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hum saath saath hai part 90 updates pg 16 (Page 5)

yashimalhotra Senior Member

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Posted: 03 October 2009 at 7:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mithilalovesksg

guys i am afraid u may not like ending which i have planned as everybody is saying ronak should move on with life do u all want any other girl in his life or want to read what i have plaaned pls give me your views so that i can rescript it

i would like to see ronak with someone else
and yea i loved the post..
just read it
thanx for pm

mithilalovesksg IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2009 at 9:51am | IP Logged


Karan could not remain away from princess for long so he came and ronak went hi and ani home for rest


Ani has locked herself in her room and ronak was forcing her to open the door but she has not opened it at last he breaks the door he was shocked to see ani sitting on floor her hair all messed up eyes were red and swollen her all past snaps with sharad and letters were scattered in the room 


Ronak: yeh kya hai

Ani not speaking anything

Ronak: gud tum dono apne ego ko leke batehe raho tum dono ka kuch nahi ho sakta na karan maya se baat karne ko tayar hai aur na tum sharad se aur jab dono apni zindagi aage bada rahe hai to bhi um log khush nahi ho kya chiye

Ani was still quite

Ronak: will u say something I am asking u something u still love him don't u then why u are running when he also wants to talk to u ani speak up


Ani: I don't love him anymore


Ronak: oh really good then why these snaps and letters are still here haan why u should throw them Na u cannot do that right ok I will do this was collecting all the snaps

Ani: don't touch them leave them were they are

Ronak: why if u doesn't love someone then no use of keeping this just took a match stick from a drawer and burning it

Ani just snach the snap and in order to remove the fame from the fire burnt his hand


Ronak: pagli kehti hai pyaar nahi karti photo to jalta hua nahi dekh sakti usse kisse aur ke saath kya dekhogi tum taking her hand shit dekho kitna jal gaya apne pagapan ke wajah se

Ani: haath hi jala hai not a big deal

Ronak: stop it ok stop it who udhar haath pe chot lagata hai tum haath jalati ho aur kehte ho not a big deal do u all ever think of me nahi na mujhe kaisa lagta hoga apne doston ko aise dekhne main kabhi socha hai

Getting the firsaid box

Applying ointment to her hand

Ani: sorry main bahut pareshaan karti hoon na tumhe

Ronak: chup bahut sunli maine tumari aur karan ki bakwaas apne ego ki wajaha se tum log chaar chaar zindagiya barbaad kar rahe ho

Ani: main much nahi kar rahi wohi maya se shadi ka\r raha hai

Ronak: to who tumse baat karna chathe tha ki tumne usse baat aur waha karan ko yeh kyun lagta hai pata nahi maya ke aane se shikha ke saath sahi nahi karega aura b o uski ek aur problem hai who bahut aisho araam se pali hui hai main usse who sab nahi desakta ka tum dono ko yeh samjh nai tata pyaar main paison ya ego ki koi ahmeeth nahi hoti  yeh to bahut hi khubsuratt ehsaans hta hai shyad tum log pyaar ko samjha hi nahi paye

Tum dono apne ego ki wajahs se galat decision le rahe ho aur who log status ki wajah se compromise kar rahe hai shyad aur kar bhi kya sakte hai Na tum shrad ki baat mane ko tayaar ho aur na hi karan maya ki



Next morning


Ar room


They were sleeping as usual cuddling very closely to each other and armaan holiding her tightly

Ridhima wake up and was haapy to see his life sleeping peacefully with a smile on his face he was looking so cute while slleping that she gave kiss lightly on his cheek so that he don't wake up then trying to free her self from his grip which is the most difficult job for her

Armaan: kaha bhaag rahi ho meri special mithai abhi tak nahi miili check par nahi lips par kiss karne ki deal hai shyad

Ridhima: tum uthe hue ho

Armaan: now coming on her top kitni baar kaha hai tumari jaise khubsurat biwi jiske ghar main ho who ghode bech ke kaise so sakta hai ab kiss

