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~*CupidGang#25*~[InvitesOnly]Chk.Page2-Celebration (Page 2)

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Posted: 13 September 2009 at 12:11am | IP Logged

Voice over: Good evening ladies, stalkers and gentlemen to the Silver Jubilee Celebration of Cupid Gang! Please welcome your beautiful hosts for tonight'Nidhi and Sonia!
*applause outbreaks*
Nidhi and Sonia both enter and make their way to the podium.
Nidhi: Good Evening Everyone!
Sonia: G'day everyone! Nidhi why don't you tell our cupids who you are dressed by
Nidhi: Well im dressed by the amazing Manish Malhotra, this beautiful red anarkali was made just for tonight! What about you?
Sonia: well.. I wish I could say the same, but I'm dressed by my favourite designer' ME! *laughs*
Nidhi:  Should we get our awards going?
Sonia: Of course, but before we do that we need to tell our new cupids, stalkers and time passers how Cupid Gang came around.
Nidhi: How could I forget?
Sonia: Well.. That's what I'm here for..main hoon na
Nidhi: stop with the filmy dialogues'
*puts hand over Sonia's mouth*
Nidhi: can we please have the slide show?
Voice Over: Many months back, these girls used to roam the pages of Mayank and Nupur paradise drooling over the characters they fell in love with, the actors that brought these characters to life, but then they realised there was something bigger, something not everyone could see'Everyone had said that Arjun Bijlani and Rati Pandey were the chemistrilcious  bubblypies of MJHT, and these girls knew that they had something special about them.
*   Some Old Dissections*

Fanaa Hug dissection by Debby

What a dream fest this is Nidhi.... cant help but be lost again...

I love the way her hands are on his.. though the intended purpose was to pull back from his earlier embrace but this looks more like wanting him to hold her again. I still wonder how she is able to deliver dialogues looking straight into his eyes like that. Practice maketh perfect I guess..

Arjun looks so surprised.. ok a sureshot Mayur moment. He must be thinking abt how he cudnt wait to hug her back.

Arjun is thinking -" so has the Mayank-in-confusion part being filmed by now? When can I reciprocate? It isn't always that Rati is quite so expressive..."

This has to be my favourite moment! The way he squeezes her shoulder to hold her tighter and closer to himself - now was this in the script? The director is one hard core romantic in that case.. but no matter how much u r instructed, the impulse to hold someone like that is just that - an impulse! Neither Arjun nor Rati look a bit uncomfortable in such a passionate hug.. the ease isnt sumthin u can be taught.

Sighs** at the way Arjun is looking! His eyes are shut, oblivious to anyone who is watching...

Interesting choodiyan Rati is wearing...The way her hands hovered on his back for a while... it wasnt sumthin I had expected either Nupur/Rati to do. Nupur is too filmy but I hve always felt that she has a sense of reserve/shyness which will manifest when she is actually in love. And Rati of course is very diplomatic.. but in this frame, all that can hold one back seems lost. Perfect moment!

For at least a moment, time must have stood still. The way he has buried his face in her hair... *insert speechless synonyms here* His face is devoid of any expression but calm... Mayank was confused at first, then happy, then relieved to note that Nupur loved him too. But Arjun here looks more than happy or relieved. His face has the kind of peace that you feel on a lazy winter afternoon... like at this moment, I know I am where I should be.

Arjun is still lost.... shaken to be suddenly woken up from his state of bliss.. Rati looks dishevelled. Did I hug him tighter and more passionately than was required? What would he be thinking? But like always... even if I grant Rati the benefit of doubt that she was indeed enacting Nupur, Arjun looks more Arjun and less Mayank.

AB: Main Rati ko ullu banaunga!!
Rati: kya lagta hai bachhu?? mujhe kuch pata nahi??

So one evening (Afternoon, depending on your time) Kanika and a few others had decided to move out of the MJHT forum and into a  new surrounding. Tired of being told not to go off topic, dream about the personal lives of our actors they decided the best thing was to move out.  This was how the Cupid Gang CC was born. Friendship groups became tighter, some grew to new heights. Some new friendships were born, new talents were found and secret besharam-ness was let out into the open.
Tonight, we present to you the Cupid Gang Silver Jubilee celebration awards..
Sonia: Besharam, to many of our cupids this word is not part of our vocabulary nor our personal dictionaries. Our crazy minds sometimes become one of a 3 year old,  and well' I guess we've all become aware of our crazy personalities, some shy, some always happy, some super friendly and some super funny' we've learnt to accept all of our personalities.
Nidhi: Votes have been sent in, accumulated and counted.
Sonia: With a vast array of categories let's begin with the Most Friendliest Member..
Nidhi: Dosti ki hain nibhani toh padegi, aptly as Salman had said in Maine Pyaar Kiya. This member is always there no matter what, Cupid gang CC is filled with many friendly people but our Most Friendliest Member goes to Sana

Sonia and Nidhi: Congratulations! You may have the above siggy as a prize
Sonia: Next award is for the Most Active Member of CG..
Sonia: Now I think of us all know of our addiction to CG, it's an addiction which doesn't have many cures, no matter what time you come online your sure to find this person online, who is it you ask? The winner is Nidhi, Congrats Nidhi!
Nidhi: Ohhh! Thats me! Thank you everyone

Old Dissections:
By Somu


AB: Kya kar logi tum...?? main aaj sab ko sach dikha kar rahunga
Rati( dupatta pakar kar bheek maangne waali hai bechari!!)

Rati: Ye kya ho raha hai??
AB (araam se starin...)

Rati: Haath hatao! (sharma rahi hai...awww...)
AB: Kamse kam haath hataane ke bahaane usne camera par chua toh sahi!!

Ab AB sharma raha hain (Rati ne haath pakdi hui hain naa...)

AB(smile chhupane ki kitni koshish kar raha hai): Phir se Rati ne pakda..woh bhi kandha...(tooti hui hai...but who cares??

Kamse kam book dekhne ke bahaane usne chua toh sahi...see how AB's lookin down..

AB: Dekho Rati..aur saamne se dekho!!
Rati: Haan baba...25cms is the near pt of normal eye!!

By Piyu







Nidhi: Emotions play a big part in our life, from little things to the big things that make life beautiful' a smile always makes someones day worthwhile even when they feel like life wasn't worth it..These cupids have shown always to be happy and to be able to express the emotions either through sadness and happiness. Kabhi khushi kabhi gham'
Sonia: *laughs* True, so our winner for the most Emotive Member goes to Somu

Nidhi: Congratulations! And our award for the Most Happiest Member goes to Falak (Ankita)

Sonia: Now we all express Anger in different ways, our Member with anger Management Problems goes to Sara
Sonia: Congratulations!

