8th Oct Written Update

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Bandini 8th Oct Written Update

Hey guys,

Welcome to the wonderful world of Bandini, so without further ado here is the update.

Brief points
  •          DM and Santo in the car to Surat. Santo stops the car for some sugarcane juice
  •          DM gets a call about missing diamonds from consignments.
  •          Santo falls in the mud and DM helps her out and she has to wear his Kurta.
  •          DM laughs at her dressed like that as it is big on her.
  •          Hiten and Toral go to Khemi's to tell her about the engagement.
  •          Hiten and Toral's ristha is fixed.
  •          DM tells Virat about the diamond issue and Virat goes to the factory to deal with it, blaming Kanji instantly.
Detailed Update

Santo and Dm in the car on the way to Surat.
Santo tells the driver to put on the CD she gave him earlier. It plays the song teri dil ka, whilst the song is playing Santo and DM have flashbacks of the time they have spent together. They have an eye lock moment.
DM: Eh Santori, why are you so happy today?
Santo: You are the one that has given me this happiness Malik, I am looking at my life from a new angle. DM smiles then Santo continues, Look at it from this morning so many good things have been happening, Toral has said yes to the wedding and now our son...I mean Hitenbhai we are going to talk about his engagement.
DM lost in thought.
Santo looks out the window and says: Sugarcane juice
(I love it as well!)
DM: So what about that, haven't you had sugar cane juice before?
Santo: I have but the sugar cane juice here is the best you probably have never tasted the juice here, Santo tells the driver to stop the car.
DM also tells him to stop the car.
Santo gets out the car and tells DM to come with him.

They both go to the vendor and have the juice.
DM: Tasty, what you said was true.
They continue to drink it, once finished Santo has juice around her lips. DM notices: What have you done duffor? You have a mushce come here and he wipes it away with his hanky.
Santo: Malik even you have a mushce and tries to wipe it away but DM stops her.
DM: I know. His phone rings.
Its from the factory.
PR: I think there is hera phir going on with the order Malik.
DM shocked.
PR:  When the order leaves it is counted and when it reaches there is always less diamonds. Even the company we sent stuff to they said they have received less then expected. When you return I shall speak to you more about it.
DM: This is a serious matter, find out more information and let me know.
Kanji overhears the conversation.

DM goes to pay the vendor. They are about to leave when Santo spots a baby goat and thinks its cute she follows it and falls when DM is looking for her and he like Duffor she lands in dirt. He comes to her and helps her up. She gets up and looks at him then he says wait here I shall get water for you. He gets a pot of water and gives her water to clean her hands and face and then pour the water all over her as her Sari is all dirty. DM: Let's go and be carefully you don't fall again.
DM to a person goes listen
P: Malik, I am very fortunate that you have arrived at my house, I have just returned from the factory.
DM: Our clothes got wet that's why.
P: Come in, it is your house.

DM is waiting for her: Santori, hurry up!
Santo: The Sari is still wet how do I wear it?
DM annoyed: Duffor, if you wear wet clothes you will be ill. He tells Karsan to get his bag from the car.
DM: Santori, there is a bag by the door take it and change your clothes.
Santo comes out in DM's dothi and Kurta.
DM can't help but laugh. Santo is confused: Malik, why are you laughing.
DM: What can I do but laugh what is this?
Santo: Kurta, and Dothi.
DM still laughing: Even I know that but come here. He is like you will fall again here give me your hand.
He rolls up her sleeves and is making jokes.
Khemi is making roti's and Hiten comes to visit with Toral. Khemi is about to get water when Toral says no wait. There is some news that Hiten wants to tell you first, thats why we are here. You guys speak I will just come.
Hiten: Wait Toral, I will speak to Khemi in front of you. Khemi me and Toral are getting married.
Khemi is happy for them: This is really good news and I am happy to know that you are moving forward in life as well.
Hiten:  We are getting engaged soon as well.
Toral: Hiten wanted you to be the first person he invited.
Hiten: Yeah after the engagement is my mother's marriage. After my engagement Papa and Santo are getting married, for this Toral has helped me a lot.
Khemi: She hasn't just given you happiness she has taken a huge weight off my mind, otherwise I would have always been upset that because of me my younger sister got divorced.
Khemi hugs Toral then goes on to say: I will always be grateful to you all my life but I want another happiness.
Toral: What?
Khemi: That on your engangment I want to put Mendhi on your hands.
Toral agrees.

Back to Santo and DM in the car. Santo is back in a sari.
Santo: That was such a nice man, he gave us a place to stay in that house.
DM agrees.
Santo: Asks did you give him a thank you gift?
DM: Yes, don't you think I know a few things about life. I gave it to him.
He calls Virat.
DM: Where are you?
Virat: I am at home. You?
DM: I am on my way to Surat.
Virat: Right now? Anything important?
DM: Yeah you know SB, his daughter Toral I am going to speak about her and Hiten's ristha.
Virat: That is really good news.
DM: Come down with Suhkera.

