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Mrs. & Mr. Agnihotri

You All Can Join this Fan Club if You Are a Shilpa Saklani / Apoorva Agnihotri Lover.
You Can Discuss about this Couple, Post Pictures/ Images, Trivias, News Articles right here on this Thread.

Wedding Anniversary

 28th June, 2004

Love / Arranged

Love Marriage

Courtship Period

6 months


Dehradun (Shilpa's HomeTown)

Engagement Rings
Apoorva gave Shilpa a solitaire &  Shilpa gave him a Diamond embedded Platinum band.

Shilpa wore a traditional red,
heavy lehenga with lots of embroidery and diamonte work.
Apoorva wore a formal designer suit.

Kind Of Ceremony
A traditional Ghadwali wedding

Unusual Thing in their Wedding
Nothing, it was all so romantic and unbelievable, there's nothing unusual, which happened. The wedding was rocking!

Biggest Expense
Actually, we had the wedding in Dehradun as my Dadi and Nani were not able to come to Mumbai. So, we had to organize the wedding in Dehradun, which proved to be very expensive as all our friends and relatives flew down from Mumbai and Delhi to be there.

Shilpa Thinks about Apoorva
Apoorva is the perfect soul mate. My true companion and a very, very good friend and now that we've got married he's been a great husband as well!

According To Shilpa
For Me it's Home, Hubby & Having Babies that Top My List

Shilpa as of now is taking it easy with actor husband Apoorva Agnihotri . The couple are deliberately going slow with their careers. We are just chilling out. We have been sleeping & getting up at leisure.

We also enjoy watching films & having coffee with friends.

It's been Two years and the best thing is that life hasn't changed at all. Apoorva is a Liberal Husband and so there has been no effort on my part to change. Contrary to my sari-clad serious image, I am Boisterous and Expressive with my feelings. I guess that irritates him a bit!" Interestingly it's also her warmth that she says appeals to her husband.Where Apoorva is concerned, Shilpa admires his Patience. She is candid about his flipside too. "He is very Moody and switches from one mood to another," states the wife. Where sharing screen space with him is concerned, Shilpa, who appeared with him in 'Jassi' and 'Nach Baliye

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It's Home, Hubby & Having Babies that Top My List - Shilpa Agnihotri

Though actor Shilpa Saklani is playing the older Ganga in the 20-year-leap of 'Kyunkii Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi', she's unperturbed. She says, "In fact, I am wearing Indo-western clothes and my hairstyle is that of an executive. I am doing things that the younger Ganga couldn't."

Though offers are coming her way, Shilpa as of now is taking it easy with actor husband Apoorva Agnihotri (Arman Sir in 'Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin'). The couple are deliberately going slow with their careers. "We are just chilling out. We've been sleeping and getting up at leisure. We also enjoy watching films and having coffee with friends," says a content Shilpa.

Quiz her on how different life has been after marriage and she says, "It's been two years and the best thing is that life hasn't changed at all. Apoorva is a liberal husband and so there has been no effort on my part to change."

But she adds, "Contrary to my sari-clad serious image, I am boisterous and expressive with my feelings. I guess that irritates him a bit!" Interestingly it's also her warmth that she says appeals to her husband.

Where Apoorva is concerned, Shilpa admires his patience. She is candid about his flipside too. "He is very moody and switches from one mood to another," states the wife.

Where sharing screen space with him is concerned, Shilpa, who appeared with him in 'Jassi' and 'Nach Baliye', wouldn't miss an opportunity. "I have been his fan. He's truly one of the finest looking men who's also brilliant at his job. I enjoy working with him the most."

Quiz Shilpa on whether she's ambitious about her career and she surpriseswith her answer. "Yes I am ambitious about having a good marriage and a happy family life. I'd love to have kids after a year or so. Career has always been secondary to me," says Shilpa unpretentiously. She adds, "I have been lucky that I am not pressured to get that extra buck home. But I work so that I can contribute to the household in my way. We believe in easing out things for each other." She adds,"Marriage is a great institution, provided you get the right man. And having kids is the most beautiful thing."

We'll Plan a Baby But Only After Kajaal - Apoorva Agnihotri



ST: Is Apoorva slowly getting typecast as the quintessential angry young man of the small screen?

AA: I don't mind being typecast. You need to create a niche. At the end of the day, it's the success of the product that matters. If the audience likes that image and the product is good, then one's market price goes up. All in all, on a platform like television, one is not given so many opportunities. Television is a monotonous medium. All characters, more or less, look the same. You can't do an Omkara and a DDLJ over here. I feel I've created my niche and I am content playing these characters. My first priority remains the script and then comes the money factor while choosing roles. I can't be shortsighted to only think about money while overlooking the script.

ST: Don't you feel that after Pardes, it was television that gave your sagging career a new lease of life?

AA: Yes, in Pardes, people liked my character, which had shades of grey. After that, I made a wrong choice of films and I would partly blame it on destiny too. In most of my films, I was not playing the lead. Maybe the audience wanted me to play the main protagonist and not the side character. Television helped me establish myself as an actor. I got meaty roles like Armaan Suri and Dev Pratap Singh. They helped me to stay on my toes and made me all the more spontaneous. I am a true Sagittarius and I take things as they come.

ST: Jassi' soared up Apoorva's popularity to a new level and his slickly etched character became one of the most memorable and admired ones on the small screen.

AA: Yes, Jassi' was great fun. Initially there was verve and spontaneity in all of us on the sets. Later on there was a perceptible stillness. We were working round the clock and eventually got fatigued. Understandably, that fatigue was visible on-screen too.

ST: But Armaan Suri still became one of the most loved characters.

AA: Each character had become so real to life and everybody identified with each of us; even Nandu's portrayal was received very well. The USP of the soap was the fact that every character was very well etched out. In fact, when I went to Canada for my honeymoon with Shilpa, so many people told us that they loved the serial and all the characters. When I had signed the serial initially, I had mixed feelings. I thought maybe I was taking a risk. But I knew that either it would hit the bull's eye or it would be a disaster.

ST: How was your experience of Nach Baliye where you paired up with wife Shilpa Saklani?

AA: For me, Nach Baliye was a scary experience. I am very shy and an introvert. Leave aside dancing; even talking to a stranger gives me butterflies in my belly. But Shilpa is just the opposite. She is very outgoing and a total extrovert. We worked very hard though we couldn't rehearse much because of our tight shooting schedules. It was a great learning experience for me as I shed all my inhibitions and now I can do a better job of dancing.

ST: When the awesome twosome was voted out, were there any hard feelings?

AA: (He gets poignant at this one) Parmeet (Sethi) had said a very beautiful thing, 'Out of ten couples, only one would win.' I was mentally prepared for the worst though Shilpa wasn't. She had tears in her eyes.

ST: What is your role in Sony's new show, Kaajjal?

AA: Armaan's character was more boisterous and larger-than-life. While the character of Dev Pratap Singh is more real and he is someone who has few emotions. But we are trying to make it different from my earlier role. I am an instinctive guy and the role was narrated to me with a lot of passion. I was sure that the results would be positive.

ST: If Apoorva made his mark as Armaan, then wife Shilpa became a household name as Ganga in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. Has marriage changed him as a person?

AA: Before meeting Shilpa, I used to be restless. However, I have become very patient now. The presence of a woman in your life makes you flexible and stable. Both of us are in the same industry and doing well and there been no ego clashes. Nothing like that has happened. And if something happens then I just put my head down and listen.

ST: It is also said that being an actor's wife is a difficult thing to be in the world, so how has he tamed Shilpa?

AA: We trust each other completely. It only takes a few minutes to break the trust. There hasn't been any kind of misunderstanding. My popularity is there today but tomorrow, I might lose it. But Shilpa is one factor that'll be constantly with me, throughout my life, come what may!
ST: Does that mean his Casanova image has gone for a toss?

