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Pavitra Rishta
Pavitra Rishta

Written/Vid/Pics Update 10th September

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Written Update


Short Update

1.manav has bought honeymoon tickets.

2.versha cant attend the Viserjan, thne later finds out she has a chance to go to Pune and takes it.

3. Manavs family have gone to the viserjan and sachin tries to get archu to dance but fails and she looks on whilst the rest of the family dance

4.ajit finds a plan to trap manav.


Long Update

Part 1

(Rasika Aais house) continued from yesterday (Aai and Manju are sat down with Ajit standing) Ajit says "we have to find a person who we can shift all the blame onto. Manju says " but ajit who can this person be?" ajit continues saying "we will have to think thai" manju and Aai both have puzzled looking faces and ajit says in his mind "i will have to keep a close eye on Manav"

(Manav's House) Vandu and Savita aai are making some food... kakka is at the table doing some work and archu approaches him with water ... aai see's and says "archu dear, come here and help me, sit down ... do you know how to make this (archu nods) ... show me then" aai hands the plate to archu ... (aai is such a kam chor!) manav enters the house with some leaflets in his hands and says "i hope archuji likes these..." he enters and his eyes go straight to archu ... archu is making the food with aai so manav turns around and puts the leaflets on top of the desk on the other side of the room... vandu notices and manav exites the room ... vandu gets up to see and shouts "Sachu come quick ... aai look, see what dada has brought home" (pointing to the leaflet) sachin enters the room and says "Whats happened" vandu says teasingly "our dada is not that shy anymore ... he has gone romantic (manav enters to see vandu has a hold of the leaflets) (archu looks shy and vandu goes towards her) vandu says "Vahini...looks like it is your influence" manav chases vandu asking for the leaflets back, vandu says to kakka "kakka look...dada has booked a trip to mahabaleshwar and also booked a hotel as well" manav and archu have both gone shy and savita has a worried look on her face and is glaring at archu ... sachin says teasingly  "yes ... everything is getting arranged, first love, first honeymoon .. what say dada" archu says "aai i'll just be back" and archu exits the room all shy ... manav tries to explain himself by saying "thauji told me to book the tickets" Sachin says to vandu "Vandu...did you hear?, dada's going because kakka said so...otherwise dada didn't feel like going" vandu continues saying " yes..thats why, within 24 hours two tickets for mahabaleshwar have arrived" vandu is waving the tickets in the air and manav tries to get them but gives them to sachin... kakka says "vandu... thats enough... how much more will you tease him... go do your work" vandu walks off giggling. Kakka says "manav ...whatever you have done it is right , for you, for archu, for her happiness, you have to spend some time with her... if the ghar ki laxmi is happy then all is good.  Today you are working in someone else's garage; maybe tomorrow you might have your own garage. You never know, today you are going to mahabaleshwar, tmorrow you might go to Mauritius-" manav cuts him off saying "not Mauritius but Switzerland (archu is in the background in the kitchen and shockingly looks up)" (song is playing in the background) kakka says confused "Switzerland?" archu keeps looking at manav and manav explains himself saying "if i do get comfortable in life then i will go to Switzerland (archu looks down smiling) i have seen a lot of films and looks like a nice place...and someone once told me ...forget other places it snows throughout the year  (kakka is smiling) if it looks so good in films then it must look really good in real life" archu and manav are now looking at each other and archu is smiling, kakka is laughing again and sachin too...sachin gives manav a pat on the shoulder and kakka says "Vandu you are absolutely right ... manav had definatley changed (Aai sharpens her gaze) the guy who works 24/7 to earn money for the house is now thinking about spending the money on himself, he is thinking of going to Switzerland" Aai cuts him off saying "aare i think 10 times before going to Shivri and vo vo Swis..Sitz... choro ... how far is it ? and which train goes there and how many stations come in between (sachin sits next to aai ) and how much is a 2nd class ticket" sachin says " Mere bholi aai this is not Shivri where you can go by train its a (sachin whistles and does a hand movement of a plane) (Aai gasps in horror) you have to go by plane" aai mutters under her breath.

