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Monday September 14, 2009 - Episode 1


Credits to

IF Makkale... Anaivarum oru murai Aandavanai prathanai seyungal! 

Chellame.. Naanga engal kaniye opadaikindrom (athu thaanga to watch the serial LOLLOL.. ).. athila aanantha kanner varaatiyum paravayillai, but Please Nooooooo Ratha kanner Please....


Lights On!!.... Start.. Camera.. Action!!!

pic4t.jpg   pic6w.jpg   pic22.jpg

                                                              Avadaiappan                         Thavasi

pic7c.jpg    pic8d.jpg    pic11l.jpg 

               Thaalaiamma                         Kadarkarai                        Muthazhagi

pic9k.jpg     pic10d.jpg      pic13r.jpg   

               Vadamalai                           Chellamma                           Solaimalai

pic12o.jpg     pic15u.jpg     pic14f.jpg

                 Valliammai                         Kanthathurai                    Kalaivaani

pic17f.jpg     pic16w.jpg     pic18.jpg

                   Vairava                             Vaiava's wife                         Thaalaiamma's   

pic19y.jpg    pic21y.jpg     pic20.jpg

                                                                Maniarasu                          Valliyarai                     

Episode 1


At Mahalingaswami Thirukovil, an abisegam is being offered to the Lord (Really well shot ClapClap... it felt as if i also got a good tharisanam Prayer).  Occupying either side of the santhithaanam front is a joint family.  The camera focuses on each member as the Poojariyar offers the various theebhams to the Lord.  The poojariyar then offers prasaatham to everyone. 

Kudumpathu thalaivar Aavadaiappan looks for someone, and asks his eldest son, Kadarkarai (played by Radha ravi. Omg Shocked... did i hear this wrong Shocked...  sea shore? ShockedLOLLOL.. please correct me if i got the name wrong Embarrassed) to call 'Thavasi'.   Suddenly,
Chellamma (played by Raadhika) paasathodu informs her brother Kadarkarai that she'll go find Thavasi Mama.

Outside, gala galapoda many are preparing food.  A man takes a hand full of salt and dumps into a big pot of saambhaar.... and says "this is what you call kaipakkum.... never add too much salt or too little... and  kaiyilla vittu nakki taste um paaka koodaathu... ithu thaan intha Thavasi oda samayal..."  (Ahaa... namma Micheal madhana kaama raajan le varamaathiriye ingaiyum Samayal experta varaaru, Delhi Ganesh avargal LOLLOLLOL.... nalla thuru thuruppa pesuraaru Tongue).  He then sorts out the coconut, and a guy, who is actually removing the theengai mattai, wonders why he is getting rid of the muthina thengai.  Namma expert says poriyalukku only young thengai thaan good nnu (yummy.. ithai paarkka paarkka ennaku asai asaiyaa irukku saapidanuminnu Cry).  Soon he goes to meet the thengai supplier who ends up bring 6 additional thengai... hence Thavasi starts fighting why he is adding extra expense for them nnu.  Nalla kaalam,
Chellamma comes to get him.. illainna thengai supplier gathi atho gathi thaan LOL

Chellamma takes him with her, Thavasi puts a tandrum saying it'll cost them an addition 48 Rupees.  But Chellamma says it'll be ok and takes him inside... since all are waiting for him with archanai thattu.  Inside Aavadaiappan wonders where he'd been, but Thavasi ends up confusing with 506 and Thengai.. LOLLOL... and ends up getting scolded for worrying but that and not the latchroobhai selavu panni seeyum abhisegam.  Thavasi adangi saami kumbhida othukitaaru...

As the Poojariyar walks back with his thattam, Thavasi puts 100 Rupees on behalf of everyone.. telling Poojariyar not to ask others, but the latter laughs showing him the pana kattu he was given LOL.  Hence, Thavasi removes the 100 Rupees from the thattam and puts in his pocket (haiyooo.. ivaru imbhuttu kanjus ah irukaaree D'oh... hmm.. irunthaalum intha recession time le, ippadhi irukarathu koncham nallam thaan Geek)

Aavadaiappan and Kadarkarai (sorry LOLLOL...) laugh it off and inform Thavasi not to worry about money and pray to Lord nnu.  Thavasi prays his friend Aavadaiappan and his sister Thayamma's kudumbham nalla irukanuminnu (so looks like he is Aavadaiappan's BIL? Tongue)

