Urav Sept 28 - Oct 2 - trio released.. AM shattered!!!

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Monday, September 28

Note: No episode aired on Monday due to Navaraathiri Special Shows

Tuesday, September 29 - Episode 85

Pictures by Atina
credits to viluthu.com

At AM's house, all are watching AM telling Gayathri that kovam and ahangaaram are not good for women and asks her to be calm.  But Gayu doesn't respect him and tells him.. "Mind your words and business" Shocked (seriously this Gayu is not suited for kudumba vaazhkai Angry... it is all about her!!! Angry... she has no respect for others Dead).   All are shocked... about her behavior towards AM.  Krishnan loses his cool and slaps her ShockedShocked (oh noooo.. time for a new problem Ouch).  He doesn't let her go free.  He drags her into their room and beats her up with his Appa's belt (omg many many saatai adigal Shocked). 

The rest are worried outside.  AM requests AZ to go stop Krishnan... as AZ goes, Ranjini stops him and adds Gayu deserves this... and hopes to see a reformed Gayu after this incident.  Hence AZ stops.  In the meantime, Parvathy is scared and tries to head towards there to stop Krishnan from beating Gayu up... but she is once again stopped by Ranjini. 

Krishnan continues to beat her up... Gayu gets up from the bed and goes towards the door and soon runs out of the room and hides behind AM.  Krishnan runs after her and tries to get a hold of her, but AZ holds him and takes him away (man Krishnan kku rombhave kovam vanthidichu.. ithenaala enna vinaivugal varumo Ouch).  Gayu is scared and is bleeding.  All of them look at her with pity eyes and leave.  Gayu starts sobbing as she drops on the floor. 

In the evening, all have gathered and look upset.  AZ advices Krishnan he should not have done that, but Ranjini comes to Krishnan's defense.  Krishnan then tells AZ not to bother this and walks inside.  By the kitchen, Visaalam is preparing some medication and asks Chitra to go apply on Gayu's wounds.  Krishnan goes there and informs how he had just come to get that, and thanks his anni.  Chitra takes the moment to tell him that ivlo kovam ivarukku aagathunnu. 

While the rest look on, Chitra slowly goes into Gayu's room and wonders how she is doing.  But Gayu bursts out in anger, saying why they are caring now, especially after the damage has been done.  Despite Gayu's outbursts, Chitra tries to convince her to take the medication, but Gayu continues to express her anger and throws the dish with medication (irunthaalum rombha too much thaan Confused).  Chitra then slowly leaves out the room, while Ranjini karachu kotting to see the same attitude in Gayu. 

Gayu in the meantime calls someone and asks him to bring a lady doctor (yaara irukkum Shocked?). 

Seeing Gayu so adamant, the elders send Krishnan in to pacify Gayu, but the latter tells him off too saying he need not fake to care after being so ruthless. 

Moments later a lady doctor walks in and goes to see Gayu.  AM family members are confused and wonder who would have called the doc.  Just then Raja stands at the front ShockedShocked( grr this gayu is too much AngryAngry.. yaar kooda sagavaasam vetchukanummnu theiryala Angry.. ).  The men are a little angry, and Raja just poonai maadhiri muzhikiraan seeing AZ. 

The doctor checks Gayu and says kaayam palama irukkunnu, and writes her a prescription.  Gayu asks for a small favor. 

Outside, Parvathy tells Krishnan to go see if they need to buy any medication for her.  So after the doc leaves, Krishnan walks in and asks, but Gayu turns down his offer saying she's already asked for it to be bought (grr.. nenatchean... she must have asked that Raja Angry). 

Raja comes back with a bag of medications.  Krishnan goes up to him and tries to take the bag, but Raja refuses and asks him to call Gayu.  AZ gets angry and tells Raja off.  Raja gets a little scared and gives the bag before leaving. 

Krishnan goes back into Gayu's room and hands the medication but she throws it saying why he keeps bothering her.  While Krishnan is there, Gayu gets a call from that Raja.  Gayu asks why he left rather than dropping the medication.  Raja tells on Krishnan that the latter had angrily told him off.  Gayu says he need not take anyone else's permission to come see her and tells him to come directly to come see her next time (Angry this is so grrr.. so she is giving him permission to come to her room Shocked?? Dead).  Krishnan is angry upon hearing this. 

