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Written/Vid/Pics Update 14th September COMPLETE

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Written Update


Short Update

1. manav finds out ajit is behind archus humiliation...manav confronts ajit and Rasika

2.manju is worried about archu finding out the truth... vinod tells her that they have to go to manavs the next day for the pooja

3.manav comes home to a happy archu ...he breaks her fast... they have a cute moment and manav doesnt want to spoil it by telling her about ajit

4. Sulochana aai tries to make sure that vershu will attend the pooja...manju tells er aai not to come but ajit says we will come and you guys can watch the drama

5. Savita aai has her eyes on a girl for sachin but he says its not the right time ...Sulochana aai and co attend the pooja without vershu...vershu comes later... manav has been sent to get some things for the pooja and sees the creepy guy at the stall


Long Update

Part 1

(manav is in a rickshaw which passes ajit and the creepy guy coming out of the police station... manav gets out of the rickshaw but doesn't see ajit... ajit sits in his car and manav enters the police station...manav walks to the front desk and asks the inspector, "inspector sahib, the police arrested a guy last night... what that man does to girls-" the inspector cuts him off saying "Dalal tha, is that what you want to say? He has just been released and has now gone (manav gets angry) ...but why are you asking about him?" Manav says "No, inspector sahib... i was..." inspector starts to laugh and tells another inspector saying people are coming to ask about people who they beat up...looks towards manav and says "he has gone, you can go now" manav looks dejected and says in his mind "he had escaped from me again, now how am i going to get him? Unti l don't catch the guy who thinks bad of archu... i won't find out his name ... i have to get to this guy before the satyanarayan pooja ... i have a way ...that Dalal has got bail, and someone has got him bail, that means someone doesn't want the truth out. I have to find out who the guy is who got him bail" manav turns towards the inspector and says "Sahib, you just said that guy got bail, please tell me the name of the guy who got him bail" Inspector says ok and starts to check the record book. Inspector says "mmm...Ajit Lokhande ... his name is Ajit Lokhande" Manav is shocked and says in his mind "Ajit Lokhande? ...meaning archu ki vahini ki bhai... but how does he know this Dalal.... is Ajit Lokhande the guy who......i have to find out the truth" Manav walks out of the police station.

(Rasika Aai's (RA) house) RA is sat down and Ajit is standing in front of her ... RA says "look ajit...dont do anything stupid in anger... archu's family might be our no.1 enemy but remember manju lives in that house, your one wrong step and her marriage over... anyway this manav has made our lives hell...ajit... if manav gets a hold of that guy and he spills the beans and says you are behind all of this, then have you thought of the consequences".  Ajit says "Aai... nothing will happen..." RA says "Look ajit ... don't be too casual with this matter... look... get yourself out of this mess.... you want revenge from archu and you have... she has a terrible sasural and she has been humiliated to the max... now we don't want anything else... now its down to her and her naseeb...anyway keeping manju's happiness in mind-" Ajit says "i am worried about manjus marriage and our live" RA says,"Meaning?" Ajit continues saying "aai... try to understand (whilst ajit is talking he turns around and stops in shock)" RA gets up in shock too ... Manav is stood at the door... manav looks angry and walks upto ajit. Manav says "so it's you... how many bad things you did to archu, aren't you embarrassed" RA says "Dekho" and manav says "Aur Aap... (walks to RA) you are his Aai, instead of punishing him, you are helping him? what kind of mother are you ... you did such a thing to a house where you gave your daughter away to? And with archu? Till date she has never done anything wrong to anyone? For the past few days i have been lookingfor that guy, who disgraced archu... do you know why? I wanted to see who hated archu so much, i wanted to see the guy who hates a person who has never done anything wrong to anyone. (turns to ajit) Aur tum...what kind of man are you.... harassing a naive girl like archu... people who disgrace girls behind peoples backs are not men.... but they are ...(ajit turns to looks at him in anger) what will you don't understand archus purity... from a man like you, it is hopeless to think that you would think of her purity... ajit you don't know archu .. i know her ... i know what she is like... til date i have never seen a girl like everything she does you can see her purity... for her mother she remained uneducated... she gave her life for her family... and now she is looking after my house...archu has given her life to others and she lives like an ordinary girl...dont you feel ashamed ... this girl has given manju and punni  a lot of happiness and time... do you realise, what she has to live with because of you? She has cried over people tormenting her...never mind ... i will make you see how it feels.... i will revenge every tear she has shed ...archu is my wife ... the day i took saat pheres with her... that day i realised, the man you hurt my wife, i will never forgive him, ever since the wedding day...  ihavent had a peaceful sleep, because i was looking for will see how it feels when a husband takes revenge for all the tears his wife had shed ... and one more thing....i haven't forgotten the hungama you created by getting my dad drunk ....aaj tak you have done what you wanted and still remained behind the curtain, but not anymore...i will show archus family your real self... you wait and watch ...(manav turns to RA) and i will show everyone that big people have shallow minds" Ajit says "are you done? Satisfied? Now go.... (he laughs) you come into my house and threaten me ... by the way i don't slap people you are smaller than me in status, my Hands get dirty ...OUT ! (ajit points to the door) manav says "i am goin...but remember one thing.... you will receive punishment for what you have done..."  manav walks out.

