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Arushi. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 October 2009 at 12:13pm | IP Logged


I soo love u ……

After every update that's the first thing I say now.. well lets just say that's my opening line now..

Wow soo many thoughts flowing in my head and I have no clue how to frame them today… so bear with the weird sentence formations…

Well first lemme start with congratulationg u

On becoming senior member and also completeing a decade of updates.. that's something eh !! what started as a simple prediction turned into a really loved fiction and that's commendable !!

A round of applause for her please guys…


And maaam im flattered for that pm and as I said I cant belive my luck on that one hehehe


Okay coming back to the splendid update..

What do u want me to say ??

Each part was perfect and I mean each dialogue each emotion !!

All I can do is gasp with my mouth open

*NOTE TO SELF* close mouth.

Coming back to ur update coz I loved it soo much today ill quote the bolded part of ur update-the parts that really hit me- and will give my comments on that.. so rembaa the bolded part is urs and the rest is mine..






All staff gathered around shashank…
WARDBOY1: Hum sab aap se maafi mangthe hain Dr.Shashank…
SISTER1: Sorry sir…please Dr.Armaan ko mat nikaliye…
WARDBOY2: We are very sorry Dr.Shashank…
SISTER2:Jee sir ,,,hum doobara kabhi nehi karenge..please sir..
ALL: Please sir…


This scene I thought was a complete take out from dmg

Coz this is how it always happens or rather happened there and u potrayed it like a real life moving shot !!

SHASHANK:Haan..wooh kahin nehi jayenge..…waise mujhe lagtha hain ki sanjeevni ko itne kabil doctor ko khona nehi chahiye…kya kehthe hain…


Oooohh I was really impressed at this one it was dr shanky in true form

He would never let the other staff now what if he had anything against a paticualr person yet he would let the person concerened know that he wasn't too happy with him

All interns looked at themselves and fastly left except atul..afterall he was also intern..
SHASHANK:Dr.Joshi…. aap bhi..
ATUL:Jee ..yes…sir..


Aaaw felt soo bad for atul here that u have no clue..


Atul left only to stop at a distance…
typical atul he would never leave armaan in confusing times like this

KEERTHI: "Welcome back Dr.Armaan" and he smiled faintly to her and she left…


It brought out the fondness she felt for armaan really well and the fact that she always stood by them whenevever possible and adored them was really evident here..



NIKKI: (to herself)Pata nehi…par mujhe kuch toh gadbad lag raha hain…hope armaan theek ho…

The scene reminded me not only of nikki but the whole gang as they always put on a brave face infront of armaan if they thought anything was amiss and they they would wonder about it later..

Whoaaa looks like someone has seen dmg all over again….

Party……..???????The things which all happened in last 2 days which have effected armaans life drastically were all because of this so called "party",and here we hear again about it..

Hahaha I have to say I founf this hilarious to no ends…

I mean armaans reaction was like wow !!

ARMAAN:Thanks again…
KEERTHI: Its late now…I need to go.
ARMAAN:Main aapko chod do…
KEERTHI: No its ok main chali jaungi…welcome back Armaan…

aaawww shows the chivalrious side and the very gentleman personality of armaan.

Aah how I wish I get a guy like him yaa..

Lol going on another track naaa..

I know I know

But just couldn't resist..



ARMAAN:Wooh main…bas aise hi…basketball court pe..
ABHI: Basket ball court…?
NIKKI: Great…how could I forget….. main bhool kaise gayi … tum jab bhi pareshan rehthe ho tho basketball khelthe ho… 


Omg  srii this was really nice

A surprise

I really never expected this and when I read it I was like wow I never thought of it yet it is soo true
thanks for that really cherished it..


The moment between the whole group of frnds was too long to quote and needless to say you know exactly what im talking about…

It was really sweet the typical armaan thing of the ticket—the frnds feeling guilty for scolding him yet again scolding him more.. abhi feeling a bit akward..

Aaww it was one of the ost adorable moments in ur story and im eagerly waiting for the ridz ka sach to unfold  yaaa.. its litrealy keeping me on my toes….

Loved the fact that armaans is back in sanjeevni

And dr mehra hugs and kisses to u hehehe


Ooooooooohh how can I forget this I loved ur saneevni- a medical boon  thing.. it couldn't have been placed well and ur mind was working brilliantly while writring

Ucaptured moments that took me by surprise and I really love ur story for that reason

By far this was one of the best updates.. and someone is improving with each update..


Im really sorry I took a long time to update my post but was busy with some errands hope the comment will be enough to keep u happy and not angry at me

Ill hopefully be well on time the for the next one…

Apologies and love…


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Wild.Aimee Goldie

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Posted: 30 October 2009 at 6:39am | IP Logged

Hi Sri...

