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Posted: 06 October 2009 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by simi2

<FONT size=3><FONT color=#9900ff>hi sri</FONT> </FONT>
<FONT size=3></FONT>

<FONT color=#9900ff size=3>remember me</FONT>

<FONT color=#9900ff size=3>well i m same simi from blog </FONT>

<FONT size=3></FONT>

<FONT color=#9900ff size=3>well its great you have posted your predictions here , i have read only part 1 till now , will surely read next all parts and will comment later , </FONT>

<FONT size=3></FONT>

<FONT color=#9900ff size=3>till then my comment is reserved </FONT>

<FONT size=3></FONT>

<FONT color=#9900ff size=3>till then take care </FONT>

<FONT color=#9900ff size=3>lots of love</FONT>

<FONT color=#9900ff size=3>simi</FONT>

oh hi simi
thanks u commented and liked my parts..
i knw my parts are long and take time to read ,but please do comment on other part and also my upcoming ones..
thnks once again..
really appreciated..

sri Smile

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Posted: 06 October 2009 at 2:34pm | IP Logged
guys thnks to all who liked my parts and commented and "like"d it and also to silent readers ...
i thgt to post it later..but i will be busy for 2 days so am posting it now..,will be updating after 2 days..
hope u all like it..please post comments..a sentence/a word means a lot,,but please do post as thats my feedback and my encouragement to write even at time of my important exams,,
i write it when ever i get break from my studies...
so please....a sincere request........thats all i can say...
it wud be appreciated...
thanks one again...


"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi…
Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni …
Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan…
Manzil nayi,rasthe naye …
Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein…
Hum toh chale the dost banke…
Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"

At operation threater..

All are trying to handle the situation..
ARMAAN:Dr.Tamanna aapka dhyaan kaha hain… quick …..
Tamanna responds quickly this time and gives injection,,
Armaan injects the patient ,and after sometime his pulse beat comes to normal..……..

The operation is a success…

All are washing their hands…
ARMAAN:Good work Dr.Sidhant and Dr.tamanna..(facing tamanna)apne work par concentrate keejiye….yahan ek second mein kuch bhi ho saktha hain…yeh aapka first surgery hain…so its ok..par aage se dhyaan rakhiye…jab tak aap apne darr ko face nehi karenge..u cant overcome it….
He leaves…
Tamanna was feeling guilty,,its because of negligence,patient could have died…she never imagined that sid cud do better than her…

She leaves the place crying…..
Sid is shocked to sees her ….

SIDDANTH:Tamanna….(he calls her,but she goes away.)

General ward..

Yuvi and naina..

Yuvi was seeing a patients report…
Naina was looking him from her corner of eyes seeing someother patient near by….she sees again but couldn't find him anywhere,,,she turns back and finds face to face with him..

YUVRAAJ:Mujhe doondh rahi ho…
NAINA:Nehi toh…

He starts leaving…
He stops..
NAINA: (seeing his arm)Tumhari chot kaisi hain…tumne dawayi toh le liya hain na..aur bandage kar lee hain…nehi toh septic ho jaayega…
Yuvraj was seeing her with a questioning look..
NAINA:Wooh….kal ke liye ……….thank q…….
YUVRAAJ:Kya kaha tumne…
NAINA:Dekho ab zyada akado mat….kahan na ..thank q
YUVRAAJ: kya ..phir se kaho….mujhe sunayi nehi diya…….
NAINA:Ek baar kahan na thank q,,thank q thank q…!!! bas!!!
YUVRAAJ:U r welcome..
He leaves…
NAINA:Maine yeh kya keh diye…….yeh dafod bhi na..

At canteen…
Very less people were there…..
Armaan was tired after the operation..,it was evening now..all interns have left already..he saw atul and nikki and joins them…….

ARMAAN:Hey guys,,
NIKKI:Hello armaan….so kaisa raha tumhara operation….
ATUL:Congrats yaar armaan….(hugs him)
ARMAAN:Thnks champ…
NIKKI:Congrats armaan..
ARMAAN:Thanks…so baato kya chal raha hain….
NIKKI:Kuch nehi ..bas aise hi…
ATUL:Bahut din ho gaye…kuch party warty ho kar…pehle toh hum kitna maza karthe the..
NIKKI:Haan!!ab kaam hi itna hain,,,mauka hi nehi miltha…

Armaan gets an idea….

ARMAAN:Guys ,,mujhe ek idea aaya hain..(he hits the table)
ARMAAN:Main kal batata hoon..abhi mujhe jana hain..bye..(he gets up and goes away smiling)
NIKKI:Arre armaan suno toh..(But he has already left)
ATUL:Chala gaya..yeh bhi na..bilkul nehi badla…
NIKKI:Par hum bahut badal gayye…(a bit loud)
NIKKI:Kuch nehi..

Next day………

At shashanks cabin..

KEERTHI:Yes sir..
SHASHANK: Main ek bahut zaroori kaam se bahar ja raha hoon,shayad kal tak na aapau,aap ridhima ka khayal rakhye,wooh anjali bhi bahar gayi hain,,iss liye..
KEERTHI:Its ok sir,,don't worry ,,I will take care…

Shashank nods and goes away..

Armaan hears this conversation….

ARMAAN:Toh..sasurji bahar ja rahe hain…so time to implement my "idea"…..ab dekhthe hain…

At fire escape…

Sid was passing by fireescape and heard some sound....he opened the door and saw….
Tamanna was sitting..
SIDDANTH:Hee!!miss.gayab..main subah se tumhe doondh raha tha,., aur tum yahan ho….kal bhi tum jaldi chali gayi..kuch baat bhi nehi kiya….

He didnt see her face,her eyes were filled with tears..

SIDDANTH:Kya..kya hua…tum ro kyun rahi ho..??
SIDDANTH:Kisine kuch kahan??
Tamanna didn't talked,but just cried..
SIDDANTH:Tum baatogi nehi toh kaise pata chalega..maine kuch ..
TAMANNA:Nehi tumne kuch nehi kiya..
SIDDANTH:Toh mujhe batao ..
TAMANNA:Kal operation mein meri wajah se…
Sidhant nods his head allowing her to say further..
TAMANNA: Meri galti se agar us patient ko kuch ho jata toh main apne aap ko kabhi maaf nehi kar paati….sob…sob…baba ko mujhpar bahut bharosa hain..main unke bharose ko thod nehi sakthi..unke sapne,unke armaan…..sob..sob..meri ek galti ki wajah se sab kuch ..sab kuch ..khatam ho jata…sirf meri darr se………
(she cries )main apne baba ke sapno ko kabhi pura nehi kar paungi..kabhi nehi..kabhi nehi….sob.sob.sob
SIDDANTH:Tum aisa kyun kar rahi ho..kabhi kabhi aisa ho jata hain…don't worry.. aur haan operation toh successful raha na…..
TAMANNA:Par meri wajah se..
SIDDANTH: (keeping his hand on her hand and consoling her)
Tumhari wajah se kuch nehi hua…apne aap ko is sab ke liye zimedar mat samjho…tum ek bahut achchi doctor ho..believe me….bas tum thodi darr can happen to anyone…aaj tumhe hua ,kal mujhe hoga….aur itna complicated case tha…hain na……(she nods)bas apne aap par bharosa rakho….tab tum apne baba ke sapnon ko bhi pura kar poungi… himmat mat haaro…just do it!!!ok…
TAMANNA:Hmm..she smiles … (she felt sid was a flirtious guy,but today he made her gain confidence back with his words)
SIDDANTH:Wow!!!dekho main ne itna bada speech diya..lagtha hain tumhare saath ka asar ho raha hain….
Tamanna sees at him..
SIDDANTH:Phir se rona mat shuru kar dena,,,,be confident …and see u will do it…(he gets up)
SIDDANTH: U r welcome miss.gayab ……….Ab chale warna miss.khadoos hamari peeche pad jayegi aur phir hum dono ko yahan aake rona padega..
Tamanna feels better ,she smiles and They both leave..

