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oh my goshhhhhhhhhhh divzzzzzzz this was one of the best best best OS you have written and i know who hehe.
Wow i loveddddddddd the way you describedddddd their feelings and covered all areas, like before the hug, during the hug, hayeeeee i am soo lost divz and i can't help but smile,
i loveeeeeeeed love struck teenager bit, no tom hanks bit and haye the bit when you mention how positively thrill he was to have her in his armssssssss.
I agree both were mindblowing, your OS is mindblowing and soooooooo are you, i am rushing to watch the MN confession hug again man.

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alls well that ends well

I don't remember when we met. He was my best friends twin brother. my best friend gunjan sharma, I knew her since like forever, and so I knew her brother, mayank sharma since forever. Maynak sharma, the cool dude of college. He wasn't the usual cool dude. he was one of the worst students in class as far as attendance was concerned, work completion was concerned, but he also was the football captain and always was among the top rankers of the class. Me, I'm a crazy girl, who hardly attend lectures and never completes my work on time. I know I sound somewhat like mayank, but I'm not a football captain and I'm not among the top rankers in class. I get good marks but not as good as him and gunjan. Whatever reputation I have in class with my teachers is because of gunjan. She is the eyecandy for all teachers. Because of her I get to complete my work may be late, but she sees to it that I complete my work.


Since I know mayank since like always and since we two are somewhat similar you might think that we must have been great friends. Wrong!!! We were anything but that. Our relationship was pretty wierd actually. We spoke pretty well with each other when we were with gunjan and the rest of our friends. But if we passed wach other in the corridor then we would not even look at each other. Funny you might say but that's how our relationship was. We hardly acknowledged each other without gunjan being around. I always wondered whether he dint like me or something like that coz he had no problem talking to other people around. When we were with gunjan and our other mutual friends we used to tease each other like anything. He used to pass a sarcastic comment on me and I wud return it back wid my own sarcastic comment. If anyone saw us at that time we would come across as best of friends since neither of us would feel bad about each others comments but otherwise we wud behave like strangers.


I remember once in my second semester due to some technical mistake I was declared fail in two subjects. I was completely shattered. I might not be among the top rankers but I definitely among the good scorers in class. I had completely lost hope. Gunjan was by my side all the while. Everyone in my class came to know about me being fail and everyone was shocked. I was finding it hard to face people. I don't know why but mayank was the last one I wanted to see at that time. I don't know why but me failing made me feel small infront of him. I thought he wud pass one of his great sarcastic comments. But never was I so wrong in life. He didn't say anything like that, infact he supported me unwaveringly. He told me that there has to be some mistake as I could never get such marks. His confidence scared me, thinking that what if I actually flunked in those subjects I would be breaking his trust in me. But he was confident that there had been some mistake. He was there with me along with gunjan during the entire revaluation procedure. The revaluation results came and indeed there had been a mistake. They had given me someone elses marks and I had scored pretty good marks in both the subjects. He was ther with me and gunjan when we went to see the results. I remember him smiling from ear to ear when he saw the result. He was more happy than me I ahd thought at that time. I felt a strange happiness seeing him that happy which had nothing to do with me passing. He told me that I have to give him a treat and I did. But after that incident we went back to being strangers again.


He was smart, intelligent and his each word dripped in sarcasm when he spoke to me. I would always retort back with my sarcasm. I knew I could give him back anytime and he knew that too. I don't think I liked any of his qualities coz though we were same we were also very different. I always thought that we tolerated each other only bcoz of gunjan.


Then at the end of the fifth semester, something weird happened. None of mayanks friends had come to college and he wanted to bunk the lecture. I had no mood of attending the lecture but gunjan was hell bent on attending it. I told her to bunk and unfortunately or fortunately mayank heard me. He asked me if I would bunk with him and gunjan told me to go right ahead. So I bunked, with mayank.


