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Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan & Shri Krishna CC#1 DONE! (Page 62)

..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 1:51pm | IP Logged

Sorry for posting so muchEmbarrassed, but here's a vid of Arun Govil as Lord Venkateswara Swamy in the Telugu movie Edu Kondalaswamy with Bhanupriya as Shri Padmavathi Devi...

A Pic from the Video...

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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 1:52pm | IP Logged

Another one from the same movie (In this one, you can recognize Arun more closely)...

A Pic from the Video...

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muffins2waffles IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
@ Lalitha  Pic update is amaaaaaazing! And awwwww Lakshman Ram sigs are sooo emotional and beautiful! Fantastic work! Love them!

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sitakshii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
wow !!! aradhna ,ur grandpa & ur uncle took a pic with MR DARA SINGH ,that really great !!!!
lalitha ,i went thru all the pics of arun govil & his family
nice to see the off-screen pics of arun govil & his family
i will later quote those pics !!!!
thanks for the article on MR RAMANAND SAGAR !!!! its always a pleasure to read abt that great soul !!!!
& thanks lalitha for liking my creation !!!!
sitakshii IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 03 November 2009 at 10:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by _LalithaJanaki_

The Man behind the Ramayan

December 13, 2005 02:20 IST

For millions of Indian television viewers in the late 1980s, Sunday mornings were a celebration viewing Ramanand Sagar's epic serial Ramayan.

Sagar, 87, who died on Monday from complications caused by old age in Mumbai, was born in December 29, 1917 at Asal Guru Ke near Lahore into one of the region's wealthiest families.

He showed striking literary precocity, inheriting the faculty from his father Dinanath Chopra who wrote under the pseudonym Taj Peshawari.

Ramanand was adopted by his maternal grandmother, who changed his original name Chandramauli. Later, he often confessed to have missed the love of his real parents. His childhood was responsible for the emotional note consistent in his work.

He first published a piece of prose-poetry, Pritaam Pratiksha, in 1933 when he was just 16 for the Srinagar-based Shri Pratap College magazine. The editor was impressed but was not convinced Ramanand had authored the work and so wrote as a footnote that 'the editor could not vouch for the originality of the article.'

Ramanand was thrown out of his house after he refused to accept dowry and struggled to make a living. In turn, he worked as a peon, truck cleaner, soap vendor and apprentice to a goldsmith during the day, studying for his degree at night.

He won a gold medal from Punjab University and the title of Munshi Fazal in Persian.

He joined the Daily Pratap newspaper and rose to become the news editor of the Daily Milap, a leading newspaper in Punjab.

Alongside his journalism, he continued to write prodigiously, and authored 32 short stories in 12 years, three novellas, one novel, two serials and two plays.

He wrote under the name 'Ramanand Chopra,' 'Ramanand Bedi,' 'Ramanand Kashmiri,' and finally settled on 'Ramanand Sagar.'

In 1942, he was afflicted by tuberculosis and fought death in a sanitarium. It was there that he wrote Diary of a TB Patient, which was serialised in Adab-e-Mashriq, a highly rated magazine in the 1940s.

It caught the fancy of the literary world, including the writer Krishen Chander, and won him acclaim.  

He made a significant contribution to the literary world between 1943 and 1949 with Jwaar Bhata in 1943, Ainey the next year; Jab Pahle Roz Baraf Giri, Goura in 1948 for a play enacted by Prithviraj Kapoor among others.

In 1947, Sagar fled Lahore to India with his family.

Penniless, his only possessions were five annas and a trunk full of manuscripts that described the horrors of Partition.

These manuscripts were the basis for Aur Insaan Mar Gaya, his life's masterpiece. Acclaimed as a classic in Urdu and Hindi literature, it was translated into several Indian and foreign languages. The English version And Humanity Died was published in 1987-1988.

In 1943, he was invited by film director Mehboob Khan and by writers Krishen Chander and Sadat Hassan Manto to come to Bombay. His debut in show business came via the story and screenplay for Raj Kapoor's superhit Barsaat.

In 1950, Sagar launched his production company Sagar Arts. Its first film was Mehmaan.

In 1957, his film Paigham (starring Dilip Kumar, Raaj Kumar and Vyjayantimala) won the Filmfare award for best dialogue.

