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Breathless ~1~...*Note - Page 143* (Page 9)

krazy4kash Goldie

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Posted: 21 October 2009 at 9:58am | IP Logged

really liked your idea of indulging us to d revealed and didnt reveal d story...........but tempting...........really luved the pics..........waiting 4 d next update...........

thx 4 d pm


vruls Senior Member

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Posted: 21 October 2009 at 10:29am | IP Logged
did u actually pm me for this ????????? how bored were u ???
when r u going to actually update the part
...Aphrodite... Senior Member

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Posted: 21 October 2009 at 10:56am | IP Logged
@ Nadz - Awww Nadz! You're so sweet! Don't you worry! Read whenever you want...and whenever you have the time. I've added you to the PM list! YAY thank you about the AR thing! LOL

@ ShelDev - I'm glad you liked the pics...they were my inspiration! I'm updating in 10 mins!

@krazy4kash - I'm glad you liked the concept!...Thank you so much! I'm updating won't wait long.

@Vruls - Oh dear...seems like I've upset someone. Well I sincerely apologise for disappointing you and you've been taken off the PM list so you aren't further angered by my work. Sorry once again.
vruls Senior Member

Joined: 03 April 2009
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Posted: 21 October 2009 at 11:05am | IP Logged
heyyyyyyy nooooooooooooooo pls dont remove me
i was just abit upsate that i wanted to read ur part badly
n u sent me a pm for those pis so i was a bit disapointed so wrote that but im sorry
...Aphrodite... Senior Member

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Posted: 21 October 2009 at 11:09am | IP Logged

Chapter 1: Storm to Field

"Lekin Maa!!"

"Lekin vekin kuch nahin Riddhima! Kirti teri badi behen jaisi hain,,, aur phir Gupta parivaar taraf se koi jaawan to hona chahiye madat karne ke liye!"

Riddhima glared at her mother incredulously as she darted back and forth across her bedroom, packing the 546787th piece of clothing she'll apparently need for her stay.  Her eyes followed the unfortunate bright blue silk dupatta get throttled to absolute death as her mother wrestled with the jam-packed suitcase to fit it in. Riddhima's eyes widened and her jaw dropped at the sight, out of sympathy for the poor garment but moreover wondering when her Ma dropped Kathak and replaced it with WWF. Snapping out of her trance and shaking her head back to reality she continued'


"Haan Maa lekin TEEN mayne ke liye? TEEN? Aek hafte pehle jaati tho chalta, do hafte bhi chalta, teen hafte maximum lekin teen hafte chod ke TEEN MAYN-"


"CHUP! Kya' teen mayne teen mayne' laga raka hai! Shaadi ke tayari ke liye itna hi waqt lagta hai. Tumhare Papa aur mein kuch hafte mein hi waha aa jayenge mere bacho ke Kathak Manch Pravesh ke baad.Aur phir tum akeli thodi na rahogi,,,Malik aur Joshi parivaar ke bache bhi Goa char din pehle paunch gaye. Woh sab tere umar ke ladke ladkiya hai,,,"


Riddhima rolled her eyes and scoffed "Tere umar ke ladke ladkiya'" that meant she was going to spend the next three months playing Antakshari with 8, 9 and 11 year olds. She carried on fiddling with the edge of her comforter in frustration as she sat cross legged on her bed, next to her brimming black suitcase which was losing a hopeless battle.


"Yeh kya shor sharaba chal raha hai yaha??" Riddhima watched her dad peek in curiously through the door and gave him a 'Ma's-in-crazy-packing-mode-and-is-like-freakishly-strong' look. Her Papa's eyes widened in realization and turned to scurry away until-


"Suno na! "


He sighed and looked up to brace himself before turning around.


"Kya baat hai Gayatri?"

"Yeh Riddhima Goa jaane se maana kar rahi hai."


He looked to Riddhima who had her eyes downcast as she carried on fidgeting with her comforter.


"Kya hua beti,,, tum Goa kyun nahi jaana chahti?" He walked over to sit next to his pouting daughter and her now fully conquered bag.


"Papa,,, TEEN MAYN-"

"Riddhima!" Her mother interrupted with a growl.


She exhaled deeply and started again. "Papa! BAARA HAFTE ke liye? Mein waha kya karoongi.? Wahan chachee, mousi, poowa, nani sab to hai na toh phir meri kya zaroorat?!"


"Arre beta, Jab Shubhankar Ji ke taraf se itne bache aa rahe hai toh phir Kirti koh kese lagega jab uski choti behen madat karne nahi aayegi toh? Aur phir tere kaam se chooti hai na? Toh bas! Goa jaon mauj masti kar ke aawon! Kirti ki shaadi bhi dhoom dhaam se ho jayegi aur tumhara holiday bhi! Two in vun!"