AA: (He laughs) well! I'll smile if someone calls me a Casanova on-screen, but certainly not off-screen. Girls make passes but I take them with a pinch of salt. Of course, I don't encourage all that. I am so shy that I can't even see girls eye-to-eye. Till now, I have never expressed my feelings to any girl. I don't know how I did that with Shilpa.

ST: What about having a child in his family?

AA: We'll plan a baby but only after Kaajjal.

Stop laughing, damn it! - Apoorva Agnihotri

Apoorva Agnihotri had to lift and twirl Surveen Chawla, who weighs 56 kgs, 15 times for a romantic scene. Surveen goofed up every take by laughing

Recently Apoorva Agnihotri found out that shooting a romantic scene is back-breaking job. The actor had to lift and twirl his heroine, Surveen Chawla, who weighs 56 kgs, for as many as 15 retakes while shooting a romantic rain sequence for Kaajjal Sabbki AnkhonMein Basi!

The actor was especially miffed because Surveen kept goofing up take after take, simply by laughing mid-shot when she was required to be intensely romantic. No skin off her back, we guess, since it was Apurva who had to do all the heaving and ho-ing. 

A source in the production house said, "It was a romantic scene where both of them were supposed to shoot in the rain. They were completely drenched and since the shot just wasn't getting okayed, Apurva had to lift Surveen up several times. Anyway, Apoorva was not in a good mood that day. The scene required some intense moments between them, yet Surveen continued to laugh all through. This really got the poor chap irritated."

When contacted, Surveen said, "Yes, Apoorva was a bit irritated as he had to lift me up 15 times! No doubt he had a really tough time lifting me up, as I weigh not less than 56 kilos. What's more, the rather long scene had to be shot from various angles, so it took all the more long to get it perfect."

Was Apoorva angry? "He was not furious, or anything, but yes, he did get a little irritated because he had to lift me up several times and he was tired. I am always at ease while shooting. I enjoy myself and laugh a lot on the sets," she replied. Obviously, Apoorva Agnihotri didn't share the joke with her this time.

The actor was not available for comment.

Never At Home - Shilpa & Apoorva

Apoorva Agnihotri (Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin's Armaan) and wife Shilpa Saklani (Kkusum, and Ganga of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi) are never at home.

"We are out for most of the day, shooting ' it's only late at night or early morning that you will find us in the house," says Shilpa.

Shilpa does the talking

It is post 10 pm when we catch up with them. As usual, Shilpa does all the talking, while Apoorva answers in monosyllables, sometimes completes a line, or simply smiles. He prefers being reticent, "as there is nothing much to say anyway."

Moved in 8 months ago

Their home in a Lokhandwala highrise is simple. "We shifted here eight months ago from Yari Road, and we have done whatever we could," says Shilpa.

"There is not much time to actually go shopping for the house. That's Shilpa's territory anyway," says Apoorva. "The only stuff that I actually bought was a wall clock which I picked up at a lifestyle store. I liked it, I picked it up," he says.

"At the moment we have done up the living room, for the rest ' the kitchen and bedroom ' we are taking our time. We are in no hurry," adds Shilpa, who is partial towards glass. "I don't like bulky wooden pieces," she explains.

Summery hues

The living room has a bright yellow dining table with matching yellow chairs, while the sofas are in lime green. There are knick-knacks picked up from here and there, besides two orange beans bags placed near the window.

"This is our favourite corner. "Both us sitting on the bean bags survey the entire scene outside." Their house is on the 20th floor, so there is a good view of Lokhandwala and beyond.

Acting out roles

On the work front, Apoorva has exclusively acted in Jassi for two years. "There is no other acting offer on the small or big screen that has excited or tempted me. I am happy being Jassi's Armaan," he says. He prefers the Jassi of the initial days ' the "real" McCoy, as she was at Gulmohar House.

Shilpa laughingly says she is "chakki pissaoing" with Kkusum and Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. The couple will be seen together in the soon-to-be-launched Star One show on telly husband-wife pairs.

Run Away Groom

Apoorva Agnihotri on wanting a makeover, getting married to Jassi and being the sidekick.

So are you and Jassi finally getting married?
We've already been married some three or four times in our dream sequences. But I'm told it will soon happen for real. (Catch the wedding on August 5).

Are you still under an exclusive contract with Sony?
No that was till last year. I'm free to take on other projects.

Is Jassi... going the melodramatic way because of falling TRPs?
It's difficult to sustain something that's been consistently different. For two years, we managed to stay ahead and people imitated our work. Also, audiences are easily bored'gimmicks like song and dance sequences keep them interested.

Are you happy with the way Armaan Suri's character has shaped up?
There's no room for creativity in a daily soap. Unless the plot's going haywire I try not to interfere. I butted in when my character was becoming too negative. Anyway, ten years down the line, viewers will only vaguely remember who Jassi and Armaan were.

Doesn't it get lonely these days? Most scenes are romantic moments between you and Jassi?
I definitely miss the old office gang and hope they manage to weave them back into the story. Parmeet Sethi's one of the finest comic actors I've seen. And these days Vikas Bhalla and I have really bonded.

Were you ever threatened by Purab's (Samir Soni) popularity?
No one person can carry a show on their shoulders. Plus, I wasn't intimidated while shooting with Shah Rukh Khan in Pardes. This was a piece of cake.

Did you ever consider quitting?
I'm under no illusions. The show is called Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin not Armaan Jaisa Koi Nahin. I have no hassles with doing television. I know tracks change and the spotlight can't be on me all the time.

How would you have wanted Armaan Suri to turn out?
When I took the role, he was a business tycoon who'd go to any length for his company. Today Armaan is someone who's learnt from his mistakes. Sometimes I feel the character's achieved its purpose, at other times, no.

What did you think of the Jassi makeover? Would you undergo one?
I loved the new look. On the sets we welcomed the change as we were tired of the glasses and braces. I did try long hair for a while but everyone hated it. Now friends are saying I should give it another shot.

If you had to rewrite Jassi..., what would be different?
I'd definitely have a scene showing Raj crying. I'd also turn Maddy into someone serious who Jassi can confide in.

Sweet on Armaan

Apurva spent his early years in Kanpur and shifted to Mumbai in 1985. He was keen to become a pilot -- "I flew for around 15-20 hours" -- but destiny steered his course toward films when Subhash Ghai signed him for a pivotal role in Pardes.

Popularly known as Armaan Sir, Apurva is married to Shilpa Saklani who is better known as Ganga. After going through a Tom and Jerry chase, we finally pinned Apurva at Chaithrath studios, Powai.

In between mouthfuls of sinfully rich kheer brought by Rakshanda, he spoke about food. We had threatened to bop him on his head for giving us a run around but he was charm personified.

Apurva's thought for food

I normally have nine am shifts, so twice or thrice a week, I wake up early and go for a workout.

The first thing I have in the morning is a glass of milk shake -- either a protein shake or a mango shake. I have tea only when I am shooting. At home I don't have tea.

I go to a gym opposite Fame Adlabs for my workout. When I am working out, I don't speak to anybody; I am totally focused for half an hour. Later, I shower and head straight for the shoot.

If I have a day off, my mother prepares aloo ka parathas for me. Otherwise, it's eggs, bread and butter.

There was a time when I was gunning for those six-pack abs. People remarked that I had lost a lot of weight but I was feeling very fit. I was really in great shape, but then, I guess it took its toll on my face -- it began looking too slim. Now I don't care because I have realised that in television your physique hardly makes any difference, because you are dressed from head to toe most of the times.

In the studio, I prefer my tea with adrak. Since it's not always possible for them to organise that, I have started carrying elaichi from home, which I ask them to add to my tea.

Recently, Shilpa and I hired a cook and now carry our tiffins to the studio. I don't like to trouble my mother because she has done enough for us. My tiffin is very simple. It usually comprises paneer, rice, roti and a vegetable/dal.

I like bhindi; I dislike karela. Tadka yellow dal is my favourite.

I was a non-vegetarian previously but now I eat only eggs. My mom is a pure vegetarian. She asked to stop eating non-vegetarian. It's the least I could do for her.

