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Hello Forum Members

As you may have noticed, the forum is being bombarded with tons of One Shots on couples/charecters from the show.. LOL

This thread is created so that, all One Shot's can be posted here. This is similar to the Picture Gallery, but only with One Shots.. So that means - NO COMMENTS .. Simply post your art(one shot), and members can click the like button to appericate your work.

Note: If there are any more one shots on the forum, we will simply close the topics without posting a note or pm. This is the place they should be posted, so we would appericate if you guys post them here ONLY.

Thank you

MJHT Development Team

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Good Idea DB
Okay heres mine, i posted a while ago, but re posting it LOL
Hey Guys, this is my first one shot, so please excuse me if you find it boring and too cliched. Embarrassed LOL
NOTE - this is a LONG one shot, therefore you need patience to read it. Smile
Bonded by a Necklace.... Gunur One Shot!
Birds chirped as the sun rose across the horizon, bringing a new day for all the people of New York City, as the clock hit six, people were already getting to work and children were getting ready for school, as they call it, it was the "rush hour!"
But in the heart of New York City there was one girl who was not busy at all, just standing at her balcony watching everyone, Gunjan Bhushan, the plain Jane as they say. Everything in Gunjan's life was a mess, even though she was a qualified lawyer and lived in her own apartment, there was still a lot of things missing from her life, her job was good but it was just not her, voicing your opinions is just not her thing, her apartment, it might seem nice but living alone in an apartment where the neighbours don't give a damn and prefer to stay strangers was not very comfortable, and finally her parents and family, as far as Gunjan knew she had her parents and a elder sister, but now she was alone, she had become an orphan 23 years ago at the age of two when her family went through a Car crash in India, there she lost everything and everyone, and to get away from the place that only gave her sadness she moved into New York City with her Uncle but then destiny didn't even want that for her, she lost him within 15 years when he died of heart attack and 17 year old Gunjan had to fight and struggle alone in this strange city.
Gunjan wiped her tears which were trickling down her cheeks and then sat down at her dressing table and opened up the top drawer. Slowly she took out a golden necklace, her uncle had told her that her mother had got two made, one for her and the other for her sister, apparently each necklace had a part of a broken heart, and together they form a whole. She put her hand over the half heart and read "Gunjan & ... an un break..." the rest was obviously written on her sisters part. The worst thing was that she didn't even know her name or what she looked like. Her life was a mess, but one thing was perfect and that was her more than a best friend Samrat.
As she heard the door bell ring she put the necklace on around her neck and opened the door to find Samrat. "hi gorgeous, good morning!" he said as he pulled her into a warm hug. "good morning Samrat" Gunjan replied. Samrat had been Gunjan's support for the last 8-10 years and slowly she had developed feelings for him, and she knew that Samrat also liked her but she was afraid, afraid that she would lose him too like everyone else she lost, her loved ones. Seeing Gunjan in deep thought Samrat spoke up "Guni what happened?" he didn't expect an answer and he was right Gunjan just smiled and went to make breakfast. He knew she had remembered her past, she had told him everything about her past and he knew she still hadn't forgot anything so he made it his duty to cheer her up. "Gunz guess what, this afternoon were going to the theme park okay? No excuses" he said as he hugged her from the back, hopefully this trip would make her feel better he thought.
 "come on yaar, hurry up were getting late!" a girl shouted at her friend who was standing in front of the mirror. "hold on, let me wear my necklace" she replied as she took a necklace with a half heart and placed it around her neck. "you are the limits, what is with you and that necklace! Anyway I'm gone" her friend said as she slammed the door on the way out. "you wont understand, only one person knows the secret and importance of this necklace, and that's Mayank". The girl said as a tear dripped down her cheek.
"good morning sweetheart" Mayank said as he entered the room, he noticed her holding her necklace "remembering your past again?" he asked as he hugged Nupur. She nodded and placed her head on his chest, a place where she found peace and comfort. "don't worry Nupur, I'm always with you"!
