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ArMan Times Issue#1

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Arman Times Issue #1

Brief Written updates of the Fortnight
By: --__Shireen__--
Aug 31

The whole family is mad at Manju, but Sulochana steps in and saves Manju from the family's anger
Archu's family decides to get another set for Archu, and Manju is angry
Varshu's boss invties her for his b-day party and she says no
Savita taunts Archu and the fake jewelry and reminds Archu about the set (Manav hears this)
Varshu says yes to going to her boss's party
Manav buys a set and gives it to Archu to give to Savita on behalf of Archu's family
Sept 1

Archu gives Savita the set that Manav gave to her
Manju sees Varshu writing the address for her boss's party
Manav's family arrive at Archu's maayka for the Ganesh puja
Savita thanks Sulochana for the set, and Sulochana is clueless
Varshu isn't home and it's late and Manju tells Sulochana where Varshu is.

Sept 2

Sulochana doesn't believe Manju at first, but then goes with Manju
Sulochana sees Varshu at the party
Archu goes to see Manav at his garage, and overhears that Manav took loan form his boss to pay for the set (they have a little romantic moment)
Sulochana slaps Varsha and brings her home. They have a fight.

Sept 3

The whole family is arguing about Varshu amd everyone Is trying to make Varshu understand
Savita isn't happy that Archu went to see Manav
Manav isn't up in the morning, so Archu covers him with a blanket

Sept 4

Savita finds out that the necklace came from Manav's money
Savita screams at Archu, and goes to her maayka and insults them and Archu
Manav finds out that his Ayi knows everything and admits that he bought the set

Sept 7

Manav defends Archu in front of Savita
Savita twists the truth in front of Kaka
Varsha apologies to her boss about the party, and her boss tells her to live life her own way
Manav apologies to Archu and they share a moment
Sulochana tells Vinod to buy a necklace for Savita (she broke Varsha's savings)
Vinod brings a necklace to Savita

Sept 8

Kaka tells everyone to start preparing for the Satyanaryan puja, and tells Manav to start planning a honeymoon
Varsha isn't going on the Pune trip, and she's upset. Her boss explains his reasoning
Manav and Archu have a scene in the train about where to go for their honeymoon
Manav sees the pimp, and starts following him and beats him

Sept 9

The pimp escapes and Manav goes home
Archu and Manav have dinner together in the kitchen
Varshu tells Manju that she knows about everything she's done to Archu
Manju is worried if Vinod finds out about this and talks to her mother Ajit
Ajit has a plan

Sept 10

Manav brings honeymoon tickets home and Savita is angry
Varshu hasn't come home for the Ganpati puja yet, and her Baba calls her and is doubting Varshu
Archu is getting things ready for the Ganpati Viserjan and her and Manav have a moment
Varshu decides to go to Pune
During the Viserjan, Sachin trys to get Archu to dance, but she doesn't and Savita is discouraging her
Ajit decides to trap Manav in his plan

 Sept 11

The pimp dances near Manav purposely (on Ajit's order) and runs off when Manav sees him.
Manav chases the pimp to a brothel, and Ajit takes pics of him with girls
Manav catches the Pimp and the police takes the pimp to jail
Manav comes home, and he lies about where he was. Archu and him have dinner together
Vaishu tries to make Varshu understand the situation
Archu and Manav are packing for their honeymoon, and they have a cute scene
Savita tells Archu to shorten her honeymoon
Ajit bails out the pimp from jail and Manav sees them

Links to Written and Video updates of the Fortnight
By: blackdaughter

August 31st 2009 Written:

August 31st 2009 Video/Picture:

September 1st 2009 Written:

September 1st 2009 Video/Picture:

September 2nd 2009 Written:

September 2nd Video/Picture:

September 3rd Written:

September 3rd Video/Picture:

September 4th Written:

September 4th Video/Picture:

September 7th Written:

September 7th Video/Picture:

September 8th Written:

September 8th Video/Picture:

September 9th Written:

September 9th Video/Picture:

September 10th Written:

September 10th Video/Picture:

September 11th Written:

September 11th Video/Picture:


Dialogue Male and Female of the Fortnight
By: punjabi_qt26
1st Week


 [ Manav to Archana ]

 " Can I say something, You don't know how to lie"


This dialogue by Manav was spoken in a scene at his home on September 4th. Manav had just come from work and saw that Archana was upset. When he asked what was wrong Archana denied anything happened. Thus, this dialogue was spoken and lightened up the mood for the viewers. It was a sweet moment between them.  

