort with each other. She is flustered by his touch but her body reacts positively to him. This is a unique quality and most often, such situations lead to discomfort but here, there is not just comfort but a feeling of completeness. Nupur's mind has already associated Mayank's as that of a perfect partner's. As they work together further, there is an obvious closeness that leads to them being flustered but they never feel discomfort. 
Slowly their contrasting natures also help in bringing each other closer. HE would never have danced if not for her..he would never have gone to a beach with a girl if not for her. She was the reason he was beginning to enjoy life. She was learning to take her work in the right spirit from him, though she lied, she is motivated to work harder just for him.

Phase 4 ..goes to the next level of relationship

Phase 4

Betrayal! Mayank feels betrayed by the Nupur. He is deeply hurt because, for the first time in his life. he had trusted a girl (or anyone other than his mother & himself) and this girl had lied to him. The very thought tore him apart, he does not realise it but his heart had already started feeling for the girl in question. There are strains of love that he doesnt realise but there is the broken trust he is unable to accept. His coming for the dance is an act, where his heart overtakes the emotions (such as hate, betrayal)he thinks he feels. Pyaar ki ek kahani is a dance of passion where 2 wounded souls r dancing in unison (in the serial, this dint come out that well thou! ) . 
They fight because, she knows she made a mistake and is remorseful, he fails to see her remorse. The ego overtakes all the beatings of the heart and they part ways. They are hurt far more deeply than they know. Even when they dance they look into each other's eyes, there is no anger because deep inside - the souls know that they are meant to be. The Ego of the individuals though come to fore-front when they clash after the dance!

Phase 5

He had slowly and surely forgiven her (atleast in his heart) as it was impossible for him to stay angry with her. Her defiance of him, impressed him further. Somebody challenging his very forte, his studies, was something that marked her as a equal in his heart and mind. when she proved that she was upto the challenge she had undertaken, instead of being more angry , his anger seemed to melt away..He had already started missing her (remember the scene where he is studying and thinks of her involuntarily). He was deeply impressed when she said a few lines of a poem in class , there is nothing new but her determination pulled him towards her even more. Then quite conveniently they were again partners for a trip away from college and they would spend all their time together, outwardly they rebelled, but their hearts rejoiced. The very fact that he had reserved a place for her, showed his changing emotions towards her, when she fell into his arms, though they were supposed to be angry with each other, that was not the emotions they emanated. When he wanted her back sitting with him, he was asking a girl he was supposed to be "hating" to sit with him. His actions were a dead-giveaway, the final straw being the act of missing the bus because she had not climbed into the bus.

Phase 6

the feelings come out and the love overcomes all other emotions --

As they spend more time together, they fight, they argue but they cant spend a minute away from each other. He starts liking her small small actions (which he wouldve hated otherwise). He is initially ignorant of his change in feelings. The first hug is a small trigger, a joke he played on her comes back to haunt him as her vulnerable side is exposed. He is confused to see her in such a state. Her vulnerabilities attract her to him even further. The complete hug distorts his single minded focus and causes his heart to feel for this girl. 
She on the other hand had always hidden her weaknesses to the world, but she gets caught in the moment and exposes her real side to him. The minute he says its a joke, she tries to cover up but its too late. 
The hug solves the mysteries that their hearts carry, now only the individuals with their mixed feelings, emotions and egoes needed to resolve their issues.

As he comes across a vile and corrupt person who is a total contrast to his personality (lucky mishra) and understands his not so noble intensions, he feels protective of her and responsible for her. His instincts are more basic than he realises, protect the partner. The various escapades intensify the comfort level their hearts share. 

The breaking point, when a drunk Nupur tells him that he is the sweetest person she knows, he cannot but respond..the drink helped in putting the egoes at bay, so in a simple heart to heart conversation they realise their love for each other. Only Nupur will forget while Mayank's emotions will change forever!

Phase 7

Mayank is in love with Nupur, he understands it, even though he doesnt admit it to himself. He can feel himself getting lost in her eyes, her beauty, her actions, her conversations, her innocence, her enthusiasm, her smartness, her self-respect. Her very being attracts him to her, he dreams of her. All these involuntary actions of his, disappoints the ego of the individual, the heart however has decided to part ways with his mind, so he lands himself in various flights of imaginations. He surrenders to his feelings when trapped in chunky mishra's bunglaw. (Khuda jaane is the high point here).