Nupur Bhushan, lived in New York City along with some friends and her boyfriend Mayank, they were in a live-in relationship and no one understood Nupur better than Mayank. They had been together for the last 10 years, when Nupur joined college after she came out of the orphanage. Spending her entire childhood in an orphanage didn't let Nupur enjoy her time as a child, maybe that's why she's so childish and bubbly till date. After the accident of her parents, she was the only one that had survived the tragic incident, but was it really worth it, living without the love of your loved ones and staying with some strangers, where you would get bullied and made fun of?! The only memory she had of her family was a necklace that she was given by her mother many years ago, one to her sister the other to her, and each had a broken heart, so when joined together they made a whole. She looked at her necklace laying on her neck, it read "....& Nupur bond". Even though her childhood had bad memories, she was happy in her present life, that is were she had found Mayank and life seemed so perfect with him, she was happy but the sorrow of not having family still bothered and upset her.
"....alright come on Nupur, were going to your favourite theme park, now!" he said, Nupur didn't bother fighting back because she knew she would melt in front of him sooner or later. "teekh hai Mayank, by god I'll get ready!"
 An hour later they had arrived at the theme park. The first ride they both boarded was the rollercoaster, Nupur loved rollercoaster's but Mayank was not too keen on the whole idea so he let Nupur go on it while he waited. While Nupur was waiting for the ride to start, a girl around her age maybe younger sat down beside her. "I hope you don't mind me sitting here?" she asked politely. "course not" Nupz replied.
So as the ride started to move, Nupur grabbed the handle in front of her, and too her surprise so did the girl next to her. "you scared?" Nupz asked, "umm yes...kind of a habit since childhood you see" she replied. And before they could converse any longer, they were dropped down from the slope followed by the screams of everyone on the ride!!!
Nupur grabbed the girls hand next to her in fright, and with that she felt a strange feeling go through her body and into her mind bringing back many flashbacks, when she was born, her mother, father, her sister,  her sister waving while she aboarded the car, and then the crash, that bought tears to her eyes, the sight of her parents dying in front of her, the blood dripping down their faces, their eyes shutting slowly, and then her! taken into a house! with unknown kids in an unknown city. As she came out of the memory she glanced at the girl beside her who was staring at her, she immediately apologized and went back to enjoying the ride.
And as the final slope came, it was the Girl this time that grabbed Nupur's hand, sending a feeling through her body too and into her mind, opening up all those pages, from page one, in that book, known as her life. When she was born, her parents, her sister, seeing her family drive away in the car, waiting for them to return quickly, and then seeing their dead bodies, her mother and father, eyes closed and covered in blood, not moving, and no sign of her sister, her guardian, being taken by her uncle into a city unknown. And as the book came to an end, her tears were flowing like a stream down her cheeks.
As the ride came to an end, they both wiped their tears and got off the ride. While Nupur looked around for Mayank, she noticed the girl looking for someone too. "who are you looking for...?" she asked "umm my friend Samrat, he was here a minute ago." she replied "and you...?", "well I'm looking for my Bf Mayank, so is this Samrat just a friend or....?" Nupz asked teasingly "....a bit more than a friend actually, anyway I'm Gunjan", "Nupur". They both exchanged a quick handshake and then headed towards the beach as they saw Mayank and Samrat, together?!
"here she comes" Mayank shouted as Nupur Joined him, "what's up?" she asked. "well jaan this is Samrat, Samrat Nupur." they both exchanged a highly energetic hi. "And this is Gunjan, Gunjan this is Mayank." they also swapped a brief Hello. "Anyway we should be going now" said Mayank, after their byes, Nupur and Mayank started to leave. "Nupur!" Gunjan shouted. Nupz turned around. "you dropped your necklace!" Nupur touched her neck to find that her necklace was not there, she ran back and picked it up, sighing of relief, slowly placing it back on her neck. "thanks, Gunjan, this necklace means the world to me", "given by Mayank huh?" Samrat asked, "just someone special" she said as she pulled Gunjan into a hug. "hey not fair, I wanna hug!" Samrat moaned as they all got into a group hug.
Somewhere both Nupur and Gunjan felt as if they were connected, but they pushed aside the feelings as the guys departed from the hug. Nupur and Gunjan also departed but something stopped them, as they look down, both their necklaces were tangled together.
As they both started to untangle the chains, something caught their eye, both the necklaces had a broken heart on them. Gunjan and Nupur stared at eachother, their eyes spoke volumes, slowly they put the hearts together, shock and surprise took over, with a mixture of emotions going through them both, the whole heart read: "Gunjan & Nupur, An unbreakable bond" and as feelings took over, they grabbed eachother into a hug, tears dripping down their cheeks, expressing tehri happiness. 
Was it destiny or just pure good luck? Finally they both felt complete, the missing happiness that had abandoned their lives had finally been refilled, the craving for family was fulfilled, and these two sisters now had a bond between them, which was unbreakable, they were indeed bonded by a necklace!
There you go guys, I know this was very long.
if i bored you and you thought this was a waste of your time, i apoligize. Embarrassed

