Uravugal Sep 21 - 25: Gayu's Rubber Mouth to be stiched

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Monday September 21st

No Telecast.. Spl Programs on account of Ramzan

Tuesday September 22, 2009 - Episode 81

Updates by Aisha
Pictures by Atina
Credits to Viluthu.com


Ranjini cries and complains to AM that they can't live without him... and that he is more important than the baby for at this point in time.  AM advices her that he's already lived his life and more over if it their time to go, they'll have to go and no one can beat death.  Ranjini continues to cry and asks him to give back the promise she had given him...

AM is shocked and continues to advice her not to even think about it, and asks her to be a good mother to the child.  But Ranjini wants an answer for Parvathy Amma's state if something were to happen to him.  AM gets angry and tells her enough is enough.. and to stop this matter at this point.  Ranjini leaves while crying out loud.  AM is startled by these questions and plops back on the oonjal. 

At the hospital, TK and Raji are with Gaya and the latter is being fed by her mother.  Suddenly, AM comes to see them.  TK and Raji greet him happily, while Gaya just shows attitude and looks away.  AM just wonders if she is still angry at him but doesn't seem to make it a big deal.   He then expresses his wishes to see his daughter in law live in their house, with his son.

 TK and Raji both agree and TK says as soon as she gets well that is the first thing he'll do.  Gaya shows her displeasure.  TK further adds he mistook Krishnan, just because of that one mistake he did.. that to write the letter.  But now he has so much respect for Krishnan.  AM clarifies that Krishnan never wrote the letter, and that some one else had done a sathi.... and that Krishnan is an appavi.. who orutharukkum theengai ninaikka maataan.  TK also agrees.  Soon AM takes leave, after TK assures he'll drop his daughter off at her in laws place. 

Krishnan walks in middle of the road only to be yelled at by the vehicle owner.  He comes back to reality and starts walking again.  As such.. we go into a series of events... all MUTE and a BGM playing. 

Ranjini throws up more.. showing that she is still pregnant TongueLOL.  Then Suda holds on to Gayu as the latter practices walking with a stretcher (or whatever you call that thing Confused). 

All in mute still Tongue.  At the hospital, Krishnan goes to give something to TK and Raji, but doesn't walk into the room, despite his in laws request. 

Several months pass by..... Ranjini stands in front of a mirror and runs her hand over her tommy that is bulging out Tongue.  Gaya is still at the hospital recovering.  TK and Raaji are taking care of her. 

At AM's house, Visaalam is feeding Ranjini....
another instance, Ranjini and Parvathy are praying ... Parvathy offers kungumam to Ranjini.. the latter takes it and starts feeling back for Parvathy amma... they exchange looks. 

At the hospital, the doctor is removing the huge bandage from Gaya's head.  TK comes back after paying the fees.  Gayu wonders if they can leave.  TK takes the moment to inform her that she must now go to her in laws house to be with her husband. 

Gayu fires back saying how her father could say this.. and starts putting a tandrum.  TK and Raji try to explain that Krishnan not like what she thinks, but Gayu maintains that he is a pakka liar and baddie nnu.  TK explains that because of Krishnan they have her today... but Gayu is least bothered.  Raji explains to her that she can't act like this since they also have Suda to take care of.. and every time a marriage proposal comes for Suda, the groom party may neglect seeing a valaavatti in the house.  Gayu says she is not saying no to go to  a ' puguntha veedu', all she is saying is that she doesn't want to go to that Krishnan's house Shocked.  TK and Raji are shocked.. the latter wonders if she wants to get remarried, leaving Krishnan nnu.  They end up in a huge argument. 

Finally Gayu screams 'stop it' and harshly asks if they are no longer willing to feed her Angry.  Both of the parents are shocked... and TK firmly says a yes, adding he no longer wishes to take care of her needs.  Gayu without any other solution says fine she'll go to Krishnan's house.  She takes her bag and leaves.

After she leaves, Raji fuming in anger for Gayu's pechu.  TK says it is all aanavam and goes to drop her off at AM'house.

Gowri is reading a book at the front porch.   She suddenly sees an auto arriving... hence come TK and Gayu.  Gowri is elated and goes to get her relatives.  Inside, TK apologizes to Parvathy on behalf of Gayu... he adds how Gayu was acting immature and all.... he assures nothing of this sort will happen again. 

As he talks, both Gayu and Parvathy look on sternly...