Thanks for the PM dear. Now coming to your updates –

The first scene where Anjali was thinking about the past was very touching. It displayed her love towards her little sister in a true sense. Then Armaan calling her... it was very nice to see that Anjali and Armaan are still in touch.

Then the Flashback – Abhi-Nikki operating on Riddhima, Riddhima slipping into Comma... Atul-Muskaan-Kirti treating Armaan, Armaan gaining his memory back. This was a something I never imagined. I mean, after such a painful incident, it was the only Pleasant surprise.

But again, the most painful was when Armaan tried to see Riddhima, and Shashank didn't let him see her. I actually cried while reading that.

What I don't understand is that why does Shashank keeps saying, "Riddhima agar us din tumne Armaan ki baat nahi maani hoti to..." I mean, when did Armaan asked her to do something. I think whatever Riddhima did, was out of hr own wish. Waise bhi wo kab kisi dusre ke kahe pe chalne wali thi...

I loved Armaan's re-entry. I want the exactly same thing to happen in DMG, if only Armaan comes back. The only thing I am not sure about is the way Armaan spoke to Shashank. I mean, he has never ever spoken to him in that way. Not even when he lost his memory. But then, love can change any person.

Armaan's interaction with new Interns was very nice.

I loved the song you choose for AR... Tum se hi... it fitted perfectly in the situation.

You have portrayed New interns very well. I liked the fact that Armaan is all geared up to make things back to normal once again. I am sure he will win. I think Atul will be his greatest support like always. Some sparks have already started building between New Interns. And Yuvi rescued Naina... good.

I like Umar Bhai and Tamanna's interactions as well.

The most pleasant turn was new found bond developing between Armaan-Abhi. Armaan is really naughty. JP is stupidly hilarious. His SUPERMAN dress was really funny... LOL...

I loved this scene a lot –

ARMAAN:Maine kahan na..usse baat mat karo..toh kyun kiya tumne…
ABHI:Arre yaar..sorry..ab se jo tum kahoge main wahin karoonga…promise..
ARMAAN:Toh chalo dekhthe hain…Seedhe baito….(abhi sits straight)..left dekho(he sees left)….right dekho(he sees right)..upar dekho..(he sees up)…naak mein ungli daloo..(and poor abhi,he is not as intelligent as saif ali khan and keeps his hand in his nose) ….(armaan whos seeing is laughing like hell…………….hahahahha!!!!!!!!! )

I means great... The Party song – Kuch khaas hai, reminded me of Movie Mohabbatein. Very sweet.

But what was the truth Nikki was taking about? And why are Atul-Anjie stopping her to reveal it to Armaan? Sid is cute and immature.

I am glad to finally see AA & AN confessing to each other. Hope AN ki bachi hui  problem bhi jaldi solve ho jaaye, I mean Jiah. Shashank is always in search of a reason to throw Armaan out of Sanjeevani. It was heartbreaking to see Armaan leaving Sanjeevani... once again.

More than Armaan, I was shocked to see Shashank changing his decision. I loved Mr.Mehra's character. He is a very lively guy. The scene where Armaan was trying to tell his friends that he isn't leaving, was very-very sweet. It truly reminded me of old DMG. The last few lines of the latest update written very appropriately. Armaan's has always respected his work, but now I can see his admiration towards Sanjeevani has grown to further heights.

Hmm, mera essay khatam... LOL... Thanks for the PM dear...

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yogzz IF-Rockerz

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Loved it dear..........

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Posted: 31 October 2009 at 4:17am | IP Logged will take some time to upload so heres a small promo!!!

He turned in shock…yes it was ridhimas hand who was gripping his… armaan moved to ridhima..
ARMAAN:Basket basket tum mujhe sun sakthi ho,,(shaking her)
ARMAAN:Kuch..kuch..toh bolo..ridhima..ridhima..ridhima…
SIDDANTH:I think aap ko ab yeh sab kaam chod dena chahiye old man…..main aapki help kardoonga…
UMAR BHAI:Danyawaad doctor sahab..par hum main abhi bhi itni takat hain ki hum hamara poora parivaar ko kush rak sakhe…. "khud" ki kamayi se..
sorry for delay again...will try to update by tonite
RadiantTreasure IF-Dazzler

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"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi…
Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni …
Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan…
Manzil nayi,rasthe naye …
Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein…
Hum toh chale the dost banke…
Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"

At sanjeevni..

Nurse station………….