Nidhi: We shall be back after this little cyber break.. *breakkk time*

 ArTi FF (Written by Various CG Members)

ding dong


arjun ki mom door open karti haan


rati ~ namaste aunty mein rati arjun ki girlfriend.......


mom ~ kya?????......*three times echoed*


rati ~.......i mean serial mein mayank ki girlfriend nupur


mom ~ acha andar aau...mein abhi arjun ko bulati hoon.......

 guys continue....muhje kuch such nahin rah hain

Arjun excitement mein daurte daurte aata hain!!

Hug exchange karte hain dono

Lekin usse pehle rati mammi ke pair chhuti hain phir arjun ko hug karti hain
arjun ko kaan mein kehti hain..."imperssion jama na padta hain"!! 


arjun ki mom to rati: Beta tum baitho, mein tymhare liye kuch peene ke liye lati hoon,


Arjun: Mom aap takleef maat karo, mein lata houn.


arjun goes in kitchen & come as fast as gone with a glass of jus.


Arjun's mom: waah beta intni speed mein to tu khud ke liye bhi kuch kaam nahin karta hai ...


Arjun blush and Rati looked at him all pleased  ....

Phir ek phone aata hain...aur mammi ko bahar jaana padta hain 4 sum wrk so she asks arjun 2 order dinner 4m sum gud restaurant...
but the moment she leaves...they decide 2 impress her...toh rati decides 2 cook!!

Piyu's turn!!


rati ~ arjun kya kare.tumhari mummy itni sweet hain ki muhje khana pakane hi nahin de rahi......


arjun ~ *putting arm around rati* sweetheart ...aakhir maa kiss ki hain??


rati ~ *lightly hits him*......yeh bakwaas dialouge bolenege se acha tum socho ki kya kare


arjun ~ hmmmmm......


rati: Chalo mein phir bhi cook karoungui.


Arjun thinking : waise ek hi baat hai, mein cooking mein uske saath time spent kar sakta hoon.


Rati: Kya soch rahe ho ?


Arjun: Nothing darling, jo tum karn achaho, tumhara hukum sar ankhoon par.


rati : That's like my man.


arjun takes Rati by the waist and led her to the kitchen ...

In the kitchen!!

Rati: Arjun ab seriously batao mujhe kya pakana chahiye...

Arjun: Kuch bhi paka lo...tumhare haath ka khana toh...*gives her a flyin kiss*

Rati: *Blushes* ARJUN!! Mujhe kuch samajh mein nahi aa raha...plzz batao na kya pakau!!

Arjun: Mera dimaag roz roz paka ke tumhe chain nahi mila kya??

Rati takes the belan (4m a drawer) n starts running behind Arjun...

Arjun: Achha sry sry..

He takes the belan..takes rati's hand..pulls her towards him n whispers in her ear...

"Mere fav. dishes...Butter chicken and Biryani"!!

Rati blushes..n then gets bak 2 wrk...


she goes to the kitchen cupboard....starts looking around for utensils....and spots the one she wants on the topmost shelf.

Arjun was watching from behind...he knew that she wouldn't be able to take it as it was too high up....


R : offo...kitna upar rakha hai...


she brings a stool and stands on it to take it down...


AB : yeh kya kar rahi ho tum..??


RP : bartan nikal rahi hoon...! Biryani nahi khaani kya..??


AB : aise tum gir jaogi...!


RP : nahi giroongi...


AB : pakka girogi...


he starts coming towards her....since her back is to him she doesn't know...


RP : nahi...maine kaha na...!


he comes behind and pinches her on the waist....


RP : aaaahhh..!! Surprised by the action she loses her balance and falls down....right into his arms..!!


Voice : yeh kya kar rahe ho tum dono...??!!!!


both look towards the door....Mummyji is standing there..!!


rati blushes....AB is surprised by his mom coming so suddenly//


AB(flustered) : woh woh mom...hum scene ki parctice kar rahe the!! Mayank ko nupur ko uthana tha na...!!


Mom : woh scene toh bohut pehle ho gaya na..!!


AB : oh haan.....woh...main....(thinks for an excuse)

haan...mera therapy wale doctor ne kaha tha ke i need to do weightlifting after that arm keep it moving...isliye weights nahi mil rahe the...toh maine rati ko utha liya!!


Mum: ohhh yeh? okay then woh mrs mehra hain na 20th floor par? she needed some help bringing her duaghters suticases up.. the lifts not working.. go do your self some use..


Rati in shock laughs slapping AB"s back..

he turns to face her with that mayank angry look..


AB: uhh.. uske paas beta nahin haiN? he'll help.. main Rati ko help karta hoon..


mum: naahhh.. main rati ko help karti hoon.. ja..


Rati; haan arjun ja na..


she flickers her eyes with a cheeky smile..


AB: theek hain ja rahi hoon..




btoh ladies are cooking

AB comes back all sweaty and is undoing his buttons on shirt to reveal a black vest


Rati see's this from the door and his mum's back is facing the door so she can't see her son..


Arjun winks at Rati and in shock at his body and him being there she drops the whole tin of oil on the ground..


leaving a laughing Arjun..


Rati~ bohot hassi aarahi hai naa naa  mummy ke saamne yeh sab karne ki zaroorat hai AB~  uff   mere hi ghar mein   main   tumhari baat sunoo  Rati~ haan haan   jaise ki aap  kahin ke raaja ho  

Rati was cutting vegetables 4 the biryani while sayin this and she cut her finger...khoon nikalne laga...
Rati: AAAHHHH!!! ooohhh...
AB came running in his HBV the 1st aid box...took her hand khoon choos liya usne phir he started applyin dettol..aur Rati poori laal ho gayi...( haath ke dard ke wajah se nahi...seene mein dard ke wajah se...AB HBV mein jo tha!! )...
AB puts the bandaid..n sees tht rati's blushin hard..
AB moves closer...n closer...n closer...

Mom- arrey ye kya kiya Rati beta?


Rati- kuch nahi woh pata nahin kyun haath se ohisal gaya iam sorry..... Arrey Arjun tum kab aaye? ( teases him infront of mom)


Mom- ye kya pehan rakha hai Arjun mehmaan ke saamne aisa pehanne mein sharam nahi aati hai kya?


Arjun- woh woh maa main woh main woh.


mom- main woh kya?


Arjun- woh padoss ki ladkiyan meri fan hai unhone mujhse zid ki toh mujhe shirt utar ke muscles dikhane pade.


mom- oh achcha ye ladkiyan bhi naa jahaan dekho flirt karna shuru.


Rati laughs...