It is time to katting parivattam.  As the poojariyar prepares for it, Aavadaiappan interrupts and informs the poojariyar to tie the parivattam to his next generation.  All are surprised... some with smiles and some stunned (arambhichuttaangaiyaa... arambhichutaanga... 'yarukku antha parivattam kattanum' engirathileye kudumbhathila pratchanai vanthida poguthu Silly.. hmm naanga poruthirunthu paarpome naanga Tongue).  Kadarkarai tells his dad this is their way of giving respect to him... and he should accept it, but Aavadaiappan (AA) says he's already given the kudumbha paarathai to his next generation and hence they should be recognized for all their hard work.  
Chellamma and Aavadaippan's sister, Thalaaiamma say they wish to see him be given the rights, b/c they are well off just b/c of his 25 varuda ulaippu.  But AA doesn't give in. 

Thavasi praises hi nanban AA.  So after hearing his wish, Vadamalai (played by SS, and he plays Raadhika's husband) says they should go ahead and tie the parivattom on Kadarkarai mama.  But latter surprises all by saying... it need not be a son!  It can also be his son in law and points to Vadamalai... Shocked... (ClapClap good... good to see they are not greedy for power naa..).  Vadamalai and 
 Chellamma are shocked.... while one sole isn't too pleased to hear this... athu yaarum illai, Kanthathuraiyee thaan, who is another son in law of the house... (ada solli mudikarathukule, villain ai kaamichutaanga Ouch).  Others sport a smile... One by one, they ask others of their opinion... AA's younger sons Solaimalai and Maniarasu have no problem what so ever.  The ladies are also happy, however, when Kadarkarai asks Kanthathurai, he just elichukitee irunthaaru LOLLOLLOL.... but his wife happily says his brother is going to get the parivattom, so why vean pechu (appadhi poduma LOL)

All is well, but Vadamalai seems very confused and keeps looking at Chellamma.  AA nudges Kadarkari to ask what the matter is.. for which the latter wonders if Chellamma has scared Vadamali or what nnu LOL.  So Chellamma asks Vadamalai what the matter is and tells him not to worry since all are happy about him getting the parivattam tied.  No other pechu... AA gets the poojariyar to get going.  Kanthathurai looks grrr....Confused (Potential virus for Chellamma viewers Confused)

The poojariyar parivattom katturaru Vadamalai kku.. the rest are really happy and pray for everyone's well being.  One person remains a lot sad (Valiyarai, played by Latha Rao). 

Outside, Thavasi hands over money to AA to give kaivishedam... Thavasi doesn't fail to taunt AA for giving only 100 Rupees to his kids, while showering bundle of money to the poojariyar LOL

First, AA calls his sister Thaalaiamma (a widow)... she takes blessing from him.  AA says she is the strength of this family and says she'll live a happy life nnu.  Next up, are Kadarkarai and Muthazhai - AA's eldest son and daughter in law.  Next.. Solaimalai and Valliammai - AA's second son and daughter in law.  Next up, Kanthathurai and Kalaivaani - not too sure how they are related.. but i'm assuming Kalaivani is AA's daughter as well. 

AA looks for Chellamma.. but doesn't see her, so he request them to go call her.  Thaalaiamma's daughter (in Green saaree.. name not revealed yet) calls her Anni and asks her to come (So Thaalaiamma must be Vadamalai's mother Wink?).  Chellamma first hesitates but soon goes. 

AA in the meantime blesses the rest of them.... (hence i couldn't get the names for three of them CryCry).  After blessing Thaalai amma's daughter, Chellamma along with Vadamali arrive to get blessings from AA.  AA pasathoda blesses them. 

All this while, Valiyarai looks sadly.... After blessing the rest.. AA spots her and calls her with anbu saying he didn't see her nnu.  Valiyarai just looks sadly.  Thaalaiamma tells her to go.  As Valiyaarai walks to AA, Chellamma looks concerned.  As soon as she reaches AA, she goes to take blessings.. but ends up crying while taking blessing.   All are very sad CryCry.  Hence story begins. 

