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YuNa-SidNa-RM FF:Tum Miley 3/11-pg74

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Tum Miley'


Hey guys' Im back again lolz I jst cant keep the ideas in my head what to do lolz' Btw im almost finished with my two FFs so once they end this one will be updated more often' but for now I'll try my best to update regularly, for now I've got the character sketch, if u like it let me know if I shud continue!

I've Added Tia in SidNa lovestoryWink hope u njoy thatBig smile

Mainly I've started this just for YuNa I simply love them and had to start an FF on them but it will focus on all the three couples YuNa-RM-SidNaEmbarrassedit will have sum AR-AN-AA scenes as well occasionallyBig smile

Hope u like itBig smile


It's a story about Life'Destiny' and love' The two things that make life "destiny and Love" but many people don't believe in these two but little do they know how important these things are in life?

Well the story revolves around three couples that have a different life, different destinies but there paths meet some where sum day and destiny sets them together' how will this meeting change there lives? Will it make them realize the importance of destiny and love?


Come and see how Life' Destiny' and Love brings them together and plays games with them!



Tu hi meri hai saari zameen
Chahe kahin se chalun
Tujh mein hi aake ruku
 Tere siva Main jaun kahan
Koi bhi raah chunu
Tujh mein hi aake ruku

Tum Mile To Lamhein Tham gaye
Tum mile to Saare gum gaye
Tum mile to muskhurana aa gaya

Tum mile to jadoo chaa gaya
Tum mile to jeena aa gaya
Tum mile to mene paya hai khuda
Tujh mein kinara dikhe
Dil ko sahara dikhe
Aa meri dhadkan tham le

Teri taraf hi mude
Yeh saas tujhse jude
Har pal yeh tera naam le
 Tum mile to abb kya hai kami
Tum mile to duniya mil gai
Tum mile to mil gaya asra

Tum mile to jadoo chaa gaya
Tum mile to jeena aa gaya
Tum mile to mene paya hai khuda
Din mere tujhse chale
Raatein bhi tujhse dhale
Hai waqt tere haath mein

hooo Tu hi shehar hai mera
Tujh mein hi ghar hai mera

Rehta hai tere saath mein

Tum mile to mil gaya humsafar
Tum mile to khud ki hai khabar
Tum mile to ristha sa ban gaya
Tum mile to jadoo chaa gaya
Tum mile to jeena aa gaya
Tum mile to mene paya hai khuda

hope u liked the sypnosisBig smile

PM List:

Cute Gauri
Iqbal Neha1
Radhika Shah

shristi sarda

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Part 1(Lifestyles & First meetingEmbarrassed)- Page 4
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Part 3 (Kuch to hua hai)- Page 10
Part 4 - Page 16
Part 5- Page 18
Part 6- Page 22
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Part 8- Page 28
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The busy city of Mumbai… you see cars in a rush, people in a rush everyone was in a rush to get everywhere in time… you see a huge building, it was the new Sanjeevani branch, it's a eight story building with beautiful and extravagant interior, based in the high class, up market area of Mumbai… where only Celebs and rich people would be treated Sanjeevani Hospital.


The scene shifts to Bangalore…

You see a huge room… it was red and black in colour and very neatly set… You see a boy dressed in a light pick shirt with the top two buttons open… and jeans… he was combing his hair in the mirror… he has grayish eyes, deep and intense…

The music player was playing a soft RnB song in the background and he was singing the words… then suddenly he sees the time "shit sid" he says and rushes out of his room, on his way out he looks at the bunglow being decorated all over… he smiles and moves on when someone calls him.

"Rahul bhayya" he turns and sees the butler.

"kya hua ramu kaka?"

"wo bare sahib pooch rahe the agar Sid baba uth gaye to"

"main wohi dekhne jaa raha tha… main abhi use lekar aata hoon" he says with a smile and leaves.