Arjun:maa..tum bhi na..ab jab saamne itna sexy ladka hoga to flirt to karengi na...



mom:kya??? koi zaroorat nahi hai aise shirt utaarne ki..aur unn ladkiyon ke ghar me baap-bhai nahi hai kya??



rati:aur nahi to kya aunty....aur ladkiyaan kya arjun ko jo kahengi ye wo karega???



arjun:meri fans hain..tumhe kyun jalan ho rahi hai????



rati:main kyun jalu???mujhe kya karna hai...



mom:are bas..ab phir se sriel ki tarah ladna mat shuru karna....ab mujhe yahan koi rehearsal nahi chahiye..aur rati beta..kya tumhare fans bhi tumse yahi kehte hain???


arjun:kya???rati tumhare fans tumhe shirt utaarne ke liye kehte hai??




mom:are nahi pagle...main to ye pooch rahi thi ki kya tumhare fans aise hi tumhare ghar pahuch jaate hain???


rati:*looking at arjun*nahi aunty..but haan ek hai jo mere ghar pahuch jaata hai...


Aunty: Kaun??

Rati: umm..chhodiye naa aunty..kabhi fursat mein bataungi..*she gives AB a look*

Aunty: ok beta....main aati hoon do min mein...madad ki zaroorat ho toh batana...*she also gives AB a look*

Rati: ok aunty...

After mom leaves...arjun starts laughin: OIL GIRA DIYA??

Rati~ bohot hassi aarahi hai naa naa  mummy ke saamne yeh sab karne ki zaroorat hai AB~  uff   mere hi ghar mein   main   tumhari baat sunoo  Rati~ haan haan   jaise ki aap  kahin ke raaja ho  SOME1 pls continue  dimaag  khaali ho gaya hai

Rati was cutting vegetables 4 the biryani while sayin this and she cut her finger...khoon nikalne laga...
Rati: AAAHHHH!!! ooohhh...
AB came running in his HBV the 1st aid box...took her hand khoon choos liya usne phir he started applyin dettol..aur Rati poori laal ho gayi...( haath ke dard ke wajah se nahi...seene mein dard ke wajah se...AB HBV mein jo tha!! )...
AB puts the bandaid..n sees tht rati's blushin hard..
AB moves closer...n closer...n closer...
yaha se p/falak continue kare plzz...

 just when he keeps coming closer and closer  to her DHAM he  ends up slipping  on da oil Rati dropped and  he pulls  rati over him...   and  Then MUMMY RETURNS

Mummi: Yeh kya ho raha hain??

Rati jaldi se uth jaati hain aur AB bhi..AB says 2 himself...
serial mein dodo aur yaha mammi...
humaare kabaab mein haddi hi haddi!!

AB: kuch nahi maa woh oil gir gaya tha naa toh maine noice nahi kiya

mom: achha...notice nahi kiya??

ArTi chup ho jaate hain...

2min ke complete silence ke baad AB says:

Maa woh hamaare pados mein Mrs. Vimla hain naa...

Mammi: haan..

AB: woh aap se milna chahti hain...main bhul gaya tha batana...

Mammi: are haan...mujhe unse ek kaam tha..thoda waqt lagega...i'll b bak...hope dinner will b ready by then!!


arjun:chalo mom to gayi...ab aayega mazaa...

rati:kaisa mazaa??yahan meri poori dress kharab ho gayi..


arjun:to kya hua...tum change kar lo...


rati:arjun tumhe ghajiniya ho jaata hai kya???ye mera ghar ya set nahi hai jo change kar loo..aur change karne ke liye kapde bhi to chahiye...


arjun:haan to kapde hain ke...


rati: kya???main saree??nahiiii..serial nahi chal raha jo main saree pehnu...aur main sambhaloongi kaise??


arjun:are tum to aise bol rahi ho jaise kabhi saree nahi pehni...aur waise tumhe saree me dekhengi to impress ho jayengi...


rati:to aisa bolo na..achha chalo jaldi se mujhe ek saree de do..phir mujhe dinner bhi ready karna hai..


arjun takes rati to his mom's room..and find a pretty saree from his mom's wardrobe..


arjun:ye tum par bahut achhi lagegi..


rati:ok..main yahi saree pehen loongi...



arjun:to pehno na???what r u waiting for???phir mujhe bhookh bhi lagi hai..


rati: kya???tumhare saamne???tum jaao main pehen kar aati hoon...


arjun:*coming closer to rati*but r u sure tumhe koi help nahi chahiye??


rati:kyun??tumhe saaree pehnaana aata hai??aur kitni ladkiyon ko saree pehnayi hai tumne???


arjun:*coming closer*bas aaj pehli wali ko pehnaaoonga...


rati:*moving backward*haan..main pehen loongi..ab tum jaao..

rati arjun ko dhakka dekar room se bahar nikaal deti hai..


arjun:waise theek hi kiya..mujhe kaunsa saree pehnaana aata hai...


after 5 mins rati comes out...and arjun ki aankhein khuli ki khuli reh jaati hain...


arjun:kya hott maal hai maamu...


rati:kya kaha???


arjun:comes closer and says "mujhe bhookh lag rahi hai"..


rati:haan to chalo na..aisa lagta hai pata nahi kitne janam se bhookhe ho...


rati moves to kitchen aur aata goondna start karti hai...

tabhi she realises ki saree ka pallu hawa me udd raha hai...


arjun comes closer to her aur wo saree ke pallu ko rati ke waist par baandh deta hai....

rati feels her touch...



Rati is startled..the touch was so warm ... a chill ran down her spine..she didnt know what to say but somewhere she didnt want him to stop..(her eyes closed..special effects)

Arjun--ab thik hai..coming close he says..aur kuch help kardu...?


Rati--coming out of the amazing feeling of his touch...uh-oh nahi.tum jao..mujhe kaam karna hai.


Arjun(in her ear)..pakka jau?...


she could feel his breath..she didnt want him to go..but lamely said..hmmm tum jao koi aajayega..(she looked away..she coudnt face him..she was shy..)


Her hair started blowing...she strts removin her hair..but wasnt able to it..

Arjun coming closer mover her hair...he runs his fingers over her face...her eyes close again..

Arjun---kuch kuch ho raha hai??....he touches her cheeks...


mom----AB..kaha ho..mere kapde ulte pulte kisne kiye...

Ab runs away..and Rati...hayyeee thank god.!!


AB: Maa...aap itni jaldi waapis aa gayi??


Mom: haan woh main ek cheez lena bhool gayi thi...thts y...lekin mere kapdo ka yeh haal kyun hain??


AB: Maa...woh actually Rati...aata..umm...gir gaya...kapde kharaab..isiliye...


Maa: isiliye??


AB: isiliye maine socha ki..


Maa: ok ok...main samajh gayi...sari pehen li naa usne meri?? is mein darne ki kya baat hain?? waise mujhe pata hain ki kapde ulte pulte tune hi kiye hain...