Part 2

(sulochanas house) sulochana is giving baba some sweetmeats and vinod calls her from behind and says it is done and puts some prashad in front of ganpati bapa, then Aai says to vinod "listen ...the pundit hasn't arrived yet, give him a phone call, he will have to leave quickly otherwise there is so much crowds at the mandhir that it becomes difficult to walk." Vinod reassures her, and says that he will phone him right now.  Aai says "Vaishu you take this (giving her a plate of sweetmeats) and put a generous amount of ghee in the diya (aai walks to vinod) has vershu not come home yet ? (now walking towards baba) Ahou ..vershu hasn't come home yet, atleast today she should have come home early, you phone her and ask her, if i speak to her then there will be another fight"

(Vershu's workplace) vershu's phone rings, vershu answers it and says hello, her baba is on the other side saying "vershu... where are you? Come home early today...look today is genshji's viserjan and we are all going to it" vershu replies "baba how can i come, there is a lot of work here" baba replies "don't talk to me about work... aare, what important work have you got today, that you can't come home early today? (baba suspects her) vershu are you in the office ... or ... some other place" Versha replies sharply "baba please , i am in the office, why don't you believe me, you can't get holiday so easily in a private firm" Baba says angrily "do give me excuses about work, i know about a job more than you, it was my duty to remind you, come if you wish or don't (vershu is trying to explain herself but baba is not listening) you won't do what me or your aai says but you will do whatever you want" versha agains tries to explain herself but baba puts down the phone. Versha says "Baba (she has realised that he has put the phone down) no one listens to me"

(manavs house) archu is lighting diya's in the whole living room... manav looks on ... and walks behind archu... archu turns around and both look at each other , then both of them look down , manav come closer and says "so many diya's" then archu replies "aai used to light this many diya's, bapa will go to his house, and the house will feel so empty, thats why i have lit so many diya's, (manav is looking at archu while she is arranging the diya's) the light from the diya's will not make it feel as if bapa is not in the house anymore" Archu looks towards manav to see he is looking at her, then she looks down shyly and says "today can i ask something from you" manav says "yes, ask me" archu replies "don't call me archanaji just archana" manav smiles and agrees with a nod... they are both looking into each other's eyes (song is playing in the background) sachin enters the scene and says "Aare dada (both archu and manav look at sachin and sachin looks at the house) Aare feels like diwali ...kya decorations hai vahini ... aare dada, you guys come quick, everyone is waiting for you, we have to go to the viserjan" manav says "you go we will follow" sachin agrees and exits the room. Manav says "Chale Ar... (he smiles down and corrects his speech) Archana. They both smile.

(Versha's Worksplace) Versha at her desk, she is remember the big fight between her and her aai and then her and vinod, then her and baba... reshmi says in the background to another co-worker whilst versha is listening in..."do you know the Ria has backed out of the trip to go to Pune, she might have a health problem " her co-worker asks what will happe now and reshmi says "now ashwin sir will have to find another alternative...lets see who will get this opportunity" versha is thinking.

(Ashwin Sirs Office) Versha knock on the door and ashwin says to come in, versha enters and walks upto his desk and says "Sir i heard that Ria is not coming to Pune" Sir says "Yeah, So?" Versha replies "if you think its right, can i go?" Sir looks shocked, versha says "our companys big venture, if i become apart of that then i would really like it" Sir says " i would have liked it too if you were to come because you have put in a lot of effort, but that is not my concern... what about your family?...have you talked to them about this? (sir see's vershu's dejected face)  how will your parents ever give you permission to go? From what i have seen, for you to get their permission is next to impossible" Versha says "Sir you have given me permission to go to Pune... thank you so much" Sir says "so you don't want to share the 'permission' topic with me? Thats ok.  As your boss i should only be concerned about your work, i have no right to interfere with your personal life (versha tries to explain herself but sir cuts her off) It's decided, you're going to Pune...congratulations.

