Chel Sept 28 - Oct 2 - Amutha consumes poison...

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Monday September 28, 2009 - Episode

Due to Navaraathiri special programs, episode not aired.. Tongue ayyaa naan escapeeeee PartyParty  


September 29 - Tuesday Updates

Everyone in the household is tensed. Thye are worried and  run around Avudaiappan (AV) who is lying still in the bed. Confusion prevails everywhere. CM and Beach are screaming - what happened to appa? calling him appa, appa. There comes the doctor with a kit and asks everyone to be calm. Nothing happened for him. Then she does some slapping and calls Av sir AV sir.. Checks the pulse.. ANd again some more slaps.. Wa.. AV gets up and sits upright taking a deep breath. He has a shocked expression on his face.. He asks everyone what happened and y they are all tensed? CM calls him Appa and asks what happened. HE says he is fine. CM asks doctor. Doctor says it is Black out and for a few seconds everything will turn numb.. It may occur for any age people and since AV is aged it has become a bit serious. Nothing else. CM crying asks whether he needs to admitted to hospital. Doctor says no need and just he needs rest. Then she asks everyone to leave and he has to get fresh air.. (Ipo than sollanumnu thonicha.) They all leave with sad face. Doctor convinces a crying CM and asks her to come.

Muthazhagi and Valiammai at kitchen. VA reminds MA to add salt without fail. MA says even if there is no salt added, if we say it is prepared by CM everyone will eat ilichukittu. VA sides her. Outside, CM asks her athai (TM) if they can take appa to their house for foru days since he likes athai's samayal - agathi keera kootu, uppu illadha kari, elumbuthatti potta soup. Four days he will eat and come with strength. MA and VA comes out and MA asks, if she means that they are not taking care of him. CM says she dint mean like that. MA says she understood well and they both do all the work for him. She should not talk like that. She can take her father for ayusu full, but not to talk like this. VA seconds her.. Athai asks them y they fight now like this. MA tells that we should talk only the just. She says that what CM told is wrong. Vm and MA asks CM to take her father if she wants to be with him but not to talk about them like this. She sheds some crocodile tears.. Cm tells she din't mean it that way.. MA tells whatever she meant, what she told was wrong. CM accepts "Thappu dhan anni."

CM tells she was wrong and she said unknowingly. She asks them both to forgive. MA asks her y she is telling big word. CM tells she did a mistake and she will not loose anything if she says sorry. The one who did mistake have to seek forgiveness and that is what she did. CM tells how mcuh paasam they have on her father and when she said she will take him home, they fought. She is happy. Athai tells MA that chellama is born in that house and she has more paasam on her father and he too has. So when something happens she comes running. They both are DIL of the house. She tells Cm talked out of urimai on her dad. Athai asks MA if her father is not feeling well, won't she run to see him. When girls are married it doesnot mean that they don't have porandha veedu. MA tells Periyamma (Athai) that what she said was wrong only. Cm talked out of urimai and they talked out of paasam for mama. She tells that only when they get up before mama goes out for walking and make him a cup of coffee, their day will start. The children also always run around their thatha. So when she said she will take him, they talked like that. CM is happy and says u take care of ur mama well and they are also happy for that. CM and Athai leave from there. Valliamma tells MA that she thought it would be big fight. MA sighs and tells she will be here only, lets see. They run inside the kitchen as some burning smell is felt.. (Amma thayigala enna nadipu.. Ipadi balti adikiringale!! Kudumbam super a urupudum!!)

AV in the oonjal and seeing vittam - thinking about the talk between him and Thavasi on the other day. Some scene in black and white (They were talking sitting on the thinai, which was telecsted few days back). Thavasi comes there and sees him lying with eyes closed. TV has a very worried expression on his face..