Ajit shrugs off his worry and sits down ... RA says "Ajit...why did you mess with him? He won't spare us" Ajit says "he can't ruin us aai, don't worry... look aai i am very hungry, please make me some food, and you have made karela nu shak haven't you? Definitely give me that, listening to manavs words has made my tongue bitter....they says to get rid of bitterness, you have to eat bitterness, get me the food quickly". RA walks off saying "i will have to tell manju everything quickly" ajit is sat with an evil smile on his face and says "manav Deshmukh... now there will be fun"

(Manav's House) Archu making food in the kitchen and vandu enters saying "vahini, wheres my green suit?" archu replies "look, it's in your cupboard somewhere" Vandu says "ok... Vahini, has aai told you that a guy called Girish Mahadev is coming today?" archu is confused...vandu says "aare baba...dadaji's garage ki mallik... do you know he is a very nice man...he treats dada like his son" Archu replies "aah yes...i think i met him at the wedding" Vandu says "aare wah! Thats good you have met him before, ok the second thing is, he is not coming alone, his daughter is coming along too. She has come back after five years of study. Ok what i am trying to say is vahini that you have to make really good food." Archu replies "i won't make Really good food, i'll make excellent that when they go they remember the whole thing" Vandu s pleased and says "vahini can i say something... dada is very lucky (archu asked why) why? Because he got you for a wife you just doesn't think about him but also the whole family." Archu and vandu laugh innocently.

(Sulochana aai's house) Manju's room... manju is on the phone and says "KYA!!! Aai, what are you saying, manav knows everything, aai nothing will be right now ... think of something" RA says while making food "what can i do, i am not a thinking machine which you can press a button and you will get an answer, my brain is not working, and do you know what my biggest problem two children, you who is laparwar and ajit who without thinking does anything. What was the need for him to mess with manav, i am stuck between you two." Manju replies "but aai, ajit will sink and take me with him" RA is confused and then Manju says "if vinod finds out (vinod is entering the room) (manju is shocked) aai, i'll call you later" Vinod calls from behind "Aare Manju, come home eary tomorrow, we have to go to manav's house" Manju stutters "Woh..main...woh...sab...kaise" Vinod replies "what are you saying... cant understand a word" Manju stutters again "vinod woh...did you receive a phone call" Vinod says "yes i did, we are all invited" Manju stutter s more "but vinod main..." Vinod says Sternly "look manju, this time i don't want an excuse" manju finally speaks and says "but vinod... listen to me" Vinod looks and says angrily "what should i have always done this, you are the bahu of this house, but i have to remind you of all your responsibilities, but not this time, this time you have to come at any cost" Manju says "but vinod... what is my fault in all this" vinod is confused "Dosh? When have i faulted you, look manju if you don't come with me to the pooja, then what will manav family think of us?" manju is confused herself and says "pooja?" vinod replies "yes, at manavs there is a satyanarayan pooja, thats why archu called" manjus eyes are eye popping like savita aai's. Manju says "what was she saying when she called" Vinod says "what else will she say...anyway we are going there tomorrow... we will talk more there" Manju is relieved and agrees with vinod by nodding, vinod says "but remember to come home early so we can all go together" vinod walks off and manju says in her mind "HAI DEVA, meaning manav hasn't told anyone yet, but sooner or later he will tell them, then what will happen? HAI BAPPA were you angry when you were making my kismat, everyday there is a new tamasha, DEVA "

