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Revenge Marriage #4 LinkToThread pg154

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Okay now I'm just speechless. Like I have no words to express how happy I am at the moment. I can't believe this is the 4th thread for Revenge. All I can say is thank you guys so much for making this a success, and believing in my work. If it weren't for your lovely and encouraging comments, I would have never started a new thread for revenge. Bravo to all my readers who appreciated revenge, and accepted it as a fic.


Finally the day has come, Armaan Malik has more money than Shashank Gupta. Poor guy he has no idea what's coming to him. Mr. Shashank Gupta, be prepared to loose everything you own, when I say everything, I mean everything, and that includes your grand-daughter. Armaan chuckles saying to himself.

Tring' Tring'

"Hello, Shashank gupta here", "Ohhh hello Mr. Gupta, this Armaan Malik's assistant calling' Mr. Malik would love to make an appointment with you to discuss on a serious matter". Shashank was very excited in hearing Armaan Malik's name, he had just found out that Armaan Malik just won the best business man award, "Oh yes ,Mr. Malik, I would love to meet him, how about today at 12", "That would be great sir, I'm sure Mr. Malik would be delighted to finally meet you", "Not as delighted as me", say's Shashank.


"Armaan, he agreed to meet you", Armaan turns around "Great, step one on revenge marriage complete, Rahul do me a favor and get every single information on Shashank Gupta before 10, and send them to my cabin". "Arre yaar, I'm your best friend, not your slave that you boss around" say's Rahul in anger. "Come on man, I know your my best friend dude, but just do this for me.. please.." begging him. "Fine yaar, but you owe me". "Anything you want, I promise".


After an hour or so Rahul brought armaan all of Shashank's information. "So lets see what this says "hmm. Shashank Gupta, age 68, wife Padma Gupta, Grand Children Anjali and Ridhima Gupta. Okay now let's narrow the daughters down, to see who's my catch.

Anjali Gupta- Age 26, no, no, no, to old for me. Ridhima Gupta- Age 24. PERFECT!

Part 22- page 10
Part 23- page 57
Part 24- page 88
Part 25- page 103

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Make-It-Pop IF-Stunnerz

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** L.U.S.H **





















pwincess kanzi


ShWeEt @nGeL 16






****************Do tell me if you want a pm*************

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Make-It-Pop IF-Stunnerz

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PART 21:

"AHHHH!" she shrieked as a pair of strong arms pulled her to an empty alley. She opened her eyes, and was shocked to see him. "Get off of me, you JERK!" she said pushing him away. He clutched onto her even tighter, "Finally I have you all to myself" he said breathing her face, as she looked away. "Listen I know everything alright, you don't need to scare me anymore," she said looking at him pathetically. "Who said I was acting now" he said in a fearful tone. Ridhima's faced changed into a worried expression as Vivek's face came closer to hers, and his grip got tighter. Anger raged within her body, as she fiercely slapped him hard across his face. "YOU BLOODY BITCH!" he yelled at her, with deadly eyes.




She fell onto the ground, as everything around her went blank and dark.




Another smack, she clutched onto her stomach, as her eyes practically rolled over. Her body shape turned into a ball, as she cried on the floor, with her hands around herself for protection. "AHHHH" she screamed, as she felt the life was being sucked out of her body. The next thing you know, she felt herself being lifted up, and taken inside a car.




He was walking down an alley, once he heard a person get slapped. The girl's voice was known to him, he ran to the prey of the voice. Suddenly he heard a man's voice, cursing the girl. He literally ran, only to see Ridhima being gripped by the bas***d Vivek. Before Vivek's hand can touch her, he gripped Vivek, and punched him hard on the stomach.


Punching him over and over, he suddenly heard a thud on the ground. Looking around he saw Ridhima, clutching onto herself, and mumbling "Armaan". Armaan literally pushed Vivek against the wall, and ran to Ridhima as fast as possible, only to find her unconscious. He picked her up in his arms, and ran to his car, driving her to a hospital.