(next scene serves a explanation for Tv's worried expression)
Goms and TV standing. Goms asks when AV is not well, TV should be happy, but y he is worried?
TV's answer with a rude face "Unaku theriyadhu Gomathi. Avan savakoodadhu. Avan uyiroda irukanum. Avan chakravarthy aagaradha nan paathen. Nan chakravarthy aagaradha avan paakanum. Avanoda rendu kannalayum paakanum. Avana nadutherula nikka vechu nan paakanum"
Goms ask him to leave it and not to get tensed. They can take care. TV shouts that he can't leave. THey both came together without a way for food. They experienced all the troubles together for 30 years. Now AV is in top and he is the bottom.  Goms asks what can be done for that now. TV tells he left thinking it as Vazha maram. But he dint expect to be grown like Aala maram. Goms tells that he has grown like a periya aala maram with vizhuthugal. TV challenges that he will "veroda pichu pidunguven" Goms tells that it is too tough as they all are in the same line and tied by paasam for dad and sister, respecting wife like that, adjusting CM etc. Indha kudumabtha kalaikaradhu romba kashtam. TV says that it is possible and he will do that. He will pluck one root by one. Finally he will take out the aani veru Avudaippan. Goms tells that he is too emotional. TV asks her to do the job given to her. He asked her to "Valachu podufy Vadamalai and do that alone" TV says that no girl will adjust in her husband matter and no girl can stand her husband talking to other ladies and the same will be in chellama. U mayakufy Vadamalai and see how the family is broken into pieces. He advices Goms not to visit the house often and come only when he calls. Goms nods takes leave.

Amudha with her mobile sitting in front of the house. CM, Doctor amma, Maniarasu and children enter the house. Amudha asks CM what guests are coming today pola. CM tells doctor amma has come many times and doesn't she knew her. Amudha tells that she mentioned about the person coming at the back. CM tells Amudha to order coffee. Amudha orders kalaivaani akka four coffee.. CM and doctor goes inside.
Mani tells that Amudha can join his akka's hotel since she ordered like a server. Amudha says "Poda bell" Mani asks her to cal mani and she explains she called the same in English. He accepts that it is fine. Then Amudha asks hm how is keeping fit. Mani explans about walking gymming since he has siitng jhob, he can't leave his health. Amudha asks him to try for Mr.Chennai and tells he looks like hero. Mani gets excited. She takes snaps of him and tells that he looks like Asal Ajith and Vettaikaran Vijay and runs aside. Mani thinks about that and calls her. He tells that he will walk like Enthiran Rajini. Amudha turns to him and asks him zip properly. When he does that, she again takes a snap and informs him. She takes the mobile and run inside. Mani follows her asking for the mobile. Inside CM is asking the kids to get ready for the school. Doctor and CM sitting in sofa. A small chasing and Amudha hands over the phone to CM and asks her not to give it. Mani asks akka for the phone. CM asks what is there in that. Amudha challenges Mani that if he has guts, tell what is there in the mobile and take the mobile.

Mani doesn't feel and tells his sister(CM) about this in her ears. Amudha laughs. There comes Palliarai and asks what is that.Cm shows it too her and she in turn shows it to doctor and goes to kitchen. Mani asks her sister y she did like that telling to everyone when he told like a secret. CM tells that she has seen that and she gives the mobile to Amudha. She asks two mins to get ready and the doctor agrees to wait. CM leaves inside. Again Amudha and Mani running around the sofa. Mani asking for phone and Amudha telling "tharamaten mama". Mani holds her hand when Doctor asks Mani to leave her as she is just playing. There comes Athai scolding Mani to leave her hand. Doctor asks whey she is scolding him, as they both are gonna get married. Athai tells that it will not happen. Mani and Amudha looks sad. Doctor demands reason and Athai tells that Amudha was born "maavu or malai suthi porandhava" (I din't understand this) Maavu suthi porandha maamaku aagadham. Thank God nothing happened to them. She tells that when we make it give and take policy in marriage (adhanga ponnu kuduthu ponnu eduakaradhu) only one of the girl's life will be good. So when they accepted CM as DIL, they decided not to send any girl from their family to AV's. Doctor asks how she can talk about something which is unproved scientifically. Athai says, is the matter is something else, they can try. But its their children's life and hence no risk. Athai also adds that coz of their bayam, they both also move without any wrong intentions. Athai asks Mani not to have anything in mind what she told. Mani nods. Athai asks Mani and Dr. to have idly. Athai and Dr. leave. Amudha and Mani ore sogam. Amudha shows her mobile to Mani and Mani finds that she doesn't have the snap. He thanks Amudha. Amudha tells that one day she will take a snap of him edagudamaa and runs. Mani smiles. (Nice pair. CM, please pair them up.)