Intha penn maniyin.. sogathukku pinnadhi enna kathai Cry AA lifts her up and tries to console her, but he too doesn't know how to.  Chellamma rushes there and says this was the reason why she stayed away.. since each time others come and get blessing with their partners, Valiyaarai would be upset nnu (Shocked so Valliyaarai purushan engee?).  Chellama consoles Vaaliyaarai.  Seeing this, Thaalaiyamma walks up to her, saying she married her son (oh so Valliyaarai is her daughter in law naa), but she only got to live with him for 2 days (oh no CryCry).. soon he took off somewhere.  She tries to console her by saying how she is a daughter in law, but asks her to imagine her condition... 10 maatham sumathu petha maganai kaanama thai thudikkum vethanai.  She then asks her to pray to their kulatheivam.

Kadarkarai consoles Valiyarai by saying her husband Sundaram will so come back.  Seeing her cry, Thavasi Mama kooda asks her to kannai kasakkama anathana idathukku varasolli.. her husband will not be able to live away from her for too long nnu.

Yaar intha Suntharam?  Thottu thaali kattiyamanaiviyai thavirka vittu sendravan?  Angry

Chellama wipes her tears off. 


Overall, a good episode.. The BGM is really good ClapClap... but Appa saamy....... their names... ROFL
sorry folks.. i had to watch it at least 5 times to get the names LOL.. so what do you all think of the story and most importantly the NAMES???

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Episode 2 - 15th September 2009, Tuesday Update

Star Updates by Meenu Star

Another round of intro and suspense started.

Poojari offers the prasadam to Thavasi who in turn gives it to baadshah. Poojari asks how could he give the prasadm to him. Thavasi tells about Boyamma living beneath Tiruapthi hill and vadalur mrugan, nagoor durga. He says that we should not have discrimintaion and Baadhshah is not just a driver but also a member of the family. He says that everyoen is waiting for prasadam and asks him to leave.

Muthazhagi gives the 100 rupees to kadarkarai saying that was given byhis father. Kadarkarai tells that she gave it back since she thought it was given by her appa and not as her mama. He gives it back and asks her not to give to anyone.

(BGM was too good when they showed each pair)

Valliammai shows Solaimalai the 100 rupees his dad gave and he gives her 1000 rupees for her expenses and asks her not spend that. Valli tells that u spend more and ur dad is very chikkanam. He tells his dad was born as poor and he was born as rich. So we both are alike. He tells that for him the 100 rupees is more valuable than 1000 rupees.

Kanthathurai and Kalaivaani walikng in temple. Kanthathurai tells that dosa rate has even increased in their hotel but her mama is still giving the same 100 rupees. And asks if they won't tell about this to mama. Kalaivaani grabs the 100 rupees and tells that the only varumana she get coz of him is this 100 rupees that too yearly once and hence sign him to shut and walks. Kantha feels 100 rupa poche..

Vairava's wife asks him to give the money that mama gave him. He gives it and she gives him back 1000 rupees. He is very happy. She tells that he is man who may go out and give money to others, wil have many expenses and may even want to buy something. During that time, if he spend that she will send him out.

Next is the only pair where both are good. Chellama and vadamalai (Vandhutangaya vandhutangaya.. rendum manasum thanga manasu adhu inga mattum dhan.) Chellama asks her husband to give 100 rupees. He gives her some 100 rupee note and she tells she wants that her dad gave. Vadamalai tells that he won't coz it was given by mama and he used to save the money his mama gave from 'nenavu therinja naalla irundhu' and he will save this too. Chellama tells take it prasadam. Nalla mapillai, nalla mamanaar.

(Vadalamai and Chellama pair is only both good. Vadamalai is a great pasakara marumagan. Mamanaar is lucky. This is what the creative team is trying to picturise. Purinjudhungo)

Hotel Chellamal Bhavan Banner is shown. Vadamalai and Chellama comes to a thiruvizha like place with all the kida in the family. They seat the kids in a Samll (giant) wheel - ranga rattinam. A lady comes and calls chellama and introduces herself as Chellama's classmate. Chellama recongnizes and kusalam visaruchifies. Then mutual introduction. Idhu Enoda thupai purushan., came for marriage, kids not coming to temple so ivara izhuthutu vandhen. Chellama where are ur kids. Chellama and Vadamalai tells shows the kids and tells that it is my brother's child, my sister's child but din't tell anyone as their child.(Ingayum thamarai and Sachin are there) THe friend asks about her kid. Chellam tells she has one boy and Vadamalai tells he has one girl. They tell that they are kid for each other. Vadamalai tells it is time for anna dhaanam and they leave.