Next the scenes shifts to another room in the mansion a more messier one… you see a boy fast asleep, in a messy room, with car and girls pics all over… magazines scattered around etc… outside the room there was chaos… some party preparations…theres a knock at the door.

"Kaun hai?" he says sleepily.

"Sid UTH" the guy outside shouts in a stern voice "Princess ki birthday me do minute bache hain, jaldi uthh Ghadhe" he says and he jumps up.

"oh no" he gets his watch and sees it was 11:35am "Bhai its still 11:35" he shouts and falls back to his pillow.

"Ghadhe tu darwaaza kholta hai ya main andar aaoon?"

"no no… main aaya" he says and jumps out of his bed… he was dressed in a shorts and vest… he puts on a shirt and gets out.

"kya kar raha tha? Ab tak soya tha?" the handsome hunk outside asks.

"Sorry bhai, wo" he scratches his head and rahul smiles.

"Chal ab… warna armaan hum sab ki vaat lagaadega" they both laugh at this and head to armaan who was busy shouting at everyone for not doing the things right.

"ek bhi garbar hui na to main tum sab ko naukri se nikal doonga" he says and sid-rahul laugh behind.

"kya hai? hass kyun rahe ho?' he asks as he turns to see where the giggles wer cuming from.

"Big bro chill na… abhi to princess fast asleep hogi and she wont even notice all this" sid says.

"I don't think so… I know princess pehle yeh check kargegi that humne iss saal kya special kiya hai and then she will see how speciall it is and dekhna the cute smile that will come on her face… it will be just out of this world" he says smiling just at the thought.

"Not fair, birthday to mera bhi hai right? But sab kuch princess ke liye" he says pouting and rahul and armaan smile at eachother.

"chal naatak matt kar samjha… and yeh sab sirf princess ke liye nahi hai, dono keliye hai, you know that" rahul says.

"yeah I do… btw iss saal whats my gift?" he asks excited and rahul-armaan smile.

"INTERNSHIP" they say together and start laughing while sid makes a face, just then a beautiful young lady enters the scene.

"Armaan… rahul… mere pyaare se dewar ko kyun tang kar rahe ho tum dono?"

"haan bhabhi dekho na bhai aur big bro meri taang khech rahe hain" he says innocently and hugs his bhabhi.

"Basket tum na iski favour karma band karo" armaan says and she looks at him with pierced eyes.

"Armaan… aaj uska birthday hai, aaj to isse chordo" she says looking at him sternly, he gets a little worried.

"Bhabhi aaj nahi hai kal hai, kal hum chottu ki koi taang khichayi nahi karenge" rahul laughs and claps with armaan but armaan keeps quiet although he has the urge to join in and laugh.

"Okay yeh sab choro, time hone waala hai, princess uth gayi kya?" she asks and they all look at eachother then head to her room…

You see a girl sleeping in a huge bedroom, it was pink in colour and decorated in the most extravagant way…

She was tossing and turning in her bed… as she heard the sounds of the knocks on her door.

"kaun hai jo aaj marna chahta hai?" she says irritated when she cant get sep anymore and ges up… her hair was on her face and her pouting lips, she looked really cute, he reyes were dark grey… she opens the door and sees Ral-sid-Armaan-Riddhima and a three year old Suhaan bursting balloons, spraying snow, and shouting:


Immediately a smile appears on her face…

"thank you" she says and hugs armaan, then ridzi and kisses the cute lil suhaan, then hugs rahul and then sid.

"Happy birthday Bozo" she says as she hugs him and he smirks.

"ya happy birthday chutki"

she gets irritated "Big Bro dekho na bozo phirse mujhe chutki keh raha hai" she pouts and armaan looks at sid.

"What??? Big bro wo bhi to mujhe bozo keh rahi hai, not fair" he says also tieng his hands on his chest, they argue for a while then riddhima decides to end it.

"stop it guys… chalo ab cake nahi kaatna?" she says and they all agree.