Part 3

(Mandhir) Doing the Aarti ... GANPATI BABA.....MORIA... GANPATI BABA.....MORIA... GANPATI BABA.....MORIA...Savita and vandu are already there and manav and archu and sachin have just arrived.... everyone is celebrating now and aai is dancing with vandu ...sachin says " Dada, let's go and dance" manav tries to stop him from taking him, but he goes. Archu is stood with kakka watching ...manav is dancing and sachin come to archu and says "aare vahini ...what are you doing stood here alone... come and dance with us" archu says "no sachin, i don't know how to dance" sachin says "i will teach you how to dance, come on" sachin takes archu, whilst archu is still saying no. Now archu arrives and is stood behind a dancing manav, manav turns around to see archu is there... they have a moment together, manav keeps dancing and archu is stood shyly looking down... aai see's and gets jealous, she is now stood infront of them but they don't notice, now archu is beginning to clap...archu is still shy and says walking away "i can't do this" sachin runs after her and asks "aare vahini where are you going ... i will teach you" Archu says "Sachin i cant do it" aai is now stood in front of them. Sachin says "understand ... you will have a lot of fun" aai says " why are you pestering her saying to dance dance dance, is there space to stand... she wont dance...(towards archu) you go sit in the mandhir and we will dance" archu agrees and walks away... aai hits sachin and says "why were you calling vahini vahini and following her? Is she like me... an expert dancer? I am the challi's Saroj Khan... it is good if she sits there... now we will shout GANPATI BAPA and she will merely say 'moria' will we say it ...GANPATI BAPA ...(Sachin shouts MORIA) dance" they are all dancing and archu looks on from the mandhir

(Ajit's Office) Ajit is sat apprehensive ...he gets up and wanders, he remembers manav threatening the creepy guy... and then remembers manjus worry about her marriage being broken... the creepy guy comes to his office and ajit is shocked, and says to the guy "have you gone crazy? What are you doing here? If anyone see's you here then..."  the creepy guys says "whatever will happen to you will happen later, but i have been caught, that guy manav is after me and his friend reached my house, but good thing i wasn't at home. " arjit responds "why are you telling me all of this? Look i cant help you...ok?" the guy says "you don't want to help me? Sahib you will have to help me, otherwise i will go to jail and i will take you down too" ajit shocked and says "are you threatening me" the guys responds "i am not threatening you, i am trying to save myself, otherwise that manav would have someday put me in jail." Ajit thinks and then laughs and says "looks like he has a desire to see you, why don't you go in front of him and meet him, you will have a lot of fun" the guys says " what are you saying, i will get caught, and that manav and his friend will send me to jail, are you trying to save my or get me caught." Ajit says " i want to save you but don't ask questions, just listen to what i have to say and do as i say" ajit is explaining something to the guy but we can't hear because the music is playing on top. They are both laughing then the guy says "i have to say, what a brain you have, i am going" the guys leaves and ajit says in his mind "this manav will not escape"


Vid + Pics update:

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thanks! cute epi

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Thanks for the update
Ridiculous is the word that best describes where this story headed....i mean how can ajit trap manav ...when archana knows the exact truth as manav told her everything the other day she not going to stand up for him....and ajit ...well wasnt he caught by the police for the same act.........senseless this track....
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that's gra8 job u did well
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aww slowly slowly archana n manav r getting more n more closer.....2day she asked him 2 stop calling her maybe 2mrrow she'll say 2 stop calling her "aap"...n who nowz wat else..lolzz
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Thanks alot dear
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Sounds like a cute epi, off to watch it!!

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Oh my gosh, the Arman scenes are soooo cute!!!  thanks for the update -- it is so detailed that i feel like i'm watching the show as i read :)

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