In the office room, Vadamalai and Goms working. Vm gets hickups and drinks water from the bottle. But that doesn't help. He drink more but of no use. Goms comes to him and asks if he had a hair cut and so only he is looking good than ever. She tells she wanted to tell something. VM asks her to tel. Goms struggles for a min and tells I LOVE U SIR. CM reaches there and hears from the back. VM and CM are shocked. Vikkal gone for VM. Goms confirms that CM listened to that through ora parvai.

Screen freezes with CM's shocking face.

(Enna vikal ninuduchu paathingala adhuku than sonen nu solluvanga. Idhu yaaruku theriyadhu.)

 Wednesday, September 30, 2009 - Episode Update

Credits to

At the office, Vadagarland is trying to stop the hiccups.  His lady staff (sorry forgot her name.. her real name is Kaarthika) looks at him dreamily, and hesitantly yet with a smile asks if she could say something (pochudaa saamy... another two wives story kku edam irukara maathiri irukkee  Ouch.. enna kodumai chellameh ithu Ouch).  The girl smiles on and suddenly says " I Love You Sir" (ShockedShockedShocked solli vaayu moodale.... athukulee vaa Ouch).  Unexpectedly, Chellamma drops by the door and hears those three words being said to her husband by another woman.  Vadagarland is in utter shock and looks at her... by now his hiccups are gone.  His eye sight then shifts toward Chellamma who is still standing by the door.  The girl smiles on and apologizes for saying it since she only did that to make the hiccups go away.  A relieved Vadagarland says that was smart of her and asks Chellamma's opinions.  Chellamma too agrees with him and that there is nothing wrong nnu (hmm... thaangalave net le viluraangappa Confused).  After Vada turns, the girl just smirks and gives a look to both of them, of course behind their backs (grr.. knew it.. so this girl is after Vada.... Dead.. or something else??).

Rathinavelu (another son of Thaalaiamma) walks down and informs that he's off to Dehli.  She wonders if this is regarding the restaurant land visayam.  He nods a yes.  She asks him to have a safe journey and to take care of himself and sends him off. 

A marriage broker, Thillambhalam goes to see Aavadai... the latter welcomes him.  Thillai shows him a few pictures of brides... and informs one of them had gone to foreign for study purposes.  Muthazhagi in the meantime brings coffee for Thillai, and goes to stand behind her FIL.  Aavadai takes the moment to let Thillai know that for their family, the DIL should come from a good family and must be well educated... so that she can take care of the kids' education as well as act like a mother to them.  Furthermore, he specially tells him no foreign return girls nnu.  He then asks Muthazhagi if whatever he mentioned is ok nnu.  She agrees with him 100% (athu sari.. yaarukku thaan ponnu paakuraanga Confused..?).

Vada sleeps on his mother's lap.... Chellam brings tea for them and teases him about being a mammma's boy.  Thaalai directly asks Vada if he is a mamma's boy or ponnaati thaasan LOL.  Vada says he's always a mamma's boy.... and at the same time a pondaatti thaasan (aahaa great escape paa).  Thaalai disagrees and adds he is a thangachi thaasan.  Just then his sister, Amutha walks out and informs her mom that she's off to dance rehearsals.  Thaalai tries to stop her from going, since it is already 6 pm.  But Amutha insists she'll be back by 9 pm, and asks her brother for help.  Vada comes to her rescue and assures Thaalai that everything will be fine, and let her go.  After Amutha leaves, Vada and Chellamma try to calm Thaalai down.  Chellamma tells her everything will be fine, and that it was her who praised Amutha everytime she danced and now she can't stop her from practicing nnu.  Thaalai says she has no problem in her going to dancing, it is just not good for a girl to step out of the house past vizhakku yething (hmm.. so true.. dunno why Amutha is allowed to go out alone after late night..i'm sure there is something big coming our way.... where our CM will be portrayed like how she's been done all this while ConfusedGeek..).

