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ArMan Times - Edition 2

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ArMan Times - Edition Two
 Brief Written updates of the Fortnight
By: --__Shireen__--
Sept 14

o    Manav goes to write a complaint against the pimp

o    Manav finds out that Ajit gave the pimp a bail and he's shocked

o    Manav goes to Ajit's house and they start insulting each other

o    Manju and her Ayi are freaking out that Manav knows everything

o    Manav decides to talk to Archu and her family about this before taking any action

o    Archu tells Manav that she's comfortable with him, and that she sees a friend in him (they officially hug)

o    Ajit decides to go for the pooja

o    Savita is trying to set Sachin up with a girl

o    Ajit is planning to frame Manav during the pooja

 Sept 15

o    Vinod sees Manav and the pimp talking

o    Manav tells everyone that Ajit is the reason behind breaking Archu and Satish's relationship

o    The pimp says that Manav told him to say that Ajit is behind it

o    Manav tells everyone that Ajit bailed out the pimp from jail


Sept 16

o    The police arrive and Manav asks the police to tell everyone who bailed the pimp out

o    The police says that Manav bailed the pimp out

o    Ajit starts to accuse Manav

o    Manav is trying to convince everyone that he's innocent

o    Sulochana slaps Manav says that she can't trust him

o    Sulochana starts bad mouthing Manav and his character

o    Archu sees the pics and is completely shocked and also accuses Manav

o    Sulochana tells Archu to leave and not waste any more time here

 Sept 17

o    Archu leaves Manav's house

o    Archu breaks down crying at home and everyone consoles her

o    Savita is angry about everything that happened and starts bad mouthing Archu and her family

o    Manav is remembering all of his moments with Archu and crying

o    Archu is remembering everything that happened at the puja and is crying

Sept 18

o    Varsha is telling everyone to take action against Manav and his family

o    Sulochana consoles Archu

o    Varsha's tickets come for Pune

o    Manju and her Ayi are celebrating (on the phone)

o    Savita trys to get Sachin to agree to mary Shravni

o    Savita creates a scene in front of Archu's house

 Sept 21

o    Sulochana and Savita start fighting with each other

o    Savita tells everyone about Archu going the brothel

o    Vandu tells Manav to go and talk to Archu

o    Manav says he loves Archu a lot, and he'll go and talk to her

o    Sulochana is having an asthama/heart attack

o    Manav comes to see Archu

o    Everyone is angry at him

o    Manav is trying to talk to Archu saying that he'll prove himself innocent

o    Manju looks confused and scared

 Sept 22

o    Before Manav could go on, Manju starts saying come back when you have actual proof

o    Manav tells Archu that he doesn't have any proof right now, but he wants to know if Archu trusts him

o    Manju starts bad mouthing Manav and his family

o    Vinod yells at Manav, and tells Archu to go inside

o    Manav comes home and is angry at Savita and says that he'll bring Archu back

o    Varshu is in Pune and Sulochana is shocked

 Sept 23

o    Sulochana is freaking out about Varshu being in Pune

o    Savita is looking to see is Archu left anything in her suitcase

o    Savita tells Archu to come and get her stuff

o    Varshu's boss invites her for dinner

o    Kaka consoles Manav

o    Sulochana and Vinod are in the hotel

o    Sulochana overhears Rashmi and her friend talking about Varshu

Sept 24

o    Varshu goes to return her boss's phone to his room

o    Sulochana sees Varshu and her boss in his room and slaps Varshu

o    Varshu gets mad at Sulochana and says that she isn't coming home

o    Sulochana tells everyone what happened in Pune, and Manju is very happy

o    Archu and Manav are fasting for Navratri and remember a moment with each other (cute moment)

o    They don't end up breaking their fast

 Sept 25

o    Varshu's Boss consoles Varshu

o    Savita goes to Manav's garage and talks to Shravni

o    Archu goes to get her stuff from Manav's house

o    Varshu comes home and starts packing her stuff

o    Savita starts insulting Archu when she comes to get her stuff

o    On her way out, she runs into Manav, then leaves

o    Varshu leaves the house

o    Archu comes home with her luggage


Links to Written and Video updates of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