Armaan was standing at nurse station and he meets interns except atul who didn't came still…

SIDDANTH:Hey. dude…welcome man..(patting and hugging him)
NAINA:Congrats Dr.Armaan!!!Aap ko tho wapas aana hi tha..mere liye..(all turned to her)i mean sanjeevni ke liye..
Armaan smiled..
J.P:Congrats armaan bhaiya.. …
TAMANNA:Congrats sir..
Armaan looked at yuvi,,who was standing not looking interested in conversation..
NAINA: (naina pushed him with her elbow,slowly to him)Yuvi..kya dekh rahe ho…congrats bolo…
He looked at naina for sometime and were lost ,but he came back to senses…
YUVRAAJ:Con…gra…ts..(unwantedly,but why did he say, ,just because naina said ,he still didn't know?)
ARMAAN:Tha…nk u ….Dr.Yuv…r…aaj…(staring him and smiling fakely,facing face to face ,yuvi too staring at him)

Both their staring-contest was interupted by sid,who pulled armaan back …

SIDDANTH:Pata hain dude,jis tarah tum fase the,mujhe laga ki Dr.Draculla tumhe nehi chodenge…
SIDDANTH:Draculla…Dr.Shashank…aur kaun,(he kept a hand on his shoulder,armaan never minded that though) pata nehi hamesha ek hi expression face pe leke kaise ghumthe hain….
Making his eyebrows coming closer to his eyes..

Naina was standing between yuvi and tamanna..and sid beside tamanna..and J.P next to him..,

NAINA: (coming closer to tamanna)Lagtha hain Dr.Shashank kumb ki mele mein bichde hue bhai hain…
NAINA: aur kiske…same expression…diktha nehi hain kya..
They turned to see him..Yuvi was staring at both of them with "same expression" sid showed… which made naina and also tamanna smile a bit..
NAINA: Dekha..
He looked them with a serious look again not understanding what she meant…

Others were oblivious to this conversation..and continued with sids topic..
J.P:Haan…sidji aap sahi keh rahe,humko toh unhe dekh kar hi darr lagtha hain…..
SIDDANTH:Yaa…I mean Comeon yaar chill.relax…waise itne old man hain…mujhe toh lagtha hain unhe retire hona chahiye..whats say!!!
VOICE:Kisse retire hona chahiye Dr.Sidhant…

All look back to see who's voice is it..

SIDDANTH:Dr.Keerthi…..wooh….mujhe ….nehi … draculla ..ko..nehi…aapko ..i mean …
TAMANNA:Wooh kya hain na Dr.Keerthi,aap ko is halat mein zyaada kaam nehi karna chahiye…iss liye sid keh raha tha ki aapko kuch dino ke liye retire hoke rest karna chahiye…

Sid was shocked to see tamanna and supporting him,,,,he felt something surely is wrong..but he somewhere liked it..

NAINA: Haan..Dr.Keerthi aapko rest karna chahiye…kyun J.P..(she hit him asking to support)
J.P:Haan mougal saraye mein bhi saari aurate yehi karthi hain…mera matlab hain..
ARMAAN: (armaan tried to handle the situation)I think they all care for u Dr.Keerthi..
KEERTHI: (keerthis face turned from stern to smile)Thank u interns ,,achcha laga yeh jankar aapko meri fikr hain..i will take care of my self..par pehle kaam par concentrate keejiye…
KEERTHI: So Dr.Armaan,kaise hain aap..
ARMAAN: (armaan smiled for the concern)Fine Dr.Keerthi…   
KEERTHI: Aapko aaj kaun assist karega…
ARMAAN:Actually main kuch dino ke liye meri agli case study kar raha I don't need anyone right now,once I am done I will inform u …
KEERTHI: That's ok…Dr.Sidhant and Dr.Tamanna aapko saath mein ek naya case handle karna hain…,(they both looked at eachother)go to ward no.205..Dr.Naina and Dr.J.P-general ward..,aur Dr.Yuvraaj,aap Dr.Shashank ko surgery mein assist karenge… Dr.Atul-Aids ward..Dr.Atul..?
All looked around only to realise atul wasn't there..
ARMAAN:Dr.Atul aaj late aayenge,unhone aapko inform..
KEERTHI: Oh!!yes unhone inform kiya tha…ok interns now leave..
ALL:Yes Dr.Keerthi…
All left..
Armaan too smiled and left…he has shared his comeback to sanjeevni with all-his friends,interns,staff all ,but he badly missed one person who he needed to share this,the most….and he made his way to "her"..

Naina was busy thinking to herself..
NAINA: Shit!!ab main us dafod pe kaise nazar rakhongi….
J.P:Flowerji chaliyena…(he was quite happy to work with her)

Shashanks cabin..

Shashank talking on phone..

SHASHANK:Tum kyun baar baar ek hi sawal poonchthe ho..
MEHRA:Meri baat suno..shashank..
SHASHANK:Nehi suresh mera faisla nehi badlega…maine kaha na…
MEHRA:Par… liye toh tumhe yeh karna hoga,.
SHASHANK:Ridhima ke liye toh main yeh kar raha hoon…ridhima meri zindagi hain,main iske liye tayar nehi hoon and that's final…

Shashank cuts the call,takes out specs and keeps his hands to his head thinking when he hears noise and sees yuvi standing near door....