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So I HATE waiting around for when Samrat will have his BIG fat realization and all, so I am gonna write one shot about it.. It maybe not that good, but it's a bag of mix ideas, and I HOPE AND PRAY that MJHT either copies this, like they copied Chaddi Buddies, or that they prove to provide something better and richer than this.

PS: The promo that has been airing is gonna be changed.. THIS is Samrat's realization, not confession..

So, the gang fights off RV and Samrat gets full bail, and all, so right now Samrat is back in college and all ends well. [not really gonna dwell on Dia's pain, might write a one shot on it] , but my next one shot will be a tempted , RV-Samrat-Gunjan One shot, so watch out for that!]

Next day at Excel, for the first time, the college was beaming as all had been sorted out. Dia still ruled the college and even though RV tried to cause much damage, her image was fine, but her was not. She sat on the steps , trying to put her mind for the upcoming prom that was coming up. Uday was there to support her throughout and she was really happy that Her brother was her strong pillar. She really got to know about relationships through her friends. Benji made her smile, Gunjan and Nupur gave her support. Uday was her strong pillar, Mayank tried to help as much as possible, and Sammy, well. She was thankful as to what Sammy had done for her, but she noticed he had been confused and lost in thoughts for a while. She decided to talk to him.. when she saw him pass by..

"Sammy" she called out.

Samrat turned around to face Dia who he noticed tried her best to try smile, but her attempting to smile like that reminded him that Dia smiling like nothing was wrong was actually agreeing with Sheena about Gunjan pushing her in the pool. Gunjan, there I go again.

" Hey Candy, How are you?"

" I am fine Sammy, just preparing for the prom, but ..."

" But what Candy, did someone say something to you?"

" No Sammy. I am just worried about you.. You seem so lost lately"

" Oh nothing Candy. Just too much on my mind.. How is the prom stuff coming"

" It's..."

" White"

" No, I think it should be red."

" White or Pink is better. Red on Prom would just not work. She is going to prom, not a wedding"

" Dude, why are we discussing this? Did you ask her to the prom?"

" Ahh"

" Guys, what are you discussing?" Asked Samrat and Dia over to where Benji and Uday were standing...

" Dids, we are discussing on what Gunjan would look best in prom"

Samrat jolted back towards the discussing as soon as the name Gunjan popped up. " Gunjan and prom, he thought to himself?"

" Gunjan?! I am confused"

" Actually, the prom is coming and me and Benji cannot go by ourselves, we need someone to go with us and what better than our favorite sister. I am sure Gunjan won't refuse us"

" But Dodo, why don't you let Gunjan decide that, as Dia turned around and faced Samrat, who was lost in thoughts. " Right Sammy"

" Uh. Haan Candy."

" MAYANK SHARMA, are you coming to the prom with me or not??"

" Nupur, prom is so kiddish. We could go to a musem or something"

" No ways. I want to dance and being all formal. Your museum idea is plain boring.. If you are not coming, I'll go with someone else"

" OH yeah.. WHO??"

" Umm, BENJIIIIIIIIIIIII!!" she squealed out loud to get everyone's attention onto her..

Nups almost ran towards Benji when a hand grabbed her.. " I'll go to the prom with you on one condition"

Nupur looked up at Mayank.. " You have to come to the space museum with me"

Nups looked at Mayank with weird eyes.. " Space??. OKAY. We will take Gunjan too with us. She is crazy about that stuff"

" NO. Nupur, not Gunjan. What would Gunjan do between us? Let her be with Samrat. and I am DATING you, not your sister. We can do other things with your sister."

" Umm, I guess. WHERE is Gunjan? Uday Bhayiaa"screamed Nups accross the room.

" WHAT?" screamed back Uday.

Mayank signaled Nups to go there and talk instead of screaming..

Nups and Mayank went over to where half of the gang was.. " Uday Bhayia, where is Gunjan?"

Just then, some college students hurled into a circle.. Wow, She looks beautiful..

All turned around to see what the attraction was.. IT was Gunjan.. Dressed in a simple white colored churidar, with her hair down, and a smile was on her face. She looked radiant as Samrat thought to himself.

She made her way towards the gang surprising everyone..

" Hi.." she smiled as Benji and Uday stared at each other. Samrat was mezmerized while Dia and Mayank had a normal expression. Nups was the one to start it..

" By God, are you my sister?? GUNJANNNN!!! I LOVE YOUUU!!" screamed Nups to make Benji laugh and smirk at Mayank who looked shock at the sudden sisterly confession.

" I love you too Di" smiled Gunjan..

After all the staring was done, the conversation was broken by Benji.

" GUNJAN, my best girl friend ever.. Can I have the pleasure of going to the dance, i mean prom with you"

" But Benji, Uday bhayia, "

" Gunjan, me and Benji are one. WE are two souls dwelling in one single body you know"

Everyone looked at Uday.. " What, I am just trying to make all smile"

All laughed.. The bell rang and all rushed towards their classes. Samrat notice MaYur going off in their directions while Uday trailed behind with Dia.. Benji was still with Gunjan and she seemed to have nodded on the prom. Sam was disapointed that she was going to the prom with Benji..But WHY did he feel this way?

Benji gestured her to come to class soon and he also left. The only persons remained were him and his chasmish but then why did he feel so different, awkward. He looked towards her and their eyes met.. She was still his chasmish, but she looked beautiful and a feeling emerged from his heart.

" Samrat, let's go to class"

" You go ahead Chasmish, I'll meet you there"

" Okay"

Gunjan left towards the classroom but turned around and smiled. Samrat always loved it when she turned around. It gave him a security feeling for some reason..

He was walking towards the class when he heard two girls speaking... " You know, how do you know you are in love?""