When I am shooting, I keep sipping tea or coffee. By the end of the day, I have drunk 7-8 cups of tea --  that's quite a lot.

I am very fond of meetha; I like to have it with my lunch and not after it. I like kheer. My mother-in-law makes amazing sugar-free rasmalai. I am from Kanpur, so I like imarti jalebi and ladoos. I like pineapple pastries any time, anywhere.

My poison is Baccardi.

My mother-in-law is an awesome cook and I have decided that if in my life I ever open a restaurant, I will make her the cook-in-charge. She makes excellent cheesy Italian fare.

By evening, I am ravenous. I like to have a cup of tea and omelette sandwiches. Holiday Inn's masala omelette sandwiches are a class apart.

I like to have an early dinner, but of late, I have been undisciplined.

At times I skip dinner, altogether. I have a protein chocolate bar instead. I have soup and boiled vegetables for dinner on other days.

I love cheese so I like Italian food, especially pastas. After marriage, we have been going out at least twice a week. Our current haunts are Kareem's and The Marriott.

For me dal, chawal and roti is the ultimate meal.

In Kanpur, we used to live in a joint family. But our food habits have remained the same even in Canada, my cousins still prepare food as the family did when we lived together.

On a hot summer's day, I like to have a chilled glass of beer.

On a rainy day in Mumbai, I like to have omelettes. I am an egg freak.

On a cold winter's day, I would like to cruise on a bike at 100 mph.

I think I resemble a lauki, because I am lanky.

I have never entered the kitchen but I can whip up a mean omelette.

My favourite spice is elaichi.

My favourite appliance is the mixer.

An admission: I like baked vegetables with puris, followed by sugar-free rasmalai at my mother-in-law's.

Shilpa and I both love paneer bhurji. She can cook good non- vegetarian food even though she doesn't eat it herself.

When we were dating, every evening was a romantic evening. Shilpa and I are very fond of watching movies. So a romantic evening would include a visit to the theatre. If the film is boring, we end up binging on snacks.

Apurva's baked veggie

(Courtesy mother-in-law Priya Saklani)
Serves 3-4

1 bunch spinach (wash, boil, drain the water and grind)
2 tomatoes (slice into roundels)
1 packet mushrooms (dice into 4 pieces)
250 gm paneer (cut lengthwise)
150 gm processed cheese (grated)
3 tbsp butter

For white sauce:
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp maida
2 cups milk
1 tsp tomato sauce or puree
50 gm grated cheese
Salt to taste
Freshly grounded pepper

In a non stick pan, heat about one tbsp of butter, add the spinach paste and saute for 2-3 minutes till it is dry. Keep aside. In the same pan, add some more butter and saute the diced mushrooms till done. Keep aside.

To make the white sauce, heat the butter in a non stick pan, add the flour and saute on a low flame till golden. Slowly add the milk, stirring simultaneously. Add the grated cheese and the tomato sauce or puree to give it a tangy taste. Finally, add salt and freshly ground pepper.

To assemble the dish, grease a transparent baking dish. Arrange the sauted spinach. Top it with slices of paneer. Next, add a layer of tomato slices. Mix the saut'ed mushrooms in the white sauce.

Pour it over the paneer and tomato slices. Garnish with grated cheese. Microwave on high for five minutes and then grill for another five minute.

Maa Tujhe Salaam - Apoorva Agnihotri

Apoorva Agnihotri says he is really an obedient son

In real life too, I'm an obedient son. Whatever my mom (Radha Agnihotri) says is final. She has been a great support to my sister and me, especially after my father (Gyandev Agnihotri, a well known writer) expired.
After he passed away and his body was still in the house, the first thing she told me was, "You don't have to worry that dad's gone. I'm still here and from now on I'm going to be your mom and dad."
I think that was a very brave thing to say. More than anything else, it's essential to have the emotional support of an elder at home. You need someone you can turn to for advice and for help in making decisions. Someone who can tell you what's right and wrong and whether you're on the right path.
Mom supported me a lot financially when I took to flying. I wanted to make a career of it at one point. You need to complete 250 hours to turn professional but I quit after only 15-20 hours. At Rs 25,000 per hour, that's quite some money down the drain.
Before Pardes, I was readying myself for a break. I enrolled in Kishore Namit's acting academy. He really helped me. He didn't want to take money from me because he used to know my father. God and my mother's blessings were with me. Mom always maintained that no matter what the outcome, you have to go out and try your best. That the pluses and negatives shouldn't bias you and there is no reason why you shouldn't be successful.
Poonam Sinha, Shatrughan Sinha's wife, was instrumental in my bagging Pardes. She's a family friend and organised a meeting for me with Subhash Ghai. When I met him while he was shooting Trimurti, he asked me to meet him after three months. I thought that must be his polite way of rejecting me. But after exactly three months, I got a call from his office.
I was thrilled when I got paid for Pardes. Subhashji asked me what I'd do with the money and I told him I'd give it to my mom. And I did. We shot in Vancouver for the movie and that was my first trip abroad.
Pyar Koi Khel Nahin, Kasoor and Hum Ho Gaye Aapke followed Pardes and I had complete support from my mom throughout. In fact, she even trusted and supported my decision to marry Shilpa.