14th September 2009
Written Update Link:
Video Update Link :

15th September 2009
Written Update Link:
Video Update Link :

16th September 2009
Written Update Link:
Video Update Link :

17th September 2009
Written Update Link:
Video Update Link :

18th September 2009
Written Update Link:
Video Update Link :

21st September 2009
Written Update Link:
Video Update Link :

22nd September 2009
Written Update Link:
Video Update Link :

23rd September 2009
Written Update Link:
Video Update Link :

24th September 2009
Written Update Link:
Video Update Link :

25th September 2009 
Written Update Link:
Video Update Link :

Dialogue Male and Female of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

1st Week

Male Dialogue

Main jaantha hoon ki voh kaisi ladki hain, Aur aaj tak apni poori zindagi mein aisi ladki nahi dekhi ,Uske har baat mein uski pavithritha dikhti hain ..Apni Ma ke liye, unpad rahi, Apne ghar walon ke liye, apni poori zindagi di, Aur Ab mera ghar sambhaal rahi hain' Vaha us ladki ne, doosro ke liye apni poori zindagi dedi ,Aur phir bhi, poori zindagi ek aam ladki ban ke jeeti rahi ' Manav , 14th September

This scene takes place when Manav finds out that Ajit is behind defaming Archana and he confronts Ajit. Listening to Manav talk about Archana with so much pride and emotion was quite heart-warming. In such a short time, Manav has come to see in Archana what Ajit and his mother haven't. Manav used such eloquent words to describe his Archana. Even an educated man like Ajit would fall short of words/adjectives to describe Archana, but Manav's love shone through (:-D)

Female Dialogue

Mere liye, aap se behtar aur koi jeevan saathi ho hi nahi saktha' kyunki mujhe aap mein ek dost dikhai deta hain, ek aisa dost, jiska mujhe bachpan se talaash thi' mujhe pehli baar aisa laga, ki koi mere duniya se mere liye aya hain ' Archana , 14th September

Archana's confession was BEAUTIFUL! Even though their relationship was formed from a misunderstanding, Archana realizes that Manav and she are meant to be. She knows that there can be no better companion for her than Manav. She found someone who is just like here. She's finally found a friend in Manav, someone made just for her. These dialogues showed just how comfortable Archana has become with Manav.

2nd Week

Male Dialogue

Ek aanch nahi aane doonga is rishte par, Yeh rishta meri zindagi ban chukka hain
Yeh rishte se na sirf maine Archana ko, Balki apne aap ko phir se paaya hain , Is ek bandhan se, ham dono ke sapne Ham dono ka bhavishya, ham dono ki poori zindagi judi huwi hain ,Agar yeh ek bandhan toot gaya na, tho main bhi toot jaonga'Saat phero ke saat, saat vachano se bana hua mera yeh pavitra rishta hain,Aur mere liye, is se badkar kuch bhi nahi hain ' Manav , 21st September 26, 2009

This dialogue happens in Manav's garage when Vandu comes to persuade him to talk to Archana. I specifically like this dialogue because it shows us that Manav is determined to get his Archana back. PHEW! It is definitely a relief to know that someone will be fighting all of Savita's evil plans. This dialogue encompasses the changes in Manav's life and also the truth that Manav believes his bond with Archana is sacred. This is quite an encouraging dialogue' so don't sweat it guys, no matter what, our Manav will fight!!!

Female Dialogue

Aai, yeh sab soch kar na, Tumne mujhpar nahi, Khud apne diye hue sanskaaron per avishwaas dikhaya hain ' Varsha, 24th September 26, 2009

The scene at the time of this dialogue is between Varsha and Sulochana. Varsha is disgusted with the thought that her mother would think of her as so characterless. Even though the circumstances looked terribly wrong, Sulochana should have known better than to jump to conclusions like that. I like this dialogue because, even though it is somewhat over-used, it is quite real and a lot of us can relate to that.


Star Male and Female of the Fortnight.

