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Thursday, September 24 2009 -  Update

Credits to

Vada ( Vadai as in Vadamalai and not masala vadai LOL) cries a lot behind the kuthuvilakku, feeling guilty for suspecting his own brother.  Thaalai tries to calm him down by saying, he is got all the right to scold or suspect Sundaram (who of course is Thalai's son and Vada's brother).. since what Sundaram did in the past was wrong (taking a lump sum money and running away).  Vada is still not convinced and continues to punish himself by standing behind the kuthuvizhakku (hmmm... ithu konjam comedy aa thaan irukku.. the world's best punishment Tongue).  Thaalai tries to tell him how even Chellamma too hasn't eaten because of him... Chellamma is just watching Thaalai try to comfort Vada.  Vada says he doesn't have the nambhikkai that Chellamma had on her brother in law (hmm... Chellamma Pughazh paadal LOL).  Chellamma soon joins and eventually the two of them convince Vada to come eat. 

At the dining table... Thaalai serves Vada fish curry.  Vada stares at the fish and starts bursting into tears saying how his brother Sundaram really cared for him, hence sent in the fish, but without knowing Sundaram's nalla manasu, he is ashamed of having suspected him.  Thaalai calms him down yet again.  Vada then asks if Sundaram had had his food nnu.... Thaalai says yes.  Just as he is about to eat, he sees Chellamma standing their watching him with a smile on her face.  Vada stops eating.. goes up to Chellamma and starts parimaaring food for her. 

In the meantime, Palliarai sees Vada in tears and wonders what the matter is.   Kanthathurai happens to come by, and asks Palli why she is looking confused.  Palliarai wonders why Vada Mama is looking upset.  Kanthathurai puttu puttu vaify what had happened earlier in the day.  Palli is shocked and walks away in anger, not realizing that her bracelet fell off.  Kanthathurai is elated to see the gold bracelet... and it is suttufied. 

Vada continues to serve Chellamma food... Palli rushes to her room and wakes her sleeping husband (Sundaram) and asks him to come with her.  He sees a suitcase and wonders what the matter is.  Palli doesn't tell him anything and emotionally tries to blackmail by saying, how despite him leaving her after 2 days of marriage, she still waited for him.  So at least for that she wants him to come with her without any question.  Sundram doesn't buy it.. but Palli just grabs by his wrist and drags him down with her. 

As they walk down, Vada and Thaalai see them... both are shocked.  Chellamma too turns back to notice Palli and Sundaram with a suitcase.   Thaalai asks where she is heading off to.  Sundaram says he too doesn't know the reason.  Chellamma inquires Palli.  Palli finally says the reason - that to be Vada Mama suspecting her husband.  Vada is deeply hurt hearing this.  Tears started to flow.  Sundaram is still confused.  Vada explains how when he saw Sundaram take 8 lakhs, he thought Sundaram had run away once again... but when Sundaram came back, he felt ashamed that he had suspected him.  Sundaram doesn't feel bad about this and asks his brother no to worry, since what he had done in the past is wrong.  But Palli is still furious.  Chellamma apologizes to Palli on Vada's behalf, but Palli says how Chellamma would feel if Vada Mama was suspected like that.  She feels the same way and hence they are going to leave... since the same may happen in the future.  The culprit Kanthathurai starts to panic seeing this issue become so big. 

Not able to calm Palli, Chellamma says the fault is with Vada and her... so they'll leave instead of Palli and Sundaram.  All are shocked.  Palli right away says it was Chellama who identified her husband that day at the temple and it was Chellamma who defended her husband when Vada Mama was suspecting.. hence she can't see her leave like this.  She finally adds they too will not stay in the house without Chellamma.  So Chellamma says they too much remain in the house.  She asks Sundaram to take Chellamma in.... She then adds they too will stay nnu.

Thalai is so proud of her daughter in law.. and adds how she is greatful to have a DIL like her who always solves her house problems.  Thaalai then wonders if she was just saying that to emotionally blackmail Palli, but Chellama says No.. that if Palli had not stopped them, they would have left.  Thaalai is shocked.



