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hum saath saath hai part 90 updates pg 16 (Page 8)

KSG4lyf Senior Member

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Posted: 05 November 2009 at 12:45pm | IP Logged
hey mithila
gr8 partsClapClapClap

mithilalovesksg IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 November 2009 at 7:53am | IP Logged

Part 88

As the song was going on ridhima could feel with each and every word sung by armaan how much he loves her eyes were speaking volume of love and happiness which she could feel in his eyes of becoming a father . his voice was sounding different and melodiousiose which brought tears in her eyes here there was only love and love bt other side pain only pain


As the song was going all couples started dancing sharad and Maya also does close dance intentionally result can be seen karan was not able to stand there and see the sight where they were dancing just went away and anisha somehow stayed there with ronak bt she was also jelouse while ronak was enjoying this and was happy to see the party planned in grand way and how much armaan take care of her love and how much she is happy with him not a single moment he feels pain in inside why ridhima is not with him but he was happy seeing her with him so happy and wished from heart they should always remain happy 

(Ps this is only his love for her which is pure and conditional never wants anything in return)

armaan ridhima


armaan: thanku guys ab main aap logon ko humari kahani dekhana chatha hoon


then on  the other side projector placed which was on


the opening was beautiful designed written


welcome to armaan and ridhima world


voiceover was of armaan


pehle humari shuruhaat mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai hum log kitna ladte the

(there were all scenes going on with there pranks and basket ball everyone was busy watching them)


ar were sitting in the swing armaan just lifted ridhima he sat and made her sit on his lap carefully telling her to lift her legs up as it will hurt if she sits like this for hours


ridhima: armaan koi dekh lega


armaan: : nuzzling in her neck made her shiver ligtly beautiful abhi sab log humari kahani dekhne main busy hai isliye jaisa bol raha hoon waisa karo your legs will hurt jaan zada der aise nahi baithna na


ridhima agreed to what he said as she knows no use in arguing moreover she is also enjoying the moment



(the scene of there first confession was going on then breakup ridhima was having tears in her eyes)


armaan: holiding her bare stomach beneath the dupata slightly stroking it princess muma se kaho rona acha nahi hota kissing side of her cheecks


ridhima: main ro nahi rahi yeh khushi ke aasson hai maine kabhi socha hi nahi that tum itna sab kar sakte ho main bahut lucky hoon armaan agar tum


armaan: no maam you are wrong I am lucky warna meri jo harqate thi mujhse shadi karne se pehle koi bhi bahut baar sochega jaise aapne socha tha shadi aur I love u kehne ke liye


ridhima: ok baba we both are lucky ok


armaan: ya ok kissing her neck ligtly


ridhima: tumare legs main pain ho jayega mujhe utar do ab


armaan: holding the stomach much tighter dekha baby muma aapke papa se dur jana chathi hai pounting


ridhima: baby papa se kaho muma ke saath saath papa ko apna bhi khayal rakhna chaiye


armaan: baby uske liye aap aur muma hona waise bhi I am enjoying this mujhe dard nahi ho raha jab aapki muma mere dil par aise apna sur rakhti hai na to bahut sukun milta hai kissing her forehead


ridhima: yeh kya sikha rahe ho baby pada hone se pehle


(then the scenes again there confession how they convince dr sasank then engagement them ridhima accident this brought tears to everybody eyes they all were so engross in their story that forget about love birds good for armaan he was enjoying the benefit )


armaan: to tumhe kya lagta hai abhi baby aapke andar haiisliye aap dono mere khilaf team karenge nahi bilkul nahi princess mere bhi itni hi kareeb rahegi jitni tumre samjhi


ridhima: agar prince hua to


armaan: nahi mujhe princess hi chaiye bilkul aapke jaise


ridhima: job hi o healthy hona chahiye she was having pain in back slightly don't want to tell anything


armaan from stmacth lightly shifted his hands at back rubbing slightly zada dard ho raha hai room bhi hai thode der rest lena hai kya was concerned


ridhima is shocked hw he manages to understand everything without telling then nahi armaan ture pair se acha biskar aur seene se acha pillow ho sakta hai kya blushing


armaan was having million dollar smile oye hoe


(other are stil busy with there stoy now marriage and honemoon snaps are going which they made in Singapore when she was operated hw everybody was engross in the video they were astonished to se the love and care which armaan ahad taken of ridhima that days and there whole life till now was portray like that only after that finished everybody have tears in there eyes and clapping armaan very intelligent when 2 mins were left for the video to end he made ridhima very carefully sat on the swing and act such a way that they were also watching videos everybit)


