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rajatrangini Senior Member

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Posted: 16 December 2009 at 4:28am | IP Logged


jai n diya took the flight from mumbai to delhi..
it was a 2 hour journey ...
diya took her seat  and hav taken a magzine to read..
while jai..who sat beside her,,was feeing very board..
sometimes he sits by crossing his legs..,then get normal,,picked up the news paper..
had a glance ..then thrown it back hour passed like this..
then he saw towards diya and said.."hey man..agar aise hi bhoot bankar saara raata saath chalna hai...
to i m sorry ..main aise chup nahi rah sakta"

diya turned her face towards him..and smiled  then again shifted her eyes towards her magzine..
jai was amazed..."ye kya..main tum se baat kar raha hoon..ab sunaai bhi nahi deta kya"

diya: "wo kya hai na...mujhe apna promise yaad is journey main mujhe tumhe pareshaan
nahi karna,
and by the way..agar main tum se baat karoongi ..,to tum zaroor us par koi comment karoge..,
phir kuch garbad hogi ..aur abhi i don want it..,so its better ki hum baat hi na karen"

jai: "actually u are right..but main kya soch raha tha..
ki main aise chup chap nahi beth sakta ...agar tumhe mere saath chalna hai to mujhse baat karni
chalo theek hai..main tum par koi comment nahi karoonga..ok fine ..but pleasee aise chup mat betho"

diya: "ok ..then tell me tumhaari sameer se kya baat hui thi? they are fine na??"

and their chatt begined ..which was more of..'khatti mitthi' but still they hav tried not to fight
on silly topics.

they reached delhi late night..
jai was having his relatives there,,so he took diya there ..and he also hav to arrange for the things which
sameer has asked him to bring...
in the early morning..he took a car of his'dadu' and left for agra with diya..


late night khushi came back into her sences..when she opened her eys sameer was sitting biside her
holding her hand..
his eyes were closed..was actually not sleeping,,but must be relexing after the hectic day..
so she thought of not to disturb him..and she sgain closed her eyes back..


the doctor visited them..and told that now she is fine n can be discharged..
but need proper dressing until the wound heals up..and ofcourse proper straining.
he had prescribed some sameer went down to the madical store for them

while he was walking in the street ..he saw something..which has made him to
turn back..a man was reading the news paper..he was shocked to see this.."oh my god"

he too buyed a copy from a street seller,,and rashed towards the hospital where khushi was waiting
for him.
he entered the room and said.."get up..jaldii chalo yahan se"
khushi asked .."chalte hain...but kya hua...????"

he gave her the paper.."ye dekho.."
there was a missing person's report..having his photograph..
asking for help to find this person nawab atif khan..with the contact number..

sameer added..."bas isi ki kami thi.....(he closed his fist so tightly that the cracking of fingures could be heard.)
abhi koi ye paper pade iise pehle chalo yahan se"

khushi lowered the news paper and took a deep breath.."listen ..yahan sab ne tumhe dekha hai..
agar hum chale bhi jaaenge to bhi tumhare dad ko pata to chal hi jaaega..
aur waise bhi kab tak bhagoge un se..wo tumhe dhood rahe hain its better ki tum un se mil kar sab
clear kar lo"

sameer seems to be totally annoyed by all this..he anger was on the seventh sky..
"yaaa..mujhe ye sab khatam karna hai...aaj jai aa raha hai,,phir dad ko pata chalega ki main kya kar sakta hoon"

khushi : "tell me ki tum actually kya karne ki soch rahe ho.." she asked this in very posessive sound...

sameer: "don worry..,mujhe kuch nahi hoga..,abhi yahan se chalo ,maine jai se baat karli hai
wo pohunchne waala hi hoga..we hav to go to the place..."

then he turned and asked her ...(as he has forgotten this) "how is hand now..? zyada dard to nahi hai na"

she smiled and answered.."nahi..ab theek hai"

they reached to an old somewhat detroyed fort..which was a bit seperated from the city..where jai n
diya were waiting for them..

khushi was not accepting diya to be was really a great surprise for her..
she just ran an hugged was meeting her after a long time..
jai and sameer to hav greeted eachother with a tight hug..

khushi asked "diya..tu yahan kaise??"

