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~*~Prida Romantic Scene Thread~*~ (Page 3)

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Dawn Idol

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Posted: 17 October 2009 at 2:34am | IP Logged
Ivy ....... *bowing lowwwwwwww * ......
I dont know how to thank you dear !!!!!!
You put all the wonderful PriDa scene FFs in one place ....... so anytime we need the our daily PriDa fix we know where to go !!!!!
Thanks a million dear !!!!!

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sistu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 October 2009 at 2:43am | IP Logged
This is a fab idea! Tnx a lot for this.

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Posted: 17 October 2009 at 4:10am | IP Logged
Thank you very much for this thread, Ivy.. Appreciate your hard work..

Beautiful scenes, those! Woohoo! they now have their own thread..

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Posted: 17 October 2009 at 4:32am | IP Logged
Great you are a certifed PriDaholic now...LOLLOLLOL
I am soo glad I got you hooked on to this..
now we need Prankoo and Fatim to complete it...
and I think this needs to be included as well...
you rock..

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Posted: 17 October 2009 at 9:42am | IP Logged
 **Writing by mridhu**
(Message from the writer-Credit to Nisha (Kheerni)...this was the result of our combined PriDa drooling!!)
Prithvi and Damini are near the pool and they have a heated argument,

prithvi props his hand on his hip and glares at her, " damini.." but damini is in no mood to listen.. she goes on and on - she is VERRY irritated with him.

prithvi raised his brows and shot her a look, she glared back at him, shaking his head, he closed the gap between them, " damini.." he said sofly, " you need to cool down"

She dipped backwards and narrowed her eyes at him, " what the hell is that supposed to mean?"she bit out, folding her arms beneath her chest and taking a step back, a smile escaped his lips, she frowned.. damn him, they were supposed to be arguing..she thought

his eyes bore into hers, " it means" he drawled on, " it means... take a cold shower"

She frowned, " Prithvi..." she whispered..

he titled his head to the side, his lips stretching in a smile, closing the gap between them, her eyes dropped to his lips, her hands shot to his shoulders, her fingers stroking it in feather light moments..

she smiled out of volition, he chuckled, " tigress" he muttered, his head dipping to hers, their foreheads touching, damini's eyes fluttered shut," you know you are a tigress don't you.. when you start arguing.."

arguing?!.. her eyes sprang open, it was like a switch turned off, sheesh what was she doing? all he did was walk a few steps closer and she was putty... damn him!.. she sprung away


Damn Damn Damn.. sputtering, she kicked the water around her, " PRITHVI!!". She heard the distinct sound of a deep chuckle.

She pushed the wet hair out of her eyes and glared at him, he crouched beside the pool, chuckling away, " my wet tigress" he said between chuckles.

" shut up" she growled, " and get lost", he snorted, leaning in her gave her his hand, " come on" he said.

she snapped it away, " i can swim. GO" she snapped icily. he sighed exasperatedly, " you are so stubborn" he said, unbuttoning his shirt.

she swam backwards, " prithvi.. leave.. mujhey tumhari help ki koi zaroorat nahi hai"

he didnt seem to pay attention, in three quick strokes he was by her side, winding his arm around her waist, he said in the deep timbre of his voice that always drove her crazy, "  " come with me" he said firmly, his eyes boring into hers.

she sighed, he needn't have asked at all, giving up, she relaxed in his arms, and wound hers around his waist.

the swim back was silent, prithvi caught hold of her waist and hoisted up, while he remained in the water, his hands still on her waist, she rested her arms on his biceps.

" why do we fight so often?" she asked softly, her fingers drawing patterns on his biceps. He smiled, leaning in to push the wet hair away from her face, she shivered at his touch, " we always make up" he murmured.

She blushed, images of their last fight and how it had ended sprang in her mind " that we do" she said smiling.

His fingers that lay gently on her cheek now pulled her down to his face, " and we haven't made up yet" he said softly, his breath warm against her cold face.

" no we haven't" she whispered against his lips, as she gently slid back to the water, his strong arms holding her tight against his body.

she laced her hand around his shoulders, her eyes closed, and she titled her head to his, " i'm just getting to that" he breathed against her lips.

" good" she whispered back, smiling as prithvi's lips brushed hers..


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Posted: 17 October 2009 at 9:49am | IP Logged
 **Writing by kheerni**
(Message from the writer- I wrote this assuming that there's no marriage or engagement track. Credit for this vision also goes to Mridhu.  She supplied crucial additions as I was narrating this to her.  Another one from our joint Prithvi and PriDa drooling sessions.)
Damini gets invited to an award ceremony - The Young Women in Business Award. 

Its out of town. She's been nominated and has to go.  

Ila asks Prithvi to go with Damini, as she'd prefer Dami not traveling alone.  She'll say she's still worried for Dami's safety, but in truth she's trying to get the two out of the house so they can get to know one another better.  She tells Prithvi "Tum hamesha uske saath rehna."

Prithvi looks at Damini, then looks back at Ila and says "Ji...of course.  Yehi mera kaam hai"


So, Prithvi accompanies her.  The awards ceremony has dinner tables set all around, and the podium up front.  Prithvi and Damini get ushered in and get shown the table they'd be sitting on.  It's a bit of an awkward moment because of course the usher assumes he's her + 1.  But Damini doesn't correct him.  So, Prithvi takes his place at the dinner table next to her.