We went to our college cafeteria. We sat quietly for about 10 minutes waiting for the other to start the conversation. When I didn't say anything he started the conversation. I don't remember what we spoke about but we spoke a lot that day. All nonsense if you ask me…but I had fun…fun with mayank sharma. We spoke in our usual style, pulling each others leg but this time without gunjan being around. Suddenly two boys started fighting outside the caf and we started laughing looking at them. I hadn't even stopped laughing when suddenly mayank said I love you. Just like that, out of the blue. I was completely taken aback. I just stared at him blankly. Seeing that I wasn't responding he told me that he always loved me but never confessed bcoz I was his sisters best friend and he thought that I didn't like him. But that day he could not stop himself from telling me abpout his feelings. He told me that he wud accept my decision even if it were a no. to say I was shocked wud be an understatement. I had never expected mayank of all the people to say this. Not that I didn't like him, hell I loved him and since forever. I realized it when he said that he loves me that all the while I was trying to ignore him not bcoz of my nature but bcoz I was insecure that he might not be liking me. He waited for my answer. I had a hard time expressing my feelings to him but at the end of the day we both were ahppy, hell we were ecstatic. I was an idiot to not recognize my love when he was in front of me all the time. but now he is my boyfriend for and we are getting engaged tomorrow. So as they say alls well that ends well.

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why they are so less sajan one shot??:(
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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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nice one shot

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Since no comments are allowed,i would kindly request you to post your feedback on the following thread.Thank you.


Arjun didn't know why he felt restless lately, why was he not able to have as much as masti as he usually does on sets, something was stopping him from being the "happy go lucky" type of person he normally is.

Sitting alone in his van, rehearsing the dialogues for his next scene, he eventually took out his cell to make a call.


r/hi   rati was surprised that he called

a/so? Enjoying to be home?!   

r/yeah!it feels so good to be with family at last...but its going to fast,2 days are over already  

a/oh!i guess your not looking forward to be back on sets...right?  

r/its not that...I needed rest...a break from everything..

a/your saying as if you hate being on sets with us...

r/i never said that...anyways how is sanaya and mohit?

a/you called them few times so im sure you know how they are..   he taunted

r/are you shooting today?!   trying to ignore what he said



a/rati are you upset with me?!     frankly asked

r/no!   she was surprised by his question or rather she was surprised that he knew she was upset   why?

a/don't know. it just feel like you've been avoiding me lately..   he added in a sadden tone

r/lately?!im in patna and your in mumbai!    trying to laugh it off

a/listen im serious...

r/arjun and serious?!thats a change!

a/so you're not gonna tell me what wrong?!

r/nothing is wrong! and stop acting as if you care anyway..

a/rati if i didn't care, I would have never bothered to call you! and why would i act with you..    offended'

r/because that's what you always do! I can never understand whether your are being yourself or not with me...

a/so even after being with me 24/7 for a year you still don't understand me?! thanks!

r/i could say the same to you!its not like you ever understood me either?!

a/oh god! there you go again ..Blaming game!    Irritation taking him away

r/arjun why did you call?get to the point?! because honestly im in no mood to fight with you over the phone..!

a/i called maybe because we didn't get to speak for the last 2 days! but i was an idiot, I should have got the message that you simply don't want to talk to me...why else would you call everyone but me?! Sorry my mistake!    He retorted back, slightly angry

r/and why should i care to call you !Hein? did you even care to give me a "bye" when i left!

a/I had no idea you were taking off!mohit told me!   justifying himself

r/...ok arjun lets forget that...ill speak to you later..

a/see you are avoiding me! did i do anything? tell me at least!    He really neede to know why she was behaving like this, he hated it when whe wasn't talking to him

r/its not you! its just that i needed some peace of mind!im just in a highly confused and stressed state these days..

a/confused about what?!

r/i dont know!

Another person comes in to inform Arjun that he was called on sets.

a/i have to go give my shot!

r/ok..good luck!  she wished him    hmm listen..    she hesitantly said


r/sorry!i didn't call you...but trust me its not like didn't think of you...

a/its alright!bye!    he hanged up, he felt so much better knowing that she did think about him, was it what he wanted to hear?!


Before going out of his van,Arjun quickly wrote a text message to Rati.



Text***really missing your presence here....and i mean it!   Arjun XxX***


On reading the sms,rati couldn't help but to smile,she was even slightly blushing, strange?! was it what she wanted him to say?!

