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True Love. Chp2 Updated!

sia_lovely IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 September 2009 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Guys I have started a New Fanfic........Please read and give your comments.





Hopefully you will enjoy it!!Tongue

In  Mumbai


In a posh Mumbai suburb lived a family "The Purohits" Purohit Bhavan....!


Theirs was a family with high moral values, who respected tradition and culture the most. But at the same time they were modern and broad minded.


The Eldest member of the family is Dadima.....


She has two sons, Mr Purohit and Susheel Purohit. Susheel Purohit stays in Delhi.


Mr. Purohit and his wife vaishali have two sons- Vivek and Dev.


Vivek is married to Mrinalini and has a son Nandu. He is an ideal son, ideal husband and good businessman as well. Very sharp and loves his wife a lot.


His wife Mrinalini is a fashion designer and a good one at it. A good hearted lady, she loves her family to the core. However she speaks very bluntly which can sometimes hurt others, but her family knows her very well, and so doesn't mind her.


Dev is the youngest son and the naughtiest. He loves playing pranks and is a sports freak. Currently stays is US, wherein after completing his studies he took up a job since he wanted to be a bit experienced before handling his own business in India.




In Purohit Bhavan,


Its morning and everybody is in a rush, Dadima comes out of her room......and sighs. She sees that the Breakfast table was empty......


Dadima calls out everybody as it was the breakfast time and nobody had arrived except for her Grand grand son Nandu.


Nandu Smiles " Dadima, unhe humesha samay lagta hai.....mujhe dekho, I am always ready on time" he said proudly.


Just then a female voice interrupts "Haan Haan....."


Daadima and Nandu turn their heads......and smile......Mrinalini came down the stairs adjusting her earrings.


She came near Nandu and gave a small pat on his shoulders "I Know dear you are always on time, lekin tujhe time pe school pahuchate pahunchate jo meri halat hoti hai uska kya? Hmm....." she says throwing her hand up in the air.


 Nandu smiles back " Mom Chill"......


Mrinalini smiles "yeah right that's what I always do".....she said shrugging her shoulders


She realizes that she is again forgetting something....and quickly goes to dadima to touch her feet.....


"Sorry Daadima......I keep on forgetting".


Dadima gives her blessings "Are beta, tujhe yaad to aa jata hai....Lekin Vivek kahan hai"


Just then Vaishali comes from the kitchen holding the poori plate in hand.


Mrinalini takes the plate from her and keeps it on the table.


Turns around "dadima.....aapke pote ko office ke kaam se fursat mile to nashta karne aaye"


Vaishali sighed..... " to kya subah subah file leke baith gaya hai?.


Mrinalini's gaze shifts to her " Haan mumyji......" and sighed. 


Vaishali seats do dadima and Mrinialini.


Vivek comes down talking over the phone to someone.....holding a file in other hand.....

Dadima calls out to him "Vivek"


Hearing this vivek's gaze shifts to her and he gives an apologetic smile and keeps the phone down. Dadima gave him an angry look "Vivek ur again late whats this?"....


Vivek smiles at her apologetically and then bends down to touch her feet ...... " Dadima aaj office main bahut kaam isiliye"....


Dadima shot an angry gaze  " Vivek so what, tujhe kitni baar kaha hai breakfast table pe no office work". Vivek held his ears.... "Sorry Dadima".


Seeing this Mrinalini gave out a small laugh, vivek's gaze shifted towards her and he narrowed his eyes.


Dadima smiles too and asks him to seat himself...... They start having breakfast....


Just then Dadima remembers " are mujhe abhi yaad aaya.....bahu, susheel ka phone aaya tha"


Vaishali exclaimed "Acha"......


Daadima said, "Haan. who keh raha tha na ki arjun ke rishte ki baat shayad chala raha hai, wahan pakki ho gayi hai"


Vaishali happily exclaimed "Sach dadima". Dadima nodded


Mrinalini was happy too " wow Arjun ki shaadi, dadima, kuch date fix huwa hai" She asked excitedly.


Dadima answered her "date bhi pakki ho gayi aur hum sabko bulaya bhi hai vrindavan"


Mrinalini asked curiously " Vrindavan?" .