[ Archana to Manav ]

 " This sari came with the sweat of your work. Like, someone told me this morning. If you hold someone's hand once then you don't let it go for the rest of your life"


 This dialogue by Archana was spoken in the garage scene on September 2nd. Archana had come to the garage to deliver food to Manav. She touched his hand slightly and he had gotten out from beneath the car. Archana tried to clean sweat off of Manav face but Manav stopped her claiming that her Sari would get dirty. Thus, this dialogue was spoken at just the right time. This shows how Manav and Archana's relationship is slowly going to the next level. Archana's obvious admiration and appreciation for manav shows how they are getting more comfortable with each other.

2nd Week


 [ Manav to Archana ]

 " Oh , no. It's actually a very nice place. Don't you like Mahabaleshwar? "


This dialogue by Manav was spoken in a scene train scene on September 8th. Manav asked what place she liked and she said Switzerland. He was asking for a honeymoon place that they could go to that he could AFFORD! Thus, this dialogue was spoken and made the viewers laugh but also feel some pity towards Manav. Quite adorable.

[ Savita to Everyone ]

"Think ten times before going to Shivri and that, that swiz..sitz. Leave it. How far is it ? Which train goes there and how many train stations in between? How much is a 2nd class ticket? "


 This dialogue by Savita was spoken in the honeymoon booking scene on September 10th. Manav came home with tickets for his honeymoon with Archana and Savita started to ask questions. Sachin then explained to his mother that they go by plane and Savita got horrified and angry. Thus, this dialogue was spoken and made viewers laugh.

Don't see your favourite dialogue. Don't sweat it; contact Navi ' Punjabi_qt26 and give your suggestions. Who knows maybe next week you will see your favourite dialogue here!

Star Male and Female of the Fortnight.
By: pyaridilwalino1 
Star male

Varsha's BOSS-Amit Sareen

Ever since his entry he has pleasantly stunned everyone with his nice blazers and crisp suits. This guy knows style to the T. Even the way he talks to Varsha, with such professionalism sends chills down the spine. Thank you Ekta for putting such a talented and handsome guy in this amazing show of yours! Already looking forward to more from him.
Star Female
Archana - Ankita Lokhande
Has to be Archana...she just looks beautiful day by day, episode by episode. Her saris, her simple jewlery, subtle makeup, and loose hair has not only Manav falling for her, but also the audience. Her actions, mannerism, character has everyone left awing. Her shy conservative behaviour, to her silent but strong support, everything about her is amazing. Keep it up Archu!

ArMan Sequence of the Fortnight:
By: punjabi_qt26

[This was chosen because it showed the love that Archana and Manav have for each other . It proves that they  really are the ideal couple]


Archana comes into the garage and Manav is under a car talking to Chotu about being in debt after buying the golden necklace / Chotu leaves after seeing Archana. Manav asks for a tool. Archana gives the wrong one. Manav asks for another. Archana touchs Manav's hand slightly. Manav knows its Archana's soft touch immediately. He rises up and is all dirty and has sweat all over his face. Archana tries to clear it with her sari. Manav stops her claiming her sari will get dirty. Archana then claims that the sari came from his work and continues cleaning the sweat. They glance into each others eyes and then both shy away.