" Well, this may sound filmi and all, but I think the best way to realize one's love is to shut their eyes and then think of who do you see first. The person you see first is the person you love"

" Let's try it"

He left the girls to their wits. He was confused. Can shutting eyes really make one see the one they love. He was near the classroom when he heard Mayank and Nupur speak. Apparently Nups had heard what the girls had said and was impressed.

" You don't exactly believe this do you Nupur?"

" Of course Mayank. It's true that when one closes eyes, they do end up seeing the person they love"

" You didn't try that with me. "

" Of course I did. I closed my eyes and imagined every person in the world there, but the thing was that you were always there, but I always over looked you over.. and I know that even if you close your eyes and think back to who you love, It's gonna be me. Try karo na"

Mayank did as he told and although he knew she was right, he just had to tease her..

" Well, who did you see?"

" I saw... Shee

" NA! No ways. Try again Mayank. Sheena would come in your nightmares, not your dreams"

" OKAY. You are right. I saw the one I love.. My books"

" Mayank.."

" FINE. I'll try again and this time she was right. He saw the perfect portrait of her in his mind and as he smiled, she knew that he had seen her"

" SO.. How do I look in your dreams"

" Quite fat"

" WHAT?" screamed Nups and saw Mayank laughing and burst out into laughter. Just then they spotted Shukla coming and rushed towards the classroom.

Samrat smiled at this. He decided to try it and try it not in the view of Shukla..

He closed his eyes.. For the first time, he saw a clear picture of what he was missing all along.. He saw his buddies, Benji and Uday. Mayank and Nupur. Dia, Sheena and a blurred image of someone.. Each moment was blurred.. He saw himself going towards the girl, and flashbacking into what he assumed would be his dream girl.. Slowly the picture came loose. It was her. He was in love with this girl. The moment went towards the pool party at his farm house, with Dia and the Gang.. The picture went towards the water and blurred image was in the water. As the picture finally came loose, a shadow emerged. Dressed in a pink salwar, with wet hair, he exactly knew where the destination had lead him after all. He had been so stupid not to realize this, but the girl he loved was someone so special to him that he could live without. Sheena was right. He cannot live one second without his friend.. His best friend.. His chasmish.. Gunjan.. He was in love with Gunjan and that was something no one could deny... A smile went on his face as he open his eyes and flash through all the moments with Gunjan. He knew what had stopped him all along from going towards Sheena or Dia or anyone. It was his unconditional love for Gunjan.. His chamish that started from the day he met her..

... To be continued.

Let me know what you think. Hope it was not boring.

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RV-Gunjan: One Shot: Collide

Gunjan was really happy to know that everything had worked out well for Dia and the rest of the gang. She realized that the masti of the college was soon returning and so was her smile which had faded away for so many days and the gang was closer to getting RV into jail and very soon Samrat would b out of jail which made her really happy.

As she was walking by with her books, she stumbled upon something and managed to hit her head to something really hard. She looked up to find someone she totally detested.. Ranvijay was staring at her with deep hatred in his eyes. She moved away from him, picked up her books and attempted to go when he blocked her path.

" Kya Hua Chamish, Your savior is not around??"

How dare he call her Chashmish? That was something only Samrat called her by.

She looked at him and tried to walk away when he blocked her path once again.

She kept her mouth in silence. All her life people thought she depended upon her sister and her friends, but she was not at all dependent upon people all the time. but this time, she felt she needed to speak up to him and the time was perfect as well. There were enough people around for her to give back to Ranvijay as to what he did to Dia and Samrat. She still remembers the sleepless night she spent while Samrat was in jail for two nights.

She turned around to face him.

" So tell me. Gunjan, How about you train me like you have trained Samrat? Isn't it wonderful how Samrat left Sheena, for you?"

" Ranvijay, tell me somethiing. Do you always like to talk bakwaas or is this a new thing?"

" Wow, Chasmishji can actually speak. I am quite surprised. We are royals. You know something, Dia was not good enough.. I need some variety, someone that is not so perfect with me, and you would work, but Chasmish Bhenji would not be my type"

" Ranvijay, if you were the last guy on earth, I still wouldn't pick you"

" True, cause you are in love with your best friend right"

Gunjan was shocked. She turned around and stared him who in return gave a smirk to her. She hated that smirk. It made her want to punch him badly where it could hurt the most.

" What happened Gunjan? Why are you so shocked?"

Gunjan was silent.. RV decided to talk full advantage of this..

" Samrat, the dude.. The college basketball star and stuck with such a chamishwala bhenji.. I pity that boy. He left the beautiful Sheena for some weird girl.. Kya Jodi Hai"

" At least Samrat did not attempt to tarnish someone's image, and put someone in jail"

" Yeah so what. It's true. I put Samrat in Jail, and I cause Dia's humiliation, but you know my heart is saying, not enough. I need to hit Samrat hard where it hurts and what better than hurting his Chasmish. What say Chamish, aaj raat, you and..."

" RANVIJAY" screamed Samrat from behind. Samrat walked in with the rest of the gang..

" Don't utter a single word more or.."

