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New FF: In the shadows chp17B&pg38 18/3 (Page 9)

scorpion3110 Groupbie

Joined: 24 August 2007
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Posted: 09 October 2009 at 11:22am | IP Logged
hehehe Jai is playing games with her, but ur Bani is awesome. She has an answer for everything. loving it... Do continue

jeenal20 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 21 June 2006
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Posted: 09 October 2009 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
hey visma
gr88 part
me loving thsi JB jodi
dont know why but jai shakes bani somewhere, and bani is too sharp for jai
no1 has acted in such a way infront of bani
this is really driving jai crazy
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cont soon
Rockyy_ Senior Member

Joined: 03 October 2009
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Posted: 09 October 2009 at 12:12pm | IP Logged

Kuttu, awesome update.

JW  can't seem to get enough of Bani, he is in her face at every turn.

Living up to his word to make her notice him.

Pia is such a pain, no wonder her attitude disgust Bani.

Continue soon, story is going great. C.

janu_2006 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 May 2006
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Posted: 09 October 2009 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
gr8 part..
Heartbreak Goldie

Joined: 09 September 2007
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Posted: 09 October 2009 at 4:57pm | IP Logged
I am just loving this FF Kuttu....
I am just loving this Jai Walia.
He just knows what buttons to push with Bani and wind her up.
Love Perveen.x
sakura* Senior Member

Joined: 20 August 2006
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Posted: 10 October 2009 at 3:38am | IP Logged

Yay! another part so soon. That was greatClap

So Jai likes bani and not pia thats good new. I hope bani doesnt start thinking she like pushkar. Cont. soon

hooman Senior Member

Joined: 07 May 2007
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Posted: 10 October 2009 at 10:17am | IP Logged
jai is really getting on bani's nerves!! is his plan going to work? I guess we have to wait for the next update to find out!
contnue soon
kuttu Goldie

Joined: 30 June 2005
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Posted: 11 October 2009 at 12:27am | IP Logged




Chapter 7a


Today Bani felt she was in heaven. Life was bliss. After three grueling weeks under Mr. Walia's eyes this was sheer luxury. She was sitting in the garden patio. Dadi was putting oil in her hair she said it would cool her head and relive the tension. While Massi who had just come down for a short visit was cutting an apple and putting into their mouth. She had a bowl of her favorite ice cream in hand. Pia and Rano were like what's wrong with their sister. The one who always was on her toes wanted to get pampered.

Pia: Well at least now you got to know how it is when you breathe down our neck.

Rano: Oh Pia please you can see that she has been quite stressful she has lost weight too.

Pia: That's good. God what not have I got to do to just maintain myself. If I indulged like her for one meal I would be crash dieting the whole month.

Rano: you call that crash diet of yours maintaining the body. Have you checked yourself in the mirror after that you look sick with all that bones sticking out at odd places?

Pia: Thanks for the lovely comment but my agent says I look fabulous.

Bani: Will you both stop it. This bickering is now giving me a head ache and when will you girls grow up.

Pia and Rano know that they have annoyed her she hates it when both of them keep arguing on top of their voice for the whole neighborhood to hear. But immediately she cools down too.

Pia and Rano together why grow up big sis and goes and hugs her from both the sides. We love you Di?.

Bani: Stop it the two of you are crushing me. I love you too. Now please let me finish this. Pointing to the bowl of ice-cream

Pia: Hey Ran's are you sure this is our sis itself when did ice-creams become the love of her life than us.

Bani: The day Mr.Walia entered into our lives.

Pia: Leave the man at peace for a while. From last night I have been hearing, what a horrible boss he is. But I bet every woman in the office must be trying to get his attention.

Bani: Attention my foot. All we have time to worry is when is he going to come barking through those doors.

And she gets up and turns around to the hall way when she meets eye to eye with the object of hatred the one and only Jai Walia.

But he did not even acknowledge her. He just walked up to the study and she knew he was going to meet Adi uncle. It looked like he was in a hurry. Some how the fact that Jai ignored her did not make her happy when she stepped in to the shower all she could think off was what was the harm in saying a simple hi or at least show some kind of recognition. It was like she felt totally ignored buy him. They may not be in best of terms but for three weeks they have worked together and now it looks as though they have never met


She was coming down for dinner when Pushkar suddenly lifted her off and twirled her and said I have some happy news for you madam. She was shocked and out of her wits. Put me down Pushkar and stop it you are making me dizzy.