Riddhima surrendered with a giggle and reached out to give her Papa a huge hug. Although he used to be one of the most diligent Philosophy professors at Mumbai University, his English always made him look so adorable.


"Theek hai Papa'lekin aap aur Ma Kathak ka show ke baad jaldi aa na." She said with a beaming smile.




And with that the zip of her tortured luggage was now closed as was the conversation.




Riddhima felt the warm breeze of the evening caress her hair as she drove through the meandering roads of Goa. She smiled at the perks of driving in a convertible, her midnight blue Infiniti G37 started off as an indulgence but it was worth every penny. It had been five long hours since she had waved goodbye to her anxious parents who were forever wishing her a safe trip.

Three hours in to the journey, the city lights of Mumbai had disappeared behind her as she entered the exotic fantasy world of Goa. Her heart had melted at the sight; watching the pink, purple and indigo hue of the sky wash over the world magically. She was mesmerized by the pink glow of the sun as it submerged into the horizon of the deep violet ocean. Her senses had reawakened from the monotonous greys of the highway. She heard the waves crashing below her instead of the honking and hooting of raged drivers and smelt the fresh sweet air instead of the smoky pollution of Mumbai.

Driving along the slightly unsafe cliff top she had been worried about, at that point she couldn't care less. The experience comforted her like a warm embrace, then and there, she was in her heaven.

Two hours later, the sky had darkened to mysterious shades of blues and blacks as it wrapped the world in its blanket for the night. Riddhima followed the dangerous paths of the cliffs with only the dim headlights and moonlight guiding her way. The warming comfort she had felt hours before was now starting to dissipate as she looked at the time and realized it was nearing 11pm. Papa had called her 3 times now to see if she'd reached.

She tried to fight her exhaustion and was glad she had chosen her light flowy white dress that hit her just above her knee because she was definitely comfortable.


Riddhima had turned her radio off hours ago after she left Mumbai; her usual stations had lost reception. She reached for the compartment next to her and slipped a CD into the player, turning the volume dial as high as was necessary so she didn't feel sleepy.


Listen to what Riddhima's listening to.


The combination of the mystic vocals and Indian classical music with the spellbinding drum 'n' bass beats soothed and awakened her at the same time. Her heart sank as she related to the words:

"Kali raat mora jiya ghabraye'"

But more so to the words that she has never related to, emphasizing her loneliness:

"Your love is beautiful'like a bird'"

Staring blankly ahead through the darkness she broke out of her trance when she saw a red sign saying:


Riddhima looked past the sign into the night, even with her headlights on she could only see within a two feet radius. Luckily she had been expecting the warning sign,,,

"Riddhima, dekh beta maine Kirti ke saath abhi abhi baat ki. Woh kehti hai ke jab paharon pe tume laal rang ka warning sign mile tum yeh number call karna. Koi tumhari madat karne aa jayega"

Her Papa had handed her the number reluctantly, showing his worry through the lines and creases on his forehead.

Riddhima pulled over on the side of the treacherously narrow road, she turned the music down and pulled her phone out of her handbag. The glow of the screen lit her face and she had to blink a few times to desensitize herself to the light after so much darkness. Flicking through her contacts she found the number she was looking for and hit *Call*.

"Hey baby'"

She quirked her eyebrow and look down at the phone to check the phone before putting it back to her ear. The voice on the other end was deep and smooth and definitely a man's.

"Baby?!" She asked shocked.

"Kya hua? You don't like baby? How about sweetheart, sex-" His buttery smooth voice replied.

"NAHI nahi!! Mujhe lagta hai aap ko koi galat famii ho gayi hai. I'm Riddhima Gupta. Mein warning sign paunch gayi hoon cliff par." Riddhima cringed in her seat wandering if she should even be asking for help from the perverted man.

The voice on the other end let out a deep throaty laugh,

"Ohhh Ms. Woman Driver! Tum lightening ki thara gadi chala rahi thi kya??"

Riddhima's face changed into confusion, what the hell was this guy talking about?

"Err nahi? Mein 60 ke upar gayi hi nahi"

"Nahi I mean,,,did you hit trees?" With that she heard another deep throaty chuckle accompanied this time with a bunch of other laughs in the background.

Great! Paunchi hi nayi aur abhi se hi sab mera mazak ura rahe hai.

Riddhima gritted her teeth, she hated woman driver jokes because she was a pretty damn good driver if she said so herself!

"Dekho aap madat karne aa rahe ho ya nahi?! Nahi toh mein akeli hi aa jaoongi!" She spat in to the phone with as much venom as she could. She definitely could have said a lot worse but looking in to the blank space of nothing in front of her she was terrified.