Friend's thupai hubby tells she tells that she doesn't have a kid with a smiling face. The friend tells that she is cryng inside. Chellama turns and gives a smile and leaves.

(Chellama is always smiling hiding her pains. This is what is conveyed in this scene.)

Thavasi is praying God in front of the Panthi with other "Thenadudaya Sivane Potri. Ennatavarkum iraiva potri. Om nama Shivaya" They start the pandhi. Everywhere tissue is placed near vaazha ilai. Mineral water bottles from Chellama hotel. Everyone is pugazh pading the anna dhaanam. They talk great about the food and Chellama hotel, 6 branches in Chennai, kanchivaram, thiruvaroor. Greatness of the hotel.  They wish them happiness. Everyone in family are serving. Their hostage is good.

Chellama and Vadamalai serve food in a place where "Yaasagam perubavargal" are eating. Chellama is finding someone and her conc. is on the person who has covered the head. Vadamalai conc inga vainu solraru. She calls soemone thabi and asks him to take care of the chief guests. The guy and other girl laugh it off saying they are beggars. she tells that they give punniyam and we get it by serving food for them so they are not beggars. The guy says sorry anni and starts to serve.

(puthidhai sonna Pazhaya thathuvam 3816)

(Chellama ellarum praise panunga. she is great. This is what the scene is meant for.But i felt liek thoo much build up odambukkum aagadhu, serialukkum aagadhu..)

Valliayarai is sittng in a lonely place. Amudha comes there and calls her anni. She asks what and Amudha tells that she has a thing which she likes and shows her mobile. Valiyarai tells she doesn'tlike phone. Amudha shows a video in the mobile. Valiyarai sees that. (Idho Ungalukkagavum). Sundaram ootyfying Valiayrai something. Valiyarai and Sundaram are playing ring in the kudam. Falshback of the scene where they are with malaiyum kaiyuma pray to god.
(Kalyanathula vera yaarume illaya.) Present - She puts up a smile on her face. Amudha asks her what she will give to her now. She tells she will give anything. Amudha tells she wants her to be happy and nothing else.

Chellama is giving thaambulam to everyone. Those get the thaambulam praise her. The man who covered his face with mukkadu comes and gets the thaambulam like a beggar. Chellama gets soem doubt and asks him to stop. He drops the plate and runs. She asks him to stop and cahses him inside the temple. Everyone is asking what happened and y chellama runnign behind him. They all run. The beggar like man runs in b/w kootam. Chellama chases him. Others run few feet behind them.
(Other people walk like evan epadi ponna namakenna. Nalla sapitachu. Ipo oduna sapitadhu ellam waste. Let them run.
Beggar running chellama chasing.
Fire in the mountain run run run.
Fire in the mountain run run run. )

They cross different palces. Other family members run around the same kovil suvaru. Sekku madu madhiri suthi suthi oduranga I guess.

Atalst, mission successful. Arasi catches teh guy, oh sorry its Chellamma. (Out out out. Ipo Chellama will run u need to chase ok va.. oh again sorry apadi ilaya indha game.) Chellama holds him takes breath and makes him turn around. The man is crying. Chellama shockes to see the face. (It is SUndaram i think. Now camera runnign around them. Chellama in action run run run.) Chellama asks him something in mute. (Aiyo ena idhu Sundara moorthy , may be)


Aama, where is Yogi, Radhika' s fav.  Oru vella avaru madhiri nallavaru nambithan hotel vitutu vandhangalo...