Dance practice going on........ moments later... well way passed 9 pm... a tensed Thaalai answers the phone.  Amutha informs her mom that the practice may be extended, hence she will not be able to come home today and that she'll come home tomorrow (Shocked.. ada paavi.. ithu romobha too much.. ).  Thaalai gets angry and asks her daughter for her whereabouts.  Amutha tells it is too far and gives the address.  After hanging up, Thaalai knocks on Vada and CM's room door.  They happen to be awake.  CM opens the door and Thaalai goes straight to Vada and question why he let Amutha go... now that girl is saying she will not be home till tomorrow morning nnu.  Vada tells his mom to calm down and there is nothing wrong in Amutah staying there tonight nnu (Shocked oh hoo.. you're too laid back ppu.. hope amutha doesn't put naamam to you all and esss..).  Thaalai fumes in anger and adds he'll only know the pain if they had their own child nnu (ShockedShocked oh noo... the worst thing ever to come out of a mother ShockedShocked..).  Vada is shocked... CM is on the verge of tears. 

It all sinks in for thaalai.  She is unable to bear it.... She slowly approaches Vada and apologizes saying she herself can't believe something like that would come out of her mouth, adding she doesn't have any bad thoughts inside.  She was really tensed upon hearing Amutha wouldn't come home.  She then looks at CM and feels bad for hurting her.  CM being herself and all responsible, doesn't mind it, slightly hinting that is the truth, and suggests they go find Amutha.  Vada still is angry at his mom.  They both leave. 

During the car ride, CM tells her hubby to not mind it since it is his mom who said it.  Vada says he only felt bad for his wife CM.  CM consoles him. 

At the dance rehearsal place, Vada and CM walk in.. Vada approaches Amutha and slaps her for her behavior.  Because of her only, his mom talked like that nnu.  CM is shocked and goes to Amutha's rescue.  She asks why he slapped his own sister and apologizes to the rest for his behavior.  After he leaves, Amutha goes to change and on their way they go. 

Back in their house, Thaalai stands behind the kuthuvizhakku (aiyaaa jolly jolly... LOL... the world's most coolest punishment Wink).  The threesome are stunned to see Thaalia behind the kuthuvizhakku.  Both Vada and CM tell her not to do, but Thaalai feels guilty for her words earlier.... she adds on how the same person who had suggested them to pray said the worse thing ... hence she deserves to be punished.  CM starts ( ivangala purinchukka mudiyalanga... ivanga sumai thaangiya irukkaanga, nallavara irukkanga... but hope she is not an illichavaaayu Confused.. illai nna Vada vaa kaaka vanthu thookittu poyidum Ouch).  CM says more than her words, it is her standing behind the kuthuvizhakku that is hurting them more.  CM then takes this moment to add that her husband and herself are still capable of having kids (as per doctor's statement....) and right now they are enjoying being in joint family... but god willing.. they'll def. have kids. 
Eventually, Vada, CM and Amutha make her to stop punishing herself. 

Vada thinks....... screen freezes...

uh oh.. by the looks of it, there might be something wrong... or Vada may be hiding something?? ShockedShocked..


 kannale looking at CM and smirks.  From outside, Thavasi is enjoying the scene inside.  As CM leaves in dismay... Thavasi gives a thumps up to Gomz (yikes.. grr.. green throgi he is ..). 

Late night... Thaalai is sleeping.  Amutha is playing video games.  Her cell phone starts ringing... Thaalai asks her to attend.  Amutha just looks at the caller Id and hangs up without talking.. and puts her head phones to continue playing the games.  The phone goes off again... Thaalai walks closer to her and tells Amutha to answer the phone. Amutha picks it up and tells "yendaa ipa phone pannura.. vai daa phone.. kaalaile pesikalam."  Thaalai is confused and shocked... (hmmm.. something fishy.. could Amutha be kaathalikking a guy Confused?). 