Next morning, Gayu gets ready and looks at her bruises before walking out.  While she heads for the door, Visaalam asks her to have her breakfast and go, but Gayu refuses.  Soon Chitra joins to try and get Gayu to stay home, adding the outsiders might question Gayu as to what happened upon seeing her bruises. Gayu turns this statement back on Chitra, adding that they just care about their family maanom.  Further adding that rather than staying in this depressing house, she would go to the tutorial and get embarrassed. 
Seeing Gayu talk like this, Ranjini comes out and tells her mom and SIL to just let that lady be, but Gayu starts fighting with Ranjini saying she is not the person to stay home and kottikarathukku (oh so she is directly attacking Ranjini Angry..).  Ranjini shouts back she is not staying at home without doing anything.. after all this is her mom's place and she has all the rights. 

And ... on goes the argument.  Gayu tells them to mind their own business from now on and not question her about where she is going, whom she is meeting and all.  Ranjini just continues to shout back at her...  Gayu finally says yesterday her brother showed his attitude.. today they'll see a different kind and walks off. 

An auto stops in front of the police station... Gayu gets down and walks into to file a complaint.  One of the police women directs her to the SI.  Upon being inquired what the matter is... gayu says she wants to file a complaint against her husband, Father in Law and her FIL's brother (Shocked.. she is too much ... i knew she would take revenge on Krishnan. but on AM and AZ Shocked...?).  The SI wonders if this is a varathatchanai kodumai.  She clarifies that they beat her up and even shows her bruises.  The SI is slightly stunned.  Screen freezes on Gayu.

oh boy........  today was a stunning episode.. man wonder what i'll happen to AM, AZ and Krishnan.. Confused

Wednesday, September 30 - Episode 86

Pictures by Atina
Credits to Viluthu.com

At the police station, Gayu complaints to the SI that her husband, his father and uncle had tortured her, and shows the bruises she sustained after getting beaten up with a belt by her husband.  The SI is disgusted by the way she got treated by her in laws and asks her to write a complaint.  Gayu writes thinking about each of the words said and carried out by AZ, AM and Krishnan (this Gayu is too too much AngryAngryAngry.. she has all rights to complain against Krishnan for the physical abuse, but just because AM and AZ advised her, she decided to complain against them too Angry). 
 The SI reads her complaint and fumes in anger and wonders why she is stuck up with them despite looking very educated.  Gayu explains how it was her parents who forced her to live with this guy who is an illiterate... however she doesn't want to.  More over no one came to her rescue when her husband was beating her up nu.  The SI tells her not to worry and that they would give a nice treatment to the men and lock them up for 4 days.  Gayu thanks and leaves.

The police arrive at AM's house.  Ranjini and Gwori who happen to be outside wonder what the matter is.  The SI wants to know where AM is and the ladies inform he is inside.  As the police women and men walk in, the girls panic and follow them inside.  Once inside, the SI calls Annamalai.  Parvathy comes out and wonders what the matter is and why they are calling veetu periyavar like that nnu.  SI just answers rudely. 
Soon all of them come out, including AM, AZ and Krishnan.  The SI asks for those three men, and AM points out who is who, and wonders why nnu.  SI replies they are here to arrest the three of them.  All are shocked... AM eventually asks why, for which the SI asks who Gayathri is.  AM slowly replies that she is a DIL.  The SI then says they beat Gayu up and hence the latter has filed a complain.  Everyone are shocked.  Krishnan tries to plead the mistake was his and asks the lady police to spare his father and uncle.  But SI doesn't give in.  Finally the men voluntarily walk out. 

Outside, many people have gathered.  As the men get into the police vehicle.  Parvathy and Visaalam tries to plead the SI.  Their efforts go in vain.  The jeep leaves.  The ladies continue to cry... but Ranjini rushes inwards while Chitra takes off somewhere.

