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Friday 2/10/09 Update by Aishu

Credits to

At the temple, Jeyanthi brings a thaadhiaalu in front of Sherry's father and tells him it was this guy who wrote that letter to pali vaanging Kavya for slapping him with her chapels.  Sherry's father just looks surprised.  Jeyanthi urges the thadhiaalu to tell him the truth.  The thadhiallu starts telling Sherry's father that he lived near Kavya work, and the moment he spotted her, he really liked her.  Hence he started following her around, initially Kavya advised him, but he never listened and continued to follow her around.  She once slapped him with her chapels.  He couldn't take that embarrassment hence he got to know that Kavya's marriage is being fixed, so decided to write a letter to ruin Kavya's marriage.  Sherry's father believes the entire story and praises Jeyanthi for keeping up with her words.  Jeyanthi says ever since he brought the letter to her, she did some detective work and found the culprit.  Sherry's father further adds he was worried earlier since Sherry was in 'kadhal' with Kavya, while his wife dreamt of Kavya being their DIL... but now he is happy and asks her not to let anyone know of this matter.  After warning the guy, he leaves. 

Jeyanthi calls the thadhiaalu, and offers panam for his superb acting (hmm.. naan apave nenaichean).  She then tells him to keep it a big secret, if not her brother Dhina will have to deal with this issue nnu.  The thadhiaalu agrees.

Poonga and Bhagyam are walking towards their Sampanthy's place, i.e. Reva's myakka.  Poonga taunts her for not sparing 500 Rupees for Selvam, while he was sick, but when it came to her sampanthy, kaasu paakaama she bought a lot of fruits, that too when they are rich.  Bhaygam scolds saying she'll not get anything in return if they helped Selvam, but if they do such things to Reva's parents, they'll def. help them out in the future (sariyaa user you are Bhagyam... grrr...).  They walk in through the gate.  Poonga refuses to go in despite Bhagyam's request to come in.  Revathy opens the door and is elated to see her MIL/ FIL.  Mangalam also walks out and welcomes them in.  Poonga refuses to go in, thinking of the incident where Raj kicked him.  Mangalam says she knows exactly why he is refusing to come and tells him at least for her he could come.  Poonga is reluctant.  Then Mangalam calls him 'Anna'.  Poonga is elated... Mangalam adds if her daughter is married to his son, then he is Anna for him... and that she respects them a lot, and asks them to come in.  Both of them walk in. 

Reva offers them water.  Bhagyam starts her vean perumai pechu, saying vilai vasi ellam athigamaachu.  The fruits cost a lot and all.  Poonga taunts why such vean perumai pechu, and tells her no need to say it.  But Bhagyam defends herself saying she just wanted to tell about naatu nelamai and the rise in prices.  Just as they are talking, Raj arrives in his car.  Mangalam tells them her husband must be here.  Poonga gets a little uncomfortable. 

As Raj walks in he gets a little suspicious and is stunned (mixed with anger) upon seeing them.  Bhagyam tries to break the silent by asking how he is doing.  No response.  He just walks forward.  Mangalam them tells him to welcome them.  Suddenly, Raj says Vanakkam and sits down. He tells Reva to bring coffee for them.   Poonga is surprised by his acceptance, and starts praising him for having changed.  Bhagyam loud speaker tells Poonga how she told him earlier that their sambanthy has already accepted her son and DIL.. so no problem nnu.  Raj gives a stern look and looks at Mangalam. 