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i have also posted this on the forum thread
****HI.. My name is Preeti, and i am a HUGE MN Fan.. I am kinda tired the way the MN track has been handled.. So I wanted to take the MN tract somewhat in a way I Imagine it to be.. Here  is  what I may want to see for MN after they have patched up that is Back in Mumbai...So Creatives, I will be Glad if you want to use this scene--just dont forget to give me credit for it.. HAHAH.. So anyhow.. MN fans.. Please read and Note: this is my First ever one shot attempt on any TV couple.. so I hope you like it, and please leave comments so I know if I shld continue writing more...I spologize in advance for any spelling errors/gramatical errors etc.. When you read the scene.. Imagine Mayank and Nupur in their characters, the way they speak, the way they wld approach a situation etc..

Here is a brief snyopsis of the scene..(M is now working part time after college for a group of professors for the Junior department.. Hes given the responsibility of preparing the lectures, reviewing homework, preparing assignments, reviewing examinations and so on. AND gets paid for his work..

One evening, M is working in the  office.. Its a small office space located close to the college campus rented by the college itself.. .... The office /room has many old bookshelves... not what their college library looks like but  has a shack with all  college text books and educative materials collected over the years. There is a small rotating fan in one corner and a small desk and a huge pile of binders stacked.on the desk. These are assigment work collected from students.. One of the Professor's has asked Mayank to review these for him..

Mayank is busy reviewing the binders one by one...flipping pages and using a pen and scribbling on the papers.. ( maybe making corrections and giving  marks ).. He looks up -appears to be thinking but then a sudden feeling surfaces.. he closes his eyes for a quick 2 seconds and slowly opens it.. He can FEEL HER.. he slowly smiles and turns to his side and sees HER standing near the door.. There is the slow MN music playing the bakground with drums now.. There is eye contact between them now)

M-( gets a hold of himself)  NUPUR.. Tum.... Yaha... Iss wakt.. Sab theek to hai.. ? ( concerned look on his face for the love of his life)

N-( Looks at him)-- Ha..Mein -woh..(she has a tiffin box in her hand. Mayank is now looking at it).. Meine socha ki tumhe bhook lagi hogi to mene tumhare liye Vegetable Sandwhich laya hai.. ( mayank is jst staring at her. She speaks slowly-) Tumhe to Bhook lagi hai na..? (and she starts to walk towards hims slowly.... She then takes the chair, drags it closer to him and takes a seat next to him.. )

M- Nupur.. lekin tumhe yeh sab karne ki  jarurat nahi thi.. Mera matlab hai ki.. itne late .. Ghar walo ko ...
N- ( before mayank can complete his sentence).... Uday bhaya, Diya aur Gunjan.. Sabhi ko pata hai ki mein tumhe milne aayi houn.. woh ...unlogon ne hi Madat ki hai yeh sandwhich pack karne ke liye.. (and gives that innocent look)

M-- (Smiles).- Accha.?? yea fir shayad ghar wale tumehari Sandwhich kahane se Katra gaye.. aur tumne socha ki tum yeh mere upar aazmake dekhlogi.. (and gives his big sweet GRIN...)

N-- Mayank-- tum bhi na.. Mene tumhare liye sandwich banaya aur tum ho ki mera mazak uda rahe ho.. Theek hai. agar tumhe sandwhich nahi khana hai to.. Mat khao

M-- Aree nahi nahi.. mein to kahunga.. Varna yeh sandwhich roh padega (and grins again.)......

N- Mayankkk.. (and then starts to playfully hit him on his arm)

M-- Accha sorry sorry.. (and then masti masti mein..Mayank's hand hits her head by mistake. Nupur suddenly screams.. Ouuuu.. Mayank's expression changes from totaly masti smile to grave concern.. Looks up at Nupur and grabs her hand and touches her head..)

M--Nupur.. Kya tum theek ho.. I am sorry..masak masti mein lag gaya.. Dikhayo to.. Kahi chot to nahi aayi

N---(hesitates.. but then removes her hand from her head. She appears ok..) kuch nahi.. bus thoda sa lag gaya.. lkein mein theek houn.. Chot nahi aayhi hai..