"Iss saal sikh ke aayi hona cake kaise kaat te hain?" sid starts.

"Oh really? Mujhe cake kaatna nahi aata kya?'

"aur nahi to kya, yaad hai last time poore ghar ne cake khaya tha, I mean all the furniture" he giggles.

"ya that was coz tum mujhe irritate kar rahe the"

"ya aur tum to bilkul nahi karti na?' he says making a face and she gets irritated, ridzi again stops them and gets them to cut the cake together like a good girl and boy, after cak cutting they feed everyone and then time to feed eachother, sid takes a huge piece and smudges it on her face… she is stunned and irritated and does the same, they all have a cake fight… then all three bros carry naina and play etc…


On the other side of the country: Delhi…

You see a boy jogging… it was just 6am in the morning and this young dude was on his morning jog as usual "stay fit and healthy" was his motto in life… soon you see him entering a huge mansion, the name plate on the side is shown "Joshi Mansion" he jogs his way inside the extravagant building and grabs a apple from the dinning table on his way up to his room… he does a little warm up exercises and then goes for a shower, after he gets out you see him dressed in casual clothes… he's hair slightly long, he's eyes dreamy, he's smile hot and he's attitude adorable… he goes back down to the dining table that was now occupied by two other people.

"arre yuvi tu aagaya?" the woman says "chal jaldi breakfast karle, then you know na we have a long trip" she says with a smile.

"Ji bhabhi… waise bare bhayya aaj kuch chup chup lag rahe hain…" he says looking at he's quiet brother.

"haan aaj atul bohot upset jo hai… waise mujhe bhi bohot bura lag raha hai" she says making a face.

"Haan anjie sahi keh rahi hai… Yuvi tujhe Mumbai jaane ki kya zaroorat hai?? tu yahan bhi to apni internship kar sakhta hai? why are you going to Mumbai?" atul asks sadly.

"Bhayya…" he says with a smile and goes to him, he sits on the floor and holds his hand.

"bhayya aap jaante hai na ke main apne aap kuch karma chahta hoon? Aur sanjeevani iss country ka sabse best hospital maana jaata hai and unke naye branch ko join karma is a dream for any upcoming or existing doctor aur mujhe khud unhone offer kiya hai, how can I miss this opportunity bhayya?' he tries to explain… anjie and atul get a lil sad at the word 'sanjeevani' once that was there life too but now…

"theekhe lekin tujhe promise karma hoga ke tu jaldhi waapis aayega" he says and yuvi smiles and nodds his head.

"Bohot jald… waise anu kahan hai?? ab tak soyi hai kya?" he asks as he notices the quietness.

"haan bohot nakhre bar gayein hain uske, atul to bas uski baat jhat se maanleta hai, pet dukhraha hai, school nahi jaana madam ko to dr. atul ne permission dedi" she says irritated and yuvi-atul share a smile and then yuvi runs up to his angel.

"oho… anu to soyi hai, theekh yeh chocolate main rahul ko dedeta hoon" he says loudly to make her hear as he sees her small figure lying down, as soon as she hears chocolate she gets up.

"nahi cachu" she says and he smiles and heads to her.

"oh to aap jaag rahe ho?"

"haan wo chachu aaj school ka mann nahi kar raha tha isliye and yaad hai na aapka promise?" she laughs with a cute expression and he hugs her.

"ofcourse aaj hum khoob maza karenge okay, rides, chocolates, masti, ice cream everything okay! Aaj chachu poora din apni angel ke saath bitaayega right"

"right" she says and the hi5.


Back to Mumbai… The Kapoor mansion:

You see a girl sitting in the mandir (Prayer room) downstairs, her hands folded, scarf on her head, she was dressed in a yellow churidar…

"Hey bhagwan please mere mama papa ko sab khushiyan dena, mere bhai ko exam me paas karadena aur mera pehla din sanjeevani me accha jaaye please kal koi garbar nahi honi chahiye, please please please" she was still busy when her mother comes behind her.