Wednesday September 23, 2009 - Episode 82

Update and pictures by atina 
Credits to viluthu.com
TK brings Gayatri to AM's house and he starts a small lecture to Parvathy such as," Neenga periyavanga....with periya manasu...please excuse my daughter for all her ariya thanam...and immautured behaior....she hurt you all in many ways...but from now on I am sure she will not give any prachanai in this kudumbam...I can understand why you are so hesitant when I tell this...but please accept her.." . Every one's face shows some kind of anger and confussion. Parvathy with so much pasam goes to Gayatri and asks," udambu sariyaa aayuduchaammaa?" Hearing this everyone feels happy and releived.
Gayu keeps quite as if she swalloed a whole jack fruit. TK gets worried and tells her," she is asking you only....sollu maaa" After this Gayu answers," mmmmmm" Parvathy  pats Gayu'shead and continues,"When I saw you like that in the hospital I felt bad actually....after all I have also have given birth to a daughter....so I know the pain amma" TK becomes so moved and tells with tears," I am so happy ...amma...this one word is enough for me amma....I am sure she will live happily in this house"
Parvathy asks Chitra to take Gayatri in. Chitra comes and holds Gayu's hand and takes her in. Gayu is still with the same veruppu expression on her face!!!. Chitra and Gayu reach Krishna's room.... Parvathy asks TK to have some coffe but TK refuses and tells," As I am so happy I do not feel like having any thing now...let me go now" He levaes. Gayu quickly enters in and stares at Chitra and slowly closes the door right on her face. Chitra is shocked and stands there while all the others watch this with a question on their faces. Parvathy looks like she is angry.
In the rice mill Krish is busy working with the workers. His cell phone rings and it is from Gowri telling him that some VVIP has come to their house and is waiting for him. Krish tells her not to play around as he is too busy. After bullying him for couple of seconds she tells. athuvaa.....the VVIP waiting here for you is Mrs Gayatri Krishnan....my anni"
Hearing this Krish becomes pleasantly surprised....and he promises to her that he will reach home ASAP. He runs pushing a worker and helps that worker to carry the heavy rice bag.....he runs to the water tank area and is about to wash his face ....but he gets remided about what Gayatri told once. " ennanga...I thought you are done with all your work...but now you are mending the koni pai.....take bath and change into some clean clothes..." So he decides to take bath instead....while AM is watching all this excitement of his son from a distance.
AM's phone rings...and it is from TK telling about Gayu'sarrival in his house. AM feels happy to hear this and assures TK that they all will take care of his daughter well. By the time he ends his call with TK Krishnan comes there ...and AM tells about the phone call from TK. Krish also informs him about Gowri's phone call to him. TK happily asks him...," ennada ithu....your hair is like this....comb nicely before you reach home....po...poi gayatri yai paaru paa" Krish happily says buye to him and runs.
Krish reaches home and as he parks his bike Gowri tell him that Gayatri is inside the room. He runs to the room and stops in front of the shut door and adjusts his hair...shirt and pants...and quickly enters the room with so much exctement. Gayatri is sitting on the bed...as soon she notices Krish's arrival in the room she stands up showing her back to him. Krish starts," Gayatri...just now Gowri informed me....and here I am...I knew it...I knew it Gayatri...that one day you would come to me...but....sathiyamaa.....I never expected that you will come this soon....do you know how happy I am Gaytri right now?..
I feel as if I got a new life after my dealth...romba sandoshamaa irukku Gayatri....I have only heard that true love will prevail....but that has happened in my life Gayatri ...I have been praying to God that one day you will come to know about my true ..anbu..paasam & kadal for you...everyone was telling that we both will never live together happily...but I knew they were wrong....Gayatri now you have totally understood me...that is enough for me...sathiyamaa enakku ithu podum...."
"Hereafter...you can live like a queen in this house...unakku oru koraiyum irukkaathu...how you were happy in your house....like that you can be here too....amma...appa ,annan, anni, Az appa, Visalam amma, Akka, maama and Gowri ..will all start pouring their love to you and appadiye unnai thikku kukkaada vaikka poranga paren..."
Now Gayatri turns back to him and starts whipping him with her venumous words," Are you done or is there any thing left? romba sandosha padaa deenga...I did not come back here just to live with you or unga kudumbathoda serndu vaazhavo illeh...I never liked to come back to this kudumbam at all...."
"are you asking ...then why did you come back nu?...just simple...for onlky one reason....which is my parents torture of advising me to come back here...that is why I came here....so do not build up castels upon my arrival thinking that I will be a good wife...no ...never..I want the same distance to be maintained within this room ...ithukku varaamaleh irunthundu irukkalaameh nu you are thinking right...?..I was thinking about it...if at all I would have gone back to my house....first of all you will start putting the same kind of drama......your dad will ask you to live with me.... 
your mom would ask you to kidnap me and come....and my parents will start torturing me with their words frocing me to be with you.....so ithellam enakku thevaiyaa.....that is why I decided to come here on my own...from now on what will happen ..do you know? I will make sure that..with in one year...each and everyone in this house hold will ask me to get out of this house.....this is my goal....after that no one will ever force me to live with you...how is my idea? naalaa irukka?...If all this do not work...then as soon as I comple one year of living here....I myself will file a divorce suit and get out of here....until then I will act...juct act as your wife....enna purunjuthaaa?"
Krish becomes so so sad....appadiye udainju poi...leaves the room sadly...( a sad music with a make humming is going on behind). He goes outside and turns back and looks at Gayu from there....( this scene was so touching....Sree acted so well here)
It is night time...as usual AM is sitting on the easy chair ...he is in some deep thoughts.Parvathy comes there and ask him what is bothering him.AM tells," Gayatri has come back home to live with our Krish....so one worry is over....now only thing to be done is our Gowri's wedding...if that is done  naan nimmadiyaa poi sernduven...." Parvathy gets shocked and tells him not to talk like this as she wants to live with him for a long time.Everything will happen when time is right.
AM asks,"We should not wait for the right time ...somehow we have to do make that time" Parvathy asks,"you are talking as if you have kept so much aside for Gowri's wedding....what have you kept...? everything you have given to your brother....even my all my jewells have gone...and I am living like a begger only nowadays...we have done so much for every body...I was hoping that one day we will be able to get our daughter married to a good family...but look at our situation now....we are in a position to beg for  our daughter's wedding to others..." AM stops her and replies," Parvathy...you dont have to ask anyone for a single naya paisa...I knwo how to conduct her wedding...you better go and sleep now" Parvathy stands there crying bitterly....

