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ArMan Times - Edition 3

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ArMan Times Edition 3
 Brief Written updates of the Fortnight
By: --__Shireen__--
Sept 28

o    Archu walks in with her suitcases

o    Sulochana is sad that Varsha left

o    Savita tells Manav that Archu came to get her stuff

o    She starts making up a story when Kaka enters

o    Varsha goes to Rashmi's house and stays there

o    Manohar and Vinod explains to Sulochana that she is also at fault

o    Sulochana realizes that she's also wrong and tries to think of a way to bring Varsha back home

o    Everyone is consoling Sulochana that Varsha will come back, and Manju is sad

o    Varsha and her boss become friends (officially)

o    Varsha's family comes to Rashmi's flat to see Varsha

Sept 29

o    Sulochana tries to apologize to Varsha, but Varsha says she won't come home

o    Varsha threatens to call the police if they didn't leave

o    Varsha remembers her home while adjusting to living with Rashmi

o    Manju starts saying Archu is a burden here as they don't have any money

o    Archu says that she'll find a job to help out

Sept 30

o    Sulochana says no to Archu working

o    Vaishu calls Varsha, and Varsha says to stop calling her

o    Varsha made a list for shopping, and Ashwin said he'll help her

o    Archu remembers Manav, and says her heart doesn't believe that Manav is wrong

o    Manav goes to Archu's house and returns her jewelry

Oct 1

o    Everyone is surprised that Manav brought the jewelry back

o    Vaishu asks Archu if she really thinks that Manav is wrong/bad; Archu doesn't answer

o    Savita is goes to Archu's and insults Sulochana and Archu

o    Ashwin tells Varsha that even though she doesn't live with her parents, it doesn't mean she can't talk to them

o    Ashwin gives Varsha a dress to wear to a party

Oct 2

o    Varshu dances with Ashwin at his party

o    Archu and her family come to the Garba

o    Manav and Archu see each other at the Garba and Archu wants to talk to him, but holds back

o    Manav thinks about Archu and him playing dandiya together

o    Vandu tells Manav to go talk to Archu

o    Manav tries to talk to Archu, but Sulochana or Savita comes in the way

o    Manav tells Archu that he swears he didn't betray her (he puts his hand over a fire)

o    At Archu's house, everyone is trying to convince Archu that Manav is wrong

o    Archu says she trusts Manav

o    At Manav's house, Savita tells Manav to get a divorce and Manav says no

Oct 5

o    Rashmi starts teasing Varsha about her and Ashwin

o    Archu sees Varsha at the market and both are happy to see each other and they both talk

o    Manju is angry that Archu is spending so much money

o    Arch and Manav see each other at the visirjan

o    Savita asks Archu to give the mangulsutra back, and Archu is sad/heartbroken

Oct 6

o    Savita is demanding the mangalsutra and bangles back from Archu

o    Archu and Manav remember each other

o    Manju is telling Vinod that too much money is being spent and Sulochana hears this

o    Archu is sad that Manav "sent" Savita to end their relationship, and he didn't come himself

o    She wants to get rid of all the memories related to Manav

o    Sulochana says that Archu will go to night school

Oct 7

o    Vandu finds Archu's mangalsutra and bangles in the drawer and questions Savita (everyone is present)

o    Savita lies and says that Archu returned them to her

o    Manav doesn't believe that Savita's story

o    Savita is making up excuses and Manav doesn't believe them

o    In the sari shop, Sulochana trips, and Archu and Satich help her

o    Satish takes them home

o    Sachin tells Manav that Archu and him make a good pair

Oct 8

o    Manju's mom gifts her jewelry, but Manju says no because her family will sell it for cash

o    Manju wants to live separately with Vinod, but Rasika says no, that the house will be in Vinod's name soon

o    Vasha is worried that Ashwin likes her

o    Manju apologizes to Sulochana for her behavior the other day and brought home books for Archu's school

o    Archu wants to be independent, so she says that she'll go to school on her own

Oct 9

o    Satish is talking to him mom, and she is regretting not getting Satish married to Archu

o    Manav doesn't believe that Archu gave back the mangalsutra

o    Vandu tells Manav to go talk to Archu

o    Rashmi and her friend put a pic of Varsha and Ashwin as Varsha's desktop

o    Rashmi is planning to find out if Ashwin has feelings for Varsha

o    Archu is ready to go to school and everyone wishes her

o    Manav's boss's new garage is near the school where Archu goes (Shravni teaches there)

o    Manav sees Archu going to school

o    Manav decides he has to talk to Archu today


Links to Written and Video updates of the Fortnight
By: nityatarlapally
Monday: September 28,2009


