Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai


Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai
Sapna Babul Ka...Bidaai

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*Eva* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 4:03pm | IP Logged
Funrailians, I will be on as soon as I finish my lab. I didnt even get a chance to watch Bidaai yet, uff. Cry Hug

I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed with the response! Thank you all SO much for always being there for me and for supporting me. I hope I wont let you guys down! THANK YOU!!! I'll reply to all the posts, individually as soon as I finish my work. Hug

Will be back ASAP! Hug

*Eva* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 4:04pm | IP Logged
100 PAGES!!!!! Dancing Party Hug

EEK, CONGRATS GUYS! We made it! Man, I'm SO proud of this place...could not imagine life without it! Keep rocking the thread, funrailians! Thanks to all our supporters! Hug
-karishma- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 February 2010 at 4:18pm | IP Logged
Hi everybodyHug
Can i join u guys?
i am karishma. i am big fan of our foursomeSmile
*Eva* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 February 2010 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by KiNnY-pArTnEr

I'l replt to your essay tommrow evaROFL
such a beautiful essay u wrote

Tomorrow = Next week. Gotcha. ROFL

That article completely touched my heart. One of the best I've read in a while. Embarrassed

Originally posted by Bini311

Oh my god..I missed the party again...I thought you both were not here....Cry

I am also eagerly waiting for the dance between Sagini cos it is sure going to be a reunion. I am also thinking there will be a SBS segment tomorrow or so...about the dance..I am super excited......did I tell guys...I HATE VASU....playing with both Ragini and Sadhana like they are some Kaath-putalis....OMG...thankgod we have Ranvir.............such a hero...detective RanvirCool is hiding behind the pillar...and is like hummmmm.....I am loving it.......Aallu I don' t know this commentSleepySleepySleepy

Btw, guys you know what I saw in my dream yesterdaayyyyyyyyyy......OMGGGGGG...I saw Kinshuk.....haila....he was walking by a pool, and I was also walking by, and I saw him, and wanted to take picture with my phone..........but there were so many people in the pool, so we kept moving so that only two of us were in the frame...........and he was soooo much fun....we were just goofing around....and since we were moving and laughing so much, we both fell in the pool.....and I was like...meraaaaa phone....and  I woke up..........LOLLOL The whole time I was taking picture, I was telling him it has to come good...I have to post in Bidaai forum.....LOLI was so surprise when I woke was like I just met Kinshuk......I don't think any actor/actress has come to my dream was so funny....but Kinshuk was so down to earth..and we became instant would be an awesome day if we could hangout with the awesome foursome for real.....

Aww, dont worry Partner! The party hasnt even started yet. Wink ROFL

Dude, did you see Parul's SBB segment?! IT WAS ADORABLE! She danced like an angel and she said she's rooting for Sadi to win. I'm like "AWW!!" Day Dreaming LOL

I am SUPER excited for the dance, Partner! Uff, can you believe they're coming back?! The only reason I was excited for this track was for the reunion scenes between the foursome...but the Sagini reunion, I am excited for the most as we have only got one Sagini scene in like 3 or 4 months. Salekh and Ragvir scenes occur way more, so we're already getting the feel of the reunion from both jodis. Party Dancing

Haan, Vasu is using Ragini against Sadi, COMPLETELY. It would have been totally different if Sagini were not sisters, Vasu wouldnt have cared so much about Ragi. Vasu knows that Sadi's weakness is Ragi, so she is taking full advantage of it. Cry

Ranvir toh is rocking! He's like the cupid between Salekh. Ragini will join him, soon too. Allu ji is an on and off character for me. Like recently, hes been really amazing. The way he comes into Sadi's cabin and hugs her...and then the yelling at the security guard. Now that was totally rocking, loved Allu ji there. Day Dreaming

AWW @ DREAM. How adorable! Man, Kinchu is SUCH a sweetheart, I'm sure that we'd become instant dosts with him. Day Dreaming