diya: "kaise bhi..but tujhe accha laga na..bas isliye main yahan hoon"

jai: "stop it guys...i mean abhi sab mere saath chalo,,i think yahan rukna safe nahi hai"

all the four moved towards the car...sameer asked him.."but hum jaaenge kahan?..u know
meri photograph news papers main hai,we can't get in any of the hotels"

jai: "iska bhi intezaam hai ..yahan humaara farmhouse hai,,dadu se wahan ki keys lekar aaya hoon..
waahn ruk sakte ho..i think that would be safest"

jai took them to his farmhouse..which was on the highway..few kilometers away from the main city
which was just the best..becoz there were no residences around...
so there were least chances of being traced.

it was really a relieving breath after so much of adventure..(which was ofcourse yakkkkkkkkh one)

jai and sameer had occupied the sofa in the living..while  sameer had adviced diya to take khushi in the bedroom
to take some rest..
well there were 2 reasons for this..1stly she needs rest and 2ndly he has to talk somthing with jai..
which he was not genuinely wishing to share with khushi..
this was the 1st his life when he doesn't want to share somethingh with her..may be
becoz his instinct knows that what is was thinking is wrong..

soo diya and khushi get in the bedroom which was a bit away from the living..and there was much stuff to chat about
with them..


sameer asked jai.."hav u got it "

jai: "yehhh.." he open a bag which he was carrying n took out the articles which includes..
a packet having money..,a laptop ,few software cds..,a modem..,cables..,few guide books.
"but tu in sab ka kya karega"


while here khushi and diya was really very happy to meet again..she was sharing her expriences of last
5 days..both good and the bad one.."

khushi: "diya sach kahoon to..,sameer jab mere saath hota mujhe lagta hai ki kuch bhi bura nahi ho sakta..
that why i m soo relexed..
i m just enjoying everymoment of my life"

diya asked her .."tujhe daar nahi lagta?"

khushi: "darr kis baat ka???..
i really agar aap sahi hain to aapke saath kuch bhi galat nahi ho sakta..
sahi iraade aur sahi raaste humesha insaan ko sahi manjil par le jaate hain..
and good always holds good..and god is always with the truth..may bhi thoda wait karna pade..par jeet humesha uski hoti hai
jo sahi hai"


sameer responded on jai's question.."sab kuch khatam kar doonga main..
janta hai..mere dad ko sabse zyada pyaar apne kaam se hai
apni poori zindgi unhone sirf business hi to kiya hai
..aur main unhe us takleef ka ehsaas karwaaonga
jo wo mujhe de rahe hain..i will finish everythingh"

jai: "sk..tujhe lagta hai ye sahi hoga???..wo tere dad hain..aur ye business bhi to tera hi hai.."

sameer: "sahi aur galat kuch nahi hota..
everythingh is fare in love and war..aur yahan to dono hain
aur phir khushi ko mujh se alag karne ke liye jab unhone logon ko hire kiya tab to ye nahi socha ki main unka beta hoon..
to phir main kyon unke baare main sochon?????????"


diya: "u know jab maine sameer ko dekha to main thoda daar gayi thi..he was looking so dangerous..
but jab tujhe dekha to jaan main jaan aa gayi"

khushi: "no yaar..sameer is very sweet..wo bas use gussa bohut jaldi aa jata hai..
but seriously wo dil ka bohut accha hai.,and i can handle his anger,not a big problem"

diya: "tu use bohut acchi tarh jaanti hai na?"

khushi: "hmm..,wo kuch bhi kahe but sach to ye hai.,wo sab kuch utna hi miss karta hai jitna ki main..
..we just want ki humaari wo puraani waali life humme waapas mil jaae..,
and i m sure aisa zaroor hoga..
but u know abhi main sabse zyada jo miss kar rahi hoon wo hai ..mere prithvi ka guitar..
kitna time ho gaya..kuch nahi suna..pehle wo roz mujhe kuch na kuch sunata tha.."


sameer: "unhe jo karna tha wo unhone kiya ..ab wo dekhnge ki main kya kar sakta hoon"

then he just took a  pause for a moment.."jai maine tujh se kuch aur bhi mangaya tha na"

jai: "yaa..i hav it.." then he quitely took out a gun from his bag..and handed it to sameer
"sk..are u sure u want this"

sameer: "pichle dino jo bhi hua uske baad i can't take any risk"..
he just started making posses of handling the gun...
while jai was not sure usne sameer ko ye sab de kar theek kiya hai ya nahin..