Silence prevails the moment.  Raj then takes his cell phone and asks how their matter went.  And exclaims "ennathu... marupadiyum yethikkalennu imsai pannuraana... oruthadai porulai konnu poyitanga... antha pannadaigala marupadiyum serthukanumaa...??"  Poonga and Bhaygam get the point that this is indeed for them (antha Bhagyathukku venum ithu J).  Raj continues to talk on the phone saying even if they apologize they shouldn't start sirichu pesing, since they'll def. give them aapu.  Poonga is stunned... Bhagyam thiru thiru muzhiking.  Just then Reva brings the coffee.  Raj continues his indirect taunts.... "yeppada kathavu theranthirukkum... kedachatha kavvitu pogalamnnu".  Reva is confused hearing this.  Raj excuses himself on the phone and asks Poonga and Bhagyam to have the coffee/ snacks.  And marupadiyum continues his indirect taunts saying... "namma thaguthikku.. avanga ellam begger boys appa.. hence we can't consider them as our enemies..."  Poonga is really hurt, slowly turning into anger.  Raj further says "athungellam etchi sothukku naakai thonga potukittu irukkum.. athungalai ellam marupadiyum veetile sethukka mudiyumaa?"  Bhagyam is saddened by the ROYAL treatment.  Poonga gets mad and asks his wife to get up.  Raj wonders what the matter is.  Poonga openly tells him that whatever he had talked was for them and it def. has hit them... and that they are not here to suritukittu poga.  They only came to see how their sampanthy amma is doing.  Bhagyam pulls his hands and says their Sampanthy Raj was talking to someone else.  Bug Poonga fumes in anger saying they've already received a raja mariyaathai.. no need for more and leaves.  He stops by Mangalam and tells her to take care of her health and asks Reva to stay with her mom as long as it takes.. till her mom feels better.  Raj smiles to himself.


As they walk out the gates, Bhagyam rushes up to Poonga and taunts him for sothaping everything.  If he had not bursted out, she would have calmed their sampanthy... now he's spoiled everything.  Poonga fumes in anger saying he has rosham.  Bhagyam continues to add how he's been insulted by many when he begged them for money for liquor, but today rosham pothikittu varutho.  Poonga says he did that for liquor, but she is doing all this for panam, and he will not eat whatever is given to them just for that money and leaves. 


Inside the house, Raj continues to talk on the phone.  Mangalam interrupts him and says she thought he had changed, but now she knows he still hasn't changed.  Raj tells her he never did anything.  He was only talking to his friend on the phone.  Mangalam says he kept it all inside and took revenge today.  Raj clarifies he was the one who had greeted them and offered coffee/ snacks.  Further more, it was them you mistook him as he talked on the phone.  He wonders if she wants him to go and apologize to them.  After all, he's compromised a lot for her... why not this.  And tells her to not confuse herself and go rest.  Both Mangalam and Raj are surprised.  As he walked up the stairs, he tells his friend that no one need to tell anything to Raj, since he himself knows where to keep certain people.  Mangalm is just stunned.  (hmmm.. ongalukke onga husband ai puriyala.. so what about us the viewers.. etho, onnu mattum puriyuthu... Raj is a killadhi for sure..). 


At Sivagami's house.. thoranam ellam kalai kattuthu.  Sivaraman and Vinod and a few others are sitting outside.   So kalyanam on the way thaan.  Someone arrives in an auto.  Vinod and Sivaraman go welcome her.  It is Sivaraman's sister.  Inside, Sivagami and her SIL greet each other.  All of them come to meet their athai.... She goes to bless Kavya.  Athai (Sivarama's sister) then wonders about Archana and her husband.  Sivaraman malupufies first and then adds he had gone to see them yesterday but Selvam was having fever, so Archana took him to the doctor's.  But  he had talked to Selvam and they have confirmed of them coming.  Athai says ithu vellaikku aagathu... Archana and Selvam are the ones to stand in front and do everything... hence she asks them to phone the couple.   As Vinod goes to call, Kavya angrily says Stop!!!..