Ridhima giving her his kiss jiske bina uski subah nahi hoti


Then armaan slightly moving down towards ridhima tummy slightly kissing it

Heloo baby gud morning aaj aapko aur aapki mumma ko bahut bada surprise milega enjoy again kissing it


Ridhima: kya bad bada rahe ho mujhe bhi batao


Armaan: yeh mere aur baby ki private talks hai main kyun bataun hai na baby slightly stroking the stomach


Ridhima: putting her hands on her stomach dekha baby aapke aate hi aapke papa mujhe bhul gaye ab private talks bhi hone lagi hai huh


Armaan: awwwwwwwwwwww  baby aapki mumma kitna jalti hai waise jalte hue bhi kitni cute lag rahi hai


Ridhima: armaan bataona kya baat hai


Armaan: no wasy yeh to aapko aaj raat ko hi pata chalega chalo abhi mujhe jana hai ange thode der main yah aaati hi hogi


Ridhima: anjie kyun aaegi uski duty nahi hai kya


Armaan: nahi jaan aaj usne chuti le hai ab main fresh hone jar aha hoon tum yehi baitho main aake breakfast bana lunga kitchen main khusna bhi mat


Ridhima: par armaan ajjeb hai kuch bata hi na hai anjie ne off kyun liya hai chodo usse hi pooch lungi



Armaan: ridhima tum wohi ho na shouting from bathroom


Ridhima: haan kyun


Armaan: nahi mujhe laga tum kahi kitchen main na gayi battein karti raho na


Ridhima: kyun main radio hoon


Armaan: haan


Ridhima: kya


Armaan: are jaan main sirf yehi chatha hoon ki mujhe pata chalta rahe tum wahi hoon tumara kya bhrosa kab nashta banae bhag jao


Ridhima: tum chinta mat karo aaj main kuch nahi karne wali kar lena sab kuch huh aaj kal battein bhi chupane lage ho


Armaan: be patient raat tak sab pata chal jayega and he was not irritated as he knows this time ridhima can get angry with slightest thing he had already asked  padma about what changes she will go and how he can tactle that


Finally armaan somehow make ridhima mood gud and make her have her breakfast panner ke pakode and went away after angie came


Ridhima anjie


Ridhima: di aaj aap hospital kyun nahi gayi kya ho raha hai mujhe armaan ne kuch nahi bataya


Aanjie: be patient raat tak sab pata chal jayega abhi main teri juice ki tayari karke aati hoon


Ridhima: nahi di mujhe juice nahi peena


Anjalie: mujhe juice nahi peena imitating her armaan se pitwayegi kya haan aura b main juice aur khana acha bana hi leti hoon aaj kal mom se cooking seekh rahi hoon so don't worry u are in save hands



Ridhima: huh isne bhi kuch nahi bataya mujhe janna hi hai yeh sab kya ho raha hai par kaise


In hospital

Each and every staff from ward boys to nurses and doctors and interns are talking about armaan suprprize party which he is giving to ridhima  as she has given him world best gift he will be going to be father the surprze party took much time because he planned it in a grand way



In general ward


Ronak is seeing the checking the patient one eye is constanly looking him it was ria who was just not able to make her eye contact break she don't know why hw mush she stops herself not to look him but she was not able to stop herself she was confused she used to love a guys who was married and tried to commit suicide for him also and now looking him or just checking him she was totally confused what going on bt she knows she has crush on ronak from beginning as she loves his sigining and on stage but was even more impressed seeing him here the way he talks to patients take care of hem the way he cares for shikha she is totally seeing a different side of a rocks tar which she was used to know

