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My Wish Come true #2 -AR(NOTE pg140) (Page 6)

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hey rucha di
congrats for the new thread
pls continue soon
waiting eagerly for it

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congo on new thread yaar..............

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Part 15


"Ohoo.. see mom I told you.. Bhai ko koi kaam nai hai.. bas bhabhi ke saath time spend karna thha issliye bahana banaya unhone.." Nikki said when AR entered with sleeping Ryan in Ridhhima's arms.. Armaan quickly tried hiding those shopping bags but he was caught before that.. "Stop hiding bro.. Chalo ab mujhe, Mom ko aur Padma aunty ko dikhao ki kya kya liya aapne.." Nikki said making him sit..


Ridhhima went to put Ryan in his room as he was asleep.. She smiled when she saw everyone's shocked faces on seeing not the quality but the quantity of shopping they had done.. "OMG.. yeh sab kya hai..?" Tara asked Armaan..

"Vo.. umm.. Mom.. haan vo actually na maine aaj Ridhhima ke liye shopping ki aur Ridhhima ne mere liye.. ab aapko to pata hai mujhe zyada knowledge nai hai inn cheezon ki, to job hi mujhe dekhne mein achha laga maine le liya.. aur vaise bhi jab Nikki suits pehenti hai to Ridhhima bhi pehen sakti hai.. right..?" He said chuckling at Ridhhima's expressions purely to smack him..


"Ofcourse.. Nikki aur Ridhhima thodi na alag hai mere liye.." Tara said lovingly.. Ridhhima felt good but Padma didn't like the conversation one bit so she excused herself nd went home..




Later that evening

Armaan had gone to office for some work.. Tara had left for her place.. Ridhhima was sitting in Ryan's room when Nikki came.. "Bhabhi.. aap kya kar rahi hain.." Nikki asked looking at the room scattered completely.. Ridhhima sighed.. "Kuch nai Nikki.. bas apne liya itne saare new toys dekh kar Ryan excitement mein sabke saath ek hi time par khelna chahta thha.. Janaab ne apna room ab paly area bana diya hai.. har jagah toys bikhre hain.. tumhe kuch kaam thha kya..?" Ridhhima asked..


"Nai bas aise hi.. abhi tak humne theek se baat bhi nai ki iss liye socha thodi der baatein karen.."  Nikki said helping Ridhhima in clearing the room.. After afew minutes room was again neat nd clean.. Ridhhima picked up sleeping Ryan nd made way to her room with Nikki..


"Hmm.. ab bolo.."

"umm.. kya bolu.. achha aap batao aapko shaadi ke baad kaisa lag raha hai..? I mean maine humesha suna hai ki life thodi change ho jati hai shaadi ke baad.." Nikki asked excited to know.. Ridhhima smiled thinking YES her life has definitely changed but for good.. "Haan Nikki.. Life change to hui hai lekin ab main pehle se zyada khush hoon.. shaadi ke baad agar  responsibilities badti hain to life mein changes to aate hain.. lekin dheere dheere unn sab logon ki aur unki choti choti baton ki itni aadat ho jaati hai ki unke bina zindagi adhuri lagti hai.."


"To iska matlab aap apne aur Bhai ke rishtey se khush hain.. Ryan se aapki attachment to maine dekhi hi hai.." Nikki quipped.. "Har baat boli nai jaati Nikki.. Armaan ka aur mera Rishta baaton ka nai Khamoshi ka hai.. hum shaadi se ek hafte pehle hi mile thhe.. humein tumhare aur Abhimanyu ki tarah kabhi apne rishte ko samajhne ka mauka mila hi nai.." Ridhhima said nd paused.. She looked at Nikki blush abit at Abhi's name nd continued "Tum itni jaldi shaadi ke faisle se khush ho Nikki..? Mera matlab kya tum dono ready ho iss responsibility ke liye..?" Ridhhima asked..


