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~ The Shahid-Priyanka Fan Club~Happy Bday Mikz p88

gujunpyo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2009 at 8:01am | IP Logged

Welcome everyone, to the very first FC of the hottest couple of Bollywood- Shahid Kapur and Priyanka Chopra. So, I was advised to make this thread a while back, but I thought maybe I should wait till Kaminey's release. Now, Kaminey has released and has done well, so I thought it was time. Plus, all the "Shanks" fan were taking over every thread of BS, so I thought lets just discuss about them here. Let me make it clear, this FC is only for Shahid Kapur and Priyanka Chopra, lets not bring in Deepika, Hurman, Rani, Ranbir, Saif, Kareena or whoever here. Its a FC, not Shaadi.com so lets not predict when they'll get married or whatever, we should rather discuss their sizzling chemistry, on screen and off screen.Wink

~Some background about the two.~

Shahid Kapur

Starting off his career by working in music videos and advertisements, Kapoor made his Bollywood debut as a background dancer in Subhash Ghai's Taal (1999). Four years later, he made his debut as a lead in Ishq Vishk (2003) and won a Filmfare Best Male Debut Award for his performance. Following through with acclaimed performances in films like Fida (2004) and Shikhar (2005), he had his first commercial success with Sooraj R. Barjatya's Vivah (2006). Followed it up with Jab We Met (2007) and Kaminey (2009), Shahid's biggest hit so far.

Priyanka Chopra

Chopra made her acting debut with the 2002 Tamil film Thamizhan. The following year, she made her Hindi film debut with The Hero: Love Story of a Spy and followed it with the hit Andaaz, for which she won a Filmfare Best Female Debut Award. In 2004 she became the second woman to win the Filmfare Best Villain Award, which she received for her critically acclaimed performance in Aitraaz. Chopra would later have commercial success with films like Mujhse Shaadi Karogi (2004), Krrish (2006) and Don - The Chase Begins Again. Chopra earned a Filmfare Best Actress Award for her portrayal of a model in Fashion (2008) and has thus established herself as one of the leading contemporary actresses in Bollywood.

"Shahid and Priyanka's dedication to the project reminded me of Smita Patel and Naseeruddin Shah," says Amole Gupte. Biggest compliment by far. Enough said.

Join! <3

P.S- Credit to the makers for the sigs! They're hot, you guys!

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gujunpyo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2009 at 8:01am | IP Logged

Still under construction.


Yup, I hunted Google and picked out all the important articles written about Shahid and Priyanka since 2005. Now, beat that.

Shahid-Priyanka, thrill in South Africa

Shahid gets PC and Kareena together

Vishal wants to make Romeo and Juliet

Kaminey's shooting stalled

First Shaks-Peefee link up article!

Love thy, neighbor!

Shahid and Priyanka Affair. Say it, isnt so

Shahid awestruck by Priyanka

She's every woman

Shahid-PC spend the night at SRK's house

Priyanka lip locks with Shahid in Kaminey

Shahid-PC flirt on Facebook

More Facebook Flirting

Karan's Filmfare After Party

Shahid-PC's love

Bollywood's new love struck couple

Shahid books an entire hotel for Priyanka

Shahid-PC at Tarun's Birthday Bash

Shahid's folks meet Priyanka

Shahid-PC's closer ties

Shahid-PC gym together!

Shahid-PC's reasons to be together

Shahid-PC's Exclusive Date

PC throws Shahid a special birthday party!