AB: sry maa...abhi theek kar deta hoon...


Mom: goin now...bye...


AB: ( to himself: phew) bye maa!!


Maa: bye rati...dinner banate waqt agar AB tumhe disturb kare toh tum use chamaat maar sakti ho!!


Rati to herself: inhe hamaare chamaat system ke baare mein kaise pata??? *shocked xpression*


Mom laughs n then winks at her...rati smiles n says leavs...


15mins baad arjun returns 2 the kitchen...rati chicken paka rahi hain tab...



after everyone finishes dinner,its raining heavily outside....

arjun''s mom tells arjun to drop rati...

outside rati's house:

raining has stopped now...

arjun:rati tumhe kuch kehna nahi hai...?ya kuch karna bhi nahi hai???

rati:karna hai na...

arjun:*thinking* chal mamu..aaj to nikal padi...

he closes his eyes....

rati is slowly moving towards arjun...she comes soo close to him that arjun can feel her heartbeats...

arjun is fully prepared..

but rati moves towards his ears and says "gud nite arjun" and runs away.....

arjun:aaj phir dhokha de gayi....


next day at MJHT set:

everyone is very tense...arjun is very angry...coz director is asking for retakes....

rati is trying to calm him down..

rati:achha baba last time...i m sure this will be the last time..plz...for me..

arjun looking at rati:ok..but last time..


they give the shot but director again asks for a retake..

arjun looses his anger...and shouts at him..and leaves the set and goes to his vanity van...


rati runs after him..


arjun is sitting at one corner..rati enters the van and locks the door...

rati sits beside arjun n consoling him...

rati putting her one hand on arjun's hand:hota hai...jaane do..plzzz..

arjun is still angry..

rati:this director is new..u know na...

arjun stands up:new hai to kya???humse itne retakes karwayega...

rati stands up movees closer to arjun:are baba plz don't shout...


arjun:ek to poora din kharab kar diya aur aaj mom ka bday bhi hai and just bcoz of that bloody man i cudn't wish my mom also...tears were rolling down his eyes..

rati just hugs him...tightly...

arjun leans on her arms....both were lost....

his tears were falling on rati's shoulder...rati realises this and moves little away from him to remove his tears...

arjun is still crying..

arjun:ye pehli baar hai jab maine maa ko abhi tak wish nahi kiya...


rati :maa sab samjhti hai..

she kisses arjun's forehead...then shes kisses his tears on right cheek..then left cheek....

slowly she reaches to lips....

and then..........a longgggggggggggggggg passionate kissssssssssssssssss....  




sonia i know this is a little ahem ahem..but i will write one surely with full of....ahem ahem....


ArTi FF life post marriage


Outline (by me): Every actor of the came to the marriage including Sanaya . Then all rasams ............... then suhaag raat (censored).



phir main kahungi ~ kaniya ko bulauo.....muahraat ka waqt ho gaya hain .....phir rati stairs se neeche aayege.........aur arjun ka muah khula ka khula........aur phir tum uska muah band karuge....yeh keh kar......uncle ...muah toh band karu


Arjun thinks aaj toh waat lag gayi mamu . Then he thinks like mayank focus jun focus. Not on rati but on rasams


Then saat phere,sindoor and all type of rasams happen. AB still staring on rati. rati thinking shaadi khatam hone do phir chamaat padega


phir arjun maan mein soche ga........chamaat............hmmm..ajj toh mein tumko chodoga nahin saare chamaat ka badla raat mein le lunga........

phir mohit aata hain rati arjun ko wish karane.....aur apna arm rati ke around dalata hain........aur rati ko kahi se toh jaalene ki boo aati hain.......aaju baju mein dekha toh apna arjun dekhata hain....pressure cooker ki tarah jalte hui.........

Rati says Mohit come na lets pose for a pic. Arjun makes faces . Come on Arjun tum bhi aao na hum pics kheechenge . After this photo session Arjun pulls Rati and takes her a lil away and says tum Mohit se dur raha karo . rati aks kyun tumhe jalan ho rahi hai kya? Nahi...nahi...achcha theek hai haan. rati- Dont worry mat bhoolo ki humari shaadi ho chuki hai. apni possesiveness zara kam karo.

Arjun- hayee re meri Rats puts his hand around her waist. agar itna hot maal ho toh kise jalan nahi hogi? rati says- kya?  chamaat sys is still there. Arjun- nahi jaaneman ab toh kiss system ki baari hai



[Tere naina hass diye,
Bass gaye mere dil mein,
Tere naina..] ? 2 times
[Mere dil mein jo armaan hai,
Paas aake zara dekho naa,
Dekho naa dekho naa dekho naa,
Dil ke taar mein hai sargam,
Chedhe hai ab koi anjaana,
Anjaana anjaana anjaana] ? 2 times
Yeh pyaar ki hai baaten,
Kuch ankahi mulaqatein,
Ho aise hi milte hai, mil ke machalte hai,
Do dil jawan..

Tere naina, tere naina hass diye,
Bass gaye dil mein tere,
Mere naina..
[Ab dekho mil gaye ho to,
Fir se naa kahin kho jaana,
Kho jaana kho jaana kho jaana
Aankhon mein hi rehna,
Bahon mein tum mere so jaana,
So jaana so jaana so jaana]- 2 times
Ho mere paas tu jo aaye,
To khuda mujhe mil jaaye,
Hoo hothon ko hothon se milne se,
Silne de door naa jaa..

Ha ha ha ha..
Ha ha ha ha..

Tere liye chaaro ore doondha maine,
Mil gayi jo tu mujhe mil gaya saara jahan,
Saara yahan ab chahu mein kya,
Mere liye sapna tha yeh pyaar tera,
Kholi aankhen saamne tha mere liye yaar mera,
Pyaar mera, ab chahu mein kya,
Hoo aise naa mujhko saza de,
Paas aa naa ab tu saza de,
Hoo sabse chura lu mein,
Jag se chupa lu main itne paas aa,
Mere dil mein jo armaan hai,
Paas aake zara dekho naa,
Dekho naa dekho naa dekho naa,
Dil ke taar mein hai sargam,
Chedhe hai ab koi anjaana,
Anjaana anjaana anjaana,
Na na na paas aake zara dekho naa,
Dil ke taar mein hai sargam,
Chedhe hai ab koi anjaana,
Anjaana anjaana anjaana,
Yeh pyaar ki hai baaten,
Kuch ankahi mulaqatein,
Ho aise hi milte hai, mil ke machalte hai,
Do dil jawan..hoo hoo..