Some one who has been noticing all this,entered the fire escape and …its ARMAAN..
He remembered the day when he consoled ridhima on terrace when she failed in her operation,she was crying like tamanna and he supported her like sid,actually he could see sid and tamanna's images changing to himself and ridhima….
He sat on steps,all those memories flashed infront of him..….

ARMAAN:Basket……kyun….jab bhi hum kareeb aate hain..toh phir se dooor ho jathe hain..pata nehi….yeh sab humare saath kyun ho raha hain…….aaj mein tumhara itna kareeb hote hue bhi tumse bahut door hoon..bahut door….

He sits for sometime and comes out of fire escape and sees Dr.keerthi

KEERTHI:Oh Dr.Armaan ..congrats aapki surgery successful hone ke liye…aap aathe hi apna kaam bahut achchi tarah se handle kar rahe hain…
ARMAAN:Thank u Dr.Keerthi.. aapke interns bhi kam nehi the ,they have done a wonderful job..
Itne kum samay mein ..they handled very well,,aapko inki points badani hogi..
KEERTHI:Ya…!!!i was also impressed,par aapne unhe achche see guide kiya hain…
(armaan smiles)
ARMAAN:yes..I was thinking of a party in evening....why don't u join..
KEERTHI: Nehi armaan meri tabiyat theek nehi hain,,waise Dr.shashank ne mujhe duty di hain,par Dr.Anjali aa gayi hain ,iss liye main ja rahi hoon..ok armaan I need to go ,,bye
ARMAAN:OK Dr.Keerthi,,u take rest..bye
Keerthi leaves
ARMAAN:……………Anjy aagayi hain….aur mujhse mili nehi…

Just then anjy enters from back and hugs him..

ANJALI:Hey ..armaan..
ARMAAN:Anjy…kaise ho ..
ANJALI:Main theek hoon armaan .sorry main tumse milne nehi aayi…wooh kuch kaam tha..
ARMAAN:Haan haan....waise bhi tumhe toh meri parwah hi nehi hain,,tumhe to sirf apni family ki….
He felt that he have unintentionally hurt her with his words,,
ARMAAN:Anjy..wooh mein toh bas…aise hi…
ANJALI:Armaan ,,kya tum meri family nehi ho,,……….tumhe nehi pata maine tumhe kitna miss kiya……….armaan…..tum mere sabse achche dost ho..meri behen ki..
She couldn't go further,,armaan felt that he shud divert the topic.
ARMAAN:Anjy..tum aur senti ..oh god!!!tum anjy hi hona…ya phir koi aur..ek minute,,,(he started examing her) tumhari 2 ankhen hain…..,2 kaan hain,,………1 naak hain..
ANJALI:Armaan…..(she hit him playfully)…achcha maine suna tumhara operation successful raha….congrats..
ARMAAN:Thanks…..aree ..Haan.!!Waise main yeh soch raha tha ki is mauke par hum ek chota sa success party kare,waise bhi mere joining ke khushi mein koi party toh aapne diya nehi….toh mera welcome party mein khud de raha hoon..
ANJALI:Aisi koi baat nehi hain..armaan..
ARMAAN:Achcha baba chodo…aaj sham ko hum party karthe hain….
ARMAAN:Yahan canteen mein aur kahan….pehle bhi toh bahut baar kiya hain na..
ANJALI:Armaan..kuch cheeze ab badal gayi hain….
ARMAAN:Mujhe nehi hoga aur wooh bhi sanjeevni mein ..
ANJALI:Par papa….
ARMAAN:Wooh toh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yahan nehi hain…. (saying seriously)kisi kaam se bahar gaye hain..
ANJALI:Oh!!!tabhi toh mein sochu…..(folding her hands)
ARMAAN: (laughs) Anjy………achcha mein nikki,Dr.Modi,jiah,saare interns aur baaki staff ko inform kar detha hoon..,, shaam ko milthe hain…. Ok..
He starts leaving …
ANJALI:Aur atul ko …
ARMAAN:Oh haan….atul ko….Anjy …..Tum kehdo na..
ANJALI: Par armaan…

ARMAAN:Ek aur wicket gira..ab baaki match khelthe hain..Dr.Armaan…get ready..
He leaves smiling…

Armaan informs staff,and then he meets jiah on way,,,,

JIAH:Oh hye..Dr.Armaan,,,congrats for u r operation success…kafi comlicated tha..u did well…
ARMAAN:Thnks!!ussi ki success mein aur meri tarf se ek welcome party rakhi canteen,,u and Dr.Modi should come..
JIAH:Oh !!sure ..i love parties,…par abhi ko toh sirf aur sirf kaam kaam aur kisi ki nehi padi hain……..I don't knw abt him….i will surely come..,,ok ..toh mein shopping karne ke liye chalthi hoon..bye…
(Talking on phone)
JIAH:Hello Manish..aaj party a beautiful dress for me..ok ..i will be coming there….bye ..
ARMAAN:Ajeeb hain….pata nehi yeh Dr.Modi ko batayegi ya nehi..main khud invite kartha hoon aur waise bhi mujhe usse bahut kaam baaki hain…..

At canteen….
Armaan enters and sees all interns except atul……

ARMAAN:Hey guys..
SIDDANTH:Hello armaan..
J.P:Hello sir…
ARMAAN:Achcha dekho aaj shaam ko party hain….
NAINA:Party ..par kiss liye….
ARMAAN: My joining and on my first success in sanjeevni…
NAINA:Oh wow!!!!bada maza aayega….
TAMANNA:Main nehi aa paungi..
ARMAAN:Aise kaise nehi aaogi aap aur Dr.sidhant dono bhi iss success ke zimedar hain….so u shud come…and yuvi(who was sitting away as usual)..u too..(he nods)
NAINA: (to herself)Paat nehi apne aap ko bada hero samjtha hain….
TAMANNA:Par sir..
ARMAAN:No arguments..aaj shaam ko canteen mein party hain..aur tum sab ko aana hi hain..and that's final!!!bye..

Outside canteen..