Armaan also noticed this he wnt to ria


Armaan: heloo


Ria: hi


Armaan: kuch soch rahi thi


Ria: yaha ke saare dr itne handsome kaise ho sakte hai



Armaan: hahaha tum yeh soch rahi thi


Ria: I must say u are very handsome


Armaan: thaku but I am married going to be father


Ria:oh lagte nahi hai


Armaan: stop flirting ab bolo tum ronak ko kyu khr rahi thi


Ria: main hmmmm main kab khur rahi thi


Armaan: jab log bolte hue fumble karte hai matlab jhoot bol rahe hai


Ria: oh ok who bahut ache hai issliye


Armaan: ab aayi na line par to usse freinship karo


Ria: we are friends par usse zada nahi


Armaan: who kyun


Ria: kyun ki who bhi kisse se pyaar karte hai



Armaan: par who to unhe mil nahi sakti


Ria: aapko kaise pata aap jaante hai who kaun hai



Armaan: nahi par yeh baat to sabko pata hai kyun ki unhone khud media main kaha hai hai na


Ria: oh haan


Armaan: to tum try to kar hi sakti hon dosti kea age jane ki


Ria: nahi ek rejection main sehen kar chuki hoon aur nahi


Armaan: as u wish


Going from there thinking ronak aise to apni zindagi barbaad kar dega  usse aage badna hoga agar kuch hua bhi nahi to bhi mujhe yeh gum nahi rahega ki maine koshish nahi ki


In evening


Ridhima is having very hard time anjali padma and nani all are there getting her ready


Ridhima: koi batayega yeh kya ho raha hai pls mujhe aise sajaya kyun jaa raha hai


Padma: beta hum log bhi to saje hue hai na dekh to bas ab thode der aur



Meanwhile the venue side

Those who were coming were astonished by the arrangement it was open space beach side everyrthing is decorated colorfully with lot of colours having mickey mouse tom jerry and different carrotoons figure every where decorated it was looking as if party is thrown for kids

One side stage is there with white staps all around chairs support also  mickey mouse shape


One side was food area with everything arrange there from Indian to chinees to thai .



Ridhima was in car send by armaan and she has white strap on her eyes as soon as car stops she again started the blanter bt then she can feel the touch who holds her hand it was armaan.

Ridhima was wearing cream clour lehnga chole looking stunning and armaan in black suit as hiot as ever


Ridhima: armaaaaaaan yeh kya bachpana patti kholo na kaha se aaye tum aur subah se phone bhi nahi uthaya koi bataega yeh kya ho raha hai


Armaan: just whispering on her ears u are looking stunning jaan kissing lightly her neck


Ridhima: armaan hum kaha hai


Armaan: have patience


Ridhima: aur nahi rakha jata subah se to rakha hua hai


Armaan: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ridhima dint realize when he and ridhima sat on a glass trolly

Actually it was a trolly hand over a rope tied by two tress tough and tight check 1000 times it is perfect or not by armaan


Armaan just open her straps and told her to look front and she was just astonished to see the sight


The whole sky was covered with fireworks and it was written


Thank u ridhima meri zindai main aane ke liye

Thank u ridhima mujhe apna banae ke liye

Tum janti bhi nahi tumne mujhe kya diya hai

Aaj baap banke ki khabar dekhe

Tumne mujhe naya ehsaas diya hai

Ek naya janam diya hai

Thank u ridhima


Ridhima was totally shocked seeing this then look downwards was again shocek to see everybody looking them and clapping then finally armaan came out from trolly bt ridhima was still she was shocked usse kuch samjh nahi aya in 5 mins main usne kya dekha  finally armaan carefully holding her hand bring her out then t\from the platform at top they were bring down when everybody was throwing roses on them ridhima was num don't know hw to react usne kabhi socha hi nahi hoga armaan aisa bhi kuch kar sakta hai


Armaan treid again to bring ridhima back from shock no use so he lifted her up and carefully placed her in the chair obn stage everybody started clapping seeing this armaan hold a mike


Thank u from coming u all shyad ridhima abhi kuch zada hi shock main hai yeh surprise usse shyad itna pasand nahi aya ya phir kuch zada hi pasand aya ab ek aur surprice main aap sabke samne ridhima ko yeh batana chathe hoon ki main uske liye kya mehsus kart a hoon