"tammanna… Itna please kisliye?" she asks and tamana turns around.

"maa? Wo, bas kuch nahi" she says and gets up, she heads to her mum and touches her feet.

"jeeti reh, aaj apne liye kuch maanga ya hamesha ki tarhan doosron keliye?" her mom asks with a smile.

"maanga na, ke kal ka din bohot accha jaaye, koi garbar naa ho" she says and her mother smiles and kisses her forehead, just then you see a man in his forties cuming down on the phone "yes sir main abhi aaya" he says and tries to tie his tie.

"kirti… Tamanna" he calls and they both reply in unison "aaye" they laugh and head to him.

"Kya hua shubankar?? Aaj jaldi neeche aagaye?' she asks.

"Haan urgent meeting hai sanjeevani ken aye branch ke baare me, kuch problem hua hai" he says and tamz looks worried "mujhe jaldi breakfast do" he says and keerti moves to the kitchem.

"Tamanna…" he calls and they both smile and say "TIE" in unison, she goes to him and does his tie then sits on the table with him.

"kya hua papa? Kuch problem hai? sanjeevani ke naye branch ka?"

"nahi beta nothing to worry bas kuch formalities… kal tumhe wahin kaam shuru karma hai okay" he smiles and puts his hand on her head while she thinks about it dreamily.


The scene shifts the Modi Mansion:

You see a Pink room full of teddy bears and dolls… and a small figure curled up on the water bed… a woman walks in the room.

"Nikki mera suit kahan hai, nikki" a man enters.

"Abhi… tumse ek kaam nahi hota na? Wahan bed pe to rakha tha" she says irritated.

"okay okay itna gussa kyun kar rahi ho?" he says sweetly "I love u" he goes to her and holds her, she smiles and blushes "Abhi tia uth jaayegi"

"to uthne do na…" he says and kisses her cheek.

"Kya hai abhi tumhe bas pyar hi pyar sujta hai na?"

"aur nahi to kya? Itni khoobsurat bici ho to insaan kya kare?" he says, the figure under the blanket was getting irritated by the chit chat and finally gets up.

"Kya hai mum-dad? Why are u koochi kooing in tia's room? Dekha ab tia so bhi nahi saghti" she says pouting and they both get embarrassed and then smile at there daughter… you can see the mother daughter look exactly same.

"sorry beta… sab tumhaara dad ki galati hai" nikki says.

"Arre, meri kaise? Maine kya kiya?"

"its okay now aap dono argue karne matt behtiye, anyways tiya has to go shopping today after all kal tia is gonna be working" she says cutely and abhinikki look at eachother with a smile.

"ofcourse sweetheart, go for shopping jo lena hai lo, okay, here" abhi hands her a whole bundle of money.

"thank you dad" she hugs him.


the scene shifts to a apartment in Mumbai… it was still empty, a girl was sitting there with few boxes and trying to sort out her stuff…

"haayo rabba… inni saari cheezein lane ki kya zaroorat thi? Riya keh bhi rahi thi america se itni cheezein matt leja par nahi… Muskaan chadda to bas apni hi chala ti hai na?" she says and nidos her head, you see a cute girl with hazle eyes and curly hair, she was dressed in her PJs… alter a moment she ges sad "haan hamesha bass apni chalaati hai… amit ke saath bhi…" she has tears in he reyes "khas mama-papa ki baat sunni hoti to" she ges really upset but hears a baby crying and rubs her tears, she goes to a room that had just a mattress and a two yr old baby lay there… she smiles and carries the baby and starts playing with her.

"ole mela baccha kyun lo raha ha??" she asks in a cute babish tone… "nashta kalna hai na? chalo" she says and takes her to the kitchen, she tries to think what to do but cant figure out.

