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mayur and sajan ff- here to help- part 14- pg86

t-mayur-sajan-j IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 October 2009 at 2:36pm | IP Logged

Hey IF. We (Thanu and Jaz) are new members of IF. This is the first time we are writing an ff which is On Mayur but there will be some on Sajan but later on. If you like the character sketch and intro and part 1 then please hit the like tab.

Comments, appreciation and criticism are welcome. Thanks.


Character Sketch

Mayank Sharma ' Intelligent, handsome, cool but short-tempered. Businessman. Partner's with Samrat.

Nupur Bhushan ' Fun-loving, bubbly, outgoing and very loving. She is a fashion designer.

Gunjan Bhushan ' Quiet, but very loving and caring and is Nupur's smaller sister. She works in an office in London which is owned by Mayank and Samrat.

Samrat Shergill ' cool-dude, handsome, intelligent, out-going. Partner's with Mayank.

Diya Bhushan ' Nupur and Gunjan's cousin, outgoing, glamorous, doesn't care about others.

Uday Bhushan ' Diya's brother, Nupur and Gunjan's cousin. Intelligent, cool, understanding and works in London. Is the eldest out of the three.


Nupur, Gunjan, Diya and Uday live together with Diya and Uday's parents in London.

Mayank lives in New York with his mother Shilpa.

Samrat lives in Mumbai. Mayank and Samrat have three main branches of their business in New York, London and Mumbai called Mayank and Samrat Industries.




U: Uday

M: Mayank

S: Samrat

Sh: Shilpa


G: "Di, it's too late aren't you going to bed"

N: "Arrey, gunjan I just have to finish this project for tomorrow, just give me one more hour, plz"

G: "I can give you as many hours you want but in the morning don't make me late by not waking up"

A girl sitting on the sofa in her pyjamas with open hair, cool breeze from the window was hitting her face as she was doing her project. This is Nupur Bhushan, a fashion designer. "I don't know how I am going to finish this, By God". "Ding Dong! Ding Dong!"  Nupur murmuring to herself gets up to open the door but Uday comes and says: "Nein, Nupur get on with your work, I will see who is at the door" Uday goes to the door and sees Diya in a wet state. Diya walks in, throws her bag on the sofa and lays down.

U: "What state are you in, go and change."

Diya goes to her bedroom. A girl wearing glasses brings milk in a tray.

G: Here we go

U: Thank you

N: Thanks


On the phone

M: Hey Samrat, What's up?

S: Nothing dude, as always boring... Ek minute, I forgot to tell you, I think I am in love with this girl that I met today.

M: Samrat, It's not today that you fell in love it's always! (joking)

Shilpa enters, but Mayank didn't notice.

M: How's office, everything fine?

S: Everything fine and perfect, nothing to worry about.

M: I have some information for you, you have to attend a meeting in London with some other businessmen and I am going to Mumbai.

S: Wow, London! Beautiful girls and a beautiful country. I mean thx Mayank that you are letting me go.

M: (annoyed) you are going to attend a meeting not waste your time on girls.

Conversation continues. After 15 minutes Mayank turns around and sees Shilpa standing there with crossed hands. Staring at Mayank.

M: Kya Ma.

Sh: Nothing, I would have been happy if you were talking to a girl but you always have to talk about your work.

M:Ma, business is really important, it helps you...(Shilpa cuts in)

Sh: Mayu, do you have to give me this one hour speech every single day, I have had enough so tomorrow I will do the packing. Ok good night beta.

M: Good night Ma!


Part 1

The sun rises.

At the Bhushan's mansion

Gunjan is awake. She murmurs to herself saying: " I know Di is not going to wake up so today I'm going to throw water  on her" Gunjan goes a takes a bucket of water, WITHOUT MAKING ANY NOISE SHE GOES TO Nupurs room and without even looking  if Nupur is on the bed she splashes the water all over her.

N: Gunjan! What are you doing?

G: Di??? (Nupur is behind her) I thought u were still in bed.

N: No, I had to leave earlier today but what were YOU doing, trying to wet me?