Tere naina..tere naina..
Tere naina  tere naina..

phir reception hota hain...phir bidaii......aur phir mohit sanaya arjun ko room mein dakha maar dete hain

jaan muah kar rati par girta hain ......

dono bed par .... aur phir .....maybe ff ka 4th part............. haiiiiiiii muhje uss ff se pyaar ho gaya hain


Suhaag raat......... (censored)


Subah hoti hai...... arjun still sleeping. rati kehti hai chalo Arjun utho. He pulls her and she falls in the bed. Abhi nahi Rats abhi subah kahaan hui hai? rati says- jun stop it mom aa gayi toh? Arjun- aane do naa maine darwaza band kar diya hai...


Sonia: Welcome back! If you're a member of CG, you will know that dissections are a part of our every thread. We have to give the award for Dissection Queen to someone don't we?
Nidhi: Of course we do.. c'mon tell tell..
Sonia: The award for the Dissection Queen goes to Falak


Nidhi: Why not show some more of the dissections written by our members for tonight?
Sonia: Read below!
Old Dissections:

By Ankita
ARJUN:chalo rati...aaj main tumhe ek nayi theory samjhaaoonga..aaj physics nahi biology ki classes hogi...
RATI:kya raat thi wooo.....tum aur tumhari biology classes..byy god...sabse important chapter padha diya tumne life ka...uss raat maine jaana ki adam-eve ke baad kaun aaya hoga...
ARJUN:aaj to biology+chemistry ki class physical type se doonga rati ko...
RATI:aaj khaali haath aaye...preparations nahi ki raat ki...
ARJUN:main EVEREADY rehta hoon..
ARJUN:dekho tumne uss raat ko kya kiya tha...achha hua inn logo ne meri shirt nahi utarwayi...nahi to saare raaz khul jaate...
ARJUN:dekho...aise touch karne se kuch hua kya???nahi na..waise touch karne se bhi kuch nahi hoga...
ARJUN(singing):chalo chale rati...apne barn wale bedroom me..aur wahan jaa ke kuch kuch kar ke hum aaye....
(in the tume of "chalo chale mitwaa")
RATI:hey raam...mujhe to vomiting si aa rahi hai....
ARJUN:dekha..uss raat ka saara effect hai...experiment kiya tha uska result aane wala hai...
RATI:chhodo.itni jaldi thodi aayega result...wait forrr 9....ahem ahem...
ARJUN:are haan..meri maths thodi si weak hai....
RATI:to next time main tumhe maths ki coaching doongi...kaise multiply karte hain...kiss ko add karte hain...
ARJUN:kiss ko thodi add karte hain..wo to uss ko add karne se kiss hota hai....
ARJUN:ab mera itna padhayi karna safal ho gaya...aur iss padhayi ka result bhi aane wala hai..yipee....
lekin ye ajeeb result hai..9 months kyu????thoda pehle nahi aa sakta tha??
RATI:ab ye to tum apni mummy se poochna....thoda gyaan unse bhi le liya karo....
ARJUN:rati tum ..tum...
RATI:tum tum kya laga rakha hai???
ARJUN:tum iss dress me zyada sexy lagti ho....
RATI:aur tum aise shirt ki button khuli rakhte ho to aur bhi zyada hott lagte ho

Nidhi: We all need support in life, and this cupid has been voted as the Most Supportive Member. The award goes to Palak and Muneefah
It's a draw, both girls get the award and can use the siggy

Sonia: Brains, following in Mayank's footsteps who is our most knowledgeable cupid? Find out after this choti si break

Old Dissections:

By Debo

flahback: chunnu ki mummy aur papa ki 1st meeting:

yeh hai chunnu bijlani ke dude, handsome hunk, who seldom used to shave(both chest and face)
fir achanak ek din unke life me ayi chunnu ki mummyji.....ahem girte phirte jan boocke unki naazuk si kamar papaji he haathon me aa hi jati thi

mummyji bahut confused rehti thi ki papaji ki nazar unke aankhon me hai ya phir.....
........hoton pe

ahem no comments....nidhiji ne apni vishesh tippini already de di.......

arjun: sharma toh aise rahi thi ki jaise chunnu already humari baahon me a gaya ho.....

papaji always waiting to incorporate jaage jaage armaan tactics.....

jaan bujke mummyji ko super sweet ki jalebi jaise baton se ghoomate the taaki mummyji gol gol ghumkar unki baahon me aajati........
mummyji ko saq hoing ki is papa marofying dance pe chance....sry dancing toh baad waqt project pe chance......
arjun: toh rati......
rati: hmmmm??

arjun: ho jaane do ab faasle kuch toh kum(papa ka chunnu lane ka 1st attempt)
rati thinks: hey bhagwan shave bhi nahi karta...upar se chance bhi marta hai....(tat was the first tym mummy noticed papa's "unshaved attitude")
arjun thinks: i guess abhi tak check out karne me prob ho rahi hogi....its ok theres always a next tym
rati thinks: jun ke bachche agar...agar teri july,august september barbad nahi kar diya na mainetoh mera naam bhi future chunnu ki ma nahi!

Nidhi: You know Sonia, I think to be the most knowledgeable we're putting this cupid with the standards of Mayank. Does that mean they'll work their cupid charms and find us our own Mayanks?
Sonia: Who Knows? But I do know that the winner is Sara

Nidhi: So, we've had our most supportive, our most knowledegable.. Ab? MOST TALKATIVE!
Sonia: Sach mein,  I think we should all get this award. It takes on average 2 days to fill up 150 pages. Its crazy!
Nidhi: and then there's those who are our second bak bak machines..
Sonia: maybe we should stop bak-baking and tell who got the award?
Nidhi: Cupid Gangs Most Talkative Member award goes to Avni (Nikki)

Sonia: To be able to participate in convo's especially with all of us and the bak bak machine.. You have to be quick, like a race. Ismein slow and steady doesn't win the race, so who really is our Quickest Member?
Nidhi: do the honours Sonia.
Sonia: and the award of the Quickest Member goes to  Debo

Nidhi and Sonia: Congrats!

Nidhi: Now we have come to our creative side of the awards, creativity is something which is buried deep inside all of us. We have many different talents and this award is to acknowledge the CC's most creative members.
Sonia: Our Most Creative Member award goes to Sindhya Congrats!

But this isn't the end, we have sub section awards..
Nidhi: That's right, our first award in the sub section of creativity is for the Best FF Writer, and the award goes to Sindhya and Sonia,It's a draw again, congrats girls!