However, once he is out of the Bunglaw, he starts to question his judgement. However, small actions like the thorn from the cactus that pricks her and his completely worried response to it, makes him realise he is giving himself away. 

Nupur meanwhile has developed immense respect for him and trusts him implicitly (Remember the time she wakes up post the barn night, she suspects herself but has full faith in him). Her sparks are based on the care he gives her. As much as she doesnt realise it earlier, she now knows that she feels most protected, comforted and comfortable with him. While she can be herself, he can continue to play a huge part in her life.
the obvious love that Chunky mishra can see is lost to Mayank and Nupur though. They continue to be in denial, rather, their minds are yet to accept what their hearts have known all along.

by muskan(muskan19)


Part 1

First time when mayank helped her with the restroom door, she came right in his arms and cried burrying her face in his chest. It became more than just helping someone right there. There was this girl who was scared and was shaken up, finding comfort in his arms. He didn't know her, hadn't even seen her face yet, had never let any girl come that close to him, yet he stood there waiting for her to calm down. He didn't exactly know what to do but knew he just had to be there for her. He was feeling awkward at the situation he was in but at the same time was feeling bad for her. She slowly got back but still had her face covered with her hands. And when she slowly moved her hands off her face he saw her face for the first time. She was different from the girls he had seen around him in college. He still talks about her eyes and her eyes were what attracted him towards her. Her eyes were filled with tears, he noticed that and felt the fear and pain in it, he wanted to comfort her but she ran away. He tried to stop her only because he had just started caring for a girl he hardly knew.

 Part 2

Being the guy he was he quickly brushed off that strange feeling and went on. Maybe he was still wondering about her but he doesn't let that take over. Soon, to his surprise he finds her in his arms once again. Those eyes that got him the first time were looking straight into his eyes this time. He cudn't just let go of her immediately. For a second everything just stopped there for him. For nupur that was the first time she looked properly at the guy who was a total stranger yet had already saved her twice. Something takes over both of them and they stood looking into each others eyes before a class full of students niether of them realising it. There was something about him that she was finding hard to ignore and there was something about her that was attracting him towards her. These were 2 people who in their normal senses would not let any guy or a girl come that close to them but they let their guard down for each other. Even if it was for a minute not knowing why.
This phase was short lived though, and as both of them snap out of it they also get back to their real selves nupur being confident but upset about the whole situation and mayank being his sarcastic self. As usually happens, destiny had something else planned out for them. They end up becoming project partners. There first impression about each other was nothing but "what's wrong with her/him" so working on a project together made neither of them happy.

Part 3

They both had very strong personalities. Niether of them let anyone get to them that easily. Being 2 completely opposite people with completely different ideologies they started clashing. But, that connection made during their first meet didn't let either of them ignore the other. They'd fight but still find themselves around each other all the time. Something was changing but none of them had time from their constant arguments to notice it.
Was the project only reason for them being around each other or there was something more to it? He could have managed to do the project by himself even if it was a group project, he finds her least interested in studies yet he keeps her involved all the time. She on the other hand feels challenged by his attitude and sarcasm towards her yet his opinion mattered to her. Out of all she asked him how she was looking when she tried on that dress. And when he made fun of her she immediately felt that maybe she overdid it. Why didn't she question him? why did she take his opinion and why did she so quickly accept it? Gunjan said it before mayank did that she went a bit too far but she didn't care. Why did she listen to a guy she didn't even know that well enough?

Part 4

When she does well in the project against all his hopes he starts to question his judgement. He knew she was not into studies yet she came up with such a good project report. Not even once he thought that she might have taken someone's help. He already started trusting her enough to question his judgement rather than her loyalty towards the project. He felt bad for misunderstanding her but at the same time was relieved and proud of her. That's where for the second time he feels drawn to her but this time out of respect. He was already moving up the love ladder and he was not realizing it yet. He infact didn't even think twice before apologizing to her for not understanding her seriousness towards the project. A guy always in control of his emotions is seen vulnerable for the first time during that library scene. He felt a need to go to her and apologise....why? Even after he apologised he felt an urge to sit there and spend some time with her but his ego overpowered him and he walked out. On nupur's front, she felt a need to prove herself to him. Was it just because she wanted to prove his suspicions about her wrong or was it because she wanted him to think good of her. she wanted to impress him at some level and she did it by doing what he liked not at something that she was good at. What he thought of her mattered to her even if it was masked by her ego.