Manav walking on the road he is angry... he stops and remembers what RA was saying to Ajit about archu bad luck.... then remembers the creepy man getting into archu cab when she was going to the bungalow ....then when he saved archu from the bungalow and then remembering arhcu crying in the cab on the way home.... then when ajit came to his garage and then told him to keep the change to fulfil his baba's pleasure (drinking)....manav starts to walk again and then says "ajit should be punished for what he has done, but i cant go to the police station because archu's family is involved and unfortunately ajit is a part of that family, when everyone finds out about ajit then it will be a big shock to them, thats why i have to tell archu and her family first then with their consent then ajit is....

 Part 2

(manavs house) manav about to enter his room and sees archu cleaning and says in his mind "i will have to tell archu about ajit, i wont be able to live in peace until ajit is punished." Manav closes his doors. Manav walks behind archu and calls her name, archu turns around to see manav and says "aare you are here...i was just waiting for you" manav asks "why? I mean did you need me?" archu turns around to get something... archu says " you know that today is my i wanted you to feed me break my vrat" manav looks pleased, he grabs some Prasad, then they look into each others eyes and smile, then they both sit on the bed... and feeds her some Prasad (song plas in the background) he gives her water and then manav see's archu happy tears and says "tears in your eyes, did someone say something to you? Tell me please, you know i hate it when you have tears in your eyes" archu replies "tears come when you are sad and when you are happy, do you knw when i was 10 i have been doing this vrat and today bappa has given me the fruits for my labour, (archu stands and and walks a bit and manav stands behind her) meri aai wanted me to marry a rich man and educated but me? When i prayed to bappa i always asked him for someone who can understands me and knows me aur bauhat pyar...bauhat pyar kare, i don't mind if he wasn't rich, but his personality and behaviour should be good (manav has tears in his eyes) then i thought, will i find i guy who i wanted? Then relatives and close people said that there is no one like me in this world and slowly slowly i began to believe this too....but then when i saw... i thought you were exactly like me... there i s no one better than you out there for me. You must be thinking that i am talking too much today, but to tell you the truth manav (OMG she called him manav) i can talk to you without hesitation, because i feel very comfortable with you, i see a friend in you, someone who i have been looking for, for years (manav asks what she means) i never had a best friend, i  had friends but they were educated, whenever i used to talk to them, then i used to feel that my world is very different to theirs, then they all got married, and i was all alone. Yes, aai was my best friend meaning she still is, but you cant say everything that is in your heart to aai (archu turns to manav) then i met you, for the first time i have felt like someone from my world has come to me. Bappa has brought you into my life and given me all the happiness in the world manav (SHE said it again) ... i don't want anything else from bappa...  this morning when  was doing the pooja i aksed only one thing from bappa (archu has tears in her eyes again) ...that our rishta and happiness lasts forever " (song plays in the background) manav is looking at archu and archu is looking down with happy tears in her eyes, manav puts his hands on her arms, and brings her in to hug her.... archu brings up her hand to hug him and manav puts one hand on her head... (whats a BEAUTIFUL ArMan Momment) (STUPID PHONE HAD TO RING AT THIS POINT) moment breaks and manav picks up his phone and says "hello sir" his boss is on the phone and says "sorry to call you so late... actually my sisters car has broken down and at this moment she is near your house, if you go have a look then-" Manav says "yes yes... i will go and have a look" his boss thanks him and puts the phone down. Manav puts the hone down and looks towards archu and says "i have to go... sir's sisters car has broken down... if i come late then you go to sleep" archu nods her head and manav leaves.... Manav stops at the doorway and says in his mind "today archu is very not right to tell her about ajit yet... i don't want to give her any sorrow... after the satyanarayan pooja tomorrow i will tell her everything" manav turns towards archu and archu turns towards manav both smiling then manav turns to leave... archu is left smiling.

