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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 26 October 2009 at 3:25am | IP Logged
@SajanMayurKash,.........Clap............superb.......absolutely superb.....awesome OS dear.......pata nahi yeh sab.....ya fir is tarah ke kuch kab dekhne ko milenge....*sigh*.....
thnxxx a ton for ur pm dear.....i lovd this OS vry vry much........Clap

wind453 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2009 at 4:18am | IP Logged
hey guys this is my first one shot. Here's the one shot
An Eternal love story-part1

Samrat and Ggunjan were happily married couples,Benji and Dia are to get engaged.Mayank had just returned from london and was all ready to prpose nupur today for marriage. Mayank was waiting for nupur on the beach for last 30 min.

;"yeh ladki bhi na kabhi time pe nahi ayeegi". he thought

after 5 min nupur arrived. she was wearing a saree


mayank could not take off his eyes on her

n: mayank

 mayank was so lost in her that he did not hear her

MAYANK!! she shouted which made mayank come out of his world

m: huh...

n: ab tum yahi khade rahoge ya kuch bologe bhi

"you look beautiful" said mayank and kissed her on her cheeks which made her blush

"nupur tum blush karti ho toh aur bhi beautiful lagti ho" said mayank which made her blush more and could be seen on her face

 after their dinner mayank came near nupur who seemed to be lost in some thought

m: nupur main tumse kuch kehna chahta hoon

 he came in front of her and sat on his knees and held her hand in his

"Will u Marry Me " said mayank

nupur was happy to hear this and she immediately hugged mayank to which mayank too responded passiontly& after five min they broke off from the hug

n: i will marry u mayank par maeri ek shart hai agar tum woh puri karoge to i will marry u


to be contd

guys pls reply if u like it so that i can continue

hope it was not boring

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aj_observer IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2009 at 10:00am | IP Logged

Here is the final farewell for MN as we know......may the characters RIP........

Nupur's thooughts.....It is just as lame as the Cv's story line hence I dedicate it to the Mahaan CVs team of MJHT.......


Someone to share and someone to care

Someone to love and someone just there

The simple things I wanted in life

To make dreams grandeur and rife

Why did I fall in love with you?

Knowing I am not worthy of you

You say I am your love

And say fallen for the eyes of dove


I find it hard to believe because

You are well above me

What did I ever do to deserve you?

I am not sure why I am being rewarded of you.


I guess I never understood you

The reasons you love me

But rest assured my love

You are better off without me


Several broken promises and

Foolish simpleton I am

We can't be together because to me

I am never who you want me to be


You are every girls dream, mine as well

Is it not better thought to bid farewell

I wish not to give you pain not even once

 I can only give what I have in abundance


I wish and pray you are happy as before

Those days seem to be the best days galore

Many will be there for you I am sure

I dread the future all alone to bear


Fate has decide things that are in store for me

Dare I deny you of your generous destiny?

All I can say dear love good bye from me

Honestly, shouldn't it be good riddance of me?


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Soulmate_Sana IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2009 at 10:32am | IP Logged
wow nice one shot dear
thenarcissist IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 October 2009 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nikki028

@SajanMayurKash,.........Clap............superb.......absolutely superb.....awesome OS dear.......pata nahi yeh sab.....ya fir is tarah ke kuch kab dekhne ko milenge....*sigh*.....<br>thnxxx a ton for ur pm dear.....i lovd this OS vry vry much........Clap<br>

yeah,I know yaar.............
I wish they dont show too much rona-dhona
Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 October 2009 at 10:58am | IP Logged
lovely part.
great yaar.
Liked mayur a lot
they r awesome.
after today's episode i felt little bit sad
But ur update made me happy.
Thanx a lottt.

aish_punk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 November 2009 at 4:59am | IP Logged
guys i dont think u can post comments here!
anyway here's my SaNu one shot - Fun Unlimited

Samrat is in the basketball court playing, while he notices Nupur going somewhere hurriedly and calls out to her.