I Have No Reason To Lose My Sleep Over Such Trivial Issues - Apoorva Agnihotri

Yesterday, he was called a late starter and a mediocre actor. Some even sniggered at his failed attempt to make it on the big screen. Indeed, Samir Soni has seen the tough side of life and has come up the hard way. Today, the scenario is different. Purab aka Samir is the most sought-after actor on TV. Thanks to his popularity in Sony's trump card Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin, the actor has become hot property. And that's become a major cause of concern for JJKN's original hero, Apoorva Agnihotri, who's fretting and fuming, and not without reason. Now matters are believe to have reached such a tempo that both actors just cannot see eye-to-eye anymore.
    Normally, being applauded for their work puts and actor in the top slot. But in Samir's case, it worked adversely. JJKN, the story of plain Jane-turned-glam doll, was originally centered around its main protagonist Jassi nee Mona Singh and her prince charming played by Apoorva. The two characters became a huge hit, so much so that the other actors who were playing character roles in the show felt that they were getting a raw deal. A bunch of them even threatened to walk out as their track were going nowhere. Despite the inner politics and the favoritism that was played by the channel and the producers, JJKN ruled the roost and still enjoys the highest TRPs.
    Everything was sailing smoothly till Samir stepped in to play a cameo role in the show. Special appearances and cameo's have been a regular feature in JJKN> in the past, actors like Mandira Bedi, Gauri Pradhan, Neena Gupta, Malaika Arora, Divya Dutta and many others have enacted small roels in it. But it was Purab's character that became an instant rage. After essaying the role of a tycoon, Samir's popularity was suddenly rocking.
    Samir's earnest performance started drawing more attention than the arrogant Armaan Sir. As a result of which, everyone including Apoorva, started getting insescure about Samir's presence. It's believed that at one time, it was Soni's unprecedented popularity that caused his abrupt exit from the serial. Quiz Samir about this and he shrugs it off, "I'm clueless about this. Actually, my contract with Sony had expired and I had blocked my dates for another show that I was doing at that time. Yes, I too had heard stories but my schedule was so tight that there was just no time to find out what is true and what isn't. honestly, I don't even wish to know. I admit that my exit from JJKN was very abrupt. But,it was purely  due to time constraints. We needed time to plot my exit from the show and I could given them only a couple of days. Everything was so hush-hush that it wasn't possible to explain and incorporate the exit portion."
    Talking about contract, did he feel bitter when Sony did not renew his contract? "Not at all! It's just that at that point, the producers and Sony didn't think that I was required in JJKN and hence we parted ways. It was done amicably." That's Samir Soni at his diplomatic best.
    The actor might deny having any problem with the JJKN troupe but the story doesn't end there; it has another angle to it. It was rumored that last year, during the Singapore schedule of the serial, Samir and Mona Singh had got really cozy. What one though would not be more out to be a full-fledged affair. Obviously, makers Tony and Deeya Singh and Sony did not approve this development. They panicked when JJKN, their investment and a closely guarded secret, started getting closer to this good-looking man. They just couldn't afford to let their trump card have a rollicking time with the actor. It's said that the decision to put brakes on this relationship was made overnight and the only way of dong it was separating the two. Soni has a hearty laugh on this piece of information. "I was never involved with Mona Singh," he rebuffs the allegation. "The rumor doing the rounds is certainly figment of somebody's wicked mind. If I were seeing her, I'd admit it. And where is it written that an actor can fall in love only with his producers' consent? I was most certainly not thrown out of JJKN. And if what you are alleging is true then how come I'm back on the show?"
    Well, this isn't the first time that an actor has made a re-entry on a show. There have been a lot of actors who have got back to doing their shows after long gaps. But what really sets Samir apart from then is the number factor. This is not the first or the second but the fourth time that he has been brought back in JJKN. Reason? There are many but don't expect Samir to reveal more than what is required.
    But let's come to the most interesting part : Samir's rivalry with Apoorva. In fact, it's believed that the two are always vying for the bigger screen time. The unit members have confirmed that there was a lot of stress between the two before Samir opted out. "I don't mind healthy comptt. If you are competing with someone, you tend to be better than the best. Apoorva is a fine actor. But I don't have to compete with him to prove how good an actor I am. I just believe in doing my job, that's about it!" agreed but Apoorva's grudge is that he was signed to play the solo lead in JJKN and was even doing fine till Samir stepped in. the final nail in the coffin was Apoorva's diminishing and Samir's increasing fan following. Says Samir, "To begin with, I was really not aware of him feeling insecure about my presence in JJKN, till the media started hyping it. And if at all Apoorva is getting insecure about me, I think it's absolutely understandable. Poor guy, he was supposed to be the hero of the show and one fine day, I step in. I'm sure it must've driven him crazy. But that is very normal. I would have felt the same had I been in his shoes."
    When we spoke to Apoorva about his cut throat competition with Samir Soni, the guy sounded completely unfazed. "Look, everyone knows that JJKN is the story about Armaan Suri and Jasmeet Walia. A rich, spoilt and selfish businessman, who uses Jassi for his own good and eventually, falls in love withehr. There are other important characters in the serial as well but doesn't mean that I'll start feeling threatened by their presence." About Soni he says, "Samir's character is an integral part of the story. His role was supposed to be a cameo. Bu the extension happened when the script demanded it. In a daily soap, changes happen everyday." Ask him if he is feeling uncomfortable with Soni's second coming (or is it the fourth) in the serial and the hunk laughs. "There is no question about feeling uncomfortable."
    Is he aware of the poll that was conducted by a TV channel about who should be Jassi's knight in shinning armor? "No," he smiles. Obviously Agnihotri chooses not to remember it because the maximum number of people voted in Purab's (Samir) favor. In fact, that was one of the reasons why Samir was brought back on the show. Does this defeat dampen Apoorva's spirits? 'Not at all,' he says. "I know I'm doing a good job, so I have no reason to lose my sleep over such trivial issues."
    With this growing tension and the mounting pressure, who will be the one to win Jassi and the hearts of the audience? Armaan or Purab? We don't know but we do is that both the actors are busy to battling it out. No it isn't the personal battle we are referring to but it's their on-screen war that's keeping us hooked on to TV. Right guys?        

Transcript of LIVE CHAT with TV actor, Shilpa Agnihotri

"I'm not tired of Ganga's 'behenji' look, but it was a relief to act recently in another serial where I got to wear western clothes."

Malini > Hey Ganga, err Shilpa! Good to see you here! Is it true that you wouldn't mind showing some skin on screen, or wouldn't mind exposing?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Well, I do mind showing skin because TV is a medium that
literally enters each home every night, catering to all kind of audiences. Thus, it's not important for those people to see skin when they actually want to have some entertainment (by way of good stories etc) .

Jotti > Hey Shilpa, I love your acting and you're a wonderful actress. And congrats to on your wedding to Apoorva.. How is married life? And how did it start if you don't mind telling us?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Thank you so much to begin with. Married life rocks! I have
never been as happy. I used to only hear that marriage changes things for people and I am experiencing the very same now. As far as how I met him is concerned, it is a long fairy tale. So, cutting it short, we were destined to be together so here we are together. We actually met through a friend who tried to play cupid. But the sight of him used to really irritate me.

Rfrer > When is your birthday?
Shilpa Agnihotri > 5th of June.

Rahul_dilli > Hi Shilpa! How are you? Tell us, how did you get your break in Kyunki Saas.... .?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Well I was actually doing a serial at that point of time when Ektaa saw some of my work. So when they were casting for KSBKBT, they called me for the same. And here I am, playing 'Ganga' for the last two-and-half years.

Shivam > Hey Shilpaaaa! Are you as simpler as you seems to be on screen?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Well I don't know how one would define simplicity. But if it is
defined as a girl in Sarees and Salwaar Kameeze then I am not simple because in real life I am an extremely extroverted with a very modern approach towards life who does not restrict herself in being in Indian clothes all the time. However, I am yet a very, very grounded and a family oriented person who believes that my life starts with my family and husband and ends with them.

Rahul > Define your hubby 'Armaan', I mean Apoorva Agnihotri? What do you call
him in real life? 'Armaan' or Apoorva? Do you watch his serial Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin ?
Shilpa Agnihotri > A great human being, a great husband, a great son and a fabulous companion. As far as what I call him in real life, I neither call him Armaan nor Apoorva. I call him 'Chonu.' Well, if I am at home I try and catch up on Jassi ...

Rahul_dilli > You played small roles in films like Naa Tum Jaano Naa Hum . Then, why did you stop trying in films?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Well, I never wanted to do films but Na Tum Jaano Na Hum was
made by a really close friend of mine who was stuck in a crisis at that point of time and didn't have an actor to play that particular part then. So the least that I could do as friend is act in his film.

Rahul_dilli > Will you be ready to play a mother of 25 years old son, if required by your serial maker? Many young girls like Shweta Kwatra, Sakshi and even Smriti Irani have done that? How would you feel in that case?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Well, I will have absolutely no problem about doing it as well. Till the time my role is well justified and till I know that as an actor I am benefiting from the same.

Reshma > If you were not actress, what would be doing ? Also, are you doing any movies ?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Well, if I was not an actress I would be definitely married like I am now. May be not to an actor as I am now. And probably figuring out things (about work) at that point of time. I am not keen on doing films.

Shilps > What's 'Chonu'? Is it something like JAANU?!
Shilpa Agnihotri > Yeah, you got it !

Gaya > If you expose on the big screen, wouldn't hurt your Seedhi-Saadhi bahu image? Also, are you fed up with a 'behenji' look and that's why you want to turn glamourus?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Yeah, I am sure it would. But like I said I do not want to do films. So I am not even thinking of the same. Well I am not sick and tired of the 'behenji' look because I had very recently had done a serial called Lavanya in which I was not a 'behenji' but a girl who was playing a 24th century girl, clad in western clothes and being extremely western in her approach. And that was definitely a relief from, like you say, the 'behenji' image.

Kish > Why does an actress feel the need to show skin in films?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Well, it's probably the demand of their profession and I guess once you choose to do something you must as an adult give it your 100 percent. I am certain that films may require exposure but they also pass on great messages and entertain our audiences.

Ehaabnadim2 > When is Kyunki Saas Bhi Khabhi Bahu Thi going to end?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Well, chat up with Ektaa Kapoor for the same.

Rahul_dilli > Who's your favourite TV star? And which is your favourite TV
serial? And also your favourite costar? How do people address you? Do they call you 'Ganga' or by your real name Shilpa?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Apoorva Agnihotri (favourite TV star), KSBKBT Astitva and Jassi (favourite serial). Smriti Irani (Favourite costar). People called me mostly 'Ganga', which is damn annoying.