Nikki on the otherhand felt good seeing Ridhhima so concerned for her.. "Bhabhi.. main aur abhi ek dusre ko bachpan se jaante hain.. hum ek hi school mein thhe aur phir college main humein pyar ho gaya.. Ek Dost Se Acha Husband to ho hi nai sakta.. Vo Mujhe samajhta hai.. mere decisions ki respect karta hai.. meri har baat bhi sunta hai.. aur Mujhe bohot pyar karta hai.." Nikki said explaining but all the while she was saying this Ridhhima was picturising hers nd Armaan's relationship instead..


"Sahi kaha Nikki ne.. Matlab mera Pyar galat nai hai.. Armaan mere itne ache dost hain.. aur mujhe pata hai unse zyada mera khayaal aur kisi ko nai hai.." Ridhhima's heart said to her mind but her Mind was thinking something else.. "Haan abhi yeh sab theek hai aur achha lag raha hai.. lekin agar Armaan ke dil mein aisa kuch nai hua to.. to humari yeh Dosti bhi khatam ho jayegi.." Her Mind yet again won the battle  but she realized that even if At this point of time her Love For Armaan is Hidden, it is not at all in the list of her Wrong Decisions of her life..




Tomorrow is Abhi nd Nikki's Official yet intimate Engagement.. Everything was organized outside in the huge lawn of the Mallik house.. Even though Armaan was worried for his sister yet he was VERY happy thinking that his siter is getting her Love Finally..


He managed everything from decorations to invitations nd caterers with help of Atul nd Rahul.. While Ridhhima nd Tara have managed all about the gifts nd dresses.. Ridhhima was more than happy when she saw the happiness in Nikki's eyes.. She felt good as someone she called a part of her family was achieving her Love..


Ridhhima came out of thoughts nd gasped looking at Ryan nd Lucky playing.. She has always known that Lucky would never bite r hurt Ryan but still was scared of Ryan catching infection.. She saw Ryan sitting by the carpet nd From one hand he was holding Lucky's ear nd other was near Lucky's eyes.. While lucky was busy licking Ryan's face.. Ryan was giggling non stop..


{KSHU sorry aapka Ryan abhi kisi aur ko kissi kar raha hai..}


"Ryan.. Lucky.." She almost rushed to separate them.. As she took Ryan in her lap.. Ryan smiled seeing her nd giggled even more saying "Guddoo.. lucky.. paari.." he looked so innocent nd cute while saying it the she didn't had Heart to scold him or Lucky.. She just kissed his head nd took him to get him washed..


"Agar aapke Papa yeh dekhte na to pata nai kya hota Buddy.." Ridhhima giggled imagining Armaan's face.. he had same expressions when he saw Lucky for the first time sleeping on his night suit..



She cleaned his face nd hands properly nd changed his clothes as he has messed them playing with Lucky in the garden.. "Ab koi shaitani nai buddy.. chalo ab mera buddy good boy banega na.." she kissed him making him smile cutely at her.. She put him on his feet in the lounge.. "Ab aap yahan khelo.. thode guest aayenge na, issliye Lucky room mein rahega.."


She went nd sat with Nikki by then hand her almost one hand full of mehendi..

"Ahem.. bhabhi aap bhi mehendi lagvayengi na.. mujhe dekhna hai aapki mehendi ka rang kitna gehra chadta hai.. bhai aapse utna hi pyar karte hain.." Nikki teased Ridhhima while Ridhhima couldn't help but blush badly at her remark..


"abhi nai.. abhi kaam hai.." Ridhhima left saying this nd blushing abit.. She was really thinking how dark her mehendi would get coz on her wedding night she had not even looked at her mehendi.. Back then she was busy calculating how Ryan's existence would change her life..




After sometime Rahul nd Muskaan came to join in the celebrations.. Rahul helped Armaan with arrangements while Muskaan was called by  Tara for mehendi.. Muskaan Came nd sat besides Nikki whose hands were full of mehendi nd Ridhhima who was making Nikki have her food.. "Hey Niku.." Muskaan said casually to which Nikki whined.. "Muski.. Niku nai please.. bohot ajeeb sa naam hai yeh.. tum mujhe Nikki kyun nai kehti.."


Ridhhima smiled at Nikki banter.. "Nikki.. itna achha sa naam to hai.. Niku.." Ridhhima said teaming up with Muskaan.. "Bhabhi.. theek hai to aapka bhi naam na aisa sa hi transform karte hain.. phir batana kaisa lagta hai.."  Niki said quipping..


