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Short story "Raphael"

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Posted: 21 October 2009 at 12:26am | IP Logged
So I made this a while back..figured I'd post it here even though I don't think it's my best work.

On an unrelated note: Yes, Chandni, this is Josh. I told you I'd find it.

Anyways, here it is.
Originally posted by Story

Just pick up the bread, dance and weave. Pick up bread, dance and weave. Move! Thought Raphael, a skinny young boy with dark hair, blue eyes, and tattered clothing. Moving from the crowd, he started trotting. This trot turned into a graceful run, weaving in and out between people towards a bread vendor. Keeping his lead low, Raphael then jumped to land right in front of the vendor, quickly put his leg behind the man, and collapsed his knee. Picking up the bread, he quickly ran and leaped into an alleyway, whilst shouts arose and the city watch was alerted.

Hah, those stupid guards won't find me. Besides, even if they do, I'll just escape. Better eat or the bread will get stale. Raphael devoured the bread like a hungry dog that hadn't eaten in three days—which was what he looked like, half-dressed in rags. He was a truly pitiful sight—he was as scrawny as the wealthy were fat. Living as a thief in Italy for the past fifteen years had taught him much—which streets to avoid, what type of person to rob, and the like. He was also extremely agile, moving from place to place without making a sound. Better get back to the shelter or there'll be hell to pay, he thought.

The shelter was a sort of home for Raphael. Actually, this was only somewhat true. It was home to many thieves, all around the age of fifteen. They had become close, almost like a family—though not too close as to allow anyone to use trust to their advantage. They had a leader, John, though he was seldom seen, prowling about at night, looking for fresh victims to rob. Whenever he was at the shelter, he brought food—which was mostly pizza. This always brought laughs of delight and humor to the thieves, as the thought of sitting around eating pizza was both enjoyable and hilarious.

Raphael moved quickly, like a dart being fired at top speed. He was rarely seen, and if he was, he was dismissed as a mere shadow. He knew the city like the back of his hand, and could easily navigate it to go anywhere from anywhere. He was approaching the shelter quickly—almost there now. Ducking and weaving, moving quickly—it was an art, a skill, truly graceful. Do a few jumps, run up a wall and into a window—nothing else brought such ecstacy to him. He was nearly at the shelter, just a few more alleyways and…there! He approached the building, casually walking up to it as if an innocent civilian. It was an old, abandoned building, though no one knew for sure what it used to be. Some argued a fancy restaurant, though some still argued a mansion. Either way, it was incredibly big, so the thought of petty thieves living inside of it would never be thought of. It was truly the greatest hideout.

Instead of entering through the front door, he instead went around to the back. Walking a ways away from it, he ran straight at the building, ran up, grabbed the window and vaulted himself up and in. This was all done in a single, fluid motion. Six faces stared at him, looking up from a deck of cards. "Raph, why can't you just knock? Seriously, we have a door for a reason." Groaned a smaller teenager, setting down a shovel. "Seriously, it makes me think we're being attacked by ninjas or something!"
"Shut up, Marc. I still think that you shouldn't be always ready to let anyone who knocks in. It could be the city watch or something." Raphael retorted, annoyed. Marc, or Marcus, was younger than Raphael. He was short for his age, with blonde hair, milky white skin and eyes as green as polluted water. While Marcus was almost as agile as Raphael, he didn't use that unless necessary. He was lazy, only doing things that must be done. This annoyed Raphael, since Marcus never wanted to go leaping with him. Leaping was Raphael's favorite pastime. He would get up on the roof and try to leap from building to building as fast as possible. The first one to take a break would lose—unfortunately, Raphael almost never had an opponent.