Saaja > Hi Shilpa? How do you maintain yourself so well? Are you a vegetarian? If not, what's your favourite non vegetarian dish?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Well, I am a hardcore non vegetarian. My favourite (food) is butter chicken or anything in Chinese. And thank you so much for the lovely compliment! But I do wonder how you get to know of my figure through that lousy saree that we wear. And as far as how I maintain myself, I am probably just blessed. I am sure I am not going to be blessed for too long be for the way I eat, I see my self putting on a lot of weight in the future.

Reshma > Apoorva is 'Chonu' for you . What are you for Apoorva?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Well, at times 'baby', at times 'billie' (cat). I could go on and on and embarrass him further. So we should just stop at that !

Shivam > Do you like to be sexy as some actress like Mallika Sherawat, Neha Dhupia are in movies, as you said that you wanna to be the 24th century gal?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Well, no never because I guess I will never be able to be as bold as them. Hats off to them for what they are dong. I am most happy with what I am doing (right now).

Shivam > How busy are you and Apoorva in your daily life?
Shilpa Agnihotri > Extremely! We both shoot for about 12 - 14 hours each day but we till try to make time for each other.

Sign Off Message > To everybody who made the effort to log in and chat up with me, thank you so much and god bless! Love, Shilpa.

Transcript of LIVE CHAT with TV actor, Apoorva Agnihotri

"Personally, I feel looking good is not the end of the road. However, with regard to Jassi's makeover I'd say that my job as an actor is to react only, not think about it."

Jena > Hi, despite fantastic debut in films with Pardes , why did you not make it big as a film actor? And why did you do insignificant roles in films after that one film?
Apoorva Agnihotri > The industry is quite a strange place. It likes to typecast actors. And that's what happened to me. The kind of roles I was getting after Pardes was more on the same lines (like Pardes ). I said no to a lot of films. And the films that I chose didn't do well. I did the roles (in later films) for money and creative satisfaction.

Hema > How do your co-stars especially Mona(Jassi) and Rakshanda (Mallika) Maninee(Pari)react to your ever stunning looks? What has been their compliment? I really wonder how do they work with you?? Hum to Behosh Ho Jate (I would swoon)!
Apoorva Agnihotri > > Thanks a lot.

Armaan4jassi > Apurva, you seem to be enjoying playing "Armaan Suri" (your character in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin . This role has many shades. The character is manipulative, charming, loving, adorable. How did you perform all this with perfection?
Apoorva Agnihotri > I think the perfection is yet to happen. All I am doing is to just work hard because my aim is to go above the lines that I deliver.

Littleheart > Who is your favourite co star?
Apoorva Agnihotri > My fav co-star is Parmeet Sethi ( Raj) in Jassi Jaise ...

Littleheart > How come you are so expressive with your eyes? You do it as though you know what heart break is. Any experience?
Apoorva Agnihotri > It's because I like to mean what I say and what I do. I think we all go through heartbreaks in someway or the other.

Angb > Do you prefer to work in movies or a serial like Jassi ?
Apoorva Agnihotri > I do anything which excites me. Right now it's Jassi.

Diva1 > Hi Apoorva! How did the glitz and glamour of showbiz allure this Kanpurian (Kanpur) from being an economics student at Bhawan College to aspiring to be a pilot and finally to become an actor?
Apoorva Agnihotri > I think it's destiny. There's only one word for it and nothing else.

Pagli > Hi this is Habi. Is Jassi going to marry you or Purab? Are they gonna change the original script?
Apoorva Agnihotri > I have no idea. Watch it, you will know in due course.

Unik > What drives you?
Apoorva Agnihotri > Motivation to excel.

Kamal > Honestly Apoorva. Would you have fallen in love with someone like Jassi in real life? What do you look for in women?
Apoorva Agnihotri > Yes, I would have honestly. Her heart should be of gold. She should be a nice person. The outer beauty vanishes. It's the inner one that remains with you forever.

Nila > Was it a conscious decision on your part to join television or did everything just happen by chance?
Apoorva Agnihotri > Everything just happened by chance for me. Tony and Diya Singh called me and said that they were coming up with something path breaking. When I heard the script, I loved it and didn't have second thoughts about it. I said yes to be apart of the project.

Diva1 > In an interview, your wife Shilpa confessed that your   very first sight irritated her while you went ga-ga over her. What was on your mind when you first met her through Rakshanda?
Apoorva Agnihotri > It was just marriage on my mind, as I wanted to marry her.

Pagli > I hate to just think Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi will end some time in the future. Please do more TV roles and show us your talent. We'll miss seeing you on TV. It's a request.
Apoorva Agnihotri > Yes, I will.

Diva1 > Why is Apoorva visible only in Jassi Jasisi ... and not in some advertisements and music videos? Do you think it is defaming for a Bollywood actor like you who has been a part of this industry for years to explore more opportunity on TV?
Apoorva Agnihotri > It's because I am too lazy to meet people but now since you are telling, I will do something about it.

Ultimateapoorva > Also, how is your relationship with Mona? Are you guys good buddies?
Apoorva Agnihotri > Absolutely! We are great buddies. I always feel that something magical happens when we perform together.

Rakhi > What would you say was the turning point in your career?
Apoorva Agnihotri > I think the turning point is yet to come.

Lili > Do you come from a film background?
Apoorva Agnihotri > Yes, my father was a film writer (late Mr. Gyandev Agnihotri) he wrote films like Mr. Natwarlal, Do Aur Do Paanch, Yaraana, Beta etc.

Littleheart > Why can't you forget Jassi and love me?
Apoorva Agnihotri > That's because I get to see Jassi and I don't get to see you haaahaahaahahahahah!

hema_kini > You have a beautiful wife in Shilpa! I am so happy for you! Is she a good cook? I know you are a vegetarian so what is your favourite dish?
Apoorva Agnihotri > Yes, she is a really good cook. I like Kaali Daal ?that's my favourite.

Snehasik > Was it your aim from childhood to become an actor or it just happened?
Apoorva Agnihotri > My aim was to become a pilot, but I guess it's destiny.

Gr8xenab2005 > Are you planning to do more films?
Apoorva Agnihotri > I have no idea. It all depends on how good the offers are.

Barkhain > What do you like to do besides acting?
Apoorva Agnihotri > I like to watch films.

Clod > Besides your wife, who would be your dream date?
Apoorva Agnihotri > Salma Hayek.

Motu > Apoorva are you interested in directing a film in the future?
Apoorva Agnihotri > I just love this person for the question. Yes, definitely I want to direct a film.

Ultimateapoorva > What do you see yourself doing in 20 years and how will that AA be different?
Apoorva Agnihotri > As I said earlier, I am going to be making movies for sure.

Hema_kini > What do you have to say about your popularity, the mass hysteria. Isn't it nice or does it bother you?
Apoorva Agnihotri > It doesn't bother me at all. I like it!

Priya > Hi Apoorva. How and when did you meet Shilpa? Was it love at first sight?
Apoorva Agnihotri > From my side it was love at first sight. And it took her some time. We got to know each other through Rakshanda Khan. We first met at a coffee shop in Mumbai.

Shilps > For me and my friends Apoorva Jaisaa Armaan Koi Nahin (there's none like you)! You have excelled in portraying in every emotion of "Armaan Suri." You turned him into a real-life persona from a reel-life one? Now please tell me - where can I find him?(he!he!). Jokes apart, how did you do that? What were your magic words? Do you think it's an actor that makes a character king size or vice versa?
Apoorva Agnihotri > I think more than the actor the credit should be given to the writer who has created such fabulous characters. I think it's the character, which becomes a part of everyone. I think it's sheer hard work, which has got me here today.

Armaan4jassi > Will "Armaan" miss his old Jassi when he sees the new one?
Apoorva Agnihotri > Yes, he will miss his old Jassi.

Priya > Hi Apoorva. I am Priya. Which was the most memorable day of your life?
Apoorva Agnihotri > I think it's when I signed up for Pardes . That was my most memorable day.