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Friday 25/9/09 Episode No 10

Ohm Chellammaya namaha
Ohm Chellammaya namaha -
 Intha serial pakkaravangalum ithil nadikkaravangalum every day
108 times chant panna vendiya manthiram - Chant pannatta enna
pannuve Roja??? Roja has a smug smile - Chellamma kitte pOttu
kuduthuduven. apram avanga dhinam " yen aluvure?? enna prachnai?"
nnu kettu oru vazhi panniduvaangaEmbarrassed Padakknu IF ians ellarum cross
legged aa sitting ..ohmmmmmmmm kekkuthaa Chellamma???Embarrassed

Starts with athai chanting Chellamma Ashtothram ( she is very fast
in finishing that - so much of practice, i guess)
and then asks -
" u pulled that stunt only to make Bed Room to go in to her room,
right?" Chellamma immediately vetoes any such false hopes -
' No, I meant it . If BR did not insist, we would be gone...Vaanga.."
Vadai has no clue as to what hit him - "namba veliye poganumaa??
ethukku??? " apdinnu oru surprise in his eyes but follows wifey
( Poda kanna, periamma thacchu mummu pisainji vaichurukka,
iduppile thookindu Ootti viduvaa..pOda kanna...pO)
BR in her bed
room with Odi pOna Kanavan - Sundarm is thrilled by the defense
put up by BR and freshens his application for bed room. But she is
categorical - " I defended you  because you did not run away with the
money -This time - but what you did to me immediately after our
marriage hurts I need to feel confident...apram I will live
up to my name" Sundaram is silenced.

Park - Beach, Garden ( Solai) and Bell ( Maniarasu) are running. 3 kids -
athile onnu correct aa knee height irukku - together rag their grandfather
Avudai as he does not know to ride a cycle - make him ride a cycle and
Avudai promptly falls down. The war cry is heard by the sons and all
come running - play Bob the Builder and engage the crane to lift daddy up.

Next we see Avudai in bed - doctor attending to that little scratch. The whole
family is fussing around. Avudai suddenly remembers that he did not chant
Chellamma Ashtothram for the day - starts singing to the doctor and asks
her to wait - "ippo ashtothram sonnenaa, deity will be wait until
you are blessed with her dharshan" Poor doctor..decides to make her patients
wait in her clinic. Athai and Chellamma come running... do a mini oppari...
athai says that the rest of the clan is on the way... the kids rag grand dad some
more. Avudai asks Muthu to cook a feast -"Sunday..ellarum saapidalaam.."

Muthu and Valli are cooking. Chellamma does the mounmental task of cutting
the veggie. Muthu decides to vent out a bit - needles Valli and goes to
Chellam - "appalam.... yarukku enna pidikkum?" Pat comes the reply from
Chella (Omni) ' beach likes sutta likes fried..Bell does not like
appalam.." Muthu goes in and giggles -" now listen,one more Q to her and she
will say I do not know" Goes back to Omni and asks "intha saree romba nalla
irukku. Enge vaangine??" Omni says that she has no clue - "either antha chinna
payyan..athaan pa my hubby ..avan vaangi tharuvaan..illatta annan... I do not
go to the shop" Barks orders about cooking bindi and kathrikai..leaves. Both DILs
bitch at her back " if she tells us the shop, then we might go there and buy..athaan
jealousy.." In between such gossip , they manage to cook.

Aavudai is lying down and the grand kids are all over. Aavudai starts a story -
' Oru Oorle, Oru Raja..avanukku 4 pasanga.." Antha knee length boy offers to
name the  kids -" beach, garden, bell and Omni...ada pO thathaa ..eppo paarthalum
sontha kathai thaana??" Thatha says that it is not his life history and continues -
"that raja wants to pass the baton to the next generation. Who is to be promoted??
That secret is under the sea. So raja goes under the sea.....moochu vida mudiyaame...
vida mudiyaame..." drags and his eyes look lifeless ( opened his mouth?? hmm
Friday... possible..)
The kids do not sense the danger for a while .....later run and gather the family...all fussing...trying to lift Aavudai...