YUVRAAJ:Excuse me sir…
SHASHANK:Comein..Dr.Yuvraaj…(keeping specs)kya kaam hain..
YUVRAAJ:Aaj ki surgery ki case file hain sir…(he gived him file)
Shashank goes through file..
SHASHANK:!!!waise mujhe aapse yeh hi umeed thi….
YUVRAAJ:Yeh toh meri duty hain sir,,
SHASHANK: Dr.Yuvraaj mujhe pata hain aap apne kaam ko lekar kitne dedicated hain..i know… I am sure sanjeenvni ko ek bahut hi achcha doctor future mein milega… …
YUVRAAJ:Thank u sir…
SHASHANK:Ok then ..i have some important work..OT mein milthe hain..

Shashank leaves,yuvi is still standing there…….

He remembers what he has seen and heard sometime ago..
SHASHANK:Ridhima ke liye toh main yeh kar raha hoon…ridhima meri zindagi hain,main iske liye tayar nehi hoon and that's final…bye..
YUVRAAJ: (To himself)Ridhima….?

Sidhant – tamanna:

Sidhant was following tammana ,he remembered how she tried to help him from Dr.Keerthi…he was lost in her and was about to talk when his thoughts were interruptted by shouts…
They entered the ward they were alloted…where already a lot of drama was going on,which was done by a man-drunkard,nurses and ward boys trying to handle..but in vain..he was shouting,he couldn't stand still as he was drunk and was blabbering nonsense..…..

MAN:Maine kahan na..mujhe yeh ghatiya si jagah pe nehi rekhne…mujhe le chalo..kahan na…tum aise nehi sunoge….(To a lady )
The man slapped a lady hard..who increased her sobs ,she was crying already..she was his wife..
WIFE:Bhagwan ke liye..Shant ho jayiye..aapki tabiyat….
MAN:Meri tabiyat…haha(he laughed and caught her hair)..woh toh bilkul theek tha..jab se tum meri zindagi mein aayi ho..narak bana diya..narak…..(left her)nehi rehna mujhe na hi tumhare saath aur na hi yeh ghatiya se aspatal (hospital) mein…le jao mujhe le jao….

Tamanna and sid entered…
TAMANNA:Kya ho rahan hain yahan…
NURSE:Wooh!!doctor.. yeh aadmi…

Tamanna looked at him..and so did the man..he came near her,she could smell the bad stench of alcohol coming from him,she kept her hand near nose,he was still unable to stand properly..

MAN:Toh yeh hain doctor… doctor…ladki hain…ladki…….dekh ladki ,,hain..tere manhoos beti jaise…(facing his wife)
WIFE:Wooh aapki bhi beti hain..(emotionally)
MAN:Wooh.. meri beti nehi hain..mera toh sirf beta .. "beta" samjhi…
Tamanna was irritated with man..
TAMANNA:Kyun beti hone mein kya burayi hain…
MAN:Buaryi,,nehi….aafat..hain..aafat …jab se paida hoti hain tab se sirf aur sirf pareshani deti hain…chain se jeene nehi deti..kisi kaam ki nehi hoti..bhoj hain sirf bhoj..aur kuch nehi…par mera beta toh heera hain heera,bahut paisa kama ke lee aata hain,aur daheej mein bhi bahut leeke ayega…beti se kya milega kuch nehi isse achcha toh koi janw……….
TAMANNA:Jaban sambhal ke baat keejiye…yeh ek hospital hain….(she was about to say him more but looked around to find more people gathering,so tried to handle situation)aap leet jayiye mujhe aapka check-up karna hain..
MAN:Tu bhi Ladki hain na…isliye..pata hain… tum sab ek jaise ho..kisi kaam ki nehi..aur tu… mera illaj karegi ..agar yeh ladki karegi toh main kabhi nehi karounga…mujhe nehi rehna hain…le jao..(he was trying to go,ward boys were controlling him)
TAMANNA:Dekhiye..aap leet jaiye.. (nicely)
MAN:Main iss ladki se kabhi nehi karaunga..kabhi nehi…kisi ladke doctor ko bulao…
WIFE:Aap aarma keejiye looked at tamanna)
Sid who was irritated with the "sounds" tried to sort it…
SIDDANTH:Vo… his hands on ears)..main..karunga..aapka ilaaj ok now..relax…(to man)
SIDDANTH:Main karoonga… ok..
MAN:Theek hain..agar yeh karega toh main karaounga..warna nehi,,
She looked at the man and his wife who was seeing hopefully…
All people gathered around left..
She goes a little bit far and talks to sister..
TAMANNA:Kya problem hain..
NURSE:Kidney problem…
WIFE:Doctor sahab mera pati bach jayega na..
TAMANNA:Alcoholic..hmm..Agar aisa hi peeta rahega toh…
Sid comes from her back,the man has now relaxed and was laying on bed still blabbering under his mouth….
SIDDANTH:Waise drink karne mein burayi hi kya hain…(tamanna gave him a killing look).i mean burayi "hi" hain..hain..
TAMANNA:Aap chinta mat keejiye ..(to mans wife)pehle hume inki tests karvani hogi…sister…(facing sister)inka samples lo aur yeh tests keejiye..phir dekhenge kya karna hain..
NURSE:Jee Dr.Tamanna.
SIDDANTH:Par..yeh toh tumse treatment nehi i will do it..(taking file from her hand)
TAMANNA:Dr.Sidhant yeh hum dono ka case hain..achcha hoga aap apna kaam keejiye aur mujhe apna karne deejiye..sister mere saath ayiye..(seriously and taking back the file and leaving)
SIDDANTH:Ab isse kya ho gaya..ek minute roti hain..aur doosre minute danthi hain…..sid..careful man…(he sees a girl and diverts to her)hey beautiful…