Part 3

(Sulochana aai's house)  baba is packing sweets, aai is at the dinner table...vaishu walks in with a box aai wanted and aai told her to pack ladoo's in the box... vinod walks into the room ...aai says "aare vinod, listen, i have made these ladoo's  for the satyanarayan pooja, we have to take these with us when we go, make sure you remind me." Vinod says he will remind her... vaishu asks vinod if he wants some tea, he says yes and vaishu goes in the kitchen to get the tea. Aai say "doin all this work i start to forget things, if you forget then tell manju, where is manju?" Vinod says "sha has gone to her aai's house (versha walks in the room) savita aai has invited them aswell" vaishu comes in with dad's tea...vaishu sits down ...aai notices versha so she tries to tell her a message bia vaishu by saying " Aare vaishu, come home early today from college, we have to go to a pooja at archu's..." Vaishu looks confused and says "from college? The pooja is in the evening and i come home from college in the afternoon" Aai says "it was my duty to remind you, so thats why i said it (vinod see's what aai is trying to say) and you too vindod" Vinod says "yes aai i will come on time" vershu is leaving the house...aai says to vershu "did you hear?" everyone looks towards vershu ...vershu says "you took so long in telling so many people the same thing ... don't you think i would understand (aai looks around) and even if you didn't tell me, i would have still gotten to thai's house on time" baba signals to aai to not say anything and vershu leaves.

(RA's house) in the living room...RA is sat down and Manju is pacing ...manju says "aai ...the pooja had to be today? Aai, i don't have the courage to go there, what if he said the truth, then i would be toast, aai what should i do,, tell me what to do?" RA says "do even ask me, i cant even think" Manju mocks RA and then says "one more thing, archu's saas called you for the pooja right? (RA nods) don't even think about going there" RA says "do you think i would go there,  ihave no trust in your husband, if he gets angry then he forgets all relationships and breaks everything, i have a faalign that something big is about to happen" ajit walks in "aare aai, we will go there...we will definatley go ...i have to do a maha pooja ...who's? you both can watch with your very own eyes"