G: No, woh'. Mein'actually (Uday calls Gunjan) Gunjan thinks thank god-im saved (she leaves)

U: Gunjan can you make me something for breakfast as mum has gone somewhere

G: Yeah, sure

Nupur was really stressed as she had to submit her project at 9am and she was running late. She gathered all her work and rushed out of the house without having any breakfast.

G: When will she be more punctual?


Nupur reaches her office; she knocks on Mrs Ahana door.

A: Come in Nupur, I was waiting for you.

N: Sorry mam... the bus was late

A: It's ok Nupur, I know cars and traffic.

N: here is the project mam... it's all complete.

Mrs Ahana looked at the project and was really happy, she was stunned by Nupur's work. But she seemed sad because of something.

N: Mam, is there anything wrong.

A: (STANDS UP) NEIN Nupur, it's wonderful, I have never seen a project like this from a new designer but this looks wonderful.

N: (standing up) thx, I was worried because of your expression

A: (comes near Nupur) Nupur I am sorry to say this but ... your three months vacancy job is finished from today, the member who was working before has come back so I am afraid that you have to leave.

Nupur was shocked to hear all of this. This job was just a vacancy job that Nupur was doing but she looked after it as it was her proper job and loosing that meant a lot to her. Nupurs phone rings and she comes back to sense. 

N: (She cut the line and looks at Mrs Ahana who had a sad expression -she hands her an envelope with her salary in it.) I understand mam, thank for this job, it was a pleasure for me to have worked here...(a tear rolls down her eyes and her phone rings again)


After breakfast with Uday and Diya Gunjan leaves for work. She gets there and starts working but Ramu (peon) comes and tells her that the manager wants to meet her. Gunjan is all tensed and goes and knock on the manager's door.

Ma: Come in Miss Bhushan. (Gunjan enters) Take a sit plz (Gunjan sits down) Congratulations (Gunjan looks up confused) you have been transferred to the Mumbai branch with a lot more salary than here. And Miss Bhushan it's only if you wish so. You have been specially selected by this office according to your work performance. 

G: Well...

Ma: You don't have to tell me an answer now; you can think about it and tell me about it later today because if you agree to this, then your flight is tomorrow.

G: Sure sir, I will give you an answer by today.

Gunjan is really happy as she would get more money and it's a proof for her hard work. More than that she would get more salary but she doesn't want to go to Mumbai without her sister. She is so tensed. Gunjan reached her cabin and dials Nupur's mobile number. The first time that she rings, Nupur cuts the line and Gunjan is worried as Nupur always attends her call.


Mayank was busy in office and remembers about his trip to Mumbai tomorrow. He hasn't ordered his employees what they should, can do and what they can't and shouldn't do while he is away. So he leaves his cabin and tells his manager to assemble everyone. Everyone meets at one place and he goes there. He announces that he is going to Mumbai and would be back in one week. Everyone cheers.

M: I want everyone to be focused in their work and no one should take advantage of me not being here. If the works and projects that I want are not completed by the time I come then the people responsible for that would be fired. My business should be always successful. (Continues his speech)

Everyone thought that he was very strict but no one knows his nice character. Mayank doesn't have to worry about the packing as he knows that his mum would do everything.


S: Darling, it's only one week.

P: But still...

S: what? Babes, I love u

P: love u too

Lisa comes in and Samrat sees that.

S: A client is coming so I will talk to u later. K bye.

He hangs the phone by the time Lisa enters his cabin. He warmly goes and hugs Lisa. Lisa was really happy.

L: I have heard that you are leaving for London.

S: Haan, I am going to attend an meeting (both of them take a seat next to each other)

L: Sammy, be really careful when you travel, don't eat junk food, drink clean water, wear proper clothes as it's not Mumbai and it's too cold there. I know that some girls might try to approach you but never give them attention...(she continues on her list and Samrat is bored but still listens)

After she leaves Samrat sees the time and leaves earlier as he has lots of packing to do.


Phone rings and Nupur get annoyed.