" Or what Samrat baba. You are still on bail and you can do nothing. You can't hurt me"

" I don't care if I am in jail forever, but one more word against Chasmish and you will regret the fact that you were born"

" Oooh, I am really scared.. You know what. Samrat, take your Bhenji and keep her somewhere in the closet. why are you defending her?"

" You are crossing your limits Ranvijay" replied Mayank.

" What? Is this Let's protect Gunjan day" Samrat cannot tolerate anything and Mayank is also defending her.. Damn it, Gunjan, you are hot property, I also want a share of this..


A slap right across the face of Ranvijay which Gunjan so gratefully did.

" Just because I am quiet does not make me weak Ranvijay"

Ranvijay was shocked that the Bhenji hit him. In return he raised his arm and was stopped.

" Those who hit woman are nothing less of a coward Ranvijay"

" Your days are over here Ranvijay" replied Uday with an angry look..

Ranvijay looked at all of them especially Gunjan. " I'll be back, it;s not over yet"

How was it guys? I am still thinking of RV-Gunjan stuff, I'll def be back.

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RV-Gunjan One Shot: The Final Plan

Gunjan was shocked when she heard Mayank said he had no more plans to trap RV. Gunjan tried to control her tears. Nups looked at Gunjan and back at Mayank. Dia tried to go towards her, but Gunjan just moved away and left from there.

Gunjan went towards the bench of college where she always went there to keep herself within. Flashbacks of the case went through her head. " Gunjan, stop crying. Crying is not going to help. Think Gunjan, you are also the topper of the college. How can you get RV to confess! Yes Gunjan, you are going to have to do it.. For Samrat. and For everyone"

Gunjan reached for her cell phone and dialed a number. " Hello. I want to meet you right now. Basketball court should be fine"

She switched her phone off and went home to change. She changed into a white churidar, and kept her hair flowing as possible. She grabbed few things from the table and grabbed her phone and went towards the college's basketball court.

The wind was gushing and pulling her hair down as she entered the basketball court. He was already there. She knew it. He turned around.

" Wow, Samrat ki chasmish with the prince. Must be my lucky day"

" Well Gunjan does not believe in being with losers always Ranvijay."

" Oooh.. What happened to the morals eariier Chashmish??"

" People change, don't you think? Didn't you change too Ranvijay?"

" Well, the prince never changes. I just decided to showcase my fake self that poor Dia and Samrat believed in.. Losers nah?"

Gunjan felt anger go through her body bvut she told herself that she needed to get a grip on herself.

" Hmm.. Totally losers, but Ranvijay. I don't like losers. I like winners, so I hope you are a winner"

" Hmm, I am. Prince is always a winner. You know something Gunjan.. It must take lots of guts for you to come here andf talk to me like this.. I am inspired.. Teach me how to love too Gunjan. It's funny, Samrat is in love with you but he does not even realize it.

Gunjan was shocked and turned around..

" Don't be so surprised., I was shocked too. But I mean, He picked you over SHeena, so that made me realize he was in love with you.."

" Dia loved you too Ranvijay."

" Hah. Love. What is love?? Is love what Samrat feels for you or what you feel for him?. Seriously there is no such thing as love and now don't waste my time Gunjan. I am not gonna confess anything to you of all people. If you think Mayank couldn't do anything, you would.. Go to babas and pray that Samrat baba gets out jail and pray that he realizes that he is in love with you too. His romance has gone for toss."

" Ranvijay, what did you gain from this?"

" Nothing really. I just hate the fact that I cannot tell you anything as Samrat gets all overprotective.. and Dia, well she should have not slapped me.. But you know Gunjan. Dia's image is ruined after all I did with her, but today, your's is gonna be too. I mean, we are the only people's here and now Samrat's ki chasmish will be nothing but characterless chamish and poor Samrat, he will rot in jail for a mistake he did not even do, I feel so bad and winning aganist Mayank was great. it should shut all of u up.."

" Not so fast Ranvijay" a voice echoched from behind.

The lights turned on and Ranivjay was shocked to see the entire excel behind him, with Mayank, Nupur, Samrat, Benji, Uday and Dia.

He turned around and stared at Gunjan who pulled out a recorder which had his confession on tape..

He was shocked..

" Well Ranvijay. Thanks for falling into your own trap"

" and Ranvijay, thanks for everything.. Now have fun in Jail"

OKAY. So it was not that great, but creatives can add spicies to it and do whatever they want.

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Most Special

My first Shot> or written belowLOL

It was around 8 in the evening and quite dark. Gunjan Bhushan stepped out of Excel College. She had stayed late because she was a member of council & they had had a meeting. She also had to catch up with some work due to her absence for a day.

Now she was a bit scared. She had never walked out alone this late. Deciding that calling an auto would be safer she got out her cell phone. As she got it out, she remembered who gifted it to her. "Samrat" she sighed out his name in a soft whisper. "Why not call him instead, he's always willing to give you a ride& you might get time to spend with your "friend" …" she thought.