Best Family Scene of the Fortnight
By: pyaridilwalino1 

This would have to be when Varsha gets dragged home by Aai and Manju and all the argument that starts from there on. The audience gets to see a clash of cultures and a big generation gap. This scene was great because with the changing views of the youth in India (and all over the world) the bridge between the older generation and the youth is becoming wider and wider. This scene reflected Varsha's open-mindset and Aai's discipline on her traditions. What made this scene even greater was that it was hard to decide who was wrong and who was right. Varsha was a modern working woman, who wanted to live her life on her own terms, but in a way she knows her own limits. Aai, is still the lady, who values conservation in women. Thus, a big gap between the two ladies mindset. It was a situation, which can turn into a bigger conflict, if not handled properly. It was true insight into the changing India and also the quarrel reflected Aai's concern for Varsha. But we all truly hope they are able to set aside their differences soon and come to talking terms.

 Mr. Head Turner [ Style Icon] of the Fortnight
By: punjabi_qt26 

We all know that Manav doesn't have the most expensive clothes. But, the reason he has been chosen is because he seems to know his style. His ripped jeans put a edge to his outfit and to tie it all up he wears his nice plaid shirts that are definetly the hot pick right now in the industry. 

Ms. Head Turner [ Style Icon] of the Fortnight
By: panjabi_qt26
We all know that Varsha doesn't wear modern clothes most of the time, but when she does she makes sure to turn heads. She always wears traditional clothing but she shocked the viewers by being a rebel. Her cute Black dress had just the right sparkle and length.

World of Archana and Manav: This section will include a one shot
By: Nityatarlapally
The Park Bench

"Hey bhagwan! Why isn't he here yet?! He knows how frustrated I get whenever someone's late!", she said in an "He is so dead now" tone. Archana has been waiting at the door for the past ten minutes frustrated as hell. Archana and him have been friends since childhood and shared everything with each other. But for some reason, since the past few days he's been all quiet and not-talking whenever she was around. The sudden changes in him made her realize that her feelings towards him are deeper than just friendship.

He called her this morning and told her that they're going out for dinner today and that he had something really important to tell her. Right then she had decided that she was going to tell him her feelings and dinner would be the perfect place to "spill the truth" as she calls it. She made extra sure that she only wore his favorite color and light make-up because he loves her in simple clothes and no make-up. He always did say that she looks "naturally beautiful" without make-up. As she looked at herself in the mirror in the living room, she could help but feel nervous about telling him. "I wonder if he feels the same way about me" she thought. "What if he loves someone else and that's why he's been quiet for the past few days? Oh God! I hope everything goes fine today!" her anxiety was killing her more every second.

As she was lost in her thoughts, the door bell rang and she ran to answer it. "Hi Archu" a very sorry looking Manav said and before she could even utter a word, he held his ears. "Sorry yaar, I was on the phone and I lost track of time." He said the most apologetic way. "Please iss baar mujhe maaf kardo" Manav was pouting. Now how could she not forgive him when he made such a cute pout?       " Ugh'you always know how to make me forgive you' fine I forgive you this time! And mind you, this is the last time this is ever going to happen!" she finished her sentence glaring at him.

"Manav what did you want to tell me that's so important?" Archana asked him as they headed into the restaurant. "We're here, just wait five more minutes and you'll find out!" He said for what was probably the 10th time in the past 5 minutes. "She really needs to learn to be patient" he thought as they made their way to the table. He had called the restaurant this morning and booked the booth in the farthest corner.

Manav took a deep breath before he told her. "Archu'.I'm in love" he announced. "Now before you start bombarding me with questions, I'll tell you that she's perfect for me, she's the most caring person I've ever met and she has a heart of pure gold. She's a bit talkative but she's a great girl. I've already talked to ma and papa about her and they couldn't be happier for me." Archana felt as if her heart just shattered into a million pieces. Tears were welling up in her eyes but she held back. "Be strong Archu'not all love stories have happy endings, at least Manav's happy with his decision and that's all that matters." She was lost in her own world of pain as Manav snapped her back into reality. "Kahan koh gayi thi Archu?" he asked as he snapped his fingers in front of her. "Uhh...nowhere, but you tell me, when are you going to propose to her?" she asked once she found her lost voice again. "Soon'very soon!" he was excited beyond belief that Archana was happy with his decision. After all she was his best friend and he couldn't make any decision without asking her first.