(Manav's House) everybody is busy with preperations, savita aai is at the front waiting anxiously... vandu notices and walks towards her and says "Aai, what are you doing standing here?" Aai replies "go and do your work... i am waiting for someone (vandu asks who's) bahu"  vandu says "vahini ka? But vahini is behind you doing work" Aai tells her to leave ...aai says "i never think too much ...what can i tell her ...archu is old news ...i'm waiting for a soni ki gudiyan" incomes a girl wearing a blue suit (new entry?) aai see's and says "here comes by soni ki mmmm...(girls comes closer to aai) ...aare shrauni (i don't know if thats right) take off your shoes, take off your shoes ...good girl..come here look very nice" the girl replies "thanks kakki" aai looks to her left and shouts "AARE VANDU (vandu responds) come here...(vandu comes to aai) shrauni has come...bring her a coconut sherbet"  Shrauni says "no no ...leave it ...kakki how can she leave her preperations ot make me a sherbet" Aai says "the preparations will be ongoing...but we don't ignore our own. have come from far away must be thirsty ...(looking at vandu) go get her one" Shrauni says "kakki. I'll go and meet archudidi..." aai lets her go... and says "where has this sachin gone the last minute he disappears ....SACHINNNN...SACHINNN...chchch..." sachin comes towards aai ... aai says "shrauni has come" sachin says "so, what shal i do" aai says "go and talk to her...aare go and talk to her" sachin says "i don't really even know her " aai says "if you don't know her then get to know her" sachin says "why are you trying to trap me in this rubbish, anyway, i have a lot of work" sachin goes to walk off byt aai stops him and says "stop making a scene, you are openly a romeo and now i am telling you to go and talk to a girl and get to know her and you are ignoring me!" Sachin says "aare meri aai, there is a time for everything, right nowi will drop this walk and flirt with girls, then kakka will see me and he will make a fool of me...meri aai ...let me go" aai tries to stops hims but sachin just goes. Aai says to herself "Hai DEVA, oyu have given me a family full of half brains, how will i explain to this boy that getting to know shrauni is more important than any work...chi!!!" aai turns to look at shrauni talking to vandu and some girls...aai turns back with a smile as wide as the grinches... sulochana aai and co (exept vershu)  have arrived and savita aai see's and says with open arms "Aare Sulochana thai , come come come , Namaste everyone" vandu see's and says to archu "vahini...your aai/baba" archu turns to see with delight...Archu says " Aai are you" aai nods and they both hug ...she sees baba and then vaushu and hugs vaishu...manav arrives and touches aai/baba's feet. Manju is restless and even more worried when she see's her aai and ajit there. Manav see's and says in his mind "he's dd he dare to come here! It is better if i keep quiet...once the pooja is over then i can bring his true colour in front of everyone, then i will hand him to the police, he will definatley live with the consequences, only then will i find peace" ajit is smiling wide and saying Namaste to everyone ...he see's manav and walks to him ...ajit says " hi manav are you?" manav not pleased....then scene switches to arcchu ....archu says to aai "where is vershu" aai says " she is coming from the office and we left home early" archu says "oh, ok ...jsut give me one second" archu turns around...aai says to vaishu "when i say something to her then i become Miss. Evil...look she hasn't even come yet" vaishu says "she must be on her way" scene switches to manju and the RA then Ajit. Scene switches to Vershu who is on the road leading ot Manav's house... she finds it and archu see's her and says "VERSHA! " vershu takes off her shoes and comes running to archu ...they hug...vershu says "sorry thai i am late...i had too much office work" archu asks her how she is and vershu says she is fine and asks how she looks archu said "you look the way i left you (nicely slaps her on her face) and they both go towards aai and vaishu ...aai does not look happy at vershu but she looks down. Maharaj says to bring something for the pooja and manav said he will just bring it. Manav is walking out of the house and ajit is looking on and rings the creepy guys and asks where he is ....guy replies " i  am in the chawl waiting for your command"  aai says out aloud "O, god i forgot ...VINOD" vinod comes towards aa, aai says " i forgot the ladoo's in the scooter... go and get it please" vinod goes off to get it....ajit still on the phone and says "it is the right time...go do your work" the creepy guys has an evil laugh going on ...ajit says "just remember that in one shot there should be two pieces...." the guy understood and put the phone down. Manav is at a stall buying something and the creepy guy appears from behind and taps him on the shoulder...manav looks towards him and gets angry ...the creepy guy has a evil smile on his face...




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thank you
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thank u for the update sweetieBig smile
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ooh... xciting... thanx...!!!
waiting 4 d rest of it to come.....!!
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thank U!! Arre Manav - I wish he had done this after the honeymoon - we could have seen some romance then!! - thanx for the timely update!!!
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aww sweety..tale ur tym...thanx 4 d lovely updatee
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Thanks for the update....
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