"Ooohhh ouch! Madat bhi maang ti ho aur attitude bhi? Waha hi ruko Ms. Woman Driver mein aa raha hoon,,,baby"

And with one last chuckle he hung up leaving Riddhima absolutely seething. She was going to hate this trip,,,she just knew it.



20 minutes later, looking out in to the distance she saw two dim headlights heading her way. The car seemed to be stumbling down the pathway dangerously and Riddhima held her breath until-


She grabbed her phone and hit *answer*, not being able to take her eyes away from the unstable car in front of her.

"Hey Ms. Woman Driver,,,miss me?"

Riddhima rolled her eyes and growled "Aap yaha aa rahe ho ya nahi! Yahan ek gadi-"

"Yahan ek gaadi mein mein hoon baby. Tumhara reg number T89 FGW hai?"

Riddhima squinted out in to the distance and made out the tiny white light of a phone held against the black silhouette of a man. Her heart began to accelerate at the thought of having to trust this stranger in the middle of the night.

"H-haan" she whispered.

"Then you're my girl! Follow me,,,,lekin suno meri gaadi ke siva aur kaheen dhyan maat dena. Do you understand?" His tone dramatically became stern and severe. Riddhima's heart beat accelerated faster at the thought of possibly falling off the edge of the cli-

NO! Kyun aisa sauch rahi ho?

He turned the car around unsteadily so the back of his car faced her. As he turned, she heard the sound of the rocks being plummeted off the cliff.

"Haan lekin aap ki backlights ache se nahin dikhti"

"Ahh bichari Ms Woman Driver, mein meri internal lights chaloo karta hoon. Better baby?"

The inside of his very extravagant car lit up, but only slightly

Just enough to make out his eyes, on her, through his rear view mirror.

Riddhima's breath caught as her eyes fluttered downwards.

"Better" she said quietly.

Her eyes met his again as she looked forward in to his rear view mirror. He winked playfully at her even though she knew he couldn't see her through the darkness. Nonetheless, she narrowed her glare viciously.

"Ready baby?"

She followed him through the maze of pathways leading up the cliff. Ducking, diving, swerving left and then swerving right. Occasionally looking to his rearview mirror to find him glancing back and forth between her and the path to see if she was doing okay. His concern made her feel safe, as much of an asshole he seemed, he was partially trustworthy. As she tailgated him closer and closer, she noticed his stormy grey eyes move with a rhythmical pattern,,,,

To the mirror, to the path, to the mirror, to the path, to the mirror, to the path, to the mirror, to the path, to the mirror, to the path, to the mirror, to the path, to the mirror, to the path, to the mirror, to the path, to the mirror, to the path,  to the- SHIT!

She felt the left rear tire collapse backward off the edge of the cliff. She slammed on the accelerator. Her car growled and revved in its struggle. Taking her foot off the accelerator, she felt her car tilt backwards once again. SLAM! The car revved once again, the tires screeched against the rocky ground. Letting go of the accelerator again, her car slipped below once again. SLAM! Her foot hit the accelerator harder and faster till the car charged forward. She lifted her foot and hit the brakes just as hard and then crashed to the back of her seat with a thud.

She gripped the steering wheel hard with both hands and squeezed her eyes shut. Trying to control her erratic breathing and her racing heartbeat, she fought with her body to compose herself. The rising and falling of chest did-


Her eyes shot wide open as she saw the familiar number. Preparing herself for another lewd woman driver remark she answered, of course she deserved it.

"Riddhima?! Are you okay? Holy shit,,,what happened?"

His troubled voice took her completely by surprise and she couldn't find the words in her to respond.


Jolted back to reality she met his anxious glare in the mirror and managed an "I-I'm Okay" Her voice cracked.

"I'm getting out"

"Nahin nahin! Mein teekh hoon. Mera dhyan nahin tha, I'm sorry."

"Turn on your internal light!" His voice was severe and angered.

She turned on her dim light, a completely useless part of her car as it definitely did not emanate much light.

She looked to his rear view mirror and for the first time that night his gaze penetrated straight in to her eyes. Eye to eye. Grey to Green. Storm to Field.

Author's Note

Here it is guys...this is my first chapter to Breathless. Hopefully you'll see the connection with the pictures. Well all of them except for the mansion...this chapter turned out WAY tooo long for that!!

Hope it wasn't tooo long and boring...

Next chapter?? A certain male's point of view...hmmmmm Ermm

Thank you for the support! Please comment/hit like! It makes my day xx

Love Shrina xxx

Breathless Beckons 2 on Page 12

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sweet.melody IF-Stunnerz

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Awesome Part Shrinz!! Loved it!! Clap

I could feel the thrill of the road while reading it!!

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just love it Smile
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@ Shilpa - Thank you for helping me out babe!! I really appreciate and youtube just don't go! lol....I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

@ Naureen - Thanks for commenting lovely! YAY!

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