At Aadai's house... Aadai, beach and Solai are waiting.. beach says CM would join them while the rest would go directly to the ponnu's house.. MA comes out with a lot of jewels.... from head to toe LOL.... and asks her mama how she is looking.  Aadai calls her a mahalakshmi... but beach tells her to remove all that since his sister, CM doesn't like wearing jewels.  MA says what is it to her if CM doesn't like it.. but beach insists she remove that nagai and come nnu.  MA all madly goes to remove.  Just then CM walks in with a lot of jewels ShockedLOLLOL.  All are surprised...  beach and Solai praise their sister for being a Mahalakshi LOLLOL.. (ithu rombha too much... sister thaasanga thaan ivanga LOL).  CM says she did this for her anni MA, since the latter always suggested her to wear jewels nnu. 

As CM finishes talking about her SIL, MA walks out without any jewels.  Both are surprised... CM wonders why she isn't wearing any.. MA says what her husband had said.  CM says she only wore it case of her and asks MA to wear it all and come.  Bang... magic she is there.. a nagai maaligai indeed Tongue.  As they are all getting ready to go, CM receives a call from Vadai asking her to pick up Amutah from dance class.  She agrees and goes. 

On her way to the dance class, she finds out that Amutha isn't there.. so she asks basha the driver to head towards their house. 

In the meantime, Aadai family are welcomed by the ponnu's family.  Once inside, Ponnu's father says they are not as rich as the others.. and all.. but are really happy about this sambantham. 

At Thaalai's house... CM goes to ring the bell.. no answer.. but CM is shocked to find that the front door it opened.  She walks in and starts calling for Amuthu.. no response.  She walks upstairs... and as she opens Amutha's room door.. she is shocked to find Amutha on the bed with nurai coming from her mouth ShockedShocked.  She rushes near Amutha and discovers a bottle of some poison there.  She calls basha and get him to carry her down. 

She is crying and tries to wake Amutah up.  One their way to the hospital, CM calls the doctor and informs.  The doctor, who is a family friend, asks them to come soon. 

Gala gala time at the ponnu's house.  A new man walks in... his mother introduces him as Raamakrishnan, her second son (so ponnu's brother).   Beach introduces Maniarasu and then Vadamalai.... Aadai then introduces Sundaram, as his sister's third son.... Raamakrishnan (RK)  says he's seen him somewhere nnu Shocked.  Sundaram says he's never and seems to get a little nervous.  RK says he has somewhere.  Thaalai's Son in law (played by George) says he may have seen Sundaram if he had ever visited their hotel Wink.  They all laugh... RK malupufies he might have seen him there.  But then looks at Sundaram sternly. 

Kanthathurai asks Vadagarland if RK is inquiring Sundaram.. but Vada brushes it off. 

Suddenly, Kalaivani asks where the washroom is.  One of the ladies takes her in.  Aadai wonders why all the women are going to the washroom.. Beach says this is all an act since they wanna see the bride nnu.

Back at the hospital, they are rushing Amutah into OT...  Screen freezes on a shocked CM.



Friday - Episode No 14 2/10/09

Omni outside the ER - Basha for company. The noise coming out of the
ER suggests that Amutha is vomiting
( stomach wash thaane??? Ipdi
Oorai koottuma enna?? Omni has to hear?? but she is OMNI !!! potent
and present !!!)
Anyways - it is back and forth time - the rest of the clan
is busy "girl seeing" - girl looks beautiful ( nalla sari and accessories) -
Wood (kattadurai) wants to know about her degree and is told that she
has a Masters' in Biochemistry - wood needs explanation " Bio is science
( actually she did give the exact translation , Roja the wood
head did not understand -Yuirvediyal -  hmmm colloquial Tamizh pesiye
kaalathai Ootiyaachu !!)
Mrs.Wood takes it up on herself to educate wood
on this and award an instant Masters' - goes near him and asks him to keep
off alien territories - " ava sonnathu romba purinjitha?? hi hi hi... give
me a coin.." pries it out of Wood's pocket and purposely lets it slip out
of her hand - that coin lands exactly near the girl's feet. Mrs.Wood does
some more hi hi s and retrieves the coin - incidentally counts and finds
that the girl has 10 toes after all !!!