"uh oh… mama to aapka favourite cereal layi hi nahi… no problem aaj siya aur mama bahar breakfasht karenge… okay" she says with a smile and heads out of the house… she jumps in her car and puts siya on the passenger seat with a seatbelt on and leaves… they go to a restaurant and have breakfast and then to a small fair, she has loads of fun with her baby and heads back home.

"Ab so jaati hoon… kal kaam pe bhi to jaana hai" she thinks as it was night, she falls of to sleep with siya in her arms.


Hope u liked the IntroTongue if u did do hit the LIKE buttonWink



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Character sketch:




Dr. Yuvaraj Joshi:

A boy with dreams… Life has been tough with him… three things that will never be on his books are: love, destiny and God… he stopped believing in god when he's mother had lost her life due to lack of money… she was a true believer of god but he couldn't save her from the suffering which caused him to not belive in him anymore… and love and destiny are made by god which he will never follow, he makes his own destiny and love…

Family: He's father Vivek Joshi passed away while doing a job at a steel factory… he's mother naina joshi done everything she could to bring up her two sone Atul and Yuvraj… but one day the news of her cancer killed all of them in one moment and soon she died because they couldn't afford to get her op done. Now he lives with his brother Atul and bhabhi anjali, they are quiet well off with atul and anji both practicing they have earned enough wealth.


Dr. Naina Malik:

The Ladli of malik house… She is a girl full of attitude, care free behaviour, relies a lot on her parents money and brothers support… she is arrogant and could be rude many times but she has a charm that can win any heart. For her destiny means nothing because she believes money can buy her whateva she wants and poor destiny wont be able to do anything!

Family: she is the only daughter so she is loved by all and spoilt by all aswell… Armaan, Rahul and Siddharth are her brothers and she loves them more then anything but she can get to demanding at times but they fulfill every wish of her's. Her parents "billy and Pam aka balwinder and parminder" are total socialites and are usually seen in parties or over seas… armaan and Rahul have actually been there throughout for Naina and Sid. siddarth is her twin.


Dr. Siddarth Malik

He is as spoilt as his sister… being her twin they share a lot in common. He is not arrogant but very care free and sumtimes his ways seem to be bad… he is a very sweet boy otherwise and loves his family… for him Destiny means to meet his dream girl… which he's met only in dreams, he is a true dreamer and loves to sleep.

Family: he is the youngest son in malik family and so he is also spoilt just like naina…

Rest is same like naina.


Dr. Tamanna Kapoor:

She is a sweet, caring girl from another top class family… she loves her family and her culture alot, she is a total believer of love and destiny and believes one day destiny will bring her a lot of happiness…

Family: she is the daughter of Shubankar and keerti, she loves them a lot and wants to fulfill her dads dreams… her mother is a sweetheart supports her in every way she can… she has a little 12yr old brother 'rohan' he troubles her a lot but loves his sister too much.


Dr. Tia Modi

She is very sweet and childish but spoilt to the core… for her life is chocolates, teddies, shopping and make up… being a doctor was never her dream it was her dad's dream and she wanted to fulfill it but being a good doctor was just not her…

Life was full of fun and rides for her, she had everything her parents love, money and loads of luxury… destiny meant what she wanted, her father would make that her destiny! And love was her parents, always and truly in love!

Family: daughter of Abhimanyu and Nikkita… they love her madly and so does she, nikki being a strict doctor would sometimes be strict at home aswell but abhi would always back up tia, there lil princess… there only child and duplicate of her mother!


Senior Doctors:


Dr. Rahul Malik

26yrs old.

He is a very sweet brother, adorable chachu and the hottest guy in sanjeevani, at the moment! Since he is still a bachelor and waiting for the right girl to step in his life…

For him love is a beautiful feeling which unfortunately he hasn't felt as yet but he hopes that one day he's life will be filled with love! Destiny is a part of his life and he believes without destiny nothing can happen.