By: pyaridilwalino1

 Star Male-

Undoubtedly Manav, who not only looked amazing in his white and cream colored kurtas, but also his expressions reflected his state of mind. His fight with the pimp and his helplessness when everyone misunderstood him, all this was reflected beautifully thru his expressions and body language.

Special mention of two of his amazing scenes till date-

First scene-Savita aayi goes on to say I regret the day that I got Manav married to Archu, it would've been better if Manav didn't save Archu so she could be shamefaced and Manav yells to stop and that he will not tolerate anything against Archu. What a wonderful scene. Manav's anger for his current state, immense love for Archu, and disappointment that Archu misunderstood him all was VERY well reflected thru his tone of voice and facial expressions.

Second Scene-Manav's silent breakdown while breaking his fast and eating.

Star Female-

Undoubtedly Varsha. She has tried multiple times to convey her views to her family, especially her parents, but has failed due to the unwillingness of her parents. The steps she takes to prioritize her life can be seen as bold, but in modern days it is viewed as independence. She knows her work is important to her and why wouldn't it be when her sister, Archu, was often ridiculed because she didn't have a good education enough to be able to work. Even though Varsha does not flaunt her money, she asks to be able to spend some of her hard earned money. She asks for trust in return of all the respect she gives her family. And since she has only been getting misunderstood, ridiculed, and disrespected she has decided to step out of the house to finally breathe.

Also when she fights for Archu and her ill-treatment from her in-laws she tries to explain a valid reason of why they should not keep quiet, but yet again her family shut her up saying they don't want more drama.

Hoping Varsha and her family can gain a mutual understanding before it's too late.


ArMan Sequence of the Fortnight:

By: loveabletwinz

The best ArMan sequence, without a ray of doubt, was Archana's confession scene on 14th September. The fort-night started with such a bang, who would have thought it would end the way it did no? Anyway, the whole sequence was maha brilliant (:-D) From the moment Archana asks Manav to break her Sankashti Vrath, all the way till the ArMan hug. MUI FABULOSO (:-D) Finally, Manav knows that Archana loves him just as much as he loves her. What a relief for Manav no? TAUBA! Bichara Manav must have died from anxiety (:-D) But this confession sequence took them a step further. Their comfort level must have certainly increased, *SIGH* if only it hadn't been for that mad Ajit, we would have had some FANTABULOUS scenes between them. But hey, let's  not forget the flashbacks we got throughout the fort-night (:-D) Each one was just as good (:-D)


 Best Family Scene of the Fortnight

By: pyaridilwalino1

Best Family scene-Small scene between Manav and Vandu. Vandu comes to give Manav food at the garage and tells him to eat. She gives him advice and tells him that he will have to do something to save their relationship. She knows Archu loves him a lot, but he will have to initiate in the quest to bring her back and make her understand. Manav understands and gets confidence from his sister. It not only showed that younger ones encompass a lot of intelligence in the matter of relationships and families, but that they are confident young adults. This was a very important aspect of the whole scene.

Mr. Head Turner [Style Icon] of the Fortnight
By: loveabletwinz

This fortnight spot goes to AMIT SAREEN for looking dashingly handsome in his expensive, exquisite suit. Varsha's boss (I'm sorry, but does anyone know his name, or is he always just referred to as "boss?" lol) looks smooth in all his office wear and this fortnight, he looked nothing less. Add to his good looks an expensive suit, and an absolutely smashing accent, and we have our Mr. Head Turner for the fortnight :-D

Ms. Head Turner [ Style Icon] of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

 This spot holds a tie between Archana and Varsha. While Archana always looks stunning in her duo-colored sarees, Varsha also has some really pretty suits. Both the ladies looked stunning on last Fridays episode (25th September) Archana looked humble and subdued in her purple-bordered green saree, and Varsha stood true to her bubbly and stable nature in that blue salwar suit. We just HAD to have a tie between these two gorgeous ladies for our Mrs. Head Turner spot for the fort-night (:-D)


 World of Archana and Manav: This section will include a one shot

By: blackdaughter

Main Aagar Kahoon

 Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon
Kehna chahoon bhi to tumse kya kahon

 Manav sighed. He wondered if he had finally gone crazy. If a year ago, any one had told him that we would find himself taking the local bus in Mumbia because of a girl every single day, he would have told them they were mad. Absolutely bonkers. He sat in the backseat of his car dutifully waiting for that girl to arrive while the driver read the newspaper. He was used to Manav's strange ways by now.

Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon
Kehna chahoon bhi to tumse kya kahon

Kisi zaban mein bhi woh labaz hi nahi
Ki jeenmein tum ho kya tumhein bata sakun

Maybe he should rewind. Six months ago, Manav's car had broken down opposite a local bus stop in Ludhiana. It had been two years since he had moved to India with his family. Even though he was used to most things in India now, he was still a little sensitive to travelling or being in highly'''. local areas. It was just that it was a big change from what he had been used to; being brought up in Canada and then being plunked here all of a sudden. It was just that he was still getting used to the ways things worked here. He was not a sissy like Sachin teased him. Anyways, six months ago as he stood outside waiting for the mechanic to come repair whatever the problem was, when his eyes wondered around till they froze on a lone figure 

 Main aagar kahoon tumsa haseen
kaynaat mein Nai hai kahin
Tareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi nahi
Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon..

 She must have been around his age, maybe a year or two younger. She was wearing a long blue skirt with a white top. The outfit was simple enough. He hair was tied back loosely, a couple of tendrils framing her face delicately. Even from the opposite side, he could make out that the girl wore no makeup. But she looked like an angel to him, waiting there for the bus to come with her side bag at the bus stop. A slight breeze blew making her skirt and hair sway. He knew he had never seen a prettier face. Then he noticed the bus approaching and saw her getting ready to get on. Before he knew what he was doing he found himself crossing the road barely giving enough attention to the traffic. He ignored the drivers calls and quickly crossed the road climbing into the bus. He frantically looked around for her and found her sitting by a window seat' the other seat vacant. Knowing it was almost a miracle to find and empty seat he quickly scrambled over claiming the seat.

 Shokhiyon mein dooobi yeh aadayein
Chehre se jhalki hui hain
Zulf ki ghani ghani ghatayein
Shaan se dhalki hui hain
Lehrata aachal hai jaise badal
Bhaahon mein bhari hai jaise chandani
Roop ki chandani

Since that day, he dutifully took the bus at exactly eight in the morning making sure she got the window seat. This way he had to always get up whenever she needed to get down. After the first few days, it became a routine. He would quickly get on claiming the seat next to her. She would give him a soft smile before turning away and looking out at the window. Manav only hoped that his own smiles in return didn't look too goofy. When her stop came she would quietly say excuse me, and he would reluctantly get up letting her pass by. She would say a soft thank you and he would reply back saying welcome. Her perfume smell would linger taunting his senses. This had been his morning routine for the past six months now. To make up for getting to office late, he had to work into the evening, but he didn't mind. He knew his family was starting to worry about him, but he would deal with them later. After all, since when did Manav Deshmukh willingly get up early in the morning only to turn up late at work everyday. Coming back to the present, he chuckled as he thought how this was what he looked forward to every day now. Really what was the world coming too. Grinning he looked outside his car. Getting out, he bid bye to the driver and quickly jogged over to catch the bus.

 Main agar kahoon yeh dilkashi
Hai nahi kahin na hogi kabhi
Tareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi nahi
Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon..

 A week later, Manav was driving back on his way late from work. The driver had called in sick, frankly, Manav didn't mind at all. It was raining so he drove slowly to avoid accidents. He was just passing an orphanage when he noticed several kids outside and a young lady with them. Coming to a stop he couldn't help but smile. The kids were squealing and jumping up and down in the puddles of water. Along with them was the women. Her back was turned to him so he couldn't see her face. Suddenly she turned laughing and jumping along with the kids and his heart stopped. It was the same girl from the bus. Her hair was plastered to her face and neck. Her light orange skirt now was brown below her knees. Her green top stuck to her like second skin showing of her curves. He  knew he hadn't seen anyone look more beautiful. She laughed along with the kids and it sounded like music to his ears. Her eyes were twinkling even though the sun was long gone. Without realizing what he was doing, Manav got out of the car. He found himself walking forward, crossing the gates and approaching them. One of the kids turned noticing him.