M- (relieved-- sighs)..Tum bhi na nupur.. itne tez ladayi karti ho ki kohi sumo wrestler bhi haar jaayega (and smiles again)

N- Tum to.. mera mazak udana band nahi karoge .. hai na..? (twists her lips this way that way.. like shes a bit irriated with mayank's leg pulling)

M-- (Notices this.and while nupur is looking the other way, he is smiling to himself..He grabs his chair and takes it closer to Nups Chair)

M- Nupur.. accha baba i am sorry.. dekho abhi tum naraz mat ho.. varna mera bhi mood kharab ho jaayega aur fir un students ke baarein mein socho jinka assignements mein abhi kuch der mein review karne wala houn.( giving her that Masti Innocent look ). to mere liye nahi to atleast unke baarein mein socho..unke marks ke baarein mein socho.

N- (Totally gives up on Mayank.. smiling slowly). Theek hai.. tumhare liye nahi lekin woh students ko ( looks at the assignment stack) yeh akdu sadu reviewer ke sadu review se bachane le liye mein mera gussa naak se hata deti houn..taaki tum bure mood mein aa kar kahi unhe kam marks na de do.. ( wicked smile)

M- ( touches her nose with his fingers, and they both smile)

M- Waise Nupur Mujhe to Bahut bhook lagi..Chalo Daba kholo.. sandwich bhi aasma lete hai

N-- ( excited- Opens the dabba with much enthusiam. The sandwhich is wrapped in paper.She opens the paper..and removes the sandwich. The sandwhiches are cut in halves).

N-( speaks exciteldy with her enthu espressions) Pata hai mayank...Mene bhi apna dinner nahi khaya.. to mene bhi apne liye sandwhiches saath lekar aayi houn..Hume college mein bhi jyaada wakt nahi milta saath mein to mene socha ki saath mein khaayenge to kitna mazaa aayega.. hai na? ( smiles sweetly)

M- (looks up at her slowly- verly lovingly.. very touched with the fact that his lady love hadn't eatten dinner yet and she has so lovingly brought it to the office so they cld eat together, spend time together. He then takes half of the sandwich).To fir to tumhe iss idea ke liye price to milna hi chahiye..

N-- aur woh kya hai?

M--Mere haaton se sandwich khane ka ek Mauka.. .. (and smiles at her lovingly)

N--( All blushing and smiling)

M -- ( slowly takes the sandwhich  to her mouth. She bites on the sandwich.. She then takes the other half and gives it to him.. and he takes a bite of the sandwich. Both looking at each other.. smiling.. LOoking very very cute.. )

M- Nupur..Yeh Sandwich .. Bahut hi accha bana hai.. aur.... tumhare haathon se khakhar aur bhi jyada accha lag raha hai

N-- Thanks.. and looks down (Blushsing) . Tumhare bhi yeh price mujhe bahut accha laga. ( smiles)

(They both look at each other and smile- New scene after commercial break

(scene comes back.. MN are done with eatng their sandwiches and are talking/smiling.. Suddently M looks at the clock)

M- Nupur.. kaafi der ho chuki hai.. Mujhe lagtha hai ki tumhe abhi jaana chahiye.. nahi to ghar wale pareshaan ho jaayenge

N ( looks at the clock and suddently expression turns dissapointed ki time has flown by so quickly)

N-- Ha.. tum ....theek keh raho ho.. Shayad mujhe abh jana chahiye.(she then turns towards mayank and looks at him with care)..Lekin tum yaha kitne der tak rahoge mayank? kya tumhe Ghar nahi jaana? kya aunty pareshaan nahi hongi?Kal college bhi to hai naa..

M-- (smiles) tum mere baare mein bilkul chinta mat karo.. Mein theek houn.. Aur mene maa ko pehele hi keh diya tha ki mein late ho jaunga.. Aur waise bhi yeh assignments bhi to review karne hai professor ke liye

N- (turns to look at the stack of assignements on the desk. her expression suddenly saddens. She slowly turns to Mayank..Looks deeply into his eyes.. Mayank stares back into her eyes.. She moves closer to him.. she takes his her hands and then gves him a concerned look. The sad MJHT tune plays at the background)

N- Mayank..... mein jaanti houn ki tumhare liye yeh sab karna kitna mushkil hota hoga.. Subhe college, shyam ko job, fir padayi aur assigments.... Lekin mein yeh bhi jaanti houn ki tumhari yeh mehnat tumhe ek din sabse upar lekar jaayegi....  (now her eys get a bit teary, and she gets emotional)..Mayank...Pata hai tumhe tumare maa ki madat karte dekhar,aur Tume itne saare responsibilies uthate  dekhkar, woh bhi bina kuch shikayat kiye  humesha haste... mere dil mein tumhare liye izzat aur bhi jyada bad gayi hai Mayank.. Mein jaanti houn ki mein kitni luky houn ki tum mere ho..Mayank.. Mein... ( almost crysing)..(mayank immediately puts his hand on her lips and intervenes)