 Dialogue Male and Female of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz
1st Week  - 28th September - 2nd October

Maa baap ki galatiyon ko , bache kabhi maaf nahi karte, aur bacho ki galatiya maa baap kabhi yaad nahi rakthe...hum sab aaj ke is din ko bhulakar...tumhari raah dekhenge - Manohar

 I personally love this dialogue. Not only does it have so much depth, but it also holds a lot of truth. How many of us have had arguments with our parents, and held onto their one mistake or something they might have said. But our parents forget and forgive us our innumerable mistakes. I liked how manohar explained his stance as a parent to Varsha. The last thing Varsha needed was more yelling, so instead, Manohar "samjhaoed" her with love and care, which eventually, will make a huge difference.

 Mujhe paane ki khushi mein, sankashti ke din, nange pao mandir jaane wala insaan, mujhe paane ke liye, meri badnaami kare, aisa kaise mumkin hain ayi, aisa kaise mumkin hain? - Archana

 Aye Haye! The moment I heard Archana say this, I melted. I just fell in love with her. Even though she is still quite unsure with what to believe about Manav, she does realize that he was a good man. I like the attention to detail the writers have given this dialogue. It shows that the little things Manav does for Archana make quite an impact on her. *SIGH* I honestly just melted when I heard this dialogue! Butterflies GALORE! *giggle*

 2nd Week - 5th October -  9th October

 Zamana badal gaya hain, insaan chand thak ki dooriyan thai kar chuka hain, lekin door hote hue rishton ko nazdeek nahi la paya hain - Sulochana

 Even though we didn't get too many dialogues with a lot of substance this fortnight, we did get a few well thought out, deep dialogues. Sulochana has a point here. We've become so self-absorbed, that relations don't mean much to us anymore. Obviously, her dialogue is a tad bit of a generalization, but overall, I think it holds quite true. We've walked on the moon, we've accomplished the impossible, but our struggle with balancing relationships still remains.

 Aap dono ki jodi bhagwan ne bohut achi banayi hain dada...sachi, bohut achi banayi hain - Sachin

 We don't usually get much from Sachin, especially with him siding with Savita all the time, but oh ho! when we do get something from him, we get such a heartfelt dialogue. Sachin stole the words right out of our mouths no? We dont get much scenes between Manav and Sachin either, so to watch them connect was quite refreshing. Their chemistry played out really well in this scene. Sachin and Manav made the perfect "dada and chota bhai" jodi in that scene. Sachin was such a darling too. I'm glad that even though we have opposition from Savita, there are more people in Manav's house who are actually rooting for him and Archana.


Star Male and Female of the Fortnight.

By: pyaridilwalino1 

Star Female- Varsha--she has shone throughout this week. She has reflected the modern day independence by living on her own, self-respect by not adhering to anymore misjudgments by her family, and responsibility by going to work everyday and earning. She has shown that being middle class does not mean she cannot walk with the current generation.

 Star Male-has to be MANAV. What strength has he shown these past two weeks that it's so hard to keep him off this list. The way he mustered up the courage to tell his wife, Archu, the truth was commendable. What better way to make her understand then going to God and taking an oath of honesty. Manav you reflect the idea of a great husband, that every lady would want to have.

ArMan Sequence of the Fortnight:

By: loveabletwinz

 Uff guys, considering that we didnt get too many ArMan scenes at all this fortnight, we had very little choices to choose from. We had the dandiya dance, and the Manav confession scene at Garbha. But my vote has to go to Manav's confession. His "agni ko saakshi maankar" confession was tear jerking. I felt so bad for him that he had to prove his innocence in such a drastic manner. All throughout that scene I was hoping Archana would remember what she told her Aai - "agar koi sahi ho, aur phir bhi uspe ilzaam lagaya jaata hain,tho vahi baat, dil pe khanjaar chalati hain" Everything in that sequence was perfect. Manav's dialogues about their relationship still being just as pavitra as it was when they took their saat phere, all the way to the emotions Sushant and Ankita potrayed were fabulously done.