MERA PHONE!!!! R.I.P. Phone.  Shocked ROFL Cry

Aww, your dream was SO hilariously adorable! I had a dream about Sagini a few nights back, but it was really sad. I posted it for Sania a few pages back and she got gussa at me, because it brought her into tears. Chal, I will find it for you. Cry

Originally posted by --sarar--


anybody rememberf me??ROFL
fans aka sans*incase u dnt underftand*ROFL dnt answer this, nt for uROFL

man i fo wanna talk to u guyf but i fo dnt feel like coming feriosly i came here through my PostfROFL

ps. fahid effect jo s ko f karta haiROFLROFLROFL

BHOOT!!!! Shocked ROFL

Dude, there are only like 4 members here. How on Earth can we forget you?! ROFL Hug

Kya hua dost?! Kuch problem hai kya? Cry

*sigh*...I would reply to that lekin I will get in trouble. ROFL Cry

Originally posted by KiNnY-pArTnEr

Originally posted by *Eva*

Hello funrailians. Coolwhats upWink

Uff, just finished watching Bidaai with the SBS and SBB segments. Man, Parul was looking absolutely GORGEOUS. Her dance was fab! Day Dreaming Dancingthey showed parulShocked Dude, you didnt see it?! WATCH IT!!!!! Shocked Day Dreaming

Hehe, Parul said that she's rooting for Sadi. Haila, how adorable. Day Dreaming ROFLhayeeeeeeee main marjawana Day Dreaming ROFL Nahin, mein mar jawaan FIRST. ROFL Day Dreaming

*sigh*...I want to see Sara's dance too. Ab aur intezaar nahin hota hai mujhse. Cry kyun nahiAngryROFL Kyunki I want to see both sisters burn the dance floor, ASAP. Cry ROFL

Oh my god. This Mahotsav is on the 23rd? THAT MEANS ONE MORE WEEK, WHAT THE HECK?!?! Shocked Cry Angry ab karo wait hor..haan what the heck is this...AngryROFL *sigh*...only 3 more episodes. I havent seen Bidaai since Tuesday, uff. I'll catch up tomorrow and then tell you guys what I thought about this weeks episode tomorrow. Cry


Uff, I AM SO UPSET. I was waiting for like EVER for this week to come and now its next week, uff! Angry your fault not mineROFL

Why the heck are they making us wait another whole week for this?! This is like the most awaited thing in Bidaai, its so heavily promoted and now, we have to wait even longer. Cry wait karna acha hota..hai.sab ka phal meeta  hota haiROFL

I wanted Sagini to reunite by Friday, but I guess we're gonna have to wait. *sigh* they say, patience is golden. Ouch u cant do this its CT choiseAngryROFL

Uff, what a bad way to start off a week. Ouch

Anyways, holy fudge, SALEKH WERE SO DAMN AMAZING TODAY!!!!! Day Dreaming what they didShockedDay Dreaming YES, YES, YES!!!!! Day Dreaming

Oh man, Salekh hug...and IT WASNT A DREAM!!! Blushing Day Dreaming Dancing holly crap not was a dream are u seiros so how can they hug.this is confusing to meAngryROFL NO DREAM, NO DREAM!! Okay, well that stalker guy was trying to force himself on Sadi, Sadi screamed, Allu ji comes like Superman and hugs Sadi. Oh man, it was BEYOND adorableness!! Sadi's scream startled me though, I'm like "WHOA."  Day Dreaming ROFL

Man, Sadi cried today after SO long. I saw glimpses of the old Sadi today, I found it really cute. Embarrassedwhy she criedCry Cause of that stalker guy, I'm not liking him at all. After that incident, he has a bad rep. on my side. Lets see how he brings Salekh closer though, baut interesting hoga. Angry Day Dreaming

Acha peeps, I'll reply to everything soon. Lemme finish my lab and I'll be with you guys soon. Smile

