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~*~Prida Romantic Scene Thread~*~ (Page 2)

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**Writing by Erutan99**

(My version of the scene where Prida are discussing/arguing about the qualities Damini's new body guard needs to have.)
"Why?" Even as she sarcastically asked this her eyes once more slid down to glance at his bare chest. Forcing herself to look back up at Prithvi and focus on their conversation she willed herself to not start blushing. "If u can be perfect..." it just me or is his shirt more unbuttoned than usual..."then why can't someone else be as well..."
She barely noticed as Prithvi rolled his eyes and glanced heavenwards in exasperation as once again her eyes slid to his muscled chest. Swallowing hard she glanced in the opposite direction. But a split second later her eyes were once more on his chest even as she forced herself to look at the ground, towards the horses, anywhere but him. God, why is it getting so hot all of a sudden...Swallowing again she resisted the urge to fan herself.
"Actually I needed to talk to u about something...." Damini quickly glanced back at him in surprise...He looks really good in this shirt-NO-Come on, Damini! Focus! "....The thing is that-" God, how much does he work out...?
Damini let out a growl of frustration cutting the surprised Prithvi off midsentence. "Err...Daminiji...?"
Frustratrated and tired of not being able to focus Damini took two steps closer to Prithvi and grabbed the shocked man by his unbuttoned collar. "Damin-wha-why-...?" The handsome COS stuttered even as Damini quickly and efficiently buttoned up his shirt until only the last two buttons were left...debating on whether to leave them alone or not she decided to let them be as she didn't want him looking too prudish...just didn't want him distracting her is all...
With a smile she patted him on the chest and backed away. "Sorry, it was distracting me." Brushing back her hair and crossing her arms over her chest she cooly nodded at the still gaping man in front of her to continue. "You were saying...?"
"Um...yes...that is...I mean....the thing is..."
"Sir! The other applicants for the bodyguard position are here." Prithvi quickly pulled himself together as he nodded at the man. "Should I send them out here?"
"NO! I mean no I'm coming." Pulling his act together he turned and nodded at Damini and quickly strode away his thoughts racing a hundred miles per hour...just what the heck had happened back there?

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Ivy9 IF-Rockerz

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**Writing by hapinezz13**

Pri: "aapko mein perfect lagta hoon?"
Da:" Kya?...maine aisa kab kaha?"
Pri :"Aaj subha.."
Da.." Woh woh as a BG...haan"
Pri: "Sirf BG?"
Pri : "Matlab yeh ki Damini ji main toh personal n professional main difference samjhta nahi....toh perfect kaise?"
Da: " Isiliye toh....Kyunki ab tum professional se mere personal BG jo hone wale ho?"
Pri " Matlab?"
Da " Matlab yeh Prithvi ji"
Pri.." Ki?"
Da" Kuch nahi kal baat karenge...aaj boss ka mood nahi hai!!"

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**Writing by Diya86**


PriDa run into each other as he's leaving for home

Da ' 'Tum yahaan kya kar rahe ho? Duty toh khatam ho gayi na?'

Pri ' 'Haan, par kuch kaam tha' Jab aapke naya BG aayega toh mujhe itna kaam nahin karna padega'

Da is upset but she doesn't say anything

Pri ' 'Toh aapne kya decide kiya? Kis ko appoint karengi?'

Da - *starts ranting about how useless those BGs were* 'un mein se koi bhi mere liye kaam nahin kar sakta' sab ko reject kar do..'

Pri ' 'Kya? Par kyun?' 

Da ' 'Kyun ka kya matlab hai? Mujhe acche nahin lage'' 

Pri ' 'Dekhiye, aap kuch zyada hi perfection expect kar rahi hain''  

Da ' 'Kyun, jab tum perfect ho toh' *she realizes what she said and stops* Never mind' Tum bas kuch aur interviews schedule karo'

Pri starts to get angry' 'Mujhe nahin pata ki aapko naya BG kyun chahiye par main aise perfect aadmi ko dhoond nahin sakta' Waise bhi aap toh mujhe bilkul pasand nahin karti. Mujh jaise ko kaise jhelengi?'  

Da begins yelling ' 'Fine. Toh chod do na..Mujhe apna khayal rakna aata hai.. Woh toh mamma ke force karne par main tumhe bardaash karti hoon warna''  

Pri cuts in ' 'Warna kya? Kya karti aap?'