Dreamz > What do you think about this makeover business in JJKN and what's your take on beauty? Does one really need outer beauty to feel confident and get her man of dreams and receive that respect from the world?
Apoorva Agnihotri > I can speak for my self. I think that the outer beauty is something but not everything. Looking good is not the end of the road. It doesn't mean you have got it all. At the end of the day the heart is what matters. I think my job is to react only on screen, not to think about it.

Sign Off Message > Love me forever, I will love you back. Love, Apoorva.

NIGHTOUT with Apurva Agnihotri

Just say Yes Sir!

Apurva Agnihotri, aka Armaan Sir, feels Jassi should be alone. All her life.

BET you didn't know that Armaan Sir's special name for Jassi is Jasberry. And that she affectionately calls him Apu Singh.

On-screen in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, Armaan (n'e Apurva Agnihotri) might come across as a cad who breaks Jassi's heart every day. But in real life, they're good friends. Every time we do a scene together, something magical happens. If I had my way, I would work with her for the rest of my life, grins Agnihotri.

And a text message forwarded by the show's co-director

Diya Singh only reaffirms the couple's chemistry. Mona (Jassi) and Apurva are the Kajol and Shah Rukh of the small screen, conveys Singh. Agnihotri vows never to delete the message.

Mocha, Juhu, where we're chatting, is inundated with shouts of Armaan sir. A gaggle of girls hound the actor for pictures and autographs. Do you really love Jassi?'' 19-year-old Ashima wants to know. While collegians Shruti and Mehak declare, You have the best smile on TV.  Agnihotri smiles some more, flashing the deep dimple in his left cheek.

Jassi... has given the 28-year-old actor a fresh lease after his Bollywood career didn't work despite a dream launch in Subhash Ghai's Pardes. Now he can't live without Jassi. I've lost count how many times I say 'Jassi' in a day. All my lines begin and end with 'Jassi' and since we do about 10-12 scenes in a day, you can just imagine, he says, biting into a paneer panini.

Though he loves his Casanova character, he swears he's just the opposite in reality. Contrary to Armaan's indecisive nature, Agnihotri married actress Shilpa Saklani (Ganga of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi) three months after co-star Rakshanda Khan introduced them. While it was love at first sight for him, Shilpa took time to be convinced. My screen image came in the way, he says.

His wife loves the serial, especially the scenes between Agnihotri and Parmeet Sethi. Both actors are so attuned to each other's timing, it almost seems like gay bonding. Agnihotri gives a bark of laughter. I know what you mean. I love Parmeet. He can chew up anybody in comedy.

Of course, he can't say the same about his other co-star Samir Soni who apparently left the serial because of ego clashes with Agnihotri. No way, denies Agnihotri. I really like Samir. He left for personal reasons, he shrugs, sipping a sugar-free black cuppa.

His contract ends in June, after which he hopes to sign some more serials or maybe films, if I get something substantial. For now, he hopes to see Jassi's much awaited makeover. I'm dying to see her coming down a staircase looking like a model, he says.

Who does he think Jassi should end up with Purab, Armaan or Nandu? Jassi should be alone. That's what happens to people who have such high standards and who are hell-bent on sticking to their principles. Now that's typical Armaan Sir.

Time table
Sexiest babe on TV: My wife Shilpa Saklani
Mona or Rakshanda: Rakshanda, because she changed my life after introducing me to Shilpa
Best actor on TV: Parmeet Sethi
Can't imagine TV without: My hair gel which I apply quite liberally to keep my floppy hair in order
One serial you wish you were a part of: None, because after Jassi.., others are routine fare

We met over coffee - Apoorva Agnihotri

A girl had a crush on me in school. She said she wanted to borrow my notebooks. That's how we started talking. Then we began taking the same bus though we stayed in two different corners of the city - just to talk to each other. At that time, all that matters is that you get to spend time with the person you like. We were getting closer and continued to take advantage of every single opportunity to meet or see more of each other. That was really fun.
Once, we even bunked school and headed straight to a nearby coffee shop - my first date ever. A couple of friends learned of this and began passing letters full of shayiri to her on my behalf (they were very naughty, you see), which she got very upset about. I still wonder what they had written in those letters that upset her to the extent that she stopped talking to me. I tried to explain things to her but she just wouldn't budge and refused to listen to me. And that was it - her father got transferred and she left the school, never to come back to me.
I think of her every time I think of my school days. I remember that not only was she intelligent, she also had a lovely smile. And she was of course, my first date and love.

Much About Apoorva Agnihotri

Apurva Agnihotri

Calling In Life: Actor. "I'm actually an actor by default. I wanted to be a commercial pilot and I need 25 flying hours to get a licence. Hopefully I'll be able to do that one day. Till then, I'm enjoying films."

Jumpstarting Moment: Subhash Ghai's Pardes. "I was deluged with similar roles of the spoilt rich brat after Pardes."

Current Claim To Fame:
As Arman Sood in Sony TV's Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin. "Arman is suave, stylish, unpredictable and a conniving businessman who can be charming when he wants to. You don't get to live that kind of a character on the big screen often. And now that Jassi has been a TRP-topper we've been proved right in thinking that the 'nice girls also deserve their fairytale endings' formula works."

Educational Background:
Economics graduate from Bhawan's College, Mumbai

"Involves hard work. Working in two continuous shifts (almost 15-16 hours) is tough because you don't even get time to breathe. Doing films is
easier in comparison."

Likes To: "Watch MTV, Channel V and Discovery. I'm not really a soap loving person, though I've checked out some episodes of Jassi and have liked them."
Looking Forward To: Ahmed Khan's Lakeer, starring Suniel Shetty. "It's a great role."

Apoorva Live

Sejal: Jassi is well off the ground and doing so well-it is extremely successful and the popularity is increasing constantly...how do you feel about it?
Apoorva Agnihotri: Hmm-I obviously feel very very good about it because it is a very important step for me as an actor. Earlier I was into films-started off my career with Subhash Ghai-I did a couple of films and then there was a time when I was not really happy with the way my career was shaping out-the offers I was getting for films. So this actually was a turning point in my career and in my life.