M-- ( he then cups his hands around her face)...Nupur..Jab tumhara pyaar mere saath ho.. to mujhe lagta hai ki har mushkil ka saamna karna aasan ho jyaata hai..Ha.. abh humare thode mushkil times chal rahe hai, magar tum hi to kehti thi ki humara pyaar har ek khatinayo se jeet jaayega.. aur mujhe yakin hai ki humara yeh pyaar  yeh  mushkil samay ko bhi  peeche chod aayega. ( he now looks into Nupur's eyes with intense passion and speaks slowly). Lucky to mein houn nupur Tumhara Pyaar Paa kar.. ( and smiles very lovingl at her) ( the MN track  now starts to play in the background .. with the drums. Nupur also looks into Mayank's eyes with passion and full of love.. they are both lost into each other's eyes,souls connecting, hearts beating.)

( And then they both impulsively get into a Tight embrace... Full of heart felt passion.. Both Teary eyes.. Both happy that they are in love with each other..the Hug is so very meaningful.. Knowing that have each other to rely on.. They have each other to carry them through all the hard times.. and most importantly knowing they love each other very much..)

(with this.. the background music fades.. The lights begin to fade and the camera then slowly backs away from the couple leaving them to enjoy their Moment)

*** OK friends.. this is the end of the MN scene.. Its not too fancy but somthing that can be potrayed on the show if sensibily presented.. No cheesy stuff.but very honest momenets of how much they care for each other.. Nupur bringing food for Mayuu to spend time with him is a symbol of how much she cares for him...Him feeding her the sandwhich is his sign of affection for her..and then the conversation they have abt the hard times.. is a symbol of understanding where both console and reassure the  other that they will be there for each other during harsh times, and are confident that toegther they will sail through the hard times.. Its a real conversation real ppl have in real lives..****

So MN fans.. lets hope we get some SENSIBLE scenes from the two rather than bikering arguments.. Rona Dhona for stupid reasons.. I demand sensible scnenes..

Please feel free to comment on this scene.. and thank you all .


Sincerly, signing Off

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Hey Guys,Nowadays MJHT has been showing total rot about MayUr,so I just thought to make it better.

                                        Will He Ever Come Back?

Nupur's POV

I was sitting in the empty classroom after coming from the airport,trying to concentrate on my notes.The wind was blowing fiercely and a stray lock of hair kept coming on my face.I tried to blow it away,but in vain.In haste I thrusted it behind my ear,irritatedly.'No,He didn't do it like that',a voice from my head spoke up.I removed the lock,then slowly moved it behind my ears,gently brushing my hand on my forehead.Suddenly,his voice ringed in my head.
"Tumhare bal jab tumhare aankhon ko yun chedte hain aur jab jab tum unhe yun hatati ho to kitni cute lagti ho."
A faint smile crept up my face and at the same time a lone tear rolled down my cheek.It had been just a few hours since Mayank had left for Bangalore.And I couldn't take my mind off him.How could I?I loved him!


I was searching for Mayank in the airport lobby.I had just come to know from Gunjan that he was going to Bangalore.Gunjan also told me why.I was devastated.I hadn't trusted him.I didn't even give him a chance to explain why he left.I couldn't control my emotions anymore.I had to talk to him before he left forever.I couldn't figure out life anymore without him.

I turned all over,my eyes tracing his face.Suddenly I crashed into someone.I was almost about to fall and closed my eyes tightly when someone caught me by my waist.I didn't need to open my eyes to tell who it was.It was Mayank.He was the only one who would crash into me,at the same time catch me in his strong arms.

I opened my eyes slowly.His face had a sad look.He said,"What are you doing here?Hadn't you said enough on the phone?"

I didn't want to seem desperate."I came to know Gunjan has come here with the rest of the gang.So I came to find her."

Mayank's eyes looked swollen with sorrow.I had never seen him like this before.He replied in a stern tone,"Well,Gunjan left just a minute ago and so did the rest.You may also proceed."