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Monday 5/10/09 - Archives

Athai is dictating - Archana unduaana undu illatta olagame asthamanam -
For a change , an important issue like this is discussed in the drawing
room ( Roja is feeling faint !!! yaar ange, Roja kku nalla cold aa oru juice
kondu vaa !!- Mr.Roja 3 jamam sleep le irukkar !!! Roja after u feel better,
u go and get yourself a glass of juice , ok?) )
Sivaraman plays pigeon
of peace -" akka, I went and invited them... mappillai kku konjam fever....."
Athai has decided to occupy the crown chair - Asks Vinod to call Archu
and MM selvam. Kavya springs to action and stops Vinod - " no anna.
Right from the time my wedding got fixed, Archu is weird. In spite of all
the fights we had, our parents went and invited them !! Invitation le
name pottachu..apram enna?? vantha varattum, varatta pogattum" 
Athai is playing vida kandan koda kandan - avanga vidaratha illai -
tells Kavya that she is being unreasonable. "do u remember ?? During her
wedding, u ran away and we had a similar nalangu planned - do u know
what she said?? that u must come .. appo thaan nalangu vaichippennu
sonna.." Kavya says that Archu has changed since then - " she called
amma names... panathukkaga even before my wedding..." Athai stops
her " unga amma ellam solli yirukka. Sandai nna apdi ipdi thaan, do
not nurse any ill feelings.."Athai also chides Sivagamy for keeping quiet
" Kavya ithanai pecchu pesaraa...nee keeping quiet??" Sivagamy says
that Archu fought with them... but all is tickety boo now. Athai orders
Vinod to call Archu. Vinod calls and MM picks up. Says that they are
on the way. The household is happy and finally athai decides to
have her bath and get ready for the function. Lanka Rakshashi No 2 ,
manjal pisasu devathai... yes u guessed it  oru LAM color ( Look At Me
Panju mittai color) sari with yellow border ( manjal enna facade aa???
 manjal color le blue activity?? Poison ivy??)
- seething ( hmmm Archu
vanthuduva pole irukku !!! vazhai elai vaangara saakule innikkim pOi
 irukkanum..enge.. intha athai villi white flag kaatti ellaraiyum raasi
aakara..hmmm) Her devious mind works over time - intha tharam
ena solli Archu Jalli kattu maadu kku kOmbu seevalaam????

MM goads Archu to move fast. Archu is skeptical -" pOi thaan aganumaa??"
MM says that he wants to go and she better play the lamb " naa thaan Mary,
nee than lamb,ok?? ( Mary had a little lamb..little lamb..little lamb - BG
by Roja - Nursery books padikkarathai niruthu nnu sonna kekkariyaa Roja???
EppO paarthalum childrens' books ..unnai thiruthave mudiyaathu !!)

Archu finally gets up and MM has malli poo ready - Thalai vaari Poo sootti
unnai , Kavya Nalangukku pO enru sonnan un MM - BG by Roja - Rojaaaaa
grow up, will yaa??
- Archu throws the bramhasthram - "sari ,polaam but...
will u come inside that house?? Or you plan to play watchman??? why
asking nna... if u play watchman, I can play watchwoman - rendu perum
Dwara Balaga Vilaiyaattu vilaiyaadalam.."  MM looks visibly disturbed.
Ippo Archu hastens "vaa, time aachu, polaam.." MM hesitantly walks to
the auto.

Sivagamy household - auto comes Archu and MM get down. Ore warm welcome -
Illatta athai konnu kuzhile pOttu pothaichiduvaanga - Veetukku oru athai..vendaam
vendaam Oorukku oru athai ..ivanga mathiri irunthaal pothum , Lanka Rakshashigal
adangi viduvaanga
- Archu is surrounded by every one and is led in to the house.
MM is hesitating. Archu turns back and calls him "enna angiye nikkare?? vaa vaa.."
Every one calls - Sivagami amma ( Lank Rakshashi  - LR 3 ya, Eljay?? too many
LR s - Roja kku confusion !!)
looks guilty - MM has visions of being necked out
by LR 3 - guess she has the same vision !!! Finally MM goes in to the house.. habba
now Roja definitely needs her juice - juice break