His touch as producer and director was felt in his musical score, massive productions, spectacular locales and big star casts.

His group of companies produced over 25 motion pictures till 1984 with over 15 of them being box office hits; some of them crossed 75 weeks theatrically.

The blockbusters include silver jubilees -- six in a row -- Ghunghat, Zindagi, Aarzoo, Geet, Lalkar, Hamrahi, Charas, Pyaara Dushman, Ram Bharose, Bhagawat and the diamond jubilee Ankhen.

In 1985, Sagar and his sons entered television production, making Vikram aur Betaal, Dada Dadi Ki KahaniyanRamayan, Shri Krishna, Alif Laila, Jai Ganga Maiyya, Gurukul and Aankhen.

The Sagars logged 2,000 hours of television software in 15 years.

Their most recent venture Sai Baba went on air two months ago.

In 1996, he was honoured with the title Sahitya Vachaspati (Doctor of Literature) by the Hindi Sahitya Sammelan in Allahabad.

The government conferred the title of Padma Shri on Sagar in 2001.

thanks for this article lalitha
so MR RAMANAND SAGARS childhood was passed without love of his parents & this is the reason for the emotional excellent emotional content in his works
MR SAGAR didnot accept dowry so he was thrown out of the house
great guns to this MAN ,who was not ready to accept dowry ,rather he chose the path full of thorns ,after leaving his house ,he did all kind of jobs ,even the job of a truck cleaner & all due to his hard work ,honesty & values ,he reached the position ,where we all look up to him as our idol !!!!
so many awards & trophies he got Clap
his biography is so inspiring
hats off to this great soul !!!!Clap
MagadhSundari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 November 2009 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
@ Aradhana - Thanks so much, glad you liked the creations... And thanks for the info from Mr. Rajda! I always figured wondered why they would use Arun Govil's voice but not his body, guess they didn't... very awesome make-up, then! And lol try to steal those family pics with Dara Singh, janta ke liye yaar  Any updates from Swapnil??

@Sita - Gorgeous Dara singh creation dear! You chose the most expressive pic Clap

@Lali - Huge thanks for the RS articles, which make him even more admirable... knew about his early difficulties, but didn't know he was  such an allrounder! Journalism prizes, wow Clap Thats prob how he became such an awesome, intuitive writer!
And thanks also for the Arun Govil pics and vids... he's got that timeless mytho look for sure! And the costumes are beautiful too Day Dreaming
And you're using the LakhanUrmi sig again! Thanks!  I'm flattered Embarrassed
MagadhSundari IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 November 2008
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Posted: 04 November 2009 at 4:19pm | IP Logged
Ok Lali, here's "Muni Katha Sunaate" for ya, gotta run a quick errand but will edit the post and add in the translations when I get back Big smile

Shrimad Bhaagvat Ki Katha, Sab Shaastron Ka Saar – The Story Of The Bhaagvat, The Basis Of All The Scriptures

Nis Din Muni Shukdevji, Baanche Vidhi Anusaar – Everyday, Sage Shukdev Recites According To Tradition

Bhakti Gyaan Aadhyatma Ka, Karat Chale Vistaar – Devotion, Knowledge, And Spirituality He Continued To Spread

Varne Jo Hari Ne Liye, Samay Samay Avtaar – He Described The Incarnations Which The Lord Took Time After Time

Parshuram Ki Kahi Katha, Jinka Ka Ugr'avtaar – He Told The Story Of Parshuram, The Incarnation Of Wrath

Kshatriya'heen Karat Rahe, Dharti Baarambaar – Who Rid The Earth Of Warriors Over And Over Again

Ram Ke Sanmukh Mit Gaya, Parshuram Ka Dambh – In Front Of Ram, Prashuram's Pride Shattered

Bhakti Sahit Muni Tab Kari, Ram Katha Aarambh – Filled With Devotion, The Sage Then Started The Story Of Ram


Muni Katha Sunaate, Ram Sakal Sukh Dhaam Ki –The Sage Tells The Story Of Ram, The Storehouse Of Joy

Muni Katha Sunaate, Ram Sakal Guna Dhaam Ki – The Sage Tells The Story Of Ram, The Storehouse Of Virtue

Jai Ho Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram Ki – Glory To The Greatest Of Men, Shri Ram