Part 5

Mayank does not trust people that easily. Hence he had very few friends. But nupur was different. She had already gained his trust by excelling at something he was very serious about specially when he least expected it. He was always clear about his thoughts, his opinions, and in general his life. But for the first time he questioned his judgement. For the first time he accepted that he was wrong about her. It was his defeat but he gracefully accepted it and opened himself up to her friendship. He was happy about the fact that he had found somebody whom he could trust and who shared his interest i.e studies or he thought so at the time. Soon he realised that she also had other interests. Nupur on the other hand was excited about proving him wrong. That gave her more confidence while being around him. 2 time saviour was slowly turning into a guy she could approach when in need. And so she did, when she found herself struggling to fulfil her dream of performing on stage just because of not having a dance partner. Somewhere knowing that he will help her she approaches him.
Giving in to her request was another major turn in mayank's life. He was reluctant out of his nature but helplessly surrendered to her persistance. No girl had ever even tried doing what she had already started. She was influencing him. He gives in to her request but satisfies his ego by making it a part of the deal. That deal as much as it sounded like a simple give and take was subconciously an attempt on his part to keep her around for longer time than just the 1st project. Her enthusiasm towards little things in life, her cheerfulness, and her confidence was hard for him to ignore. He for the first time was seeing a different way of living life than what he was used to so gets sucked in before he could even realise it. Apart from just being drawn towards her nautankis he was also finding himself in situations of physical proximity with her due to the circumstances of their meetings. He had never got so close to a girl before but instead of getting all flustered and quickly moving away he gets lost into her. She is on the other hand going through similar emotional turmoil and hence at several such instances find herself caught in the moment. Neither of them pulling off immediately.

Part 6

Lot of people try to define love in their own way but love has no universal definition. It means different to different people. For some love starts with attraction, for some love starts with emotional bonding and for some with friendship but for mayank and nupur it started with "no reason"
They were just 2 opposite people brought by destiny in front of each other and then left to fight, disagree and argue. They were so different that for them it was tough to find a common ground where they could relate yet, they were willingly or unwillingly trying hard to find that common ground by walking into each other's territory. She was making project and working hard on it for him and he was for the first time participating in a dance competition for her. They both had satisfied their ego by finding good reasons behind doing so but deep down they both were enjoying each others company.
Next turning point in their relationship was when mayank takes her to beach to relieve her from her personal stress. He saw her standing all by herself sad and not doing what she could't live without i.e talking. It didn't take much for him to understand that something was wrong which, bothered him as by now he was getting used to a bubbly and always smiling nupur. He noticed that she was feeling lonely and homesick. He knew exactly what he needed to do at the time. He knew he had to be with her as a friend and change her surroundings so she could relax. By this time nupur had developed enough trust in him, rest assured that he will take care of her and agrees to go with him. Sitting at beach for the first time they both talked about things other than project or dance. For the first time they were connecting at an emotional level. For the first time he had seen her emotional and vulnerable side which made him realise that there was more to her than her tough, fighter exterior. She was vulnerable and he was there for her. He was slowly becoming her gaurdian angel.

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*YAY * AJ...!!

Our own CC !!! *khajra re..khajra re..*
Absolutely Fab Smile
Welcome shelcome to all Hug (invites ofcourse:)
SO, we get to discuss somethign other than MN...
.....breathes easy ROFL
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SO one more reason for AJ to top the Hole of PHAME ROFLROFL

Oops.. I didnt get the invite AJ!!!! LOL
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Originally posted by -ananya-

SO one more reason for AJ to top the Hole of PHAME ROFLROFL

Oops.. I didnt get the invite AJ!!!! LOL
I hadn't invite any one yet......LOLLOLLOL.........Next one you can open and become the top of Hole of Phame.....Right now Annie is leading............I am in 3 rd place
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girls none of u sent me a request....sad muh...

neway am doing bhangra neway....

hi divya, ananya, aj....
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hi AJ congrats so finally our own new adda.... LOL
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hi muski and aj....

hey aj make the first page a lil more chamkilaa.....and add some picture na...
muskan19 IF-Rockerz

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u didn't watch the episode....?

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