Dude, I didnt reply to some things cause I will get undas thrown at me for chatting. Mujhe maaf kardo. Cry ROFL Hug

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*Eva* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 February 2010 at 10:35pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by KiNnY-pArTnEr

check it out this
Now eva is viebiew
she has to follow some rulesCryROFL

Sorry guys. Cry

Uff, now I feel guilty. Cry ROFL

Originally posted by --sarar--

OMG thnx for the link sansShocked
i dnt visit the forum anymore so dnt know anything there lolz

Anywayyy....YAYYYY!!! CONGRATUALTIONS EVAHugm very happpyyyyyy!!! :D m sure u will rock as a  viewbie/mod for sure..girlll!!!!

oh ok so follow the boring rules nowOuch

TAPPU!!!! Hug

Than...I mean, HOW SWEET OF YOU! Shukriya (ROFL) for the congrats yaar! Like I said, dont hurt yourself, hehe. Sachi, you're happier than I am! Phankoo for the support, dude! Hope I wont mess up. Hug ROFL

*sigh*...I'm afraid so. Please mujhe maaf kardo. Cry ROFL

Originally posted by KiNnY-pArTnEr

Omg US Bidaai epi are behind
RR and saalkh danceeeeeeeDay Dreaming

Tum aaye toh, hawayon mein, ek nasha hai....Day Dreaming Dancing

Oh Lord, the foursome will murder me with their intensity, ek din. Cry ROFL Day Dreaming

Originally posted by Bini311

Congratulations PartnerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrParty

Partner, I am the happiest in the forum right now...thank god Bidaai forum will be saved now.....and you will are the best.....and lets party tonight....

PARTNER!!!!!!!!!!! Hug


Thank you SO SO SO much for the congrats, Partner! It wouldnt have been possible without you. Bini ke bina Eva adhuri hai. Hug

Oh my god, you're even happier than I am, uff! Haan, you are SABSE HAPPIEST for sure. Man, I've never seen so many of the same emoticon THIS MANY TIMES. Partner, YOU ARE SUCH A SWEETHEART!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT! Without you, none of this woulda happened! Hug

I LOVE PARTIES!!!! Well, at least, I love the food. ROFL Hug Party

Originally posted by KiNnY-pArTnEr

its party timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeParty

Sania darling, you know what you are?! Well, I think you know already. YOU'RE A SWEETHEART!!! Hug

Originally posted by Bini311

Partner, I was going to come here to chat with you, and congratulate you in person, but my computer gave up on me...I am so....Confused but lets forget is party time....I can't believe you are the mod of Bidaai...gosh I am so excited..finally someone who is a true Bidaai fan is a mod...not saying because you are my friend....but because u are a true fan, and a perfect angel to be a mod...and you have my full support....partner, if someone try to mess with you...I will bring our Sagini police gun...LOL but seriously i will be there....Cool............

Also, now you need to do very good time management na...studies and forum, and all the very best.....I am so happy tonight:))))

Aww, Partner! Dont worry about it yaar! My laptop is like your computer...I think they are twins. Hug ROFL

Thank you SO much for those kind words Partner! Man, that REALLY touched me and lo ab mein emotional ban gayi. Sachi, you are just amazing yaar....A PERFECT SWEETHEART!!!! Hug

True fans and angels toh aap logon hai. You guys keep this place alive and I'll ALWAYS remain grateful to you guys for making it possible. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!!! You've always been there for me and I hope I can always be there for you too!!! Hug

Phankoo SO much for the support, Partner! Hehe, our Sagini police fun...secret weapon. Hug ROFL

Aww, YAY! Chal, I will be your sidekick. Hug ROFL

Time management has ALWAYS been a problem for me so lets see how I deal with it. I really must shape up now. Ab toh I have more responsibility than before. Thanks SO much for the wishes and your support! Haila, you are SO excited! EEK, HOW ADORABLE!!! Hug ROFL

Originally posted by Bini311

Partner, tomorrow will be your first day at work...and I might not be here, is a shagun for you....LOL..I am going total filmy now......aakhir kuch to assar hona chaiye na.......