Neelima: I will visit Priyanka

Shahid-PC at Karim Morani's Bash

Priyanka was gawky and Shahid was naughty

Shahid-PC private screening of Kaminey

I would know about Shahid-PC

Shahid-PC at RGA

Shahid-PC crack jokes

Only young India can lead India: Shahid-PC

Carry on Shahid-PC


Priyanka on Zoom about Shahid

Shahid saved PC's face

Making of Kaminey

Making of Kaminey

Making of Kaminey

Making of Kaminey

Kaminey's First Press Conference

Kaminey Press Conf 1

Kaminey Press Conf 2

Kaminey Press Conf 3

Kaminey Press Conf 4

Chat with Shaks-Peefee

Lola "Awesome" Kutty Interivew

Shaks-Peefee's part

Lola's Mastermind with Shahid

Lola's Mastermind with PC

Link Up Stories

Shaks-Peefee travel together

Spotted Together :P

Shahid-PC Inseparable

Cineblitz's staff

Tarun Mansukhani's Partaayyy

TM's Party-1

TM's Party-2

TM's Party-3

TM's Party-4

TM's PArty-5

Tahaan Premier

Shaks-Peefee's Times Now Interview-1

Shaks-Peefee's Times Now Interview-2

Shanks's Dhan Tana at RGA

Shanks leave RGA together

Kaminey Press Conf 5

Kaminey Press Conf 5

Kaminey Press Conf 6

Kaminey Press Conf 7

Kaminey Press Conf 8

Priyanka and Vishal on Star News

PC-Vishal on SN-1

PC-Vishal on SN-2

PC-Vishal on SN-3

PC-Vishal on SN-4

Zee Tv's Framed






Movie Masala






Kaminey's Crew Party

Raat Ke Dhai Baje

Pehli Baar Mohabbat

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gujunpyo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 October 2009 at 8:02am | IP Logged




Yeah, we just never get enough of Shaks-Peefee creations <3

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-Priya- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 11 October 2009 at 8:03am | IP Logged

How It May Have Started:

Opportunities were aplenty. Double dating with their respective partners, doing stage shows together, living in the same apartment complex. Insiders said Shahid was attracted to Priyanka, even while he was dating Kareena, thus resulting in some obvious friction between the two stars. (That's just insider gossip, nothing is confirmed here, and I'm not bashing either star.) There were even rumored films, such as 36 China Town, Kaal, and Happy New Year. But nothing substantiated until a little wonder called 'Kaminey' came up.

Fans were excited to see them together - two of the hottest, youngest stars in Tinseltown. The media was excited at this hot, new project. By the time the shoot for this film came around, the media had gotten used to linking Shahid with everyone they possibly could. Priyanka was only the next in line. So, what made fans go crazy when they heard the name 'Shayanka?'

During the shoot of Kaminey, there was not a single article commenting on Shahid and Priyanka not getting along. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Most people from the sets said they had a great camaraderie. Sounded good! Shahid and Priyanka came to the Tahaan premiere together, but that didn't raise any eyebrows. At that time, people were still trying to figure out if Shahid had really broken up with Sania Mirza and Vidya Balan or not. A few link up stories made their way in September, however, speaking of Shahid and Priyanka spending time together having dinner dates and going to one another's houses.

On Date with Dostana, Priyanka said her 'off-the-record boyfriend' thought the swimsuit scene was fab. At the time, I thought it was Harman, but I now think back to the fact that Priyanka and Harman break up stories had already made the rounds by then. So, is it possible she was talking about Shahid? Just maybe. Also, on the show, she made an indirectly rude remark about Saifeena.

Things became more serious with the 26/11 attacks. The crew of Kaminey was shooting and literally had to flee for their lives. Priyanka went to Shahrukh's house, Mannat, as he was a close friend, and Shahid followed. Surprising, as Shahid is not known to share warm vibes, or any vibes, for that matter, with Shahrukh. Shahid had to have had a reason to tag along with her, right? After all, no one else from the cast or crew was with them.

The Next Step:

Various news pieces came out afterwards, mainly elaborating on Shahid and Priyanka's growing proximity...and Facebook flirting! The evidence newspapers brought up about them poking each other on Facebook or writing on each other's walls seemed platonic enough. Shahid and Priyanka had attributed cute nicknames to each other. Shahid called her 'Peefee,' using the lisp that his Kaminey character, Charlie, had. She referred to him as 'Shaks.' Even at the Filmfare Awards, during Shahid's performance, the camera kept finding its way to Priyanka and Ashok Chopra, both of whom were fondly smiling at the dancer's talent.

