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::Harshad Chopda's FC - Winter Wonderland: *pg 75* (Page 2)

OGX2010 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 June 2005
Posts: 11173

Posted: 16 October 2009 at 12:38pm | IP Logged
Guys guys...this ever modest  Payal forced me into occupying this 8 th post territory which should be her claim in the first place....as undeserving as I am for this noble spot..thankyou Payal for bestowing me this honorary honorLOL

Soooo my lovely fcers...congratulations for making it  through to the 45th Fc..OMGG..45TH!!!...YESS you heard it right we really  ARE on the 45th Fc!!..congratulations..*seeetiyaaaan*!..ballooons..trumpets..sab kuh..cant wait for the 50 th one now...

Hmmm the previous fc was a pretty bumpy ride but I would like to thank each an every one of you for keeping it alive and rollicking with some amazing discussion and  with some not-so-amazing discussions...it was finished in straight 25 days!.Thats improvement! after snail  pacing through fcs for months  as  well..so hear it for yourselves as well!

Payal key baarey mein  ab  kia boloon...she has pulled up  yet  another acer...in her  kitty with this fc..My  GOD..the poem and its reference  to conteksst!!...AMAZINGLY outstanding...we need more literary folks out there...I agreee with each and every  stanza...very aptly put especially   the one  about surviving against all odds..and Harshad will always survive..Inshallah..It's not just about the talent, the looks and the stardom, its  about that  passion for doing  something  he  believes in!..and he is so full  of that passion...even i am surprised  at  times..the  talent,  the looks and the  stardom are  simply   the  icing on the  cake for the path that he has set himself for...He WILL go  places..touchwood

Thankyou so much Payal for puttting  this up ON  time..You   have  no  idea..I had my heart in my  throat wondering  if we would  be  able to  do it  on timee...I was  soooo ecstatic when  it was finally finished and that too with such finese..YIPPPEEE..you rock Payal!!..

Okay I dont know why she keeps thanking me..She did the major work...I was only involved with the siggy hunting and the idea.thats it..the entire Layout is her brain child..so lets hear it for her once moreClapClapStar

Mr chopda..you rock any time any day! Koi shaqTongue...you make us rock tooBig smile...and feeel soo good about being your fans...there is very little I can  do  or say to  thankyou enough ever.... keep shining..

Daisy! fc pey ajaya kar....we miss you we miss you!! miss all the fun..the madness...the gaaliyaan..please please make us happy and do hop in here ....in your words "jyaada style mat maaar"!....i am very ziddi i know but you know right..this is your land!!....please keep coming..

Yasmin  di Yasmin  di..YAHOO..you are bak..!!Clap

to everyone else...mehndi..sarah,  sara,  bhavna, yoj, swati, vandu, RAKSHAAAA..zainab di ..Everyone..i am sorry if i am missing out on names...you guys are sorely missed....bekhandiyon  dont be so lazy..just come!! keepcoming here..you guys BETTER!!

okay more blabbering later..

soldier on guys

one more thing, I hope everyone has read the warning on page 1 and that is up there so that EVERYONE can see it..who so ever!.. the warning shall hold no matter who the fan is...

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-Payal- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 July 2006
Posts: 7096

Posted: 16 October 2009 at 12:40pm | IP Logged

Congratulations on the 45th FC of Harshad Chopda!

Hello, FCers! :)

5 more 'til the half-way, golden jubilee mark!  Congrats! :)

Well, here we are - for once we actually got one of these FCs up on time despite all the time constraints!   I wouldn't have been able to accomplish it had Siddy not started nagging me a few weeks back...LOLSorry for the slight delay - I wanted to have it up before all the ISTers went to sleep, but I lost a siggy in the last moment, and had to go hunt for it...phew.

Anyway, as always, we've tried coming up with new themes for the FC - we wanted to do something seasonal, and this is the result.  As usual, I must say that the idea behind this FC was all Sidrah's...I just interpreted it in my own way.

