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Monday - Sept 28th update

No episode aired today so Anj escapesWink
Ganga warns him not to listen Charu , as she is a lil girl .. Also says to think abt Ila & Natchiyar .. They must be worried without them ... And advices Ayya to get his sons back home .. Ayya is proud of Ganga's raththa paasam ... Charu too says to forgive them , as only b'cos of them , now Ganga has got a good life ... she is going to marry collector & his sons can be forgiven for this atleast ... Ayya is so happy to hear his lil one talk .. Charu continues to praise Ganga .. Says , she is like a mom to her & Ramamani ... And ganga is their life .. Ayya feels happy & proud ... Also utters that he forgives his sons , just for their sake ...

Ila visits Kula , Karthi & Sara in rice mill .. Informs them that Ayya has decided to take Natchiyar to Subbu's home & to live happily together with Subbu family ... Also asks if they have found any amicable solution to solve this problem ... Karthi replies her that they thinking abt it ... Ila scolds them for being so careless ... And suggests to get JC out of jail ... Also she believes that it'll reduce Ayya's anger & he may let his sons to return home ... Wife of Ponnusamy , Kula's driver arrives there .. Requests him to advice her husband , as he is a drunkard & doesn't bring money to home .. And that her kids are starving ... Also says she is fine even if he gets caught in police & they beat him up ... Kula says he has an solution to solve her problems & asks her to tell Ponnusamy to meet him .. She agrees & leaves ... Rest wonder what Kula is upto ...

Night time .. Karthi & Sara in some place .. Sara tells him that he didn't expect Ayya will chase them out from house .. Karthi tells his bro not to worry & Ayya will def call them back .. Ganga & Charu visits them ... Ganga tells them that they (she & her family) are not the reason for their present state .. Continues to tell that maniakarar informed Ayya & that too he blamed only Kula , not them .. Sara jumps in , says not to accuse their uncle , as it's the saem like accusing them ... Ganga asks what dhrogam they did to Kula & why he wants to destroy us .. Also says they must have stopped Kula from doing this .. Karthi replies that he doesn't need to explain things to her .. Ganga sings the same song , "you are our only relatives .. whom else we have" ... Karthi gets wild , warns her not to make a scene .. Ganga says they are really worried abt their state .. And not to see them as another family .. They have only affection & love for them .. Karthi is very annoyed .. Ganga says , one fine day they'll get to know their love for them .. And adds Ayya has forgiven them & asks to go home .. Karthi replies that it is a problem btwn father & sons .. And they know to solve their problems & asks ganga to leave .. Sara tells to leave Aayakudi once for all & that is one good favor she can do for them ... Ganga again tells them to go home .. Karthi warns Ganga to leave from there , before he raises his hand ... Ganga & Charu gets shocked and leaves ...

Next morning ... Kula brings Ponnusamy to police station .. Ponnu tells Insp that he smuggled ration rice in lorry & he has been doing it for 5 years ... And Jeyachandran (JC) has nothing to do with this smuggling .. Insp agrees to do the lawful procedure , to get JC out .... Kula gives an victory smile ...

Ila meets her mom , Muththarasi .. Informs her abt Ponnu's surrendering himself in police station .. Also adds that Kula was the one who brought the truth out ... Muththarasi feels bad for doubting her hubby .... Kula comes home .. Muthu falls on his feet & apologises ... Feels ashamed of herself for doubting him ... Ila advices to understand her dad now atleast ... Kula says JC will be out , next week ... Ila reminds her mom , not to forget abt JC marriage with Ganga .. Muthu panics ...

Thodarum ....

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Wednesday September 30 update

J.C  is released from Jail after signing papers. Kula & Muthu wait outside. Muthu cries seeing her son why do I need to receive from jail. J.C asks why do I have this Sodhanai - Apart from wanting Ganga I didn't do any sins. Kula saya lets go meet Ayya and ask him about what needs to be done. J.C asks did Ayya say any good thing after hearing about my release?  Kula says Ayya will consider you now, I will make him cancel Collector Ganga engagement the same way he stopped yours. Come on let's go.

All 3 of them go home.  Before entering the house Ila stops and Suthipodu(I don't know the English word for this) for annan. She puts the things in fire and it cracks. Muthu says so much Thrishti on my son.

They tell him to take a bath. Ila sees him and shows him the ring she stole from collector. She says I was able to hold off on the wedding so far as you told me and now it is your samarthiyam. This is the ring I stole from collector with Manga's help when he was about to put it on Ganga. So you go and put it now. J.C says I will do that immediately. After J.C leaves,, Ila says Ganga -  I will not let you live in peace. I will send you all out of Ayakudi. I will pay you back for my dad, husband and BIL getting hit by Ayya.

Ayya comes to Collector's house. He hands over the bundle of invitation to him and his mom. Rathnavelu has gone to the station to receive guests. Collector's mom reads the invitation and she is happy to see Ayya's sons and DIL names in there. She says you should have put Kula's name as well. To that Ayya says I would have - but they are still angry. Ayya says I need to talk about an important matter.... Phone rings.

Collector's mom picks up the phone.  J.C is on the line. He says I want to talk to Collector. She says he is busy now so tell me what. He gets mad and says I am going to marry Ganga now. Tell your son to forget her. I went to Jail with out committing  any mistakes. Don't make me go Jail after doing some thing. I hope you understand and hangs up. She decides not to tell Ayya as she doesn't want him to worry.

When she returns to collector and Ayya they ask what is the problem. Did some one threaten us? She doesn't answer any thing. Collector asks Ayya what is the important matter you wanted to talk. Ayya says even though Rathnavelu is my friend - I still need to do seeru for my daughter. What are your expectations? Both collector and mom say we don't need any thing.
I don't even need the paramparai nagai you were going to give Ganga.She says Ganga will be happy here.  Ayya says I want both Ganga and collector to be happy.