"Guys, just shut up. Raphael, where were you? You were supposed to be here an hour ago!" said a girl, not taking her eyes off her hand of cards. The girl's name was Rachel, and she was Raphael's age—fifteen, though she looked much older. Her brown hair, blue eyes, and tall figure made her look seventeen, even eighteen.
"I got…caught up." Raphael mumbled.
"Oh! Let me guess! You wanted a tasty morsel!" Rachel groaned sarcastically. Raphael turned red. He had a tendency to stop and steal bread and hard candies a lot, even when he had already eaten that day.
"What if you had been caught? I mean, seriously—is it really worth risking that for candy or something?!" Rachel asked, obviously annoyed.
"Actually, it was bread. And besides, I kept my head down! Nobody saw me!" Raphael retorted, embarrassed and angry.
"Oh, wow! Bread! That was worth it!"
"Guys! Shut the heck up! Raph, come sit down. Play Go Fish with us." Yelled a taller asian kid. He was Zachary—though he preferred to be called Zach. Zach was seventeen, the oldest in the group next to John. He was always trying to be the peacemaker in the group, calling everyone "immature" and "deviants".
"Go Fish? I don't think so. What are you guys, like, five?" laughed Raphael, walking towards the single couch. He plopped down on it, then quickly got up as a shout of pain erupted from the couch. A lump moved, then Raphael saw that it was just Michael, the youngest of the group. He had covered the blanket over him, making him blend into the couch perfectly. Michael was thirteen, and he was just recently picked up by John.

"Geez, dude! What are you trying to do, kill me?" shouted Michael, infuriated. "I'm trying to frickin' sleep, and you sit on me!"
Raphael laughed. "Sorry dude, you looked exactly like the couch! Move over. I wanna rest."
"Get your own couch! Maybe you should steal one on your way back from a job!" Muttered Michael, shifting to sleep on his side. "I bet it'd only take an hour or two."
Raphael sighed, and sat down next to Rachel. Picking up five cards, he muttered, "Got any Jacks?"

Raphael was wasted. He had just come back from doing a job, and now he had to deal with his "family". After winning three times in a row at Go Fish, he promptly removed Michael from the couch and sprawled on it. He had had to steal a necklace from a lady as she was walking down the street. She was, of course, surrounded by guards. Quick blows to some pressure points and they were down. After snapping the necklace off, the woman had promptly called the City Watch, which had forced him to run. After a long chase, he had escaped into a building, and then out into an alleyway. He had then had the caper with the bread vendor, and now he was at the shelter. Just another day in his life.

A couple of hours passed. Raphael was awoken by a sudden jolt, forcing him wide awake. He immediately went into a defensive stance, jumping off the couch and onto the floor.
"Whoah, Raph, it's me. John. You got the necklace?" Said a man in dark sunglasses, with his hands up. Raphael lowered his hands, realizing who and what had awoken him. It was just John, coming to pick up the necklace and sell it. He reached into his pocket and was hit by a sudden jolt of terror. It wasn't there! The necklace wasn't in his pocket! He must have dropped it! Then he reached into his other pocket, and was instantly relieved when he found the necklace. Tch, idiot! You didn't even think of checking the other pocket, did you? He thought. Handing the necklace over, Raphael asked, "Yo John, got any pizza?"

At the mention of pizza, everyone looked up. Pizza was the joke of the shelter—for obvious reasons—though at the mere mention of it, everyone instantly thought the same thought: Where?! Unfortunately, John didn't have any pizza, so everyone was disappointed. Returning to their previous work, their focus immediately left John.
"Nope. No pizza…you guys seem to change your favorite toppings every week, so it's hard to keep track. Besides, it's pizza—it should be rare. Anyways, I'll go sell this necklace. Probably get a few hundred for it. Maybe we can get another couch, eh?" At this, John left as soon as he had entered.

Raphael returned to the couch. He looked at Rachel—then noticed she was looking at him, so he quickly turned away. He had always had a strong affection for her, and he felt like a child whenever he looked at her. She was so confident, so in charge. If something went wrong, she would immediately take over, issuing orders. At the moment, she was examining a cube of some sort. She was flipping it around and moving it in odd ways. Raphael finally recognized what it was—a rubix cube. It didn't have any colors, like a traditional rubix cube, so it was hard to notice that that was what it was. In fact, it had patterns instead of colors. There were lions, horses, dragons, gargoyles, sheep and wolves. Raphael watched in utter amazement as she flipped it with expert speed, never pausing. In less than ten minutes, she had it completely solved. She then started to flip all of the sides at insane speeds, not paying any attention to what she was doing. After doing this for a few minutes, she seemed content—and then she started solving it again.