The poem I chose, in the end, was harder than it seemed upon 1st reading it...but thanks to Y Di, it all worked out in the end...hope my musings on alder swamps and xylem/phloem didn't bore you guys too much...it was just the biologist in me coming out. LOL

As with all FCs, I have to thank the following people:

Harshad ji: At the risk of sounding like a broken record, thank you for continuing to be an inspiration - not only when it comes to these FCs, but in our personal lives as well.  You inspire and guide us every day, whether you realize it or not. 
I want to take this opportunity to wish you a belated Happy Diwali.  Hope you were able to spend quality time with your family during the holidays.  Wishing you all the best, now and always.  God Bless...Keep Smiling, Keep Shining!

Daisy, Yoj, and the original 4 plus Vandu:  Like I always say, we wouldn't be here if not for you guys.  Thank you for all that you did then, so that we could have a home now.

Daisy: You're constantly in my thoughts when I put these FCs together - after all, you are the soul of this place.  Thanks for all that you have done for the FC, and all that you continue to do for HC and all of us.  Miss you tons!  Hope you're well.

Sidrah: Hehehe...loved the siggy disclaimer at the beginning; though, I don't agree with the "ever angelic" comment. LOL  Thanks for being my partner in crime during the making of this FC...wouldn't have been able to do it without you.  Thanks for keeping me on track and making sure I got things done in a timely manner.  Can't thank you enough for siggy-hunting...I know its a horrible job...this time lets try to keep up with the gallery so we don't have to go through all that in the future :)  Thank you also for going behind me and doing some last minute edits.  I did change that payalia wali siggy that you had put...I just didn't like it - hope you don't mind Smile  Thanks for everything despite your lack of time and deadlines and otherwise crazy schedule...I don't know how you do it!

Yasmin Di:  This FC would not have been possible without you.  If you hadn't sat with me while I put the write-up together, I wouldn't have been able to get it done.  Thanks for letting  me bounce my thoughts off of you.  Also thank you, as always, for access to your photobucket account...you saved me this time with it - I had lost the link to a siggy I wanted to use, and I was able to find it there.  And as always, I've choried other things from there too... LOL  Thank you...for it all...esp the moments of inspiration Wink

Active and Old Members of the HC FC:  We wouldn't be 5 away from the half-century mark if not for you guys.  Thank you for getting us this far...for taking time out of your lives to keep this place alive.  I appreciate it more than you will ever know.  You are all an incredible bunch!

Lets make it a goal to get HC back up to the #2 or better yet, #1 position on the top 10 actors list on the homepage...afterall, that's where he belongs...

A Big Welcome to the New Members...please introduce yourselves, and let me know so that I can add your names to the Members List on pg.1 :)

Ok, lets get this FC rolling...Keep Rocking, FCers!

Love and God Bless,

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-vandy- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 19 September 2008
Posts: 38983

Posted: 06 November 2009 at 12:24am | IP Logged


to all the members

on the 45th


A very heartful thankyou to all the members till date who have kept the HCFC rocking and brought it this far......without the contribution of each one of you we would have never been able to get this far........
thanx a lot Harshad.....for being the person you are......for being the bond between all of us......if it wasn't for you none of us would have been here......thank you for being there for us.......Smile
its been great knowing you....as an actor and as a wonderful human being....
god bless you always......
love always...