After sending Ayya off, Collector asks his mom what is the matter. You looked like you hid some thing from Ayya.  She tells him about J.C's call and says but God wanted you to have Ganga. Collector says think like that and be happy. Ayya will take care of every thing. She doesn't seem to be convinced.

Ayya puts nail polish to his daughters. The girls ask did you ever put nail polish to Amma? He says There was no Nail polish then, Natchiya would give Marudhani and I would put it on her. Ganga's cell rings. Collector calls Ganga - Ganga didn't pickup and says it is wrong number. Rama pulls the phone and puts it on speaker. Collector talks in Thuya Tamil. He says Pesu Ganga Pesu. Un kurali ketka vandha yennai yematrade. Rama starts singing Singara velane vaaa vaaa. Collector is puzzled and says why are you singing? I only told you to talk. Ayya talks and says Collector Thambi.. Collector immediately disconnects the phone. (He azadu vazhinjifies - cute scene).

While they are laughing, J.C, Kula and Muthu walk in. Muthu says my son is nirabarathi now. You didn't want him to marry Ganga because he is a kutravli,. He is nirabarathi now. Can you agree to Ganga's wedding to J.C now? They all look at her and shocked.

Screen freezes on Ganga's face.


Oct 2nd update

Natchiya sees her two sons standing outside the door. She informs Ayya. Ayya's sons say that they have done no wrong. Natchiya tells them to get inside. They say they won't come in till Ayya says he has forgiven them. Ayya then tells them to come in and Natchiya is very happy at that. He feels bad that he has hit them. Ayya's sons inform him that they will not behave in a suspicious manner and will not do anything to hurt him again. Ayya tells them to go eat and Natchiya goes to get the food ready. Ayya watches them with a big happy smile on his face.

Ganga is at the temple with her friend, Vishwa. The temple priest gives her the prasadam and hopes that she'll start a happy married life soon. Ganga's friend tells her that everyone is very excited about her marriage. Ganga says that Kulesekaran and his family are still unhappy. Ganga asks her friend if he has called JC to the temple. Vishwa says JC is on his way but he doesn't believe that JC will listen to Ganga. Ganga believes that JC will say yes to her request and thinks that everything will be alright with her family after that. JC walks in. Vishwa says he'll wait outside and leaves. JC says he has wanted to talk to Ganga for a long time. Ganga says she called him here for the same reason. Meanwhile, Ayya has come to the temple to pray and hears them talking.

Ganga goes straight to the point and says that Ayya has been very upset ever since JC and his family visited them. She says that a lot of things have happened between their families but all that is in the past. Right now, her father's wellbeing is the most important for her, even more important than her marriage. She says that Ayya is not going to change his mind about her marriage. She also says she will also never act against her father's wishes. So, she tells JC to please forget about the past. She encourages him to please inform his parents to stop the family feud and to attend her wedding.

JC says that he has loved Ganga since he first saw her. He says he cannot give up his love. Ganga is shocked that he has loved her for so many years. She says she is glad to hear that he has cared for her all this while and tell him that if he had informed her before the collector had talked to her, she would have said no to the collector. Even after the collector said he liked her, she kept the collector's proposal a secret and agreed to marry JC. She said she agreed not just because her dad wanted her to but also because she really wanted to unite their families. But then the engagement was stopped and her dad finalized her engagement with the collector. Ganga says she has agreed wholeheartedly to marry the collector. She says it not fair on JC's part to ask her to change her mind once again.

JC tells her it is equally not fair of her to ask him to forget about his kadhal for her. JC requests Ganga to talk to her father on his behalf. Ganga refuses because she doesn't want to shock her father and affect his health again. She tells him to forget her for the sake of Ayya's health and for their family's happiness. JC says again that he can never forget her and he will die if he can't marry her. Ayya, who is listening to this conversation and Ganga are both shocked.

Ganga tells him that he is not to be like that. JC says again like a broken record that he will never forget Ganga. She asks JC is if that is his final decision and he says yes. Ganga then gives JC the wedding invitation. She tells JC that to please attend the wedding and give his blessings. JC refuses and says he will still continue hoping that both of them will get married. Ganga walks away without hearing his monologue. JC leaves after that. Ayya also walks back home angrily. JC goes to Ayya's home. Natchiya welcomes him in and kusalam visarichufies. Ayya gets home, sees JC there and gets angrier. He tells JC he has heard the conversation at the temple. Ayya tells JC off for trying to emotionally blackmail Ganga. He tells JC to forget Ganga and to attend the wedding…


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Post reserved for Anjali Thursday

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Thanks Laksh for the lovely update...

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Thanks for the update Laksh.

Kula has brought into this world a useless and heartless daughter in the form of Illavanchi. I hope her tongue rots for the all lies that comes out from her mouth. I am sure Jayachandran will soon find out the truth that his dad was behind the whole episode of he being held in the prison.....

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thanks laksh!
I don't know why Ganga  has no soodu or suranai. She's supposed to be the heroine! Her sisters are more feisty than her.

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This is what make me feel so angry....with this serials.....this people are acting as though there are the mahan....SillySillySilly
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Thanks migan ... Scenes where Ramamani appears is always cute & lively ..

Saw in a promo .... Ganga with a garland ... Collector puts a garland on JC in temple .. Accompanied by Ganga's sisters & two others ... Looks like collector might get Ganga married to JC , himself Confused ...

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I saw that promo too. It is terrible as Renita pointed out every one is thinking them selves as mahan especially the leads. Suffer as much as possible. It is irritating to watch it some times.

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