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Coffee WT Crazies 2.3 Drama + old movies MUST SEE

Perfangel5655 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 September 2009 at 7:28am | IP Logged

 ----- 2nd Edition ~ PART III  ------   
Presented by
~ The coffee crazies of creative corner ~
xtaurus429x mimi0295 Perfangel5655 desigrl05 QueenHinna12 DramaholicVibes

As the title states this is our 2nd edition. Thank you so much to each and everyone of you for the amazing response of our 1st part Big smileEmbarrassed

which was

Rich Ristretto reminders with Roshni
Hearty Hazelnut Hints with Hinna

For new readers check out our crazy part I & II to find out what we are all about! 

We discuss: Food, Fashion, Music, Gossip, Movies, and What to and what not to do. We will survey and we will interview!


Last time all the segments were posted at the same time. This time we decided to be easy on the readers. We will post two segments at a time Big smile


Today you will get to read..

Double decaff Drama with Dilbagh
Jiving Java Judgements with Jhanvi

Our topic: back to school Big smile

So stay with us and please enjoy!!!


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Perfangel5655 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 January 2008
Posts: 12535

Posted: 28 September 2009 at 7:28am | IP Logged
first we have
Welcome friends to Double Decaff Drama with Dilbagh. My name's Dilbagh or DB! Each CWTC edition, I will be showing up with a theatrical segment discussing all the DRAMA that's infiltrating our pyaari industry and world even! This Month I've decided to alter my segment a little. The theme for this month is "BACK TO SCHOOL" and for this, I've decided to interview a few members on the gossip and embarrassing moments they've faced in their school or colleges.

Our First Bakri is: -Nadii-

Here is a Question that I threw out at our lovely Moderator:
Could you please Share an Incident which happen at your school/college.  This must re tell the story of the incident. Please think of something which nurtured a lot of Gossip & maybe even arguing.  
-Nadii- says: I haven't had any incident in school/college that started any gossip or arguments. I have always been one of the quit girls at school/college, so never did something unusual .But other than that, there have been a few at my college. On of them I remember happened a few months ago. We heard that one of the guy from the class next to us, had some problems, he had some bad friends, so one day the police showed up at school and took him with them at the police station, and the next we knew he was in jail, and will now soon be back on school after year. Been a lot Gossip about that lately…

Wow! That does seem like a lot of gossip packed atmosphere to be in. I wonder what the Boy did to manage up ending up in Jail... Hmmm let's keep thinking while I move over to our next gossip victim.
Our Second Bakri is: *Resham*
Here is a Question that I threw out at our lovely Cool Viewbie:
Could you please share a moment in school/college which was the most embarrassing for you or a friend/somebody who you know (Please write it in a story form).
*Resham* says: I was in Std VII and I was very poor in the subject called Maths. Yes, that subject till that standard I hated it. It was in parents meeting that my father spoke up that I m not able to understand Maths and that teachers don't take efforts in learning the core of the students with respect to their subject. There was a strengthened debate over this and finally some discussions and conclusions were drawn. When he came home and told me about this entire situation, I was totally embarrassed and went into my shell. I even went screaming as to why he had to tell this and what will I do in front of the class now, how will I face my teacher...what will she say to me...I couldn't digest what happened, and went on thinking about it the whole day after that. This resulted in so much that I couldn't eat properly. I was restless, thinking all the day what will happen tomorrow when I have to face that Maths teacher. I planned to skip the school too but in vain as my parents would have scolded me left right and centre, so to avoid this I went to the school quite unwillingly the next day.
As the lecture of Maths came close my tension mounted up, and then that teacher entered the class as I sat on my bench after greeting the teacher. That teacher told about what precisely happened in the meeting, but before she could go ahead and I could relax, she came near my bench, (I was super ventilating), and she said...You are Reshma right?...I just nodded yes Ma'm, rather yes Teacher...She then made me to stand and went on saying that how some parents say that children don't understand their subject....and she asked me...Do you think that I don't teach right. I was embarrassed since the entire class was looking at me, and I said...No teacher that's not so. She continued, but your father thinks so, I could not cover up, and then she said Sit down...
Nothing happened after this, but I was totally lost. I couldn't utter a single word as every eye of the class was seeing me. Well after this incident one thing happened good was that I entered in her good books forever and made her proud by scoring distinction in her subject...
Oh No… That must have been so hard for you. I understand how you must of felt. It is good that you over came it with working hard in her subject and getting a distinction! Well Done. I hope all our readers are learning this lesson LOL!
Our Third & Final Bakri is: togepe30