The rest of the dinner went by pretty slowly for her inconvenience. Manav went on and on about how great the girl was and how much he loved her. As for Archana, she tried sounding excited about it but deep down she was going through torture. Her love was going away from her, he loves someone else was all she could think of. Pretty soon dinner ended and they both headed home.

On the way, Manav stopped at an ice-cream cart by a park. This park held a lot of childhood memories for Archana and Manav, their first meeting, their first fight and the places that they used to sit for hours just talking about everything and anything. "Two chocolate cones please" Manav said as he held out money for the vendor. He handed a cone to Archana as they walked into the park. They were walking by a sand box when Manav stopped and said, "Hey remember this, we first met here and you called me an idiot for stomping on your sand castle."Archana let out a little laugh as she remembered the incident. Manav held her hand and they started walking again. When they walked by a tree though Manav halted again and asked "Remember this tree? This is we had out first fight, I called you a chipkali and you went off on me and we didn't talk for days until I finally apologized."  "Yes I remember Manav" Archana said sounding a bit sad. "That time we didn't talk for days but we were still with each other, now we're talking but you're going away from me" she thought holding back the tears that were threatening to come out.

Archana was lost in her own thoughts as they started walking again. When they came to a park bench though, Manav came to an abrupt stop. "Remember this place?" he asked her. She shook her head in a negative "No, I don't remember this place'what happened here?" she asked as she tried to remember the park bench incident. Manav made her sit and he kneeled in front of her. "Archu, you have been my best friend since'since before I even knew what friendship actually was. You've been with me through thick and thin. You've helped me even in the worst of times and didn't even complain a bit. You know me more than I even know my self." He stopped and looked at her for a reaction. "Why the hell is he telling me all of this? Does he want me to go away from his life after his proposal to her or something?"She thought as he paused. She let out a small nod telling him to continue. "I don't want you to be my friend anymore; I want you to be more than that. I want you to be my companion through life. I want to take our friendship to the next level. I don't know how this happened but I've fallen for you. Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over. Everyday, every hour, every second, all I think about is you. When I sleep, you invade my dreams. When I'm awake, you invade my thoughts. I promise to be with you for the rest of your life, always keep you happy and protect you till the day I die." He paused; taking a deep breath and continued "Archana, will you marry me?" He closed his eyes waiting for an explosion. When there was no response, he opened his eyes to see that she was crying. He stood up and waited for her to do so as well. When she finally came to her senses and stood up, all she did was give him a tight slap. He stood there shocked thinking that now it was all over, even their friendship. He cursed himself for even asking her that question. He could have stayed happy thinking that at least she was there as his friend'but now, it was all over. "Ar- Archu?" was all he could say at this point. After what seemed like ages she finally spoke, this time in an angry tone" How dare you?! Do you even know what you put me through today?! First you tell me that you love someone else and shattered my dreams and now your proposing like nothing even happened?!" Manav was confused as hell and all that left his mouth was "Does that mean it's a yes or a no?" She slapped him again and exclaimed "Of course it's a yes you fool!!" That's all she said before running into his arms crying tears of joy. "I love you Manav" Archana was crying in his arms. It took him a while for him to digest everything and when he finally did, he pulled away from her and kneeled down again and this time holding out a ring. She held her hand out and he smoothly slid the ring into her finger. "I love you Archu!" with this said, he enveloped her into a hug promising to never let her go. That night, the park bench held a new memory that this couple would remember forever. The moon and the stars were shinning like there was no tomorrow blessing this beautiful couple into a happy future.


SBS/House arrest Links of the Fortnight
By: -CUTE-


HA Report - Vaishali Manjusha Ke GANPATI - 02 Sept


Creation of the Fortnight
Choosen by blackdaughter

This creation is made by freezinme. Many of us use it in our siggy's. It's perfect in showing ArMan's unity. I personally love this one. Great job freezinme. Keep up the good work.

Videomix of the Fortnight:
By: misindpndnt

This awesome video has been made for our entertainment you guys! It has been made with love and care for Arman and us. Hope you enjoy it! Make sure to hit the like button!