ARMAAN:Umar bhai,,,
UMAR BHAI:Jee armaan beta..
ARMAAN:Maine ek welcome party organise kiya hain..aur haan operation successful hone ki khushi mein bhi ….
UMAR BHAI:Operation..
ARMAAN:Haan wooh Dr.tamana aur Dr.sidhant ne bhi bahut achcha perform kiya hain….so..
UMAR BHAI:Tammu ne kiya hain..(A bit loud )
ARMAAN:Jee..aap ne kuch kahan..
UMAR BHAI:Nehi …nehi..
ARMAAN:Maine saare arrangements kar diya hain..aap please ek baar check kejeeye…
UMAR BHAI:Jee main dekh loonga..(to himself) tammu ne kiya hain..arre wah…

Armaan leaves..

He sees tamanna coming from canteen..
UMAR BHAI:Dr.tamanna…
He takes her to a corner…
UMAR BHAI:Tammu tumne baatya nehi..tumne operation kiya hain.. main bahut khush hoon beta.. aur uske liye party bhi rakhi gayi hain….
TAMANNA:Baba mujhe nehi jana party mein…
UMAR BHAI:Nehi beta tumhe jana hoga..tumhare liye to hain..tum zaroor jana ..theek hain…. khush raho beta….(he keeps hand on her head and blesses her)main chaltha hoon…bahut kaam hain….party ke saari tayariyan karni hain… meri tammu ne operation kiya hain….

TAMANNA:Baaba kash main aapko pura sach bata paati…..

--- ---- ----- ----
--- ---- ----- ----
Anajli goes to atul to inform about party..

ATUL:Haan anjali..
ANJALI: Wooh armaan ek party organise kee hain..aaj shaam ko….wooh busy hain..isliye mujhse kahan ki tumhe bata do…
ATUL:Hmm..theek hain anjali..(he leaves)
ANJALI:Tum aa rahe ho na…(he turns and both of them see eachother for sometime)
ANJALI:Main tumhari wait karoongi…
ATUL:Haan..mein zaroor aaounga anjali…….tumhare liye…
Anajli smiles and they both leave…

Abhis cabin….

ABHI:Jiah please mujhe kaam hain..
JIAH:Par baby…
ABHI:Please jiah..mujhe pareshan mat karo..mera koi mood nehi hain party mein…(he cuts the phone)

ABHI:Pata nehi yeh sab kya ho raha hain.… Kyun jiah ..kyun tum mere zindagi mein phir se aayi, kyun wooh sab karna chahthi ho jo kabhi nehi hoga,,,agar tumne divorce de diya hotha toh,,shayad aaj nikki aur main …..mujhse aise kya galthi ho gayi,,,jiski mujhe itni bada saza mil rahi hain,,,why ……..why??? ..kya nikki se sacha pyaar karna meri galthi hain……………kya pyaar karna itni badi gunah hain…

ARMAAN:Nehi Dr.Modi ..pyaar karna kabhi bhi gunah nehi hotha…(Entering cabin..)
ABHI:Dr.Armaan ..tum..wooh main..
ARMAAN:Ek baat poochu aapse Dr.Modi ,,……kya aap aaj bhi nikki se pyaar karthe hain..(he was serious)
ARMAAN:Sach sach boliye Dr.Modi..apko aapki pyaar ki kasaam…
ABHI:Haan …main nikki se aaj bhi utna hi pyaar kartha hoon jisse usse pehle kartha tha,..aur kartha rahoonga..par nikki..mere aur jiah ke risthey ko lekar…
ARMAAN:Dr.Modi..main bhi pehle appko galat samjtha tha..par shayad aaj main aapko samajh paya hoon… jab hum kisi se pyaar karthe hain aur wooh humse door hotha hain…toh.. kaise lagtha hain…mujhe pata hain….
(Abhi needed someone to share his feelings,but nikki never listened to him and jiah never cared,,,he has been living a very congested life till now..he felt the need to share today,,otherwise he will never get a chance…)
jiah se shaadi karke main kabhi kush nehi tha ,,,kabhi nehi….usse kabhi bhi meri parwah nehi kiya…hum dono ke beech kabhi bhi ek pati-patni ka ristha nehi tha………………………………….
phir mein nikki se mila….usse milkar aisa laga jaise mujhe apni khoyi hui zindagi wapas mil gayi ho……..Maine nikki ko apni shaadi ke baare mein pehle hi bata diya tha Dr.Armaan.……maine usse waada kiya tha ki ek baar mein jiah se divorce le lu..phir hum hamesha saath rahenge….par achanak jiah phir se aagayi…(he got up from seat..and walked towards armaan saying)
nikki ko lagtha hain maine usse dokha diya..par yeh sach nehi hain….main nikki ko kabhi dokha nehi diya,,na hi dokha dene ke baare mein soch saktha hoon….usne mujhe phir se jeena sikhaya,pyaar karna sikhaya..main usse kabhi bhi dukhi nehi dekh saktha Dr.Armaan ..uski ek muskurahat ke liye main kuch bhi kar saktha hoon…woooh meri jaan hain..meri zindagi..
(he remebered all those moments he and nikki shared,and how jiah entered again in his life..)
par jiah jab aayi,,..toh main usse …..usse …kuch nehi keh paya.. n..usse meri zaroorat thi..wooh bahut akeli thi,,, wooh meri zimedari thi,,,,mein usse chod nehi saktha armaan ..aur uski tabiyat bhi…,,(he didn't go futher)

Armaan understood that's something bothering him and he cant share it with him,and he felt that this is not time to ask about it for some reason
ARMAAN:Dr.Modi its ok..apko mujhe apni aur jiah ke baare mein aur kuch batane ki zaroorat nehi hain……