Sonam Kapoor gladly did the honors of hinting that Shahid had a girlfriend during Oye! It's Friday. Farhan showed her four 'single' men and asked whom of the four she would like to date, but Sonam said they all had girlfriends. Shahid was one of them.

In April, the rumors went up a level. Shahid and Priyanka made an entrance at Karan Johar's party together. Subsequently, they jointly came to Karim Morani's party together. The third party was Tarun Mansukhani's, where the couple was caught by the media, coming out of the same car. This was more partying for Shahid in a month than he typically did in a full year!

It was during this time that Priyanka fell seriously ill and was hospitalized. The media took no time in capitalizing the fact that Shahid came to visit her in the hospital. His parents took out time in coming to visit her, as well. Pankaj Kapoor has always seemed like a man who keeps to himself and his family, and I could find no reason in why he would visit Priyanka in the hospital, other than the fact that something would have been brewing between his son and Priyanka. Shahid's mother, Neelima Azeem, said that she would visit Priyanka at home after she returns from the hospital.

April was QUITE the month for this couple. Along with Priyanka's hospital visit, break up rumors began sprouting. The media capitalized on Shahid and Priyanka's differences and didn't realize that Shahid requesting her to stop drinking was a sign of caring, not torture.

By the end of the month, the break up was further "proved" due to Shahid's "jealousy" of Priyanka and Gerard Butler. Gerard soon quashed such rumors saying that he would love to date Priyanka, but SHE HAS A BOYFRIEND. He spelled it out for us - how could anyone deny his statement? He clearly stated that Priyanka had a boyfriend.

I, as a dedicated Shayanka fan, went on a spree to search for any possible hints that the two were dating. I read through Priyanka's April interview with Grazia. Here is a direct excerpt:

Fitness is very important. Oh, and I have this thing for hands. I'd be really attracted to a man with powerful hands...Dance really well and I'll notice you. And be creative. Surprise me...Unlike women, [men are] awful multi-taskers. They just cannot do it and you're going to be disappointed if you expect them to be able to.

Shahid Kapoor: Fit. Check. Powerful hands. Um, check? Dance really well. CHECK CHECK CHECK. Creative. Check. Awful multi-tasker. CHECK CHECK CHECK!

Priyanka has talked about men being bad multi-taskers or Shahid being a bad multi-tasker numerous times. It must be something about him that really ticks her off!

During the prime time of Shanks, they didn't deny their relationship. For example, if you look at Priyanka's interview in the June edition of Filmfare, she outright says she's not dating Gerard Butler. When the reporter asks her if she's dating Shahid, she says she has never spoken about her personal life. In Shahid's Filmfare interview, he refuses to comment on 'anything,' meaning a link up OR a break up.

Rumors also sparked when Shahid booked an entire floor of a coffee shop to spend time with his possible lady love. He also took Priyanka out to her favorite Chinese restaurant when he couldn't attend IIFA. An "aw" moment right there!


Every Shayanka fan's dream was the CineBlitz interview involving the two of them. The pictures were hotter than ever. Shahid never engages in steamy sequences or photoshoots, but this photoshoot was worth FIVE steamy Shahid movies! His hand was approaching one of her most personal body parts, with their noses touching, her resting on his leg, their lips nearly touching. Whew. The next set was with Shahid resting right in between Priyanka's thighs. They had to be comfortable with each other to do that, didn't they! Seems like Shahid never does anything steamy, unless it's with Priyanka (two steamy photoshoots + one steamy scene in Kaminey).

On to the interview. Obviously, the reporter commented on how comfortable and at ease they were with each other. Well, they should be. After all, they've been hanging out with each other for nearly a year! What surprised me was hearing that Shahid and Priyanka used to hoot and whistle at each other's pictures. I haven't heard of either of the two being so candid with co-stars.

Priyanka complaining about Shahid listening to his music is quite amusing. I can imagine talkative Priyanka getting fed up with the shy, quiet Shahid. To break that down and actually become so comfortable with him...she must have tried pretty hard! I think it's adorable that the two of them are constantly praising each other to the ends of the Earth. But I guess that's common among two such good friends, right? ;)

Priyanka seems to adore Shahid's humor. Even his fans hadn't seen his humorous side. It's only recently that we've been exposed to that side of him. I wonder if it's Priyanka who inspired that change in him, and I can't find any other reason for his change.