"Nikki.. Meri Di mujhe Ridhu kehti hain.." Ridhhima said nd giggled at Nikki's disappointed face.. Muskaan changed the team saying "theek hai aaj se hum bhi tumhe Ridhhima nai Ridhu kahenge.. okk Ridhu.." Ridhhima smiled..


The trio kept on chatting for good time as almost everything was done.. Ridhhima felt good to get someone new to talk to.. she was surprised, how quickly she has gelled with Armaan nd his family.. She wondered if she was same meek Ridhu who would avoid all chances to interact with new people but then she thought Love Changes Us in many ways..




While on the otherhand Armaan along With Atul, Rahul nd Mr.Mallik were going to Invite Abhi's family personally.. He thought to take Ryan with him aswell as the ladies were busy applying mehendi.. But to his luck Ryan was adamant to not go with him..


"Armaan.. kya hua isse..?" Ridhhima asked as Armaan crossed her with Ryan whining in his arms nd she was sitting with the Mehendi Lady in the lounge.. "Kuch nai Ridhhima.. main Abhi ke ghar jar aha aur tum sab yahan mehendi lagva rahe ho.. so I thought to take him along.." Armaan said with a smile..

"Aap Ryan ko yahin chod jaiye.. vo pareshaan nai karega.. main sambhal lungi.." Ridhhima said..


As soon as Armaan kept Ryan on his feet, he ran nd hid behind Ridhhima making Armaan nd Ridhhima laugh.. Armaan shook his head nd left While Ryan settled himself comfortably in Ridhhima's lap wondering what exactly is being applied on Ridhhima's hands.. he lightly touched abit of mehendi on Ridhhima's hand nd looked at his own hand.. "Mai Bi guddoo.." he said looking at Ridhhima cutely..


Ridhhima cuddled him nd kissed his head.. She asked the lady to make a lil flower on his tiny palms which made him incredibly happy.. he giggled as his palm tickled when the lady was applying mehendi.. But in next 5 minutes  the flower had disappeared from his hands into Ridhhima's Hanky..


Ridhhima kept enjoying his antics when the lady said "Aapka beta bohot pyara hai.." Ridhhima instead of retorting or feeling bad, smiled sweetly at the lady nd nodded.. She saw Ryan was getting sleepy so she asked him to settle besides her which he gladly did.. nd few minutes later he was asleep holding her saree..




It was around 8PM.. Ridhhima's mehendi was dry now but she still kept it Ryan was lying besides her with his half weight on her nd if she would move even single bit he would wake up as he was a not a deep sleeper.. suddenly she felt herself being embraced into a warm side hug..


She knew it was not ARMAAN for sure.. she gave a small squeak nd turned to see Sapna sitting by her side.. "Sapna DI.." Ridhhima shouted nd embraced Sapna into another hug.. They came out of hug when they heard a whining sound..

Ridhhima bit her tongue when she saw Ryan sitting with sleepy eyes nd was whining.. "Awww.. I'm so sorry buddy.. aapko ninni se jagaa diya maine.. aajao.." She kissed him nd Sapna helped her in getting Ryan into her lap such that he was facing her nd slept again hugging her nd keeping his head on her heart..


Sapna smiled seeing them.. they were just about to start with their Talks when Armaan nd others entered.. they all settled in the lounge.. Ridhhima smiled seeing Armaan while he smiled wider seeing Ryan sleeping in Ridhhima's lap.. as everyone settled Ridhhima nd sapna started with their chit chat in which Ridhhima firstly asked "Di.. aap yahan..? I mean aap kisi kaam ke silsiley mein aayi ho..?"


Sapna smiled at her nd winked saying "jeej ne bulaya hai.. ab unki behen ki engagement hai.. apni saali ko to invite karenge na.." as Sapna said that Ridhhima's eyes quickly settled on Armaan who was looking at her too.. sensing her seriousness he came nd sat by her side.. "Thank you.." Ridhhima whispered..