Thursday September 24, 2009 - Episode 83

Updates by Meli and pictures by Atina 

Today's episode starts with Gaya getting read to go out, she doesn't say anything to Krish but Ranjani stops her and ask where is she going? Gaya replies its none of her business, Ranjani says well on this house, ladies should tell where they go before going out. Gaya is annoyed and say she is going to work which surprise Ranjani and Krish. Ranjani quickly point out none of the ladies at that house go to work and before she decide to work, did she got permission from her in laws. Gaya argues why she should, is that any rule which says none of the daughters in law and son in laws cant work? Ranjani feel Gaya pointed out Senthil doesn't go to the work and argues more..while Gaya just says she didn't mean anything bad with it but if that irked her then it's none of her business. Ranjani feels offended so Krish tell his sister let Gaya go as he was the one who told her to go instead of staying there. Both Gaya and Ranjani is taken aback..Gasya leaves while Ranjani stares at her brother and warn him if he let his wife behave like that then he wont manage to control her.

Krish says there is no worries as she never come back to live with him. He spill out the beans'why Gaya agreed to return back, she had a plan to be kicked out by the family and if not then she will apply for divorce after 1 year. Ranjani is stunned and feel bad for her brother. She wonder why he is like that? Cant he ever be happy? Krish just point out his forehead - its his thalaividhi..who can change that?

Ranjani goes straight to Gaya's parents and tell them the truth behind Gayas arrival to their house. She only came there cause she was forced and not to live with them. Her parents are totally taken aback over her behaviours at her in laws place. Ranjani says if it was another guy on her brothers place, he would have thrown Gaya away from his life long time ago but her brother didn't as he has a lot of patience but it's a limit for everything. Gaya better understand how other people pin for a husband like him'her parents too is worried their daughter never understand how lucky she is to get a husband like him..she is messing up the good life she got. Ranjani leaves while TK decide to have a talk with his daughter.

Gaya is at the college and keep lecture'TK arrives there and want to have a private chat with her. He ask why she returned back to work? Did she get permission? Gaya wonder who pattavachfies the fire so quickly? His so called mappilai? don't believe him daddy'see he told you personal things between a husband and wife..how can you just trust that guy? TK defend his mappillai and says it was not him and it doesn't matter who told him this but if she doesn't change herself soon then she will lose everything. Gaya is not in mood to hear more advise and tell her dad off..she knows how to handle her husband and in laws..TK gives her a final warning..her act will only dishonour her parents so she better be careful.