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HarshadianNo1 Goldie

Joined: 17 July 2008
Posts: 2475

Posted: 06 November 2009 at 12:27am | IP Logged
CONGRATULATIONS For the 45th FC everyone!!!
               my family my friends here.....
I am very very happy ....first becoz its the 45th FC...only 4 more to go for silver jubileeClap
 and second reason is that I am here in this FC with all of youBig smile ...esp My Payal who I very well know have missed me a lot in last few fcs and so did ICry....I dnt wanna start this fc with sad things But I really miss all my old friends yaar.....I miss you so much Daisy,My Masakalli Rakshu,My bekhnadi Siddu,My so talented Mehndi,My ever helping Nandu and my naughtiest Sarah My angel Zainu.....and the crazy sis of HC my Atop baccha,Misty dear where are you???I miss you yaar.....
But At the same time i really wanna thank Priya Anu Alina Vandy for being here with FC and me and keeping the FC active and rocking as always...aur kyu na ho after all this is a fc of the ROCKSTAR!!!
Okie now three cheers for Payal and sidduClap .....Thanks a lot both of u for giving us another beautiful homeBig smile
Payal no need to say that u are a wonderful writer but after reading this poem and its comparision with Harshad I must say U are a GENIUS....U know very well how much i love all your writeups and this time i must say u have put so very well all that has Harshad been in his life so far and the reason why and how he has reached at such great heights....I pray that may his life be much more succesful and happy.
I really  wanna apologise P....I was not able to unreserve the post of ur first FCCry...it was very special fc for me coz it was ur first creation.....I will always have this guilty feeling that i was not with u and the fc too...plz forgive mCrye.......but I am glad that now  I am with u and the FC  and I pray to Allah that I be here atleast for few more months.....and be your so called inspiration...lol....I am not that good re...LOL
Siddu meri jaan....lol u liked my reserved postLOL....that shows how much happy you are to see me back...thanks for that wonderful welcome dear...it means a lot to meHug....Hope to meet u soon dear...havent met u in agesCry....
thanks for being with the fc inspite of your hectic schedules and as P said this FC wasnt possible without u so thanks once again for all ur support help.... btw i lovedddd that siggyLOL.....I know that ur bhooth is always madraying over the fc...i could feel ur presence and so do of Daisy's....I really miss her yaar....Daisy if u are seeing this post plz come back na yaar...we all miss you and so do the FC and i know u must be missing the fc more than we could imagine
Now A big thanku to all my freinds here ....Priya dear Alina Anu Vandana and all the new members.....I love you all....I hope i could be more regular and as active as u all are in the FCSmile
And last but not the least....THANKYOU HARSHAD!!!
I dunno how a person whom we have never met personally can affect our life so much....I just wanna say wherever you are whatever you do You always be happy and keep smiling and may you get all the sucess you deserve....I dunno if I will be ever able to meet you personally but I really wish to meet you some day....the person who inspires me a lot...who gives me strength...who helps me in many of my important decisions.....for me u are not just another actor but first you are a wonderful human being who respects his work his parents who is so simple humble modest .....who has so much passion for his work....i so much wanna be like you Harshad...I pray to god atleast to give me itsy bitsy of your qualities...so that i too could be a good human .
I wanna mention here about your young fan...my 5 yr old son...he is so crazy abt you...poor guy cant see your epi now coz he is in school at that time...but yesterday as he was not well he was at home and as soon as kis desh started he said me Ammi I MISS PREM UNCLE....I was likeShocked I said him... oh dear i ma so sorry u cant see him everyday....he have asked me to tell prem not to cry and he hates ash aunty coz she is giving u all the tensionsLOL......I still remember when u were doing prem chahat scenes he used to love them .....he even saw u in his dreams once and he said me that Ammi prem uncle hugged me as he hugged chahat yesterdayLOL......He loves You a lot as Do all of us and lakhs of your crazy fans....Take care of yourself keep smiling.....here is my small creation just to wish You happy Winter....Keep Rocking Keep- Smiling...God Bless You dear!!!


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-Alina- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 October 2005
Posts: 6347

Posted: 06 November 2009 at 12:29am | IP Logged
Welcome to the 45th Fan club of Harshad Chopda !!!!
WOW it really feels great to be a part of this world !!!! I still remember my first FC was in Late 20s and now we are on a distance of 4 more FCs...and then Half century !!!
I really want to thank each and every Harshadians, who was or is the part of this wonderful place !!!!
And Payal di...its an amazing FC my dear !!!!