Pushkar: Hey so what do I get for the message

Bani: Message that all can go down the trash all I need now is a big vacation.

Pushkar: It's better than that.

Bani: Oh ya I am all ears.

Pushkar: Mr. Walia is going to be away for a while as something has come up in the London project. So madam you get to relax and what better than a paid holiday.

Bani: Are you sure.

Pushkar: Of course. I got the message from Adi uncle and the big man himself.

Bani: Mr. Walia told you that he is not going to be in town try that bluff on someone else.

Pushkar: Alright fine he did not tell me directly. He had been trying dad's number for a while but not getting through as he was in the "sath sang." (I hope I have written it down correctly). So Adi uncle called me to pass the message to dad to come and meet Mr. Walia before he leaves to the airport to night and he would be away for at least two weeks. So now you believe.

Bani: You are an angel. So what do I have to do for the messenger?

Pushkar: Remember the pending treat I have to give may be now we could share it as I won because of you.

Bani is now thinking back to the evening where Pushkar wanted to impress the girl and she had helped him out winning the game in beach volley ball. No way is she going to help him out with that she should be getting a double treat as she helped him win the game by loosing all those points and getting ducked into that salty water by Anu Pia and Rano. Its pay back time now

Bani: No way Mr. Lover boy you are not getting off the hook so easily after what I had to go through that evening whispering into his ears and she is tracing with her index finger down his chest. Bani try to get close with him and are like all over him. Pushkar is quite taken back with this attitude of Bani as always from the time they have met they have been good friends and she was now flirting with him that was new. He was trying to figure out what Bani was up to when he suddenly notices she has taken away his purse.

Pushkar: Hey Bani not that.

Bani: Hey come on big boy see if you can catch me. She runs into the garden. And she is removing all the cash from the purse and the credit card when suddenly she feels the presence of some one but she cannot see. So she slows her pace and tries to go behind the bush but feels something moving behind the fence and was about to move into that direction when suddenly Pushkar comes in front.

Pushkar: Oh no Bani not the credit card. I had to beg and plead with my brother to issue the supplementary card in my name. I promised him that I will not spend a penny without consulting him.

But Bani's attention was still behind the fence.

Pushkar: Madam what are you looking there for.

Bani: Pushkar there is someone behind there I am telling you I think he ran that side when he saw me coming.

Pushkar: Are you nuts Bani this place has got a good security system no one enters the property just like that not even a fly.

Bani: Trust me Pushkar this is not the first time I felt that before also I have felt as though some one was there in the garden.

Pushkar: Ya watching all those horror movies with Dadi in the night seem to be having an effect on you now.  So may be we can watch an action movie instead of that. And Pushkar just pulls her over.

Finally Bani did return the card.

After Pushkar promised that he will give her a special treat when he comes down to Lonavla next week.


Bani is now back to work and things have eased up a bit. Now the renovation work is in progress. But the guest complains have started coming in because of the noise and clutter they make. So Bani and Sharma were busy tying to keep things in check as they did not want any complains to reach Mr. Walia's ears. Mr. Sharma too felt the pressure. Bani felt sorry for the man. But then the way he patronized him she felt that he deserved what he got. Just the other day he was signing praises about him

Mr. Sharma: I know Bani everyone feels the pressure when he is there. But then he is very good at what he does and he had a great insight on how things should shape up.

You get to learn a lot from him and let me tell you this experience would help you a long way in your career.

Bani: Career please the man was slave driver and all he had to say was about is plans and visions for the hotel. How it is going to generate profit. She did not know how long she will be able to put up with everything. As now Mr. Sharma found out that Bani was quite capable of handling issues with Mr. Walia he gave her additional responsibilities.

Though Bani never spoke to him. There was regular communication through emails.


To night Bani was happy as this weekend she hadn't gone down to Bombay her sisters had come with Adi and his family for a day they went around the hotel and moved to the farm house. It was the first time her sister shad come to see the place of her work.