He entered the room to only see her surrounded by machines. Her face was pale due from the low blood sugar. Her body seemed weak, she hadn't eaten for a whole day, and she had internal bleeding. Armaan sat on the chair beside her bed, and held her limping hand into his. "I hate myself' I hate myself for ever letting anything happen to you' I hate myself for ever thinking about hurting you' I hate myself for letting Vivek come near you' I hate myself for coming so close to you' I hate myself for ever falling in love with you and making you reciprocate that love" he said, as he kissed her hand gently, making her twitch a bit.


It has been 3 hours since she has been unconscious, and Armaan died a thousand deaths in those hours. His heart ached just to talk to her, to explain every action of his, the reason behind this mishap. The question was will she believe him? Is there a rationale reason to believe him? Ridhima trusted her grandfather blindly, so trust wasn't in his side. Even if Ridhima did believe him through convenience, how will she react once she finds out that the person she took as her God betrayed her? Shashank Gupta sold his grand daughter off to an unknown man, just to make a profit. If she reacted to Armaan's betrayal in such manner, how will she react to Shashank Gupta's betrayal? Those are the questions that are lurking around Armaan's head. There's a lose for him in any direction, and the lose isn't pretty. Any move he makes at the moment mean a lose of Ridhima Gupta, the only girl he loves more than his life.


Armaan sighed and leaned back on the chair, closing his eyes. Compulsively, droplets of tears ran down from his eyes, as he thought about not having Ridhima in his life. Not only does Ridhima's presence brings happiness to him, but somehow, he has become dependent on Ridhima to look after him. Before Ridhima came into his life he would always eat outside, there would be no one to take care of him. That all changed once Ridhima came, she made sure he had all his meals and that too from home. She would always cook homemade food for him just so he can remain healthy.


He looked at Ridhima stir a bit in her sleep; she kept on mumbling his name. He knew Ridhima depended on him for a lot, for love, support, protection, and trust. Unfortunately, he failed to do any, he lost the love that she had inside herself for him, he couldn't keep Vivek away from her, making her even more vulnerable, and finally, he ruptured the trust she had for him, as the truth came out.


Armaan held her hands close to his heart, making her feel his heartbeat, "your feel this, this thing only beats when you're near, and otherwise it just stops. I'm sorry to say, but vengeance is the only reason for my existence. If I didn't have the plan of getting revenge, then I would be buried with my parents and my sister' but after you came into my life, I realized I'm living for another person, and that's you' Ridhima, I'm so sorry I let this happen to you' I swear I never knew that bas***d would do such a thing, but I promise nothing will harm you ever again' This time, I'll be by your side' I'll never let you leave my sight," he said as he held onto her hand tightly and lightly caressing them with his lip, as tears brimmed down from his face. 


She woke up with a jerk feeling tears on her hand, she looked around and found herself inside a hospital. Ridhima turned to see Armaan's head on the bed, with his eyes closed. His hands gripped onto hers, he actually looked as if he wouldn't let her go anywhere. Ridhima looked at Armaan, as he slept peacefully next to her. He looked so innocent and harmless; who would have thought this guy would turn out to be so vicious. Who would have thought this guy would stoop so low just for money and fame. He already had all the money in the world, then why does he need more? She thought for a while, why would Armaan Malik need more money? Is he just greedy in that way, or does he want to be the next Bill Gates?


"Good Morning Mrs. Malik" Ridhima jerked out from her thoughts, once she heard her doctor enter the room. "So how are you feeling" the lady entered the room, and stood next to her. The doctor seemed warm and nice, which was shown by her smile. "I'm feeling better" Ridhima said imperceptibly. "Well Mrs. Malik you gave a bit scare over there, but thanks to your husband's prayer God shinned on you. All I have to say is Congratulations Mrs. Malik, you're reports are positive for pregnancy" the doctor smiled at her.