JOKES of the Fortnight.
By: bibbo

With all the rona dhona we had to witness as Pavitrians, Maddy decided upon a jokes section, and gave me the responsibility to put a smile on your faces! Smile At the end of each joke, I added my commentaries. Big smile

It is a myth that when a son gets married and a new daughter-in-law arrives in the family, everything changes.
The new wife (progressive Indian woman), was being welcomed at the husband's home in a traditional manner.
As expected she gave a speech, "My dear family,I thank you for welcoming me in my new home and family, firstly, my being here does not mean that I would want to change your way of life, your routine. No, I will never do that, never in a million years."
"What do you mean my child?" asked the father-in-law.
"What I mean dad is (looking at her in-laws); Those who used to wash the dishes must carry on washing them. Those who used to do the laundry must carry on doing it. Those who cooked should not stop at my account, AND Those who used to clean should continue cleaning !!!
"And what are you here for Bahurani?" enquired the mother-in-law.

Tehehe.. when I first read this joke a few months ago, I laughed, and then forgot about it. However, now that I watch PR, I wish Archana had said something like this when she'd come into Manav's house. Wink "Aaaii. Shaadi aur ghar prevesh tho hogaya.. aab suno zor ki baath. Mein idhar sifr mere woh ku kush rahne aaiyi hoon.. bakhi sab aapki zimadarri. Roz subha mujhe aacha aacha khana banake deene, bed tea ke saath" Tongue. I can just imagine aayi's reaction to that LOL. Haaaiiii.. wishful thinking. Embarrassed

The newly wed wife said to her husband when he returned from work, "I have great news for you. Pretty soon we're going to be three in this house instead of two."
The husband started glowing with happiness and kissing his wife said, "Oh darling, I'm the happiest man in the world."
"I'm glad that you feel that way because tomorrow morning my mother moves in with us," she replied. ROFL

Again, I want to see Aayi's reaction if Archana was to claim Sulochana Aayi's visit in their chawl. Aayi's already pereshaan with Manav's uncle in the house, I wonder how she'd feel with her samdan's entrance. Hehee..LOL but I don't think Manav would mind much.. He's such a sweetheart <3 Embarrassed.   


Review for 31st- 4th august
By: rdfan

This week sadly was all about Varsha vs Sulochna and Savita vs Sulochna..with Manav and Archana being reduced to mere sidekicks who get their one mandatory scene each episode ,very frustrating and sad this. I don't get how the Varsha track adds anything to the main story and why  for no real apparent reason the track  gets so much screen space ....also by Friday i had lost my patience with Savita ...i mean she has lost it completely..and i have my fears for this show turning into a regular often scene saas bahu drama ,which would be so pathetic since this show can definitely offer something much better and different !!!

Coming to the brighter side if there was any ...Arman...well the quantity of their scenes was poor but the quality was mind blowing be it the scene where Manav gives Archana the necklace to give it to savita or be it the scene at the garage ....the dialogues, the expressions everything was just perfect kudos to the creative team and the actors for that!!!!

My rating for the week: 3/5 ( these marks solely for the  Arman scenes and for the pace at which the story is moving)

Review for 7th to 11th
By: rdfan

I started last week's review with the negatives so i'll begin this one with the positives......well for starters the quantity of Arman scenes was better  this week and the quality was top notch as always ...well done creatives as far as Arman scenes are concerned ,I thoroughly enjoyed  their eye locks this week specially  the one at the end of the train scene when Manav gets pushed close to Archana .Hmmm so kaka finally remembered about the puja and even decided to send them on their honeymoon ...positive stuff once again!!!!Varsha 's disclosure about Manjusha was super stuff as well!!!

On the flip side ....same old Varsha and her boss (they don't share the kinda chemistry they are meant to share), same old Savita ...though she had less screen space this time arnd due to the MAR trio resurfacing ....i don't get how Manjusha's in laws give her so much of benefit of doubt  and as for ajit  i don't know what he is trying to do 'the track seems illogical specially after Archana knowing the entire story ...and if she can't stand up for Manav if need be even after him believing her and her  family over his own  well then ....forget it is all i can say .