ABHI:Armaan jiah wooh….sirf aur sirf meri… meri…
ARMAAN:Jiah sirf tumhari majboori hain Dr.Modi..,aur nikki tumhara pyaar….
Abhi felt that at last someone understood him..he nodded..
ABHI:Par kya nikki mujhse aaj bhi ……..pyaar…
ARMAAN:Wooh tumse bahut pyaar karthi hain Dr.Modi..par shayad batana nehi chahthi ..woh apne aap mein uljhi hui hain….wooh apse naraz hain….(He knows nikki well),,,wooh apne pyaar ko dabana chahthi hain ..nafrat naam dekar..par wooh aisa ……..Zyaada din nehi kar payegi..main jantha hoon usse..
ABHI:Mein kya karu armaan..maine nikki ko samjha ne ki koshish ki hain par…
ARMAAN:Pyaar chupaya nehi chuptha..,, Abhimanyu ….Tumhe usse yeh ehsaas dilna hoga ki tum aaj bhi usse pyaar karthe hoon,,tumhe uski parwah hain …tumhe uski feeling ki kadar hain….tum uske har sukh aur dukh mein uske saath ho…..wooh khud tumhare paas aayegi..dekhlena..
Abhi felt happy with those words but suddenly..
ABHI:Par jiah..
ARMAAN:Jiah tumse pyaar nehi karthi,,,,,,,,,,,usse ek sahare ki zaroorat hain….jo tum usse de rahe ho…bas aur kuch nehi..
He nods again..
ABHI:Main yeh sab…,,akele..
ARMAAN:Ridhima hamesha chahthi thi ki tum aur nikki ko saaath dekhe..shayad main hi uske baat aur aap dono ke pyaar ko samajh nehi paya..aur kuch aisa kar betha jo mujhe nehi karna chahiye…(He remembers the swimming pool incident) ..Main ismein aapki help karunga…..yeh ek dost ka vaada hain aapse..friends….
ABHI: .. (he gives him hand and abhi shakes it)Thank u Dr.Armaan..
ARMAAN:Sirf armaan..doston mein no formalities..right…
ABHI:Right….Toh phir aaj se tum mujhe sirf abhimanyu kahoge…(abhi gives him a hug and armaan too hugs him..)
Par armaan kaha chup rehne wala hain,,,he is as naughty as always…
ARMAAN:Abhi….arre yeh kya kar rahe ho..nikki dekhegi toh kya sochegi…chodo mujhe ..chodo..
He tries to free himself…abhi sees him for a second and they both burst out laughing…
ABHI:Armaan..thanks ……..maine kabhi socha nehi ki tum mere liye yeh sab ..
ARMAAN:Main aapke liye thodi nikki ke liye kar raha hoon….agar ab usse pareshaan kiya toh pehle mujhse mar khani hogi….
ABHI:Pehle hi bahut kha chuka hoon aur maaroge kya?(he remembers the boxing match)..abhi bhi dukha hain(keeping hand on his cheek with sad face)
ARMAAN:Usske liye sor…
ABHI:Abhi toh dost kahan phir sorry…
They both smile… And hugs again..

Jiah enters..
JIAH:Abhi…????yeh sab kya ho raha hain…????
ABHI:Jiah wooh…
ARMAAN:Main abhi ko..i mean Dr.Modi ko party mein bulane aaya tha…...(in a girly style moving near to him)toh aap aarehe hain na Dr.Modi
ABHI:Haan..ofcourse .!!!!
Armaan leaves waving hand to abhi ,saying "bye.."and giving him flying kiss.. jiah sees it and is shocked and confused..and so is abhi..
JIAH:Jab Maine poocha toh..tumne kaha nehi aaoge..usne pooch toh aane ke liye maan gaye,…
ABHI:Jiah aisi baat nehi hain..main to sirf..
JIAH:Abhi please…main ja rahi hoon,,shopping karne,, ke liye mujhe pick up kar lena.. (jiah leaves)
ABHI:Yeh armaan bhi na…pata nehi kya kya kartha hain,,(he sits smiling..)

Armaan sees jiah leaving cabin angrily…

ARMAAN:Abhimanyu….tum jiah ko nehi chod sakthe ………par wooh toh tumhe chod sakthi hain na…

He smiles..

Kya armaan abhi-nikki ko mila payega???
Kya armaan ka idea kamyab hoga???

thnks ...
please do comment
sri Smile

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hey sir
that part was gr8 absolutly loved it
the last part of abhi n armaan dostana was fabuluse
i just loved it very much
but nice idea to get jiya away from abhi

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Originally posted by arluver15

<FONT color=#ff0000>hey sir </FONT>
<FONT color=#ff0000>that part was gr8 absolutly loved it </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff0000>the last part of abhi n armaan dostana was fabuluse</FONT>





<FONT color=#ff0000>i just loved it very much </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff0000>but nice idea to get jiya away from abhi </FONT>

<FONT color=#ff0000>nruti</FONT>

thnks dear nruthi(nice name..) for liking and commenting..
keep reading..
sri Smile
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ok sri
finally maine saare pars padd liye , gosh i m tired now
to jyada badda comment expect mat karna
waise all the parts were great , ye armaan kabhi cupid and kabhi devil bankar sabki problems solve kiye jaa raha hai , i loved that soo much ,
great parts 2 new love stories of sid tammana and yuvi and naina , and uske saath armaan ka charm and solving each and every problem was perfect
loved all that a lot
armaan and riddhima all parts were like the best
oh yaar riddhima kab theek honge
ye shashank kuch secret rakh rahha hai kya , vo riddhima ki case file ko kyon itana chupa rahha hai , i m getting suspecious over that
wanna read ahead for that
and yaa last part mein armaan and abhi part was very nice , hmm yaar i was laughing like hell
really liked all that a lot
finally atul thoda bahut normal hua and anjali bhi hasse , i mean what you say hasse to fasse , loved that  
great going sweety
keep the good work up
will wait for more of the parts from you ,
gosh likhte likhte kaafe badda part ho gayya
till then take care
lots of love

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Posted: 07 October 2009 at 5:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by simi2

ok sri
finally maine saare pars padd liye , gosh i m tired now
to jyada badda comment expect mat karna
waise all the parts were great , ye armaan kabhi cupid and kabhi devil bankar sabki problems solve kiye jaa raha hai , i loved that soo much ,
great parts 2 new love stories of sid tammana and yuvi and naina , and uske saath armaan ka charm and solving each and every problem was perfect
loved all that a lot
armaan and riddhima all parts were like the best
oh yaar riddhima kab theek honge
ye shashank kuch secret rakh rahha hai kya , vo riddhima ki case file ko kyon itana chupa rahha hai , i m getting suspecious over that
wanna read ahead for that
and yaa last part mein armaan and abhi part was very nice , hmm yaar i was laughing like hell
really liked all that a lot
finally atul thoda bahut normal hua and anjali bhi hasse , i mean what you say hasse to fasse , loved that  
great going sweety
keep the good work up
will wait for more of the parts from you ,
gosh likhte likhte kaafe badda part ho gayya
till then take care
lots of love
thanks simi...
thnk u so so much..
that was a nice comment ...
u commented on all parts ,,thats so sweet..
the way u analysed is so good..and yes abt shashank...u r ......wait and readWink
and yes armaan is an "angel in disguise" here.....
i agree..but wait and watch..
will be updating after 2 days..
ok.... exams as i said...
i have commnted on u r fanfic..c it!!!
thnks bye

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Sorry guys…
I know I am posting it lately….a bit busy with my studies and also the atmosphere was out of mood…
I too wrote it with a bit off mood, Yes I was feeling sad to see karan in sbs today..
so sorry if its not up to mark…,but I tried to put in my best….
And it's a long one(hope it will not make u bore),
Please do read it and review..appreciation/criticism both are welcomed….
Even a sentence or a word…please do comment…feedback is necessary for any writer..especially for a not so good writer like me and this being my first attempt…
Thanks to each and everyone who have been liking my prediction and appreciated it…
Thanks to all who read it,commented, "like"d it ,also to the silent readers…
Really appreciated…


"Laye hum Hasi laye hum Khushi jee le phir se zindagi…
Taaron se aage hum jaayenge cheen le ayenge roshni …
Dil ho jahaan dost ho vahaan aisa manzar hain yahan…
Manzil nayi,rasthe naye …
Phir bhi chale,hum saath mein…
Hum toh chale the dost banke…
Jaane kahan dill mill gayye!!!!"