Archu is ordered to meet Kavya - athai ,did u forget the cane??? Roja kondu
Archu goes in but Kavya cold shoulders. Priya tries to pacify
kavya but Kavya is unrelenting. Archu walks out of that room with out a word. 
Athai is the MC - conducts the ceremony "Archu, vaamma vanthu.light the lamp
 (athai neenga bale killadi - oru match stick save  panringalaa?? Archu just
paartha pothum, bulbs kooda current illame eriyum Embarrassed)
Archu says that only
LR 2 ( Eljay, no right aa??? Jeyanthi thaane No 2??) has the rights.
" as the DIL of the house, she only can do that.." Athai asks Archu to go
and bring Kavya ( athu enna ellathukkum Archu??? MM, enge ayya pOitte??
Un wife enna lamp lighter and usherer aa??? )
Archu deputes Priya. Nalangu
starts. After a few ladies do some make up ( ???!!) on Kavya ,Archu also
does some make up for Kavya - habbaaaa uneventful - finally  athai orders
that Kavya should be bathed by Archu ( apdi podu..athai..ithu mattum Sori kathile vizhunthaal.. wedding kku neenga illai ..aama sollitten...) LR 2 and Archu washing
Kavya's clothes - kOmbu seevum time - (aha vanthiruchi kOmbu seevum
neram.. Thuniyai pizhinthu poda vanthen Kombai yum seevi vitten aha
vanthiruchi - BG by Roja )
LR 2 says that Archu is being so nice - " thought
u may ditch this function too a la Engagement !!! And now u are washing
Kavya's clothes... but she does not deserve this !!! Epdi solrathu nnu.."
( vaayale thaan - athukku per thaan solrathu... mookaale pesina athukku
peru mooking!!)
Finally says that  athai asked Vinod to call Archu and Kavya
flared up "vantha varattum.. illatta pogattum nnu sollitta..." backyard gets
ready for Jalli kattu ( anjatha singam yenga Archu...ava panja parakka viduvaa
piicchhuu ... ellarum....vaanga ppa... - Bg By Roja)


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Wednesday Oct 7th 

Update BY Nithya  

Selvam says we need to do something.. Archana says why taking more debts.. Selvam says I have done some work and kept the payment is pending I shall bring that money .. we will go buy sovereign gold and then go to the choultry.. Archana is still not convinced.. Poonga asks Selvam about his plan for Kavya's marriage.. Selvam says I will bring the collection money buy some gold and then we three will go to the choultry in the afternoon.. Poonga is thinking about how to beautify himself for kavya's marriage and then drops the plan saying he is naturally very beautiful..


A lady comes looking for Bhagyam.. Poonga wonders what might be the matter.. Bhagyam comes running and signals that lady not to talk in front of Poonga.. that lady says I came for borrowing some coffee powder.. Bhagyam says today is Friday.. I will not give.. Poonga says give it.. Bhagyam finally agrees and asks her to come from back door.. Since it is inauspicious to give from front door on a Friday.. Poonga teases her for this stupid belief.. That lady comes through back door.  Bhagyam asks her how much money.. that lady tells 5000rs.. A guy names Somu comes to Poonga asking for vazhai elais for his thidir relatives at home.. Poonga charges 30 rs for 10 leafs.. that guy agrees..

Poonga goes to the garden to cut the leaves and stops to eaves drop bhagyam's conversation with that lady.. Bhagyam gives her 5000rs as kadn for vaddi.. and asks that lady to give the vaddi on time.. illati unna summa vidamatten.. that lady agrees to pay back on time.. Bhagyam asks that lady to let her fellow friends to know about Bhagyam lending money .. Bhagyam chides her for coming when her husband is there.. that lady says I came thinking he is not there.. next time I will be careful.. Poonga wonders the source for Bhagyam becoming rich.. Bhagyam sees Poonga and is choked.. he says I came to cut leaves for Somu.. Bhagyam chides him for always eyeing the garden.. Poonga gives the leaves to Somu and Bhagyam correctly plucks 30rs form Somu before Poonga gets it.. Poonga is upset.. Bhagyam appreciates him for selling a 1Re worth leaf for 3 rs and walks way.. Poonga scolds Bhagyam for alpa thanam and decides to play James Bond 007.. find the money and loot it..


Jeyanthy meets her mommy at the jail .. Sindha updates about Bhagyam knowing the truth and 3 lakhs money with Bhagyam and her conversation with Bhagyam.. Jeyanthy wonders what if Bhagyam tells the truth to my MIL.. Sindha says Bhagyam will not tell since it will be thirudanankku thel kottina madriri .. Jeyanthy updates her of the happening at Sivagami household.. Mommy fumes and desperately wants to revenge Sivagami.. Jeyanthy says I am successfully carrying out that mission.. I am planning to turn both the sisters against each other and make Sivagami cry for the rest of her life..  Mommy appreciates daughter for her criminal brain work and feels sad that no one is there to help her.. Jeyanthy says don't worry I will manage with the help of Ram and details Sindha on her tie up with Ram.. Sindha asks what plan.. Jeyanthy says every time we tell the plan openly and it flops. So this time I will achieve our goal and then come and tell you the good news in a couple of days.. Sindha vetri thilagam sooti ponna anuparanga..