An angry gaya return back home and scold her husband. Poor guy has no glue..Ranjani speaks up for him..it was her who told her parents..what she will do..? Gaya look at her in anger..FREEZE

Friday September 25, 2009 - Episode 84

Update and pictures by atina

Ranjani comes to Gayatri who is questening Krishna about the complaints made about her to her dad while he tells that he did not even go to her house. Ranjani tells," what he tells is correct...it was me who went to your house and told all this to your dad....ippa athukku ennaagareh?" Gayu sreams," how dare you do that to me? whatever I told my husband...you went and told my dad...so....how did you come to know about my private talk which had in my bed room?...oh.....( looking at krishna she continues) neengathaan poi unga akka kiteh sonnengala?...see this is what I am telling that I simply can not live with you because you are such a cheap person who goes and shares everything happening between you and your wife....che" .
Here goes Ranjani once again," yei....edhudi..private talk with a husband....you mean talking about divorce? " Gayu again answers thimiruthanamaa..." I can talk whatever I feel like...who are you to ask that?" Ranjani scremas back," I am born in this family and lives in this house...and Krishna is my Thambi....mind it" Gayu pours some more from her dirty mouth and goes in. Krishna helplessly stares at Ranjani.
Next morning Chitra comes out of the kitchen looking tired ...she keeps a contanier on the table and Ranjani comes there noticing this asks Chitra," yarukku inda tiffin box?" Chitra tells it is for Gayatri...for her luch. Hearing this Ranjanai becomes very angry and shouts," Why should you make all this for her Chitra? is she a small kid...she can come here and pack her lucn right?" Chitra gets scared that Gayatri might hear this. She asks Ranjani not to shout and goes inside. Ranjani stares at that container.
This shameless Gayatri comes to the dinning hall and calls for Chitra. Chitra runs and comes there and Gayu asks for her lunch pack. Chitra happily answers,"mmmm it is ready...I kept it here.....ayo...enge athu...I kept it here only.." She started lookign everywhere while Visalam comes there and tells her to look where she kept it and goes away. Slowly Ranjani emerges from the kitchen and Chitra asks her about the lunch box.
Ranjani answers," mm...I had eaten it...I was hungry and I saw this lemon rice was sitting on the table...so I took and ate it.." Again this shameless girl Gayu asks," how can you eat my food?" Ranjani keep her cool and answers with a paavam face," Athaan sonneneh...I was hu ngry and I ate it nu" Gayu asks," if you are hungry why cannt you cook yourself and eat?" Ranjani replies," correct ...the same thing I am asking you...why cannt you come here and pack your food before you go to work?"
Chitra gets worried and tells Ranjani to stop and tells Gayu," give me 15 minutes I will make some food for you and bring. She goes in.Gayu again opens her Rubber Mouth," first of you people learn some manners.." Ranjani replies (suda...suda...love you ranjani),"yei...first of all you learn to be a good woman and then a wife....unakku udambellam thimiru pudichu alaiyareh" Gayu tells," Che...aamaa... ennakku thimiruthaan....let me eat outside ...in this house even for having lucnch I have to face all this....che" She leaves and again Ranjani tells herself," Thimiru....ivalukku...anda thimirai naan eppadi adakkaren nu paaru"
Gayu is some outdoor restaurant. she orders a mini meal. Meantime AZ comes and sits two table away from her showing his back. Gayu is busy doing something with her cell phone...she did not notice AZ. Here comes Raja with one of his friends. Seeing Gayu sitting alone he tells his buddy to leave him alone. He goes and says Hi to Gayu. Gayu happily tells Hi and allows him to sit in the same table oppsite to her. She enquires about his studies. He tells," Madam...after you advised me the other day...I have changed so much and now that you are back...i will see that I attened all the classes madam" Gayu recollects that day....the princi scolding Raja and she tells him that she is accepting Raja again to be in the college just because Gayatri requested.
She is happy to hear Raja's fake words. Server comes with the food and they both start eating. Muted ...part...only with some music....they both keep talking and eating and Gayu keeps smiling and laughing. All this is being watched by the angry AZ. He suddenly gets up and leaves from there.
Next we see is AZ storming into the house shouting," Visaalatchee......yei Visaalam....In this house ..not one but four women are there...but what is the use..? does any of you have any responsibilities here...? why cannt you pack some food to namma veettu ponnukku...? athuleh enna koranja poiduveenga?" Why for Gayatri...you all did not pack any lunch?" Visalam informs that it was done by Chitra. But Chitra tells that she did not give her the lunch packet.