Armaan quickly wiped a tear that traced down her cheek nd whispered back  "Ridhhima.. ab yahan ke kisi bhi important function mein main apni biwi ki family ko kaise bhool sakta hoon..hmm.. aur dekha jaaye to Dil ke rishton ke maamle mein Sapna hi tumhari true family thhi right.. ab rona band karo aur dekho meri saali humari baatein sun rahi hai.." Armaan said teasingly only to get a smack on his arm.. he quickly turned his sleeve to check if it got any mehendi imprint or not..


"mehendi dry ho chuki hai.." Ridhhima said making a face.. While Sapna smiled at the comfort level Ridhhima nd Armaan shared.. Just as Armaan was about to go, Muskaan joined them. She looked at Ridhhima nd Ryan saying "Oye yeh aise chimpanzee ki tarah kyun baitha hai.."


"Muskaan vo so raha thha.. meri vajah se uthh gaya to ab yeh compensation hai neend kharaab karne ka.. lekin.." Ridhhima was cut in between by Armaan.. "Oye tune mere bete ko chimpanzee kaha.." Armaan asked muskaan challengingly..


"Haan kaha bol kya karega.. Vaise bhi yeh dono chimpanzee ki tarah hi baithe hain.." Muskaan said in her usual tone to fight.. Armaan made a face like "Haawww.. tune Ridhhima ko bhi chimpanzee kaha.. teri to.. tu chimpanzee tera Rahul Chimpanzee.." Armaan said getting up nd facing Muskaan..


"Armaan bas ab chup.. Ryan phir uthh jayega.." Ridhhima said holding his hand.. He made a puppy face nd settled besides her.. "Tum ek kaam karo Ryan ko room mein sula do tab tak main iss Muski se nipat ke aata hoon.." He said brushing Ryan's fingers while his hand was placed on Ridhhima's arm.. Ridhhima shivered abit when she felt Armaan's fingers unknowingly tracing her arm abit..




Next morning Ridhhima Woke up nd quickly took a look at her palms.. An unknown proud smile crept her lips as she saw the Mehendi colour on her hands was Dark Brown.. she looked at Armaan sleeping very peacefully with a cute smile on his lips.. "Kash yeh sab vaisa ho sakta jaise main soch rahi hoon.." she whispered nd got up to get ready..


The day was full of  Masti nd Celebration for the Malliks.. Nikki's dressing ng other things were handled by Ridhhima nd Muskaan while Guests were taken care of by Armaan, Tara nd Mr.Mallik.. All day Ryan kept being mischievious.. One moment he was with Armaan nd other moment he was with Ridhhima..




Later that evening, after the Engagement ceremony..


Ridhhima was changing Ryan's clothes who was very sleepy.. Sapna entered the room nd sat with Ridhhima.. for a few minutes no one spoke anything.. Finally Sapna Broke the silence "Tujhe Armaan Pasand hai na Ridhu.." It was more of a saying it as a fact than a question..


Ridhhima looked at Sapna for a minute nd then nodded lightly.. they didn't notice Tara standing by the door.. "To Jeej ko ab tak apne dil ki baat batayi kyun nai tune..?" Sapna asked while Tara got confused.. "Di.. aap samajh nai rahi.. yeh sab itna simple nai hai.. Maine aur Armaan ne apna yeh rishta Dosti se shuru kiya hai.. ab vo mujhe apna achha dost samajhte hain.. lekin mujhe nai pata ki mujhe kab unse.. ummm.." as she fumbled Sapna competed "Pyar ho gaya.."


Ridhhima meekly nodded.. "Waaoo.. my lil Ridhu is in Love.. to problem kya hai..? tune kaha thha ki vo ache hain.. tera dhyaan rakhte hain.." Sapna asked.. Ridhhima shook her head nd said "main nai chahti ki mere pyar ki vajah se humari yeh dosti bhi khatam ho jaye.. vo kuch kahenge nai Di lekin main nai chahti ki main unke ateet bankar  unke saamne aaun.." Though Sapna was confused but Tara understood that Ridhhima was talking about Tiya..