Sejal: We love it here-so many people in the US love it.
Apoorva Agnihotri: (Laughs)
Sejal: Now do you guys have as much fun on the sets behind the scenes shooting the episodes as we do watching it?
Apoorva Agnihotri:Absolutely, absolutely-we are a riot together. Whenever you come you must come to our shoot. We are a riot and even if it is an emotional scene we are laughing-that is the kind of vibes we share- all of us...me/Parmeet...me/Jassi...Mallika and Pari. We all have loads of fun on the sets and even when we're not shooting we try and be together-we kind of miss each other you know when we don't see other for so many days.
Sejal: Speaking of which what is your current shoot schedule like?
Apoorva Agnihotri: It depends, me and Jassi shoot for around-Jassi shoots around 27- 28 days a month and I shoot for around 23-24 days a month and the rest of the cast comes for 10 days ya 12 days.
Sejal: Wow so you guys must be really tired by the end of the month?
Apoorva Agnihotri: Yeah it is tiring but we all get along so well so that-like we look forward to coming back (laughs).
Sejal: Is our Jassi really like she is on screen or is she different off screen?
Apoorva Agnihotri: I think she is as great a person as she is shown on screen.
Sejal: Do you ever find yourself trying to put Armando's character from BLF (Betty La Fea)into Armaan Suri's shoes to portray Armaan as such?
Apoorva Agnihotri: (Laughs) No, no-that's a great...(laughs)-at times I do at times I don't. But I wish I was like him.
Sejal: You are doing a fabulous job-we love watching you on screen.
Apoorva Agnihotri: Thanks so much.
Sejal: To what extent can you relate to the character of Armaan Suri-are you a totally different person then him?
Apoorva Agnihotri: I wouldn't say I am a totally different person-quality of stuff I do on screen not that I would do otherwise but yes I am close to that kind of a lifestyle-except women.
When it comes to women no-I'm extremely shy around women. I could never go up to a woman and say 'hi'.
Sejal: You must have so much fun flirting on screen then...
Apoorva Agnihotri:Ya-it's fun-things I cannot do off screen but ya on screen it is fun. But you know it's pretty tough also.
Sejal: Though I am sure there are many but if you had to choose one scene you had the most fun shooting for in JJKN which one would it be?
Apoorva Agnihotri:To be honest I love doing my scenes with Raj and Jassi-everytime I do a scene with them it's a fun scene. It would be really tough for me to pick one.
Sejal: We had the most fun seeing you in the drag scenes-you did an excellent job with those.
Apoorva Agnihotri:(Laughs) Thank you so much-but that wasn't fun for me with the kind of dress I was wearing-the wig-and I was for 16-18 hours in that dress. So it really wasn't all that
fun for me (laughing).
Sejal: Well if it helps you look good in the pink dress.
Apoorva Agnihotri:(Laughs)
Sejal: You made the dress work-it wouldn't have looked good otherwise-it wouldn't have looked good on Raj-Parmeet.
Apoorva Agnihotri:(Laughs)-Thanks, Thanks...
Sejal: What do you find yourself doing in the spare time when you are not busy shooting for JJKN? What are your hobbies?
Apoorva Agnihotri:In my free time I love to go go-carting. When I'm not shooting I like to go out for drives, I like to relax with my friends.
Sejal: You only get two or three days so there must be only so much you can do with that.
Apoorva Agnihotri:There is hardly any time-after ten days when I get off I usually like to lie down-am too tired to do anything but ya I do like to go out with my friends and go carting and
all that.
Sejal: How has your family reacted to the popularity of Jassi?
Apoorva Agnihotri:My family...it's me and my sister-my sister is in Canada-obviously very happy and so is my mom. My mom keeps telling me-she only tells me one thing-there is only
one thing certain in life uncertainty. When you are very successful and things are working out very well for you don't be too happy, be happy and even when you are not you should still
be the same. And success shouldn't be taken too seriously you know because the problem is when it goes you feel really lousy and then become an emotional wreck. I see a lot of people around me-the frustration creeps in and then...I'm okay. I don't think about it-I am fine with the way it is-my head is down either way-success or failure.
Sejal: Which of the two-movies or TV-do you believe has been more demanding in terms of acting and has asked for more of a lifestyle adjustment on your part?
Apoorva Agnihotri:Hmm-television.
Sejal: What can fans expect to see you in next? Any future plans or other projects you are doing alongside Jassi?
Apoorva Agnihotri:I am doing this film called 'Lakeer'-it is directed by Ahmed Khan- I am doing this film but mainly it is Jassi right now.
Sejal: With Valentine's Day approaching you know you had this question coming-we know that Armaan Suri has two important women in his life Jassi and Mallika-any special someone in your life?
Apoorva Agnihotri:(Laughing)...uh....yes...there is but I would not want to name her right now.
Sejal: Okay that is understandable. So you still manage time after having 27 days of shooting of Jassi-wow maybe the character is rubbing off on you :)
Apoorva Agnihotri:(Laughing) No, no, no
Sejal: You have three women in your life right now-you have Jassi and Mallika and now you have one more.
Apoorva Agnihotri:Jassi and Mallika I just leave them behind when the shoot is over- it is the third one I more inclined towards :)
Sejal: Hmm I am not sure I brought this up before but I am calling on behalf of a group on Yahoo that is dedicated to Jassi. It has almost a thousand members-it is active 24/7 and people from all over are always discussing something about Jassi. Sometimes what Armaan is wearing or what Armaan said to Jassi or Raj said to Jassi. Everyone loves the show-we really enjoy it and we think you guys are doing a great job.
Apoorva Agnihotri:Thanks so much for the encouragement-it is what keeps us going.
Sejal: I would like to thank you once again very much-I really appreciate your taking out the time.
Apoorva Agnihotri:No, no in fact it was a pleasure, my pleasure :)

Even NASA cannot explain everything - Apoorva

An interview with Apoorva Agnihotri, who plays the male lead in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin.
You disappeared from the public radar after Pardes, resurfacing only with Jassi. Where have you been?
After Pardes, I was in Kasoor, Pyar Koi Khel Nahin and a disaster called Dhund. But you didn't miss much if you didn't see me in them. When I started out, there was a lull in the industry because of Gulshan Kumar's death. Everyone wanted me to play an NRI. Plus, there was no one to guide me after my father's death.

Your dream role?
That of a vampire! I would hate to do a Devdas. I enjoy dark roles because I am this sweet guy in real life. I probably wouldn't want to be an out and out Ramsay devil but say like Al Pacino in The Devil's Advocate.

Do you ever want to move behind the camera?
The supernatural fascinates me and when I am 40 plus, I want to make films on reincarnation. Three days before my father died, I dreamt that he was no more. That is supposed to be a good sign but I wonder whether it actually served as a warning. I saw a medium after his death. Even NASA cannot explain everything.

How do you cope with acting both for films and TV?
I think I manage fairly well. I shoot virtually all month round. Before Jassi, I worked very hard to get the lean look for a film. I then had to put on weight for TV. But the ice creams and milk shakes didn't add on the extra pounds because I was working all the time!

Screen Weekly - Apoorva

His film debut was almost faultless. Big banner, reputed director and established co-stars. But inspite of Pardes' success luck still eluded Apurva Agnihotri. Finally the show Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi where he plays the sauve and charming Armaan Suri, has lifted his fortunes as girls all over wish they were Armaan's secretary. A tete-a-tete with the goodlooking actor

Jassi... has happened when you were lying quite low.
Yes, the film offers were absolutely uninspiring. I think the Pardes hangover still continues because most of the roles that I was offered was of an NRI. They would come to me with visuals like, 'You will be coming down from London. The first shot is of you arriving at the airport'.. and so on. Every story sounded the same to me. As an actor I cringe from doing anything stereotypical. But Jassi... has been a suprise entry in my life. I had never really thought of television as a career option.

So how come you decided to foray into it?
I was initially confused when Tony and Deeya Singh approached me for the role of Armaan Suri in Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin. Television was an unknown territory for me. The approach and the scale is different, so is the working style. But when I heard the story and screenplay there was no more dilly-dallying with the decision. Anyone would have grabbed the role.

Did you watch the Columbian production to get a a feel of the character?
I watched bits of it. I wanted to play Armaan Suri my way, without any influence from other quarters. He should be my original design based on the sketch given to me. Hence I took care not to watch too much of the original show. And I must say that our directors have been amazing, guiding us and at the same time letting us innovate.

Can you identify with the character in anyway?
No. I don't rave and rant so much in real life. I am a softspoken guy. I am also an introvert and can't dream of chasing women with such fervour in real life. Not that I am not enjoying it on screen. (smiles)

Do you find it difficult to play someone you are not?
As an actor I should be able to excel in any role. I try and play it by the ear most of the time. I don't believe in rehearsing too much. I don't want to go for every shot with too many preconcieved notions. I like to leave room for improvisation. And as for playing someone I am not, I feel a good actor should be able to switch on and off from the character whenever needed. Once I am through with the shooting I don't let Armaan Suri come home with me.

Jassi Jaisi... is an amazing combination of the underdog and the people with power. Deep down we all want to be a bit of both'
How do you cope with this whole secrecy aspect surrounding the identity of Jassi? People must be plaguing you with questions.
Yes they do....

Nothing. it doesn't bother me(grinning all the time)

Do you think it is the curiousity value that is keeping the interest levels pumped up?
To an extent yes. But more than that the basic storyline is very appealing. It is an amazing combination of the underdog and the people with power. Deep down we all want to be a bit of both.

Why do you think Jassi is falling in love with Armaan Suri?
Well, he is probably the only person who does not judge her on the basis of how she looks. He knows her worth and intelligence. Even though he might manipulate her to suit his schemes and plans, I think she feels there is a basic thread of trust between them.