As the awards begin, she's nervous but tries not to show it.  He notices and tells her she has no need for nervousness.  That he knows there's only one person in the room who deserves this award.  She looks at him, touched at what he just said, but he looks away. 

Its not like him to tell her she will get the award or to openly compliment her.  But now he had done just that in his own way...indirectly. 


As the nominations for her award get announced, she grasps his hand on the table, without thinking.  But then realizing what she did, looks down at their hands entwined and then up at him to see him looking at her.  As her name gets called, both are lost for a moment in each other.  Until the person on her other side congratulates her.  Both get back to the room from their reverie, and Dami quickly withdraws her hand. 


She walks up to the podium with a faraway look on her face.  Her mind is in turmoil.  She puts a smile on her face as she steps up to the podium.  But when up there, she searches for the one face she wants to see.  She finds him looking at her. She looks at him a moment, strangely content for his presence in the crowd.  Prithvi watches her receive the award with a mixture of admiration and pride.  Up on the podium, Damini says how her life has taken many turns recently.  But she's been able to stay strong and continue to work.  Then she looks again at Prithvi and thinks of the many times he stood by her.  She says she could be strong and successful during her recent hardships because of the people closest to her, who supported her.  Without them this may not have been possible.


After the awards are handed out, everyone mingles.  Inder shows up.  He's also a guest at the event and sees Prithvi with her.  He says loud enough for everyone to hear "You didn't waste any time hooking up with your bodyguard Damini!"  and cuttingly asks "Tell me how does it feel be out at an event like this with a nobody!  Ek mamooli bodyguard ke saath, Damini? Tumhara standard itna gir gaya hai??"


Damini walks up to Inder and slaps him hard across the face.  She tells him that Prithvi is 10 times the man than he could ever be! Prithvi is surprised, and touched, and more so when she steps up to him, holds his arm, looks at him in the eye and asks him take her away from there.  Both walk out together in front of everyone.  But once alone she lets go of his arm instantly...too quickly. He' notices this.  Her withdrawal already hurting.  Already he misses her touch on him, her closeness.


Damini apologizes for Inder's behavior. 

Prithvi is hurt, confused and angry with himself for letting himself feel again.  He says, its OK, what Inder said was right. He looks up, locks eyes, and with an intense meaningful look, says "Mein sirf ek bodyguard hoon" each word measured, and turns around to leave.

Damini is confused, hurt and disappointed. His words ringing in her ears..

She cannot let him leave like this.  She just can't.  She blurts out  "Tum sirf ek bodyguard nahin ho!!


Prithvi stops, nods and says "Accha? Toh kya hoon mein apka?"  Dami says.."Tum mere...dost ban gaye ho..."


He turns around.  His expression conveying a 100 different emotions, all mixed. "Ek dost?!  Ek dost jise aap baar baar yaad dilati hain ki woh sirf aapka employee hai, aur kuch nahin! 


"Prithvi.." she says, distraught, unable to say much more.


"Kya...aur kya kehna chahti hain aap!!"  he almost yells out.


"Jaanta hoon mein ke mein kaun hoon or aap kaun!" he says closing the distance between them. 

"Prithvi..." She says again, her voice breaking.

But he's livid, not listening, and grabs a hold of her in anger. 

A tear pricks her eye.

How does she tell him

what he does to her

what he means to her


His face so close to hers

He's hurt and so angry.  He says again, "Jaanta hoon ke..." and his voice trails off...

He closes his eyes in pain and just brings his head forward to let it rest on her forehead.

She does the same, her sobs escaping now.

They just stand there

in each others' arms

No need for words.


This night, this moment they don't need to say anything more.  They just know.  They know that they are both stubborn, headstrong, and will hurt each other...but at this very moment they also know that they can't live without the other. 

They are afraid to say anything.  Because in the past what they have said has always been the wrong thing.  And this time they'd rather trust their silences than their words.


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 **Writing by achumen**
(Takes place after Ila asks Prithvi if he'll marry Damini...)

Prithvi  leaves Ila Gujral's room and walks out...He comes down the stairs - he had lost it completely...He did not expect Ila Gujral to ask him - what he thought about marriage..and that too with Damini.....He had never thought about his own marriage...After he lost his father he would think about Sameer and Varun's but never his own....He walks down the stairs lost in thought...Damini was coming up the stairs after meeting the so called new BG - candidate. The person was half as good as she expected him to be - but then she was comparing him to her current BG - and the bar was already set very high can she ever find one good... as Prithvi  she thought ....She was coming up the stairs irritated....she saw Prithvi coming down - as she climbed up the stairs she kept looking at him - But he was lost ... he did not even see her ....he crossed her without looking at her...

She was puzzled - she stopped turned around only to see his back ...he walked out of the house in a daze...

She stood there for a long time.. What had Mom told Prithvi...How could she ask her mom...

She went back to her room.....She paced up and down thinking about all the moments with Prithvi the dupatta scene, cupboard falling...the he takes the bullet....the hospital...

He is out on the street walking back home starts raining ..he does not realise ....keeps walking

And ..all along ..on the background ...plays the song....

Na hai yeh paana khona hi hai...tera na hona jaaane ...kyon hona hi hai....

Tum se hi din hota hai...surmayi sham aati hai ...tum se hi......


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Thanks everyone!! I'm glad u think this is good! If anyone has suggestions for what else should go on the front page or has poems, scenes, and other things that they think should be added please pm them to me! And people lets start posting scenes!!!!!

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