Sonia: oohhh thats me! Thanks everyone! I say we should get a ArTi one shot because of this'secondly, Award for Best VM Maker goes to Nidhi

Nidhi: Me!Again! Thanks! Last but not least, Best Siggie Maker goes to Sonia

Sonia: Naww.. thanks so much everyone. Congratulations so far to all the winners, we only have a few more awards to give out. Lets start the last few of with the Most Enthusiastic Member, someone with lots of energy, the winner is none other than Piyu

Nidhi: It takes a lot to be enthusiastic and always full of energy, but still our CC is made up of many quieter cupids. The Quietest Cupid Award goes to Preethi

Sonia: Rosies are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you! Our Sweetest Member award goes to Aisha and Maria, Congrats to both girls

Sonia: Bringing our awards to an end, we still have one more to give out. From kekta kapoor's serials, to the shock of SBS segments'KYA! Has  become a part of every Indian's vocabulary, So who is our cupid that gives many of our members the Shocked look? The Breaking News Cupid goes to Shinella

Nidhi: Congratulations to all winners, and we hope everyone took this light-heartidly just for some fun. Even if you didn't win anything, we LOVE YOU!
Sonia: And this brings our night to a close, ready for the after party?? I think I am!
Nidhi: bye!
*applause breaks out*

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Cupid Gang Silver Jubilee Competition Entries

Only Dissections and FF's Are Competition Entries.

VM's and Siggies are simply in Celebration.
1. By little_dragon (Priya)

Date at Merlin's Pub: 


One sweet evening, when Rati gets a call from Arjun.


Rati : Hello???

Arjun : Hey Rati? Kaise ho? Tumhara evening plans kya hei??

Rati : Hey Arjun, Mein toh teek hoon.. Kaise yaad kiya??? Shyam ko koi plans nahi.. Sirf Ghar pei cooking..

Arjun : toh accha hua.. Shyam ko tum mere saat Merlin's aaogy???

Rati : hmmm... (thinking for a while and then) teek hei... kitne baje??

Arjun : Teek hei toh mei tumhe sharp 7.30 ko pick karta hoon... ok?

Rati : Teek hei... mei ready rahoongy...


At 7.30pm. At Rati's house.


Arjun: (giving a call to rati from his monile to herz) Hey rati, ready ho kya??? mei tumhare gate ke baahar hoon.

Rati: Haan jun. mei ready hoon. ek minute.. baahar aati hoon.


*Rati locks the door, and walks towards Jun's car and knocks on the car-door*


Rati : darwaaza kholo bhi.

Arjun : *opens the door, gives a cute look towards rati while she sits in the front seat besides him*   Hi dear.. tum bahut beautiful lagthi ho..

Rati : thank u (blushes and in her nautanki ton) mujhe yeh pehle se pata tah..

 * and both shares a cute smile moment*


(jun drives while talking to rati and they reach Merlin's)


Arjun gets out first and helps out Rati get out of car. they walk towards Merlin's where the manager shows them the table for 2 reserved by Jun.


Arjun : (pulls back a chair, rati sits and pushes the  chair towards the table as a perfect gentleman and then he occupies his seat). Rati tum order karo mei abhi aaya... (leaves away to the managerz table and has a private talk)

Rati : (ordering was all was needed and now waiting for Jun to b back)

Arjun : sorry.. meine toh wait nahi karaaya na..

Rati : its ok arjun.. meine order bhi karli hei.

Arjun : tatz very goood.. U are good at ordering the best dishes.

Rati : (blushes n in all smile) mere taang kichay kab band karoge???


The waiter comes in with the order.. leaves them on the table and serves in thier plates and he leaves them alone... then he comes back with a lightened candle in a cute stand and leaves on their table.


Rati : (taken back by the candle)


The lights are switched off... Then Arjun gets up goes near Rati's chair kneels down takes a cute small box opens it....


RAti : (all surprised and full of blushes) Yeh ..........  tum............. (lost of words as shez extremely surprised)


Arjun : (with his killer smile) will u marry me  


  and stretches his arm forward and showing her the ring he bought for her... purely solitaire one....

Rati : (blushing) shows her ring finger to him (in a way as if shez ever ready for it)

and here our sweet arjun puts the ring in her finger and in behind there is a violinist playing a cute song.

2. By angelz (Dia)


Short Scene:

 The Make-Up Room


It was a bright and sunny day, the light, the camera and the action were about to begin on the sets of MJHT. Jas, Navina and Abhishek were practicing their lines outside in the crisp open air. Across from them were Mohit and Sanaya practicing their lines. Laughter filled the campus lawn as the gang began with their daily dose of practical jokes. Arjun was sitting on the bench in the corner of the lawn. He was lost in his thoughts. Nervousness was as noticeable on his face as a blimp in the sky. Abhishek walked over to Arjun to find out what was wrong.


Abhishek: hey dude wassup? Kya baat hai? Itna tense kyun dikh raha hai?

Arjun: Nothing, I'm fine

Abhishek: Kuch toh baat hai yaar.

Arjun: Yaar who aaj ka scene kitna akward hoga na

Abhishek: Don't worry yaar


Soon the director and cameraman called them in for a shot.

Abhishek: Ok, my take, I'll see you in a few?

Arjun: Ok cool, good luck guys!

All: Thanks!


 Everything went well, a perfect shot from the cast as usual. Soon they shifted to the library to prepare for their next shot, the kiss scene! Yes the scene


On the other end of the campus, Rati was in her make-up room getting changed for the scene. She moved in front of the mirror and rested her make-up on the table before her. Her glistening eyes looked down as she selected the eye-shadow that matched her dress perfectly. She then ruffled through her black and grey coach bag and took out a dusty rose lip gloss for the bag. She gently uncapped it and softy applied it to her already moist lips. Then she leaned over to put on her braclet, the on that Arjun gave her.


Arjun was sitting on the bench all alone ruffling his hands, sweat dripping from his forehead. He was never this nervous about a scene before; after all he was an experienced actor. But for some reason he was getting a tingling feeling in his stomach, a smile on his face and a fear in his heart. He couldn't figure out what was going on, no one could. He decided to speak to Rati and figure this out before the scene started. He got up and made his way towards Rati's makeup room.


Rati on the other side was looking through her script, thinking about how the scene would go. All she could think about was Arjun. She was lost in her thoughts when she was startled by a knock on the door, it was Arjun.


Arjun: Hey Rati, its me, kya main andar aa sakta hoon?

Rati: Yea, gimme a minute

She walked over to the door and opened it. Arjun walked in and closed the door behind him.

Rati: So, kya baat hai, nervous lag rahe ho?

Arjun: Me, Nervous?? Not at all!

Rati: If you say so'

Arjun: Don't you think ke humme practice karna chaiye

Rati: Kya??

Arjun: Stop it silly, I meant the script.

Rati: Ok cool, betho, main aati hu

Arjun watched as she touched up her make up. Her glittering eyes and glistening lips shone bright in the reflection of the mirror. He couldn't help but stare at her.

Arjun:(in a shaky voice) Looking good!

Rati: Thanks, you too

Arjun: So shuru karre?