Chaitra Maase, Shukla Pakshe – In The Month Of Chaitra (April), During The Bright Fortnight

Navami Divasye, Suryavanshe – On The Ninth Day, In The Sun Dynasty

Huyi Jyoti Ujaagar Raghuvar Lalit Lalaam Ki – Was Kindled The Light Of The Beloved Son Of The Raghus

Tihun Lok Mein Phaili Keerti Ayodhya Naam Ki – In All Three Realms, The Glory Of Ayodhya Spread

Yehi Janam Bhoomi Hai Karma Veer Shri Ram Ki – This Is The Birthplace Of The Action Hero, Shri Ram

Jai Ho Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram Ki X2 - Glory To The Greatest Of Men, Shri Ram


Dashrath Pitu Kaushalya Maata – Dashrath His Father, Kaushalya His Mother

Bharat Shatrughan Lakshman Bhraata – Bharat, Shatrughan, And Lakshman His Brothers

Gurukul Mein Gaye Chaaron Bhai – The Four Brothers Went To School

Guru Vashisht Se Vidya Paayi – They Received Knowledge From Sage Vashisht

Padh Likh Raj Mahal Mein Aaye – Having Read And Written, They Returned To The Palace

Purujan Parijan Lakhi Harshaaye – The Courtiers And Citizens Were Delighted To See Them


Vishwamitra Mahamuni Gyaani – Vishwamitra, The Great Knowledgeable Sage

Suni Dashrath Nripa Ko Ati Daani – Had Heard King Dashrath Is Very Generous

Dashrathji Ke Dwaare Aake – Coming To Dashrath's Door

Vishwamitra Ne Vachan Bharaake – Vishwamitra Got A Promise Fulfilled

Durlabh Nidhi Paayi Prabhuvar Puran Kaam Ki – And Got The Rare Treasure Of God Himself To Fulfill His Task

Muni Katha Sunaate, Ram Sakal Guna Dhaam Ki - The Sage Tells The Story Of Ram, The Storehouse Of Virtue

Jai Ho Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram Ki - Glory To The Greatest Of Men, Shri Ram


Madhurim Vaani, Madhur Swar, Bhaavuk Prastuti Dhang – In The Sweetest Words And Voice, With An Emotional Style Of Presentation

Ek Ek Kar Varnan Kare, Munivar Ram Prasang – One By One, The Sage Described The Events Of Ram's Life

Ram Tadaka Ka Vadh Kinha – Ram Killed The Demoness Tadaka

Abhay Daan Muniyan Ko Dinha – Giving The Sages The Gift Of Fearlessness

Pad Pankaj Ki Mahima Bhaari – The Greatness Of His Lotus Feet Is Immense

Paras Paaye Tari Gautam Naari – By Their Touch, The Wife Of Gautam Was Saved


Sabke Kaaj Savaarte, Path Mein Lakshman Ram – In The Midst Fulfilling Everyone's Tasks, Ram And Lakshman

Guruvar Vishwamitra Sang, Pahunche Mithila Dhaam – Along With Their Teacher Vishwamitra, Reached The Sacred City Of Mithila

Janakpur Utsav Hai Bhaari X2 – A Grand Celebration In Janak's City

Apne Var Ka Chayan Karegi, Sita Sukumari – Princess Sita Will Choose Her Husband

Swayamvar Ki Sab Taiyyari – Oh, The Preparations For This Engagement

Janak Raj Ka Kathin Pran, Suno Suno Sab Koi – The Tough Oath Of King Janak, Hear It One And All

Jo Tode Shiv Dhanush Ko, So Sita Pati Hoyi – Whoever Breaks Lord Shiv's Bow Will Become Sita's Husband

Jo Tode Shiv Dhanush Kathor – Who Will Break Shiv's Sturdy Bow

Sabki Dhrishti Ram Ki Or! – Everyone's Eyes Were On Ram

Ram Vinay-Gun Ke Avtaar – Ram, The Incarnation Of Humility

Guruvar Ki Aagya Sir Dhaar – Took His Teacher's Orders Upon Himself

Sahaj Bhaav Se Shiv Dhanu Toda – He Easily Broke The Bow Of Shiv

Janak Suta Sang Naata Joda – And Entered Into A Sacred Bond With Janak's Daughter