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Monday September 28, 2009 - Episode for Archive

Due to Navaraathiri special programs, episode not aired.. Tongue ayyaa naan escapeeeee PartyParty

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September 29 - Tuesday Updates

Everyone in the household is tensed. Thye are worried and  run around Avudaiappan (AV) who is lying still in the bed. Confusion prevails everywhere. CM and Beach are screaming - what happened to appa? calling him appa, appa. There comes the doctor with a kit and asks everyone to be calm. Nothing happened for him. Then she does some slapping and calls Av sir AV sir.. Checks the pulse.. ANd again some more slaps.. Wa.. AV gets up and sits upright taking a deep breath. He has a shocked expression on his face.. He asks everyone what happened and y they are all tensed? CM calls him Appa and asks what happened. HE says he is fine. CM asks doctor. Doctor says it is Black out and for a few seconds everything will turn numb.. It may occur for any age people and since AV is aged it has become a bit serious. Nothing else. CM crying asks whether he needs to admitted to hospital. Doctor says no need and just he needs rest. Then she asks everyone to leave and he has to get fresh air.. (Ipo than sollanumnu thonicha.) They all leave with sad face. Doctor convinces a crying CM and asks her to come.

Muthazhagi and Valiammai at kitchen. VA reminds MA to add salt without fail. MA says even if there is no salt added, if we say it is prepared by CM everyone will eat ilichukittu. VA sides her. Outside, CM asks her athai (TM) if they can take appa to their house for foru days since he likes athai's samayal - agathi keera kootu, uppu illadha kari, elumbuthatti potta soup. Four days he will eat and come with strength. MA and VA comes out and MA asks, if she means that they are not taking care of him. CM says she dint mean like that. MA says she understood well and they both do all the work for him. She should not talk like that. She can take her father for ayusu full, but not to talk like this. VA seconds her.. Athai asks them y they fight now like this. MA tells that we should talk only the just. She says that what CM told is wrong. Vm and MA asks CM to take her father if she wants to be with him but not to talk about them like this. She sheds some crocodile tears.. Cm tells she din't mean it that way.. MA tells whatever she meant, what she told was wrong. CM accepts "Thappu dhan anni."

CM tells she was wrong and she said unknowingly. She asks them both to forgive. MA asks her y she is telling big word. CM tells she did a mistake and she will not loose anything if she says sorry. The one who did mistake have to seek forgiveness and that is what she did. CM tells how mcuh paasam they have on her father and when she said she will take him home, they fought. She is happy. Athai tells MA that chellama is born in that house and she has more paasam on her father and he too has. So when something happens she comes running. They both are DIL of the house. She tells Cm talked out of urimai on her dad. Athai asks MA if her father is not feeling well, won't she run to see him. When girls are married it doesnot mean that they don't have porandha veedu. MA tells Periyamma (Athai) that what she said was wrong only. Cm talked out of urimai and they talked out of paasam for mama. She tells that only when they get up before mama goes out for walking and make him a cup of coffee, their day will start. The children also always run around their thatha. So when she said she will take him, they talked like that. CM is happy and says u take care of ur mama well and they are also happy for that. CM and Athai leave from there. Valliamma tells MA that she thought it would be big fight. MA sighs and tells she will be here only, lets see. They run inside the kitchen as some burning smell is felt.. (Amma thayigala enna nadipu.. Ipadi balti adikiringale!! Kudumbam super a urupudum!!)

AV in the oonjal and seeing vittam - thinking about the talk between him and Thavasi on the other day. Some scene in black and white (They were talking sitting on the thinai, which was telecsted few days back). Thavasi comes there and sees him lying with eyes closed. TV has a very worried expression on his face..

(next scene serves a explanation for Tv's worried expression)
Goms and TV standing. Goms asks when AV is not well, TV should be happy, but y he is worried?
TV's answer with a rude face "Unaku theriyadhu Gomathi. Avan savakoodadhu. Avan uyiroda irukanum. Avan chakravarthy aagaradha nan paathen. Nan chakravarthy aagaradha avan paakanum. Avanoda rendu kannalayum paakanum. Avana nadutherula nikka vechu nan paakanum"
Goms ask him to leave it and not to get tensed. They can take care. TV shouts that he can't leave. THey both came together without a way for food. They experienced all the troubles together for 30 years. Now AV is in top and he is the bottom.  Goms asks what can be done for that now. TV tells he left thinking it as Vazha maram. But he dint expect to be grown like Aala maram. Goms tells that he has grown like a periya aala maram with vizhuthugal. TV challenges that he will "veroda pichu pidunguven" Goms tells that it is too tough as they all are in the same line and tied by paasam for dad and sister, respecting wife like that, adjusting CM etc. Indha kudumabtha kalaikaradhu romba kashtam. TV says that it is possible and he will do that. He will pluck one root by one. Finally he will take out the aani veru Avudaippan. Goms tells that he is too emotional. TV asks her to do the job given to her. He asked her to "Valachu podufy Vadamalai and do that alone" TV says that no girl will adjust in her husband matter and no girl can stand her husband talking to other ladies and the same will be in chellama. U mayakufy Vadamalai and see how the family is broken into pieces. He advices Goms not to visit the house often and come only when he calls. Goms nods takes leave.