Best Family Scene of the Fortnight

By: pyaridilwalino1 
This is a scene with the whole family, but only Solochana aai speaks. This is when she comes home and decides that Archu will go to night school. Although, she could've thought of this way before, but der aaye darust aaye! I'm glad she kept thanking Manju and saying you were right, it is very important for a person to be educated in order to live a life with their head held up high. She decides to send Archu to night school and she shows her own independence and capability of paying for her own daughter's education. Great job aai! This scene is particularly important because in present time many people take their education for granted. Education isn't an end all or be all, but it is a necessity in life. Having an education not only helps you get a good career for yourself, but also makes you health conscious, and better able to take care of yourself and the ones around you. We have seen many times in this show that Archu gets rejected because of her lack of education, and everyone especially aai defends her saying so what, but honestly it is a problem. It isn't a good thing that she hasn't been educated. Education isn't a tool to help you keep up in society, but it is a self-satisfying necessity. Better late than never

Mr. Head Turner [Style Icon] of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

This fortnight's Mr. Head Turner goes to Vinod Karanjikar. Okay okay, no rotten tomatoes' hear me out guys :-D I think he deserves this spot because Vinod looks absolutely swell in his lawyer coats. Every time I see him donning on one of his suits, I go "aye haye" *Giggle*' There's just something about these lawyers no? Vinod also carries off the look of an everyday man in his rolled up sleeve- dress shirts, trousers and plain slippers perfectly. His outfits add the realistic factor to his character.

Ms. Head Turner [ Style Icon] of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

 Ms. Head Turner for this fortnight is none other than the very infamous MANJUSHA! *haha --- looks like more tomatoes are coming my way*' but hey guys, there's always a reason for my madness. Manjusha actually cleans up well with her sarees, and also in her night gowns. She manages to look trim and proper in her neatly ironed and pleated sarees. She surely does present herself quite well no?

World of Archana and Manav: This section will include a one shot

By : nityatarlapally
By Chance...

"Come in" Archana said while changing from casuals into the beautiful saree gifted by her mom. "Mom, can you please let me stay at home? I don't know why you make me go to those boring parties!" the 22 year old Archana was whining like a 5 year old being forced to go to school.  Archana was more of a stay-home person; she loved to read and was of a unique character. While the rest of her friends would go to a party or a club, Archu would much rather stay home with a stack of movies or a nice novel to read. She loves playing in the rain and can stand in it forever if she could. While everyone else liked fast and hip-hop music, Archana liked slow and classic songs. She always wondered if there was anyone else like her in this world, and if there was someone, when will she be able to meet the person.

"NO, you absolutely cannot stay home, you need to get out a little and have fun." Her mom's voice brought her out of her thoughts. Her tone was so stern that Archana had no choice but to go. " Okay fine, mein aoungi, but you know, I would have so much more fun staying home than going to those stupid get-togethers where all everyone does is gossip and plus why is aunty throwing a party to welcome her son? Don't you think he would prefer to spend time with his family after 4 years than stay at a party chatting with people he doesn't even know?" Archana reasoned with her mom. "Hai rabba! What do I do with this girl?! You know Archu; I used to think that raising a girl would be a tough job but raising you has just been plain weird." With that said, her mom exited the room and left Archu to think for herself.

1 Hour later at the party

"Did you know? Mrs.Gupta's husband had an affair with his head nurse!" Archu was beyond frustrated with all of this gossip. She merely excused herself and made her way out into the garden she saw on her way in. Sitting on the swing in the garden, she started talking to herself. "Why the hell can't they keep their thoughts to themselves? Her husband did this, his son did that, blah blah blah!" So lost in her own thoughts, Archana didn't notice the handsome young man that made his way to her and sat on the swing. "Umm?" he interrupted her. Startled by the voice, she turned to see a man about her age, maybe older sitting next to her. He was tall, tanned and had shaggy hair which added to his good looks. "Wait! What are you thinking?!" she mentally scolded herself for thinking this way about a person she just met. "Uh'Hi, I'm Manav" he held out his hand which she slid her's into. "I'm Archana" she replied shyly. Once their hands touched, it felt as though a bolt of electricity just shot through them. She removed her hand from his and looked to the other side.

 Breaking the never ending silence, Manav asked "If you don't mind, may I ask why you're sitting here all alone instead of chatting with everyone inside?"

 "I don't really like parties; especially these kinds of parties."

"What's wrong with this party?"

 "Well for starters, it looks like a matrimonial column, there are girls everywhere, all waiting for the man of the night to come and see them. I don't think a person coming home after 4 years would be interested in seeing these girls all of the sudden. If he is anything like I've heard he is'" she came to a sudden stop.

 "What are you doing Archu? Telling a stranger how you feel about the party and what not!" scolding herself, she turned to Manav to apologize. "I'm really sorry; I didn't mean to say all of that. I don't know what I was saying." She quickly got up and made her way inside.

"Wait! Why are you apologizing? You just told me what you thought, no need to say sorry." He followed her inside.

He opened the door for her and they both stopped. Archana saw that everyone was staring at them. "Is there anything wrong with me? Why is everyone staring at us?" she asked Manav.