Gunjan punched the first three numbers when she felt a hand on her mouth. The hand also had a glove on it. She then felt someone wrapping cloth around her eyes. She was blindfolded! She tried to scream but there was a hand on her mouth. Her cell phone fell on the ground & she was taken away. She tried to jerk away but no. She couldn't move nor shout. She was put into a car besides the driver's seat. The whole ride through, she struggled as hard as she could to escape.

Finally she got out of the car. She tried to let looses but no. She felt herself climb into something wiggly. Gunjan thought hard! "What was she in?" It finally hit her. She was on boat. A CRUISE ship! "Oh God please help me. Please send someone to save me. Send Anybody! Send Samrat! " she prayed.

She felt her herself getting walked over to the dock. She was sure! Gently someone took off her blindfold. The first thing she saw was the sky & then before she could look behind she heard fireworks. Another explosion happened, which spelled out "I Love U Gunjan". She stared in shock and amazement. Her shock was short lived when she heard another explosion clearly spelling out " From Samrat" . Now she was dead shocked. It felt as if her nightmare had turned into a dream. Her eyes bugged out. She wasn't happy. If this was prank she'd be broken. She turned around. Sure enough, HE was standing right behind her. "Samrat??" her face's color was drained. "You want me to explain?" Samrat asked Gunjan. "Yes!" she replied rather quickly. He walked her over to a table. They sat down facing each other, looking uncomfortable.

"Look Gunjan. I don't know what happened but I'm pretty sure it happened a long time ago. You see, when I was in jail. I was hopeless. I didn't know what to do. Whenever you came I felt this different feeling. I didn't know what it was. But the people who I least expected me to help me, helped me figure it out. That inspector Kulkarni, he'd always tease me when you came & told me that " Ek larka aur larki kabhi dost nahi ho saktey." He gave me tiny hints. But first Sheena created the base. She convinced me that even though you sacrificed our friendship I was the one who never wanted it to break. I was the one who wanted you so badly. I thought about it. Whatever we did together, were we "friends". Did I have feelings for you? I never treated you like Benji,Uday,Dia, Nupur or Mayank. You were special In that time I realized it Gunjan." Samrat took a little pause and looked into Gunjan's eyes. He got up from his seat & moved towards Gunjan. He made her get up. He found his eye lock once again and said "I really truly badly… love you!" Gunjan was speechless. His confession made her drop a few tears. She tried to get words out. " Smarat I…" She was interrupted by him. " I know you might not share the same feelings as me but I just wanted to tell. I don't being rejected at all…" he stuttered the last few words but this time being interrupted by Gunjan "Samrat! Tum bilkul di ki taran ho. You never let anybody speak. Hear me out just once. Maybe you don't know but I've always loved you. I didn't tell you this because instead of gaining something I might lose you. I couldn't afford that. Not at all! But why all this for me? Why all this? Is it a joke?" Samrat breathed once & said " Because Gunjan… You're MOST SPECIAL! Even when I first met you, you helped me, actually cared about me. You never let me feel anyone's absence. You were the only person who I could open myself up to. I thought of you as a friend. You knew my weaknesses, I thought I had gained a good friend, but I had actually lost my heart"

Samrat then embraced Gunjan. Not like ever before but a hug that without words spoke his feelings. An embrace that conveyed his last few words. A hug that he wanted to last for an eternity. Gunjan returned it with as much emotions as him.

They were now seated at the table. They had sorted out their feelings & now were eating. Not as friends but something else. Samrat looked up & said   "Gunjan you better take care of yourself because kidnapping you was easy. Wouldn't want to lose you now." " Well excuse you were rough, is it my fault. That you had such an urge." "Right! You're weak." "Samrat stop!" Gunjan exclaimed then continued , "Promise me that we wont be like di and Mayank." Gunjan grinned. "I promise!" Samrat's face reflected the same grin.

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How I fell in love..!

ey Kankshita and Muneefah ur Kanky n munee
This is for you guys - u know what it is

