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ArMan Times - Edition 4

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ArMan Times Edition 4

Brief Written updates of the Fortnight:

By: --__Shireen__--

Oct 12

o It's Archu's first day of school

o Shravni and Archu recognize each other

oManav is waiting outside Archu's school, but Satish is there

oStaish offers to drop Archu home

o Manav has lost hope for Archu and him after seeing Satish

o Manav tells Vandu he's lost hope and Savita hears this

oSachin runs into Sachin, and tells her that Manav is missing her

Oct 13

oSavita goes to a lawyer and tells the lawyer to come with divorce papers

oVaishu is helping Archu with hw, and Sulochana remembers it's Versha's b-day tom

oEveryone talks to Varsha and wishing her

oManav and Archu both go to the mandir

oManav leave the mangalsurta at Bappa's feet and tells him to decide what do to with it

oThe mangalsutra ends up back with Archu

oManav and Archu meet outside the mandir, and they remember a moment together

oManav tries to talk to Archu, but Vinod comes in the way

Oct 14

o Vinod says he might change his job

oVarsha cuts cake at her office

oThe lawyer comes to give the divorce papers, but Savita takes them

o Satish and his mother are happy Archu is going to school

oSatish's mom apologizes to Sulochana and asks if they can get Archu and Satish to married

oSulochana says Archu isn't ready yet

oManju finds the mangalsutra in Archu's thali

Oct 15

oAshwin tells Varsha he loves her

oManav tries to talk to Archu again, and saves her from two guys, but still can't talk to Archu

oManju is wondering why Archu didn't notice the mangalsutra and is happpy

oManju tells Vinod and Satish can get him a job, and he says now

Oct 16

oSavita is thinking of ways to get Archu and Manav to sign the divorce papers

oShe tells Manav that Archu has sent these divorce papers

oManav says if Archu doesn't sign it, he won't sign it

oSavita calls Archu and says she wants to meet her somewhere

oSavita is forcing Archu to sign the divorce papers, and Manju is saying the same

Oct 19

oArchu refuses to sign the papers

oManav's boss wants Manav to buy his garage

oEveryone at home is trying to get Archu to sign the papers, and she says until Manav signs them, she won't sign them

oVarsha also tells Ashwin she loves him, and he proposes to her

oShravni is talking to Sachin about scholarships

o Manav goes to the bank to apply for a loan, and Satish is there

Oct 20

oSatish starts bashing Manav for doing that to Archu, and rejects his loan

o Varsha calls home to tell everyone about Ashwin, but she didn't say anything

oPunni finds the mangalsutra, and Archu thinks it's hers and cries

oManohar's pension has been stopped, and everyone is shocked and sad

Oct 21

o Archu decides to take up a job

o Manav sees Archu, but avoids her

oAshwin's car breaks down, and takes it to the Manav's garage, and Varsha leaves

o Ashwin meets his wife at the airport and introduces her to Manav

Oct 22

o Savita tells the lawyer to go to Archu's house to inquire about the divorce papers

oArchu hasn't signed them yet

oThe lawyer said he'll get Manav's signature first

oSavita isn't happy with what the lawyer brought back

o Vinod agrees to ask Satish about a job

oVarsha calls Ashwin, but his wife picks up

oManav is at the bank, and sees Satish and Archu coming out of his office together

Oct 23

oManav and Archu see each other at the bank, and he leaves

oArchu is happy that Manav is going to buy his own garage

oArchu tells everyone she got a job in the bank

oVandu and Kaka give Manav assurance that the loan will be passed and everything will be alright

Dialogue Male and Female of the Fortnight:

By: loveabletwinz

Female Dialogue :

Kaise bhool jao un saat phero ko, jho saat vachano ke saat liye the ,kaise bhool jaon us kumkum ko , jho aai ke na chahte hue bhi , unke haaton meri maang sajai gayi thi , kaise bhool jao mangalsutra ko ,agni ko, woh ek mahina jho maine unke saat...baba mere liye meri shaadi marriage certificate nahi thi, mere liye ek pavitra rishta tha... aur baba, rishte kabhi kaagas ke buniyad pe nahi bante, aur na hi mitathe hain - Archana

I absolutely love this dialogue! It is so simple, very honest and so pure. And what beats it all is that Archana said No to signing the divorce papers. But what this dialogue goes to show is that Archana really cared for Manav. And we cannot blame her for not trusting Manav. The important thing though, is that she respects Manav despite the complaints she has against him. I think I'm also so very happy about this dialogue because for the first time, she didn't go under the pressure of her family and stood up for herself. Looks like independence is already making her way through. Archana is already finding her own voice and that is such a refresher from the Archana who would quietly, yet unwillingly, succumb to any of her families demands. *SIGH* breath of fresh air ill say :-D