The reporter commented on how similar the two are. Shahid went on to concur, saying
that he wants someone 'independent, individualistic,' but he would love for her to be similar to him. It's his concurrence that's suspicious. The reporter was talking about Priyanka, and Shahid seems to be only adding onto the fact that Priyanka may be right for him. I found it funny that Shahid's ears 'perked up' at Priyanka's description of her perfect man. Her description is quite general, but I think it can fit Shahid.

Priyanka reveals that she and Shahid have had these discussions before. How did she get him to stop listening to that music? Haha. 'Babes,' he calls her 'babes.' A name I've only heard him call Amrita Rao before.

They're clearly free enough to tease each other about their many faults, and frankly, they are close enough to know about all these faults. What caught my eye was when Shahid was talking about how he works, and the reporter noted that Priyanka looked 'dreamy-eyed.'

The media was so desperate to link the two together that they even went on to interview the CineBlitz interviewer, who stated that if Shahid and Priyanka were not going out, they should. The interview certainly gave a lot of hints to a mounting relationship.

More Hints:

In Filmfare's August edition, Shahid said he 'won't shout the name of [his] new girlfriend from the rooftops.' Meaning there is a new girlfriend, Shahid? The elevator story is classic for this couple now. They're always asked about being stuck alone, and the response is unanimous. "We won't be able to stop talking." Shahid takes the response a step further by saying that she lectures him on not being shy and reserved. Personally, I think her lectures have really worked wonders!

Times of India had reported that Shahid was buying a new car. When Priyanka overheard this conversation, she said, "He's not buying that one. Trust me, I would know." Why would you know, Ms. Chopra?

Shahid's People interview hinted a lot more towards a relationship. The way he said 'I love spending time with her' just seemed a lot more romantic than his previous statements on working with her. He's on some kind of a treadmill with her. Whether they are jogging or walking, I hope they begin running soon!!!

Having Fun Together:

During the promotion of Kaminey, the two gave numerous interviews, both separate and together. They always seemed to praise each other, as expected, but they seemed to be enjoying time together a lot, as well. At the press meet for Kaminey, Priyanka accidentally put her arm around Vishal, started laughing along with Shahid, and subsequently put her arm around him.

The Lola Kutty interview was the goddarn most hilarious interview I had ever seen, and that could only be attributed to Shahid, honestly. Priyanka was funny, but not nearly as funny as Shahid! Her later interview with Lola Kutty (during WYR promotion) wasn't even close to how amazing her interview with Shahid was!

Those at the Times of India office noted little things about the two, like them playing footsie. -raises eyebrows- Funnn! There was a picture of them with Peefee's arm on his thigh. So, physically, it seems like they're close, but don't show it off to the world. Shahid must be on pretty good terms with Ashok Chopra. They've discussed everything from gardening to Priyanka's childhood!

Clearly, the success of Kaminey did not stop the couple, as they let their sparks fly during the Rajiv Gandhi Awards. He smiled through her performance, even getting up for a little jig with her. She cheered for his win, and a smiling Ashok Chopra would look on as the couple shared little moments. They left the venue in Shahid's car, while Ashok Chopra was at the venue himself.

Priyanka took a short vacation to Bangkok at the same time Shahid was in Bangkok to shoot for Yash Raj's next. Coincidence?

Now, Shahid is off in the United States shooting for Yash Raj's next, so the rumors of them together have come to quite an obvious stop. Priyanka's off to the same country afterwards, so us Shanks fans will have to wait a while before we hear of them again. Until then, I'm happy dreaming of them on the cover of Filmfare or sitting at award functions together. It seems quite obvious to me through their "hints" that they either were or are dating. I'm hoping it's the are!

written by anamika

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btw hun dont write the n.o. of the fc in the title
some1 told me its not alllowed
no clue y though
gujunpyo IF-Sizzlerz

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PartyDancing Congrats,kaminis..2nd one...!!!
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