So, does Jassi get the guy in the end?
You will have to wait and see.

Have you adjusted to the working ways of television?
The long hours can be taxing. But I am getting used to it. Doing television is more like a regular job with more or less fixed working hours. Sometimes it does get monotonous. But we have so much fun on the sets that no one is ever bored. But I realise I can't get complacent. Soap opera characters are constantly evolving so I can't afford to take it easy.

Do you think you are getting noticed now, because of the popularity of the show?
Yes indeed. I have signed some films, interesting projects and I have one film which is almost complete. It is with Ahmed Khan and revolves around a group of four guys. Be it television or films, I am here to stay. So I am ready to try out anything that comes my way and is good. I am not new to the indusry. My father Gyan Dev Agnihotri was a writer. He has worked with the likes of Basu Bhattacharya. You know when he was alive I was never really keen on joining films. But after he died somehow films seemed to be the natural path to take. I wanted my debut to be in a good film and thankfully it was. But I still have a long way to go.

So, are you going to be concentrating on Jassi...for the time being?
What I need to concentrate on, right now is sleep (grinning). I have been working almost round the clock. But seriously, yes Jassi...will always be special and she will get my full attention now (laughs). The show has given my career a new lease of life.


How did Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin happen?
I got a call from Deeya (Singh) who was keen to sign me on for their (Tony & Deeya Singh) new project. I liked the subject immensely. Actually, even the channel was hot on me. That's how it all started.

Tell us about your character in Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin.
I'm playing Armaan, an affluent guy, who experiences a change of heart for Jassi. The plot centres around Jassi, who hails from a middle-class family, and comes in contact with high falutin' people.

Did you ever imagine that you would get such a terrific response?
While shooting, I was happy with the way our project was shaping up. It's a simple subject that everyone can identify with. Touchwood, people have taken to it in a big way, which is evident from the stupendous TRPs. Plus, the fact that it's currently showing from Monday to Thursday on prime time at nine helps. I'm told the initial response has been unprecedented. Actually, it's adapted from the super-successful serial Yo Soy Beatty La Fea, which has been aired in 25 countries already. I believe it's currently running in Spain.

The TRPs are much higher than Sahara Television's Karishma, which has not evoked a favourable response. Is that flattering?
I'm not commenting on any other serial. It's not my prerogative to do so. Moreover, much has been written about it in the press already. But I'm happy that Jassi Jaissi... has kicked off well. I'm learning a lot. I'm confident it'll sustain.

Weren't you approached for Karishma too?
(A bit hesitantly) Yes, Akashdeep had called me. But, at that stage, I wasn't ready for the medium. Besides, the serial is focussed on Karisma Kapoor. I thought I'd get lost in the flood of men cast in the serial. I felt bad turning down the offer, but he was kind and understanding.

Your recent film Dhund: The Fog with Amar Upadhyay didn't fare well. Comment.
The fault lay in the marketing of the film and its music. We had a decent product on hand, and the horror genre was in. With greater visibility, we might have pulled through.

How does it feel to be launched by Subhash Ghai?
Of course, I'll always be indebted to Mr. Ghai for giving me a good launch in Pardes. We continue to share a great rapport. I'm particularly fond of his wife, who has been extremely caring and warm to me. Needless to add, I'll be happy to work with Subhashji again.

What about your next film?
 It's with Ahmed (Khan) and with several other actors. I'm excited about it. It's shaped up well.

We hear that you are doing an English film Echoes  as well?
I'll talk about it in due course of time.

What's happening in your personal life?
(Laughs) Nothing. I'm single at the moment. I'm still young, and haven't found the right partner yet.

Coffee Break - Apoorva

Apoorva AgnihotriLunchtime is apparently coffee time for Apoorva Agnihotri, otherwise known as Jassi's Armaan Sir. We spotted him the other afternoon walking towards a coffee hangout at Versova.
Chatting away with a friend, he preferred to sit in the heat in the outdoor caf Uinstead of the air-conditioned interiors. He placed the order himself at the self-service outlet and seemed extremely relaxed while enjoying his cuppa.
Beginning an extremely hot day with a warm cuppa java, we like Apoorva's style. Now that he has begun warming up to Jassi on the show, Armaan certainly needs to make himself warm and available!

Apoorva Agnihotri on Valentines' Day

"Valentine's day gives you the opportunity to be really vocal about your feeling for someone who's ignited that spark in you. At other times in the year, you are a little restrained because there's no way you can suddenly go to her and blurt out, 'I love you, I really do.' But on this day you can do that knowing that she'll take it in the right spirit and if she feels the same way about you it'll make her feel on top of the world. Well, that's what I'm planning to do this Valentine's day. Say 'I love you' in all the ways I know and make her day, I hope."

Singing and dancing shows are passe - Apoorva & Shilpa

This reality television series doesn't involve dancing, singing or any gut wrenching dare. All this reality show requires is for the participating couple to exhibit their parental skills.

Did Apurva, in the process of endorsing his show, somehow tip off the scale and turn out to be offensive? This is what the actor had to say when questioned why he chose Pati Patni aur Woh to come back to television- "I personally as a viewer am kind of bored with singing and dancing reality shows. I wouldn't watch them. I'd rather take my dog out for a walk instead."

He goes on to talk about Pati Patni aur Woh, "This show might change the face of reality television. This might turn out to be a trendsetter."

On the other hand, Apurva's better half Shilpa jumped into the ship for hubby dearest. She says, "It was after a long time that I got a chance to work with Apoorva. It was not possible earlier as either he would be tied up in a commitment or I. This offer was made to us at the right moment and I just couldn't let such a nice offer go."

However Apurva wasn't the only reason Shilpa chose to do the show. She says, "I love kids. And I was told that here I would have a chance to spend time with kids. So I decided to go for it."

Pati Patni Aur Woh - Shilpa & Apoorva

On September 28, NDTV Imagine begins a new chapter in the history of reality shows with Pati, Patni Aur Woh. The show takes you inside the homes of five celeb couples to check their compatibility and their ability to deal with the demands of an infant, 24X7. A much in love couple married for over five years, Shilpa and Apoorva Agnihotri were ready and confident to take on biggest responsibility in life ' that of becoming parents and taking care of a baby! They would be completely on their own, without any maids or nannies to help them. And every move of theirs would be captured.

But all hell broke loose when the production house handed over twins Eashaan and Ayaan to the couple. From feeding to changing diapers, and from giving them a bath to doing a maalish, Apoorva and Shilpa were on their toes all the time. Apoorva, who has always lived his life kingsize and has never contributed to any household work, was doing everything that he could to take care of the babies which definitely was a relief for Shilpa. Will the couple survive these difficult task or will the hardships break their strong bond? Tune in to Pati, Patni Aur Woh from September 28, Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm, on NDTV Imagine.

Double Dhamaka - Shilpa & Apoorva

Shilpa and Apoorva Agnihotri in Pati, Patni Aur Woh with 'their' kids
On September 28, NDTV Imagine begins a new chapter in the history of reality shows with Pati, Patni Aur Woh.

The show takes you inside the homes of five celeb couples to check their compatibility and their ability to deal with the demands of an infant, 24X7. A much in love couple married for over five years, Shilpa and Apoorva Agnihotri were ready and confident to take on biggest responsibility in life ' that of becoming parents and taking care of a baby! They would be completely on their own, without any maids or nannies to help them. And every move of theirs would be captured.

But all hell broke loose when the production house handed over twins Eashaan and Ayaan to the couple. From feeding to changing diapers, and from giving them a bath to doing a maalish, Apoorva and Shilpa were on their toes all the time. Apoorva, who has always lived his life kingsize and has never contributed to any household work, was doing everything that he could to take care of the babies which definitely was a relief for Shilpa. Will the couple survive these difficult task or will the hardships break their strong bond? Tune in to Pati, Patni Aur Woh from September 28, Monday to Friday at 10.30 pm, on NDTV Imagine

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