Inside, Ranjini calls up TK and thanks him for ruining their lives by bringing his daughter back.  After having pleaded, she blames him for taking revenge.  But TK says he doesn't know what she is talking about.  Ranjini tells how Gayu filed a complaint against AM, AZ and Krishnan.. and now the police have arrested them.  TK is shocked and assures her that she'll get a hold of Gayu within 1 hour and get her to take back the complaint. 
Chitra in the meantime goes to the tutorial and gets a hold of Gayu and takes her outside.  She wonders why she did this and adds they should have dealt with this matter differently and pleads to come and withdraw the complaint.  Gayu refuses bluntly and adds when Krishnan was beating her up, no one bothered to come rescue her.  Instead they just stood there and watched Krishnan beat away.  Chitra apologized first before saying how no one wanted to get in between a husband - wife samaachaaram... since that is how life is.  Gayu is too angry and says for all the pain she went through, each and every member in that family has to suffer nnu (AngryAngryAngry pombhalaiya rowdy aa evo Angry).  As Chitra tries to convince her, TK and Raji walk in. 

Raji wonders what this is all about.  Gayu gets all teary and shows all her bruises adding how Krishnan beat her up just because she talked back... since they were angry at her for thatchelaa eating out at a hotel with a student nnu (oh appo ithu thappa theiryala.... Angry).  Moreover while Krishnan was beating her up, no one dared to come rescue her.  TK and Raji are shocked.. Chitra feels guilty and adds it is definitely their fault, and assures Krishnan will never do such a thing... but tells her how they should have dealt with this differently. 


I don't think this Gayu is suitable for family life Angry... and Krishnan should have thought before going that far (and needs to know beating his wife won't solve it all).... this Gayu is capable of doing anything... she is very vengeful

Thursday- 1st October  Update - Episode 87

Updates by Aisha
Credits to Viluthu.com

Gayu shows the bruises she sustained from getting beaten by Krishnan and cries this all happened just because she talked back nnu.  Chitra apologizes to her for whatever had happened and tells her Krishnan will never behave like this ever and pleads her to withdraw the case, since this is not the way to deal with things.  TK agrees with Chitra and adds she withdraw the case.  Gayu is shocked by her father's words.  As she questions him on how much he's changed, Raji too tells her to withdraw the case since this is not the way to go about things.  Gayu isn't pleased and starts saying how much her father has changed and how they no longer care for her nor her well being. 

Raji says she's heard enough and starts to drag Gayu to the police station, despite Gayu protesting.  TK follows his wife and daughter.  Chitra calls TK and informs she'll head home. 

At the police station, AM, AZ and Krishnan are seated on a bench.  AM looks extremely upset at the same time angry at Krishnan.  AZ tells Krishnan because of his munkobam, they've all landed in trouble.  Krishnan feels guilty.  Just then TK, Raji and Gayu enter the police station, and head towards AM trio.  Upon seeing  them, AZ asks why they are there.. wondering if they want to get them in more trouble nnu.  TK clarifies that they are there to withdraw the case. 

Soon Gayu, Raji and TK go see the SI.  SI proudly tells Gayu that those culprits have been arrested... and gets to know that Raji and TK are Gayu's parents.  The SI then questions TK and Raji why they got Gayu married to a ruthless guy like that... such a guy will make Gayu's life a living hell nnu.  Raji says it was a small problem which got out of hand and then nudges her daughter about the decision to withdraw the case.  Yet the SI keeps giving them a piece of her mind for getting Gayu married (hmmm... this lady police rombha overrrrr!!!).  Gayu finally opens her mouth and says she wishes to withdraw the case.  The SI gets angry and wonders if her parents blackmailed her or some... and starts kotting more words.  But Gayu says she wishes to withdraw the case.  The SI is not too pleased and tells her if somethings similar happens in the future, and if Gayu ever comes to the police station with such matter, then she'll know it all nnu.

The SI then gets the other police lady to get signatures from the trio and release them.  As she calls AM, AZ and Krishnan.. they just look on... but the lady police starts getting mad at them and calls AM,  irrespectively.  AM all shattered walks to sign and leave. 