In evening…at canteen..
The party is yet to be started in sometime.. Armaan was busy doing all arrangement….

He calls nikki..

ARMAAN:Nikki kahan ho tum…?
NIKKI:Armaan wooh mein ghar mein hoon…kuch kaam…
ARMAAN:Kya kaam??aur party..
NIKKI:Main nehi aa paungi..
ARMAAN:Par kyun…
NIKKI:Meri baat suno..
ARMAAN:Mujhe kuch nehi sun na..agar tum nehi aa rahe ho toh main bhi tumahre paas aa raha chod ke…bye..
ARMAAN:Tum aa rahi ho ya nehi..
NIKKI:Achcha babaa aa rahi hoon..
ARMAAN:Abhi isi waqt…
NIKKI:Theek hain..
ARMAAN:That's good…..dekho waisi bhi mujhe help chahiye yahan,,jaldi aa na please..(pleading)
NIKKI:Toh help chahiye,,isi liye phone kiya..hain na..
ARMAAN:Nehi main toh tumhe miss kar raha tha..(sweetly)
ARMAAN:Nikki..tum aao na..
NIKKI:Haan haan..aa rahi hoon,,tum phone toh rakho..(he cuts phone)
ARMAAN: (to himself) Ab abhi aur nikki ko ek baar pass lana hain…
NIKKI: (to herself)Yeh armaan bhi na bahut ziddi hain..

J.P and naina were going to locker room for changing…they see yuvi outside who was leaving..

J.P:Arre yuviji…aap kahan ja rahe hain….
J.P:Aap party mein nehi aa rahe….
YUVRAAJ:Nehi..mujhe in sab mein interest nehi hain..
NAINA:Chodo na.. …waise isse sirf Dr.Shashank mein interest hain…aur kissi mein nehi………
waise bhi yeh party mein aake bhi kya karega..kuch nehi na….
J.P:Par flowerji,bade bhaiye toh....
NAINA:Chalo mein ja rahi hoon kapde badlne…(she leaves)
J.P:Mein bhi aa raha hoon naina ji…sorry yuviji.(following her)

Yuvi sees seriously….and leaves…

In locker room…

Yuvi already left and atul was helping armaan in canteen..

SIDDANTH:Hye naina…
NAINA:Hye sid…
SIDDANTH:Yeh miss gayab kahan hain….
NAINA:Wooh aaj jaldi chali gayi hain,shayad ghar se hi direct aa jayegi..

After sometime…naina changes her dress and is about to leave…she wore a nice red short dress till
her knees…
J.P:Naina ji aap bahut bahut beautiful lag rahe ho…rose flower ki tarah…
NAINA:Thanks!!So guys main ja rahi hoon..tum aa rahe hoo..
J.P:Haan mein abhi aata hoon…

He goes inside the changing room and gets ready fastly..and is about to leave when..sid who is also there changing his clothes stops him..

SIDDANTH:Arre yeh tum kya pehene hue hoo..(he was wearing a red shirt and red pant)
J.P:Kyun yeh achcha nehi hain….mugal saraye mein ladkiya isse dekh kar mere peeche padthi thi..haan!!
SIDDANTH:No..its good..but u knw aaj ka party ka theme kya hain..

There wasn't any theme of the party,but yes the dress code was red and black which was decided by armaan (like the day of their first valentines day party)..…

Sid was planning something mischievous….

SIDDANTH:Haan theme…aaj ka party ka theme hain……………(he was showing his back to J.P and he got an idea)….superheros ..(he turns around)
SIDDANTH:Haan ..toh tumhe wohi costume pehnana hoga…
J.P:Achcha……. par mere paas toh nehi hain..
SIDDANTH:Main hoona..main tumhara help kar doonga..…

He helped J.P with his costume ………and it was none other than SUPERMAN..

His shirt was tucked inside and he was tied around his neck a dupatta flowing at back,..he sticked "J" on his shirt,last but not least he was wearing his underwear on it..

J.P:Yeh kis liye….
SIDDANTH:Yeh superman ka style hain….

After getting ready,J.P posed him and asked..

J.P:Main kaisa hoon sidhantji..
SIDDANTH:Superhero ke bhi hero lag rahe hoo…(he was trying hard to control his laughter)
J.P:Aap kya banne hoo..
SIDDANTH:Main…….main ..spiderman..spiderman..
J.P:Makad manush..maine yeh film mugal saraye mein dekhi hain..bhojpuri mein..apne ravi bhaiya ki awaaz thi..bahut achcha tha….
SIDDANTH:Ravi bhaiya..
J.P:Ravi bhaiya,,ravi kissen bhai,,hamare bhojpuri ke top hero hain….hamare guru hain,,,hum bhi ek na ek din unke tarah banenge..jai ho ravi bhaiya ki..
J.P:Aap bahut achche hain sidhant ji..par aap kab ready honge..main kuch madad kar doo..
SIDDANTH:Noo…mein baad mein…ready ho jaunnga…
NAINA:J.P tum aa rahe hoo..(from outside)
J.P:Mein party mein ja raha hoon….flower ji bula rahi hain..(hes about to go when sid stops)
SIDDANTH:Nehi abhi nehi..tum baad me..
J.P:Baad mein kyun..
SIDDANTH:Wooh !!!!!!!!! sabko surprise milega tumhe dekh kar…
SIDDANTH:Achcha tum yahan raho…baad mein aa joau…mein chaltha hoon..ok..baad mein aa jana……(going out and talking)warna surprise nehi rahega..!!!

He was left wondering and didn't realise sid didn't changed clothes..

Outside changing room..

NAINA:J.P nehi ayega..
SIDDANTH:Wooh…baad mein aa jayega..haina..
J.P: (Talking from inside)Haan haan flowerji aap dono jayiye mein baad mein aajaunga..

Naina is a bit confused but she was involved in her dress and admiring her beauty that she ignored and sid was thinking how much fun it would be in party when J.P enters…they leave..


J.P:Flowerji toh dekh kar mujh par "latoo" ho jayegi…


J.P is in center of the canteen,all are staring at him and cheering…
Naina comes to him and starts singing…

Naina coming near him and roaming around him and dancing…
Latoo Latoo Latoo Main,Us Pe Latoo
Latoo Latoo Latoo Mein,Us Pe Latoo

J.P is acting like he is flying like superman with in his hand,,sometimes rightside and sometimes left side…naina is dancing..
Palak Kyun Phadke Re, Dil Kyun Dhadke Re
Thirak Si Jaoon Re, Kyun Mein Sharamaan Re

Someguys come and try to take naina forcefully,J.P comes and releases her..naina is singing and dancing..
Aaj Ye Kaun Aaya, Khushbuwon Sa Chaaya
Chal Mein Ghungroo Hai Mausam Hai

All surrounds J.P,with one punch with his hand,they are fallen on ground.. naina comes near him and kisses on cheek…
Latoo Latoo Latoo Main, Us Pe Latoo
Latoo Latoo Latoo Mein, Us Pe Latoo

J.P seeing naina kissing faints,,,,naina is worried and tries to wake him up..


Out of dream..