"Haan Vrindavan main hi ladki ka ghar hai, to susheel ne socha ke shaadi wahi kar len" said dadima


Dadima added " ek hafte main engagement hai aur uske 2 hafte baad shaadi"


Nandu jumped in excitement "wah, chat magni, phat byah.......hai na mamma" and looks at Mrinalini


" Haan Mumyji, chachaji ne bahut jaldi date fix kiya hai" said Mrinalini


Dadima said "are who bol raha tha yeh muhurat nahi to agle 6 mahine tak muhurat nahi hai so isiliye unhe abhi shaadi karwani pad rahi hai. Hum sabko jald se jald vrindavan bulaya hai"


Vivek was about to say something when dadima shot a glance at him


" And Vivek is bar, no office ka bahana samjhe".....dadima said


Mrinialini again gave out a small laugh, Vivek frowned at her


"Lekin dadima, Nandu kaise aa payega, uske bhi to hai, itne din school kaise miss kar sakta hai"


Nandu was visibly disappointed


Dadima smiled as she got an idea..... "ek kaam karo nandu ko apne behen ke ghar chod do aur shaadi main do din lane ko keh do"


Mrinialini smiles "Not a bad idea"


Just then vivek said " Haan aur ab to Dev bhi aa raha hai, then he can also attend the wedding .".


Dadima smiled " Haa......ab to mera Dev bhi aa raha hai". Dadima was very excited after she heard Dev's name. She loved Dev very much.


Mrinalini asked vivek to look at dadima " Mumyji, Dev ka naam sunke to dadima itni khush ho gayi bas muskuraye jaa rahi hai"


"Oh comeon Mrinalini u know right ki dev to dadima ka laadla hai".......he said in a teasing tone


Dadima narrowed her eyes " Vivek...... bas kar, pehle to mera dev itne dino baad US se aa raha hai, aur tu......"


Her gaze shifts to Vaishali " Bahu main to bas apne dev ke aane ka intezaar kar rahi hoon".


Vaishali nods......


"Haan bad who jaldi aa jaye....aur kitna intezaar karwayega" said dadima.


The breakfast session went on with few random talks, and about shopping for the upcoming marriage....


After breakfast, vivek rushed to office, meanwhile Mrinalini went to school to drop Nandu


Dadima goes upstairs to Dev's room......she touched the handle and pushed the door. The door opened..... she entered the room.....


She remembered playing with Dev......she sat down on the bed and her gaze shifted to a photoframe kept beside......Picking up the frame in hand....... "Dev kab aayega tu......apni dadima ko aur kitna tadpayega hmm?........"




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awesome ... do continue sooonClapClapClap
sia_lovely IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 2:


In San Francisco, three days ago.......


It was almost night........when a car stopped outside a grey coloured house....


A guy opened the gate and walked past the small reach the porch. He inserted the key in the keyhole and turned the knob to open the door


The door opened...and he saw his friend sitting on the couch wearing blue tracks and pullover .....working on his laptop.


The guy called out "Hey Dev"


Dev turned around and smiled " Hey Man......."


He got up and hugged him " So how was the trip to Las Vegas huh"......


Laurens said smiling "Nice"


 "What just nice......didn't get some new chick there???" and laughed a bit.


Laurens narrowed his eyes "Of course I know right I do manage to get some wherever I go" winked an eye.


Dev smiles "Yeah right".......


He sits down on the couch and takes the laptop back


"Hey doing something important??....." asked laurens


Dev Smiled "Yup have to finish some work......."....Paused for a moment....


Meanwhile Laurens seated himself.......


Laurens and Dev had been good friends for many years......


Laurens and Dev met in the university in US where they studied in. They were in the same class as well. Since then Laurens and dev had been the thickest of friends and knew each other very well. They stayed in the same house and shared each and everything.....except girlfriends ofcourse.!


Dev looked up  "So how was the vacation huh".


Laurens said everything that happened during his Holiday......


"So you could have come too Man, It was so much fun.....Beaches, Girls, and what not.....hmm" he sighed remembering all those moments.


Dev sighed "I know....but work's important as well".


"Hey got to know that we have a hot new neighbour around us?"


"Yeah really?" Dev asked....his gaze fixed on to his computer.


"Comeon don't say you don't obviously must know that.....the new people who just blocks away". He said excitedly.