Rati: Yeah sure

As she made her way over to the sofa, Rati's dupatta got caught in her chair. She turned around trying to get it untangled from the chair. Out of frustration, she yanked the dupatta hard. As her dupatta broke free, she lost balance falling back towards the sofa. Arjun, Who was sitting right there, stretched his arms out readily to try and save her from falling. They shared a beautiful moment lost in each others eyes. Rati slowly got up thanking Arjun.

Arjun: You're welcome. It's perfectly fine. (wink) I liked it.

Rati getting over her uneasiness let out a laugh. They continued to practice, as they got closer and closer to the kiss scene. As Arjun says his lines, Rati leans over and kisses Arjun on the cheek. Arjun is pleasantly shocked and surprised.

Arjun: I thought I was kissing you?

Rati: umm..

Just then there is a knock on the door, Arjun opens it. It's the spot boy coming to get them for their next scene.

Arjun: Now it's my turn (wink)

2. By Bollywood_chic (Sonia)


The spotlight followed her as she walked in, a smile came upon her face when she saw who stood at the other end of the room. Dressed in a midnight blue mid thigh one shoulder dress, black pumps and matching silver and blue bracelet ( she ran her hand through her hair as she stopped by one of the interviewers waiting for her. Yet her body yearned for his touch, his scent, his voice. Looking back behind her she saw him there again, still smiling motioning her to continue with the interview.


"Rati, you look beautiful.." her lips curved showing off her beautiful  teeth, "Thanks Sana.."

"Ab pata.. Sanaya ka engagement hua hain, aur Mohit ke paas girl-friend bhi hain.. Don't you feel like you want to be a part of this love trend?" asked Sana cheekily, other interviewers surrounding them turned to listen over the blasting music to hear her answer.


"unless.. You have someone and your not planning on telling us?" said Sana once again, Rati's laughed again shaking her heard. Her cheeks turning crimson red, "well?"

"Ab kya batao aap sab ko?" she asked back at them laughing, "jab pyaar hoga main pehle hi aap sab ko bata doongi..for now aap kyun nahin Sanaya par dhyan rakhe, aaj uski raati hain"


Sana shook her head, "Hum aapko aise nahin chod sakte, aur aap bhi humein mid topic chod nahin sakte" Rati looked at the interviewers shaking her head as she smiled, even though she waited there she wanted to be with him.


"Okay, so even if we stay on the topic of love. You and Arjun are the only ones with "no" relationship status at the moment'"


"haan.. Aur isme kya buri baat hain?" she heard a husky voice say, he went and placed his arm around her waist and smiled. "Jab pyaar kiya toh darna kya?" he said raising his eye-brows, "Just like Arjun said.. By the way did you just steal Nupur's dialogue?" Rati laughed sticking her tongue out at him.


"I've been spending too much time with you that means.." he said dramatically, as they continued their interview finally they were left alone.


Taking a sip of his drink he leaned on the bar's bench and looked out at the dance floor, "Why don't you just admit it?" she looked at him strangely, "kya?" she replied.


"Jab tune pyaar kiya toh tum sach mein darti ho" he said laughing, she squinted her eyes shocked at what he just said. "Arjun! You're telling me this, mujhe laga ke we made a mutual decsion" she awaited his answer while she turned crossing her arms around her chest and looking out towards the dance floor.


"Well, we did.. But I'm getting sick and tired of it.. Can't we just tell everyone? The press is here' it will be easy" he replied back, "I thought that when you truly do love someone, that your not supposed to hide it from the world.. Maybe this wasn't love, maybe it was just a mere infatuation" placing his drink on the bench he started walking away to be caught by the wrist by Rati.


She dragged him to the dance floor as the song changed and placed his hands on her hips and her hands around his neck, "I'm not scared' and I'm sure that this isn't infatuation, it hardly ever happens that you fall in love with someone who understands you, who understands the environment you work in.. Who no matter what others say, stands by you.. And when you do find someone like this you have to be sure never to let them go" he looked into her eyes a small smile appeared on his lips, as the media still shot every move they took he didn't care.


"I love you" he whispered In her ear, "I love you too.. And even if we don't tell anyone know Arjun, it doesn't mean I don't appreciate what we have, I cherish it. Today's Sanaya's day, tomorrow or some other day can be for us" she smiled as he spun her around and brought him back to her.

(note: sorry if pics don't show up, things are playing up with me)
1. By little_dragon (Priya)

AB: tum itna kya sharma rahi ho??? meine toh kuch bhi nahi kiya (saying this in a teasy way)

AB : hei sweet heart mere proximity tumhe kitna blush karva raha hei. U seem to b weightless in my arms

AB: hei mera pant neeche jaarahai. aur tum toh paani mei hi ho. Tum beech ke paani mei Jalsundari lagthi ho.

RP: Jun mere haat ko  chodo. yeh step humme nahi karni hei. tum har chance ko miss nahi karna chahte ho kya?? (teasing AB)

AB: Mera toh shoulder dislocate hua hei.. par meri pyari RP ne toh mera itna khayaal rakka... shez so sweet a gal..

AB: tum kitna cute ho aise haste hue... (thinking)

RP: tere baahoon mei aise rehna mujhe kitna achcha lagtha hei tum pata hei??!

AB: Mujhe aur bhi achcha lagtha hei. tumhare yeh silky zhuphe and yeh cute ankhen.. am clean bowled


2. By Nikki/ Avani 

Rati- hayee re Arjun mujhe yun dekhna band karo main blush karna stop nahi kar paa rahi hoon sbs waale kya sochenge?

Arjun- kaun kambakht ghurna nahi chahta  main bhi tumhe ghurna band hi nahi kar paa raha hoon. 

Arjun: chal nose se nose ladao! I love the audience. unhone toh dance karne ki request karke mere man ki baat keh di. aaj toh poora chance hai maamu!!

 Rati- Arjun!! chodo mujhe dekho photographer humari pic kheech raha hai

Arjun- aaj na chodenge hum tumhe. kisi ko dekhna hai toh dekh le. Hum toh chunnu ke papa banne ki poori preparation kar rahe hain!!

 Arjun: oh jaane jaan.........

Rati: zyada jaan jaan kahoge toh main tumhari jaan le loongi. 

Arjun- rati u are cho chweet.

Rati- haan haan pata lo jitna patana hai aaj toh chamaat pad ke hi rahega. SBS waalon ko hint dete ho toh phal bahut jaldi milega

Arjun- phal kya hai........ chunnu? 

Arjun (thinking)- hayee re itni pyaari hai yeh.

 Sabke samne main kaise resist karta hoon sirf main hi bata sakta hoon.