Suhkera comes and asks what's happening.
Virat tells her about DM and Santo reaching SB house and how he has told us to come as well to discuss Hiten and Toral's rishta.
Suhkera: That is good news but shall I let you what I am really happy about is that you and DM are getting along.
Virat: I made some mistakes, but I am rectifying but come on lets get ready, we have to reach SB's before DM reaches.

At SB's house.
SB: We discussed Hiten and Toral earlier and it didn't happen but look at it now we are back to the where we started. But let me speak to Toral first.
DM: I know but there is no need for that as your daughter is spending more time in my house than in your house.
They laugh.
DM: I know her nature and she has agreed to it but I talk to her for your piece of mind.

Toral, Hiten and Khemi.
Toral: DM uncle's phone.
She answers it on loud speaker and DM's phone is on loud speaker as well.
DM: I am in Surat with your Papa. We were here to talk to yours and Hiten's ristha.
SB: DM was telling me...
Toral: Yes dad, I wanted to speak to you about this myself.  I did agree but I can't get married. Everyone is shocked, Santo, DM, SB, Hiten and Khemi
Toral: Dad I will speak to you later.
Hiten: What is all this? We are here to invite Khemi and what were you saying on the phone.
Toral starts laughing.
Hiten: Oh now I understand, can you please for once stop your joking around. You know how tense everyone will be there. I will call dad and let him know.
Toral: Relax papa knows me, he knows I am happy with this marriage.

SB: She is happy with the relationship.
DM: But she just said.
SB: I know but she is just joking, she jokes about everything. Just get everything ready for the engagement.
DM: Let her know when I see her I will get my own back.
They have ladoo's everyone is happy.

DM and Virat talking.
Virat: It must be a pompus affair.
DM: Of course it will be its a Mayahvanshi engagement. The oldest son's wedding. But I brought you aside because I want to speak to you about something important and I might not get time after. There is some Hera Phir going on in the diamond works. A different amount of Carats is leaving and a different amount is arriving at the other end.
Virat: Someone is stealing the Diamonds.
DM: Calm down but what is more important is our respect which can not fall. The thing is I have sent Pinakin to Antwerp to see how work is going on there and I am not sure how long it will take and expect for you I have no one else I can trust.
Virat: Don't worry I will find out what is happening.

Next day at the factory Virat comes and PR comes with the file with the details about the diamonds.
Virat: PR who checks the consignment before it leaves.
PR: Kanji. Shall I call him?
Virat: No, I will speak to him later. Check the consignment again and you will go with the consignment as it is the Mayavanshi respect is based on it.

Virat goes  to Kanji.
Virat: So you are Kanji Waghela? Tells the other workers to leave. All this goes under your watch. So you are here to learn how to make diamonds?
Kanji nodding to what Virat is saying.
Virat: Who has given you this work?
Kanji: Malik, who else?
Virat: DM, ok well from today you won't be doing this work.
Kanji: Why?
Virat: Because which ever consignment you have sent off not all the diamonds have reached the client.
Kanji shocked.
Virat: Now let me know where the diamonds are?
Episode ends!
Wow what an episode! Kanji is back, full of amazing Sanraj moments! 10/10 for today I enjoyed watching the whole episode.


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SmileSmileThank you for the brilliant update.  Gotta agree fantastic episode today cute sanraj scenes Smile

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Thanks niki for the lovely update..
I agree with you 10/10 for today episode..loved all the Sanraj moments and i couldnt stop myself from laughing, SAntu was such a comic today and adorable...she was silently enjoying her Maalik when he burst out..Embarrassed
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I agree this episode was the best one so far and thanks for the wonderful update I cannot wait until tomorrow.
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Thanx a lot 4 the update...
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Thanks, Niki for a fab updateSmile   I am still laughing thinking about what a little clown Santu was today. LOL  When DM laughs, his whole face is transformed.  This is the best epi I have ever seen.

I want to see more of these scenes.  Santu making DM into a happy and a younger man with all her childish antics and humor.LOL  Aasiya was simply adorable today, as well as our DMEmbarrassed
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Thanks Nikita for this woderful update. It was a fun episode to watch.

Who is the diamond chor? Could it be Taru bribing someone to do the gaphla or is AC back in action with one of his flop revenge ideas?

How come DM had a bag of extra clothes in the car? And why did Santu not have a bag? The worker was from the factory so they were not too far out of Dharampur. Why didn't they just turn around and go home for Santu to change her clothes and clean herself up? How come all that yucky mud did not leave any kind of stain on Santu's saree or blouse? Dharampur sure has some kind of magic water.LOL

I won't say anything about the creatives today. If they would have used logic then we wouldn't have gotten the scenes we got today or got to see DM's hearty laugh.Big smile

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Hema , you answered your own questionLOL  If we ask for logic, we would not have had those cute moments todayLOL
I think Taru is involved in the diamond scam to kick Kanji out of DM's factory. But it will backfire on her big time.  Maulik will stick with Kanji and probably defend him.  Hope to have some good Kanji scenes next week.Big smile

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