Here is a Question that I threw out at our lovely I-F Rockerz:
Could you please share a moment in school/college which was the most embarrassing for you or a friend/somebody who you know (Please write it in a story form).
togepe30 says: This is the incident of my first graduation year. We had a "Advertising" Fest at my College, and I had taken part along with my 2 friends in the "AD-MAD" Contest, and me, not being a student of Advertising had just tagged along because my friends(both Advertising students) wanted to take part and insisted that I join them. So, I went along sure of the fact that since my knowledge on the subject was NIL, we wouldn't reach anywhere! (LOL) But all they required were creative ideas and knowledge of the advertising world, which thanks to my TV viewing spree, I had a fair knowledge of. By and by we crossed all the rounds and got selected for the finale round which was a surprise round!
The round happened to be a skit, we were to pick up chits containing names of products and then make a commercial ad for marketing the product....and the product we got was - "Peeli Peetal ki Balti" (Yellow Copper Bucket)....They had funny product names like - Catty Cream, Bandar Chaap, Dant-manjan, etc, and for me it was a huge shock, because I was someone who has an immense stage fright. I immediately freaked out as it was compulsory for all the participants to take part in the skit. My friends really wanted to win the competition, so I had to unwillingly join in.
Now, the skit started and everything was going well because I absolutely refused to look at the auditorium filled with students and said all my dialogues and I was taking a sigh of relief that I'm not messing up the skit. Then the ending dialogue of the skit came, where the name of the product had to be announced and this time happy that the ordeal had ended I made the mistake of looking up at the audience and cheerfully announced the product as " Peeli Patli Balti" (Yellow thin Bucket) instead of Peeli Peetal ki Balti" and since the names were similar sounding, no-one realized except me....and I started laughing and then corrected the name. My Fault.
We didn't win of course, but the judges made it a point to tell me that they loved our skit and would never forget the "Peeli Patli Balti" of mine....hahahaha!! They said "Jab tak log hass rahe tak samjho tum sahi ja rahe ho"...Hahaha !! I was so damn embarrassed.....LOL! My debut stage experience was horrible....hahaha!! My classmates made it a point to tease me about it the whole day.

Haha! I've also got so many friends who've got stage frights, but luckily at my school they're so much lighting hitting your face that its completely dark to see anyone watching you, so it's a good way to escape thousands of eyes LOL! Thanks for that wonderful story.
That's all from me folks! Thanks for reading Double Decaff Drama with Dilbagh. I hope you all enjoy reading the rest of "Coffee with the Crazies!" Until next time!

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Perfangel5655 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 January 2008
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Posted: 28 September 2009 at 7:29am | IP Logged
Smile Next we have

So since fall's here we're all stuck with rainy and bitterwarm weather right? Why not grab a good flick that you haven't seen for years... and yes when I say years, I mean YEARS...

Jhanvi's Top 3 Old Is Gold Review:

3. Umrao Jaan

Rekha defines graceful beauty in this movie.  The journey of a prostitute as she gains and looses all things important to her in her life.  It was never by choice that she'd become a prostitute but by fate she was to have the whole world at her feet but yet nothing was to be called her own.  A heart wrentching story of life's unfortunate turns and how destiny is the main play in any story, this one will definately leave you teary eyed.