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Episode 4 - Thursday Updates dated 17th September

Updates by Nithya

Maman machan are playing cards.. Vadamalai runs out of money and asks Badsha to get money from Chellama.. Badsha asks money and Chellama immediately gives it.. Badsha chides her for giving the money without asking the reason.. Chellama ask the reason.. Badsha says they are playing cards by betting money. Chellama says then take another 2000rs.. My husband never stops till he looses 3000rs.. Here take it and give it to him.. Otherwise you need to walk up and own twice more... Badsha says what if they get into physical fights because of this game.. Chellama says it won't happen so.. if there is ratha kalari call me.. Badsha wonders what is wrong with these people. He gives the money to Vadamalai and Vadamalai says here is the money.. I will win all the games and recover what I lost.. Kadarkarai teases him.. As they continue to play.. Avadaiappan comes.. they drop the cards and stand up.. AV asks ennapa katcheriya.. and leaves.. Kadarkarai says we need to sleep to wake early tomorrow and they all start dispersing.. Badsha asks Kadarkarai to pick the money he won.. Kadarkarai says tha tis for you.. take it.. Badsha is speechless. Vadamalai says Badsha we played cards for you.. Badsha is moved.. Vairava stares at the money.. But Solai chases him.. Chellama comes and gives a trade mark perumai punagai.. Badsha praises her saying they don't looks like maman machans.. You are a really a closely knit family.. (definitely this family will break after soem time and then they will repeat telecast all this pasamazhai scenes and torture us !!!)


Avadaiappan(AV) and Thavasi are reminded of their childhood days.. they decide to rewind their past and run a race.. Thavasi is very fast.. AV gasps and stops after some time.. Thavasi teases him. AV says I am growing old.. Thavasi says So am I.. You need to tighten your diet.. they reach their old home and share some of their golden memories and praise their friendship which has lasted for years.. Thaiamma (T) comes.. AV thanks her for bringing up all the children while he was away at the town making money with his friend Thavasi.. T says you were earning of my kids too.. I have done nothing gr8.. AV says your upbringing is so gr8 that these children love and care for each other so much.. I am very happy.. T walks away and Chellama comes and delivers a lecture on their arumai, perumai and othumai again.. (makkale ennala thanga mudiyala.. so no detailing on the repeat telecasts of othumai puranam..) Thavasi says rather than praising and crediting each other we need to feel proud for having such a othumaina family..

Maniarasu and Rajkamal (don't know his onscreen name)  are water beating with local sarukku and eat guava to hide the smell..

All men occupy the terrace.. All ladies are sleeping in a room.. they want to go to first floor..  Chellama says no that room is reserved for Sundaram and Valliyarai.. Kalaivani teases saying Valliyaraikku inikki Palliyarai.. Chellama comes out and sees Valli in deep slumber.. She wakes Valli and asks her to go upstairs.. Valli innocently says no I will sleep with you like I did all these months.. Chellama says no today you sleep with your hubby.. Valli ore vekkam..  Chellama says remove your anklets.. get decked up and most important don't go to that alli rani's room they are waiting to pull your legs.. Valli nods and walks upstairs.. Muthazhagi sees her and asks Amudha to drag Valli to have some fun time.. Amudha forcefully drags Valli into that room.. All tease Valli and that poor thing starts crying.. Muthazhagi says we were only teasing you.. take it lightheartedly.. don't cry.. Amudha says when it comes to my turn you take revenge by teasing me.. now all take their chance to tease Amudha..  finally Valli goes up and gets into the room and stares at something/ someone..



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Updates by Roja

Friday 18/9/09

Starts with half Valli ( bed room?? whateverrrrr )climbing the
stairs to meet her new found old groom Sundaram. Avar kaile
apple oda ukkarnthu oru asattu sirippu sirikkaraar. Valli is moving
like a robot. Sundaram can not get up from the bed to safe keep
his bracelet and hang his shirt - robot Valli does that, removes her
( aamaaa, periya...  antha anklets ai pottundu skipping pannina
kooda veliye kekkathu !!! avvalavu madi
order ethukku??? hey come on Roja, she is the boss in that house nnu
un mara mandaikki puriya vendam???)
The two guys who were drinking
and were advised to quench the smell with guava fruit enter the
house - tentatively. Ofcourse Chellama opens the door and the first
question is " koyya kai sappitingalaa??" Both the guys are stunned-
"athu epdi ungalukku theriyum??"
( ada pongada pokkatha pasangala,
script avanga thaan ezhuthinanga !!!)
Chellamma says that they need to
eat -"vaangada , sappida.." Both the guys are served food but both look
guilty. Chellamma tells them that all the men folk of this house are
koyya kai eaters - "nothing new da .." Both guys cry and Chellamma asks
- " kudichaa enna ella aambalaingalum azharinga?? The guys cry
some more.