When she saw that he didn't reply, he turned to see that he was smiling. Archu was confused as she saw an elderly lady making her way up to Manav. He quickly bent down and took her blessings. "Manav'beta tu aagaya" aunty hugged him. Archana was shocked would be an understatement.  Her face was red; she realized that she had just told everything about the party to the party thrower himself. She saw that everyone was making their way up and welcoming him. She quickly walked out of the crowd and headed outside once again. "Archana you're an idiot; why did you have to say all of that to him. What must he be thinking about me right now? Me and my stupid mouth"

 "I'm thinking'that you're the first person that thinks like me." She stopped in her tracks, she knew this voice. She silently prayed that this shouldn't be who she thinks it is.

"You were right; it does look like a matrimonial column in there. It's a good thing that you warned me." Hearing this, she turned around confused. Was he thanking her for warning him? Manav took her hand and walked to the swing. He made her sit and sat on the swing himself, but left some space between them. He didn't want her thinking he was someone who didn't respect women.

"I don't like parties myself. If I'd known that my mom was planning all of this, I would have definitely refused. I'd rather stay home and watch movies or something." Hearing this, she looked up. "Oh my'we are alike. I wanted to stay home today and watch movies as well, but my mom; she says I need to come out and have fun." He laughed a little at her statement. This was the beginning of their conversation. The rest of the night was spent talking about anything and everything.  Maybe going to parties wasn't a bad thing after all. ~

SBS/House arrest Links of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

28th September SBS

30th September SBS

2nd October SBS

5th October House Arrest

 7th October SBS

9th October SBS

Creation of the Fortnight

Chosen by loveabletwinz
By : Mugda

Videomix of the Fortnight:

By: msindpndnt

JOKES of the Fortnight.

By: loveabletwinz

For fear of satan!!

The service was about to start. Everyone was in their pews chatting about their families, jobs, etc. when suddenly Satan appeared in the front of the church.
Panic ensued. In their rush to get out the back doors, people jumped over pews, trampled one another, and flew through the doors at record speeds. When the dust settled the only ones in the auditorium are Satan and one older gentleman, who did not seem at all concerned that Satan was standing directly in front of him.
Now this confused Satan a bit, so he walked up to the man and said, "Do you know who I am?"
To which the older gentleman replied, "Yup. Sure do."
Satan: "Aren't you afraid of me?"
Older gentleman: "Nope, sure ain't."
Satan was quite perturbed at this so he got right in the man's face and asked, "And would you mind telling me why not?" The older gentleman replied, "Been married to your sister for 48 years."

*Giggle* Even though this joke made me go "HAWWW," I couldn't help but think of Deshmukh. Poor Uncle ji, goodness knows how long he's had to deal with Savita. She has honestly become such a monster. Her biggest problem is greed, and uff TAUAB! Lalach ho, aur aisi? *Laugh out loud* This was definitely a no brainer for me. This fits Savita to the T!

Review for the Fortnight - 28th September- 9th October

By: loveabletwinz

The episodes this past fortnight made for quite an interesting watch. We had a lot of things going on. We expected the track to focus on Varsha and her move away from home, but we got more than just that. The creatives are handling Varsha's track quite nicely but I'm sure all of us really want them to do something different with ArMan's track. The track with Archana going back to school is very intriguing. I'm defintely looking forward to that track. Satish's re-entry into the story just means more problems for our ArMan. We have had enough separation already and uff, eh el, a tapak gaya Satish! *giggle* The most impressive track in the story so far is definitely Archana's venture back to school. That was quite unpredictable. Let's see what the creative's have in store for us.

Expectations for next Fortnight:

By: loveabletwinz

We actually had a somewhat good fortnight... slow paced, but good nevertheless. I'm excited to see how Archana handles going back to school. Hopefully we'll see how she manages to balance both home and school. Maybe going back to school will give Archana the confidence to stand up on her own two feet, and also stand up to that monster of a mother in law *giggle*. We'd also like to see more of ArMan on screen no? That would definitely be a bonus. CREATIVES ---- > hear us OUT :-D. Also, Ashwin has a shady character. That one glimpse we got of him viewing his and Varsha's video past fortnight was eerie in a way. I'd like to know what this guy is really upto. He almost seems like he is wearing a "nakaab". Sugary nice on the outside, and goodness knows what in the inside. We'd love to see what ulterior motive he has. I also hope that Satish will have a part in bringing ArMan back together. I know that Satish is supposed to have a more meatier role now, but hopefully its for our good. We dont want him being selfish and taking Archana all for himself no?