 Tum hue meherbaan
To hai yeh dastan
hoo Tum hue meherbaan
To hai yeh dastan
Abb tumhara mera ek hai karwaan
Tum jahan mein wahan

 "Didi, dekho koi aya hai." The little boy said as he waddled over to her tugging at her skirt. She turned around and finally noticed him. The first thing he saw was recognition in her eyes and couldn't stop a smile from spreading across his face. She recognized him, he found himself repeating it happily to himself. "Ji, app?" she said in her soft voice. Manav sighed hearing her voice. "Kya mein aap ki kuch madat kar sakti hoon?" she continued on. Suddenly tongue tied he started stammering. "Wo mein, um the thing is''. Uh, don't get me wrong'' um, wo mein." He tried to incoherently form an answer as to why he was here. A smile was spreading across her face. She started giggling not being able to control herself. He looked so adorable, standing there getting soaked having forgotten why he was here in the first place.

 Main agar kahoon
Humsafar meri
Apsara ho tum ya koi pari

She didn't notice one of the younger girls walked over and tugged at his pants. It was Payal, she realized. She was only five. Preet looked down and noticed an cute little girl staring up at him with her innocent wide eyes. "Kya app yaha donation dene aaye hai? Wo kya hai na, didi ko kaafi takleef hoti hai humare liye donotations ektha karne mein." She said in a small voice. "Payal." She said surprised. "Meine tumhe kitne bar bola hai ki paiso ke bare mein logo se aise bat nahi karte." She quietly scolded the girl beckoning her to come over. 

 Tareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi nahi
Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon..
Kehna chahoon bhi to tumse kya kahon

 "Actually, mein donation dene he aaya hoon" He said as a new idea formed in his head. "And the amount is _____, I hope it's enough. But ek shart pe."  "Kya?" she asked hardly believing her ears. It was incredibly hard for her to get such a large sum of money for the children's welfare. Hardly anyone cared in today's world. She looked into his eyes. He held out his hand and said, "Will you dance with me?" she looked at him confused. All he wanted was a dance and he was ready to donate so much? "But' but there isn't any music." She replied staring at his out stretched hand. "We don't need any." He said simply. Hesitantly she took small steps an placed her small hands in his bigger one. He wound their fingers together before gently pulling her closer. Automatically she placed her hand on his shoulder and she shuddered lightly when she felt his warm hand snake around her arm. They gently swayed to the rhythm of their hearts and he twirled her in the rain. Sighing she placed her head on his shoulder and heard him sigh happily as well. Wasn't this what she had always wanted? To be able to dance with a guy in the rain? Were her dreams finally coming true? "By the way, my name is Manav." Came his deep voice breaking the silence. Lifting her head up smiling, she looked up at him and replied. "Pleased to meet you. I'm Archana. My friends call me Archu."

 Kisi zabaon mein bhi woh labaz hi nahi
Ki jeene mein tum ho kya tumhein bata sakun

 He grinned at her and she looked down shyly. They both couldn't help but think that it was the beginning of a new relationship.

 Main aagar kahoon tumsa haseen
kaynaat mein Nai hai kahin
Tareef yeh bhi to sach hai kuch bhi nahi
Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hoon..


 SBS/House arrest Links of the Fortnight

By: loveabletwinz

15 September SBB Link
21 September SBS Link

Creation of the Fortnight

Chosen by loveabletwinz - By unnati720


Videomix of the Fortnight:

Chosen By: loveabletwinz  - by moony94


 JOKES of the Fortnight.

By: bibbo
Welcome to the jokes section once again guys! =)

I loved reading your responses to the jokes from last time. It gave me the motivation to continue on with the jokes, even though nothing funny's been happening in Pavitra Rishta! Honestly I'm so upset that there are so many misunderstandings between ArMan! =(.UGhhH!

Anyways, here's the dose of laughter that we've been missing out in the show.!


A husband and wife were at a party chatting with some friends when the subject of marriage counseling came up.

"Oh, well never need that. My wife and I have a great relationship," the husband explained.

