Written Update - 14th Sept Ba is recovering!!!

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Hey guys,


So here is today's update of Bandini, but before I do get started I want answer Mallika's question the girl is Pooja Bose, she plays the character of Vrinda in TSPLS on Star Plus, she played Radha in KHMK along side Mrunal. I answered here as I didn't want to spam the gallery. Anyways here is today's Bandini update


Brief Update


    DM all upset he couldn't look after Ba. Ba kind of dies but is brought back to life with thoughts of Santo. Ba wants to see Santo Bapuji tells DM to bring Santo Nanaji doesn't let Santo go with DM, DM leaves. Santo persuades Nanaji and comes. Taru tells Santo to leave as Ba is now fine, Santo refuses and tells her Malik has told her to stay.
  • During this Hiten overhears about the divorce.


Detailed Update


DM comes into Ba's room. The nurse is giving here medication.

DM asks the nurse if the needle is hurting Ba.

Nurse: No don't worry.

DM sits down next to Ba then says: When Sumedra died she passed on your responsibility to me, when a child leaves a parents responsibility to someone else they leave it with the trust that they will look after their parents, but I couldn't even look after you. I made a mistake, come on now come back to your senses, and give me a punishment, come on open your eyes.

The nurse tells him to leave and says you are disturbed but you are also disturbing Ba as well.

DM tells Ba: I am just outside, if you need anything let me know.

Ba's condition worsens.


Outside Ba's room, DM, Bapuji, Hiten, Maulik and Kaddu are all waiting there a sleep, Ba comes out the room but it is like a white light thing like an angel.

Ba: My time has come,

DM looks up at Ba and everyone else starts waking up.

Ba: I am going, leaving my family. Everyone gets up shocked.

Bapuji: Where are you going?

DM: You can't leave us, you are going no where understand?

Ba looks around at them all and continues walking.

Santo: Comes and ask here where she is going?

Ba: My time has come.

Santo: You can't leave me and go. You can't leave because if you go I can never return to my home.

In Ba's mind Santo's words keep on going over and over again.

She wakes up.

Nurse now goes and calls the doctor! (HUH?!?! What was she doing all this time letting Ba die, enjoying Ba'a dream what?!?!)

Doctor comes in and so does DM.

DM: Ba is everything alright?

Ba: Santo

Doctor: Where is Santo Mr Mayahvanshi?

DM: Who chorki, Suraj's mother (OMG he said thatShocked)

Doctor: Please call her

Ba calls for Santo again, she is crying but then the doc says get the oxygen fast.

DM: Ask what has happened?

Doc tells him to leave. Dm leaves

Doc starts compressions on Ba.


DM outside: Ba is conscious but, (I didn't get what he said here) Then he tells Motiben to tell Hiten to go and get Santo.

Taru: What are you saying Naanka?

DM: Just do what I say.

Bapuji: You will go and get her DM, yes you will go, you are the one who gave her a divorce, she came but we didn't give her a place or a reason but today Ba needs Santo, and she won't come on anyone's saying, if you want her you will have to go and get her.


Nanaji's house. Nanaji is sitting there thinking of Taru's words to Santo when she came to the hospital.

DM comes to Santo's house.

DM: I have come to get your granddaughter, please call her.

Nanaji is angry he gets up.

DM: Is like why are you standing here, looking at my face? Call her fast and he shouts Eh Chorki.

Santo comes till the door.

Nanaji: She won't come Malik.

DM is shocked

Nanaji: She will never come to your place again.

DM: What? Do you understand what you are saying?

Nanaji: I am saying what you are hearing.

DM is shocked

Nanaji: She will never come to your place.

Santo comes out and says: Malik.

Nanaji stops her.

DM: Look I don't want to know why you said all this but Chorki come on sit in the car.

DM is about to leave

Nanaji: You have no right to say that Malik.

DM is shocked and so is Santo.

Nanaji: After giving her a divorce, you have lost this right.

DM: Have you forgotten who you are talking to.

Nanaji: I know perfectly well who I am talking to, the Malik of Dharampur, but you are now forgetting that Santo is no longer your wife, you have broken that relationship, and my grand daughter hasn't done anything wrong for you to give her a punishment, when she left this house I was upset I cried, but when a daughter is insulted the heart cries. I am your worker, I will give my life for you but I can't take my daughter's insult.

DM: If it was anyone else, I would have given a punishment, but right now is not the time, I am only here, because when Ba come back to her sense she took Santo's name, I am not here as a Malik, but I am here as a son who came to save his Ma, but now I will think of something else. He leaves.

Santo goes after him saying Malik wait but Nanaji stops her and says you won't go.

Nanaji: He is the villages Malik but he isn't your Malik.


ICU Bapuji is with Ba holding her hand.

Ba is trying to say something.

DM arrives.

Taru: What happened Naanka? Where is Santo?

Duggu: Nani was asking about Santo, she didn't come?

DM: No she didn't come.

Taru: That girl, she said no to you, you personally went and she refused. Why did you take this insult? If it was me I would have slapped her.

DM: Motiben, where is bapuji?

Taru: He is with Ba.


Ba keeps on saying Santo. (I can't make out what else Ba is saying)

Bapuji: She will come DM has gone to get her.

DM comes into the room.

Ba is trying to speak.

Bapuji: She didn't come?


Santo's house. (I got really frustrated during this scene and wanted to smack Nanaji, if anything happens to Ba it is totally his fault now!!!!)

Santo: I am going to see Ba, Nanaji.