Rati- mere haath tadap rahe hain chamaat marne ke liye

 lagta hai aaj kisi ki shamat aane waali hai. 

Rati- oh mere sajan! tum bhi ho main bhi hoon paas aao toh keh doon......

Arjun(thinks)- waah aaj toh teri ash hai mamu!! aaj Rati romance ke mood mein hai!

3. By Dia


Rati: Arjun, tum mujhe aise kyun dekh rahe ho, aur who bhi media ke samne. SBS sab ko bata dega ke humare beech kuch chal raha hai.


Arjun: Tum itni bhi buri dancer nahi ho, par yeh bar bar phisal kyun jati ho.


Rati: Tumne mujhe giradiya, aur who bhi itne gande pani mein.


Arjun: Maine kuch nahi kiya, tum ne toh girne mein PhD ki hui hai.


Arjun: Tum mujhe dekh ke haas kyun rahi ho

Rati: Bandar jaise shakal jo bana rakhi hai


Arjun: Kitni cute lagti hai!


Rati: Phirse media ke saamne shuru ho gaya, hamare fans ko pata chal hi jaye ga ab


Rati: jaise mujhe pata nahi ke tum mujhe dekh rahe ho arjun 


Rati: Atleast hum set pe toh romance kar sakte hai


Arjun: Ha karte agar special effects ki vaje se tumhere baal mere naak mein na chale jate toh

  • 4. By Falak/Ankita:


nose se nose milaaaaa-ooo..nose se nose milaaaaaaaa-oooo


rati ke waist ko pakadte jaaaaaa-ooooo..


arjun:rati kuch ho raha hai...???

rati:bahut kuch ho raha hai..tumhe aise dekh kar kolkata ki girls kal HOWRAH BRIDGE se koodkar suicide zaroor kar lengi..

BG MUSIC+SONG(ORIGINAL:dance pe chance):

da-da-da-da -dance pe KISS KAR LE...o pe kiss kar le...

arjun:rati partner,tumhare "rasgulle" se spongy and delicious lips mere "gulab jamun" jaise lips ko invite kar rahe hain...


rati:sorry but maine aaj apni "sweet shop" close rakhi hai..

BG MUSIC+SONG(ORIGINAL:choo kar mere mann ko kiya tune kya ishaara):

choo kar mere galon ko kiya tune kya ishaara,hua ek hot passion kiss aur phir 9 months baad chunnu aaya humara...

arjun:rati tum sirf sabke saamne sharmati huyi achhi lagti ho,"uss" romm mein to tumhe besharam ho jaana chahiye!!!!

rati:jab do log ek saath ,ek hi room mein besharam ho jaate hain,to 9 months baad chunnu aa jata hai...


SAARE VIEWERS JAANE KI MAIN RATI KO GHOOR RAHA wale jaane ki main usko like karta ban gayi hai rati meri GIRLFRIEND..

arjun:rati ab to haan kar do plzzzz....itne din se main tumhe stare kar ke sookh ke kaanta ban gaya hoon...ab to plz apne pyaar ke tonic se meri bhookh mitaa do...

rati:aaj main tumhari har bhookh aur pyaas mita doongi .....

BG MUSIC+song:(ORIGINAL:aankhon hi aankhon me ishaara ho gaya)

aankhon hi aankhon mein ishaara ho gaya,chunnu ke aane ka raasta saaf ho gaya...

arjun:to bolo rati kahan se shuru karoon???maine itne din apni pyaas bardaasht ki hai...aaj to main poori preparation kar ke aaya hoon...


rati:to chalo hum apna game "pehle chunnu ya chunni " start karte hain...

BG MUSIC+ SONG:(original:baahon ke darmiyaan)

baahon ke darmiyaan arjun rati mill rahe hain...jaane kitne kiss kare wo...jaane aur kaa kyaa karein wo...

chunnu aaya 9 months baad....

baahon ke darmiyaan...

rati:ye dress kaisi hai arjun???khaas tumhare liye pehni hai maine...

arjun:byy god rati..thodi EASY -TO-REMOVE dress pehen kar aati to kitna achha hota...

but never mind...i will do it for u...

BG MUSIC+SONG:(original:khabar nahi)

"kiss taraf hai bed...kiss taraf sea...khabar nahi...jab se aayi hai rati baahon mein..mujhko duniya ki KHABAR NAHI!!!"

rati:aaj to main tumhe oopar nahi hone doongi...aaj main oopar rahoongi...

arjun:haan faisle ki shaam hai...yaa to tum mere oopar hogi ya main...but jo bhi..uska result to same hi hoga...chunnu ya chunni...

now close ur eyes bachhas...aage ke scenes sirf piyu ke camre ke liye...


VM's: *not a part of the competition*
1. By Pallabi
2. By Fatima
1. By Priya
2. By Sonia
Please Send all FF and Dissection votes to Nidhi (hgrhr)
 *Feel free to use Siggies Made by Me (Sonia/Bollywood_chic)
*Please PM Priya if you can use her siggies

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:Nidhi: Collecting and Counting Votes, sending PM's around, and replying back to all my PM's regarding this. Thanks for being a great c0-host

:Sonia: Speech, Thread, Siggies

:Members: For their wonderful entries and full participation

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Wonderful wonderful wonderful post sonia..!!!!! You did the bestest job with this..!! Clap
All the credit for this goes to you yaar...gorgeous banners absolutly...the long speech..!! and now this post...!
And i got awards..!! OMG..!!
Thank you to evereryone who voted for me..!!!
I'm soo happy...!!
A big Congratulations to everyone who won..!!!!
Do send in the competition votes to me everyone..!
Lets ROCK the CG guys..!!Wink
Meeph IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 April 2008
Posts: 15162

Posted: 13 September 2009 at 1:57am | IP Logged
nidhi n sonia


u guys did a stupendous job
m truly impressed...

n i even won an award
cool man
thnx 4 all dose who voted 4 me

Gr8 job!!!!!

CONGO to all da cupids 4 completetin deir silver jublee...

congo to all da winners aswell


Edited by muneefah - 13 September 2009 at 2:07am
Bollywood_chic IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 July 2007
Posts: 7782

Posted: 13 September 2009 at 1:57am | IP Logged

I know i have posted ALOT! But a quick Message from me:

Congratulations to EVERYONE who won!  I was pretty shocked to see i have won something, thank you to everyone who voted you all are angels
May we all have 100 more of these threads to come
Healer. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 October 2008
Posts: 22020

Posted: 13 September 2009 at 1:57am | IP Logged
congo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we r 25 threads old bingo!!!!! Dancing
Meeph IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 16 April 2008
Posts: 15162

Posted: 13 September 2009 at 1:58am | IP Logged
ill send in da votes in no tym

Edited by muneefah - 13 September 2009 at 1:59am

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