J.P:Hayye….naina ji hum aa rahe hain..

At canteen….

Sid and naina enters…

SIDDANTH:Hai armaan..(sid was wearing a casual red t-shirt and black trousers)
ARMAAN:Hye sid ,hye naina..welcome..

The canteen was decorated nicely with white and red ballons here and there,a small banner "welcome Dr.armaan" was being fixed by atul,all tables and chairs were kept side providing lots of space ..

NAINA:Wow!!its nice..(looking around)
ARMAAN:Baaki sab kahan hain…
SIDDANTH:Just coming…

They go and have a seat..

ATUL:Armaan.kaisa hain..(asking about banner)
Atul was wearing his trademark dress which is red full hand t-shirt,black collar coming out and black trousers..but still was looking really cute.
ARMAAN:Iski kya zaroorat hain..
ATUL:Arre mera bhai..tere liye toh main kuch bhi karoonga,,
ARMAAN:Thanks champ….waise anjy kahan hain..
ATUL:Pata nehi yaar mein bhi uske liye hi wait kar raha hoon….mujhe bulake wooh khud late ho gayi…pata nehi kuch problem toh nehi hain na….main ja kar dekh aau…
Armaan was seeing at atul with a mischevious look…atul saw him..
ATUL:Mera..mera.. matlab…
ARMAAN:Champ.!!!!!!!!!! (he tried to tickle him playfully)

Jiah and abhi enters,,,

JIAH:Hye Dr.Armaan….(giving hand to armaan)
But armaan avoids her and hugs abhi..
ARMAAN:Hye………abhi,..tum mere liye thoda jaldi nehi aa sakthe.. (in girly style)
Jiah was a bit shocked….
ABHI: (abhi answeres casually)Wooh jiah ko kuch shopping karna tha..
ARMAAN: (Facing jiah)Oh hyeee…jiah,u r dress is just awesome dear….(she was wearing a red western dress–same like what she wore on her anniversary party in DMG and abhi was wearing a red shirt and black trousers)
JIAH:Thanks…. (a bit uncomfortably)
Jiah sees someone and goes to meet her..seeing once back at armaan and abhi..

Atul was standing a bit side till now and joins abhi and armaan..who were busy talking/say whispering..

ABHI:Tum kya kar rahe the…
ARMAAN:Maine kya kiya….(facing atul)champ maina kuch kiya..(atul was confused and noded head in "no")
ARMAAN (Talking again to abhi who was staring angrily at him)…waise tumne nikki se baat kiya…
ABHI:Nehi yaar..mauka hi nehi mila,,,waise wooh abhi tak kyun nehi aayi….
ARMAAN:Phone toh kiya tha..pata nehi…achcha tum apna phone number do mujhe..
ARMAAN:Chup chap do…(he gives him and he feeds in his mobile)
ABHI:Par tum mujhse aake baat karsakthe hona..
ARMAAN:Agar nikki ko pata chal gaya toh wooh mujhe maar dalegi..waise wooh tumse naraz hain..mujhse bhi ho jayegi,,phir mat kehna,,..(imitating him) "armaan ab main kya karoo.".
ABHI:Theek hain …theek hain..chillao mat..koi sunlega..

Yes someone indeed was trying to listen to their conversation..but couldn't hear it,he was roaming around both,,and they were ignoring him and also unknowing pushing and punching him..hes ATUL..

ATUL:Yeh armaan abhi se kya baat kar raha hain..mujhe kuch sunayi nehi de raha…

ABHI:Kya isse nikki wapas aajayegi..
ARMAAN: (keeping hand on his shoulder)Sure ladkiyon ke mamle mein ,mein expert hoon..wooh "hum" jaise ladkon ke peeche peeche aayegi ..dekhlena..
ABHI: "Hum" jaise,,,,
ARMAAN:Matlab "tumhare" peeche ..o.k…..Dekho main tumhe phone kartha rahoonga …bluetooth pe rahon,,jaise mein kahunga tum waise hi karoo..theek hain na..
ARMAAN:Waise tumne yeh suna toh hoga "6 din,ladki in",par mera concept thoda alag hain… "1 din,6 ladki in"!!!!!!!! kitna mazaa aayega..hain na!!!
Abhi stares at him…and armaan gives him a look saying "what?"

Atul with great difficulty heard the last line…
ATUL:Maine yeh line kahin suna hua hain…..nehi nehi..maine toh isse dekha hua bhi hain..armaan…

ARMAAN: (listening to his voice,a bit shocked and he jumps)Champ!!!!!!!Tu yahan kya kar raha hain..
ATUL:(coming near)Kuch nehi..waise yeh tum Dr.Modi se kya khusur-phusur kar rahe the..
ARMAAN:Hum… kuch…kuch bhi toh nehi…
ABHI:Main chaltha hoon….bye Dr.Joshi…
Arman signals him to be on phone….atul sees it…
ATUL:Yeh tum kya kar rahe hoon..
ARMAAN:Kuch nehi …………vo dekho anjy aa gayi…

Atuls who was suspicious till now about armaan and abhi,forgot everything and was seeing anjali who was wearing a gorgeous red starpless evening gown..coming from door ..he was seeing her without blinking….armaan silently left him so that he again doesnt ask about him and abhi..

ANJALI:Atul!!!!!!!! Atul!!!!!!!!(waving her hand infront of his eyes)
He saw anjali and came back to senses,he saw the door again to know if this is true..
ANJALI:Aise kya dekh rahe hoo..
ATUL: (He storked his hair.).wooh..tum bahut bahut sundar lag rahi hoon anjali…
ANJALI:Thanks atul(blushing)

Sid and naina were sitting..

NAINA:Sid…wooh J.P abhi tak kyun nehi aaya….tum uske saath the na?
SIDDANTH:Wooh……….(trying to avoid her and divert the topic)dekho yuvi aaya hain..
SIDDANTH:Hye yuvi…aao na ..baitho..(he makes him sit with naina and he leaves to avoid naina and her questioning again)
NAINA:Tumne toh kaha tumhe party mein interest nehi hain..toh kyun aaye ho….
YUVRAAJ:Tumhare liye……..
Naina who was having a drink spills it out..and sees at yuvi with wide eyes..
YUVRAAJ: (yuvi smiles)Mazak tha..
NAINA:Tum mazak bhi karthe ho..mujhe toh laag tumhe sirf ek hi kaam aata hain-(shouting in his ears) ghoorna.!!!!(she goes leaving him alone making yuvi shocked)

Nikki enters…

NIKKI:Hye armaan..someone is looking handsome..(nikki was wearing a red and black dress)
Armaan was looking handsome in his red shirt,black trousers and black overcoat(same like valentines day party dress),he turned away from her,,
NIKKI:Kya hua ..
ARMAAN:Tum itna late kyun aayi ho..main tumse naraz hoon…
NIKKI:Tarffic jam tha..sorry…sorry…sorry..please sorry…(armaan tries to avoid her ..but)
ARMAAN:Achcha chodo chalo aao…

He takes her to table where atul-anjali and abhi-jiah were sitting already,he asks her to sit beside abhi..
But she avoids….armaan tries to sit beside abhi….jiah sees it……..