Instead of smiling, Ridhima's face turned pale. She wasn't ready for this huge responsibility, especially after what happened. "Is there any problem" the doctor asked, as she saw the worried look on Ridhima's face. Ridhima nodded her head, and gave the doctor a fake smile, trying to assure her she's fine. "So aren't you going to wake up Mr. Malik and give him the great news" the doctor asked gleefully. Ridhima panicked a bit, "Ummm' of course I will, but not right now' I want to' surprise him' yeah surprise him" she looked up an excuse, as the doctor nodded her head, and handed her the reports. "Okay, but make sure you take care of yourself, and drink a lot of fluid, relax your body' you will be discharged in about 2 hours"


As the doctor dismissed herself from the room, right away Ridhima opened up the file, and took the paper that says she is positive, and stuffed it inside her jacket. She didn't how she felt, one side she was over the top, but the other, she felt betrayed. Was this child just out of lust? For her it was indeed purely out of love, but for him it was just lust' If he did go for lust, why have sex with her. He can get any women with a snap of his fingers, then why did he go for her? Tears brimmed down her face with the thought of last night's event. First the infidelity and then Vivek, how can he stoop so low? He actually hired people to scare her, just to gain her trust. Didn't he think twice that maybe the people he hire may just back stab him' or was Vivek just listening to his orders once again?


She was utterly confused; this game of life was just too difficult for her. The world can change with the blink of an eye, that's exactly what happened to her. Her world changed, for the worst, the person whom she believed in, gave everything she ever owned, ended up being a phony.


Ridhima shifted a bit on the bed, with tears running simultaneously down her eyes. Armaan was a bit irritated by the movement, therefore he opened his eyes slowly, only to see Ridhima leaning back with her eyes closed, and tears running down them. He looked at her worried, and shifted next to her on the bed. Ridhima felt weight next to her on the bed, and opened her eyes to see Armaan staring at her with a hurt expression. He looked at her concerned, and put his hand up. He looked at her close her eyes, but this time not with love or pleasure, but rather with fear.


Was she afraid of me? He thought upset with the fact his wife was scared of him. He gently wiped the tears from her face, to see her jerking away. "Sta' stay away from" she stuttered in fear. "Ridhima, I don't want to hurt you, I just want to talk'" he said moving closer to her. "I don't want to talk' Just leave me alone" she shrugged off his grip. "Okay we won't talk, but at least tell me how you're feeling right now?" he asked concerned, he felt her forehead and neck to see if she has a fever. He looked at the file she was holding and grabbed a hold of it, checking the files he read everything she needed, and what was wrong with her.


Ridhima kind of felt guilty looking at his face expression, he looked so concerned for her. Should I tell him? She thought, after all he has the right to know. Does he really have the right to know? He did play her the whole time, every time they made love, was he just using her for pleasure, or was love hidden behind this game. All her thoughts were disrupted when Armaan said, "everything seems fine baby, all you have to do is go home and relax. I'm going to shift my business home for the next month, until you're up and better" he smiled at her, only to be ignored. It hurt him deeply to see her act as if he is a complete stranger, but he knew to gain her back he had be patient.


After resting for another two hours, the doctor came and gave Armaan the discharge papers. After signing the papers, and the doctor explaining everything to her, they both were ready to leave. "Let's go Ridhima," he said holding her hand and pulling her up. She immediately jerked his hand off, and stood up. "I don't need your pity on me Mr. Malik," she said walking away. She still clutched onto her stomach, as the pain was still present, and limped outside the room, only to loose her balance. Feeling two strong arms take a hold of her and lift her up, she opened her eyes to see Armaan's face. He put her down inside the car, and settled himself on the driver's seat.


"Stop being stubborn and let's just go home' The doctor told you to relax and stay stress free" he said driving his car. "How can I relax if I have to see your face everyday?" she answered him coldly, while he looked at her hurt. "You don't have to see my face, as long as I know you're secure" he told her sighing. "Then drop me off to MY house, I'll remain secure there" Armaan looked at her confused, yeah we are going to your house. "No, that isn't my house, that's your house Mr. Malik' I want to go to my house' and if you don't take me there I'm seriously gonna jump off this car" she threatened him, as he looked at her hopelessly. "Fine" he stopped the car in front of Gupta mansion. He let her go once again, but this time because she was ill, he didn't want to hurt her anymore, so he decided to let her stay there.