Amudha with her mobile sitting in front of the house. CM, Doctor amma, Maniarasu and children enter the house. Amudha asks CM what guests are coming today pola. CM tells doctor amma has come many times and doesn't she knew her. Amudha tells that she mentioned about the person coming at the back. CM tells Amudha to order coffee. Amudha orders kalaivaani akka four coffee.. CM and doctor goes inside.
Mani tells that Amudha can join his akka's hotel since she ordered like a server. Amudha says "Poda bell" Mani asks her to cal mani and she explains she called the same in English. He accepts that it is fine. Then Amudha asks hm how is keeping fit. Mani explans about walking gymming since he has siitng jhob, he can't leave his health. Amudha asks him to try for Mr.Chennai and tells he looks like hero. Mani gets excited. She takes snaps of him and tells that he looks like Asal Ajith and Vettaikaran Vijay and runs aside. Mani thinks about that and calls her. He tells that he will walk like Enthiran Rajini. Amudha turns to him and asks him zip properly. When he does that, she again takes a snap and informs him. She takes the mobile and run inside. Mani follows her asking for the mobile. Inside CM is asking the kids to get ready for the school. Doctor and CM sitting in sofa. A small chasing and Amudha hands over the phone to CM and asks her not to give it. Mani asks akka for the phone. CM asks what is there in that. Amudha challenges Mani that if he has guts, tell what is there in the mobile and take the mobile.

Mani doesn't feel and tells his sister(CM) about this in her ears. Amudha laughs. There comes Palliarai and asks what is that.Cm shows it too her and she in turn shows it to doctor and goes to kitchen. Mani asks her sister y she did like that telling to everyone when he told like a secret. CM tells that she has seen that and she gives the mobile to Amudha. She asks two mins to get ready and the doctor agrees to wait. CM leaves inside. Again Amudha and Mani running around the sofa. Mani asking for phone and Amudha telling "tharamaten mama". Mani holds her hand when Doctor asks Mani to leave her as she is just playing. There comes Athai scolding Mani to leave her hand. Doctor asks whey she is scolding him, as they both are gonna get married. Athai tells that it will not happen. Mani and Amudha looks sad. Doctor demands reason and Athai tells that Amudha was born "maavu or malai suthi porandhava" (I din't understand this) Maavu suthi porandha maamaku aagadham. Thank God nothing happened to them. She tells that when we make it give and take policy in marriage (adhanga ponnu kuduthu ponnu eduakaradhu) only one of the girl's life will be good. So when they accepted CM as DIL, they decided not to send any girl from their family to AV's. Doctor asks how she can talk about something which is unproved scientifically. Athai says, is the matter is something else, they can try. But its their children's life and hence no risk. Athai also adds that coz of their bayam, they both also move without any wrong intentions. Athai asks Mani not to have anything in mind what she told. Mani nods. Athai asks Mani and Dr. to have idly. Athai and Dr. leave. Amudha and Mani ore sogam. Amudha shows her mobile to Mani and Mani finds that she doesn't have the snap. He thanks Amudha. Amudha tells that one day she will take a snap of him edagudamaa and runs. Mani smiles. (Nice pair. CM, please pair them up.)

In the office room, Vadamalai and Goms working. Vm gets hickups and drinks water from the bottle. But that doesn't help. He drink more but of no use. Goms comes to him and asks if he had a hair cut and so only he is looking good than ever. She tells she wanted to tell something. VM asks her to tel. Goms struggles for a min and tells I LOVE U SIR. CM reaches there and hears from the back. VM and CM are shocked. Vikkal gone for VM. Goms confirms that CM listened to that through ora parvai.

Screen freezes with CM's shocking face.

(Enna vikal ninuduchu paathingala adhuku than sonen nu solluvanga. Idhu yaaruku theriyadhu.)

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