SHAGUN?! Oh man, even my own parents didnt do that for me. Haila, I AM HONOURED!!! Dont worry Partner, filminess is DA besht. ROFL Hug

First, Aarti,

Pooja Thali

Now that I have the blessings of Ganesh ji...everything will go fine. Embarrassed

Now, Dahi Sakkar:
Dahi sakkar

YUMMY!!!!! Shocked ROFL Hug

*takes blessings* LOL Embarrassed

And now, Jhappi and all the best.....

EEK! JHAPPI!!! Chal, I will counterstrike it with TWO jhappis. ROFL

Thankoo for the wishes yaar! Man, you're more nervous than I am! Uff, you're the best Partner...I LOVE YOU!!! This is seriously the most adorable taufa I have got, thanks FOR EVERYTHIMG!!! Hug

And now the congratulatory gift, hold your breath partner........


Oh Lord...going, going, GONE. *dies*...Cry ROFL

EEK, EEK, EEK!!!!! Day Dreaming

Come on Eva, you can make it. ROFL

1-2-3-CLEAR!!!! Shocked ROFL

Tujh mein rab dikhta hai, yaara mein kya karoon, sajde sar jhukta hai, yaara mein kya karoon, tujh mein rab dikhta hai, yaara mein kya karoon...Day Dreaming

Now that I've seen Sagini, sab kuch theek hoga...Embarrassed ROFL Hug

If I'm not wrong, this pic is from the Teri Ore sequence on Anmol-Anamika. Ragini was going to meet her Anmol, then she saw Ranvir and left. Sagini were wearing the same clothes in a promo too. Oh man, September '08...Ishq Hua, Teri Ore and Dandiya sequence. Day Dreaming ROFL

THANKOO SO MUCH FOR THE PICTURE, PARTNER! Now that I've seen the sweetiepies, I can relax. Hug ROFL

Originally posted by Sweet_Deep

hello guys Big smile

Can I Join in Big smile

Hello! Welcome to the funrail! Hug

Of course you can join in! Do join us in our discussions and read the rules on the first page. Smile

Originally posted by smitha80

Congrats Eva!!!Great news indeed!!At last a good sign for this forum having a TRUE BIDAAI FAN in every sense as a MOD!!!

Aww, Smitha! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CONGRATS AND KIND WORDS! Aww, you're too sweet yaar, thank you! Hug

Btw, welcome to the funrail! Do join us in our discussions! Hug

Originally posted by dharaa

Congrats eva ji. Ab toh we have a perfect mod of the forum.

Dhara! Thank you SO much once again, for your support and kind words! It means a lot to me! Hug

Btw, welcome to the funrail! Hug

Originally posted by KiNnY-pArTnEr

Eva i'll reply to u r other post ad PM tonight ..ROFL am just too lazyDeadROFL

*sigh*'ll never change. ROFL

Originally posted by -karishma-

Hi everybodyHug
Can i join u guys?
i am karishma. i am big fan of our foursomeSmile


So glad you showed up, how are you? Hug

Of course you can join us! Please do join us in our discussions and do read the rules on the first page! Hug

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-SalShah4eva- IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 19 February 2010 at 1:17pm | IP Logged
I'l read all this laterROFL
too lazyROFL
-karishma- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 February 2010 at 5:18pm | IP Logged


So glad you showed up, how are you? Hug

Of course you can join us! Please do join us in our discussions and do read the rules on the first page! Hug
hi evaHugcongratulations once again
i am good good ji
howz u?
And yes i have read the rules Embarrassed
so did u watch bidaai today?

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double post

Edited by -karishma- - 19 February 2010 at 5:22pm

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