Ranjani tells what happened to the food. AZ says," it is ok amma you ate that food....but you must have made some food and given to Gayatri amma?" Senthil becomes angry and asks," maama..she is pregnant and ate that food and how can she do all the work ...why cannt Gayatri also do some kitchen work? avalukku kai ..kaal ellam nallaathaaneh irukku....because you all place her on your heads only Gayatri is dancing like this!!" At this poibnt Gayau enters in...seeing her arrival every is shocked and worried.
Gayu walks slowly and stops to stare at all of them with so much thimiru in her eyes....and quickly she moves towards her room but stopped my AZ. " nillumma.....yemma....you should take some food for your lunch before you go for work amma"
 Gayu replies rudely" I do not have time for all that in the morning" AZ replies," saree...you can ask someone to make food for you right?" Ranjani asks," why...she can not do that ..? it is after all for her???!!" AZ angrily informs," Look since you all behaved like this only....Gayatri was having food with someone else" At this point...AM and Krish enters...hearing what AZ just told.
Every one is shocked to hear this. Am and Krishna exchanges some angry looks between them. Here goes Gayu," someone else...illlai...he is known to me and he is my student too" AZ still talks to her nicely," amma...we all know that he is known to you ...ok...but that is known to ooru ulagam illaiyaa?" Gayu replies," I don't care about that" Once again everyone is shocked and become speechless. Ranjani asks," look appa....how she is talking without any respect..? and you on the other hand support her and talk?"
Gayau answers," I do not need any body's support...here...ok?" AZ now is getting a little angry ans still he talks nicely," ammmma....I am talking for our family amma....if you go outside with someone else everyday like this...then what will happened to the good name of our family amma?" Gayu replies," atha pathi enakku kavalai illai" Ranjani walks to her fast and tells," indaadeee.....un thimiruthanathai vereh engavathu kondu poi kattu...inge vendaam" AM stops Ranjani...and Ranjani tells," parungappa ivalai....not giving respect to anyone here...appa"
AM turns to AZ and tells," dei..AZ leave this matter here and let Gayatri do whatever she wants...ok?" Again Gayu's RM opens," I know what I have to do....yaarum enakku enakku ethaiyum solli thara vendam" Am is shocked to hear this. AZ is so angry and tells," Inga paarumma...ithu veedu...sathiram illai...you better learn some mariyathai"
Gayu- athai neenga first learn and come.....just now you told that I may go to hotel to eat food with some one else..? aaamaaaa....I will do that....because that is my wish....who are you to question me ?"
Ranjani- Yenna thairiyam dee unakku....appaavaiye talking like this...?
AM - Ranjani keep quiet...ennamma...you are working as a teacher in a college and I thought that you will behave like one...but...I never thought you will be such a fool...." ( gayu is shocked to hear this and stares at AM) Nowadays new things are happening in this household because of you...which never happened here for the past 35 years...look here I and my thambai are like one person...so if you insult him it is equal to insulting me......if anyone else talked like you did just now....I would have vetti pottu oruppen....mariyaadaiyaa...avangitte mannippu kelu"
Gayu- kekkaleenaaa...
AM- We will not keep a woman who is talking romba thimiraa....who ever it is and what ever education they have....
Gayu- appo....anupeedunga....
AM- a woman must have a lot of patience...ippadi ellathaiyum eduthu yerinju pesinaa...that will not only likk you but others too....remember
Gayu- Unga advise onnum enakku thevai illaai....( hearing this Krish tightens his fist...and controls his anger)
AM- oru kudumba ponnukku ivlo...aathiram agangaaram irukka koodaathu...in this family there are some rules and regulations...if you understand those values yourself...it is good...if not we have to make you understand....mind it..
Gayu- MR.ANNAMALAIIIIII......MIND YOUR WORDS...... yennaa ..... meratareengalaa?
Everyone is taken aback and stunned........

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Tuesday update me waiting..

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Wav - What an episode today! I can't really say any thing - little weird - but good.

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thanks for your update aishu akka appa oru vazhiya gayu krishnan veettukke vandhuttaanga
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Thanks da Aishu yakka for the super update n pics Atina...Clap
I just cant still beleive gaya went back..man...but i guess her anger will continue from that house  so poor Krish..still no sandhoam and peace for himUnhappy

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Thanks for the update.  Parvathi amma edhavadhu thitti Gayavai thriupi anupidadinga !!!!!!!!!!!
This story is moving fast .. Good and rare in serial world

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Thanks for the updates aish..

Story moved so fast in one episode !!!!!!!

Good to see Gayu with krishan.. She will soon understand him..

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Aish thanks for the updtaes..
Fast moving serial...

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