Nupur's thoughts
I dont remember the first time we met, there were no bells chiming, no lights glowing, no falling into arms, no eye locks. I dint notice him, he dint notice me n we went ahead with our lives for about 2 years of Engineering college. .In my second year, i made gr8 friends with a guy in my class Rahul. We hit off instantly and were back-slapping buddies.. One day he mentioned to me that his room mate (who was also his best friend) , M who was in the same year as us, was always playing sad songs on his guitar. I thought that was a little strange..why sad songs? Well it was a random thought that lingered for a while and vanished.. In mid 3rd year, I decided to join MBA coaching classes. There were 4 of us, Rahul, Mayank, Vinu and I from the same college. Thats when I first said hi to Mayank..we were formally introduced by Rahul.. We hardly spoke as I was always busy talking to Rahul. In the classes though, things were different, we both competed with each other to come up with the correct answers. Infact, for each math sums, we would try to beat each other n get the chocolate that was offered as a prize for every correct answer. It was funny, we both were very good n fast, none of the others stood a chance but we were never aggressive, in fact we started smiling at each other more often after that. We never let that one- man up manship game go out of the class. But when we met in college corridors, we looked at each other, we were not exactly friends, I remember wondering, should I smile at him? Then he smiled, I couldnt help smiling back. I always liked his smile..We started talking once in a while in our coaching classes. Then during the semester break I fell ill, only my friend Rahul knew of it,,he promptly told Mayank (I wonder why?) that day when I opened my mail I saw a get well soon from Mayank....It was the sweetest card I ever saw.
Once we were back from the break, we never became gr8 friends, thanks to his friend Sheena.. she was very possessive of him and hated it that we mailed each other once in a while. She once saw a mail that I was sending him and told all our friends, it was perfectly innocent mail but she made it look like we were going around, I was terribly embarrassed! we got an interview call from one of the prestigious MBA universities, the 4 of us had made it..and we all decided to travel together, that journey was memorable and life-altering. I was very awkward talking to him, I wondered what he thought about me? I decided to go ahead and ask him, his answer was quite straight forward..he said he couldnt care less about what people thought, and was even less concerned about what sheena said cos he knew her quite well. I was relieved, then we started talking, since Rahul was our common friend, we kept pulling his leg and we ganged up on him and it was the most fun 2 day trip of my life. Even before a minute before the interview, we were busy talking and were the least bothered about anything around us. We talked about our entire lives, likes and dislikes. Suddenly we were incredibly close, but there was absolutely no attraction. The 3 of us had got through to MBA college but to different locations. We travelled back, we stayed awake the whole night and talked. He gave his phone to me for safekeeping. We reached back and went ahead with our day to day lives..Then suddenly he came to my class and called me out, I knew it was the phone but Sheena had the most amazing look on her face. The next day was valentine's day , I was not well and was stuck in the hostel. I called him up to tell Rahul that I wudnt be going to college that day. He picked up the phone and said he had lost his wallet..and while he was searching for his wallet we started talking...we talked and talked and talked...then I told him about sheena's reaction. He said he would go on his knees and propose to me with a bunch of red-roses in his hand right in front of her.We imagined the situation and laughed our heads off,, That day, we talked from morning to evening, Rahul was back from College and thought we had gone insane...We talked day and night. We were very different but found a strange pleasure in finding similar interests. He was vegetarian, i wasn't, our mother tongues were different, we had different ideas on everything. I was filmy he hardly watched films. /he loved classical music, i loved film music. We did find that our fav song was the same n such small things we called co-incidences made us very happy. Then one day he asked me if I loved Rahul? I was totally taken aback,,I honestly told him, i had no clue,,i dint think so, but why did he ask? He said, he just thought he needed to ask, Now I was confused! Mayank knows me really well,,so does that mean I ..? Well I dint think so, but had no clue honestly.
Finally he asked Rahul, who was even more confused, he was like where did that come from?? So that was 2 of us totally in the sea, then we talked it out, no we are very goods friends. thats all..So that was that..! So one fine day about a few months after the confusion he created, Mayank says I love that one I knew the answer to. i loved him too but then I was like, I dont think I could ever say i love you sorry, but I have to think of how my family would react! He said, ok fine, take your time I'll wait, meanwhile we continued talking like nothing happened. I kept thinking about him, One fine day he said, Can you say I love you to me? Pls? I wouldn't take it as a yes or anything, I just need to hear it. We were close, I love u was not something that was not a part of my friend's conversations,but somehow I couldn't bring myself to say it..It just wouldn't come out. I was taken aback at myself and he was suitably unhappy. We let it pass and carried on. I couldnt take my mind off him, It was the morning of a pre-semister exam, I messaged him, I know u r longing to hear it, but I would never tell you. He messaged back, i get the feeling you are gonna confess today. I was shocked..I went for the exam, my mind was not in it..anyway it was only pre-sem, no internal marks either,i decided to tell the professor I wasnt feeling too well..Since I was a pretty good student the professor let me go. I went back to the hostel and started messaging him. When he came out of the hall, we started messaging each other through the day. Then in the night he called me and we talked for 4 hours after which I said I love you..
// Its a long story, there's more to it, but I am not planning to make this an FF.. so the rest of the story some other day for you.