Male Dialogue:

And you know what shravini, dada aur vahini, dono ek doosre ke liye hi bane hue hain, dono bilkul ek jaise hain , dono apne zarooraton se zyaada doosro ke barein mein sochte hain -- Sachin

Sachin! The guy never ceases to amaze me. One moment he is plotting with his mom to patao Shravini, and the next moment, he's the most caring, loving, considerate person you'll come across. We are definitely getting to see many shades of Sachin. But we all knew that besides the mavaali he can be, Sachin is a nice guy at heart. And everytime I hear him talk about his Dada and Vahini with so much pride and respect, I feel like showering him with jadoo ki jhappiyans! I hope he will forever be as supportive as he is towards his bhaya and bhabhi.

Star Male and Female of the Fortnight:

By: pyaridilwalino1

Star Female-Archana. This girl has gone thru a lot, but that hasn't pulled her down. She knows in her heart what is the truth, but at a time like this she needs to support her family...hopefully down the line the family will support Archu. Going to night school is a big enough deal, that Archu has also taken up a job. Manju was always putting Archu down for her lack of education and job, now Archu has shut her up by getting a job position that Vinod could've qualified for. One thing to say to Archu is stay strong and hold up your head high, but don't forget that one person who loves you more than anything.

Star Male-I would say Tarun because like a true friend he is ALWAYS there for Manav. Even though the actor changes in the show, the character remains the same...true and understanding. Tarun will help Manav achieve what he wants and hopefully he'll achieve Archu too.

ArMan Sequence of the Fortnight:

By: loveabletwinz

For quite a few weeks now, we have been totally deprived of ArMan scenes. And although we do end up having both Manav and Archana on screen at the same time, they are not the kind of scenes we expect. But still, there was one scene that stuck out to me as plain beautiful. It was the Mandir scene on Sankashti. Manav leaves Archana's mangalsutra at Ganpati Bappa's feet, leaving everything to fate. Moments later, Archana comes for darshan and the mangalsutra ends up in her thaali, going to prove that Manav and Archana are destined for each other. I just thought that was a brilliantly choreographed scene, so it definitely deserves its spot here :-D

Best Family Scene of the Fortnight:

By: pyaridilwalino1

Would have to be the Diwali scene between Manav and Savita. What a beautiful and heartfelt moment. Savita really loves her children and her maternal nature was purely reflected in that one scene. Hopefully Savita can figure out where Manav's true happiness really lies.

Mr. Head Turner [Style Icon] of the Fortnight:
By: loveabletwinz

I wanted to give Manav this spot, but turns out, Sachin can be quite the charmer too! *Giggle* Sachin does a fabulous job pulling off the shabby look. He looks like a normal, lower middle class man in his minimal accessories, chapal's and dress shirts. But when he does dress up for a date with Shravani, then TAUBA, he looks even better. Sachin has been a contender for the spot for a while now, so I decided it's about time he makes the cut.

Ms. Head Turner [ Style Icon] of the Fortnight:

By: loveabletwinz

I'm not sure if it is because we have been focusing mainly on Archana now or what, but I only seem to notice Archana's clothes. And my, she keeps getting better with each scene. She just looks stunning in her saree's. The colors are perfect for her. And even if her pallu is not pleated as neatly as Manjusha's might, that only goes to show her simplicity. And I've always said that in Archana's simplicity lies her beauty. So without a doubt, Archana wins hands down. P.S --- I think this is three times in a row! *Giggle*

World of Archana and Manav:

By: nityatarlapally

Under the Stars

'1:30 am Saturday'

Sitting on her bed, head lying against the headboard Archana was reading the cutest romantic novel known to man. The way the character in the story says I love you to the girl just made Archana wonder if this was ever going to happen to her. Her dream guy was with her but it still felt incomplete. Manav was her boyfriend alright but he never said those three words that she's been yearning to hear from his mouth. They've been going out for more than a year and he still hasn't said anything to her. She couldn't help but wonder if he really loves her or not. "Oh well, If Manav loves me, then he'll say it sometime or another."

She was so engrossed in her book that she didn't notice the rock that was thrown at her window. 'thud' another rock was thrown and this time she looked up. She looked at the clock and thought "Who could it be at this time?" When there was another thud, she lost her patience and stood up to go to the balcony. When she opened the door and looked down, she saw was a black figure in the fog and it looked like he was holding some kind of a box. "Who are you? And what the hell are you doing outside my balcony?!" she whispered loud enough for only him to hear. "Arrey what who the hell are you?! You don't recognize your own boyfriend?"He replied back annoyed that she didn't recognize him. When she heard his voice, it seemed like the whole world just stopped'that there was no one else in the world except her and him. She recognized his voice in a flash and replied "Oh Manav tum! I'm so sorry; I thought it was some creep trying to get into my house. Waise tum yahan? Aur who bhi iss waqt?" she questioned.