JIAH:Nikki….please tum baitho na..please(drags her and makes her sit so that armaan cant sit)
ARMAAN:Main "abhi" aata hoon.(he stresses on word "abhi" and signals him to be on phone,atul sees it and whispers something)
ANJALI:Kya hua atul..
ATUL:Kuch..kuch nehi anjali…..
Abhi was seeing nikki and trying to talk to her,jiah was busy with her phone and she left as there was no signal…abhi tries to talk to nikki..while atul-anjali were busy..
Nikki turns around..
Just then Armaan calls abhi and he lifts it….

ARMAAN:Hello charlie..tango here..1..2..3..can u hear me..
ABHI:Hmm.. (whispering)
NIKKI:Aapne kuch kaha Dr.Modi..(sarcastically)
ABHI:Nikki wooh…..(armaan says on phone-"kuch nehi",abhi without thinking says the same)
kuch nehi..(nikki sees away from him)
ABHI: (abhi talking to armaan on phone)kya..par mujhe usse baat karna hain
ARMAAN:Nehi tum usse baat nehi karoge..
ABHI:Par kyun..
ARMAAN:Kyunki mein keh raha hoo..
ABHI:Nehi..main usse baat karoonga..(facing nikki and talking to her)nikki mujhe tumse baat karni hain..
(on phone)
ARMAAN:Mat karo..
ABHI:Main karunga..
ABHI:Haan …
ARMAAN:Jiah ..(he sees jiah coming again)
ABHI: Nehi
ABHI:Nehi ..
ARMAAN:Haan ..
NIKKI:Dr.modi aap theek toh hai na?
ABHI:Main haan..nehi..nehi..haan..jiah…
ABHI:Mera matlab…
NIKKI:whatever..(she ignore him)
(on phone)
ARMAAN:Maine kahan na..usse baat mat karo..toh kyun kiya tumne…
ABHI:Arre yaar..sorry..ab se jo tum kahoge main wahin karoonga…promise..
ARMAAN:Toh chalo dekhthe hain…Seedhe baito….(abhi sits straight)..left dekho(he sees left)….right dekho(he sees right)..upar dekho..(he sees up)…naak mein ungli daloo..(and poor abhi,he is not as intelligent as saif ali khan and keeps his hand in his nose) ….(armaan whos seeing is laughing like hell…………….hahahahha!!!!!!!!! )
JIAH: (coming to table and seeing abhi)Baby…are u o.k..
ABHI: (he removes his hand quickly)Ya..i am fine………..(talking back to armaan)…armaan…..main toh tumhe..
ARMAAN:Just checking…charlie…over and out..(he cuts call and is laughing)

J.P enters..
All are seeing at him and laughing …..and he is confused but still is feeling he is best dressed and showing off!!!

J.P:Hello ji..(wishing all)

All are looking weirdly at him..

J.P:Hye ji…arre sab mujhe hi dekh rahe hain..shayad mein bahut handsome lag raha hoon..hehehe!!

NAINA:Yeh J.P ne kya pehna hua hain….
SIDDANTH:Mujhe kya pata..(trying to avoid)

ANJALI:Yeh Mr.prasad ne kya pehna hain…
Atul,nikki,armaan and jiah looks at him strangely…
ABHI:Yeh zaroor sid ki shaitani hogi..i know him…main aaj usse chodunga nehi..
JIAH:Its o.k jannu,..leave him…..

J.P:Hello nainaji …
NAINA:J.P yeh tum ne jo pehna hain..
J.P:Bahut achche hain na..humko pata tha aapko zaroor pasand aayega..
SIDDANTH:Haan ,tum bahut achche lag rahe ho..(trying to handle)
J.P:Thank u sidhantji (looking at him,sid tries to turn his face) aap nehi hote toh mujhe yeh sab kaun batata…..
Naina understood sid did all this and give him a killing look..and sid asks her to take it litely and naina smiles at J.P artificially…..J.P feels happy and tries to impress her more..

J.P:Main aapke liye kuch lata hoon nainaji..(he goes towards counter to get drink)..
All are laughing at him,and he is confused…
J.P:Yeh sab log mujhe dekh kar has kyun rahe hain..

He realises that no one apart from him is wearing such costume and is embarrassed and tries to cover him self,,but many staff..ward boys were around him and teasing along with sid,,,all were laughing …and sid was making more and more fun of him,,trying to pull his dress ….and J.P was feeling very embarrassed and was trying to avoid……


Suddenly sid sees someone coming from door and stares at her…it was tamanna..she was wearing a red salwar and was looking simple yet beautiful…her hair flowing ,,,,on other hand she was a bit nervous…remembering her conversation with his father in home…

TAMANNA:Mujhe nehi jana hain party mein baaba..
UMAR BHAI:Tammu tum kyun nehi jana chahthi..akhir wooh tumhare liye bhi toh hain….
TAMANNA:Par baaba…
UMAR BHAI:Tammu maine hamesha chaha ki tum sabse achchi doctor banoo,sab tumhari tareef kare aur jab Dr.armaan ne tumhare liye party rakhi toh tum nehi jaogi….nehi tammu tumhe jana hoga……………mere liye…
TAMANNA:Theek hain baaba…

Sid left J.P and moved towards tamanna and was near to her and about to talk when……..

ABHI: (flaring up) Yeh sab tumne kiya na..?
SIDDANTH:Haan……….(without realsing what abhi was asking)
ABHI:Mujhe pata tha…u stupid..idiot…sanjeevni mein aake kuch din bhi nehi hue….tumne apni kartoothe shuru kar di..tum kabhi nehi shudroge….kitni baar kahan maine..par tum(seeing sid,he wasn't listening to him)…….sid…sid…….
SIDDANTH:Kya….bhai…..(he was seeing tamanna and was smiling)
ABHI:Mein yahan tumhe galiya de raha hoon aur tum has rahe ho..
ABHI:J.P. ka dress ka idea tumhara tha…
SIDDANTH: (realising)Wooh..bhai…..sorry…main toh bas mazak,,,,,…..
ABHI:Agar tumne yeh sab jaldi se theek nehi kiya toh………. tumhe kal se auto se nehi……..
chalkar jana hoga……do u understand………..(he leaves)
Tamanna who was already tensed,listening to this conversation and seeing J.P was a bit afraid of sid thinking what he will do with her…
ABHI:Hye..miss gayab……….waise tum aaj sundar lag rahi ho is dress mein…..
TAMANNA:Haan..thanks..(moving away from him)mein jati hoon ..bye…
SIDDANTH: Isse kya ho gaya…….oh no J.P ….nehi toh bhai toh mujhe chodenge nehi..