By now Palliarai ( I heard it clearly -  bed room thaan - must be an irony.
problematic bed room antha ponnukku, athaan per le irukkattum nnu
vaichittanga !!)
has changed her sari....picks a pillow and a sheet....
spreads on the floor and is all set to sleep. Sundaram is disappointed.
Asks his bed room "enna?? floor le??" BR says that she is used to this -
" second day after the wedding u just scooted in the middle of the night !!
No resons given !!! What did I do wrong??" Sundaram says that it is no
fault of hers - " I wanted to go away from this family and wanted to
be successful on my own !! But I failed in whatever venture I undertook.
I could not stay away from all of u..especially u.."
(apdi Podu aruvalai !!!
starting le ye creativity gaali yaa??? enna oru flimsy reason for running
away leaving the 2 day old bride ??!!)
BR says that his Gautam Bhuddha
act had repercussions on her - "from the way athai looked, I knew that
she held me responsible !!! Chellamma akka thaan ore support .. If u plan
to abscond once again, take me along
( whaattt?? aadikadi Odi porathu
enna hobby aa?? Kalyanam thaan katti kitti Odi polamaa? Illai Odi pOi
kalyanam than kattikkalamaa?? - BG by Roja)
If u do not, then when u
come back , I wont be alive.. I did not want to disappoint Chellamma akka.
So, changed the sari and removed the anklets. Let me feel confident that
you wont ditch me again..apram BR will be bed room for real, ok??"
Sundaram tries to look upset - mmm hum..expressions fail him.. first scene
le irunthu ore expression !!!

Kudukuduppai karan ( Chellamma said some name - Roja kku puriyalai -
Konangi?? gadangi?? some thing like that !!)
in a God forsaken place -
did i say that ?? no no..Only God is there other than the fortune teller
and his wife - Bro and sis come there and ask about their family.
The man does some jam jamakku jam jam with his percussion instrument
and rolls the sozhis - some no. comes and he is not happy - does it once
more - same like the previous one - he stares at Karuppanna Samy
( hmm u rolled the sozhis and why do u blame God??) Looks like the
news is not good .. he tells the siblings that all will be good "like every
year's prediction... amogama iruppenga.." The happy siblings leave.
Chellam and Vadai are waiting.. oru kutty bon fire - get the good news.
The fortune teller asks his wife to throw the palm leaves and sozhis
in to the fire - " I have never lied but this time, I did. So, I am not
qualified for this fortune telling any more" Wife probes and he says that
he lied to Aavudai - " konjam konjama, antha family azhiya porathu.
If I had told them that, they would start perishing from now - out of
fear..athaan.." While the wife busies herself in feeding the agni with
palm leaves, the man goes and places his palm on the spear and
promises - his hand is bleeding.... fire blazes..


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Monday, September 21, 2009 - Episode 6

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At the temple, Aavadaiappan happily informs others about the Saamiyaar's vaakku... that their family, as usual, will live in peace and unity.  In the meantime, the Saamiyar informs a lady else where that today he had to lie to Aavadaiappan... the truth is Avadaiappan's family awaits a hurricane that will damage the family's unity, ultimately leading to a deadly blow with teh family falling apart (Maapu.... Vechutaangaiyaa aapu.... hmm.. seeing the closeness of the family, we were already able to predict that eh? Tongue).

Cars after cars... are being parked in front of a house.. and the entire Aavadaiappan family get down.  Chellamma asks all of them to walk in so they can soon prepare meal and feed the kids.  Almost all have gone in.  Muthazhagi (MA) all of a sudden asks Kadarkarai (beach) why her Mama (Avadaiappan) wants to come to his sister (Thaalayamma)'s house right after they visit the festival.  Kadarkarai gives her an aapu by calling his father and asking him to clear Muthazhagi's doubt LOL.  Aavadaiappan without getting mad explains to MA how it was his sister who took care of all 10 kids (four were his), while he had gone to earn money. Even after moving out with his family, he could never forget her help, hence he wishes to follow this custom at least till he is alive.  MA pathatta pattu says she didn't mean to hurt him, but just casually asked, however, her husband pottu kuduthitaaru nnu LOL (it was funny the way kadarkarai pottu kuduthufy his own wife LOL).  She further adds how even after his times, they'd still love to do the same nnu.