"She was a communications major in college and I majored in theatre arts."

He continued, "She communicates well and I act like Im listening."

Heheh =P. this joke is apt I think for Ayi and Baba. I mean, I know that baba talks SOMETIMES, but I swear I feel as if he's sidelined any time Aayi wants to make a big deal out of something. I just wish baba had spoken up properly instead of letting Soluchana make Archanja's decisions. Honestly the actor's amazing, but the character needs more back bone.


This married couple was sitting in a fine restaurant when the wife looks over at a nearby table and sees a man in a drunken stupor.

The husband asks, "I notice you've been watching that man for some time now. Do you know him?"

"Yes" she replies, "He's my ex-husband, and has been drinking like that since I left him seven years ago."

"That's remarkable" the husband replies, "I wouldn't think anybody could celebrate that long."

=P. this joke is dedicated to Manav's father! I swear, that man's been MIA, (or did I miss something?=P) and I think he'd definitely celebrate if Savita leaves him! =P what say guys? Is she getting on your nerves or what?!

 Review for 14th- 25th September

By: rdfan

Well wont say much and give my combine ratings for the two  weeks : 1.5/5

 The 1.5 solely for the way the week began with another Arman hug and archana opening up a bit to Manav but then it all went downhill with Arman moments in the past holding absolutely no meaning as the pavitra rishta was thrown out of the window ...and all that happened was doubting the right and believing the wrong .....also the crearives seem to suffer from amnesia as they dont seem to remember what they have shown in the past .Frankly speaking Pavitra Rishta has broken the myth of being a different show , even if archana one fine day figures out that manav was right and heads back home ....savita will be ready to give her the time of her life and i wont be against savita this time arnd !!!!!Varsha track...... dont like it personally ....but atleast the the girl has a mind of her own!!!!!Wonder where this show is headed ......


 Expectations for next Fortnight:

By: blackdaughter

Okay. Let's see. Last week started of well for ArMan but all that came to an abrupt halt. Now all we have is complications and misunderstandings going around. I think we would all like to see the problems clear between ArMan as soon as possible, but we all know that is going to take a while. Nothing is going as we would like. Now with new problems with Varshu leaving, I think ArMan are going to take a back seat for a few episodes. Don't quite know what to expect anymore. I'm guessing that the new girl is going to comfort Manav as a friend, and some how Archu will find out and get the wrong impression. *sigh* I'm sure we would love to see Ajit busted, but that's probably not happening anytime soon. As for where Varshu is going to go now'' *shrug*. But I'm sure somehow her boss is going to be involved and help her. I would like to see some cute moments between them. *fingers crossed* I'm sure Manav's Aai is going to be a menace. Overall not very high expectations

*Editors Note :-D *

Heyyy alll you lovely readers + reporters :-D First off, we'd like to thank MADDY (blackdaughter) for giving us this chance to be the new editors :-D MUCHOS GRACIAS Embarrassed Secondly, all our reporters ---> You guys did a fabulous job! We made it right in time guys ClapThumbs Up ROUND OF APPLAUSE PLEASE :-D especially to rdfan for having done her part inspite of catching a fever! KUDOS

Since some of our reporters wont be able to give a lot of time to the "TIMES" anymore, we have a few slots open..

Dialouge Male and Female for the Fortnight
Written and Video Update Links
Best ArMan Sequence
and Expectations for the next Fortnight

If anyone is interested in joining the team of reporters, please do send us a PM at loveabletwinz .

Thats it for this edition of the "Times" guys, hope you enjoyed it :-D

Note : Intro-Siggie - Credit goes to ~*Thamizhan*~


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Fab job guys...keep it up!!Thumbs Up
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reserved! *hug*
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Great work guys!!Clap
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Its absolutely brilliant!! ClapEverything has come together so well.I loved the choice of dialogues, scenes, star male and female, fashion icon.Bibbo your jokes are really funny, they suit PR so aptly.Thank You Everyone!!

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Fab job!!!
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turned out awesome! i loved Manav's dialouge! Embarrassed

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Amazing guys ...great Work  !

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