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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

Joined: 04 March 2009
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Posted: 16 December 2009 at 4:46am | IP Logged

Hey I'm the first ,superb part dear.Really awesome part dear.Now both save from those men.

iye kaya sameer kaya karna chahta hain.Continue soon dear.

Edited by PrithviSanyo1 - 16 December 2009 at 6:10am
maria_awan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 12 February 2009
Posts: 2780

Posted: 17 December 2009 at 6:07am | IP Logged
hi nandu thanks 4 lovelu update be back nw and read ur updates nw ,its was lovely dear thanks they r save but is sameer planning to nw hope to see them together nw Winkwaiting 4 update nw
rajatrangini Senior Member

Joined: 30 September 2009
Posts: 311

Posted: 22 December 2009 at 3:34am | IP Logged

thankss rakhi n maria..

sameer kya karna chahta hai?????????..u will get to know by this..

rajatrangini Senior Member

Joined: 30 September 2009
Posts: 311

Posted: 22 December 2009 at 3:35am | IP Logged


jai and sk sat and disscussed on the hell topic ,,but sk was not in the mood to understand anything.
he has just setted it in his mind,,that there is no other way out and n this is the last option for him.

actually his problem was that he was not in the position to think ..
his anger has dominating his calmness.n,the whole obssession and haterate which his mind was occupied..
was taking him away from his real self.

his way of taking things hav changed..and ofcourse there handling also..

after a long argument with jai..he instantly stoped,,when diya and khushi arived in the living room..

he immediately picked up the gun..and tried to hide it in his a small child do..
when he wants to hide his favurite toy from his cunning friend..
but rest was still spread out  on the table..
after seeing all the stuff..she genuenly asked .."ye sab kya hai..laptop.."
(she thought for a moment..but hav no idea about the real game)..she giggled and added "well its nice
..we can play games here..prithvi really liked playing them"..she passed a smile to him..

he replied her with a simple .."yaaa"..but his face has no expression..,as if he is frozed..

he resisted eye contact with her..and just clear out the offer them a seat.

he cleared out his throat..and said.."well..i think ab tum logon ko jana chahiye"(jai n diya)

it was ovious that everyone was amazed hearing this..,but jai's expression doesn't if he was ready
to listen it..

but still sameer want to clearify he continued..."we are being traped..aur main nahi chahta
ki tum dono bhi ye sab main involve ho"

jai was silent ..diya turned towards him..actually she was waiting him to say somethingh..
but when he doesn't spoke..she said.."but hum log to tumhaari madad ke liye hi aaye the"

sameer : "yaa we definately need ur help,,and thankss for that,,but tum humaare saath rah kar
humaari help nahi kar sakte
i can't take the risk of ur life....try to understand.." agreed with him..even she reminded the last incident and asked diya..n ..jai to leave..
that would go better for them..

diya: "ok..but we are here only.,agar koi problem ho to ..."

khushi: " bhi koi kehne ki baat hai"

and they left ..

sameer just took all his stuff which jai has brought in a small room..where he could work on it..

and asked khushi to rest ,,he some to do some important work..

an hour passed..khushi was oviously feeling very boar,.and also now its high time so she needs to
hav something to eat..
she walked up to the kitchen.,but as that house was not in use ..there was nothing to hav..

she opened the window of that hav some fresh air there..and peeped outside..
there she saw a small market ..on the back side of the was seems to be a bit far,may be a 300m
so she took some money and planned to go and buy some raw material..for their lunch..
she walked to the room where sameer was working.,but it was closed from inside..
she called him once..but when got no reply (as he was busy and doesn't heard her voice)
she thought may be he must be tired..becoz last night he doesn't hav a sleep,and was taking care of her
in the hospital..
so she took out a sticky from the drower..and wrote a message for him..

                       i thought u are gone without informing u
                       ..i m just going to the nearby market hav something
                       for lunch..don't be tense..i will be back soon..
                       good bye
                                                      ur nandini

and stick it to the door of the room in which sameer was working.
she left and gone to the market,,walking only..

by the time sameer felt thirsty,,so he got up to hav some water..
after that he thought to at least see her once,before sitting back,,he reached the room in which
she was resting...
...but she was not there..
then he searched for her in the whole...but hasn't found her..'again those crap..and rediculous
thoughts start comming n his mind'..he just took out his gun from the drower..
and left the search her...