Outside OT…after operation..

Yuvi and shashank were washing their hands after operation..
SHASHANK: Good job..Dr.Yuvraaj..
YUVRAAJ:Thank u sir..
SHASHANK: Waise mujhe aapki dedication ussi din pata chal gaya jab aapne mujhe party ke baare mein inform kiya…

Yuvraaj remembers..

Outside sanjeevni………

YUVRAAJ:Dr.Shashank,main Dr.Yuvraaj bol rahan hoon,sanjeevni mein appke permission ke bina party chal rahi hain wooh bhi canteen mein…
We see a person's back and he is talking on phone…its "Yuvi"..
YUVRAAJ:Aap sanjeevni jaldi aayiye…..abhi isi waqt…
He cuts the call and smiles to himself….
His thoughts were interupted by shashanks words..

SHASHANK: Sanjeevni ek hospital hain..aur yeh sab yahan nehi chalega…. is baar toh maine kuch…anyways….goodwork..

Shashank was about to go when he turns around and talks again…

SHASHANK: Dr.Yuvraaj..Aap aise hi mann laga kar kaam keejiye and ….i knw u will achieve u r goal..

He leaves..yuvi thinks..

YUVRAAJ: (to himself )Apne goal ko pura karne ke liye hi toh main pichle 14 saal se intezar kar rahan hoon Dr.Shashank….

He was busy in his thought when he heard some sounds at his back,he tried to see one was there..he left..

In corridor..

J.P:Pata nehi yeh..flowerji kahan chali gayi..Dr.Keerthi dekhegi toh bahut daanthegi na…flowerji….
He searches her all around corridor,suddenly bumps into her…
J.P:Kaun hain,,(looks up,he sees naina)flowerji,,,hum aap hi ko doondh rahe hain..kahan thi aap..
Naina didn't responded and was looking tensed,,,,
J.P:Kaye hua…
NAINA: Ku,,,,ch… ne..hi..chalo..
She took his hand and dragged him out of there..looking here and there…tensed….


Armaan was busy with his cases and couldn't come here …he entered the room after his long day of work….his tiredness vanished just seeing her beautiful face,,,a face which had no expression, a body which had no motion for 6 months now,yet it made him breathe again with fresh air..his contact with her hand made him feel that he got his life back…..he murmered her name..


He wanted to share a lot,talk to her non-stop,pour down all his emotions,but nothing came from his mouth..he just kept staring at her…all his sadness vanished…
He took her hand in his and pressed gently to assure he was their with her no matter what…and kissed it to say how much he loved her…

ARMAAN:Ridhima…..pata nehi tum mujhe sun sakthi ho ya nehi…par main tumhe batana chahtha hoon ki main tumhe is halat mein nehi dekh sakhtha…tumhare bagair kuch achcha nehi lagtha….har pal sirf tumhari yaad aati hain…….tum jaldi se theek ho jau…mere liye…main aur nehi seh saktha ridhima..aur nehi she saktha…

He couldn't take it anymore,he couldn't se his love laying on bed lifeless…he was about to leave when he felt pressure on his hand which was on ridhimas hand….

He turned in shock…yes it was ridhimas hand who was gripping his… ……he was happy,confused and shocked at one time..he didn't knew what to do..she didn't open her eyes,the grip got more stronger…but before he could realise the grip loosened and the hand fell down motionless again.... armaan moved near to ridhima ..