" hey nupur" samrat said.


" hi samrat..ab kya hai?", nupur asked.


" kuch nahi..wanted to talk to u", samrat said.


" mujse? Not bad tumhe finally aqal gayi hai..ab bolo kya hai..mere paas time nahi hai", she said.


" kyon mayank ke paas jaana hai?", he teased.


Nupur hesitated, " nahi but  phir bhi tum par time kyon waste karu?", she teased back.


" hmm baat to sahi hai ..jab mere paas gunjan hai …tum par time waste karna", he said making a disgusted face.


" kya matlab", she asked raising her eyebrows.


" kuch nahi..for a change meri help kar dogi?", he asked politely.


" haan bolo", she said.


" u'll help me choose a gift for Gunjan?", he asked.


" sure!", she grinned." Lekhin mujhe bhi kuch dena chahiye uske liye", she demanded.


" tumhe kya du?..tumhare paas to mayank hai na..aur kya chahiye?", he teased again.


" hmm..tum", she said.


He was shocked and backed off. " kya?!", he said in a totally shocked tone.


Nupur started laughing hysterically. " tumne..samja true?!", she said in between laughs.


Samrat gave her a deadly glare, " funny nahi tha.!" He said angry.


" tha!"


" nahi!"




" nahi" saying that he starts running after her.


He catches her by the waist just when Mayank enters the hallway.


" wanna make mayank jealous?" , he whispers.


" I don't mind", she winks.


Mayank looked at both of them suspicious, they did look like a couple and he got a bit jealous.


Samrat picked her up and twirled her around. " nupur tum kitni bhaari ho", he said playfully.


She hit his arm," shut up!"


They both put on fake smiles on their faces. Mayank was now fuming, but instead of going upto them, he went in search for Gunjan.


He bumped into her outside the library. " gunjan chalo mere saat", he said frantically and pulled her by the wrist.


Gunjan was bewildered, why is Mayank pulling her n taking her?! He pulled her till they reached Samrat and Nupur.


Gunjan was shocked at what she saw, Samrat was carrying Nupur in his arms and was staring at her!


" di..samrat..", she said out loud.


Samrat dropped Nupur and she landed with a thud.


" Ow samrat!", she said with clenched teeth.


" Gunjan..yeh nupur ne mujhe force kiya..usse uthane ke liye", he explained.


Nupur got up and said, " yeah right..tum hi to keh rahe the ki gunjan ko jealous karma hai" .


Gunjan opened her mouth in shock. " Samrat..tum mujhe kyon jealous karna chahte ho?", she asked.


" nahi chasmish, tum kiski baton pe yakeen kar rahi ho!" he said acting shocked.


" aur waise to yeh mayank ko jealous karna chahti thi", he added pointing at Nupur.


She gave him a fake smile and punched him hard. " ow! That hurts Nupur", he said acting hurt.


" Nupur!" , Mayank exclaimed irritated.


She went upto him, " mayank u noe na I love you and not someone else", she said disgusted.


Mayank smiled and suddenly she hugged him, he hugged her back.


Samrat too took advtange of this and went upto Gunjan," we were just playing around..sorry", he said sweetly. She smiled " its okay Samrat", and opened his arms and she hugged him.


Samrat and Nupur looked at each other still hugging and winked.


Oh, i know it was awfully short but then it was on SaNu so could'nt make it that long either.
if u liked it please press the like button :)
if u wanna comment here's the link -


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aish_punk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 November 2009 at 5:10am | IP Logged
Another one on SaJan/Mayur - True Love always wins..
i wrote this some time ago.

Gunjan woke up slightly tired. She did'nt know what she was doing here - in this unknown place! She turned to her left sleepily. That awoke her completely! She saw Samrat being taken away from her. Her father,Hariprasad Bhushan,who never wanted happiness in his daughters lives,was pulling away Samrat from her. Samrat started being beaten and pushed.