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His thoughts/ Her thoughts


His thoughts
I think I saw her in a party some years back. She was a pretty girl, but seemed very reserved. As long as we work well together, nothing else matters, I had thought rather naively! Well, it dint matter then, its been a year matters, lord knows it matters to me now. She has been my co-star and friend for more than a year now and I still cant figure out her feelings for me. The feelings -that I hope exists- hidden deep in her heart. I call her my mysterious lady for there's never been an enigma like her in my life! We were introduced to each other in the inital phases of casting, then, I just thought she had become more beautiful since the time I last saw her. She was courteous and friendly willing to discuss the characters we were to play in great detail. She seemed to have great understanding of her character, which incidently had looked pretty one-dimensional to me when I first read the story idea, that of a filmy small town girl with dreams of meeting her prince charming - nothing new. My character, on the contrary was very freshly conceptualised, academically inclined lad with a cool dude attitude. I digress, coming back to what I was saying, I think I was first floored by the sincerity with which she approached her role. She made notes on character quirks, mannerisms and body language that she thought suited the role. she compared notes with me to contrast it with the quirks of my role. I was not impressed, I was mega-impressed. I sort of started admiring her after my first few interactions. I have worked with actresses before and they can vouch for it that nothing on earth can stop me from flirting. Harmless casual flirting is how my day passes by, with her all my years spent in perfecting the art of casual flirting went down the drain. She was the only one who could get me toungue tied. It was not like, we never became friends, infact we became great friends, we had scenes which required huge amount of comfort level as co-stars to make it look believable. I something think its only because of the need to be perfect in her work that she brought down her defences a little and became friends with me. Not that she was not a sweet person, she was infact the sweetest girl that I ever met. She was the most kind-hearted and the most sensitive girl I had known. She was also equally ambitious and hard-working. Day by day, little by little I lost my heart to her. As we became friends, I got more comfortable around her, I unleashed my brand of charm on her, got away with teasing her and doing a mild flirting routine as well. She would laugh it off, always, without fail. I would sing the most romantic songs for her, sometimes in front of the camera as well, she would simply blush and laugh it off. Sometimes,I took it lightly, at other times, it irked me. No matter how I reacted, she never let slip how she really felt. Oh, dont think that we never talked, we talked all the time, we discussed a lot of things, we knew a lot about each other. I just dint know what I wanted to know the most and I never succeeded in getting to know what she felt. Well, if she dint like me at all, it would have been easier. Maybe not easier, but atleast I would know for sure how she felt about me. I knew one thing though, she was not immune to me, that felt great, but did she love me - I was always left wondering. There were days when I felt like simply asking her, but I was scared, I admit. I dint want to ruin a wonderful friendship and a perfect working relationship.I was really happy with the comfort level we shared, everybody who saw us on screen said we shared a magical chemistry. That always made me happy, I often dreamed- its because of our feelings for each other. Earlier,I was so much in awe of her that I couldn't let her know how I felt, Now I value our friendship too much to want to mess it up. I just wish I knew how she felt about me, really felt about me.

Her Thoughts
When the makers told me he was to be cast opposite me, I dint think much about it. I had seen him in an earlier serial and he was fairly popular with the girls, well that should work to our advantage I thought. I was in no mood to take up the usual saas-bahu routine so I thought it was a good idea to just give the campus caper a try. The expectations of the makers from my role was minimum but I knew I had it in me to create an impact. I was all set to prove myself to all and especially those who thought I wouldnt be able to do well. My goal was fixed and mind set. The last thing I expected was to fall in love. Fall in love, I did, and of all the people on earth, it was my co-star I fell for, the eternal ladies man. There is no girl on earth who can resist his charm when he turns it on. I feel myself going week-kneed and I relate to all the girls who are his fans. I had trouble controlling myself intially, so much so that some of the scenes in our interactions had some real emotions emanating from me. I finally gave in to his charm and became friends with him. Unlike what I thought of him earlier, he turned out to be a very nice guy, a complete Gentleman (trust me, I'm an actress and I know the difference), just really friendly and also, he doesnt keep much in his heart. Sometimes, I suspect he likes me, no sorry, loves me, but at other times I just put it down to my mind working over-time hoping for something like that! I feel it when he does those sweet little things for me, showers me with special attention, looking after even the tiniest need of mine. That guy, sigh, he really has it all in him, he is sincere, committed to work, is attached to his family, like the proverbial cherry on the cake is his smile, I'd classify it as the best in the whole wide world. He reserves those special smiles for me, that I've noticed, its not like he doesn't smile otherwise, he does..more in real life than in reel, yet, he smiles from his heart when we are together. This I know for sure! Sometimes I think he is genuinely trying to impress me, I hate it when he does it in full public view. Here, I'm not sure of his feelings for me, but he gives the entire world a feeling that we are in love with each other ! When he does those sweet things like sing for me, I cant help but blush, but then I get back into the actress mode, pretend that it was all part of the character we are playing! I never call him by his actual name when people are around. Sometimes, I confuse myself into believing its our characters that are in love with each other. Who am I kidding though, I know as sure as hell that I love him. This was not the plan! So I decided to concentrate on my work, well the problem is my work involved him. Its not like he were my co-worker, who I can be indifferent to, even if I like him. We are actors and the bane of our existence is that god forbid, we fall in love with out co-star, the act we put on gets harder. See, if I'm trying to avoid this guy for a day, just to prove to my mind that I can manage without him and what scene do I get for the day? A hug or a kiss !! Its not so much about acting anymore, its about controlling the natural emotion and thats way tougher! I feel so confused here, I am happy to be here but unhappy as well. I want to be with him but I want him to know. I love my work, so I wouldn't leave, I wouldn't leave my work because that would mean leaving him as well. Talk about how ironic life can be..

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