"Oh....." he looked up. "But how come you came to just returned right?". dev asked


"I just saw and the hot new girl....Man......" he sighed "She is so damn hot"


Dev smiled.


Just then he remembered "Hey Laurens, I got my ticket to India"


 "What India??"


Dev was a bit surprised at this reaction....he had informed Laurens about him going to india well in advance then why was laurens shocked........


"I did tell you this before right" he said a bit surprised.


Laurens remembered and composed himself "Yeah u did......but" he was disappointed "Dev....."


He didn't say anything......he went up his room to freshen up......


Dev knew......his friend was feeling bad, he was feeling bad too. But he had a home back in India and he had to return there......


Laurens comes down wearing a black tracksuit and blue T shirt .....and goes straight in to the kitchen and starts making some coffee..... "hey dev, coffee?"


"Yeah"....Dev keeps aside his laptop and goes to him


"Laurens"......Dev said.


Laurens looked up. "Yeah"


"I know you're not happy but I have to....."


Laurens interrupted "Dev Please......I know you have a family in India and for me.....I have a dozen chicks ......" he said cheekily and laughed out aloud......"


Dev smiled "Good"


Laurens poured the hot coffee in to the mug " So your mom has started searching?"


"What?" Dev asked


Laurens passed one coffee mug to dev..... "Girls".


Dev knit his eyebrows together and asked "Girls?"


'Oh come on Dev, for your marriage!!" He winked an eye.


Laurens walked across to the couch and plonked himself "Ah Mr. Dev what do you think, as soon as you reach there, you will be showered thousands of pics.....of girls"


Dev followed him "Oh please......nothing like that, my family is not like that and also I don't want to marry" he said nonchalantly.


Laurens chuckled "Well Dev I think your days of flirting around are gone....and yes sure do call me for your marriage" He teased him and surely enjoyed doing so.


Dev sipped his coffee..... "Whatever Laurens if you don't stop this crap here..... I will surely make a call to hospital".


Confused Laurens asked "Hospital"


"Yeah if I break your limbs, you would need to go there right"......


"Ah Dev, comeon, sit down......"


Dev does so.......Laurens looked up


"Seriously Dev, if you do consider marriage, what sort of girl would you want?" he asked casually


Dev stared on to his coffee mug.....and didn't say a word


Laurens was exasperated " Dev stop staring at that coffee....... No answer is gonna sprout out from that coffee......"


Dev looked up at him and gave a small laugh.....


"Actually I don't know. I have dated many never got my kind of girl. I mean I could never find a girl who could actually make me fall in love with her. And for whom I can go to any limits"


Leaning back on his couch, Laurens studied him carefully.


"Laurens actually I don't even know what sort of a girl I need..... I don't know laurens whether I will get her in India. But lets see".....


Laurens added confidently "I think you will get her"


Dev smiled  "You think so?"


"Yes I do.......They say that right...... someone somewhere is made for you. It's just that you need to get to know them.....when the right time comes you will do so"


Dev looked up at him.


"I heard this in one of the Hindi films I watched with you...." Laurens said.


Dev laughed......Laurens laughed as well


Laurens got up from the couch....... "So have you prepared the dinner or ordered from outside"


"Ordered, it will come in some time. Well I need to rush. Laurens I have got a ticket for flight to India after a I have to start packing and wind up things". Dev said quickly drinking the coffee..


"Oh man, fine.......well i thought tonite it will be just us and the vodka"


Dev chuckled......


"Sure I am game" Dev said and walked towards his room.....


After a Day


In the San Fransico Airport


"Dev will miss you man" Laurens hugged his friend


"Me too"


"Be in touch".


The flight was announced......


"So do call me for your big fat Indian marriage.....i would like to see my bhabhi....." paused for a second "hopefully I pronounced it right?".


"Shut up Laurens" Dev smiled.


"Anyways....Take Care Man......" Laurens said.


"You too......And don't forget me amdist your chicks...." he said winking an eye.


Laurens gave out a laugh.


Dev waved a good bye to his friend and started walking across the check in counter......


Suddenly his friend's words flashed in his memory


"Someone somewhere is surely made for you"He smiled.


He wondered "Yes probably. I will find her when the right time comes......"                      



sia_lovely IF-Rockerz

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Hey Julielaldin thanks a lot!
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