After then guitar started playing by armaan and he is singing

Imagining total eye lock session of armaan and ridhima in this song

Tu Hi Haqeeaqat
Khawwb Tu
Dariya Tu Hi
Pyaas Tu
Tu Hi Dil Ke Beqarari
Tu Sukun Tu Sukun

Jau Mein Ab Jab Jis Jagah
Pau Mein Tujhko
Us Jagah
Saath Ho Ke Na Hoon
Tu Hai Roobaru Roobaru
Tu Humsafar
Tu Humkadam
Tu Hamnava Mera
Tu Humsafar
Tu Humkadam
Tu Hamnava Mera

Aa Tujhe In Bahon Mein Bharke
Aur Bhi Kar Loon Main Kareeb
Tu Juda Ho To Lage Hai
Aata Jata Har Pal Ajeeb

Is Jahan Hai Aur Na Hoga
Mujhsa Koi Bhi Kushnaseeb
Tune Mujhko Dil Diya Hai
Mein Hoon Tere Sabse Kareeb
Mein Hi To Tere Dil Main Hoon
Mein Hi To Saason Mein Basu
Tere Dil Ki Dhadkano Mein
Mein Hi Hoon Mein Hi Hoon

Tu Humsafar
Tu Humkadam
Tu Hamnava Mera
Tu Humsafar
Tu Humkadam
Tu Hamnava Mera

Kab Bhala Ab Yeh Waqt Guzre
Kuch Pata Chalta Hi Nahi
Jab Se Mujhko Tu Mila Hai
Hosh Kuch Bhi Apna Nahi

Uff Yeh Teri Palkein Ghani Si
Chav In Ki Hai Dilnasheen

Abb Kise Dar Dhoop Ka Hai
Kyun Ki Hai Yeh Mujhpe Beechi

Tere Bina Na Saans Loo
Tere Bina Na Main Jeu
Tere Bina Na Ek Pal Bhi
Reh Saku Re Saku

Tu Hi Haqeeaqat
Khawwb Tu
Dariya Tu Hi
Pyaas Tu
Tu Hi Dil Ke Beqarari
Tu Sukun Tu Sukun

Tu Humsafar
Tu Humkadam
Tu Hamnava Mera
Tu Humsafar
Tu Humkadam
Tu Hamnava Mera



Aaj ke liye kafi hai next to next week phirse milungi is ff ke saath baki ff bhi update karne hai

Bye bye

Karan ki dewani mithila



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arshluver_15 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 October 2009 at 10:27am | IP Logged
Hey mithila thanxs a lot for the PM loved teh part WOW armaan throw that part in grand way i sure he must be on coud 10 or 11 or maybe higer after getting the news fo him becomming a father lookes like armaan is trying to be a cupid in between ronak n ria gud it was realy excelent part loved it thanxs nruti

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mohit_aggarwal Goldie

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Posted: 20 October 2009 at 10:55am | IP Logged
grea job!!!!!!
fantastic update........
plz brng
together Day Dreaming

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dipu Goldie

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that was rocking part yaar...

wow what a surprise man...

the best one....

aaawww armaan is really cute.....

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frnd.of.frndz Goldie

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hey Miths..
Awesome update..
so Armaan would be Love Guru for Ronak nd Ronak would be the one for Maya nd Karan AND Ani nd Sharad.. cool..!
yar aapki FF mein na Surprises vala element bohot hi different aur pyara sa hota hai..
Padho to lagta hai kitna Simple aur pure hai lein socho to lagta hai isse aise likhne mein aur sochne mein time laga hoga..
Superb part..
Aur baaki Fics ke update ka bhi main wait karing..
Thanx alot for PM nd Update..

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mithilalovesksg IF-Sizzlerz

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guys pls is assumption main mat rehna ronak riya ko apnayega just wait hw story unfolds its request to u all
Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 20 October 2009 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Great part!!
Thanks for the PM...

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