Tara was about to step into the conversation but stopped when Ridhhima continued.. "Aur vaise bhi Di.. main bohot simple si ladki hoon.. na hi main Nikki aur Muskaan ki tarah jaldi sabse baatein karti hoon aur na hi main aapki tarah modern hoon.. to phir koi mujhse pyar kyun karega.."


"Ridhu.. bakwaas band kar.. teri apni alag personality hai.. tu itni achi hai ki tujhse koi bhi pyar karega kyunki tu khud se pehle auron ke bare mein sochti hai.. Meri choti si Ridhu ka dil itna saaf hai ki aaj tale k jhoot bhi dhang se nai bola gaya.. to phir tujhe sab pasand kyun nai karenge..?" Sapna explained o which Tara thought that she wasn't needed to explain anything as Sapna was there with Ridhhima.. Though she wanted to tell Ridhhima that Armaan loves her but still kept quiet as it would be better if Armaan tells her that..




After two days of Nikki's engagement..

"Ridhhima.. vo.. ummm.. Nikki abhi Mom ke saath shift ho rahi hai thode din ke liye.." Armaan said fumbling.. Ridhhima looked at him enquiringly, he wasn't looking the same since morning "Kya baat hai.? Aap kya chupa rahe hain..?" Ridhhima finally asked..


Armaan sighed.. he knew he can never lie to her.. He faced her nd said "Mujhe do din ke liye Lonavla janaa hai.. Project se related Land ke.." Before he could complete he heard her cold voice "Kab janaa hai..?"


"Ek ghante mein.." he could manage to mutter.. he saw her going pale.. she just turned nd faced the other direction so that he couldn't see her getting weak.. It was the first time he was going to leave her alone after their marriage.. He knew what she might be feeling.. so he just went to her nd locked his arms around her waist, embracing her from back..  "Janaa zaroori nai hota to kabhi na jataa Ridhhima.." he whispered nd planted a small kiss in her hair..


She just let him hold her as she knew she was not going to see him for two days now.. She was feeling bad as if someone was stabing her in heart.. As soon as he kissed her hair she turned nd hugged him tightly.. She wiped her tears quickly after coming out of the hug nd balanced herself.. "Aap breakfast ke liye chaliye main packing kar deti hoon.." She said in a low voice..


He nodded nd went while she sat on the bed recollecting herself so as to be strong while he would be going.. she quickly packed his clothes nd other essentials..




"Apna, Bi ka aur Ryan ka dhyaan rakhna hmm.." Armaan said gently kissing her forehead.. "Aap bhi dhyaan rakhiyega.. khana time par khaiyega aur.." she was cut in between.. "Don't worry.. roz tumhe 2-3 baar phone karunga.. aur exact khana khane ke baad, taaki dant na pade.."


She felt weak when he was leaving.. she knew this was something she can't help.. She made her way to Ryan's room nd was surprised to find him awake.. he was rubbing his eyes when she saw him.. He quickly crawled into her lap as she sat besides him, nd hugged her..  She got worried abit when he coughed afew times.. she patted him lightly nd made him drink water..


Next they followed their old routine.. Ridhhima made him choose his clothes nd ran him a bath but its was quick coz he wasn't looking his normal self..




Around lunch Ridhhima heard ryan crying nd rushed to him.. She was shocked when she picked him.. he was burning hot.. she quickly first calmed him down nd called Atul.. Ridhhima busied him with toys so as to refrain him from crying nd kept cuddling him with love..


After sometime when Atul came he gave Ryan some medicines saying its just normal flu nd he'll be fine soon.. But seeing 102 degree temperature, Ridhhima wasn't relaxed with that.. She told Bi aswell.. Bi knew Ridhhima was worried.. but calmed her down assuringly..


Whole day Ridhhima didn't leave ryan alone for even a single moment.. She did her kitchen work when she was sure that he was asleep nd wouldn't wake up soon.. she made soup for him.. She made him sit in his baby chair but he started crying.. So she made him sit in her lap nd started feeding him with the soup.. after having afew sips he started making trouble..