"NO!!!",she woke up frightened. Samrat who was next to her woke up hearing her scream. He got up n caressed her cheek & asked, "What happened chasmish?".


Gunjan was still panting due to what she had just seen! "Samrat maine ek bahut bura sapna dega. tumhe..tumhe..",she just could'nt utter those words.


Samrat understood what she had seen. He pulled her closer,so that her head rested on his chest n he caressed her hair. "Do'nt worry sweetie,mujhe kuch nahi hua",in a soothing voice.


Hearing this,she calmed down a bit and closed her eyes. But then it came to her agian!




"Papa,i love him" she shouted.


"Love? Do you even know how harmful it is?" smirked her father.


"No papa,its not harmful,it just makes two people happy", she said dreamily.


This angered Hariprasad even more.


"Who is this Mayank?uski status kya hai aur hamari kya hai!" her father said furious at his daughter's stupid talk.


"Status se kuch fark nahi padta.",she said firmly.


"Accha! to tum nahi sunogi",he roared. He pulled her hand and led her to her room. She begged him to let go of her but he just locked her in there.Why? Just because she loved Mayank?!


Hariprasad was angered by his daughter's tactics. She was never meant to fall in love with a dancer's son. He was the richest businessman & his daughter..! He felt ashamed to even think about it.


Nupur screamed & shouted but no1 opened the door.Gunjan wanted to, but she was scared. She wondered y Nupur was SO madly in love with Mayank! Nupur finally gave up and started crying.


Next morning -


Gunjan opened her sister's room to give her breakfast but she was shocked at what she saw. "DII", she shouted out madlly. Hariprasad came running and was shocked at what he saw.


After few hours,it was all over the news -


"Nupur Bhushan,the daughter of rich businessman found DEAD!"


Hariprasad was just angry with her for spoiling his reputation.


"We do'nt know if it was suicide..but why would she suicide - who had everything!"


Gunjan,after hearing this,thought that 'No.They're wrong. She did'nt even get the love of her life' and she broke down.


Mayank was totally heartbroken after hearing this. He had loved her so deeply! He sat down on the table n he could'nt control it anymore,after taking the whole bottle of sleeping pills, he was dead in a few minutes. In his last breath he whispered, "Nupur,main aa raha hoon..."

Gunjan never thought that she too would fall madly in love like her sister after two years.
"DI",she said tearfully.
Sanrat got concerned after hearing that. "Gunjan tum teek ho na?"
"Haan Samrat, bas di ki yaad aa gayi", she said with tears brimming down her face.
Samrat lifted her head. He cupped her face with one hand and wiped her tears with the other.
"Samrat...agar papa ne hamare saat bhi aisa kar diya toh?", she asked frightened.
"Gunjan,no1 can separate true love. Mayank aur Nupur bhi bhagwaan ke paas jaakar mil gaye. Tum chinta mat karo."
Gunjan smiled at him. He always consoled her, no matter what,she wiped her eyes and gave him a peck on his cheek.
"Haaye haaye! agar aise baatein karne se mujhe kiss milegi to main har minute ko aise baatein karne ke liye taiyar hoon", he said teasingly.
Gunjan blushed at this. She really loved him. Wink
She closed her eyes and went back to sleep.
In the morning, she saw newspapers which had her pictures and above it, "MISSING".Her father had published it in a quest to find her
After he got to know about her and Samrat's love,Gunjan just did'nt know what else to do other than run away. So she just ran away from there before it was too late!
She came to Samrat's house n was here from the past two days. But they had decided yo move to the US where Samrat's family lived.
At 10:30, they went to the airport and boarded their flight without any hassles.
They met his family there and they were all happy about Samrat's choice. Embarrassed
Withing 2 months, they got married and lost total connection with her father. She was really happy to have a guy like Samrat.
Gunjan stood in the balcony and whispered to the stars, "Di! aap sahi kehti thi! In the end,true love always wins!"
do press the like tab or comment here -

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