A: Nupur it might be an emergency so attend the call.

N: thanks, excuse me.

Picks the phone up.

N: Haan, bol gunjan.

G: Di, I am going to get transferred to Mumbai and it's only if I want, it's a reward for my hard work and I will be given more salary in Mumbai as we need it.

N: Gunjan I will call in a minute.

A: Everything alight (Nupur nods and faintly smiles) Well Nupur as an award for your hard work, everyone knows that your favourite destination is Mumbai so everyone in this office has decided to give u a ticket for Mumbai. If you want you can accept this ticket as it's your own life.

N: (takes the ticket) thanks mam (leaves)

As she steps out, all the members come to her, and say "we will miss you", "it was a great pleasure to have you as a member of this office" ... She is so sad but doesn't show it, she goes to her cabin and calls Gunjan and tells her about what Mrs Ahana and the other  members said to her so she said that she wants to go to Mumbai to get over this work and move on, and it would give her a break from the work.


Mayank enters his house and sees his mum fiddling with things in his room

S: Mayu, go and freshen yourself

M: What are you doing ma

S: Packing your things

M: Maa, just for your information, I am only going for one week

S: I Know beta but you know India, Mosquitoes... so you should be really careful.

M: K maa, I have had enough with these India talks yesterday.


Singing at the same time, packs up his things. Make poses in front of the mirror and comment on himself.

S: Wow, dude you're so cool

After 3 hours he finishes his work and goes to bed even without eating as he was tired of his packing.


Nupur at home tells Uday and His parents about her work and her and Gunjan leaving to Mumbai. She goes and starts packing and so does Gunjan. Uday helps them to do the packing.

N: Gunjan have you seen my red shalwar kameez

U: Ek minute (leaves and comes back in a minute) here it is

N: Uday Bhaiya! Wow

U: I got you a lengha as you are leaving and I might not see u for a long time.

N: But Bhaiya when did u get this as you only found out now that im leaving.

U: Gunjan told me after u spoke to her.

N: oh, ok


Next morning Mayank leaves for his flight

M: Bye, maa take care of ur self I'll be back soon

Sh: Ok, beta bye

Mayank leaves for Mumbai.


Gunjan and Nupur are in a rush gathering their things. They quickly say bye to Uday, Diya and Aunty and Uncle.


N: Bye, we'll miss u

A: Gunjan beta call us when u reach there ok don't forget

G: ji, aunty I will, bye

They leave for the airport.


Samrat is busy say bye to Lisa and doesn't realise he is getting late.

S: Oh shit, I'm getting late ill miss u 'see u soon bye

L: Bye, love u

He gets in his BMW and rushes to the airport.


The screen divides in to three of Mayank leaving for Mumbai, Gunjan and Nupur leaving for Mumbai and Samrat leaving for London.


What will happen next? Will destiny make them meet? Will Mayank and Nupur meet in Mumbai? How will Samrat and Gunjan meet if Samrat is going to London?

So guys have to wait till the next update to find out more

Please comment if u like it or not ' please hit the like tab if u like it

Criticism and comments welcome


Part 1 - pg 1

Promo 1 - pg 2

Part 2 - pg 3

Part 3 - pg 4

Part4 - pg 8

Part 5 - pg 11

Part 6 - pg 15

Promo 2 - pg 18

Part 7 - pg 20

Part 8 - pg 23

Part 9 - pg 27

Part 10 - pg 32

Part 11 - pg36

Part 12a - pg44

Promo 3 - pg54

Part 12b - pg 59

Promo 4 - pg 66

Part 13 - pg 72

Part 13a - pg 77

Part 14 - pg86

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plz do c and reply as it would encourage us to continue this ff
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gr88 start yaar
do continue
plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz pm me
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Hiii...Nice Concept...! Update Soon....
Pls PM wen u update...

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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gr8 concept plz pm me

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116 views and only 4 comments.
We are ready for negative feedbacks.
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hey..! i'm def up for reading more..! do continue soon.!
and add me to the PM list..!

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