Ridhhima sighed nd took him to the kitchen.. she held him nd bent to the level of the microwave.. "Dekho Buddy.. aapke lie Aapki favourite apple pie bhi bann rahi hai.. lekin agar aap soup nai piyoge to No pie for you.." Ryan knew she would do as she said.. he pouted.. "Pie Guddoo.."


Ridhhima smiled as he seemed convinced nd took him back to the table.. Bi was amazed as Ryan was now having soup like good boy.. "tune kya kiya kitchen mein beta..?" Bi asked to which Ridhhima smiled nd said "Bas Bi thodi si blackmailing.."


As soon as Ridhhima gave him last sip he quickly looked at her enquiringly.. ridhhima quipped at his eagerness.. "haan baba.. chalo aapki pie ready ho gayi hogi.. phir dawai bhi khani hai na buddy.." Bi smiled at Ridhhima's sugary voice while Ridhhima smiled as she saw her Buddy smiling for the first time since morning.. She kissed him with love nd nuzzled his neck making him giggle all the more..




At night Ridhhima made Ryan sleep with her.. he was calmer with her as compared being alone playing or sleeping.. she preferred to make him sleep with her all day she observed how impatient nd scared he would get when he would wake up nd Ridhhima was in the kitchen.. he would calm down with her talks nd gentle caresses but just stay calm hugging her close as if she was protecting her from all the pains..


A lone tear escaped Ridhhima's eyes when her phone rang.. It was armaan's call..

She decided that she won't tell him as he would get worried nd since the deal is important it would be difficult for him to come back sooner.. "Hello.." she whispered..


While on the otherhand he sighed listening her voice.. "Ridhhima.. kaisi ho..?" he asked.. She felt happy that he was thinking of her that's why he called her.. "Main theek hoon.. aap kaise hain..? theek se pohoch gaye thhe na..? khana kha liya..? vahan zyada thand to nai hai na..? maine aapki jacket rakhi thhi.." she said but was stopped.. "Bas Ridhhima.. main bilkul theek hoon.. khana bhi kha liya.. aur zyada thand nai hai yahan.."


For the next few minutes they both didn't say anything.. "I miss you.." armaan said without any hesitation.. Ridhhima wanted to say the same but then she realized Ryan's flu didn't gave her a chance to him.. Armaan on the otherhand was expecting the same line was disappointed.. "I miss you Armaan.." she whispered coz she certainly was missing him NOW.. as she saw Ryan shuffling abit in her lap "Armaan ab aap so jaaiye.. raat kaafi ho gayi hai.. goodnite.."


Armaan wanted to talk to her for hours but he didn't knew what made him say goodnite nd end the call.. while she quickly shifted Ryan to the bed nd lied down besides him taking him into a warm nd comforting hug.. she dimmed the lights but she was still thinking of Armaan.. how he would sleep besides her holding her hand tightly.. how cute he looked with a small smile on his lips while he sleeps..

She never knew when she drifted off to sleep..









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hey dear loved the part
do continue soon

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rucha babyyyyyyyyy
me here after reading ur wonder ka ful updateLOL
me ko bahut mann bhaya
niki is so sweet...aisa bolti hai jise ridzi ka thoda dimaag chale
kab se armaan k saath saath hum log ko bhi tadpaying
hauuuuuu......meri candy k ryan ko muski ne chipangee bola LmaoROFL
aaye haaye yeh lucky aur ryan mein kya chaling.... candy ki sautan luckyLOL
samdhan ji aapne bataya nai ki aapki nayi bahut lucky haiROFLROFLROFL
oye sapna mast hai yaar...sweet gujju
rucha tune ammy ko lonavla bhej diya...bereham chokri...
aur upar se ryan ko fever

oley ley ley ryan ko apple pie khani hai
AR toh as usual superbClap awwww both r missing each other...
dekh ab main aur bardasht nahi kar sakti
nexr episode ko sensational bana de... main tere ko 10 kissy dungi
btw loved todays update...very much appreciated...

plzzzzz continue gidgidaying tere aage....
Love ya

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hai RuchaBig smile

                        asusual an awesome update dear !!
                        everything is  simply perfect!
                        loved it
                        will be waiting for ur next updates!!
                        TakecareBig smile

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res reply on tuesday
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