Selvam repairs a car and earns Rs.6000.. He is very happy that he can buy the gift for Kavya.. He gives 100rs each to his workers and gets ready to go shopping with Archana.. Just before he leaves.. Kuppan drops a heavy engine on his legs and bleeds profusely.. Kuppan is taken to hospital by Selvam and other worker..

A beautifully dressed Archana is waiting for Selvam to go shopping.. Poonga is also ready to go the choultry.. He asks Archana the reason for looking at the vasal .. Archu says Selva told he will come for shopping.. long time since he told.. Poonga says Ok we will call him up and check.. he picks the phone and Bhagyam scolds him for using that phone.. Poonga shuts her up and calls up Selvam.. Selvam says I have spent all the money for Kuppan's treatment.. Poonga updates Archu.. Archu is sad.. Poonga goes to the thinnai and Archu to her room.. Bhagyam comes home tired of hot sun and brings out a table fan to relax.. She plugs on the fan and lies down in the mutham and suddenly thinks about something and picks the fan and lies down near the kitchen vassal.. and keeps staring at the kitchen.. Poonga notices this and wonders why Bhagyam has changed her sleeping location.. Poonga thinks how to arrange for the money.. he recollects Bhagyam coming with money from kitchen, lending money to lady and sees her sleeping on the kitchen vasal.. he uses his 7th sense and correctly guesses that Bhagyam has kept a lot of money in kitchen.. He decides to loot some..



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Thursday - October 8 .
Poonga sits and recollects the scene he saw...Bagyam counting money and giving to a lady and talking about interest rate etc....and he talks to himself..."the way she is sleeping right in front of the kitchen tells me something....I guess the money should be in the kitchen.....let me explore and see" He quickly goes and ties two sacks like shoe for his legs and goes and jumps over Bagyam into the kitchen.
Jamesbond music is going on at the bagckround....Clap...he looks every where ...and finally he finds the money sorugufied on the ceiling.....he happily takes it and loads his pocket. Leaves the empty plastic bags nicely folded as before in the same place and giggles and gets out of the kitchen.
Selvam is in the hoispital with his workshop man man Kuppan..who thanks Selvam for bringing him to that hospital. Selvam's cell phone rings. It is from Poonga....who happily announces to Selvam that he has already got some 5000 plus Rs....with the help of his friends he arranged for that money and that Selvam no need to worry about the money to buy gold for Kavya's wedding. He asks Slevam to come home asap.
Selvam is happy to hear this and  reaches home. He thanks his dad for arranging the money. He amazed at his dad's ability. He gives that money toSelvam and asks him to get rady while Bagyam watches this. Bagyam comes to Poonga and asks him about the money. Poonga as usual....he replies,"Birnam Mukarjee who is the Finance minister of India arranged the money for move from here...I must get ready to go to the wedding"
Bagyam screams at him for going for Kavya's wedding but Poonga makes fun of her behavior and tells, " the other day our sambanthi came here to invite for the engagement and you insulted him so much and chased them away...then how could he come here again to invite us for the wedding....he has invited Selvam so I will also go for the wedding" Bagyam's RM opens,
" aamaaa....nondi kudirai saakkellam can not go for that wedding" Selvam comes and asks him not to come for the wedding and Poonga," ava kedakaraa...Selvam kelambu...kelambu...let us go and buy gold first before going to the hall" Bagyam curses him but they leave happily.
Poonga , Selvam abd Archana leave from there leaving Bagyam wonder  about the money. They reach the mandapam and very happy to see Cherry weds Kavya...board right in front of the mandapam. They reach Kavya's room and Kavya happily invites them and asks why they are so late. She informs that everyone has gone for the paapilai azhaippu to the nearby temple. Selvam gives the bag to Kavya and ask Archana to follow him. As they walk Archana stops them and asks" should we really go to the temple for Maapilai azhaippu?"
Selvam is surprised to hear this and tells," ennappa iva ippadi pesikittu...yes...yes we are going there come"

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