ARMAAN:Basket basket tum mujhe sun sakthi ho,,(shaking her)
ARMAAN:Kuch..kuch..toh bolo..ridhima..ridhima..ridhima…

She wasn't responding..he didn't know what to do..he looked around but couldn't think of anything…is ridhima out of coma..?she just held his hand..what was that… his imagination?no it cant be…he saw his hand again..he could still feel her sensation on was ridhima for sure,not a dream …

ARMAAN:Ridhima..main kya karo..Dr.Keerthi..(he called her)hello Dr.Keerthi…aap jaldi jaldi..Ridhima ke room mein aayiye..please…
ARMAAN:Ridhima…ridhima..kuch bolo ridhima..ridhima…utho ridhima..mujhse baat karo..

Keerthi and anjali who was with her when armaan called came hurrily towards room…

KEERTHI: Dr.Armaan yeh kya ho raha hain… ridhima meri….
ANJALI: (Anjali came near him and held his shoulder seeing him tensed)Armaan..kya hua?
ARMAAN:Ridhima ne mera haath ko dabaya hain..wooh mujhe sun sakthi hain,..usne..mera haath..
ANJALI: down.ridhima aisa kuch nehi kar sakthi..yeh tumhara imagination hoga,,,
ARMAAN:Nehi anjy usne mera haat pakada..main jantha hoon..ridhima…(he turned to ridhima again who was lying unconsious)
ANJALI: Armaan… down..
ARMAAN:Anjy..mera yakeen karo.. usne mera haat dabaya hain..(catching her shoulders)..
please..anjy..ridhima..(he sat on chair and anjy beside him)
ANJALI: Its not possible.. armaan..(slowly)
There conversation was interupted by keerthi..
KEERTHI:Everything is possible..
They both looked at her,,,
ANJALI: Kya matlab hain aapka Dr.Keerthi..
KEERTHI:Aise kaafi cases mein dekha gaya hain…generally coma mein jo log hote hain wooh hume kuch ishare karne ki koshish karthe hain....
ANJALI: Jaise..
KEERTHI:It cud be simple signs.. like in response to a touch,squeezing a hand,.
ANJALI: Aapka matlab hain ridhima ne sach mein armaan ka haath dabaya tha..
KEERTHI:May be…its noticed generally that people in coma seem to become calm when they hear a familiar voice. Aapko pata hain isliye kehthe hain ki hume coma mein rehthe logon se baat karna chahiye…jaise aap normal insaan se karthe hain….
ANJALI: Isse kuch fayda ho saktha hain..
KEERTHI:Not always…par main aapko ek instance batati hoon jisse main bahut surprise ho gayi thi,,,recently in abroad ek pregnancy ke complications ki wajah se lady coma mein chali gayi for 2 months nearly after delivering the baby…har roj ki tarah jab uske husband apne baby ko leke aaye the uski mother se milane ke liye, the baby started crying loudly,,very loudly aur suddenly…isse uski mother ko hosh aaya and she was out from coma…but yeh bahut rare case hain…
[This is a true incident,I don't knw much details but I read it somewhere recently]
ANJALI: Kya ridhima bhi…
KEERTHI:Ridhima ka case isse alag hain…
ARMAAN:Par..hum kuch aur try to kar sakthe hain….koi surger..
ANJALI: (cutting him and was tensed) mean Dr.Keerthi keh rahi hain na Ridhima ka case isse alag hain… hain na…
KEERTHI:Yes..I think hume koshish karthe rehna chahiye…ok Dr.Armaan.aap chinta mat kee liye…
ANJALI: S..ab th..eek ho jayega armaan..
ARMAAN:Thanks anjy…
ANJALI: Ab…(diverting)canteen mein chalthe hain..mere pet mein toh chuhe daud rahe hain….chalo na..
He looked at ridhima once and left,but somewhere he knew..that it's a sign that ridhima will be soon recovering…his heart said it to him..and he decided to do anything..anything to make he come out of coma..

At canteen…

Interns were having fun…and yes atul too joined them..

SIDDANTH: A.J…how r u subah se tumhe nehi dekha..
ATUL:Wooh mujhe doosre building mein kuch kaam tha..
SIDDANTH: Doosra..u mean ek aur building bhi hain..(Atul noded)
NAINA:Tumhe toh sirf canteen kahan hain pata hain aur kuch nehi..(she laughed )
SIDDANTH: Very funny..mujhe aur bhi pata hain..
J.P:Achcha..I.C.U.kahan hain batayiye….
SIDDANTH: I.C.U…1st no..ha..5th floor pe..
J.P:Achcha… hume bhi pata nehi hain..hum toh aise hi poonche the….(naina too noded in "no")
ATUL: I.C.U….3rd floor pe..hain..(sadly)
J.P:Aapko kaise pata,hum sab toh wahan kabhi nehi gaye....
Atul was feeling tensed and was trying to get out of situation..sid rescued him unknowingly..
SIDDANTH: Wooh…. General knowledge..J.P…seekho isse kuch…
YUVRAAJ:Pehle tumhe seekhna chahiye..
Yuvi entered..
J.P:Yuvi bhaiya..kaise ho app?aayiye…
ATUL:Hye yuvi…
He sat beside naina,naina got up and sat opposite to him beside J.P,who was happy….
NAINA:Main yahan baitu..(sweetly)
J.P:Poonchne ki kya zaroorat hain…flowerji aap chahe toh kahin bhi bait sakthe hain..(he was shoeing his lap)
NAINA:So sweet J.P…
Yuvi was seeing all these and getting irritated…sid was interested in something else..