Outside, Gayu and her parents are waiting.  As AM and the rest walk out, TK asks AM if this is the way to treat his daughter... esp after telling him that they'll take good care of her.  AM has no answers and stares at Krishnan angrily before leaving.  AZ then thanks them for coming down to the police station to help them out and adds Krishnan loves Gyu a lot and all, but the circumstances made him do what he did... and adds he has no answers before leaving.  Krishnan is still there.

 TK taunts Krishnan for his behavior saying how he could beat his daughter like that.  Krishnan feels guilty and leaves without saying anything.

After the trio leave, TK taunts his daughter and blames it all on her.  It was her attitude that made his maapillai act like that towards her.  Gayu is being her own self.  Raji says if she got treated badly, she should have come to their house instead of the police station. Gayu says she wanted to show them all what she is capable of and that is why she filed a complaint.  But even if they had not compelled her, she would have definitely withdrawn the day after nnu.  Raji continues to taunt how she'll face those in her in laws place.  Gayu says she'll manage and heads over to her in laws place. 

An auto arrives at AM's house.  AZ and Krishnan get down and look inside to see a frozen.... shattered... heart broken AM with tears in his eyes....


Friday- 30th September, 2009

No serial today......Giri movie was on...????

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Aish thanks for the lovely updates ma..
Gaya is ruthless and she calls others so. Rnajani is so stupid. Can't she understand that beating up Gaya will lead to more problems, since she is already full of anger. Kovan kanna maraikudhu for all - Gaya, Krish and Ranjani. How could Rajani thinkg that she will reform when beaten up. She needs to understand.

Gaya arivu ketta ponne- Raja kooda poi savagasama - cha..

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Thanks Aishu.....for the hot hot updates for both the days....
Ammmmaaa...Gayatri...you really klnow how to convince your dadddyyy......but  why Gayu's parents are not told what exactly happened WHICH LED kRISHNA TO BEAT HER UP...CLEARLY....?
Ranjani should have told in detail....or atleast CFhitra should have told that Gayu even called AM by name etc......
May be Director has something else in his mind.......let us wait and see....
Whatever it is....the story ,moves at super fast.....
" Uravugal Express"

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Thanks for the wonderful update both days Aishu. The story does move super fast. It is too much to complaint against AM and AZ. Hitting is not good but Gaya is too much. Soon I want to see her learning the life lesson - and the first one to be patient.

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Thanks for the wonderful updates da chellam and pics atina ClapClap  Man..my BP went high reading yesterday and todays update.
How in the earth can they beat someone with belt...? thats so cruel...like father..like son va?Stern Smile
That Gaya - she is another thollai...doesnt she know any manners or respect as she is the educated one hereConfused I think its best both her in laws and parents kick her out of the house so she can live on her own and face all kind problems n no one goes to her help...poeple like her need the hard lesson life teach oneAngry

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Thanks for the update...

Poor Krishnan, his life will be peaceful without this stupid Gaya, she does'nt behave like educated one.

 Chitra is better than Mukundan, so padichavanga ellam thimiroda irukkangala ? Is that what director is trying to convey ?? Anyways, this serial is really good.Clap

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Aish thanks for the updates... That was wonderful updates and pics by atina..
Gaya is looking good in that pink saree.. I like her very much in saree than in chudi...
Chitra is also looking so polite.. She has a carm face...
TK and Raji will also feel bad for their daughter... That is human nature.. Nothing more to comment about this non-ending Gaya saga..

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Aish, that was a good update, but I didn't click on the Like button because I don't like the story.  I don't want any of the producers to think that I approve of this story, which I normally don't even follow.  I just looked at it today to see what it was about.  It is appalling that they would show a man beating up his wife, and have this woman justify it by saying that it is a husband and wife matter so they did not intervene.  I think it is totally disgusting.  When will our Tamil producers learn not to show these scenes and justify them?   I think of all the people who think this behavior is okay, thanks to these scenes, and then beat up their DILs and wives.  The producers owe an apology to the viewers.

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