Da loses it ' 'Tumse baat karna bekaar hai' Tum jaao. I don't need a BG and I definitely don't need you''*she starts to walk away*

Pri grabs her hand and wheels her around to face him* 'Aapko meri zaroorat nahin hai? Funny, Inder ke waqt toh aapko meri badi zaroorat thi. 'Tum ho na mere saath?' Yehi poocha tha na aapne'Aur maine promise bhi kiya tha' Toh ab meri zaroorat kaise nahin hai?' *he looks visibly hurt* 

Da is shaken, but still puts up a fight ' 'Prithvi chodo mujhe.. Is bare mein mujhe koi baat nahin karni'' 

Pri's grip on her hand tightens ' 'Par mujhe toh yeh baat karni hain' Main aapka employee hoon iska matlab yeh nahin ki aapki manmaani hamesha chalegi' 

Da gets really angry and tries to push him away ' 'How dare you? Tum'' 

Pri corners her against the wall and says nastily ' 'Haan main' bataiye, aaj aisa kya ho gaya ki aap ko meri zaroorat hi nahin hai?' 

Da's eyes fill with tears at his tone and her own confusion, and she tries to look away..

Pri notices this and softens. He turns her face toward him ' 'Damini, look at me''

Da is lost in his eyes. She can't remember who she is or where they are'All she is aware of is him, his eyes, his proximity, that moment' 

Pri *in a very gentle voice* ' 'Do you really hate me?' 

Da thinks about everything they've shared so far, how he's always stood by her' How much he affects her, how he makes her feel'

'No' ' she admits'


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 **Writing by hapinezz13**
Damini comes out in the stable all restless after the day of selecting her BG. Noone fit the bill, what a sorry lot, all she wanted was someone like that too difficult to get!!! she thinks.......when she spots Prithvi rubbing down Toofaan.
D: "Does he ever leave.....when does he sleep n am I hallucinating or is this prithvi @ 10 o clock here"
She quietly wals down to him but Prithvi doesn't notice  as his back is towards her n hez muttering to himself ," Yeh perfect kya hota hai."
D: "Tum"
 Prithvi starts at her voice n turns to look at her. They stare at each other .
D:" Do u ever go home?"
P" why r u always in a hurry to get rid of me?"
D fumbles .....""
P: " yes...always ...he whispers"
D: " of course not" she counter n steps back.
Prithvi steps closer when a wind suddenly blows Damz duppata off which she tries hard to grab but it flies away.Prithvi looks at her n turns to get it for her. He comes n wraps it around her then suddenly pulls her close to himself.
P: "U look nice in Indian clothes"
Damz cannot take her eyes from him n is lost in his touch.
P:" why do u want to replace me?"
D: "Huh"
P:" U want someone like me...but not me...why...r u scared?"
D:" scared"...softly
P: " I scare you...I won't ever hurt u."
Damz snaps back n gets out of his hold.
d:" Damini Gujral is not scared of anything."
P: " of course she is!!"
Damz turns on him fire in her eyes...." i am not...n no u don't scare me...nothing can."
Prithvi comes closer, tucks her hair back...bends towards her ear n softly whispers, " Damini, Love scares you."

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 **Writing by hapinezz13**
When Prithvi sees Toofan rushing towards damz he runs to save her.He holds her by the waist and in the nick of time gets her out of the charging horse's way.Both fall on the ground, in each other's arms.Damini gets up hastily all shy as she was just remembering him a second ago and it felt to her that he appeared from thin air
Da: "Sorry...I was lost in thought" she says softly
P: "Must be really important"
D: "Huh"
P: "The one in whose thoughts you were lost"
Damz blushes and is tounge tied as there was no way she was going to tell him that it was him she was thinking about.
 P: " Def tell the person U were thinking about that how you almost got hurt." he smiles
Damz turns to him n softly says " I almost got hurt today , and the person I was thinking about saved me."
 Prithvi looks stunned at her " What did you say something?"
Damz attampts to get up " No....not at all"
Pri gets up too and hands her the dupatta which had become entangled between them. Damz spots dirt on his face and in spite of her her hand rises to brush it off his cheek. Prithvi inhales sharply and Damz looks into his eyes. Prithvi comes closer to her and she gives a shy smile. He closes the distance between them and catches her by the shoulders. damz eyes lift to his. He bends down towards her n her eyes flutter shut....he whispers in her ear " its late Damini, goodnite." and turns her away to the direction of the house.

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 **Writing by rankanrock**
(The scene in which pri wipes da's tears rewritten)

prithvi reached out and cupped damini's face in his hands.. he looked into her moist eyes as a jolt of pain shot through. he could make out every tear that lung helplessly to her eye lashes slowly he moved forward and kissed each and every tear away..... " its okay.. im here with you now" he murmured... damini gazed back at him. suddenly prithvi arched backward clutching his head... he fell to the ground as all went black.

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this is an awesome idea ivy!! good that you compiled all the ideas and fics about prida on this one thread!1Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up

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ohhooooo......what a thread....thank God...U all created this.....

N by the way...all of ur writings r superb n marvellous...lovely....Keep up the gud work...

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