Nanaji: There is a limit to being insulted, after everything that has happened you still want to go. I maybe poor I may have nothing but I have my respect, that Taru she is so mean to you, I can't see all this, don't worry I have enough strength to look after you.

Santo: I do agree with you, I know you will look after me, but I have to go and see Ba.

Nanaji: What Ba, you have no relations with that house anymore.

Santo: You are correct, these relations ended with the divorce but what about the relationships with the heart they don't break after a divorce, she loved me gave me her daughter's place, how can I leave her, you taught us love is more important than any relationship and now you are the one stopping me?

Nanaji: But your respect?

Santo: I am going as Santo, I am going to someone who's life I care about I don't care about Benba's insults. Please let me go.

She takes his arshiward and goes. 

Nanaji's monologue (I am too annoyed to write it!! I didn't pay attention it was all about respect or something!!)



Virat: Santo should have come. At least for Ba.

DM: I know what you are saying is correct but'

Virat: What happened? She is a family member Ba needs her, she has a relation with this house.

DM: The thing is'

When you hear Santo's payal. She is running down the corridor.

DM takes her into the room.


Santo goes to Ba.

Ba calls out to her.

Santo: I am here Ba, your Santo is with you. She wipes Ba's tears.

Ba: You won't leave me will you.

Santo: I won't leave you Ba.

Ba: (Sorry I am not getting ba's dialogues) asks about the divorce (Thanks Anna44 for filling it in)

Santo: No Ba, I will do what you say.

Doctor: Please let her rest, come back in a while.

Bapuji: Let Santo stay Ba will feel better.

Doctor: Ok that's fine. Then tells Santo not to talk to her much and tells Bapuji to leave.

Santo holds Ba's hand. DM watches on.

He has flashbacks of Santo stamping the divorce papers and then flashbacks of Nanaji's words.


Bapuji in the hallway, Virat goes up to him and they talk.

Pinakin and DM standing, when Santo comes out.

Santo: Malik, please don't take Nanaji's words the wrong way since hearing about the divorce he has been tense.

DM: You came cause of my saying that's enough

Santo: I didn't come cause of what you said, I came for my Ba. I have a relation with her which can't break that easily.

DM: Listen to me, until Ba doesn't recover stay here with Ba and even if your Nanaji comes I won't let you go.

Santo: As you wish Malik.

DM leaves.

Santo: Even though it is cause of Ba at least you spoken to be with respect.

Doctor: She is out of danger now, no need to worry, she is getting better.

DM: Thanks doctor.

Doc: Don't thank me, thank your wife seems like she is very close to her.

DM: Yes.

Taru thinking to herself: Ba is fine that is good but Santo getting her respect I can not tolerate that.


Santo praying in the hospital, Taru comes there.

Taru: Ba is conscious now you can leave.

Santo: I won't go until, Ba is fine and goes home

Taru: You are back to being rude, why are you arguing with me.

Santo: I am only listening to Malik's orders.

Taru: What are you saying, don't you remember Naanka has given you a divorce in order for Hiten and Khemi's wedding to happen but she ran away and married someone else, what you thought we will take you back now? Get lost from here.

Santo is in thought and Taru leaves but Hiten (looking good with this haircut) overhears this and then says: Papa and Santo Divorced?

He is shocked.


Episode ends.


It was a great episode Hiten finally found out about the divorce Santo came to the hospital. Nanaji fought for Santo which was good but then he annoyed me as he crossed the limits with not letting her go after DM came and asked her to come, and he had put his point across. Taru get lost, and Santo please blackmail her, cause she can't do anything if you tell Kanji the truth!! But go Santo for coming to the hospital!! ClapClap

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Thanks niki...Why couldnt DM say that chokri is his wife...........Angry

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Thanks for the lovely update
Ba: (Sorry I am not getting ba's dialogues)
I think Baa ask about Divorce.... Then Santo says she will do what Baa says ...
I hope DM will change his mind; he does need this chokri to take care of his house and his children...
I want DM to slap that Moti
She needs to stop abusing and torturing Santo and Champakali
Moti will die (will be a nice slap to her face)when DM tell her to shredd Divorce paper and he does not want to file for divorce.

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Originally posted by anna44

Thanks for the lovely update
Ba: (Sorry I am not getting ba's dialogues)
I think Baa ask about Divorce.... Then Santo says she will do what Baa says
Thanks Anna it was hard to hear cause of the speakers!
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Originally posted by nikita_88

Originally posted by anna44

Thanks for the lovely update
Ba: (Sorry I am not getting ba's dialogues)
I think Baa ask about Divorce.... Then Santo says she will do what Baa says
Thanks Anna it was hard to hear cause of the speakers!
Speakers!!!!!!Confused or Oxygen mask????LOL
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Thank you Nikita for the awesome update.
Why did DM not say anything when Moti said she would have slapped Santu for refusing to come. DM has so many pointers from the way Moti speaks about Santu and other situations - how can he be so blind and unaware of what is going on in his own house with both Santu and Champakali?

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Originally posted by soap-critic

 how can he be so blind and unaware of what is going on in his own house with both Santu and Champakali?
Exactly... Doesnt he really care for her or he just want her to be a mother of his kids and a daughter for baa-babujiOuch
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Thanks for taking the time to do the update. Your efforts are really appreciated. Taru needs to be the one to get lost, and for her to disrespect Santu is not to be tolerated I hope Santu grows a pair and drops a hint that she knows Taru's secret and she better watch how she treats others or her story just might find its way to the light. How would she like them apples.....Approve

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