Pia was might impressed.

Pia: Wow sis this is great and definitely better than the club you were working for.

Rano: The place is beautiful not like Bombay and Pune so crowded.

Pia: And still she complains.

Bani: Want to switch places.

Pia: Oh you know I am the dump one in the family so I leave the brainy things to the both of you.

Rano: Why do you ask Pia will always be Pia the beauty queen?

Pia: you got a problem with that.

Bani: oh please the two of you this is my place of work can you both carry on with the fight in the four walls of the house.

Ran's: She is getting mad so time to make move. Will you joining us for lunch.

Bani: Sure Pushkar will be coming to pick me up so I will join you guys in awhile.


Later that night Pushkar took Bani for dancing in a club. There she met Moksh another colleague of hers.

Bani introduced them both first Moksh felt that Pushkar was her boyfriend and they both had a good laugh on it. As Pushkar said do you want me to send to my grave so quickly?

Moksh: Hey she is such a sweet person come on.

Pushkar: Trying to score points with her. Then leave me out of it.

Bani: Hey don't be so grumpy I did help you to get a date with your dream girl.

Pushkar: You know all I am left with is now a big dent in my pocket with all the parties I had to give.

Bani: You are welcome to this cry baby Moksh. I am here to enjoy.

Moksh: Enjoying while the big boss is away.

Bani: Please don't spoil the evening with that name. Come on to the dance floor once you guys are done with eh drink.

Pushkar: Hey you are not going there alone without your partner after all I am your boyfriend for the evening.

Bani: Lets see what you got lover boy and goes quite close to him and sways to the music. Anyone seeing them would mistake for a couple.

  Bani enjoyed herself life couldn't be better than this. She had challenged Pushkar in taking the Tequila shots and she had won. Dancing to the music was great and to night she had two partners Moksh and Pushkar. She had the attention of two handsome looking men and the looks too with her halter neck top which exposed considerably her back and short dress which showed her long legs. It was a deviation from the prim and proper image she maintained in the hotel. Moksh knew she was quite friendly and out going but now he was seeing her in an entirely new perspective. Any man would now love to be in his place

It was past midnight when they decided to head home. Pushkar and Bani had come in cab but now going back it was not a possibility. So Pushkar said that he will wait down and try to get a lift but Bani could go with Moksh.

Bani: Hey partner I am not that mean come on there is place for one more person don't you think so Moksh.

Moksh: Sure if she doesn't mind getting sandwiched between us what's the problem.

Bani: Hey I could sue you for sexual harassment.

Moksh: Sue me I am a good boy trying to save a damsel in distress. So is your lover boy hoping on?

Bani: Hey Pushkar stop being a wimp and get on to the bike so Bani moves up to make place for Pushkar. This makes her skirt go a bit higher and exposing her thighs.

Pushkar: Promise me that you will not sue me then only I am getting on to that.

Bani: Scared come on hope on I want to get to bed.

Moksh: Bani you are giving the guys idea man.

Bani: He knows no hanky panky or he wouldn't be able to walk next day.

Moksh: Pushkar this girl friend of yours must be a hard nut to crack.

Pushkar: Please and she is not my girl friend have some mercy one me.

Bani: Hey guys I'm not that bad. I think I shouldn't let Pushkar ride after he made me sound like the ice princess.

Pushkar: Please Bani now don't dessert you poor boy friend and gets on to the bike.


Bani has her hand around Moksh and when the bike took off suddenly Pushkar suddenly leaned on to Bani and held on to her were her thighs were exposed. It was like the threesome had been spooned together on to the bike. In their fun and laughter they had failed to notice a pair of yes that had been watching them all the time. Those eyes were shimmering with anger and he must have smoked off a pack of cigar the whole night and the hand which was holding on to the bark of the tree was bleeding slightly as he had held onto it too hard to keep check on his temper.


I know this part doesn't have a Jai Bani interaction buyt the next part is going to be an exclusive Jai and Bani part. So watch out for the next part. In the next page as a seprate post I have put the picture of Bani's dress in case you all are wondering what I had in mind.

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