Dr. Muskaan Chadda

25yrs old

She is a very sweet and bubbly girl, always chatting and talking, actually lived her whole life in america and got married there but amit left he after six months of there marriage because of a white girl he was in love with her, she was left heart broken with a baby in her womb… she was pregnant… her definition of life…love and destiny changed foreva then and there… she became a brilliant mother, remarkable doctor and very nice human being but her belief in god, her thoughts of love and her destiny had changed now her life only revolved around her two year old baby girl 'Siya' she was now her life, she made her laugh, she made her cry and even made her the same chirpy and bubbly muskaan again but now love… and destiny didn't exist in her life and she wished it would never come back… she had moved to India last week and was joining the new sanjeevani branch in Mumbai…


Dr. Armaan and Dr Riddhima Malik.

27 yrs old.

Sid and Naina's big bro and the sweetheart of many girls… well all the hearts were broken when he got married to the love of his life Dr. Basket Gupta!  He is now a cardiac surgeon.

Riddhima is Anjie's sister and a sweet doctor that everyone adores, now a successful gynecologist. She loves her new family a lot and always stands by armaan in any thing he does…. She loves naina a lot just as the rest of the family does. And gets along with rahul and sid! She has a three year old baby boy suhaan.


Dr. Atul and Dr. Anjali Joshi.

27 yrs.

Yuvraj's bare Bhayya and Bhabhi… They life was really dull until they met eachother and fell in love in there internship days… but anjie's parents didn't agree and she ran away with atul to Delhi and started a clinic there…when anjie got married to atul yuvraj felt that he's family was now complete… Anjie being a very sweet but ambitious girl boosted atul aswell and together they made a beautiful and extravagant house and opened a business aswell… They have a cute lil angel, 5yr old sweetheart of the house "Ananya aka anu" she is the jaan of her chachu.



Partners of Sanjeevani.


Dr. Nikkita and Dr. Abhimanyu Modi.

[don't kill me for this] 37yrs

Nikki is a very strict but adorable mother to Tia, her role model! And to her husband she is his life, sharing the same face as her daughter makes him even love them both more… they were in sanjeevani ever since it started and are still there… Dr. Abhimanyu is the founder of sanjeevani along with shashank and shubankar being his partners.


Dr. Keerti and Dr. Shubankar Kapoor


Proud Parents of tamanna, for them it was a dream come true to have a daughter like tamanna, being married for 8yrs they still didn't have a child so when tamana was born after great difficulties they were reli excited… there life changed from then onward… and so they named her tamanna there wish!

They both very sweet and calm and very supportive parents!


Dr Shashank and Padma Gupta


Shashank was always a strict father and always believed in doing relationshsips with people in your own standards… while padma was always lovable and supportive, they both loved there daughters riddhima and anjali a lot, they were not very happy with anjie's marriage and so she ran away and got married… so they are not on talking terms.


Okay guys that's the basic characters at the moment, will be adding more soon if needed!


I just hope u liked the Character sketch and it wasn't too long and boringLOLLOLLOL



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hope u all like it!
-iPayal- IF-Sizzlerz

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cooliio! cant wait for it :)
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Originally posted by *payal_15*

cooliio! cant wait for it :)

Hey im glad u like itBig smile wil cont soon, btw do u think SidNa shud be paired or sid-tia?LOLLOL
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Originally posted by nadz_J

Originally posted by *payal_15*

cooliio! cant wait for it :)

Hey im glad u like itBig smile wil cont soon, btw do u think SidNa shud be paired or sid-tia?LOLLOL
tia from remix riight? lolz...i think sidna would be better..tia and sid would be chaosLOL
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Originally posted by *payal_15*

Originally posted by nadz_J

Originally posted by *payal_15*

cooliio! cant wait for it :)

Hey im glad u like itBig smile wil cont soon, btw do u think SidNa shud be paired or sid-tia?LOLLOL
tia from remix riight? lolz...i think sidna would be better..tia and sid would be chaosLOL

LOL okies taking ur suggestionWink

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