"Do I need a reason to come and see you?" simple words such as this made her blush. 'If only you could say what I want you to say' she pondered to herself. "Why are you staring into space? Help me come up" Manav started climbing the pipe and eventually made it onto her balcony. She noticed that he was holding a basket and asked "What's in the basket Manav?" "Arrey, you like picnics right? So I thought why not have a picnic right now." "A picnic at midnight? Pagal ho gayo kya?" "There's no book that says picnics are meant to be held in the day right? Why does it matter when the picnic is as long as it's fun?" She knew it was a waste of time to argue with him, he's going to win one way or another. She just agreed with him. Manav and Archana set up the blanket and the food.

Both were leaning against the wall. Archana had her head on Manav's shoulder and his arm was around her. 'It's so peaceful na?" she said it as more of a statement than a question. Looking into the sky, Manav noticed that there was a shooting star. "Look! A shooting star! Close your eyes and make a wish sweetheart." both Archana and Manav closed their eyes. 'I wish he could say those three words I've been dying to hear' her wish was made. She wondered if her dream would ever come true.

~ A dream is a wish your heart makes ~

'Half an hour later'

After cleaning up everything, Manav stood up to leave. He made his way back to the railings and started to climb down. Archana stood at the railings and watched as he climbed down. Halfway down the pipe though, Manav started climbing back up. A frown made it's way to her face and before she could ask him what he was doing, Manav shushed her and said " I just wanted to say 'I love you.' and with that said, he left a quick peck on her cheek and climbed down the pipe again. Stunned; that was her expression. Slowly she blushed and a smile appeared on her face. She looked up into the night and 'He said it! He finally said 'I love you' she happily skipped into the room and plopped onto the bed. Re-playing the moment over and over in her head Archana fell asleep with a serene smile on her face. Her wish had come true after all. ~

~ Have faith in your dream and someday

 A Rainbow will come smiling through ~

Creation of the Fortnight:

Chosen by loveabletwinz

By: -Yas-

Videomix of the Fortnight:

Chosen by loveabletwinz

JOKES of the Fortnight:

By: nityatarlapally

"A widow is a woman who stayed with her husband so long that he died."

Haila!! When I read this, I just fell on the floor laughing. The sentence has Savita written all over it!! The way she always yells and complains about everything,not to forget how she yells at her poor husband. I'm telling you, she's going to be the #1 cause of that man's death. He'll probably die of a freakin' heart stroke listening to her yelling non-stop!!

Two friends were in a restaurant chatting One says to her pal, "My Mother-in-Law is an angel Her friend replies, "You're lucky Mine is still alive."

Oh.M.Gee!! this was just hilarious! Once again...the joke is meant for Savita...I think mostly all jokes are to do with her torturing either her husband or Archana. That other friend that says "You're lucky" reminded me of Archana and her mother-in-law. Although Archana is too sweet to say that, I bet she would think this now that I think about it..I think Archana is too sweet to think this as well...I sure would say that if Savita was my mother-in-law. However, I don't think she'll be an angel when she dies..more like a devil or a demon if you ask me. She'll probably end up hauting Archana even after she dies! okay I went totally off topic there.

Review for Fortnight:
By: loveabletwinz
This last fortnight wasn't too bad actually. I know we've all been wanting ArMan's reunion, but the track was pretty alright nevertheless. Archana's education and employment track has definitely been a treat to watch, although most of us are wishing that they would move on with the track already. But like Satish said in one of the earlier episodes, education does not take anything away from you, it only gives'so Archana's education will play a huge part in her feeling independent. This job and education is like a slap in the face for Manjusha, Savita and EVERYONE else who degraded Archana for not having an education. We still have not figured much of Ashwin out yet'that track is also moving slowly'overall, a LOT happened, but it was somewhat of a slow fortnight. I'd rate the last fortnight a 7 on a scale of 10, only because, even though we've not had much of ArMan, the track is quite substantial.