Harshad Chopda, Well words always fall short to describe this personality !!!
I haven't come across such a person in my whole life !!!! He is a All rounder !!!
Harshad you are True rockstar !!!! Your every scene is just so
Perfect !!!!
We, Fans not only praise you on your acting skills but in reality the quality of a human being which you possesses
are quite impressive......Through your acting and what you are, you have conquered so many hearts.....
And I seriously salute you for your hard work and dedication !!!
Keep Rocking This World !!!!
luv Alina

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Iriss IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 August 2005
Posts: 13121

Posted: 06 November 2009 at 4:42am | IP Logged
Congratulations guys n Welcome Shelcome everyone to 45 FCHug

HARSHAD-Words always fall short,Harshad i have never cum across a person who has soo many qualities ek sath in short u r AN ALL-ROUNDERDay DreamingAs ur name itself says HARSHAD yani KHUSHI its a very apt n iss naam ko aap saarthak kartey hoWinkwhere u go u spread soo much happiness around u,with each interview of yours may it be the SBS(all)Serial promotion,Nach baliye ke interviews,ur birthday special with every interview i have always seen a new shade of quality.U r such a simple n down to earth person u have cum a long way have achieved soo much success n popularity but still u r the same Harshad i have been knwoing u from Mamta days.The struggle has always accompanied u n is still there but u have always cum out winning like a TRUE STARStarU have always cared for your fans n their feelings n Love for youDay Dreamingbut i disagree with a statement u said on the very recent SBS u said"FANS HAIN TOH AAP HAIN" Its other way actually "AAP HAIN TOH HUM HAIN"Day Dreamingoff late Harshad u have been through a difficult time praying for u n wishing u loads of happy times ,really pray that happiness never ever leaves your  families side,take care n keep smilingBig smileThank you so much Harshad its cause of u that we all are here n its your BRILLIANT EXCELLENT FABULOUS STUNNING AWESOME WONDERFUL performances that makes the FC movesBig smile

Thanking each n everyone from bottom of my heart 
till date who have brought
HCFC this far......without the contribution of each one of you we would have never been able to get this far....


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Iriss IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 August 2005
Posts: 13121

Posted: 06 November 2009 at 4:46am | IP Logged
Hello Alina,Anu,Payal,Siddy,Vandu,Yasmin

will unreserve my that post laterSmile

hhmm so coming right to discussion

i m happy  with the episode

cause chalo least now Prem knows Luchi's gande erade n her intentions wopeeeeeee and i trust Prem completely he will not let any scratch on his relation


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-Anusha- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 31 March 2008
Posts: 7318

Posted: 06 November 2009 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Hello Priya , Alina , Vandy di , yassu di , Payal di ..Big smile

Congrats for the new home guys...even me lazy to unreserve my post woh baad mein dekhlunghi..LOL

@ Priya - Yes Pri even i am happy that Harman and Prem are aware of the lucci's intensions..Finally Prem understood that Ash can do anything ..But sad he thinks that she is doing all these for him...But what a epi yaar staring to ending i feel that i watched only Ash ..first part is full of her drama and second part i loved how harman gave dhamki to her and we have to see her priceless expression..I was laughing

I think i am only one who was laughing seeing how Ash was behaving with Prem..for  me that scene was really so funny and reminded me of DJ..jasise beti waise Maa..Ash really became a psycho yaar..the expressions and evil smile on her face when she was talking with Prem was really disgusting..I am sure that precap would be Prem's dream..Ash can hurt or commit suicide by cutting her wrist but hanging i dont think ..because a person will easily die if she hangs herself..so i think it may be Prem's dream..

Poor Prem pata nahi what will he do now ? But i loved the dialog " MEIN HEER KA THA, HEER KA HUN AUR HAMESHA HEER KA RAHUNGHA"   * a loud whistle*LOL

Take care guys Smile

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