ER - sad Omni - the doctor comes out and says that Amutha is fine - " had
u delayed another 30 mins ...sangu thaan ( Roja pizhaichaa !!! Ippo thaan
Kolangal le oru kutti Oppari paadittu vanthu irukka !!)
But why did she do
this??" Omni says that she has no clue - " athai scolded her..but for that?? idpi..?? " requests the doctor to keep this news under the wraps. Doctor promises " Gabb
chupp gabardaar" Omni is allowed to visit Amutha. She goes in ..Amutha does
a few "anni ...anni...anni.." Omni cries.....To cut a long story short,  Amutha says
that she loves Maniarasu and her mom won't agree - " pOnnu eduthu pOnnu
kuduthaa oru pOnnu nalla vazhadham !! So, since, u have come to our
house....." Omni asks Amutha about Mani reciprocating her feelings.
Amutha says that Mani will love her....but.....Omni is stunned ( unakku punniyamaa pogattum - antha chinna payyanakku divorce kuduthudu - relieve us from the
misery of seeing a mismatched pair on the screen )

Girl seeing - Not to be outdone Valli goes and stands near the new girl -
asks for a photograph - after the clicking is done, announces that the girl
is around  1 inch shorter than herself. The girl has reached her tether's end -
requests for a tete e tete with Maniarasu. Maniarasu is smitten by the girl and
looks like a cat near the milk pot. Goes in to have a word. The girl directly
says that she does not like him -"enna yya family??? oruthi counts my toes..
oruthi clicks away to glory to asses my height... yen, yennai ketta intha info
ellam thara maatten??? " ( che che, apdi ellam keppOmaa??? maadu nna
pallai nangale thaan pidichu pappOm - maadu thaana kaattuma enna?)

Maniarasu lets her spill her heart and then says that he likes her - hands her
a letter and says that he brought it along to show - if he liked the girl -
" now that I like you... please see that " The girl  goes through "tennis
match watching" movements - letter ..Mani...letter....Mani... Finally Mani
says that it is his medical report - "blood group... HIV negative... But u do
not like my family. My family is a gold mountain ( Meena intha vaichukke nee) .
All are very affectionate. The way they went about checking your vital statistics
may be wrong..but they mean well... ungalukku en kudumbathile vanthu vazha
kuduthu vaikkalai... it is ok..."  Leaves but the girl stops him - apologizes for her
hasty assumptions and says " vazhntha unga kudumbathile thaan vazhanum...."
Hospital le Omni is confused??? upset??? whatever... Freezing of the episode
avanga moonjile thaan irukkanum... feelings can be any thing !!!



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Om Chellamaya Namahaa..
Om     -do-                -do-
Om     -do-                -do-
I did the chanting.. Oh Chellama, please give me some good episode.... So that I can watch it without any nagging from others..

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this family full with pasam....all the viewer are drowned in their pasam kadal.  thanks for updates. why didnt name CM as kadhalmeen or kadhalkanni as her loving brothers name is kadhalkarai? Tongue

rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Meena, thanks ma for the update. So, the bitching continues !!!
In fact, I kind of like it...someone to put Omni in her place - nuzhaiching
her mooku in every thing !!!!!
Meena.IF IF-Dazzler

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Sorry for the delay in the updates. I had to watch it online, as my health was supporting me to watch it s'day...
Chellama - title explanation
"CM is the saviour and she will be always"
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thanks for the update....
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thanks for teh kalakkal update daa Meenu
brinny_g IF-Dazzler

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thanks for the wonderful update meena!
this is so typical, this whole storyline is so predictable! obviously gomathi said it to stop the hiccups, but she'll make a move on him sooner or laterDead

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