"Dada ji, I'm home," she yelled out, as Shashank came to her smiling. "Thank God your hear Ridhima, okay now before we start talking, can you sign these papers?" he asked her, as she looked at him nervously. "Actually I gave everything to Armaan" she spoke quietly. The anger inside him boiled, 'SLAP' tightly across her face, "GET OUT THIS INSTANT" he said pointing to the doors. Ridhima looked at him baffled, she had never seen Shashank this angry before, he looked furious. "Dada ji just relax' why are you so angry over this' Now Armaan Malik can just leave us alone" she said trying to calm him down. Shashank with a jerk pushed Ridhima hard onto the floor, "AHHH" she shrieked in pain. The pain inside her stomach was unbearable, she was gasping for air. "YOU CAN ONLY COME BACK, ONCE YOU GET ME THOSE PAPERS" he spoke firmly, not even caring about Ridhima's health at that moment.


Anjali encountered this incidence, and for some strange reason she felt bad for Ridhima. She saw Ridhima cry out running away from Gupta house, and she had a strong urge to stop her. But being Anjali she couldn't, she knew Shashank wouldn't forgive her if she pitied Ridhima.




"Ridhima" Armaan whispered seeing her standing in front of his door, with tears running continuously down her face. She looked horrible than before, and she looked in pain. Immediately, Armaan hugged her tightly trying to soothe her pain, as he caressed her back. He pulled back from the hug seeing her not respond, " I need a favor from you" she asked him dryly. "I want those property papers back" Armaan looked at her baffled, there is no way he's gonna give them to her. He knew she would end up giving the papers to Shashank Gupta, "No" he said right away. "Fine, this time you choose" he looked at her confused, as she placed his hand on her stomach. "The baby, or the papers" she said firmly, while Armaan looked at her perplexed. "WHAT?"  





"Muskaan, you're an IDIOT! You talk before you think…. I can't believe you split up Armaan and Ridhima like that… at least you could have asked me what we were talking about!" Rahul screamed looking at Muskaan cry hysterically. "I'm sorry Rahul; I never knew this would happen… I gotta tell Ridhima the truth" Muskaan said while wiping her tears, and getting up to go to Ridhima. "She doesn't live with Armaan anymore" Rahul said sadly, as Muskaan looked at him in shock.




He immediately pulled her into a hug, and grasped onto her tightly, not letting go. "Thank you… thank you so much Ridhima," he cried, still hugging her. Ridhima closed her eyes, and pulled her hands into a fist, as a way to control herself from hugging Armaan. She fought her own tears from prickling down her face, and stood there with no emotion. "I love you Ridhima, I love you so much" he said happily, but changed his face expression since she didn't react. "I don't love you Armaan," she said, as she pulled herself away from him.




"You still love him, don't you?" She looked at Ridhima sigh deeply. "You know, I don't think it was ever love between us… it was more of a way to infiltrate into using each other… he used me for property and I used him to love… I guess I never had the rights on him," she thought logically, not letting her heart interfere.




"ARMAAN" she ran to him with all her strength. "I'm so sorry Ridhima," he said falling on his knees, and crushed himself into her stomach.


hey guys, Well here's a promo... Sorry for being late, but i havent been on IF for a week.. nd wont be for another week, well until october. Since skool started, i can only update on vacation times, or maybe even weekeneds, and my next vacation is in October, so i can only update then... but for now, please enjoy the promo and leave your views!

Luv SAZ!Big smile

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hey congrats on new thread sweety..good to c u back may be for some time only..update soon..
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 congrats.gif image by Airy_Princess

congratulations.jpg congratulations image by trulyoutrageouskjr

         GreatJob.gif image by b0nebag
 u really mean a very lot to me SAZ !!

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res reply tom
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and will wait for the part of you , its ok you update when you get time for it , and for now concentrate on your studies
take care
lots of love

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