Editor's Note :

Hey again Guys Big smile Firstly, we HAVE to apologize for putting up the edition so late into the weekend. We promise, we have an excuse ----> we were loaded with ooodles of work! *kaan pakadke maafi mangoing to everybody* please do forgive us our delay *Blush*
Secondly ----> All you readers, do give a round of applause to all our reporters! They did a GREAT job with the sections this week... without them, we wouldnt be able to churn out such a fabulous issue! ClapClapClap
Thirdly --- we still have a few sections open. We'd love if we found more people to join our team of reporters. The sections open are

"Male and Female Dialogue of the Fortnight"
"ArMan sequence of the Fortnight"
"Expectations for the next Fortnight"

If anyone is interested, please do let us know via PM at loveabletwinz
Fourthly *giggle* --- The credit for that BEAUTIFUL intro siggie goes to ~*Thamizhan*~! What a LOVELY creation! Clap

And last but not the least, since we wont have another edition of the Times up until after Diwali, here's wishing ALL our members, on behalf of all the reporters, a lovely and HAPPY DIWALI :-D Enjoy it guys!
May the festival of lights bring oodles and more of joy and happiness!

Edited by loveabletwinz - 11 October 2009 at 11:23pm

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Posted: 12 October 2009 at 2:23am | IP Logged
Awesome work by everyone...well umm style icon vinod n manju is somethingLOLone shot is beautifull n lovely ArMan Suggies by Mugda...ArMan Times Rocks.....keep up da good work sweeties:)

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*Resham* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 October 2009 at 10:09am | IP Logged
Fab work guys..u really rock...
*Runs to make sticky*..LOL
devashree_h Moderator

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Posted: 12 October 2009 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Every little thing is superb ..cant pinpoint one thing.Thank You guys for this wonderfull issue Clap
.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 14 October 2009 at 7:57pm | IP Logged

First of all, huge thanks to everyone who've devoted their time to writing the ArMan times. Much appreciated! Clap

I don't agree with everything Varsha has done, but I can't blame her for wanting to break free. There have been many misunderstandings between her and her family. In fact I am watching the episode right now where her father accuses her of being somewhere else when she is actually working. He gets mad that she can't leave work to come home. Her father fails to realize that Varsha works for someone, it's not that easy to drop everything and leave.
Manav, I really do admire him for his strength. Despite everything he's endured, he hasn't given up his fight to save his marriage. It's sad though, the extremes Manav has to go to in order for Archana to hear him out, take him seriously.
Sachin, I know at times he's portrayed to be just like his mom but overall I think he's a good guy. Sachin does care for Archana and wants for her and Manav to reunite. It's too bad that even he can't get through to Archana.
As for Archana getting an education, I'm glad that she is taking a shot at becoming independant. It's a step in the right direction but I have to admit when I read about this in the article posted, I had my doubts. I thought that Archana was getting an education because Sulochana wanted to marry her off to Satish, it was a way to impress him.
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Posted: 15 October 2009 at 10:52am | IP Logged
I really did not like watching Pavitra Rishta this week but this update made me rethink and i felt it was not that bad.
Amazing job!!!!! Clap
and i really liked Arman creation in this its awesome! Big smile
loveabletwinz Goldie

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Posted: 17 October 2009 at 1:35pm | IP Logged

@ GHT_ArMan - hahaha, i was worried we'd have tamatar's being thrown at us for choosing vinod and manjusha! hehe! but it wasnt that bad :-D

@ *Resham* -- thank u oodles for making this a sticky :-D

@ devashree_h - awie, thank u oddles! the appreciation is much appreciated *giggles*

@ bollywoodcrazed -- I agree! Although Varsha isnt entirely wrong, some of her ways with dealing with situatiosn are! She could have opted for better ways to become independant..but also, like Varsha said, if she lived with her parents, she just wouldnt have the chance at it!
I do think Sachin is a genuinely nice guy! I love watching his interactions with his family! Even though he does play a part in his mom's schemes, he does understand that somethings are wrong!
And as for Archana and her education, for the looks of it and the way the last week has been, I dont think Sulochana's inital thought was to impress Satish. Ofcourse, now that Satish's mother still holds hope for having Archana as her DIL, the thought might occur to Sulochana... but so far, it looks like Sulochana really just wants her daughter to be independent1 I'm also glad that Sulochana did not jump at the prospect of getting her daughter married to Satish.. she understands that Arcahana is going through a tough time.. and that was good to see.. unlike always, she didnt force her opinion on Archana :-d

@ sadvita - YAY!!! *claps hands in joy* im glad the ArMan Times can make you think about the episodes again :-D That is definitely a compliment for all the reporters :-D thank you oodles!

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