SIDDANTH: Hey yeh gayab puppy kahan hain..(he saw her a bit far on another table)Wooh rahi…
He went to her..and sat near her chair..
SIDDANTH: Hey gayab puppy…whats up?
TAMANNA:Mujhe akela chod do..
SIDDANTH: Arre kya hua batao toh…
TAMANNA:Kya zaroorat thi tumhe kehne hi tum uske ilaaj karoge..main kar rahi thi na..
SIDDANTH: I mean woh..toh..
TAMANNA:Tum kyun mere kaam mein taang ada rahe ho..
SIDDANTH: What "taang"?
TAMANNA:Waise hi wooh aadmi ki itni ghatiya soch hain..aurat ki izaat karna bhi nehi jantha aur upar se tum uske saath de rahe the..
SIDDANTH: maine kya kiya..(innocently)
TAMANNA: (Tam was asusual trying to show her anger of that man on sid,but then tried to leave it)Sidhant please jao yahan se..please..

Sid left her,but he felt bad seeing her,he knows she didn't mean it and was angry on that man for abusing and misbehaving ….from what he knows her till now he can tell that she cant see anyone in any kind of problem…so sweet..
SIDDANTH: Kya soch raha hain sid ?gosh!!
He went back to table..where all were busy talking… and tried to cheer her up,,he got an idea!!

SIDDANTH: Hey guys ..chalo hum ek game khelthe hain..
J.P:Wah!sidji hum bhi khelenge..mugal saraye mein toh hum hamesha sab khel mein first aate the…
SIDDANTH: Ohk!!but here its different…like hum kisi ki acting karenge and others have to guess…who is it..ok..
SIDDANTH: Pehle main karoonga…he acted with dialogues…
"Arre yaar uncle mat kaho..aur koi naam socho na"
He was acting like "atul"…
J.P:Uncle..i mean A.J ji….
All looked at atul and laughed,he took it litely and joined the game,,,
ATUL:Ok ab meri bari…
"Aapko pata hain hamare mougal saraye ke paper mein hamari photo chapi thi..woh bhi.."
SIDDANTH/NAINA: Teesre page par…
"Aapko pata hain… ,aap bahut sweet ho flowerji"
Yuvi and tam (from distance) were seeing them..
J.P:Aap sab log hamari mazak uda rahe ho..mujhe nehi khelna…(he got up)
ATUL:Joke.tha J.P…
NAINA:Haan,J.P,mazak tha…
J.P:Aap keh rahi hain toh theek hain flowerji…ab main karoonga…
He acted as if he was a girl who was very beautiful was admiring her beauty ,checking her hair,dress,accessories….
SIDDANTH:Arre koi dialogue toh bolo…
J.P:Sahi jawab… hum Flowerji ki tarah kar rahe the.… jaise nainaji ne kiya party ke din kiya..
ATUL: (Facing yuvi)Tumhe kaise pata chala….woh bhi bina dialogue ke..
YUVRAAJ:Pata chal jata hain..
Naina looked at him,did he know her so well,better than herself,yes she couldn't understand what J.P did…but came out of thoughts as yuvi was also staring at her..
NAINA:Ab main karoongi..
Sidhant said something in her ear..actually she wanted to imitate tamanna but sid asked to imitate someone else…
She came near J.P and stared at him,said in serious tone..…"Mujhse door rehna samjhe…warna achcha nehi hoga.."
J.P:Yuvi.,,,bhaiya….hume chod do..(closing his eyes due to fear)
All started laughing...naina now wantedly went and sat beside him and gave him a fake smile and he was staring seriously at her..
SIDDANTH:ok.ok now…I will do..he started crying fakely…
"Agar mujhe sanjeeni se nikal diya gaya toh mein kya,hoo."
All laughed again..
Tamanna was seeing all acts till now and laughed too,but when she heard this ,she knew what sid was upto and came near to him..
SIDDANTH:Right!!!woh hamesha apni tap open karke rakthi hain..
He turned around and saw her facing face to face ,tamanna was now more angry..she stamped his foot and left…
SIDDANTH:Ouch!!!hey.. suno toh….mar gaya main toh isse hasane ki koshish kar raha tha aur yeh toh angry ho gayi…
All were laughing,sid followed her near door corner and pulled her dupatta ,she tried to go,but
lost balance and was about to fall when sid catched her and they were lost in each other eye,others were too busy to see them…sid came to senses and made her stood back..
TAMANNA: Its..ok..
SIDDANTH:Waise sunne main ajeeb hain par phir bhi ..friends…(he gave his hand)

Tamanna saw his hand and thought for sometime and gave her hand… smiled..
They both shook their hands…suddenly they heard a voice from door and looked at it,it was… umar bhai..