He looked as if he didn't want to talk to anyone,especially me.I felt hurt.Even on his last day here,he wanted to be rude.I shouted,"I hate you Mayank!I'll hate you forever!I hate you!"

My heart cringed while I said this.I knew it wasn't true.But I wanted to distance myself from him.I had to after all live my life without him from now on.he replied angrily,"Good!Then why are you still standing here?Get Lost!"

I could see the pain in his eyes.I didn't want to torture him anymore.I started to turn back.As I walked,my knees felt weak.I could fell someone calling out to me.Someone pulling me towards him.I remembered how I had walked away from Mayank when he spread his arms.And then I turned,and ran into his arms during our confession.I had felt the same emotions,but then I was happy.I couldn't control myself.I turned around.His eyes were fixed on me.I ran towards him and tightly embraced him.I found my world there.He put his arms around me lovingly.

I said,"I love you Mayank!Please don't leave me.I'll be all alone."

He put a smile on his face.He cupped my face with his hands and wiped my tears."I love you too,Nupur.And now,would you please stop crying?I don't want the police to arrest me on the charge of hurting the world's most beautiful woman."

I playfully punched him on his shoulder.Suddenly we heard an announcement,"Flight 2063 of Jet Airways shall be leaving in an hour for Bangalore."

We saw Mayank's mother coming towards us.She looked really sad.I hugged aunty.She said,"I'll really miss you,Nupur.I am sorry for separating the both of you."

My face saddened.I looked at Mayank.He looked the same.We turned towards each other.Aunty spoke up,"Maybe I should leave you alone.Mayu,I am sitting there."

As Aunty went away,I asked Mayank,"Will you ever come back?"

He gave me a reassuring smile."Of course I will!Mom said after two months she would be transfered to Mumbai.So I'll be back.But till then......"His voice trailed off.

I breathed a sigh of relief."Thank God!I can manage for that time.What? You don't expect me to go crying for you throught these two months."

He gave me that are-you-kidding-me look.I smiled at him sheepishly.He knew me very well.I told him,"Come soon.Two months is okay but I cant survive without you for long."

He kissed my cheek and said,"Hope that helped!"I laughed.It suddenly reminded me that he was going away from me for TWO WHOLE MONTHS.I started sobbing.He looked at me and said,"Ms.Meena Kumari,Enough.There's a suprise for you;Now close your eyes and show me your hand.And no cheating,mind you."

I did as he told.I heard something jingling.I opened me eyes to see a lovely red bracelet.It had hearts hanging all around it and they made a jingling sound."Now we both have something to remember each other.I have the locket and you have this.When you are missing me,just look at this bracelet and think of me.I'll be there."

I knew that was impossible,but still smiled and gave him a hug.Just then We heard aunty's voice calling,"Mayank,we'll get late for the flight."

I broke out of the hug.Forcing a smile,I said,"Bye.Take care."

He couldn't speak.He just kissed me on my forehead and turned towards aunty.As he was about to go,I felt a jerk on my dupatta.I turned around.My dupatta was stuck to his watch.He smiled as I came towards him to remove the dupatta."I think even destiny doesn't want us to stay apart." He whispered in my ears.

*Flashback Ends*

At least we parted on a good note.
I told him I would stay without him for two months.But here,I couldn't even bear two minutes.
I looked at the hearts on the bracelet he had given,wishing he was here.Just then,I heard a sound on the door.I turned to look around.It was Mayank.He was wearing a white T-Shirt,his favourite colour.He slowly walked towards me.I couldn't hide my smile.He sat on the seat next to me,looking into my eyes.His cute smile was mesmerizing,and I was quite surprised.I mean,how could Mayank come here?But then,I wanted to live the moment.He took the stray lock from behind my ear and let it free."They look Good like this.",he said.I took out my hand and reached to touch him but he was gone.Vanished in thin air.Well,Mayank fulfilled his promise.He said he would be there.And he was. At least as a dream.

Please PM me your comments and criticism.

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saksham-p2 186 45564 30 August 2009 at 6:11am by kavya.b
TRP Of MJHT (Latest) MJHT at 55 !!!

Author: Chan91   Replies: 2   Views: 7325

Chan91 2 7325 01 April 2009 at 4:53pm by AnonymousUser

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