karan and maya


maya was very worried as she had not seen karan after their dance so she went upstairs where there were rooms she could here someone crying inside the room she peesp in and was shocked to see karan siiting on the floor crying very badly


maya: sitting on the fpoor kya hua karan tum ro kyun rahe ho kya hua shikha thik hai na


he don't say anything just hug her tigtly maya was confused what to do whther to hug him or not bt seeing him so heart broken her heart trench she also huuged hr back that make him again sobs


maya: kya hua karan tum ro kyun rahe ho batao na kya hua


karan: I love u I love u maya main tumare begair nahi reh sakta I love u


maya was happy for one moment bt as karan againface reality and can see shikha and shrad face he just came out of hug in jerk I am sorry


was going


maya: sorry tumne mujhe samjh kya rakha hai jab chathe ho aah jate ho jab chathe ho chakle jate ho kya yehi tumara pyar hai


karan: main tumse koi pya vyar nahi karta


maya: to who kyahai jo abhi tumne kaha tum mujhe sharad ke saath kyu nahi dekh pate kyun tum mujhe dance karta hua dekhar aise chale aaye kyun tum ro rahe ho koi jawab hai karan aaj tum aise nahi ja sakte u have to answere me ok u have to


karan: coming closer jawab chaiye holding her hand tum janti ho jab koi tumara yeh haath cuta hai na mujhe acha nahi lagta kyun ki mujhe aisa lagta hai ispe sirf mera hak hai now holding her even more closer holding her back tighly then were inch away from kiss he was very sesuasly moving his fingers on her face jab koi aur tumare is khubsurat chere ki tarref karma hai na bahut takleef hoti hai aisa lagta hai ki ere andar koi mar raha hai jab koi tumare itna karreb aata hai jaise main hoon to aisa lagta hai ki main uski jaan leloon then aagain leaving her par phir yeh athunthi jo tumare haath main hai who mujhe ehsaanh dilate hai tu to merit hi hi nahi na hi kabhi ho sakti ho meri duniyan main sirf main aur shikha hai kisse aur ki koi jagah nahi kash main tumhe tumari engagement se pehle mila hota kash main tumhe who sab de pata jo tumara haq hai par shyad meri kismet ko yeh mazoor hi nahi ki main kabhi khush rahun jo araam aur pyaar umhe shrad de sakta hai main nahi de sakta


maya: par ismain main kaha hoon mere barrein main to tumne socha hi nahi khud hi phaisla le liya kabhie yeh janne ki koshish ki ki meri zindagi main mujhe tumari kitni zarrorat hai


karan: yeh sahi nahi hai waise bhi mere pass tumhe dukh ke sivaye kya milega kuch nahi kuch bhi nahi main ulta tumare sur par ek aur zimmedari dedunga shikha ki I am sorry maya I am sorry he just went away


maya was again heartbroken and was crying shradwho heard all this now decides to chat with karan





everybody was having dinner and praising all the arrangements and food armaan was feeding ridhima and pampering as usual atul anjali rahul muskaan were also busy having dinner

ria as her hand was hurt ws having difficulty in having it ronak came there


Ronak: can I help u


RIA very happily agreed thank u


Ronak: ok I am your doctor mam this is my duy smling


He made her eat ria was very happy with this and admiring him as he was feeding her anisha who watch this was also happy seeing atlest ronak is trying to get someone else in his life


Ronak anisha


Anisha: acha laga deke tum koshish kar rahe ho


Ronak was confused: kis baat ki


Anisha: yehi ria ke kareeb aane ki finaaly maan liya sirf apne pehle pyaar


Ronak now got that: aage mat kehna mujhe yeh samjh nahi aata tum to mujhe itne ache se janti ho phir tum aisa kaise soch sakti ho who sirf meri pateind hai ok aur friend aage kuch nahi aur ridhima maam ki jagah meri life main ki nahi le sakta


Anisha: par kisse companion ke begair


Ronak: relationship dono taraf se commitment ho tabhi chalti hai ani ek tarfa pyaar ya commitment only land up to copromise and sacrifice main manta hoon ridhima mama meri nam ho sakti lekihn iska matlab yeh nahi main kisse aur ki zindagi barbaad karun when I know I cannot be 100: commited to her