He dropped the files in his hand ..Sid goes near him and helps to take out files…
SIDDANTH:Hey aapka kya naam tha…jo bhi careful..
Tamanna came near him,,,
TAMANNA: Aap yahan..
UMARBHAI:Wooh.. Dr.Keerthi ne aapko yeh deno ko kahan doctor sahab..
He gave files to tamanna..
TAMANNA:Thank u ..
Umar bhai was a weak ,he turned to go and was about to fall again..,sid catched him..
TAMANNA:Aapki tabiyat theek hain na,,main aapki koi madad kar do…
UMARBHAI:Jee nehi doctor sahab….
He gathered strength and walked again..tam was seeing at him sadly,sid tried to help him seeing tamannas sad face..little did he know it would hurt her more…
SIDDANTH:Hey wait..aap aaram kyun nehi karthe..
SIDDANTH:Tum bahut old ho gaye ho..u need rest….
UMARBHAI:Toh kaam kaun karega…isse toh hamara ghar chaltha hain doctor sahab..
SIDDANTH:I think aap ko ab yeh sab kaam chod dena chahiye old man…..if u need…main aapki help kardoonga…
UMAR BHAI:Danyawaad doctor sahab..par hum main abhi bhi itni takat hain ki hum hamara poora parivaar ko kush rak sakhe…. "khud" ki kamayi se..
SIDDANTH:Khud ki kamayi..par tumhari tabiyat…
UMARBHAI:Humme aadat hain…waise hum doosre ke aasre pe nehi jeete…
SIDDANTH:Voo…self-respect…now what can I do…all the best,,,bye oldman..
Umar bhai left..
Sid talking to tamanna..
SIDDANTH:Dekha kya keh ke gaya,,,khud ki kamayi all that…who believes..
TAMANNA:Main yakeen karthi hoon,,.. aur wooo yahan pichle 25 saal se kar rahe hain… khud kaam karke kamana aasan nehi hota,,tum toh ek din bhi theek se nehi kar paouge…
SIDDANTH:Hey ..chill..leave it,,tum kyun badhak rahi ho…I am going from here…

Sid leaves…tamanna follows umar bhai…

TAMANNA:Aapki tabiyat theek hain na…
UMARBHAI:Haan beta,,,theek hain,,bas thoda thak gaya tha..
TAMANNA:Babba..wooh sid ki taraf se main maafi mangthi hoo…
UMARBHAI:Ab toh yeh sab ki aadat ho gayi hain tammu…tu jaa…
TAMANNA:Theek hain babaa,,
Tamanna leaves,,,umar bhai stands there and he remembers what he saw,,,

****Tamanna and sid shaking hands..****

UMARBHAI:Tamu.. koi galat sangat mein na aa jaye….

At Corridor…

Armaan was walking back to his cabin thinking about what happened before sometime…..ridhima helding his hand,what keerthi said and then what anjali said..he was just remembering when he realised what he and anjali said….

ARMAAN:Par..hum kuch aur try to kar sakthe hain….koi surger..
ANJALI: (cutting him) mean Dr.Keerthi keh rahi hain na Ridhima ka case isse alag hain… hain na
ARMAAN:Anjali ne aisa kyun kahan?shayad..

He was still thinking when someone dragged his hand and pulled him in fire escape and closed the door…

ARMAAN:What the???????????????????????????

Armaan saw who it was and was shocked………..

Couldn't update due to computer problem..sorry..
Ok guys that's it for now…or may be for a longgggg time.…I guess!!!
Thanks to all who read and commented,"like"d,also silent readers…
Thanks for all u r support till now….
Please do comment…

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Originally posted by nidha1983

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<font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif"><font size="4"> on behalf of her and pass this message to everyone.</font></font></font><br><br><br><br>[IMG" alt="" hspace="5" vspace="5" /><br><br><div align="center"><font face="Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif"><font size="4" face=""><img src="] vspace5" hspace="5" vspace="5[/IMG]</font><br>

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hey nidha thnks for informing!!!
nruti all the best fot u r studies and sem!!!
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Originally posted by arss

oh so its here now ?
im confused

anyways will copy and paste my reply here also :D

ya thnks for posting again
sri Smile
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Originally posted by yogithasingh

Loved it dear..........<br>

thanks yogitha..
PMed u !!!
take comment..

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