2. Anamika

So who hasn't seen this movie? (seriously, if you haven't..get to it!) This Jaya Bacchan and Sanjeev Kumar thriller is all about the name game.  A young successful man falls in love with a lonely stranger and as she once mysteriously appears in his life the very same way she disappears.  This loverlorn tries to find his love everywhere and sees her everywhere as well.  Mystery is, she is not whom she appears to be, a different identity at every this a major betrayal plot or will he ever find the woman he fell in love with?

1. Sangam

Love, Trust, Friendship, Betrayal
It was never easy of Radha to profess her love to her childhood sweetheart, Gopal, as he always wanted everything for his dear friend, Sundar.  At every step of life's way Gopal heeded to Sundar's wants even if it was against Radha's admant protests.  Growing up together Sundar always had an intense liking for Radha and Gopal did as well but he was never able to show it.  TIme changes everything right? Hurt from Radha's words, Sundar goes off to join the army in hopes of wedding Radha after his return and tells his best friend, Gopal to take care of her.  Time comes and goes and the military sends home a notice of Sundar's brave but sudden death.  After mourning Radha and Gopal become closer and profess their love to one another, the day they wanted to reveal this fact to their families, Sundar returns home..alive.  Gopal backs down, and Radha is to wed Sundar.  Radha starts her life afresh and slowly falls in love with Sundar and live in their own world.  Gopal comes to visit them upon Sundar's request and Radha sees that he's still stuck in the past which upsets her.  This story reaches its climax where Sunder finds an old love letter that Gopal had written to Radha and becomes sacrifice for the happiness of two... who would step down?

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Perfangel5655 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 September 2009 at 7:29am | IP Logged

And that is our 3rd part for this edition. Be sure to tune in for the next part to see what the other crazies have planned! NEXT one is a special one if we ever manage to get together LOLLOL PLEASE leave us some sort of feedback, for us to work on! This way we can better ourselves for our next edition; that's if you guys WANT us to have a  next edition!Don't hesitate in sharing whats brewing in your mind, and HIT the LIKE button if you "liked" our post! LOLLove You IFians!



For your convinience and our we have a new account.
Make sure to add us. This way we will stay connected! We can survey you guys and you will get to become a part of our editions LOL
We will try to give out monthly prizes.
If there is a member who you would want us to interview or maybe even yourself. Let us know Big smile

Currently any past and current readers will be added to our list. If you do not want to get our updates feel free to take us off.
man I'm sounding like as if i am selling a product.ConfusedLOLLOL
The Coffee Crazies of Creative Corner

xtaurus429x mimi0295 Perfangel5655 desigrl05 QueenHinna12 DramaholicVibes
~ Roshni,Mimi,Fatima,Jhanvi,Hinna,DB ~

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SiyapaaQueen IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 September 2009 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Fab job once again B.Dubz and J!!! Amazing editions!!! J went completely back to school with the oldies! Love it!!!  should really read up on your old classics ! LOL...

great job!!

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-dramaholic- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 September 2009 at 9:18am | IP Logged
Fantastic Work everyone!!
I hope everyone enjoys reading my segment LOOL! Also awesome job done by Jhanvii! ;)
Thanks Fatima & Rosh 4 the kind comments =P
-Precious IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 September 2009 at 9:48am | IP Logged
"man I'm sounding like as if i am selling a product.Confused"
Well seems you would be good at that hehe but the edition was really great i had fun reading it
missindia26 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 September 2009 at 11:41am | IP Logged
Great edition Clap
Loved the decaf drama
Really made me laugh
Especially "peeli patli balti" LOL
And cool movie suggestions
Been wanting to watch Umrao Jaan for ages
Hadn't actually heard of Anamika but mystery thriller sounds awesome Tongue
Will definitely get round to seeing them
Sangam at least I have watched Big smile
I really enjoyed it
It was over-dramatic but in a good way
And I can't forget the song: "dost dost na raha" Cry
Looking forward to next edition
Love TJ

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