Inside one of the girls (one of the little kids), runs upstairs with a wrapped gift.  Sachin meets her halfway through the stair case and asks her to share what is inside, but the girl refuses..... a tug of war (of course the gift in place of a rope) ends up in the box falling.... a ceramic breaking noise is heard.  The girl starts crying.... despite Sachin's multiple apologizes. 

Thaaliyamma sees the girl crying and wonders what the matter is... the girl informs that Sachin broke her gift nnu... Thaalaiyamma scolds Sachin and tries to pacify the girl.  Soon she gets Muthazhagi (MA) to check what is inside the box.  As MA unwraps the box, she discovers a broken statue of god.  She informs Thaalaiyamma, who calls it a ketta sagunam (hmm... 7 1/2 started in the house vaa?  Confused).  Though they tried to calm the girl down, she doesn't stop crying.  Chellamma even says they can order more of the sillai.... but the girl continues to cry. 

Valliammai soon rushes to her crying daughter (oh ithu valliammai ponnu) and tells her not to cry.... Sachin keeps saying sorry... Suddenly Sachin's mom, Kalaivani reaches their and starts hitting her son upon finding out that he had damaged the silai.  When the rest wonder why she is beating her son up for something so minor, Kalaivani says "mathavanga porulai odaichaa.. kandikaama."  This was enough to make Valliammai angry.  She wonders if her daughter and herself have become a mathavanga... (arambichitaangaiyaaa.... aarambicihitaanga Party...).... and asks Avadaiappan if that is the reason why he brought them here nnu.  Chellamma tries to samathaapaduthufies.. so does Solaimalai... but Avadaippan finds Kalaivani at fault and asks her to go stand by the kuthuvizhakku (Ermm ethukku?  is that his way of punishment vaa?  Confused).  The rest are shocked... Kalaivani marupechu illama goes to stand behind the kuthuvizakku.. ellarum ithu periya thandainnu sad aa irukkanga..

Finally, Aavadaippan says how Kalaivani hurt other's feeling by doing this ... and they should never hurt someone else by doing this... He advices it is best to talk out all the problems rather than keeping anything in.. that is when such rude remarks come up.  He then looks towards Valliammai and says how Kalaivani has accepted her mistake and took the biggest punishment in their house (aahaa.. super punishment thaan.. rather than getting yelled at or beaten up Wink).  Valliammai says when Kalavani said that she felt hurt, but now after hearing his advice her heart feels much lighter and has no anger at all nnu.  Aavadaippan calls Kalaivani there .... Kalaivani says she'll never be rude to anyone like that nnnu... hence problem solved... but Kalaivani says all this while she was trying hard but couldn't and burst into laughter... the rest also join in.  Aavadaiappan says a family should have problems.... if it did not, then all of them should go to mental hospital (ShockedShockedappadhiya.. i thought it was the other way around le Confused)....  but then again, that family should be able to know how exactly to solve their problems (hmm unamai thaan.. but not everyone in a family deal with things the same way na).  The family is back to having a wonderful time...

Next day... Chellamma is going on the car.... she gets a call from Vadaimalai who wonders where she is heading off... Chellamma says she is heading off to the head office and asks him to come their directly since he was away in another town... Vadamalai asks about bhai.. who is sitting in front of the car.  Chellamma passes the phone over to him... Vadamalai wishes bhai "Eid Mubarak"  and asks Chellamma to gift him money prior to dropping him off at the Mosque. 

At the hotel, there is grant service... with the waiters in pattu sarees (women) and dress shirt n pants (men).  Chellamma walks past a customer who chokes.. she rushes to her and gets her water.. (once again chellamma pugazh paading scene Tongue).  Chellamma then walks inside to see the character who played by George count money.. he is struggling big time.  As soon as he sees Chellmma, he tells his anni that he isn't able to do this... and wonders why he was put in the cashier desk.  Just then Kanthathurai walks away.. pretending he saw nothing. 

Chellamma goes inside the kitchen to find Sundaram washing the plates. She calls him over and wonders why he left the cashier desk and came here.  Sundaram says he didn't want their house maapillainga to do kitchen work so he let them sit there and he came here.  Chellamma asks him to look into her eyes and tell her the truth.  Sundaram looks back and forth.. unable to hide it all...

Screen freezes...


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