 My rating for the week : 4/5 ( extra one mark for Arman sequences for  the ajit track don't know whose going get trapped????)

Expectations for next Fortnight:
By: blackdaughter

Well, I think now that the track about the honeymoon has come up, we are all hoping for some very cute ArMan moments. Our Manav has also become a little bolder with Archu and we definitely see the comfort level between them rise day by day. Hopefully this honeymoon track comes up without any obstacles. Now that Manav has seen Ajit with that sorry excuse of a human being at the end of Friday's episode (or at least we hope he has), he is now hopefully going to be watching his back. All hope that Savita fails in whatever she has planned for ArMan. Varsha's boss seems quite nice, but definitely has an air of mystery around him. I hope that mystery dims a little and we get some I insight into his 'motives' and 'character'. I don't know about you guys, but I am already looking forward to a future track between them. For now let's keep our fingers crossed and eagerly wait for what is coming up from Monday onwards.


Editor's Note: Hello ji! Big smile I'm sorry of if it isn't as spectacular as you were expecting! *holds ears* I took over two hours to make this thing beautiful and edited everything but then something happened and it all dissapeared! CryCryCry So I had to put this up in less than half an hour. Angry So I'm sorry. Embarrassed But thank you to everyone who participated in this Issue. *big hugs* Everyone has done a fab job you guys! Hat's off! ClapClapClap Hope you enjoyed it! EmbarrassedMake sure to hit the like button. Plaese feel free to comment. Constructive critism is appreciated! Big smile
If anyone is interested in taking over the editor position, please PM ASAP! Unfortunately, because of more important priorities, I can't continue this. Cry Don't worry, I won't abandon this though. Will wait till someone else takes my place. Smile

Edited by blackdaughter - 12 September 2009 at 2:57pm

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blackdaughter IF-Dazzler

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Here it is you guys! hope it's okay! Embarrassed

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-RD- Moderator

The Ghamgeen Head
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Posted: 12 September 2009 at 12:35pm | IP Logged
Lovely Work Maddy ................absolutely fantabulous!!!!
Thanx for taking the initiative and putting this up a rnd of applause for you and all those who participatedClap
Awesome work !!!!! 

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fungrl Goldie

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awesome......loved itClapClapClap

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Amazing work dear
really amazing
very well done guys Clap
u all rock
awesome work


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VEry beautifully done .. amazing work .. loved it .. thks n keep it up ..

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OMG!!!!!Big smileBig smile..........wonderful wrk guysClap.....seriously even i wouldnt hve been dis gud thts y i didnt participate srry guysCry.......but i belive u guys hve done a wonderful jobWink......really!!!!!!.......i read everythingLOLLOL....i absolutley luved da world of armna storyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed......everything is so creative here tht even words fail 2 express how nicely i was entertainedHug........SIMPLYY AWSOME guysss!!!!!!Dancing.......n Maddy if u did all dis in juss like half n hour den i wonder wat u n every1 can do when u guys tke ur timeROFL.........dis was seriously SUPERB!!!!!!.....amazing.....luved da views on da whole week episodesParty.....da dialogues of da week were conincidencly my fav 1' how fortunate am i.....LOLROFLlolzz.....n lets nt 4get da jokes done by "bibbo"ROFL.....hahahahahaha hillaroius.........u guys r doing an excellent jobThumbs Up....plzz continue da GREAT wrkClap....i admire all of ur efforts n trust me all dis is worth it n it wont go 2 waste!!!!!!TongueTongue......plzzzzzzzzz do keep dis up as it brings alot more entertainment in our pavitra rishta forumWinkWink.........n guys trust me whenever u will post all ur wonderful creativities on pavitra rishta den i will always be here 2 appreciate it n will be leaving my views Day DreamingDay Dreamingthankuuuuuuu guyssss 4 all disBig smileBig smile.......well done!!!!!!! Clap

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Awww, thank you so much! *hug* you are too sweet! Big smile

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