khushi reached the the time..
and she has also buyed the needful items for there..
but now a big problem...the bag was gone quite heavy..and she could not take it back to the farm alone..
so she requested the man sitting on the grossary shop.."bhaiya.,wo ye kafi bhaari hai,,aur mere haath main chot lagi hai kya aap kisi ko bej sakte hain..(she poined towards the farm..which was lightly visible from there)
humme wahan jaana hai"

shopkeeper: "ohhh..wo to humaare bhaiyaji ka ghar hai...kya wo yahan aaye hain.."

the shopkeeper must be knowing the owners of the farm (jai's family)..

khushi: "nahi wo...haan actually unka beta yahan aaya hai,,wo humaara dost hai"

shopkeeper: "ohhhh..(he called someone and a young boy came from inside..must be around..18 ) didi ke saath saaman chod aa"

khsuhi..thanked him for this..and started walking to wards he farm..and chotu,,was following her with that heavy

on the other hand..sameer was out of his mind..he was gone mad searching her..
and then suddedly he saw her.."oh my god"

may be he missunderstood the situation..and he ran towards her..and hit that boy who was walking behind her.
that punch was soo heavy..that the boy was just pushed back leaving all the shoped items..
before khushi realise what is happening..
he was maddly hitting that boy..and the boy was just asking him to joining his hands.
khushi ran and was shouting on himm  "sameer leave himm..chod do use.."

she pulled him out ..instead her arm was paining..while pulling him..
but he was not listening nythingh..somehow this was setted in his mind that this boy was there
to harm her..and he can't leave him..

so he finally..took out the pistel from his jacket,,and put his head on the gun point..

...khushi was unaware what is going here..


,...she don know what to do...

....she just ..came near him..and shouted.."are u gone mad or what..
tumhe sunaai nahi deta..gun neeche karo.."

sameer: "khushi u don know ..u are not safe"

still the gum was raised ...

khushi: "sameer pleaseee..listen to me,,see i m fine..,aur wo mujhe kuch nahi karega..
he was just helping me out,,(she pointed towards the bag which was fallen on the road)..
u are gone sick man..sshhhhhhh'"

he lowers the gun..and the boy just ran out from if he has the last life..

she was just totally upset by his reaction..she has never expected this from him..
what has happened to was all screwed up..

they silently reached back...
and lached the door..

khushi asked her in the frustated tone.."what was that?...
and from where did u get this gun..."

he was quite..

"answer me ....kya ho gaya hai tumhe..aise kisi ko bhi gun point par rakh dode ..anyone.."
sameer tried to be calm.."sorry..and everthingh is fine now..just forget it.."

khushi: "that is what i m saying..everythingh is fine then why are uuuu getting so desprate..
aur tell me kya chal raha hai tumhaare dimag main"

it was all enough..he couldn't bear more and he also started shouting..
for the 1st time in his life..he raised her for for her.. "stop it..i said just stop..
main jo bhi kuch kar raha hoon ..sirf tumhaare liye ,,
and what the hell is about..haan... bola na galti ho gayi..sorry..
but koi tumhe nuksaan pohunchaaye ,,i can't bear it..i will not leave anyone..
just get this in ur mind.."..while saying this..he holded her tightly..which was painful to her..
he continued.."and dad..unhe to main kaise bhi ahi chodoonga..not at any cost.."

she was was the first time she has seen him like this..
she just said.."leave me..u are hurting me.."

then he just tightly he was holding her arm..which was already injured..
he instantly left her.."i m sorry"

khushi got her hands on her face..then she just make them though her hairs..
"tum na.............
what do u think?????? ur dad a dam murderer??..kab se yahi sun rahi hoon..
wo tumhaare dad hain..atleast...think it once..
i don know ki wo kitna galat hain..but u are getting wrong my dear ..u are going wrong"

and she turned and ran towards her room..
got inside and locked it..

he too rashed behind her.."khushi listen.."

he raised his hand to knock..but then moved it down..
and just said a low tone.."i m sorry..i don wanna hurt u..
ek din bas ek din..phir sab pehle jaisa ho jaaega"
and he too get back in the room in which he was working..
as he opened the door..he finds the message which khushi has left for him before leaving..
..which now seens to be of no use..he just take it off and moved inside..
and this time he left the door open..







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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 22 December 2009 at 3:47am | IP Logged

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maria_awan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2009 at 8:33am | IP Logged
really nice but hsort dear

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