Anisha: par tum yeh baat usse bata sakte ho agar who phir bhi yehi chahe ki usse tumari zindagi main anaa hai I mean jis tarah um ridhima mama se unconditionally pyaar karte ho ho sakta hai koi aur tumse kare


Ronak: ho sakta hai ani par uske pyaar ke liye main itna khudgarz nahi ho sakta ki

Man usse uska pyaar cheen loon


Anisha: matlab


Ronak: matlab yeh shadi usse nahi karni chaiye jisse aap pyaar karte ho usse karne chaiye jo aapko pyaar karta ho main kisse aur ko pyaar nahi kar sakta ho sakta hai jo mujhse pyaar karta ho who aisa soche ki main usseitna pyaar karungi ki ek na ek din main ridhima ko bhul jaun aur usse pyaar karne lagun aisa bahut baar hota bhi hai ani par main aisa nahi hoon main nahi chatha  ria ko aage badne ke baad pachtawa ho ya meri zindagi main aane ke baad pachtawa ho kyun ki main badal nahi skat ani badalna nahi chatha main ridhima mam se pyaar karta tha  hoon aur rahunga puri zindagi mujhe unka itnzaar apni life main na kabahi hai na kabhi tha kyun ki mujhe pata hai who mere liye nahi bani par iska matlab yeh nahi ki main unse pyaar karna chod doon aur jab main unhe apne dil se nikaal hi nahi sakta to kisse aur ko life main lane ka sawal hi nahi utha ani this is out of question agar aisa kuch ria ke dil main hai to main usse dur karna chahunga usse baat karke agar baat aage badi to bahut takleef hogi


As he was about to stand and just turn watch ria in tears bt bigger shock was

Actually ridhima was feeling bt uneasy so armaan was taking her to the room ridhima was crossing through and she heard everything and fell on ground getting uncocious




Karan maya confession

Ronak applying for transfer to any oher brach except Mumbai


Ps( I know many of u want ronak to get along with some other girl bt sorry guys maine bahut socha I don't think the character which I have in mymind can be loyal to anyone in his life because he can only love her )


Karan ki dewani mithila


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sweet_mittal Goldie

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Posted: 16 November 2009 at 9:07am | IP Logged
hey dear awesome and grat part
love all the AR scenes
thanks for the pm
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee continue soon
love ya

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angelina_2005 Goldie

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lovd the update................. :)

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dipu Goldie

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mithila my lover girl..

part was really cool one..

AR were fab as always,,,

and maya and karan,.....ohh plz make karan confess soon,,,

and ronak..really yaar liked him...he is true lover...

conti... soon..

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tamanna17 Senior Member

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hi miths.....awesome scenes were superb.....thanks 4 the pm

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searchoffriends IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 November 2009 at 11:11am | IP Logged
hey mithila
wow yaar sweety
this was the best part yaar loved it loved reading it soo much
wow yaar armaan and riddhima were the best , how sweet and romantic , the scenes and there chat on the swing while everyone was busy with watching there videos , wah yaar , bahut achaa tha ,
you knew i loved that part ohh armaan is soo loving and caring , loved that a lot
hmm maya and karan story ,thank god yaar unki story to thode aage badde , and now even they r very nesr to there confession great loved that a lot
hyeeee yaar ronak and anisha part was also very nice
per ronak kuch jyada hii kuch jyada hii deewaana banna hua hai
i knew voo thoda jyada hi  pyaar kartah ai riidhima see and will never move on in his life
and don't worry maiun ye keh bhi nahi rahee huu , ki vo sab bhulaa kar ek new start karee , but i m just saying one think that he should have some respect for the dignity of a married women , i mean vo kahhe bhi ,i mean kabhi bhi ye keh dettta hai ki voo riddhima se pyaaar karte hai and all , pehle armaan listenned that , then he even said it to riddhima , and now that ria and even riddhima again listenned that all
i mean if he loves her ,its fine , per voo baar baar ye baatee karke kyon sabkoo pareshaan karnaa chahataa hai , infact usse to try karna chahiyee ki ye sab kabhi kisse ko patta na challe, kyonki this can creat a problem for riddhima and her life , and all
well this is my personal opinion   if he loves her , he should countinue like being a silent lover , not like this
well that's all for now , i want to read the next update soon ,
please update , i will be waiting for that
till then take care and thanks for the pm
lots of love

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