Expectations for next Fortnight:

By: loveabletwinz

We've been seriously deprived of ArMan scenes. So I know all of us are wishing for a fabulous sequence between the two of them, so I hope the creative's will hear us out this time *not like they ever have :( *. Anywayss'..there are a couple of things that I expect from the weeks to come..I hope, for Varsha's good that Ashwin's true ulterior motives come out soon'if not, I'd really like to see Manav try and help Varsha realize what a mess she has gotten into'I'd like to see Varsha and Manav form a bond'Vaishali already seems like she's got a liking for her jeeju, but we've yet to see that side of Varsha'so I hope Varsha's feelings towards Manav changes if he plays a part in bringing out Ashwin's little white lie! And I think all of us would want to see both Archana and Manav be successful in their respective careers. I hope something good comes out of this for the both of them. Oh and I would LOVEE to see someone shut Savita up for a while'I think we've had way too many outbursts from her side, it's about time that someone shows her, her place'so I hope someone gets to that before we all get on her case!!!

Editor's Note
*dunks -- i see the rotten tomatoes *giggle** Sorry guys, we HAVE to apologize for updating the Times So late! We were so loaded with stuff to do this week. But thank you all for being so amazingly patient! It is very encouraging :-D
Before I forget, I HAVE to give a shoutout to NITYA aka nityatarlapally for being so awesome and helping with a LOT of sections this week. Without her, half this edition would not have been possible! *ROUND OF APPLAUSE* and also to all our wonderful reporters who, if time permits, always manage to do their bit for the issue. Take a bow all of you! And Most important, our Reader's ---> pat yourself guys! without you, we there would be no point to the Times! Thank you for being so patient. We love the response and we'd love to hear more from you guys!
Also, credit for the intro siggie goes to none other than ~*Thamizhan*~ (SIGH) I dont think I'll ever get over how beautiful those are!
Notification -- We STILL have sections open. If any member is interested, please do PM us and we will fill you in on the sections open! Feel free to PM us at loveabletwinz anytime between now and the next issue of the Times.
Okay guys, this is it from the reporters of the Times! We wish you all have a freaky Halloween and oodles of fun trick-or-treating! Enjoy the candy while it lasts LOL
P.S ---> Please forgive us all the " " you find in this post. IF has been giving us MAJOR trouble with that. we may have overlooked some! and some are stubborn that they wont delete! haha!

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loveabletwinz Goldie

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So here it is guys! I hope you guys like this edition..a LOT of time and effort has gone into this I hope all of you will love it...and do forgive all the &nsbp's in the post..IF is acting crazyy..those things just wont go away...alright...Im off for the night... :D Much love, loveabletwinz

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-RD- Moderator

The Ghamgeen Head
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Posted: 27 October 2009 at 3:56am | IP Logged
Great Work guys ...........absolutely brilliant .....

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*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 October 2009 at 5:37am | IP Logged
Great work guys..u really rock the forum and make a place to live in...
Keep it up!!

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devashree_h Moderator

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Posted: 27 October 2009 at 8:22am | IP Logged
You guys are awesome.Keep up the good work!!A brilliant edition.

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LotusPetals IF-Sizzlerz

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 27 October 2009 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
As usual, too good ..

the dialogues were absolutely the right ones, Archu's one means everything and Sachu is simply a great bro and devar, hope they'll help them to get together ..

style icons, I also agree to give it to Sachin ( he's actually very handsome even in his simplicity ), same to Archu

the fanfic was fantabulous, no words, bravo

jokes, the first one really cracked me up, and its so funny how all these jokes suit only and only Savita !

ArMan sequence, u actually gave a new perspective of that scene, I really love that scene now :)

and agree for the rest too :)

Edited by tasnime - 27 October 2009 at 1:48pm

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.Sidra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 October 2009 at 5:13pm | IP Logged
Great Job -- i just love reading this each week. I agree Sachin's character is growing and I am also liking him a lot more -- he is more than just his mothers "chamcha"

Also I would like to thank you for choosing my VM this week -- i miss the old ArMan moments ....


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isomers IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2009 at 8:17am | IP Logged
I came! i think this is the first edition I came to before the end of the week. :( I knw I'm bad..but it always slips outta my mind and then on Friday before I sit to write the one shot, I suddenly remember that I have to read the edition.
thank you thank you! *takes a bow* lol..just kidding but seriously why are you thanking me so much...i did only 4 sections. And they were all small ones too..although i really enjoyed doing the jokes :D
You two are the best editors ever!! You were working so hard to finish your things and put up the edition on think it's brava?Ermm
eeeks! I love the VM you chose! and I love the scene of the week..I hated it before you mentioned about her motherly love. Now it's like I'm seeing the scene from a whole new perspective!
Thanks for putting it up even with all your other work and that studying on Saturday night!Wink hehe..
I made a promise to myself to come back earlier next edition to read let's see how it goes!
Nitya :)

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