Raphael decided to go leaping. Rising up, he stated, "anyone wanna go leaping?"
Everyone looked at him, then looked back. Sighing, Raphael turned to climb up the ladder.
"Yeah sure, let me finish this first." Rachel said, not removing her transfixed eyes from the cube. Raphael waited, wondering how long it might take. Surely it would take hours—she had just started, after all. "Should I go and do a few rounds while you finish, or…?" he said.
"Hah, nah, I'll have it in under a minute." Rachel smirked. In thirty seconds she was done, smugly holding it up. "Alright, let's go."

They climbed the ladder to the roof. The sun was just about to set, and Raphael estimated that they would have about an hour before it got too dark to navigate.
"Alright, so the rules are normal. No distractions, no knee collapsing, move as fast as possible." He said, quickly. He didn't want to waste too much time standing around, since he obviously looked a little red, being alone with Rachel. He thought it childish, really—he was fifteen! Why should he be embarrassed? Nevertheless, it was as such. He hoped to hide his red face with the excuse of being exhausted. Without another word, he ran, jumped, and leaped. Grabbing onto the ledge of an adjacent building, he vaulted himself up and over. He had always been much more agile than Rachel—though he went a little slower so as not to make her feel bad. He figured he could completely lose her, though he didn't want to.

This cycle continued for a while. For Raphael, it was pure ecstacy. Leaping and running with the grace of a cat made him feel alive. Vaulting over obstacles, sliding under pipes, all of those things made him exhilarated. It was a thrill unlike any other, for when he went leaping, all of his worries faded. It was as if he were outrunning his worries, his problems, his fears. Leaving them in the dust, never to catch up.

He slowed down a bit, in order to let Rachel catch up. "You feeling tired yet?" he teased.
"Hah, yeah. I'm freaking jumping from building to building! What do you expect?" she retorted, breathing heavily. Making sure she could see him, Raphael jumped onto a ledge, lifted up and flipped onto the building. "Oh yeah! Ninja!" he yelled, fists in the air. "Hah! I win! You stopped!" Rachel mocked, savoring her cheap victory. Crap! Raphael thought. I just had to do the little fists in the air thing. "Eh, whatever. It's getting dark—let's head back." He said, panting. With that, he ran and leaped onto the next building, shouting taunts and beckons.


Panting, Raphael walked into the shelter. He plopped down on his "bed"—a piece of cloth folded many times over. John insisted that they call them beds so that their attitudes didn't go bad. In his mind, they were not "cots", or "rags". They were beds, and that was that.

Trying to go to sleep, Raphael fathomed any possible way to get Rachel to like him. She had to have noticed him, right? But maybe she liked Zach—he did look a lot better. Maybe she went for the older guys. She probably thought of him as a stupid runner, only caring about moving around. She only went leaping with him because she felt sorry for him for being such a little freak. Finally, exhausted, he managed to catch some rest.

"Raphael! Wake up! I got a job for you." Said a voice. Raphael instantly shot to attention, something he had learned to do a long time ago. It had helped him many times, being able to instantly become fully awake. "What is it, and what's my payment?" he asked. John hesitated, then said, "I want you to get us food for today." Raphael groaned. "Food? Really? I thought it was Michael's turn."
"I want you to do it. You're the fastest in the group."
"Fine, fine…anything in particular?"
"Nah, just get some food."
With that, Raphael was getting dressed. It was still dark, so he put on dark clothing. He'd be in and out before anyone knew a thing was happening.  He walked over to the window, opened it, jumped out, and disappeared. John smirked. That kid was agile, alright.