Siya Ko Vyaahi, Avadhpur Laaye – Marrying Sita, He Brought Her To Avadh

Nar Naari Mil Mangal Gaaye – The Men And Woman Sang Songs Of Blessing

Siya-Ram Se Shobha Badhi Ayodhya Dhaam Ki – Siyaram Enhanced The Glory Of Ayodhya

Muni Katha Sunaate, Ram Sakal Guna Dhaam Ki - The Sage Tells The Story Of Ram, The Storehouse Of Virtue

Jai Ho Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram Ki - Glory To The Greatest Of Men, Shri Ram


Samajh Pita Ki Uljhan Saari – Understanding His Father's Whole Dilemma

Anboli Aagya Sir Dhaari – He Undertook Unspoken Orders

Aahat Maat Pita Ne Roka – His Distraught Parents Stopped Him

Vyaakul Vyathit Praja Ne Roka – The Anxious, Anguished Citizens Stopped Him

Kintu Tyaag Murti Ram – But Ram, The Personification Of Sacrifice

Pita Ka Vachan Sarvopari Maanke – Took His Father's Word To Be Above All

Apne Sukhon Ko Tuchhya Jaanke – He Saw His Own Joys As Petty

Karam Path Par Badhte Rahe – And Continued On The Path Of Action

Maryada Aadarshon Ka Ek Naya Itihaas Gadhte Rahe – Establishing New Ideals And Righteousness

Van Mein Chauda Varash Bitaaye – They Spent Fourteen Years In The Forest

Bharat Milaap Karan Tahaan Aaye - Even Bharat Came There To Reunite

Shish Khadaaun Nainan Paani – With The Sandals Upon His Head And Tears In His Eyes

Bharat Le Chale Ram Nishaani – Bharat Left, Taking A Symbol Of His Ram Along


Raavan Duratma Chhal Se Harke Le Gaya Maa Janaki – The Evil Soul Raavan Cunningly Kidnapped Mother Sita

Sita Ki Raksha Mein Jataayu De Gaya Bali Praan Ki – In Sita's Protection, Jataayu Sacrificed His Life

Sita Ko Khojat Bhent Ho Gayi Ram Aur Hanuman Ki – Seeking Sita, Ram And Hanuman Met One Another

Tihun Lok Mein Samta Na Aise Bhakt Aur Bhagwan Ki – In All Three Realms, There Is No Equal Of Such A Devotee And Such A God


Siya Sudhi Laane Gaye, Lanka Hi Jaraaye Aaye – He Went To Get News On Sita, He Came Back Having Burnt Down All Of Lanka

Ramji Ke Doot Hanuman Baldhaariji – This Brave Messenger Of Ram, The Mighty Hanuman

Setu Bandh-Baandhke Samandar Ke Paar Gaye – Having Bound It With A Bridge, They Crossed The Ocean

Ram Aur Raavan Mein Yuddh Bhayo Bhaari Ji – Then A Great War Took Place Between Ram And Raavan

Meghnaad Maari Gayo, Kumbhkaran Sang – Meghnaad Was Killed Along With Kumbhkaran

Maari Gayi Raavan Ki Khal Sena Saari Ji – Slain Was Raavan's Entire Wicked Army

Raavan Ko Maar Avtaar Hetu Puro Kiyo – Having Killed Raavan And Fulfilled The Purpose Of This Incarnation

Avadh Ko Lauti Siya-Ram Ki Savaari Ji – Siyaram's Vehicle Returned To Avadh

Ram Rajya Aayo Sukh Daayi – The Joyful Reign Of Ram Arrived

Sukh Samriddhi Shri Chahun Dishi Chhaayi – Happiness And Wealth Spread In All Four Directions

Hari Anant Hari Katha Ananta – God Is Endless, As Is His Story

Kahahi Sunahi Bahuvidhi Sab Santaa – The Saints Tell It And Hear It Over And Over Again

Kahe Sune Kitnaahu Koi – How Many Ever Times One Hears It Or Tells It

Ram Katha Nidhi Shesh Na Hoyi – The Treasure That Is Ram's Story Is Never Reduced

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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 04 November 2009 at 4:34pm | IP Logged

Here is a siggie based on the "Re Manva Prem Jagat Ka Saar" lyrics....sorry, it's a bit crowded but I wanted to include so many pics.Embarrassed

Brighter Version

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