He goes near J.P who was almost crying,he made all others to go and made him sit…

SIDDANTH: Dekho dude..sorry…main toh bas mazak …
J.P:Aap bade shehron ke log toh hum jaise gaav ke logon ke saath hamesha hi mazak karthe hain…
SIDDANTH: Nehi dude……..really,,,
J.P:Sidhantji…its o.k , aap ne mazak kiya,hum mazak bane,,,aur kuch toh baaki nehi hain na…
He goes away sadly..
NAINA:Tumhe aisa nehi karna chahiye tha sid…
SIDDANTH:Arre yaar gadbad ho gayi…
TAMANNA: (tamanna saw this and talks)Tum toh hamesha se aise karthe hoo,,tumne ek baar bhi soche uske dil par kya beethi hogi…kabhi socha tumhari stupid si mazak ki wajah se usse kitni takleef hui hogi…tumne kaise pata chalega…..jab koi tumpe ungli uthaye toh bahut takleef hota hain….par tumhe toh bas….(she actually showed her frustation on sid)
SIDDANTH: (sid left wondering)Ab maine kya kiya,,,
NAINA:Its ok.sid…shayad wooh khud pareshan hain aur kissi aur ki bhadas tum pe nikaal diya…relax…sab theek ho jayega..

Party time..!!!!!

Armaan goes to center and spotlight is on him….he starts talking..

ARMAAN:Hye guys thanks to everyone who came here….so now lets start the party!!!!!!!!! MUSIC…….!!!!

Everyone starts dancing and enjoying,,,,jiah pulled abhi and was dancing with him,,nikki was sitting alone as atul-anjali too were dancing…so were sid and naina..yuvi was sitting calmly and enjoying his drink and tamanna was with J.P and was trying to console him,,

ARMAAN:Ok guys…now lets do something different.…..abhi lights off ho jayenge aur sab log apni jagah se jayenge apne partner ko doondne..…jab lights wapas aayenge toh jo bhi aapke saamne hain..wooh hi aapke partner hain….now lets start…

Armaan takes nikki with him and also tamanna,J.P wasnot in mood and he didn't come,yuvi wasn't interested so he decides to go,gets up ..but..

ARMAAN:Now…….Lights off………

Lights go off…

Everyone are scattered trying to find there partner,its dark and one could hardly see..
Armaan gets an idea and he spills the drink on jiah..

JIAH: Idiot,,.,,dekh ke nehi chal sakthe..
ARMAAN:Sorry..!!(changing voice)
JIAH: Stupid!!!!(she goes to washroom to clean her stain)

Lights come……………..

Atul was with anjali,sid was with tamanna,yuvi who was going stood still when lights went off and naina was catching him due to fear..,seeing lights leaves him and they both are staring at eachother..,nikki was alone and so was abhi,,others who didn't got partners were trying to ask others …armaan sees it and calls abhi..

ARMAAN:Idiot,,kya dekh rahe ho,,jao nikki ke paas aur dance ke liye poocho…
ABHI:Par jiah,,,
ARMAAN:Wooh yahan nehi hain…jao ……

Abhi goes near nikki and asks for dance,she tries to avoid but all were already with their partners and ready to dance and she couldn't find armaan nor she had no option and accepts unwantedly…

ARMAAN:Now everyone………….enjoy……………………

The lights get dimmed and all are dancing….the song starts playing..

The four couples were deeply lost in each other…

Kuchh Khaas Hai Kuchh Paas Hai, Kuchh Ajanabi Ehsaas Hai
Atul-anjali dancing

Kuchh Duriyaan Najdikiyaan, Kuchh Hans Padi Tanhaayiyaan
Nikki-abhi dancing

Kya Yeh Khumaar Hai, Kya Aitbaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad
Yuvi-naina dancing

Kya Yeh Bahaar Hai, Kya Intjaar Hai
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad
Sid-tamanna dancing

Everyone remembered all those lovely moments in their life…

Kuchh Saanz Hai.., Jaage Se Jo Kal Soye
Their first meeting near busstop,how they both fought …(sid)

Alfaaz Hai.., Chup Se Nashe Mein Khoye
When he saved her on first day falling from terrace…(yuvi)

Nazar Hi Samjhaaye, Yeh Guftgu Saari..
How sid consoled her in fire escape…(tamanna)

Koyi Aarju Mein Hai, Angadaayi Pyaari..
How he rescued her,fought and also got hurt his arm,,
She was keeping her hand on his armm slides side remembering that it might be painful to him…(naina)

Kya Yeh Khumaar Hai, Kya Aitbaar Hai
Their fightings,how he catched her from falling everytime…(yuvi)

Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad
The day he saw her in saree in ramleela…(sid)

Na Inkaar Hai, Na Ikraar Hai
How he helped her taking out her dupatta,,,(tamanna)

Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad
How he dropped her back home…(naina)

Kehna Hi Kya.., Tera Dakhal Na Koyi
How many things he did for anjali,but she ignored him,,,(atul)

Dil Ko Dikha.., Dil Ki Shakal Ka Koyi
When they went to they fought,teased each other ,,but still loved.…(abhi)

Dil Se Bhi Meri, Ik Shart Yeh Aisi..
Atul had sold cycle for her karvachaut gift.,,,but she never gave him chance and kept him away from her..(anjali)

Laage Jeet Si Mujhako, Yeh Haar Hai Kaisi..
How they both confessed their love in barn..but abhi said about his marriage…(nikki)

Everyone was engrossed in each other and dancing…
They were singing and actually feeling those words too…….

Kyun Yeh Pukaar Hai, (sid)
Kyun Bekaraar Hai (yuvi)
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, (anjali-naina)
Pyaar Hai Shaayad… (Nikki-tamanna)
Jaadu Sawaar Hai, Na Ikhtiyaar Hai(Atul)
Shaayad Yeh Pyaar Hai, Pyaar Hai Shaayad(Abhi)

Armaan was happy seeing atul-anjali and nikki-abhi dancing ,he was on cloud nine and he felt that the promise he made to ridhima will come true soon….

He was seeing around suddenly,,he saw in the crowd ,a girl who was wearing a red flowy dress(yes the same dress ridhima wore on valenines day party),he searched for her here and there and she came near him and gave her hand…it was RIDHIMAA..
As soon as he touched her hand..,,they were in a empty canteen,,,no one around him and they started dancing …spotlight on both of them and song started playing again..

ARMAAN:Pyaar Hai Shaayad…..

RIDHIMAA:Kuchh Khaas Hai…….. Kuchh Paas Hai,……..Kuchh Ajanabi Ehsaas Hai…….

ARMAAN:Pyaar Hai Shaayad, Pyaar Hai Shaayad, Yahi..

They both were looking like made for each other ..lost in their eyes,,,never want to get separate…..
Armaan hugged her tightly never wanted to get apart again,ridhima too hugged him tightly,,,,,,,                                  
NIKKI:Anjy……….(in serious tone)hume armaan ko sach bata dena chahiye…..
ANJALI:Nikki,,yeh tum kya keh rah ho..(shocked)
ATUL:Anjali shayad nikki sahi keh rahi hain.. ab usse sachayi bata deni chahiye…

also see my new title song and sad version of asmani rang,,heres link
Please do comment..
sri Smile

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yogzz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 October 2009 at 6:34am | IP Logged
Hey !!!!
i loved it yaar................
it is awesome..............

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