Shooting down the alleys like a falcon to its prey, Raphael headed towards the pizza parlor. He hadn't had any pizza in a long time. Creeping up next to the building, he determined how best he could enter it. He noticed that there was a ventilation duct about ten feet above him. Stepping back, he ran up to the wall, shot up it, grabbed the vent, and swung into it. All of this took less then five seconds, and made almost no sound at all. Creeping in, Raphael noticed that pizza was already cooking. The great thing about the pizza parlor was the fact that there was only one man working there. Currently, this man was waiting at the register, as he always did—his version of great customer service. Sneaking out of the duct, Raphael looked for a few boxes of pizza. He was like a snake in the grass—making no noise, no signs of being there. Carefully, he picked up a box and started to sneak back. Suddenly, the man at the register swung around and started to run at him! Setting the pizza aside, he swiftly sidestepped the man, dealing a swift blow to his neck. Immediately, the man collapsed, not to wake up for three hours. Smirking, Raphael took the pizza and left.

Running back to the shelter was tricky. The sun was starting to shine, so he had to move quickly. Running between alleyways and leaping over obstacles was something he did mechanically, thinking nothing of it. He was barely paying attention to what he did, when he suddenly realized that he was running straight towards a police man! The police man obviously had not noticed him. He had to be careful here—if he was noticed, that was it. Suddenly, the police man turned around, noticed him, and blew his whistle. Immediately, the area was teeming with police officers. How were there so many!? He looked around. The alley was too narrow—he couldn't get enough distance for a running leap onto the wall and into a window. He was trapped. Dropping the pizza, he raised his hands in defeat.


"John! Where's the food?" asked Rachel, hungrily looking for any sign of food.
"I don't know—I sent Raphael out to get some, but he hasn't come back yet." John retorted, looking puzzled himself. Was he caught? Nah. He's too fast for that. He thought. But then…what? John racked his brain, thinking of an answer. He was just caught up, that's it. Yeah!

"Where is your hideout?!" bellowed a large man, sitting at a table. He was bellowing at Raphael, who was looking very bored and plain. "Excuse me?" he asked, trying to appear as if he had no idea what the man was talking about. "You know very well what I am talking about! You are Raphael Cassandro! You are a well-known thief, guilty of many crimes!" retorted the man. Raphael grinned. "I see my reputation preceeds me," he said, smirking. Any minute now, he could escape. Just a little movement of his fingers and he could have the key to his cell. He'd sneak away, and no one would ever find out until he was long gone.

After bellowing at Raphael for a while, the man told the guards to take him away. As they locked him up in his cell, Raphael stole the key from one of the guards. The fool—he had no idea what had just happened! Waiting until everyone was out of sight, he slipped the key into his handcuffs, releasing them. He then slipped the key into the jail cell, and with a click, he was out. Grinning, he sunk into the shadows, heard by no one and seen by no one.

"John, Raphael still isn't back. I think he was caught—I'll go look for him." Rachel said, anxiety showing in her face. At the shelter, if anyone ever goes missing, you go look for them. No one gets left behind. Especially if they are to bring the food.
"Whoah, let's just settle down here." John said, reassuringly. "If he's not back by six, we'll look for him." Rachel started to protest, but realized it was of no use. She sighed, then went back to her rubix cube.

Rachel was growing worried. It was five thirty, and still no sign of Raphael. She decided to search for him immediately. As she was about to leave, a figure leaped into the room from the window. "Yo." Raphael said, as casually as could be.

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*Nishi* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 October 2009 at 2:49pm | IP Logged
waht a crap story jk LOL 
its nice.. but you dont plan on continuing it anyway
Geel9 Newbie

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Posted: 21 October 2009 at 2:50pm | IP Logged
Yes, yes I do.
*Nishi* IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 October 2009 at 2:51pm | IP Logged

okay then. PM me when you do

aish_punk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 October 2009 at 7:07am | IP Logged
hey..amazing story..
Rapheal seems really good at stealing and pretty determined too...i like the bond b/w Rachel and Rapheal..its sorta unique..but i hope Rachel likes him too..
n well he got caught..thats bad..but then he managed to sneak out..thats gud..
update soon
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Posted: 22 October 2009 at 4:03pm | IP Logged
Thanks! I'm actually working on more now. I'll post it soon.

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Posted: 21 December 2009 at 11:25am | IP Logged
plz do post more, im in love wid this story =)
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